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					Authors' note: File this under "stuff I wrote when I should have been working on the
Rainbow saga". I must blame and dedicate this one to Gilly, for her sexy Christmas
photomanip that got the muse all uber-hot and bothered with what the story contains!

Legal B.S.: Paramount's universe, Gilly's photomanip, my story.

Rating: NC-17, for that stuff you find in that (usually) originates in the bedroom. Gilly's
photomanip is at the bottom of the story and is definitely NOT work-safe!

Thanks: to Gilly, of course, for her manip! And to Katesfire for putting me with my
whining, heh. Lastly, to Elem, for her "close your eyes and write what you see" tip that's
gotten me out of a few ruts!

ffnet rating note:
This story is rated M for nudity. As far as my choice of rating, I think since they have
Kate Winslet buck naked in Titanic and still got away with rating it PG-13, it's fair to call
this M (also known as R).


Chakotay found himself at the doorway to the captain's quarters before he realized he had
nearly run the whole way. He'd been straightening up his office at the end of his shift
when she'd paged him to come to her quarters--that it was urgent. Thinking something
was quite possibly wrong (though her voice had sounded as it always did--no hint of
negative emotion that he could discern), he had hurried there.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, he touched the chime. He didn't hear her call to
come in, but the door slid open for him a moment later. He stepped inside and almost
tripped over one of her boots, which lay on its side right in the doorway. As the door
closed behind him, he moved the boot next to the other, which sat to the left of the
doorway. Chakotay surmised that it had somehow tipped over, since he knew she usually
kept her boots by the door.

He spotted her uniform jacket tossed over the back of her favorite chair. That was
normal too. But the swatch of black that stood out against the steel-blue carpet over by
the far end of the sofa was not. He crossed the room and discovered it was her uniform
slacks. Curious, he folded them carefully and set them on the end of the sofa. It sunk in
at that moment that she had obviously told the computer to let him in, but it seemed that
she wasn't even here.

Silence. Puzzled, he turned back around. The only other place she could be was her
bedroom--but he hesitated at the thought of going further without her permission.

His sharp eyes spotted another out of place item--this one turned out to be her uniform
tunic, crumpled in a ball a meter or so from where the pants had lay. He was beginning
to wonder why she'd left her clothes scattered all throughout the room. That wasn't like
her. Neither was it like her to call him here and then not be here waiting for him. She'd
said it was urgent, after all....

Spirits, is she ill? That thought came to mind as he considered the scattered clothes once
more, folding the tunic and setting it with the slacks. But then why call him and not the
Doctor? "Kathryn? Are you here?"

Chakotay found himself hesitating before the door that led to her bedroom. If she was
sick or in pain....after all, she'd called for him....but then why didn't she answer?
Deciding to take the risk, he punched in the command to open the door, not even thinking
until he was already inside her bedroom about the fact that he'd could have sworn he'd
seen two distinctive scraps of red fabric that looked a lot like a bra and panties lying quite
near the door....

He first spotted the tree--a Christmas tree?--out of the corner of his eye. It was out of
place--and he automatically turned towards it....and was greeted with a much more
shocking sight.

Kathryn was sitting in an old-fashioned style chair by the tree, wearing a Santa Claus hat
over her hair--and little else. In fact, the only other thing she was wearing were thigh
high stockings of Tholian silk with lace trim. She said not a word--only met his stare
with that quirky little smile he so loved. A smile that, with the look in her eyes, said far
more this time.

His eyes moved slowly over her body, taking in every inch of her. Her uniform hid the
slight curves laid out before him, including the soft swells of her breasts. Her glorious
pale skin, uncovered but for the stockings hiding her legs--and held lightly in one hand,
her commbadge. She'd no doubt made that call sitting right where she was, called him
while she was.... That thought alone was almost more arousing than the beautiful sight
before him. When he was finally able to tear his eyes away, his gaze returned to hers, for
he was coming to understand just why she'd left her uniform all over the front room--and
knew that this display was for his eyes alone.

When his eyes met hers again, the look in her eyes changed to what could only be
considered a dare. It plainly said "come and get me".

"Merry Christmas, Chakotay."
[fade to black here for ffnet version. Continued below for full version!]

Was that an invitation? It had be, but Chakotay wasn't sure. That is, until she lifted her
free hand and crooked her finger at him in a "come here" motion. An innocent gesture
that became not so innocent when her hand fell to her knee, tracing a fingertip up her
silk-covered thigh, lingering for only a moment at the edge of the lace, then moving up
further.... But she only brushed her fingertips very lightly between her thighs before
realizing he had yet to move. Her little smile turned even more seductive--if that was
possible, and she gestured him forward once more.

Propelled forward by the force of his desire and her mesmerizing display, Chakotay
stopped directly in front of her chair, unable to drag his eyes from her. He was within her
reach now and the scent of her found his nose. It was heady, alluring, and he felt
intoxicated by it. Unconsciously, he sank to his knees before her, reaching out both
hands. She caught them in her own, lacing their fingers together as she sat up a bit
straighter, then moving their joined hands to rest on her thighs.

Not breaking the eyelock, he shifted his hands so they were now under hers, fingertips
making slow circles along the edges of the stockings that moved slowly upwards. He
watched her eyes darken and she let out a shaky breath. But he only brushed his
fingertips very lightly over the auburn curls before sliding his hands back to the edge of
her stockings. He hid a smile at the flicker of shocked surprise in her eyes.

Kathryn was on edge with sheer anticipation. She'd expected--and definitely delighted--
in his shock at her surprise. But part of her had expected that, once over that shock, he
would react quickly. Not this slow, taunting pace as he removed the stocking from her
left leg with care. Their eyes met again and he caressed the top of her now bare foot,
sending an unexpected tremor through her. If that was what came of him touching her
feet....she could only imagine what the rest might be like.

Her other stocking was removed with the same care, slowly drawn down her leg and off
her foot. Now his hands were caressing the backs of her legs. She leaned into the touch,
not knowing that that was exactly what he wanted, that he was pulling her forward until
she was seated almost on the edge of the chair....

Her sharp gasp of surprise echoed in the room when he leaned down to press a tender kiss
to her inner thigh. Then another--and another still, each one moving higher until she
cried out when his lips brushed the spot right above the soft thatch of curls. Her hands
went to his head, intending to guide him down to where she wanted him, but he stopped
her, catching her wrists and drawing them back down to her side.

"Patience, Kathryn mine." His low murmur sent a chill down her back, followed by
another brought about by his thumbs stroking her wrists where he still held them.
The look he was given in return plainly said "to hell with patience". He gave her an
innocent smile before lowering his head between her thighs again. Her hips bucked
against him and she tried in vain to pull her arms free from his hold. She did manage to
get one hand free after several moments, her fingers digging into the back of his neck for
support. He reveled in tasting her--and she reveled in the sensation of being pushed
higher and higher....

His hands were moving again, fingertips sliding up to caress her breasts, then slide down
her arms. He drew her wrists behind her in one gentle move. Normally, she would have
resisted such a move, but her senses were too focused on the feel of his mouth on her,
kissing, nuzzling, tasting. A little more of this and she would go over the edge.

Then he pulled back, even letting go of her wrists, but skimming his hands up her arms
and back down her body before sitting back on his heels. She moaned faintly in protest
and opened her eyes to meet his gaze. He was watching her with a gentle smile, but he
didn't move. She tried to reach for him, but found her arms wouldn't move. Her brow
wrinkled in confusion as she tried again--and suddenly became aware of the warm silk of
her stockings wrapped around her wrists, binding them together behind her--and then tied
to the back of the chair itself, because when she tried to move to get up, she couldn't rise
from the chair very far either.

Kathryn met his eyes again in shock, shock that turned into a glare when his response
was a wider smile and a flash of dimples. Then he rose to his feet, his hands moving to
unfasten his uniform jacket. She waited, telling herself to have this little bit of patience.
She yearned to see all of him, more than just the little glimpses she'd gotten of his body
over the years. The closest she'd gotten was New Earth--and an accidental glance of his
nudity from behind when he'd gone swimming in the river once at dusk.

But he stopped after discarding the tunic beneath the jacket and toeing off his boots and
socks, kneeling before her again. She opened her mouth to protest, but he touched his
fingertips to her lips briefly before replacing them with his own to kiss her. The kiss
lasted for several seconds and he pulled back once more.

"You'll get what you want, Kathryn. Eventually." The weight of his words made her
insides twist into a knot and a blush rise in her cheeks. Seeing this, he laughed softly,
tracing a fingertip over her cheek and drawing it down to her lips. She nipped at it and he
pulled his hand back in surprise, then smiled ruefully at the fact that she'd gotten him.
His dark eyes moved over her from head to toe once more, then came back to hers. "But
first....I want to see what else my Christmas present has to offer."

His mouth followed his hands as he explored her body, cupping and kissing her breasts
for what seemed like hours and then making a slow path below them down her belly. She
waited, holding her breath for a long moment, for him to continue where he'd stopped but
instead he sat back on his heels again. His hands rested on her thighs, caressing lightly.
He waited until she met his eyes again, then let one hand move. His fingertips delved
through the softness of her curls and easily found the spot he was looking for, evidenced
by her sharp gasp and wide eyes.

"She likes that." His voice was a whisper of promise. "I wonder what else she might

She closed her eyes, waiting to feel his mouth on her once more. But instead, there was
only a light kiss dropped onto her bare knee. She waited another long moment and soon,
his fingertips once more brushed over her most sensitive spot, eliciting another gasp from
her. It wasn't what she'd been expected, but it felt just as good. He focused on that spot,
making little circles over it, and she moaned softly, twisting against the silk binding her

Chakotay watched her reaction, a faint smile touching his lips. Many times had he
dreamed of such a moment, but dreams were not the same as actually breathing her in,
hearing her little moans, touching the satin of her skin, watching the changing emotions
flicker across her face even though her eyes were still closed. But when he took it a step
further, gently pressing one finger inside her while his thumb still caressed the original
spot, her eyes flew open wide and his name came out in a soft cry of surprise. If he
hadn't already been completely aroused by the sight she'd presented to him when he'd
first walked in, the way she said his name would have done it in an instant. He met her
shocked gaze with his own, even as he began to caress her within as well as without.

Some little part of Kathryn's mind--that part that was still coherent--took a moment to
curse the fact that she couldn't touch him in return before it was lost in the fire that was
consuming her. She twisted her arms again, hoping she could break free. But there was
no chance of that--she was bound and at his mercy as the one finger became two, gently
stroking her. She could feel the knot in the pit of her stomach tightening, building. Her
head fell back, the hat almost falling off, as she tried to break the eyelock; staring into his
eyes was only going to make her fall faster....


"Yes, Kathryn?"

"I...." Their eyes met again and she was drawn back into their dark depths.

"Yes, Kathryn mine. Give into it."

The velvet sound of his voice wrapped around her, caressing her nerves as his fingers
caressed her body, setting them ablaze. She twisted, writhing against his touch, her cries
increasing as she struggled to hold back, despite his encouragement to the opposite. But
it was not to be--the sensation of his fingers sliding in and out in a steady pace was fast
bringing her to the edge.

"Let go for me, Kathryn mine. Let go...."

And she did, her voice rising to a near wail as her climax slammed down on her. She
writhed against his hand, unconsciously fighting her bonds, and tossing her head. The
hat finally fell off, landing between her back and the chair. She barely heard his
whispered words of encouragement, too consumed with the shocks still coursing through
her from head to toe. When at long last they faded, she slumped forward slightly, head
bowed and still shaking. She felt Chakotay's arms slide around her, holding her, stroking
her back. And then she was falling forward into his embrace. It wasn't until she had
already reached up to cling to his shoulders that she realized he'd untied her hands.
Exhausted for the moment, she buried her face in his chest and let him hold her.

All too soon, he was lifting her up, cradling her for what seemed like barely a moment
before he lay her down on her bed. Her eyes followed him as he stepped back and
quickly shed his remaining clothes, before he joined her on the bed.

The little glimpse she'd gotten on New Earth hadn't done her imagination justice. He
seemed a living, breathing version of a classical sculpture--every line and muscle
perfectly crafted, with only the occasional scar here and there to mar the smooth bronze
skin. She wanted to touch him as he'd touched her--run a line of kisses across his chest
and take him into her hands to feel the heat of him. But he was moving too fast for her--
leaning down to steal a quick kiss before lifting her legs up to his shoulders. He caressed
her legs from thigh to ankle for a long minute, his light touch pushing her arousal higher.
She could feel his erection against her and she shifted her hips but he would inch back
just enough so that there was almost no contact. After several moments of this, she
moaned out a soft protest.




"Please what, Kathryn mine?"

Kathryn gave him the best glare she could manage in her frustrated state. "You know--

Chakotay said nothing to that, only lifted one of her hands to his lips. When their eyes
met again, her glare faded beneath that dark, intense stare. Once more, she couldn't tear
her eyes from his, not even when he moved her hand down to his erection, curling her
fingers around him. His answer was unspoken, but clear.

Their bodies were already touching, so it was easy to guide him exactly where she
wanted him. Once he was inside her, he took her hand again, lacing their fingers together
and made himself wait for several moments, letting her get used to him before beginning
to move. His thrusts were slow, for he had no intention of rushing things and was going
to hold out as long as he could.

Her moans quickly became soft cries as they moved together, lifting her hips to meet his.
The feel of him inside her was sheer heaven and she couldn't get enough of him, but he
continued to keep his thrusts slow and deep, no doubt to tease her. His hands were
moving too, caressing her breasts and belly in slow circles. And it was working--she
could already feel the telltale knot forming in the pit of her stomach once more.

He had to fight not to let himself be carried away, to take her hard and fast until he
reached fulfillment. She felt heavenly--so warm, so tight, with the satin of her skin under
his hands. He never took his eyes from her face--wide blue eyes staring into his, lips
trembling as she cried out over and over. He'd already watched her in the throes of her
climax once--and he wanted to see it again.

Her eyes had fallen closed for a brief moment, but she could still see his face in her
mind's eye--still feel those dark eyes searching her soul. She opened her eyes again, only
to find herself meeting his gaze yet again, and falling into it. With each thrust, the inner
tension was building in waves, carrying her closer and closer....

Her cries of pleasure echoed in his mind, and he knew if he lived another hundred years,
he'd always remember how sweet that sound was. Despite the heavenly feel of her, he
knew he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer--he could only take so much of being
enveloped in her warmth....

His thrusting had quickened just slightly and, through the haze of pleasure, she could tell
his own control was slipping. She tried reaching for him, to grab hold before it was too
late. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't reach him. Only moments later, she
felt the first little shudder, followed by an explosive shockwave, and his name came out
in a near scream as her second climax overwhelmed her. He followed on her heels
almost instantly at the feel of her tightening so suddenly around him, digging his fingers
into her thighs where he was holding her.

A long minute passed as they remained frozen in place, but for their mutual trembling.
He released his tight hold, returning to the tender caressing of before and turning his head
to press a kiss to one ankle and then slowly separated their bodies with a low groan. She
murmured his name and slowly opened her eyes. This time, when she reached out to
him, he met her halfway, moving to lay by her side. He drew her into his arms, leaning
forward to capture her lips with his. The kiss lingered on for several minutes before he
pulled back to look her in the eyes again.

When she'd set out to surprise him, Kathryn had never imagined that he'd so easily be
able to turn the tables on her. But she had to admit the result was quite satisfying for both
of them. She was tempted to ask what her gift might be, but her exhaustion was taking
over for now. She'd have to find out in the morning.
Chakotay brushed a second kiss over her brow while reaching for a blanket to cover them
both from the slight chill in the room. "Sleep, Kathryn mine."

"Mmm." She closed her eyes and nestled closer against his chest. "Love you...."

"I love you too." Cradling her close, Voyager's first officer closed his own eyes, joining
his captain and wife in a deep, dreamless sleep.


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