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					Wickless Warriors Newsletter
Great February!
Hello Wickless Warriors,        some suggestions from            team in all of Scentsy and    Volume 2, Issue 3
February finished with a        you all about what you           you are a big reason why!!!
                                would or wouldn’t like to                                      March 1, 2009
bang— $44,000 in group
sales and $6,000 in team        see so please email me
                                with your thoughts! Think        Thanks for everything!
sales. Way to go!
                                about things you will do for     Jen Howick                    Upcoming Events
                                your own teams when you                                        Scentsy World Tour dates:
                                                                 Star Director, Scentsy Inc.
We also have 2 new mem-         are all directors!
                                                                                               March 7—Oklahoma City
bers of our team so a big
                                                                                               March 14, Boise, ID
welcome to both of you!
                                The new spring /                                               April 18—Chicago, IL
Jody LaBounty of Salt Lake      summer catalog is                                              May 30—Washington DC
City, recruited by Jen          out and in effect
Howick                          starting today! I
                                hope you all like the                                          Convention:
Ashley Pehrson of Rich-
field, UT recruited by Misty    new warmers and                                                August 12-15 in Salt Lake
                                scents. I am curious                                           City, UT
                                to see what are top
I am trying to make my
newsletters more exciting                                                                      Inside this issue:
so you will see different       I thank you all for
things in them and hope-        making my job as a                                             Warmer of the Month         2

fully you will like the         director super easy. I
                                                       Spring is in the air!
changes. I’d love to hear       know I have the best                                           Sales                       2

                                                                                               Your Replicated Site        2

Recipe of The Month
                                                                                               Wickless Warriors website   3

Easy Fruit Cobbler              Sprinkle on nutmeg, cinna-       Serve with whipping cream
Into a 9x12 pan, empty          mon, 1 cup chopped wal-          or vanilla ice cream          Conference Call Schedule    3

contents of prepared apple      nuts (optional)                  Very quick and easy and
filling, or peel and slice      Pour 1/2 pound melted but-       super yummy!                  SOTM                        3

fresh apples into fairly thin   ter over all and bake 50
wedges (sprinkle with           minutes at 350 degrees.                                        Birthdays and Spotlight     4
Warmer of the Month
Boleyn is a bold and dramatic interpretation of
classic textiles. With black, damask-inspired
designs on a white background, Boleyn will
appeal to anyone looking for a fresh,
crisp look.
Boleyn’s square shape, embossed black lid and
detailed “feet” lend a high -end, designer feel
to one of Scentsy’s most unique warmers.
Boleyn makes a very personal design statement in
any décor. It is perfectly suited to modern or eclectic
decorating styles, or to accessorize formal rooms

DSW-BOLE   $27

                 February Sales
                 Sales over $500 (Car Candles)                             sales. I only mail out the rewards to those who
                 Diane Cowley - $867.25                                    let me know that they are “up for the chal-
                 Rachel Morehead $718.44                                   lenge!”
                 Linda Webb -$670.95                                       Incentives for March:
                 Misty Pehrson $690.30
                 Jen Howick $532.38                                        Sales over $500 - car candle
                                                                           Sales over $1000 - Scentsy business card holder
                 Sales over $1000 (Scentsy Keychains)                      Sales over $2000 - Frequent buyer cards
                 Angie Liddiard $1634.23
                 Liz Kilburg - $1550.55                                    Everyone who sells over $1000 or recruits at least 1
                 Kirsten Hatch -$1266.36                                   new person in March, will be entered into a drawing
                                                                           for a really cute green Scentsy bag (whether you
                 Reminder: Email me at
                                                                           are participating in my other challenges or not!)
                 if you want to participate in the rewards for

                      Your Replicated Website
                      Do you like the look of my Scentsy website?             code" button and copy and paste the code onto
                                                that page.

                      Now you can have the same look to your web-             Make sure to hit update and woolah!
                      site by logging into your workstation and clicking
                      on Template Library. Scroll down a little bit and
                      you will see the same pictures on my site with
                      the code. Go to your profile and click on
                      "Personalize Your Site" Look for the "source update!
The new Wickless Warriors website is        per Scentsy rules, but we won't max
coming! I've been working on it with        out of the number of users like our
one of our amazing resident graphic         blog. Watch for more details, I will let
artists, Stephanie. She is the de-          you know when it will be up and run-
signer behind our super cute newslet-       ning. The website will be
ters, such as this one, s and many of
the documents you will see in the
documents section of our web-
site. There will also be a forum where
you can post everything like you have
been doing on the blog, except it will
be much more organized. The web-
site has to be password protected,

New Conference Call Schedule
Effective Tuesday, March 2nd, we will       an email or phone call from me asking      The conference call this Tuesday
be joining 3 other directors, including     you to participate in that, and a short
co-founder Kara Egan for a once a           training.
                                                                                       night will also have a New
month conference call (the first Tues-                                                 Consultant Training. If you
day of every month). We have impor-
                                            I will email you the conference call       have never received one, please
tant information to share with you,
including notes from our weekly direc-      phone number on Monday to remind           call in and find out the answers
tors only call, a “Share and Tell” sec-     you. There will be a morning call and
                                                                                       to your questions!
tion—don’t be surprised if you receive      an evening call for your convenience!

Scent of the Month
Earthy sage, delicate white               Car Candle CC - SHE $2.70
flowers and sparkling lemon with          Room Spray RS - SHE $7.20
a hint of Mediterranean evergreens        Scentsy Bar SB - SHE $4.50
                                          Scentsy Brick SK - SHE $18.00
Enjoy this month’s fragrance at a
10 perscent discount!
     CONVENTION 2009- watch for details in March on your workstation but it will be AMAZING. Those of us
     who went last year have made lasting friendships. We also learned a lot of amazing ways to build our
     Scentsy businesses. We had 2 of our own move up to directors soon after convention, I hope you guys are

     We have lots of fun and Scentsy gives away tons of free stuff. We felt like we were on Oprah’s Favorite
     Things show! It was so fun! Mark your calendars for August 12-15 in Salt Lake City, UT I hope to meet
     more of you this year!


                 Happy Birthday to:                 —42 ,ytnuoBaL ydoJ—91 ,nagE araK—1 yraunaJ

                 ,nosrheP ytsiM—22 ,relheM nirE—31 hcraM ,elpiS ylimE—5 yraurbeF ,llorraC miK
                 aduaL iniaR—13

Spotlight: Heidi Navarro, Indio, CA
I joined Scentsy because I was left in     wants to have parties. It’s been great   A BIG HUGE THANK YOU to Stepha-
limbo. I was not allowed to work a         for keeping my sanity!                   nie for all of her help every month with
normal job. I was going crazy being                                                 creating these amazing newsletters!
                         at home doing                                              She is one talented cookie and I am
                         nothing but       We are so happy to have you on our       so grateful for all of her help!
                         taking care of    team, Heidi!!!
                         my kids. I
                         also needed
                         some extra
                         income. I love
                         candles and
                         so when my
                        aunt showed
                        me Scentsy, I
                        said, “I need to
join that!” I am now starting to have
trouble keeping up with everyone who

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