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                                      OLYMPIC MEDICAL CENTER’S

                                      COMMUNITY BENEFIT REPORT

            2009 Community Benefit Report

                                                    Dear Friends,                                                         3 Employees Support United Way
                                                    Throughout 2009, you could                                              First Federal Doing Good
                                                    not pick up a newspaper or turn                                         for OMC
                                                    on the TV without seeing news                                           Discovery Trail Virtual Challenge
                                                    about the tough economic climate
                                                    facing America.                                                       4 2009: A Year of Progress
                                                         Olympic Medical Center is the
                                                    main source of health care in Clallam
                                                    County and also the largest employer,       Community Value Index®

                                                    with more than 1,000 employees.                             ®

                                                    This issue will explain how we
                                                    weathered the economic storm of                                       6 2009 Community Benefits
                                                    2009. The good news is that despite                                     Financial Report
                                                    serious ongoing challenges, Olympic
2009 Board of Commissioners:                        Medical is poised to continue providing
John Beitzel (secretary), Jim Cammack,              safe, quality and efficient health care
Jim Leskinovitch (president),                       for our patients.                                                     8 2009: A Year of Generosity
John Nutter, Arlene Engel and                            In 2009, we followed our Strategic
Jean Hordyk.                                        Plan and set forth on an ambitious
                                                    path to increase the quality of care
                                                    offered by our facilities, while ensuring
                     the necessity of every expenditure required to provide that care.
                     Capital spending was relegated to the purchase of vital equipment.                                  10 2009 Olympic Medical
                     We steadily improved our financial performance despite declining                                       Center Donors
                     patient volumes. We carefully utilized our levy funds.
                         Health care reform was a major concern for us in 2009. We
                     closely monitored the rapidly changing reform efforts and became
Jim Leskinovitch involved at the federal level. Our rural community is unique, so
2009 Board President we went to Washington, D.C., as part of the Washington State
                     Hospital Association’s Rural Advocacy Days delegation, to make
                     sure our legislators heard our local health care needs and challenges.
                         We continue to receive generous support from our community
                     through the OMC Foundation and other community partners. We
                     are thankful for the hard work of tireless volunteers and fundraising
                     through special events and activities. Donations this year helped us
                     purchase needed medical equipment and support programs for
                     patients. A list of our donors is included in this issue.
                         Looking to 2010 and beyond, we will continue to work closely
Eric Lewis           with our community partners to strengthen health care options for
CEO                  all of us.
                                                                                                Living Well is the official publication of Olympic Medical Center and
                                                                                                Clallam County Public Hospital District #2, located at 939 Caroline
                                                                                                Street, Port Angeles, Washington 98362 • (360) 417-7000 •
                                                                                       • To change your address or be removed
                                                                                                from the Living Well mailing list, call (360) 417-7122 or e-mail
                       Eric Lewis                         Jim Leskinovitch            
                       ADMINISTRATOR                      2009 PRESIDENT                                            EDITOR:   Rhonda L. Curry
                       OLYMPIC MEDICAL CENTER             BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS
                                                                                                               EDITORS:       Jeff Anderson, Bobby L. Beeman
                                                                                                              WRITERS:        Bobby Beeman,
                                                                                                                              Thomas Crocker, Adam Haskew
             Our Mission                                                                                    DESIGNER:         Sherri Thornton
                Working together to provide excellence in health care.                                          PHOTOS:       David Conklin Photography,
                                                                                                                              Eric Neurath Photography, Bobby Beeman
                                                                                                         PUBLISHER:           True North Custom Publishing, LLC
                                                                                                                              (800) 624-7496

                                                                    OMC Employees Exceed
                                                                    GIVING GOAL for United Way
                                                                    T    he 2009 employee-organized
                                                                         United Way Combined Fund Drive
                                                                     surpassed the fundraising goal of
                                                                     $130,000, with 579 employees raising
                                                                     nearly $137,000 for the United Way.
                                                                     Employees also raised money by
     Karen Thompson | Sandy Smith | Holly Wilkinson | Jodie Jones    participating in a special shopping sale
                                                                     and through an employee-sponsored
     Karen Thompson | Sandy Smith | Holly Wilkinson | Jodie Jones

         Taking Steps                                                basket raffle contest.
                                                                       “Our employees really care about the

      to Steps to Health
    TakingBetter Better Health                                       community they serve, which is clearly
                                                                     evident through their generous support
                                                                     of the United Way,” says Bobby Beeman, OMC Combined Fund Drive
   Sandy, Karen, Holly and Jodie are among
    Sandy, Karen, Holly and Jodie are among
   many OMC employees taking part in the                             co-chair of the United Way Combined co-chairs Bobby Beeman, marketing
   many OMC employees who took part in the                                                                        and communications, and Eric Lewis,
   Olympic Discovery Trail Virtual Challenge.                        Fund Drive and marketing and public
   Olympic Discovery Trail Virtual
   Learn more at Challenge.                  relations coordinator at Olympic Medical. CEO, worked closely with Jody Moss,
   Learn more at                                                                          executive director of the United Way
                                                                    “Year after year, we make one of the
                                                                     largest group contributions to the annual (center) to raise nearly $137,000 for
                                                                                                                  the United Way and OMC charities.
                                                                     United Way campaign.”
                                                                         Eric Lewis, co-chair of the United Way
                                                                     Combined Fund Drive and CEO of Olympic Medical, appreciates the efforts of
22 Million Steps = 11,000                                            the employee committee who organized the fundraising activities.
                                                                       “This successful fundraising effort couldn’t be achieved without the dedication
Miles =1 GIANT LEAP                                                  of the employees who organize the fund drive each year,” Lewis says. “These
for Employee Health!                                                 employees are dedicated to doing good things for our community and their

                                                                     fellow employees, and I really appreciate the great work they do.”

O      lympic Medical Center employees joined
       together to walk more than 11,000 miles
as part of the Olympic Discovery Trail Virtual                           Other members of the OMC Combined Fund Drive
Challenge. The six-week community challenge                              committee include:
promoted health and wellness in Clallam County.                          Jeff Anderson and Sharon Stevenson, strategic marketing and communications;
Nearly 100 medical center employees participated in                      Susan Cooper, Olympic Medical Cancer Center; Heather Delplain, human
the Olympic Discovery Trail Virtual Challenge. The                       resources; Lillian Domning, nutrition services; Patti Green, Olympic Medical
challenge was the most successful employee wellness                      Home Health; Pamela Hawney, administration; Stacie Neff, quality support
activity ever for Olympic Medical. Employees helped                      services; Sally Rowland, medical staff services; Sandy Smith, human resources;
set the pace for the community and took first place in                   and Lorraine Wall, nursing adminstration.
the friendly local competition among area organizations.

                                                                    FIRST FEDERAL Doing Good for OMC
                                                                    In   recognition that having a healthy community means having accessible,
                                                                        state-of-the-art health care options, First Federal awarded Olympic
                                                                    Medical Center $375,000 from the First Federal Community Dividend
                                                                    Program. The funds went toward the purchase of digital mammography
                                                                    equipment and the enhancement of women’s breast health programs.
                                                                       Olympic Medical Center, in partnership with the Olympic Medical
                                                                    Center Foundation, is using the funds to provide the best in mammography
                                                                    to our local community.
In November 2009, Olympic Medical Center unveiled
plaques that were placed in each mammography                          “This gift is a generous contribution toward digital mammography, and
suite to honor First Federal’s generous donation. First                                                     we are extremely grateful to
Federal’s Elaine Gentilo, director of human resources,                                                      First Federal,” explains Rhonda
and Gina Lowman, director of sales and marketing,                                                           Curry, assistant administrator,
are seen here with OMC’s Eric Lewis, Deby King,                                                             Olympic Medical.
Rhonda Curry, Pamela Hawney, Kacey Eichacker, and
OMC Foundation’s Sara Maloney and Bruce Skinner.
    2009 Community Benefit Report

    Looking Back at a
    Year of Progress
    In 2009, Olympic Medical Center continued to improve quality
    and service, recruit skilled physicians and maintain the
    standard of excellence employees and medical staff have
    worked hard to build.

    A Guide for the Future                         The Right Information
        In 2009, Olympic Medical Center            in the Right Hands
    followed a restructured Strategic Plan         at the Right Time
    with a focus on three categories:                 The expansion of the hospital-
    1) Quality, Patient Safety and Satisfaction;   based electronic medical record                      Community Value Index®
    2) OMC and Community Relationships;            system to incorporate physician
    3) Organizational Performance. To keep         notes and patient charts is a                                         ®
    pace with the dynamic nature of health         patient safety initiative, as well as
    care, Olympic Medical now updates the          an important tool for physicians
    Strategic Plan on a yearly basis. Please       and clinical staff caring for patients.
    find the new 2010 Strategic Plan at www.         “Hospital-based electronic                            medical record tools make it
                                                   easier for physicians to access the            Emergency Department
    Excellent Physicians Critical                  information they need in a timely              Growth
    to Excellent Health Care                       manner,” says Eric Lewis, CEO, Olympic             A long-term goal at Olympic Medical
       Olympic Medical redoubled its efforts       Medical. “This allows physicians to better     is to expand the emergency department
    to recruit and retain quality physicians as    manage chronic diseases and puts the           (ED) and, in 2009, we formed a task
    part of the Strategic Plan and achieved        right information in the right hands at        force of physicians, nurses and other
    great success in this area, recruiting more    the right time, thereby helping to ensure      personnel to plan the project. The
    than a dozen new providers in 2009.            successful patient care.”                      purpose of the expansion is to improve
      “Excellent physicians are critical to                                                       the quality and safety of patient care,
    excellent health care, and we’re pleased       Our Investment in                              which includes reducing patients’ length
    that our focus on this principle has           Women’s Health                                 of stay in the ED. Olympic Medical
    paid off,” says Rhonda Curry, assistant            Part of our commitment to providing        Center aims to complete the ED
    administrator, Olympic Medical                 quality patient care involves keeping          expansion in late 2012 or early 2013.
    Center. “Our strategic marketing and           pace with changing technology. In 2009,
    communications department now has              Olympic Medical invested $3 million in         Ready for Emergencies
    a separate physician relations program         new medical equipment.                            A community hospital must be
    charged with enhancing the retention              The most anticipated purchases              ready to provide medical care during
    and recruitment process.”                      included three digital mammography             any emergency. In 2009, Olympic
                                                   units and two digital bone densitometry        Medical hired a dedicated emergency
                                                   machines. Digital mammography                  preparedness coordinator to raise its
                                                   holds several advantages over its              disaster readiness to the next level.
                                                   film predecessor, including a faster             “Having someone dedicated to this
                                                   patient experience and clearer images.         effort allows us to place our emergency
                                                   Physicians can manipulate the images to        preparedness efforts in the hands of
                                                   gain a better view of the breast. Similarly,   someone who can devote time and
                                                   digital bone densitometry machines             energy solely to helping us prepare for
                                                   provide clearer results and help detect        the unforeseen,” says Lewis.
                                                   bone loss (osteoporosis).

                                        Radiologist Hampton Sessions, MD, reviews digital mammography images in his
                                        Olympic Medical Center-based office. Dr. Sessions is one of four local radiologists
                                        who signed on in 2009 with Radia, Olympic Medical’s radiology group partner, to
                                        work locally.

                                        Honored Again – Twice                       Speaking Up for Our
                                           Olympic Medical Center once again        Community’s Health
                                        received recognition for the value              As the topic of health care reform
                                        and excellent care it provides patients.    spread across the nation in 2009,
                                        In 2009, Olympic Medical received           Olympic Medical Center represented
                                        two prestigious awards. For the sixth       the interests of rural Clallam County in
                                        year in a row, Cleverley + Associates       Washington, D.C.
                                        Community Value Index (CVI)                    “We met with our senators and their
                                        named Olympic Medical a Five-Star           legislative aides to present what we
                                        Hospital. The CVI gauges hospitals          felt was important, and we’ve stayed
                                        across the country on their community       in touch with those individuals to make
                                        involvement, cost of services to patients   sure the health care package does
                                        and efficient use of financial resources.   as much good in Clallam County as
                                           HomeCare Elite honored Olympic           possible,” Lewis says. “A majority of
                                        Medical Home Health as one of the           our patients depend on Medicare, and
                                        top 100 home health agencies in the         it’s crucial that we maintain or improve
                                        United States for the third time in         Medicare reimbursement to help ensure
Olympic Medical Center’s Cynthia        four years. To receive this recognition,    they receive the care they need.”
Beltrami, RN, assists one of our many   Home Health demonstrated                        Visit to
wonderful patients during her stay on   excellence in every aspect of its           read Olympic Medical’s 2010–2012
the medical/surgical unit.              operations, including service, clinical     Strategic Plan.
                                        quality and financial stewardship.

    2009 Community Benefit Report

      Financial Report to the Community

                                           2009, Olympic Medical Center maintained strong financial footing despite a faltering
                                           economy and uncertainty in health care nationwide. Olympic Medical achieved a
                                           3.3% margin in 2009, providing it with needed resources to continue the work on
                                expanding the emergency department, implementing electronic medical records, recruiting
                                medical specialists, and purchasing state-of-the-art medical technologies that help the medical
                                center meet community need.
                                   In combination with strong financial stewardship and the collection of tax levy funds,
                                Olympic Medical achieved this margin, in part, because of a one-time, prior-year settlement
                                from Medicare that totaled approximately $1.3 million.
                                  Olympic Medical Center continued to provide area free clinics with financial support and
                                in-kind services, totaling approximately $200,000. In addition, the medical center provided
                                nearly $28,000 of in-kind support to the VA Clinic. Olympic Medical’s support of these
                                needed programs helps lessen the impact of bad debt and charity care. The availability of
                                free clinics in the community provides preventive care and chronic disease management to
                                uninsured and underinsured patients, and prevents urgent visits to the emergency department.

      2009 YTD Statistics
                                        2004         2005         2006         2007         2008         2009

        Cardiac Procedures*             17,629      17,758       19,159       23,811       24,686       23,145        -6.2%

        Surgical Procedures             3,493        3,467        3,742        3,724        4,040        3,903       -3.39%

        Rehab Procedures                83,763      89,256       93,069       101,647      109,172      118,580       8.62%

        Home Health Visits             25,472       26,514       22,242       23,888       24,948       27,542       10.40%

        Lab Procedures                1,026,007    1,089,680    1,261,191    1,358,030    1,392,251    1,417,944      1.85%

        Endoscopies                     3,287        3,179        2,725        2,897        2,954        2,635       -10.80%

        Oncology Procedures             14,298       17,019      16,800       21,033       21,275       26,062       22.50%

        ED Visits                      23,624       24,689       25,069       26,553       26,841       27,212        1.38%

        Imaging Procedures              61,229      63,013       68,124       74,034       74,799       76,901        2.81%

        Avg. Daily Admissions            15.0         14.6         13.7        12.5         12.2         12.3         1.19%

        Avg. Daily Census                47.8         47.5         47.4        45.5         44.3         41.8        -5.57%

        CT Scans                        10,314      10,975       11,958       12,243       11,786       11,770       -0.14%

        Short Stay Visits               10,178      10,234        9,740       11,152       10,345        9,196       -11.11%

        Adjusted Patient Days          40,842       42,922       44,102       54,547       54,919       53,439       -2.69%

                        % Operating Margin
% Operating Margin 1999–20091999-2009

                                                                       % Operating Margin

                                                                         4.3%               4.0%                                                                 3.3%
                                                  3.2%                                                   1.7%                            2.0%
                                                                                                                    1.6% -0.7%




















% Operating Margin

                    1999          2000          2001          2002            2003           2004           2005           2006          2007          2008             2009
Net Op. Inc. ($) 4,201,000     4,097,000     4,095,000     2,190,000      3,017,000        3,237,000    1,541,000        1,607,000     (795,945)     2,368,718       4,208,555
Net Revenue ($) 51,841,000    54,896,000    62,184,000    68,644,000     70,556,000    81,830,000      88,722,000    100,454,000     110,750,016   121,239,676     128,785,110
% Op. Margin          8.1%          7.5%          6.6%          3.2%           4.3%          4.0%            1.7%           1.6%           -0.7%          2.0%            3.3%

2008 Financials                                                                                  Bad Debt and Charity Care
Net Revenue                                              $121,239,676
Expenses                                                 $118,870,958
Net Operating Income                                       $2,368,718                                                                                       Bad Debt
                                                                                                 2004                                $2,658,872;
Bottom Line % Operating Margin                                         2.0%                                                                                 Charity Care

2009 Financials
                                                                                                 2005                                       $3,647,554;
Net Revenue                                              $128,785,110
Expenses                                                 $124,576,555
Net Operating Income                                      $4,208,555
Bottom Line % Operating Margin                                         3.3%                      2006                                         $3,507,808;
OMC Financial Support
of Community Clinics
Volunteers in Medicine of the Olympics
                                                                                                 2007                                              $4,063,408;
Lab and X-ray                                                   $36,499                                                                            $2,008,108
Behavioral Health and Medications                               $55,739
In-Kind Rent                                                     $9,072
Total                                                          $101,310                          2008                                                   $4,627,386
Dungeness Valley Health and Wellness Clinic                                                                                                             $2,293,978
Lab and X-ray                               $60,428
In-Kind Rent                                $38,640
Total                                       $99,068                                              2009                                                            $5,354,836
VA Clinic                                                                                                                                                        $2,766,950
Lab and X-ray                                                     $4,795
In-Kind Rent                                                     $22,800                                 0 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000
                                                                                                             0,   0,   0,   0,   0,   0,   0,    0,
                                                                                                          ,00 2,00 3,00 4,00 5,00 6,00 7,00 8,00
Total                                                            $27,595                               $1      $    $   $      $  $     $     $

Overall Total                                                 $227,973                                      2009 Total                        $8,121,786

    2009 Community Benefit Report

     Olympic Medical Center Foundation events have helped fund hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment – spanning from

    Celebrating Another Year of
     For a community hospital to succeed, the contributions of volunteers and neighbors are
     invaluable. Olympic Medical Center is blessed with a community that believes in and supports
     the hospital’s mission and commitment to quality health care.

      n 2009, the Olympic Medical              Bionic Woman, the event was a night of     in style, this gala and auction event
      Center Foundation experienced a          glitz and glamour. Guests celebrated       raised nearly $100,000 and is the largest
      tremendous outpouring of support         with cocktails and delicious food as       fundraiser in Port Angeles for Olympic
    and assistance from the community          they watched the Academy Awards            Medical Center.
    through a series of exciting events.       telecast on two screens and four large
    Across the Olympic Peninsula, residents    televisions. Hollywood Nights proved       Duck Derby
    participated in the Foundation’s           to be a resounding success – raising         This year, Foundation volunteers sold
    events and helped make the year an         $48,000 – and is certain to become a       more than 30,400 ducks for the annual
    overwhelming success.                      Foundation tradition.                      Great Olympic Peninsula Duck Derby
                                                                                          as community members scrambled to
    Hollywood Nights                           Festival of Trees                          win the grand prize of a Toyota Tacoma.
       Last year marked Olympic Medical’s        The Foundation held the 19th             Each duck sold for $5 or six for $25,
    inaugural Hollywood Nights celebration.    annual Festival of Trees celebration       making this event a tremendous success
    Featuring live and silent auctions and     on Thanksgiving weekend at the Vern        while providing a day of fun for the
    an appearance by special guest Lindsay     Burton Community Center in Port            community on the day of the race.
    Wagner, famous for her role in The         Angeles. Kicking off the holiday season

    Local Volunteers Support Olympic Medical Through Service and Donations
    Olympic Medical Center continues to        the comprehensive medical provider         volunteers raised more than $21,500
    benefit from the generous Olympic          for patients in Port Angeles, Sequim and   to purchase equipment and support
    Medical Center Auxiliary and the Sequim-   throughout Clallam County.                 scholarship programs. Proceeds raised
    Dungeness Hospital Guild. Through            Olympic Medical Center Auxiliary, a      by the Auxiliary came from the Olympic
    earnest and determined fundraising         volunteer group, dedicates thousands of    Medical gift shop and several annual
    initiatives, these organizations help      service hours and funds to the medical     events and funded:
    Olympic Medical maintain its role as       center. In 2009, the Auxiliary’s 50-plus

needed medical equipment and laboratory vehicles to educational materials and programs to meet patient needs.

  Community Generosity
     Team OMC                                     as “An Evening in Barcelona,” this             Olympic Medical’s annual education
     For the Foundation, few events are as        year’s event marked the second most            of women’s heart health. Offering
     inspiring as Team OMC. Encouraging           successful Harvest of Hope in the              informative materials regarding the
     participants to get active and support       history of the event, bringing together        risks of heart disease and highlighting
     a good cause, Team OMC registers             nearly 200 people and raising more             the expertise of keynote speakers
     participants for a half or full-length       than $112,000. The proceeds of the             Peter Albro, MD, and Rebecca Corley,
     marathon held in various locations           event support cancer patients of the           MD, the event was truly a unique
     around the country. Olympic Medical          Thomas Family Cancer Center.                   opportunity for women to learn about
     then provides athletic training and other       The gala featured Spanish wines,            and celebrate their hearts.
     services and encourages participants in      and guests participated in an exciting            Raising more than $20,000, the
     their fundraising endeavors. Individuals     live auction, which allowed them to            event helped Olympic Medical
     raise $2,500 and couples raise $4,500,       bid on items such as a pair of tickets         purchase six automated external
     the proceeds of which go toward the          to the World Series and private                defibrillator devices to place
     purchase of needed medical equipment         dinners. Virginia Southmayd, a local           throughout the community.
     in areas they designate, such as cardiac,    breast cancer survivor, spoke at the              To learn more about the Olympic
     cancer or obstetrics.                        gala, describing her fight against the         Medical Foundation and events
                                                  deadly disease.                                planned for 2010, call (360) 417-7144.
     Winemaker’s Gala                                                                            For more information about volunteer
       The seventh annual celebration of          Red, Set, Go!                                  opportunities at Olympic Medical
     the Harvest of Hope Winemaker’s              Heart Luncheon                                 Center, call (360) 565-9110.
     Gala transported attendees to the              Held on February 27, 2009, the
     rustic beauty of coastal Spain. Touted       Red, Set, Go! Heart Luncheon marked

     • Olympic Medical Home Health,               In addition to the support of the Auxiliary,   Center and Olympic Medical Physical
       Doppler accessory kit, $715.20             Olympic Medical has benefited from the         Therapy and Rehabilitation in Sequim. Of
     • Olympic Medical Center medical /           generosity of the Sequim-Dungeness             that amount, $7,000 went to Olympic
       surgical unit, bladder scanner, $12,032,   Hospital Guild since 1970. Dedicated to        Medical Cancer Center for a patient
       and Hover Jack patient lift, $4,812.96     raising funds for the Foundation through       room addition, and $4,047 went to
     • Lifeline scholarships, $2,000              thrift stores in Sequim, the Hospital Guild    Olympic Medical Physical Therapy and
     • College scholarships, $2,000               raised more than $11,000 in 2009 to            Rehabilitation for a recumbent stepper.
                                                  support the Olympic Medical Cancer

     2009 Community Benefit Report

                                                       Oly mpic Medical Center Foundation

     2009 HOSPITAL DONORS            Parkwood Activity Committee       Sequim Gazette
                                     Peggy Pattison                    Swain’s General Store
     PLATINUM ($20,000+)             John & Elizabeth Riffey           Thomas Building Center
     First Federal                   Richard S. & Yvonne H. Rook       United Rentals
                                     Norman & Ester Round              Westport Shipyards
                                     Karen Rushby
     SILVER ($1,000–$4,999)          Herbert & Marolyn Russel
     Steve & Mary Borland            Steven L. Schmidt                 2009 DUCK DERBY V.I.D.s $500
     Castaways Restaurant            Joanie Schmoll                    Craven
     Jim & Linda Debord              Williamson & Wyatt Schwabe        First Federal
     Key Foundation                  Sequim Gazette Pink Ribbons       Hugh & Diane Haffner
     Mr. & Mrs. James Kittrick       Bruce Skinner                     Faye Hayden
     Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea         Soroptimist Club of Sequim (Mad   Jim’s Pharmacy
     Palmer & Evelyn McCarter          Hatters Fund)                   KeyBank
     Willard & Carolyn Muller        Lenny Weisberg                    Peter Lavelle
     OMC Charities                   Edward & Melvina Zbaraschuk       Eric & Alwynn Lewis
     SightLife                                                         Olympic Care & Rehab
                                                                       Orepac Building Products
                                     2009 OMC UNITED WAY DONORS        Ralston & Ralston Insurance
     BRONZE ($500–$999)              Pamela Arnott                     Soroptimists – Jet Set –
     J. & R. A. Forster              Kim Bedinger                         Swain’s
     Jim’s Pharmacy                  Jennifer Chavez                   Darryl & Kim Wakefield
     KeyBank                         Rhonda Curry
     Larry & Marilyn McHugh          Tasha Fraser
     John & Gail Ralston             Scott & Brenda Kennedy            2009 DUCK DERBY V.I.D.s $250
                                     Linda Klinefelter                 1st Security Bank
                                     Crisie Knapman                    A-1 Auto Parts
     ($1–$499)                       Sandra Lawrence                   Ace Michaels Inc.
     Donald Aites                    Tawney Leonard                    AFFLINK
     Carleton Albers                 Eric & Alwynn Lewis               Air Flo Heating
     R. S. Bilheimer                 Shelby Mitchell                   Allen Logging
     Patricia Blanton                Deborah Nelson                    Allweather Wood
     Madeleine Burns                 Debbie Nickles                    Alpine Electric & Lighting
     Paul & Bertha Cooper            Jacqueline Panza                  Ambrosia
     Joan Crawford                   John Petrisin                     American Marine Bank
     Colin & Rhoda Cunningham        Sharon Robinson                   An-Den Construction
     Tom & Rhonda Curry              Mary Roon                         Angeles Communications
     Nora Ferré                      Sharon Stevenson                  Angeles Millwork
     Rosemary Freed                  Dalyn Titterness                  Angeles Pest Control
     Bill & Silua Goodwin                                              Angeles Plumbing
     Greta Grandstrom                                                  Apel Supply
     Douglas Gray                    2009 DUCK DERBY SPONSORS          Aubrey, Mary & Harry
     Mary Gregg                      1st Security Bank of Washington   Matt Bailey
     Steven & Mary Hauff             7 Cedars Casino                   Balkan Builders
     Edwin & Ethel Honeycutt         American Marine Bank              Baskin-Robbins
     Jeff & Earl                     First Federal                     Bates Family
     Inez Jenkins                    Gellor Insurance, Inc.            Randy & Rita Bauman
     Muriel Kierch                   KeyBank                           Baxter Auto Parts
     Joseph Levinger                 Kitsap Bank                       Beal Carpet & Drapery
     Roy & Kathleen Lindsay          KONP radio                        Belco Forest Products
     John & Teresa MacDonald         Peninsula Daily News              Bill and Val
     John & Cindy Mackay             Puget Sound Transfer              Bill’s Plumbing
     Robert & Jerry Macomber         Safeway                           Blake Sand & Gravel

Boise Cascade                      Glass Services Co.                    Olympic Peninsula Title
Bondy’s Glass                      Good Impressions Cleaners & Laundry   Olympic Wholesale Building
Mike & Maxine Boucher              Dirk & Kelly Gouge                    Olypen
Builders’ Hardware & Supply        Hays Architects                       Pacific Crest Cabinets
Burton Flooring                    Betty Hendricks                       Pacific Emergency Vehicles
Call Centers 24x7                  Willard H. Henkes, DDS PS             Pacific Refrigeration
Camaraderie Cellars                Hoch Construction                     Paint Factory
Camp Chaos                         Hoffa                                 Paint Sundries Solutions/Henke
Canyon Creek Cabinet Co.           Steve & Linda Howarth                 Oliver Pearce
Captain T’s                        Howat Fine Woodworking                Peninsula Ad Works
Caregivers Home Health Inc.        Hutt’s Hood                           Peninsula Children’s Clinic
Cascade Wholesale Hardware         IGS & 76 Mt. Pleasant                 Pettit Oil Co./Chevron
Castell Insurance                  Todd & Mary Irwin                     Platt Irwin Law Firm
C-C-J-L-R                          Jim & Debbie Jones                    POE
Champion Metal of Washington       Jim/Dee                               Alison Polanski
Milt Chance                        John                                  Everett Polanski
Jake Chandler                      Jodie Jones                           Precision Truss
Chapman Sports Services            John Wayne’s Automotive Repair        Prime Source Bldg Products
Clark Land Office                  Rutz & Tassie Johnson                 Quality Encounters
Codel Entry Systems                Ked-Ter Construction                  Race Street Auto
Coldwell Banker Uptown Realty      Kelsey                                Jillian Ramey
Creative Retirement Planning       Kitsap Bank                           Randall R. Thomas Real Estate
Crown Distributing                 Matthew D. Kowitz                          Holding Inc.
Crystalite Skylite Manufacturing   Jan Kummet                            Randy’s Auto Sales
Tom & Rhonda Curry                 Lakeside Industries                   Re/Max – Mike McAleer
Curtis Interiors                   Gary D. Lange, DDS                    Ren and Sam
D. A. Davidson                     Larry                                 Rinehart Consulting
Davis Sand & Gravel                In Memory of Don Larson               Rite Bros. Aviation
Dawson & Caswell                   Les Schwab, Sequim                    Roadrunner 76 & PA Chevron
Dickinson Construction             Esther Littlejohn                     Sanford Irrigation
Discovery Bay Electric             MACFUD                                Savage Wholesale Building Materials
Al & Hattie Dixon                  Mackenzie                             Sawadee
Doug Parrish Excavating            Mack’s Ceramics                       Sequim Auto Clinic
Downtown Hotel                     Blaire Maloney                        Sequim Gazette employees
Dungeness Courte Alzheimer’s       Britney Maloney                       Sequim Gazette staff
Richard T. Elmer, DDS              Marine View Beverage                  Sequim Redi-Mix
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Epler           Mattingleys                           Sergio’s Hacienda
Emily Pearce                       Dave McArthur                         Shaltry Orthodontics
EPR Inc.                           Jim & Sherry McEntire                 Sherwood Medical Group
Erika, Graham & Alex               McKnight Construction                 Jim Siemens
Evergreen Collision                McMenamin & McMenamin                 Jerry & Deborah Sinn
Evergreen Electric                 Charlotte Metzler                     Doris Skinner
Faith                              Milgard Manufacturing                 Sorensen Chiropractic/Sequim
Family Medicine of PA              Craig L. Miller                            Chiropractic
Fiesta Jalisco                     John Z. Miller/Farmers Ins.           Sound Community Bank
Fine Line Pacific                  Alan E. Millet, P.S.                  St. Vincent De Paul Society
First Federal                      Monte English Self Storage            Stan & Edie
Bryce & Gail Fish                  Morris Consulting                     Strait Occupational & Hand Therapy
Food Services of America           Motor Oil Supply                      Fred & Georgine Sullivan
Frankfurth Auto Body & Towing      Moulding & Millwork                   Sunburst Builders
Marysue French                     Northwest Fabricators                 Susan Parr Travel
Frick Drug                         Northwest Mortgage                    Swain’s Outdoor
Fryer & Sons Insurance             NTI Engineering & Land Surveying      Donna Swartz
G. I. Duck                         Maura Oakes                           Rand & Darlene Thomas
Bill Gellor                        Olympic Ambulance                     Tigger
Gellor Family Partnership          Olympic Dealer Marketing              Tracy’s Insulation
Gellor Insurance                   Olympic Distributing                  Trex Company
Vivian Gellor                      Olympic Hospitalists                  Tri-County Truss
Gene Unger Engineering             Olympic Mailing                       US Bank

     2009 Community Benefit Report
     In Memory of Aina Van Sant          2009 FESTIVAL OF TREES                 Dana Shaltry, DDS
     Vision Landscape Nursery            SPONSORS                               Simpson Electric
     John Wahl                           7 Cedars Casino                        Soroptimists Jet Set
     Watts Constructors Elwha            Angeles Clinic For Animals
     Watts Constructors PAWTP            Avamere Olympic Rehabilitation of
     Windermere Port Angeles                Sequim                              2009 FESTIVAL OF TREES
     Windermere SunLand                  DA Davidson & Company                  TREE PURCHASERS
     Zenovic & Associates                Dr. Richard Davies                     Tom Arnold
                                         First Federal                          Gary Ash & Earl Wilson
                                         Drs. James & Otero Flowers             Shirley Joy Baublits
     2009 DUCK DERBY V.I.D.s $125        Gellor Insurance                       Syliva Berquist
     Ann & Bruce                         Dr. Dirk Gouge                         Jennifer Bruch
     Apec Supply                         Harry & Mary Hebert                    Richard & Glenda Cable
     Arby’s Sequim                       Irwin Dental Center                    Jim and Barbara Cammack
     Pamela Arnott                       J & J Construction                     Joe Cammack
     Jerry Austin                        Jim’s Pharmacy                         Dan Charron
     Baby Grand                          Brian Juel, DDS                        Audrey Church
     Patricia Birch                      KeyBank                                Sharon DelaBarre
     In Memory of Dick Brown             Kitsap Bank                            Gail Dosey
     Callis & Associates                 KONP radio                             Joe Gladfelter
     Cedars at Dungeness                 KPS Health Plans                       Jack & Patty Gray
     Nancy Christiansen                  Laurel Dental Clinic                   Jerry & Betty Hendricks
     Michael Clancy                      Bonita Melville                        Bill & Kay Hermann
     Cornerstone Builders                Steve Methner                          Dr. Stephen Howarth
     Paul Cronaur                        Olympic Distributing Company           Irwin Dental Center
     Tim Douglas                         Drs. Osterberg & Brandt                Patrick Irwin
     Eleven Eleven Dental                P.A. Tire Factory                      Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe
     Fairmount Grocery                   Doug Parrish                           Randy & Carol Johnson
     Jim & Helen Fox                     Peninsula Daily News                   Jim Jones
     Dan & Juleann Gandara               Puget Sound Transfer                   KeyBank
     Gentry Architecture Collaborative   Vernita J. Ray & Family                Kitsap Bank
     H20 Plumbing                        Sequim Health & Rehab. Center          Carole Kubota
     Brian S. Hughes, DDS                Sound Bank                             Bill & Esther Littlejohn
     Just Ducky                          Sunset Wire Rope Do It Best Hardware   Pete & Annette Nesse
     William R. Kintner                  Susan Parr Travel                      Susan Parr
     Les Schwab                          Rand Thomas                            Edna Peterson
     Edwin C. Marion                     The Toggery                            Richard Playter
     Pat & Jim McCauley                  Westport Shipyard                      Bruce Skinner
     McCrorie Home Furnishings                                                  Darryl & Kim Wakefield
     McCrorie Interiors Inc.                                                    Dr. Dennis Wilcox
     Andy & Haroldine Nisbet             2009 FESTIVAL OF TREES
     Jerry Oakes                         WREATH SPONSORS
     Olympic Synthetic Products          Dan Addison                            2009 FESTIVAL OF TREES
     Parrish Trucking                    Dr. Sam & Martha Baker                 FUND A NEED
     Peninsula Golf Shop                 Margaret Bangs                         ($500–$999)
     Reetz Insurance Services            Beauty & the Beach                     Bill & Kay Hermann
     Reid & Johnson Motors               Bruch & Bruch Construction             Bruce Skinner
     Ann Ricks                           Center for Bone & Joint Surgery
     Karen Rogers                        Clallam Anesthesiologists
     Ryan & Tanya Rutherford             Coastal Embroidery                     ($50–$499)
     Robert Shearer                      Dr. Joe Corn                           Syliva Berquist
     Mark Stoughton                      Dr. Stephen Howarth                    George Bower
     Karen C. Thompson                   Dr. Alan Kowitz                        Jim & Barbara Cammack
     Rob Tulloch, attorney               Laurel Dental Clinic                   Dan Charron
     Lorraine Wall                       Les Schwab Tire                        Anne Cruser
     Lorraine & Sean Wall                Dr. Roger & Maura Oakes                Chris & Joni Eades
                                         Peninsula Children’s Clinic            Dirk & Kelly Gouge
                                         Rainbow Sweepers Inc.                  Peter & Joan Hanson
                                         Teresa Rausch                          Jerry & Betty Hendricks

Michelle Ignagni                        Paul & Bertha Cooper               Tom & Rhonda Curry
Jim & Debbie Jones                      Tom & Rhonda Curry                 Fox Network
Theodore & Yvonne McDonald              Phil & Kathy Giuntoli              Ralph & Dee Howard
Steve & Sarah Methner                   Dr. Benjamin Greer                 Keith Lazelle
Susan Parr                              Eric & Alwynn Lewis                Teresa MacDonald
Chuck & Lisa Parrish                    Mike McAleer                       Sara Maloney
P.A. Tire Factory                       Darrin Postma                      André Mercier
Bob & Sherry Phillips                   Stephen & Kim Rosales              Carl & Jan Nyberg
Betsy Schultz                           Phil Walker                        Oak Table Café
Jeff Stokes                                                                Chris & Susan Rehder
Sean & Lorraine Wall                                                       Bill Roberds
                                        ($50–$499)                         Sanctuary Day Spa
                                        Geoff Austin
2009 HARVEST OF HOPE                    James & Linda Barnfather
SPONSORS                                William Benedict                   2009 HARVEST OF HOPE
                                        Roger & Janet Clark                AUCTION PURCHASERS
GOLD ($5,000–$19,999)                   Dan & Mary Fryer                   Lynn Baritelle
Jack & Terri Harmon                     Pat Gashowski                      Dr. Matthew Barton
Morgan Stanley                          Julie Hatch                        Kathy Charlton
Seattle Cancer Care Alliance            Pam Hawney                         Molly Evangelsti
                                        Wendy Hollister                    Pam Hawney
                                        Edwin Honeycutt                    Eric & Alwynn Lewis
SILVER ($1,000–$4,999)                  Jean Hordyk                        Brown & Sara Maloney
7 Cedars Casino                         Mary Hunchberger                   Dave Mattingly
Angeles Composite Technologies          Paul & Mary Jendruko               Paul & Rochelle McHugh
Avamere Olympic Rehabilitation of       Dr. Scott Kennedy                  Edna Peterson
   Sequim                               Linda Klinefelter                  Randy & Naomi Riggins
John & Lynn Baritelle                   Susan Kowitz                       Stephen & Kim Rosales
John & Amanda Beitzel                   Dr. Thomas Kummet                  Bruce Skinner
Jack & Terri Harmon                     Joel Lewis                         Don Smalz
Dr. Thomas & Janice Kummet              Tara Lock
Sequim Gazette                          Roberto Lopez
Sequim Health & Rehabilitation Center   James & Patricia McCauley          HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS SPONSORS
Turner Construction                     Nancy McDonald                     DR Systems Inc.
Collins Woerman                         Becky Ann McGinty                  First Federal
                                        Larry Mumaw                        Northwest Pathology
                                        Doug Parrish                       Karen Rogers Consulting
2009 HARVEST OF HOPE DONORS             Edna Peterson
GOLD ($5,000–$19,999)                   Jeff Robb
Andrea Alstrup                          Karen Rogers                       HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS
Rex & Reva Bates                        Bob Spinks                         FUND A NEED
                                        Lorraine Wall                      Jeff Anderson
                                        Judy Walz                          Wes & Bobby Beeman
SILVER ($1,000–$4,999)                  Chris Williams                     Steve Blackham
Marta Brooks                            Marti McAllister Wolf              Andy Callis
John David & Linda Crow                 Rob & Sherry Wright                Jan Clevenger
Molly Evangelisti                                                          Dick & Pat Elmer
Brian Hogan                                                                Dr. Mark & Jan Fischer
Brown & Sara Maloney                    2009 HARVEST OF HOPE               Kent Fosnes
Dave & Patsy Mattingly                  AUCTION DONORS                     Gary & Krystyna Gordon
Paul & Rochelle McHugh                  ABC Network                        Roy & Mary Gotham
Don Smalz                               Eric Apablasa & Mary Hunchberger   Dr. Dirk & Kelly Gouge
Walmart Foundation                      John & Lynn Baritelle              James & Julie Haguewood
                                        Bell Street Bakery                 Adrienne Heinz
                                        John & Amanda Beitzel              Jerry & Betty Hendricks
BRONZE ($500–$999)                      Sylvia Berquist                    Mary Hunchberger
Dr. Matthew Barton                      Madeleine Burns                    Irwin Dental Center
Sylvia Berquist                         Alan Burwell                       Gary Lange
Norma Cooper                            Chestnut Cottage                   Eric & Alwynn Lewis

     2009 Community Benefit Report
     John & Holly Locke              Novartis Pharmaceuticals                Bruce Skinner
     Doug Parrish                    Qwest                                   Susan Sorensen
     Edna Peterson                   Karen Rogers Consulting                 Stephanie Supko
     Kathi Pressley                  John L. Scott, Sequim                   Charles B. Tandy
     Karen Rogers                    Sequim Gazette                          T.O.P.S.
     Scott Schwagler                 Sequim Health & Rehabilitation Center   Judy Tordini
     David Skinner                   Bruce Skinner                           Linda Walker
     Sharon Stevenson                Judy Tordini                            Donna Worden
     Jeff Stokes                     Dr. Kara Urnes
     Irv L. Walden
                                                                             2009 TEAM OMC TEAM MEMBERS
                                     RED, SET, GO! FUND A NEED               Shelly Ballas
     HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS                Marta Brooks                            Zack Ballas
     AUCTION PURCHASERS              Barbara Cammack                         Diane Barth
     Steve Blackham                  Jennifer Cate                           Bobby Beeman
     George Bower                    Charlene Clark                          Julia Cheney
     Eric & Christy Brown            Elinor Clausen                          Mandy Cicelski
     Steve & Winnie Bush             Jan Clevenger                           Janis Clevenger
     Sandy Caudill                   Peggy Coltrin                           Norma Cooper
     Tom & Rhonda Curry              Dr. Rebecca Corley                      Rhonda Curry
     Dick & Pat Elmer                Rhonda Curry                            Thomas Curry
     Dr. Mark & Jan Fischer          Caitlin Donnelly                        Shannon Durr
     Casi Fors                       Laura Dubois                            Leslie English
     Matt & Stephanie Gochnour       Nancy East                              Lonnie Forshaw
     Dr. Lawrence Gordon             Pat Elmer                               Ashley Hankins
     Dr. Dirk & Kelly Gouge          Arlene Engel                            Gay Hunter
     Adrienne Heinz                  Dr. Mark & Jan Fischer                  Michelle Ignagni
     Jeff & Debbie Hinds             Karen Fox                               Cathy Lamoureux
     Mary Hunchberger                Linda Lape French                       Laurie Lewis
     Irwin Dental Center             Krystyna Gordon                         Lisa MacDonald
     Jim & Debbie Jones              Julie Haguewood                         Rory MacDonald
     Roger & Barb Kelso              Pam Hawney                              Lisa McCoy
     Rick & Connie Kemp              Linda Herzog                            Randall McCoy
     Debi King                       Honeycutt Family Trust                  Deanetta Medley
     John & Holly Locke              Mary Hunchberger                        Colleen Menichini
     Bob Lovell                      Emmajane Janssen                        Janet O’Connor
     Nancy McDonald                  Lynnell Jenny                           Gail Ralston
     Field Mead                      Joe Kanagusuku                          Rhonda Rose
     Don & Suzie Nunley              Kris Kelsay                             Bruce Skinner
     Doug Parrish                    Connie Kemp                             James Slowey
     Edna Peterson                   Suzanne Lagoni                          Tanya Smith
     Kathi Pressly                   Eric Lewis                              Mary Stensrud
     Gail Ralston                    Kim Lynch                               Bryan Swanberg
     Laurie Rinehart                 Vickie Maples                           Debbie Turner
     Linda Shold                     Becky Ann McGinty                       Gina Walsh
     Fran Sisson                     Deborah Nelson                          Connie Warren
     Bruce Skinner                   Jane Nishita
     Rick & Tanya Smith              Doug Parrish
     Lex & Rob Sorenson              Pamela Phillips                         2009 TEAM OMC DONORS
     Rand Thomas                     Linda Pisciotta                         Mary Jo Acker
     Irv Walden                      Gordon Pomeroy                          Pamela Alton
                                     Gail Ralston                            Amelia Andaleon & Thad Ferre
                                     Kate Reavey                             Reta Anaya
     RED, SET, GO!                   Ann Ricks                               Jeff Anderson
     HEART LUNCHEON SPONSORS         Sue Riesau                              Nancy Anderson
     Airlift Northwest               Karen Rogers Consulting                 Chris & Joan Antolock
     Astra Zeneca                    Linda Rotmark                           Anytime Fitness
     Boston Scientific               Sequim Medical Associates               William Ashley
     First Federal                   Margaret Shaver                         Avamere Olympic Rehabilitation

Mary Beeman                  Jerry & Betty Hendricks               Gregory Raymond
Katherine Beirne             Kris Henrikson                        Catherine Roe
John Beitzel                 Gailin & Julie Hester                 Christy Rookard
Richard & Sharon Bellmore    Glen & Betty Hibbetts                 Rhonda Rose
John & Kathryn Bernhoft      George Hill                           Debra Ruddick
Jon Bernhoft                 Hoch Construction Inc.                Paul & Jane Rynearson
Thomas Blore Jr.             Gary & Pam Hooper                     Mary Sampson
Gloria Bond                  Jean Hordyk                           Pamela Schier
Ben & Judy Bowman            Shirley Huntley                       Joseph & Wendy Schroeder
Lila Briggs                  John & Susan Huston                   Sequim Medical Associates
Charlie & Laurie Brilhante   Anthony & Maria Ignagni               Sequim Village Glass of Carlsborg
Mary Brisendine              Irwin Dental Center                   Charles & Veronica Shaw
Robin & Tracy Caldwell       Jo’El James                           Roderic & Wendy Sisk
Callis & Associates Inc.     Gilbert Jauregui                      Bruce Skinner
Michelle Catton              Cindy Johnson                         Kjel & Elizabeth Skov
Jim & Kim Cheney             Velma Johnson                         Sheryl Slack
Cherry Hill Florist          Jonathan Jack Insurance Agency Inc.   Lawrence Slowey
Amanda Cicelski              Jim & Debbie Jones                    Rick & Tanya Smith
Michael & Norman Cooper      Jodie Jones                           Rob & Lex Sorensen
Chuck & Trudy Crampton       Ron Haley Jones                       Ann Soule & Dave Shreffler
Michael & Lorrie Crim        Scott & Brenda Kennedy                Eugene & Shari Spencer
David & Donna Cummins        Richard Kent                          Scott & Valerie Spencer
Paul Cunningham              C. C. Keyes                           Susan Stradtman
Tom & Rhonda Curry           Melissa Kinisky                       Strait Occupational & Hand Therapy
Danny’s Nails & Tanning      Dr. Alan Kowitz                       Strait View Credit Union
Fred & Jeanie DeFrang        Brian Kuh                             Bryan Swanberg
Steve & Karen Delano         Dr. Thomas Kummet                     Kit & Teri Swanberg
John Dewey                   Catherine Reavey & Thomas Harris      Andrea Teefy
Kathleen Durr                Robert & Alecia Labelle               Dawnya Textor
Eaton’s Drywall              Roberta Lang                          Edna Thompson
Donald & Bobbie Edgmon       Terrence & Christina Lauritzen        Kevin & Jennifer Van De Wege
Arlene Engel                 Jim & Dee Leskinovitch                James & Nanci Vanshur
Nikki Fairchild              Terry & Lisa Lind                     Sandra Villam
Mario Federico               Jean Lodeen                           Clif Vining
Gil & Laura Fisher           Robert & Janet Lovell                 Daryl & Kim Wakefield
Duffy & Casi Fors            Kristy Mabrey                         Dwight & Linda Waknitz
Bob Forshaw                  John & Teresa MacDonald               Phili Walker
Dan & Carol Forshaw          Lisa MacDonald                        Dan Walkowski
Bernie & Roxanne Fryer       Daniel Maguire                        Janice Wanner
Carol Geer                   Murray & Muriel Main                  Connie Warren
Bertha Gerber                Jeanne Martin                         Heather Wells
Ron & Andrea Gilles          Lisa McCoy                            Johnny & Lynne Westerholm
Sam Gossage                  Randall McCoy                         Dan & Sally Wilder
James & Rachael Graham       Nancy McHenry                         Susan Williams
Carmen Green                 Kristi Meek                           Kevin Wilson
Don & Anna Gregory           John & Marthe Milcher                 Teresa Wood
Kathleen Gresli              Kenneth & Sharyn Miller               Robert & Marcelle Yeroshek
Lynn Grosser                 Kristy Money                          Frances Yuhl
Tom Guobis                   Jon Murock                            George & Janet Zien
Thomas & Lorinda Hainstock   Todd Negus
Elaine Hankins               Richard & Pamela Newman
Jeri Hankins                 Becky Owens                           To donate to the Olympic Medical
Ken & Marge Hansen           Susie Pearce                          Center Foundation, or for more
Jo Ann Harke                 Shirley Peters                        information, call (360) 417-7144.
Roy & Judith Harniss         Juliet Pierce
Reenie Harrison              Michael Quinn
Damon & Julie Hatch          Graham Ralston
Jessica Hawkins              John & Gail Ralston
Claire Haycox                Jennifer Ramsey

                                                                                                                          PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                         U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                          Tucson, AZ
  939 Caroline Street                                                                                                   Permit No. 456
Port Angeles, WA 98362 


                           In 2009, these fine providers joined our medical staff.

                             Miriam Talley, CRNA     Loren Krause, CRNA        Cynthia Brooke, MD          Robert Watkins, MD
                              Nurse Anesthetist       Nurse Anesthetist     Obstetrician & Gynecologist    Orthopaedic Surgeon

                              Eric Swanson, MD       Jennifer Swanson, MD     Rena Zimmerman, MD          Christopher Williams, MD
                                  Hospitalist              Hospitalist         Radiation Oncologist         Medical Oncologist

                                                                                                               Not Pictured:
                                                                                                             Wade Austin, MD
                                                                                                            Gregory Harrah, MD
                                                                                                             Emergency Room

                           W. Maurice Roethel, MD    Hampton Sessions, MD      Michael Fishman, MD
                          Emergency Room Physician       Radiologist               Radiologist
  (888) DOC-6260                   Local expertise for all your health care needs.

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