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S T U D E N T AG E N D A 2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 2

             110 Potter Road South
               Monroe, NC 28110
             Phone :(704) 296-3081
              Fax :(704) 296-3080

               Wendy Gravely

              Daphne Helms
             Assistant Principal

                                              Wesley Chapel School
Dear Parents and Students,
        Welcome to Wesley Chapel Elementary School, a place for exciting and rewarding learning experiences!
The success of your experience here will be determined by the effort of all of us. We ask for your participation
and cooperation as we work together to maintain a quality education for each student. Let us make this year the
best ever for our children.
         The Wesley Chapel Parent Teacher Organization has provided this agenda/student handbook. Each child
will be responsible for his/her copy. The agenda has two purposes: (1) to teach responsibility, organization, and
study skills and (2) to maintain and encourage communication with the parents by allowing you to monitor the
child's responsibility and assignments on a daily basis. If a child loses the agenda, the student will be required
to pay a $5.00 replacement fee. We ask that parents check the agenda daily for assignments, notes, grades,
communication from the teacher, and initial in the appropriate spaces.
        The agenda plays a vital role in communicating between home and school. We encourage you to monitor
your child’s on-going academic progress and to take an active part in a very exciting time in your child’s life.
The Faculty and Staff of Wesley Chapel School.
 I.         MISSION/PHILOSOPHY OF WC                           IV.      BEHAVIORAL GUIDELINES\SAFE
            a.    Mission                                               SCHOOLS
            b.       Philosophy                                         a.       Acceptable behaviors
            c.   Colors/Mascot                                         b.        Unacceptable behaviors
 II.        ATTENDANCE                                                  c.       Cafeteria rules
            a.       School Schedule                                   d.        Responsibility for books/belongings
            b.       Tardy Policy/Early Dismissal                      e.        Bus Rules
            c.       Attendance Policy                         V.       PROCEDURES
            d.       Make-up Work                                       a.       Transportation
 III.       ACADEMICS                                                   b.       Cancellation/School Delay
            a.   Conferences                                            c.       Dress code
            b.       Testing                                            d.       Visitors
            c.       Volunteers                                         e.       Medication
            d.       Grading Standards                                  f.       Birthday Celebrations
            e.       Report Card Procedures                             g.       Use of Telephone
            f.       Honor Roll                                        h.        Emergency Information
            g.       Bug Club                                           i.       Lost & Found
            h.       Homework                                           j.       Returned Check Procedures
            i.       Physical Education                        VI.      PROGRAMS
                                                                     a.   Program Highlights
                                                                     b.   Parent Teacher Association
                                                               VII. MISCELLANEOUS
                                                                     a.   Annual Parent Notification/P 1-21
                               Striving for Excellence...and Beyond!!b.   Disclaimer

      The information found in this student handbook provides vital information about the school. Please review all of the
                                                 information with your child.
I.    Mission Statement/Philosophy of WCS
      a. Mission Statement
      The mission of Wesley Chapel is to provide all students with diverse learning experiences and ensure individual
      growth and personal success in an environment of mutual respect and safety, through collaborative efforts, measured
      by on-going assessments and observations with support and reinforcement by students, family, staff, and community.

      b. Philosophy
               We believe that each child has individual abilities with his own limitations, goals, and needs. We believe
      children can experience success and accomplishment if they have a wholesome feeling about themselves and if they
      are provided with a variety of experiences at school to help in meeting the demands of their own development:
      physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally.
               In view of our beliefs, our primary aims are to help each child develop respect for himself and for others; to
      provide a number of activities and experiences in both the cognitive and affective areas of the curriculum; to help
      students to become self-disciplined; and to help students work and think more independently.
      c. School Colors/ Mascot
               Our school mascot is the eagle, and our colors are blue and white.
II.   Attendance
      a. School Schedule
      Wesley Chapel School will comply with the following schedule:
      7:00              Buses arrive and unload
      7:00-7:20         Breakfast
      7:30              Tardy Bell
      2:00              Students Dismissed
      b. Tardy to School/Early Dismissals
                Prompt arrival at school is expected of all students. Parents must accompany students who arrive after
      7:30 to the office to sign them in. Tardy students will not be allowed to enter the classrooms without being signed in
      by a parent in the office. Tardy students who are dropped off will remain in the office until a parent returns to sign
      them in. Our instructional day ends at 2:00. Early dismissals are discouraged. A student will not be permitted to
      leave school early unless the parent comes to the office and signs the child out. If a student is to go home with
      someone other than he/she normally does, parents must send a transportation change form with the student. Parents
      must attain an early dismissal form from the office in order to pick up their child from the classroom. There will be
      no early dismissals after 1:45. Absentee reports need to be run for the bus drivers and the computer will be shut
      down at 1:45 in order to run the report.
                Union County Public Schools Policy: “Attendance in school for all classes the full time allotted for classes
      is essential for student success. However, at the 10th unexcused tardy or early leave, the student will be referred to
      the school attendance counselor for discussion with parents. At the 15th unexcused tardy or early leave, the student
      and his/her parents will be required to meet with the school principal to determine a plan that allows the student to be
      on time and in school all day. A student who has been tardy/early leave 20 times (unexcused) may be referred to
      Truancy Court.”
      c. Attendance Policies
               Students are expected to be in attendance each day school is in session. The Public School Laws of NC
      require compulsory attendance for all children between ages 7-16 years (GS 115C-378). Students in grades K-5 who
      are absent 20 days, (lawful, unlawful or OSS) can be retained. You do not need to call the office on the day of your
      child's absence. Following any absence, a student is required to present a written document from the parent
      (guardian) or physician stating the reason for the absence within 2 days after the student returns to school, otherwise,
      the absence will be recorded as unlawful. Letters will be sent following the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 10th, 15th, and 20th
      absences informing parents of the total number of days missed.
      d. Make-up Work
               Assignments missed may be made up if the absence is excused. This is the responsibility of the student.
      The work needs to be made up within 2 days of the absence. Parents may pick up assignments after school in the
      office. Please do not expect the teacher to provide this during the school day. Requests must be made by 9:00
      in order to be ready that afternoon.

III.   Academics
       a. Conferences       Parents may make appointments for conferences with teachers, counselors, or administration by
       telephoning the school office. After conferences, parents should talk with their child about results and make follow-
       up contact with the teacher.
       b. Testing       Our school follows the state-testing program. The North Carolina End of Grade Tests will be
       administered in May to students in grades 3 through 5. Students in Grade 4 will also take the annual NC Writing
       c. Volunteers Our school considers its volunteers to be a very special resource. The volunteer program is crucial
       to enhance our total school program. If you have time or skills that you can share in making our school a better
       place for students to learn, please fill out a volunteer application. Background checks will be on-going for
       volunteers. However, if there has been a lapse of six months since your last volunteer experience, you will need to
       reapply for volunteer status.
       d. Grading Standards
            Grades 1 & 2:
            Students are rated on a 1-3 scale as follows:
            3- Consistently meets grade level expectations
            2- Work is nearing grade level, but still below expectations
            1- Work is consistently below grade level
            Grades 3 - 5:                                    Grades on Effort
            A- 93-100             Excellent                            S-Satisfactory
            B- 85-92              Good                                 N-Needs Improvement
            C- 77-84              Average                             U-Unsatisfactory
            D- 70-76              Below Average
            F- 0-69               Failing
       e. Report Card Procedures
                Report cards are issued every six weeks. The first report card requires a parent conference by October 12,
       2011. Report cards will be sent home on the following dates during the 2011-2012 school year: November 30, 2011;
       January 25, 2012; March 14, 2012; May 2, 2012; June 8, 2012. When the report card goes home, parents should keep
       the report card that comes home, sign the report card envelope, and return the envelope the following day.
       f. Criteria for Honor Roll
           A HONOR ROLL
           1. Students must have all “A’s” in the core subjects: reading, mathematics, science/health, and social studies.
           2. Students must have an “S” in additional areas including academic sub-areas, citizenship/work study habits,
           and special area classes.
           3. The written composition grade should not be less than a “2”.
           A-B HONOR ROLL
           1. Students must have “A’s” and/or “B’s” in reading, math, science/health, and social studies.
           2. Same criteria as “A” HONOR ROLL
           3. Same criteria as “A” HONOR ROLL
       g. BUG Club
                Any student in grades 3-5 not reaching honor roll status, who brings up at least one grade without dropping a
       grade in any other subject, will be recognized for his/her improvements. The objective of the BUG Club is to
       improve the report card, making strides toward the Honor Roll.
       h. Homework The educational philosophy of UCPS emphasizes teaching of the fundamentals of reading, writing,
       communication, mathematics, and their application in all subject areas. Homework, the extension of class work, is a
       vital part of the learning process. Students must assume responsibility for their class work and homework just as they
       will assume job responsibility in the future.
       i. Physical Education         PE is required by the state for all students unless the student has an excuse from a
       physician due to a physical disability. If a child must be excused for a temporary illness, a note may be sent with the
       child. Children are to wear tennis shoes during PE. Street shoes are not allowed in the gym.

IV.     Behavioral Guidelines
        Wesley Chapel School has very high academic, social, and behavioral expectations. Students are expected to act in
        an appropriate manner. Each student is responsible for his/her actions. At the beginning of the school year, teachers
        will present a school pledge that will outline expectations in positive and general terms. All students are responsible
        for adhering to the school pledge. The teachers and administrators deal with any misbehavior in a fair and consistent
        manner. This is necessary to maintain an orderly educational environment where all of our students can feel safe.
        The following list of behaviors by no means covers all behaviors that occur at school. The administrators of Wesley
        Chapel School follow Union County Board Policy when providing discipline for any behavior. Any of the
        unacceptable behaviors listed in section B could lead to suspension from school. Please review these guidelines with
        your child. We strongly believe children should take responsibility for their actions.
        Wesley Chapel has a specific and detailed Safe Schools Plan which includes an emergency evacuation plan,
        procedures for emergency situations, and a CODE BLUE team for medical emergencies. Procedures for various
        emergencies are practiced, such as fire/tornado drills, evacuation for bomb threats, and lock down drills for intruders
        or other circumstances.
                                                     Student Expectations
        Students at Wesley Chapel School are treated in a fair, responsible manner. They are expected to do the following
        while at school:
a. Acceptable Behaviors
        Students should:
             a. be prepared for class daily                         g.   avoid eating/drinking on the bus
             b. follow behavior guidelines                          h.   avoid wearing hats, short shorts,
             c. keep hands, feet, and objects to                         flip-flops, and halter-type tops.
                  themselves                                        i.   not bring radios, CD players,
             d. avoid running in the building                            telephones, pagers, etc.
             e. avoid eating candy/ chewing gum                     j.   not bring toys to school of any kind
             f. avoid throwing objects (rocks, paper,
                  pencils, etc.)
b. Unacceptable Behaviors--Not to be Tolerated
       BULLYING– Bullying means the repeated intimidation of others by the real or threatened infliction of physical,
       verbal, written, electronically transmitted or emotional abuse or through attacks on the person/property of another.
        WEAPONS- No student shall come on the school premises with a firearm, explosive weapon or device, knife, or
        any other dangerous or illegal instrument. This includes ammunition. The Zero Tolerance of weapons will lead to
        an automatic suspension from school.
        FIGHTING- Fights take on a variety of forms (wrestling, horseplay, physical attacks, rough play, etc.) These
        behaviors will be viewed as serious. Threatening, harassing, and intimidating other children are behaviors that will
        not be tolerated. Fighting will lead to an automatic suspension from school.
        PROPERTY DAMAGE- Students are not to deface, mark, or otherwise damage or destroy any type of school
        property. The student and parents will be held financially responsible for any damage to school property. Students
        are also expected to respect the property of other students and adults.
        DISRESPECT- Students are to show respect towards school personnel. Arguing, back-talk, and rudeness will not be
        DISRUPTION OF THE EDUCATIONAL PROCESS- Students who consistently disrupt class to the point that
        instruction cannot take place will be removed from the classroom. The act of deliberate and willful conduct
        detrimental to the normal function of the class or school will not be accepted.
        PROFANITY- Students are to avoid using any insulting, abusive, profane, obscene words, signs, or gestures or
        other acts towards any school employee, student, or adult on school property or at school functions. ALL OF THE
c. Cafeteria Rules
                 1.     The first ten minutes of lunch will be           5.   Stand quietly in the line.
                        used for eating, not talking.                    6.   No soft drinks for lunch, please.
                   2.   Eat only the food on your tray.                  7.   Children are responsible for their utensils.
                   3.   Talk only to those people sitting next to        8.   Students are responsible for cleaning up their own
                        you and in front of you.                              area of the cafeteria.
                   4.   Take a seat as you come to it.                   9.   No food from outside establishments allowed.

d. Responsibility for Books/Belongings
                 Please note that students will not be permitted to return to the classroom after dismissal to retrieve items that
        were forgotten. Please do not return to school to ask to be let into a classroom to get items that were forgotten by
        students. Admission into classrooms after school hours will not be permitted.
                  Textbooks are issued to students. These textbooks are the property of the Union County Board of Education.
        The books should be used with care and returned in good condition. Students will be responsible for books which are
        lost, stolen, or damaged beyond use. Library books which are lost or damaged must also be paid for by the student.
        The librarian will send a statement for lost books.
e. Bus Rules and Guidelines
                 1. Children should enter the bus in line with             10. Children should keep their hands, feet, and
                     younger students in front.                                objects to themselves.
                 2. Children should go directly to their seats.            11. If children leave items on the bus, they should
                 3. Children should talk quietly while on the                  not return to the bus to get it. They can tell
                     bus.                                                      someone in the office and allow an adult to
                 4. Children should be courteous to the driver                 retrieve the forgotten materials.
                     and follow the driver’s instructions.                 12. Children should respect the “Danger Zone”
                 5. Children should remain seated during the                   which surrounds all sides of the bus. The
                     entire bus ride, facing forward.                          “Danger Zone” is ten feet wide on all sides of
                 6. Children should keep the aisles clear.                     the bus. By staying out of this area, they can
                     Keep large items from blocking the aisles.                remain where the driver can see them.
                 7. Children should keep all items in book                 13. Children should cross the street in front of the
                     bags without taking anything out during                   bus and never behind the bus. Again, this is
                     the bus ride.                                             so the driver will see them.
                 8. Children should not throw things on the                14. Children should only get off at their
                     bus or out the windows.                                   designated stops. Children should give their
                 9. Children should never play with                            teachers notes if procedures for dismissal or a
                     emergency exits.                                          change of bus stop is necessary.
                                                                           15. Children should always go straight home.
        Bus drivers, transportation specialist, and administrators may move students assigned seats as deemed necessary.
        Students that break rules or do not obey the driver will be given consequences at school, which may include being
        suspended from the bus or from school, for repeated or severe offenses. Other consequences may incur at the
        discretion of the administrator.
V.      Procedures
        a. Transportation
                 The driver is in charge of discipline of all students while they are on the bus. Misconduct will not be
        tolerated. Rules and regulations will be strictly observed. Please review bus behavior and safety guidelines with
        your child. Parents are to notify teachers of any transportation changes. Please fill out the golden Transportation
        Change form, provided by the school, to inform us of changes. Without proper documentation, we will not allow
        transportation changes. We need written documentation that a change will occur. Do Not Call The School With
        Transportation Changes. We will follow the child's normal routine without written notice of change.
        Parents are asked to drop students off and pick them up following the one-way designated pattern in the parking lot.
        Please stay in line and move forward to drop-off and pick-up. DO NOT PARK AND LEAVE YOUR CAR IN THE
        TRAVEL LANES. Students are to enter and exit the vehicle from the passenger side of the vehicle at the curb.
        Children are not allowed to cross the parking lot without an adult. Wesley Chapel is not responsible for children
        dropped off and picked up in areas other than designated drop off areas.
        b. Cancellation/School Delay Whenever decisions are made to modify the entire school system’s schedule, notice
        is given to all major radio and television stations. A Connect-Ed message will also be sent to every student’s home.
        Please make sure your phone number is up-to-date at all times. An important “Action Plan for Early Dismissal”
        form is to be completed and returned to the school office at the beginning of the school year. This plan will serve as
        official parental direction for release of students in the event school is dismissed early.
        c. Dress Code
                Clothing is to be non-disruptive and appropriate for the learning environment.
                Extremely short shorts, skirts, and dresses are not allowed.
                Hats and caps are not permitted inside the classroom/ buildings. They may be worn outside only.
        Students may not go barefoot: flip-flops, slides, and shoes with cleats or rollers are not allowed. Children
         should not wear shoes without ankle straps. This is very important as we have physical education daily.
        Articles of clothing including spaghetti strap shirts, muscle t-shirts and t-shirts with inappropriate messages
         are examples of improper dress.
        No bandanas are to be worn covering the head.
        Each Friday is designated as School Spirit Day. School ware is encouraged.
     Parents will be notified if necessary concerning inappropriate dress.
d. Visitors
         ALL visitors are to check in at the office, sign the visitor’s log, receive a visitor’s sticker or obtain a
volunteer nametag, and let the office know who is being visited. Parents planning to have lunch with their
children must the class at the cafeteria. This includes all parents, grandparents, relatives, and volunteers.
e. Medications
The following requirements must be met regarding medication at school.
Prescription medication
1. Medication must be brought to school by the parent, not the child.
2. It must be clearly marked as to the name and type of medication.
3. It must be in its original container. (Ask the pharmacist for an extra bottle in order to divide the medicine between
school and home.)
4. Tablets that need to be halved or quartered should be done so by the parent before sending the medicine to school.
5. The medication must carry a prescription label with the child’s name, drug identity, dosage, doctor’s name, and
current prescription date.
6. No more than 10 days of a medication can be administered without a doctor’s signature.
7. Medication will be kept in a locked cabinet at all times.
8. Medication will be given by school personnel only with written permission from the doctor and/or parents.
Over the Counter medication
1. It should be in the original container or box- not a plastic baggie.
2. It should include a note from the doctor stating: name of medicine, amount to be taken by the child, time to be
given, and parent’s signature.
3. It should include an accurate measurement instrument.
** Medication not recommended for age of child will not be given without parent and physician signature.
f. Birthday Celebrations        Each student’s birthday is very important! We will celebrate at school with a special
pencil from the school. We discourage parents from bringing treats for birthdays. Also, neither the office nor the
teachers will furnish any listings of addresses or telephone numbers for birthday parties or other social events.
Addresses and telephone numbers are part of the student’s file in school and are not intended for any other use apart
from school. As a part of our policy, we request that any invitations to be distributed at school be sent to the entire
class, not just a select few. Otherwise, the teacher will send the invitations to the select few back to you. We do this
to respect the feelings of those children who might not receive invitations. Please do not send balloons or flowers to
g. Student Use of Telephone      Students will not be called to the office to receive a telephone call. The secretary
will take the message and relay it to the student. Parents will be telephoned in the event of sickness, injury, or
emergency. Students are responsible for bringing needed materials to school. We strongly discourage student use of
the telephone.
h. Emergency Information            In case of an emergency, each student is required to have a file in the school office
that lists people to notify in the event of an emergency. Please assist the school in keeping this source updated.
i. Lost and Found         Items that are found are to be turned into the lost and found, located in the hallway near the
music room. Please label coats, gloves, sweaters, lunch boxes, etc., for proper identification. Periodically, unclaimed
articles of clothing will be donated to local charities.
j. Returned Check Procedures The Union County Board of Education requires that you make sure the following
information is written on all checks: Full Name, Street Address, Home Phone Number, Second Phone Number (If
available). If your check is returned by your bank, it will automatically be forwarded by the Union County Board of
Education’s bank directly to TigerTranz after the first presentation. TigerTranz will contact you in order to collect
the face amount of the worthless check plus the state allowed collection fee. The amount of the collection fee is
       currently $25.00 in our state; however this fee is subject to change as allowed by law. If you do not properly respond
       to TigerTranz or TigerTranz is unable to contact you, your check may be re-presented to the bank electronically
       along with applicable collection fees.
VI.    Programs
       a. Program Highlights
                1. Ball Handling Club                2.WASEP                              3. Field Day
                4. Knowledge Bowl                    5. Spelling Bee                      6. Chorus
                7. Young Author’s Day                8. Art Enrichment

       b. PTO We are fortunate to have a very active Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) that supports our instructional
       program. The parents support the school through volunteering, raising money for the school, and sponsoring a
       variety of programs that enhance the total school program. The PTO will be highly involved in improving our
       school. All parents are urged to become members and to actively participate. Meetings for the entire year will be
       announced at the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year. Each year the PTO sponsors fund raising activities to
       support the school program, with the help of all parents, these projects can be very successful.

VII.   Miscellaneous
       a. Annual Parent Notification Process
                  Parent(s)/guardian(s) play a critical role in the health and education of their children. Parent(s)/guardian(s)
       may withhold consent for the items listed in the notification below. A separate form will be sent for
       parent(s)/guardian(s) to select a sex education curriculum for their child. The consent form for parent(s)/guardian(s)
       to use concerning information about this is also available. All of the other items listed below must be addressed in a
       letter to the school principal if consent is to be withheld. A letter is not necessary if the parent(s)/guardian(s) choose
       to not withhold consent for the items below.
           As part of the annual notification process, parents are notified that consent may be withheld for the following:
          The release of student directory information about his/her child to outside organizations.
          A student’s participation in curriculum related to (1) prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, including
           AIDS, (2) the avoidance of out-of-wedlock pregnancy, (3) abstinence until marriage, or (4) abstinence-based sex
          A student’s use of guidance programs for individual counseling, small group counseling related to addressing
           specific problems, or referral to community resources on issues of a private nature, as well as information on
           where to obtain contraceptives. Neither parental notification nor parental permission is required for large
           group counseling where child abuse or neglect is suspected.
            A parent/legal guardian wishing to withhold consent must do so in writing after receiving notice. Otherwise,
       consent to the programs or an activity is presumed. After the initial notification, the school is not required to provide
       further notice to the parent as to the manner in which student directory information is used, the curriculum is
       provided, or the guidance programs are made available. Written parental permission is required prior to the
       following activities:
        Medicines administered to students by employees of the school district.
        Any release of student records that are not considered directory information unless the release is allowed or
            required by law.
        Providing treatment through the school district health services.
        Field trips off campus.
        b. UCPS non-discrimination policy (Policy 1-21).
             In compliance with federal law, Union County Public School System administers all educational
       programs, employment activities, and admissions without discrimination because of race, religion, national or
       ethnic origin, color, age, military service, disability, or gender, except where exemption is appropriate and
       allowed by law.
       Disclaimer: By no means is this manual all-inclusive. The school retains the right to alter or vary application of
       these rules. This handbook is intended to help parents, students, and school personnel work together. Many guiding
       statements are included in this document, but by no means does it cover every situation. As new policies or
       regulations are developed by the School Board, the State, or Federal Statutes, additions and/or deletions will be made
       to this manual. Every effort will be made by school employees to help students understand what is expected of them.
       Please refer to the UCPS Student Handbook for a more comprehensive listing of rules/policies.
       Mrs. Wendy Gravely, Principal of Wesley Chapel Elementary School


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