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									                                                      CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT
                                                      Bring us your application. With a wide range of
                                                      experience in multiple engineering disciplines, we
                                                      will develop an automation concept that will fit
                                                      your performance, cost, schedule, and technical
                                                      requirements. Once a concept is developed and an
                                                      agreement is reached, a detailed proposal will be
  • Project Scope - Detailed Specification            provided.
  • Risk Analysis & Defining Critical Paths
  • Design Reviews (Kick-off, 50%, 100%)
                                                      RESOURCE LEVERAGING
  • Managing & Tracking Cost & Schedule
                                                      Looking to expand your company’s capabilities
  • Leadership - Motivator, Problem Solver            through a close, mutually beneficial relationship?
  • Effective Communicators                           Let us provide an engineering study! We will
                                                      recommend direction in product design for ease
When you work with NACS, Inc. you                     of automation; develop processes, timing studies,
have our entire organization behind                   and specifications. We will assist in developing
you. By understanding your specific                   budgets and timelines assuring that the program
challenges, we can create an                          will start out on the correct path. We can develop a
appropriate solution.                                 written specification from which a purchase order
                                                      can be written that will assure the intended results
A dedicated project manager assigned                  are met. The specification will include such items
to your program will be responsible for               as design standards for mechanical, electrical
the coordination of information throughout the        and software development, component selection,
project course. Starting with development             and runoff requirements. Armed with a thorough
of the proposal, the project manager will             study you will be able to set expectations for others
schedule an operational plan, conduct design          within your organization and provide accurate
reviews, coordinate activities of the design team,    forecasts on cost and lead-time, preventing
and plan and implement the manufacturing              problems common to less defined programs.
phases. The team will then be actively involved
with debugging and trouble shooting through
customer acceptance. Issues will be identified,
communicated, and resolved immediately using a
wide range of management tools. Issues that would
affect price or delivery will be communicated
in the form of an E.C.O. and would not be
incorporated without the customer’s approval.
Our standard is to deliver the stated scope of work
on time and within budget while communicating
in a consistent manner throughout the course of
the project.

Automation projects can present unnecessary
risks if not managed properly. Our experience and
attention to project management before, during,
and after the program greatly reduces your risk
and ours. Together we can work on justification,
realistic expectations, and alternative approaches
to minimize every project’s inherent risk factors. / 763.444.4747
ENGINEERING                                          SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT
NACS, Inc. offers a full service engineering                  • Certified Microsoft Visual Basic ®
solution to meet our customer expectations.
                                                                Development Including Recipe,
We will work according to our stringent internal
design standards or duplicate our customer’s                    Data Collection, Diagnostics,
standards for seamless electronic file transfer.                Data Base Integration, Full HMI,
We specialize in fully integrated turnkey custom
                                                                Machine Control, Validatable,
factory automation for high-speed assembly, web
handling, custom packaging, test and inspection,                and Process Tracking
material handling and automation studies.                     • Full PLC Programming Including
Industries served include consumer products,                    Allen Bradley with Integrated
disposable products, medical and medical
                                                                Motion and Vision
devices, telecommunications, data storage,
filtration and custom packaging markets. We offer             • Certified Vision Systems Integrator
complete “as built” documentation packages upon               • Motion Control Including
successful completion of our projects.
                                                                Continuous, Point to Point,
                                                                High Speed, Level Winding
MECHANICAL                                                      Multi-Axis (Interpolation, Splines)
Our mechanical engineering department has                       and Web Processing
experience in a wide range of applications, from
                                                              • Robotics Including SCARA,
development of simple assembly fixtures to fully
automated systems, including component assembly                 6-Axis and Gantry
and testing, web handling, custom packaging,
robotic assembly and medical test equipment.
We use a number of platforms for mechanical          MANUALS
design, including AutoCAD®, SolidWorks® and          NACS supplies a comprehensive operator’s manual
Unigraphics® software. We specialize in custom       (hard copy and CD) which consists of the following:
turnkey factory automation.
                                                     Electrical Section: An electrical elementary wiring
                                                     diagram , electrical assembly and detail diagram
                                                     with the bill of material.

                                                     Mechanical Section: Machine shop piece part
                                                     drawings, assembly drawings, and bill of materials.

                                                     Operation Section: Consisting of a machine
                                                     description, sequence of operation, safety,
                                                     installation, machine controls, setup parameters,
                                                     operation, maintenance, calibration, adjustments,
ELECTRICAL                                           trouble shooting, spare parts list, specifications, and
Our electrical engineering department has the        .ini file contents.
experience to integrate a wide range of process
control, from simple relay logic and PLC’s for       Vendor Literature Section: Consists of all machine
the automated fixtures to networked, fully           literature supplied by the vendor for the individual
integrated multi-axis motion control, and vision     components specific to the machine.
systems (gauging, measuring, closed loop, motion
feedback and registration). Our primary electrical
design platform is AutoCAD®. Fluid power is also a
required component in the control of automation,
and we have the ability to interface pneumatics,
vacuum and hydraulics into the total package.   / 763.444.4747
FACILITIES & MANUFACTURING                                                                    QUALITY CONTROL
  • Two class 100,000 clean rooms                                                             As a specialty equipment supplier, we take very
  • Internal machine shop                                                                     seriously the responsibility for making machinery
                                                                                              or components that produce the products for our
  • Internal welding shop
                                                                                              customers. Before a company awards us with their
  • 15,000 square feet assembly space
                                                                                              work, it is important for them to know that we have
  • Proprietary space with limited access                                                     developed internal systems that can ensure the
                                                                                              quality of the equipment we produce. Our Quality
                                                                                              Program’s goal is to create a culture of quality
CONVENIENCE                                                                                   consciousness supported by an infrastructure
  • Metro location                                                                            of systems and procedures. When consistently
  • Offices available                                                                         followed, we provide an output that meets or exceeds
  • Wireless network                                                                          the expectations of our customer. Every employee
                                                                                              and vendor must be involved in the inspection and
  • Phones / Secretarial
                                                                                              conformance of their own work. Our wide base
                                                                                              of customers requires a flexible program that will
                                                                                              integrate with their system whether it be ISO, QS,
                                                                                              Six Sigma or other. Our developed process will grow
  • Precision Alignments
                                                                                              and evolve as we continue to improve our business
  • Complex assemblies                                                                        methods and increase our understanding of every
  • Engineering oversight                                                                     customer’s quality requirements.
  • Component integration
                                                                                              Our system:
You can be assured of quality, accurate machine                                                • Employee training
assembly delivered on-time, as promised. Our work                                              • Supplier certification
environment promotes continual improvement in                                                  • Documentation control
teamwork, training, and communication with our                                                 • Preventative maintenance
internal and external customers. We provide control                                            • Control and calibration of measuring devices
systems to CE and UL 508 standards.                                                            • Incoming and in-process inspections
                                                                                               • Quality audits

                                                        Photo courtesy Haas Automation, USA
Your ability to maintain a competitive edge is
significantly more important today than ever before.
We understand that need by offering secure bays for                                       / 763.444.4747
your proprietary projects. Your project is coded with
a numbering system that allows access only to those
who need to know its nature. Additionally, all
of your documentation is secured and title
blocks can be blank, eliminating the
ability of other customers or vendors to
determine with whom we work. We
understand that in today’s highly
competitive marketplace, the life
cycle of products is shorter than
ever before and that the
proprietary nature of
products makes a
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     System Upgrades & Retrofits

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