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					Mallan Public School

Cunninyeuk Road, via Swan Hill Vic 3585                                        Wednesday 9th April 2008
From the Principal’s Desk                                  P&C Meeting and Bus Committee AGM
Stage 3 students enjoyed the Movie Making                  The next meeting of the Mallan P&C Association will
workshop last Friday. They explored the                    be held on Tuesday 29 April at 8:00am. This time
fundamentals to make a short film entitled                 was chosen to give all members the opportunity to
Moulamein is a Happy School. Sincere thanks to             attend a meeting and keep abreast of school
Jan Cook and Jenny Good our workshop facilitators          happenings. An AGM of the Coonamit Conveyance
and Moulamein Public School for hosting this ICT           Committee will follow this meeting.
workshop. The next stage of the project is editing in
Term 2. Thank you to each of the parents for               School Dental Clinic
                                                           The School Dental Clinic will be conducting the
providing return transport on the day. If private
                                                           LIFESMILES oral health assessments for all students
vehicles are needed for any future school activities
                                                           on Wednesday 30 April. If you would like your child
parents are asked to liaise with one another rather
                                                           to have an assessment, please fill out the attached
than contacting the school. A reminder to ensure
                                                           consent form and return it to school before the day.
your vehicle paper work has been forwarded to the
office prior. To date I only have copies of the Betts’     Count Me In Too (CMIT) & Counting On
and Brooks’ paperwork on file.                             CMIT testing is being completed this week. Students
MPS students had a delightful time at today’s              in Years 1 – 3 will be assessed to determine their
performance, Pick a Peck of Pickled Poems. If you          groups for this fun, hands-on mathematics program
are yet to pay for this extra–curricular activity please   being conducted at Moulamein next term. Years 4, 5
send all monies to school by the end of the week so        and 6 students are also being screened for the
they can be banked before the holidays.                    Counting-On program which is being implemented at
Jenny Good will be visiting MPS tomorrow for routine                         the same time at our request. Jill
maintenance of the school network. Jill and I will be                        and I will be assisting with the
working with Jenny. Kathy Gibson will be on class.                            delivery of these programs each
                                                                              Thursday morning between 10:00
If at any time you have concerns about your child or                          – 11:00am. Return transport to
issues you would like to discuss, please phone the                             Moulamein will be by school bus.
office to make an appointment. I am unable to
address concerns if I am not aware of them. Open Term 2 Activities – Week 2               AASC Program
lines of communication between home and school        Yesterday was our last day of AASC sport for Term 1.
are paramount to the success of small schools.        The program has been most successful and
                                                      students have expanded and refined their tennis
Thank you to everyone who returned their Annual
                                                      skills. Special thanks to Mrs Arthur our talented
School Report surveys. There have been some great
                                                      coach who delivered these sessions.
suggestions for improvement and these ideas will be
discussed at a staff planning day during the break.   Details for the Term 2 AASC program have been
Have a nice week!
                                                                                and Narelle Rush will be
                         Nyree Taylor Principal finalised. Nerida HoareGymnastics at the Swan Hill
                                                      taking the students for
Term 2 Activities – Week 1 SDD                        Leisure Centre on Wednesday afternoons between
Staff from across the                                 4:00 – 5:00pm. I understand some of our students
Southwest of the Riverina                             have commitments on Wednesdays, but this was the
will be attending a                                   day chosen by our two coaches.
Development       Day     at
Deniliquin RSL Club on                                              Return transport to Swan Hill will be by
Monday 28 April. Judy-Ann                                             bus and provided free of charge. I
Abdini will be the keynote speaker. A variety of                         have budgeted $20 per week for
workshops will also be on offer. Catherine Peach,                          afternoon tea and the same
Principal Wakool Burraboi, and I will be presenting a                        roster will operate. Students
workshop on Smartboards.                                                        will need to wear their
                                                                                normal sports uniform.
Term 2 Activities – Week 2 continued                      2008 Footy Tipping Competition
Life Education Van                                        The 2008 Mallan Footy Tipping
MPS students will be attending the Life Education         Competition kicked off last
Van with their peers from Wakool Burraboi on              week. There are 11 entrants in
Thursday 8 May. We normally join with Moulamein           the Adults section, 1 in the
for this program but we changed in light of the           Secondary and 5 in the Primary.
National Assessment Program which is being                If any Mallan community members
conducted the following week.                             would like to take part in this activity late entrants
The cost is $5.00 per student and this includes the       are being accepted. Please phone Fiona Matheson
Life Education session, a student workbook and            on 5034 3537 before this Friday 11 April. This same
sticker for each child.                                   number is also a fax number and can be used to
                                                          submit your weekly entries. With so few in the
Return transport to Wakool will be by bus and             competition you would be crazy not to enter,
provided free of charge. The morning bus run will         especially the Secondary!
operate earlier to give students time to socialise and
visit the lavatory before the sessions begin. The bus     Don’t forget to forward your tips for the holiday
will be at Tueloga Rd at 7:30am. Jill will be collected   break this week if you are going away.
at the school before the Crawfords, Paddons and           P&C News - Mothers Day Raffle
Kaylocks. The afternoon bus run will begin on the         The P&C Association are conducting a Mothers Day
return journey with the Kaylock children being            Raffle. Each family is asked to donate an item for
dropped off at approximately 3:50pm.                      first prize, a hamper of indulgent goodies.
Students will need to wear their school uniform and       Chocolates, wine, gourmet preserves, aromatic
take a packed recess and lunch on the day. A              candles, perfume, hand cream, etc would be ideal. If
permission note will be issued next term.                 someone could donate a basket to display these
                                                          items it would be much appreciated. Please forward
                                                          all items to school by Friday 2 May so they can be
SNSWSSFC Meeting                                          assembled. I am happy to donate second prize, a
I will be travelling to Narrandera on Thursday 8 May      bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates. Raffle
for the Semester 1 meeting of the Southern NSW            ticket books are being issued to all parents and staff
Small Schools Finance Centre. Jill Brown will be on       today to enable everyone to sell tickets during the
class in my absence.                                      holidays. Please return any unsold tickets. The raffle
                                                          will be drawn on Friday 9th May.
Happy Birthday Claire
Claire celebrated her ninth birthday last Thursday        Upcoming Events
with fellow classmates. Everyone enjoyed a piece of       Term 1 Week 10 – April
                                                          Thursday 10   Jenny Good visiting 9:30am.
homemade pavlova instead of the traditional
birthday cake. Yum!                                       Friday 11     Music 9:00am – 12:30pm.

                                                                        Sport – Kanga Cricket.

                                                          Term 2        Week 1 – April / May
                                                          Monday 28     Staff Development Day @ Deniliquin RSL.

                                                          Tuesday 29    Students return to school.

                                                                        P&C Meeting 8:00am.

                                                                        Bus Committee Meeting 9:00am.

                                                          Wednesday 30 School Dental Clinic 1:00pm.

                                                                        PSSA Meeting @ Moulamein PS 4:30pm

                                                          Thursday 1    Moulamein / Mallan Assembly 9:30am

                                                                        Count Me In Too (CMIT) 10:00 – 11:00am

                                                          Friday 2      Music 9:00am – 12:30pm.
                                                                        Sport - Volleyball.

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