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					January 2011
On the Cover
d7 at 800, Jalan Sentul.

                                                            The building embraces an open engaging courtyard with landscaped
                                                            greenery that continues from the street facade. The courtyard expresses
                                                            itself in more ways than one – its spacious open area is broken down
                                                            in a subtle interplay of light, materials, textures and levels to create an
                                                            urban oasis in the outdoors. Plants, creepers, calming water features,
                                                            pathways, timber decks and seats conspire with transparent lifts and
                                                            lift lobbies to blur the distinction between workplace and leisure space.
                                                            Transparent sky bridges hovering in mid air traverse the air space
                                                            above, linking the east and west wings and allowing glimpses of the
                                                            courtyard below.

Published by                              Sales Office: Sentul               YTL Homes Sales Centre
YTL Land & Development Berhad             Lot 268, Jalan Strachan          T5, Relish Floor, Starhill Gallery
(Co. No. 1116-M)                          Off Jalan Ipoh                    181, Jalan Bukit Bintang
10th Floor, Yeoh Tiong Lay Plaza          51100 Kuala Lumpur               55100 Kuala Lumpur
55, Jalan Bukit Bintang                   Malaysia                         Malaysia
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia                                  T +603 4041 0822                 T +603 2141 1868
                                            +603 2143 3000                   +603 2141 6828
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Flavours of the East _ (L to R) The Saffron, The Tamarind and d7

In the process of rejuvenating Sentul East, the completion of d7
is another noteworthy point of progress in reshaping its
commercial district into a fashionable address.

It was just about three years ago when purchasers were            Another key a raction lies in its two train stations which
scrambling for a slice of Sentul East’s first commercial           will gain further significance once looped with the much-
real estate pie – d7. Today, they will be the first to             awaited 30-km extension to the existing Light Rail
participate in this stylish cosmopolitan environment              Transit (LRT) lines, and in the bigger picture, the Greater
of the East. The building offers companies a unique                KL MRT (the proposed three-line, 150-km mass rapid
working environment where glass and steel structures              transit system).
next to trees and greens help redefine working lifestyles.
Cu ing-edge boutique offices of uncompromising                      As the first architecturally iconic office building in Sentul
quality deliver a unique workplace environment.                   East, d7 represents an excellent investment opportunity.
The introduction of an open courtyard makes for a                 Compare a recent transaction at RM688.00 per square
surprise retreat in the outdoors.                                 foot with its launch price starting from RM380.00 per
                                                                  square foot.
Sentul East, conceptualized as the more vibrant precinct
of the award-winning Sentul Master Plan, represents a             We look forward to the exciting opportunities that this
growing market for local and foreign interest driven by           new commercial hub will present to our Sentul
the changing lifestyle and strong appeal of city living.          community.
This is where scores of young professionals call home
and where young families start to grow; the main reasons          Karen Tan
which were, and still being its location, competitively-          Manager, Customer Relations
priced contemporary residences and downtown

                                                                                                         YTL Landmarks Jan 2011 3
SENTUL East & West
The future of business architecture in
KL city’s newest commercial address

Si ing on a prominent street corner with its signage
standing proud amidst expressive greens - d7, the first
commercial building completed in Sentul East is part
of a master plan conceived to rejuvenate the rhythm,
colours and character of Sentul.

Historically, Jalan Sentul has been lined
with thriving businesses housed in old
shophouses that gave the street its
characteristic appearance. Very li le has
changed over the years. But this is all
starting to change as tracts of undeveloped
land in the area are being developed for
commercial use.

At the end of the street where Jalan Sentul
meets Sentul Link, d7, newly completed,
offers some interesting diversions away
from the old buildings. RT+Q Architects
from Singapore designed this U-shaped
seven-storey over basement structure in an
inspiration from the historical context of
the site and its surroundings.

Rising gently from street level to an elevated
platform, the building is positioned to take
in the full views of street activities. The
building front features an interesting
landscape buffer which serves to soften the
building’s bold character, thus se ing the
tone for a refreshing environment to work
and play.

            Right Along the traditional main street
            where friendly sidewalks did not exist
            anywhere prior to this, a wide sidewalk
            now intermingles with trees and lawns
            to encourage people to walk, and to enjoy
            their walk.

Facing page A new genre of offices designed with the
next generation in mind.

                                                         YTL Landmarks July 2010 5
6 YTL Landmarks Jan 2011
d7. Designed to be ahead of its time.
Building form
The building is a plastic, continuous, malleable and meandering
architectural form. This reflects RT+Q’s idea that architecture is
in essence a sculptural 3-dimensional urban construct.

Spatial idea
The concept is to design a low-rise office building around a
courtyard in order for it to have an unusual communal, social and
residential character. The courtyard comprises gardens and
communal spaces. It also provides for an abundance of natural
light, shade and ventilation amidst the tropical weather of

Facade character
The facade is intentionally bold, flat, simple, and severe. The idea
was to create a different, strong and unified facade for d7 amidst
the mess of the existing urban squalor in Sentul. Its metallic and
grey characteristics were intended as a contrast to the prevailing

Fenestration concept
The L-shaped windows reflect the inter-locking spatial character
of the office suites. As office buildings are normally uniform and
homogeneous in form and character, the uneven shapes of the
windows at d7 were also intended to differentiate the interior
environment of each and every office. This provides for an
individual identity for each office.

Social agenda
The central courtyard, the ‘forum’, is the most important space
at d7. It was designed for social and commercial integration.
Outdoor seating, landscaping, patios, transparent lifts and sky
bridges were created for ‘residents’ to experience and enjoy this
unique urban experience.

Key Data

Project The first commercial building in Sentul East l Address 800, Jalan Sentul, 51000 Kuala Lumpur
Site area 1.38 acres l Land tenure Freehold l Components Boutique offices (112 units) Retail lots
(20 units) Basement car park (2 levels) l Designer RT+Q Architects Pte Ltd, Singapore
Landscape architect Seksan Design Sdn Bhd

                                                                                        YTL Landmarks July 2010 7
                           Construction progress highlights:
                           December 2010
                           Construction works are steadily moving ahead, with the RC
                           superstructure completed. Architectural works and installation
                           of mechanical systems are well underway.

                           Retail leasing at d6 & d7. Be part of an exciting
                           business profile.

                           For more information on retail leasing, please contact our leasing
                           team at tel no.: +603 2143 3000 or fax no.: +603 4041 7655 or
 Site Plan

8 YTL Landmarks Jan 2011
The new heights in Sentul East is a deliberate
contrast to KL city’s skyline

    The Capers. YTL’s newest architectural icon in           Residences that are equally as inviting feature
    Sentul East comprising two high-rise towers flanked       generous interior volumes. With only six units per
    by two low-rise blocks.                                  floor, privacy is assured in the high-rise towers.
                                                             Primary views are accorded to the master bedrooms.
    Where both towers and low-rise blocks meet the           It is waking up to the glorious views of the city, and
    ground at the podium, the tranquility and comfort        soaking up another city view from the privacy of
    of the waters create an oasis within the urban confines   the bathrooms.
    of Sentul. Lush landscaping extends the park lifestyle
    from the (Sentul) West.
                                                                             The considerable asymmetry between the
                                                                             36-storey towers rising in a quivering shape
                                                                             and the straight clean cut of the 5-storey
                                                                             low-rise blocks is by itself a unique vista.
                  The low-rise blocks offer a limited choice of maisonne es (duplex units). From the
                  low-rise blocks, residents enjoy direct access to the podium, where individual
                  components come together to bring a unique balance to the lifestyle in this urban
                  se ing. Open spaces have been dedicated to achieve a sense of openness, create views
                  and promote community interaction.

                  In a city awash with more skyscrapers rising to stake claims to economic prowess,
                  creativity and innovation, it is a refreshing change to find one that takes a different
                  view on things. Like the spice capers (Capparis spinosa) which refers to the incredible,
                  tiny and hard-to-develop Mediterranean buds that are unequalled in flavour when
                  used expertly, a new vitality is achieved when all pertinent aspects of architecture
                  and building design are blended harmoniously.

                  Happy investing!

                  Key Data

                  Project The 3rd residential building in Sentul East l Location Adjacent to d6, off Sentul Link
                  Site area 4.3 acres l Land tenure Freehold l Components High-rise towers (169 units per tower)
                  Low-rise blocks (64 units per block) Car park (2 levels) Designer RT+Q Architects Pte Ltd, Singapore
                  Landscape architect Seksan Design Sdn Bhd

10 YTL Landmarks Jan 2011                                                          All renderings are artist’s impression only.
RT+Q Architects Pte Ltd
32A Mosque Street
Singapore 059510

                                                                            Rene Tan

       Penang-born and Singapore-based architect Rene Tan has very much been a part of the growth
       of Sentul’s master plan. It all started with Sentul East’s first commercial development, d7, and
       just across the street, d6, which is in the midst of completion. The Capers was next, given his
       continuing focus on the regeneration of the East.

       From the onset, Rene had always known that architecture would be his passion. He pursued
       his dreams by first obtaining his degrees in the USA – Bachelor of Arts at Yale University and
       Master of Architecture in Princeton University. From there, Rene has been keeping busy not
       only with growing his credentials but also dedicating his time to nurturing future architects
       through teaching assignments at Berkeley University, National University of Singapore and
       most recently at University of Hong Kong.

       Today, Rene is one of the directors and founders of RT+Q Architects Pte Ltd, a well-known
       Singapore firm that has contributed much to Singapore’s skyline as well as Malaysia’s.
       Rene has also been recognised by his peers, winning awards in the Singapore Institute of
       Architects Design Awards and the URA President’s Design Award 2009. His latest credentials
       include being voted as one of the top 20 under-45 architects in Singapore.

                                                                                   YTL Landmarks Jan 2011 11

With the boundaries between work and play blurring, home offices at Centrio will increasingly
be where the younger generation will spend some of their most valuable and productive hours.

Market response has been excellent after its completion and handing over of vacant possession
to property owners in July 2010. In the secondary market, recently transacted units averaged
at approximately RM600.00 per square foot, translating into a 100% appreciation over its initial
launch price of between RM280.00 to RM350.00 per square foot.
  Pavilion Terraces                                                  Top Row 39 (Lot 1397 to 1404)
  Unconventional Homes for Unconventional Living                     Painting, glazing and marble works have been
                                                                     completed. Timber flooring works are in progress.

                                                                     Bo om Row 37 (Lot 1383 to 1389)
                                                                     Brickworks are in progress.
  Construction progress highlights:
  December 2010
  Overall, structure works have been completed. Construction
  works continue on roof works and interior finishes, including
  wall plastering, marble works and tile installation. Mechanical,
  electrical and plumbing systems are also being installed.

14 YTL Landmarks Jan 2011
MANAGEMENT Lake Fields & Midfields

Previewed in August 2010. A 100% sell-out way ahead of launch,
se ing a new benchmark for Lake Fields, Sungei Besi.

All renderings are artist’s impression only.
   The Grove                Following the resounding success of Dale during its preview in August 2010,
                            Lake Fields will be launching The Grove _ its collection of triple-storey
                            semi-detached residences within an exclusive gated and guarded

                            Distinctively designed, each residence comes with its individual lap pool,
                            a rooftop garden and features a generous built-up area starting from 4,000
                            square feet.

                                         Besides vast green spaces for outdoor activities, this leafy
                                         neighbourhood features meandering streets fringed by lush
                                         landscaping, pocket parks and is planted with groves of
                                         rainforest trees – truly living up to its name.

                                         To register your interest, please visit

                                                                 Facing page Residences bordering the lake are
                                                                 naturally cooled by fresh breeze skimming over
                                                                 the waters.

16 YTL Landmarks Jan 2011
All renderings are artist’s impression only.   YTL Landmarks Jan 2011 17
                                                     Construction progress highlights:
                                                     December 2010

                            Top Phase 1 (T1): Construction works have been completed. Inspection by the approving authorities is ongoing.
                            Bo om left Phase 2 (T2): Construction works have achieved 90% completion.
                            Bo om right Phase 3 (T3): Foundation works are in progress.

18 YTL Landmarks Jan 2011
                                                     The centre of attraction
                                                             condo • retail • office

                          Block A

Block B                                                                   Car park block

          Construction progress highlights:
          December 2010
          Block A: Construction works have achieved 90% completion.
          Architectural works continue on the interior with painting
          and tile installation.

          Block B: Structure works are progressing at Level 6.

          Block C: Structure works are progressing at Level 1.

                                                                 YTL Landmarks Jan 2011 19
                      Bandar Tasik Selatan
                      Southern Integrated Transportation Terminal
                      New transportation hub incorporates connectivity and streamlines mass transit.

                      The Southern Integrated Transportation Terminal located at Bandar Tasik Selatan is an exciting
                      new transportation hub poised to take public transportation to a new level. This new facility
                      further enhances connectivity for the Lake Fields community, it being just one station away from
                      the Sungai Besi LRT Station. Its two access points are from the Sungai Besi Highway (Besraya)
                      and Middle Ring Road II.

                      The RM570 million transportion hub is located on a 19.8-hectare site adjacent to the Tasik Selatan
                      LRT station and the Tasik Selatan KTM Komuter station. It has a capacity of handling about
                      40,000 passengers a day, with a comfort level similar to an airport terminal. There is 2.8 sq m
                      per person in the terminal compared to 2.3 sq m per person in an airport.

                      The terminal combines bus and taxi services with three operating integrated rail transportation
                      systems all under one roof – the Light Rail Transit (LRT), KTM Komuter and Express Rail Link
                      (ERL). It will manage all express buses serving the southern sector of Peninsular Malaysia.

                      The terminal is equipped with ICT facilities and disabled-friendly. Key features include 16 bus
                      platforms for city routes, 100 bus parking bays and 1,000 car parking bays for the public.

20 YTL Landmarks Jan 2011
LEISURE The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)

klpac Open Day 2011: ARTS FOR ALL
P klpac l D 23 Jan l T 10.00am – 5.00pm l V All around klpac (indoor & outdoor) l Free admission
  klpac bids a quick goodbye to 2010 and ushers in the              Annual staples such as the Paul Loosley Shakespeare on
  New Year with more exciting arts goodies headed your              Film series return in February followed by the Resident
  way including the much-anticipated return of the klpac            Directors’ Season in March and the Theatre for Young
  Open Day.                                                         People Season in May. Rounding up the first half of the
                                                                    year is a fun musical Malaysian Girls paying tribute to
  Yes, that is right! The city’s only day-long arts festival will   the women of Malaysia directed by Joe Hasham.
  be returning on 23 January 2011 with a whole host
  of arts-related activities such as performances,                  Performances aside, The Actors Studio Academy @ klpac
  demonstrations, workshops, guided tours and film                   will be rolling out its 2011 programme in February with
  screenings. It is a great chance for anyone and everyone          its Pre-School Playhouse Programme as well as Speech
  at all to check out their local arts centre and experience        & Drama Programme. Following that it will be moving
  all that it can offer. Nowhere else will have this                 on to its Combined Arts Programme, as well as Specialist
  opportunity to see such an array of arts activities in            Courses in the later part of the year.
  one day.
                                                                    For more information, please visit or
                                                                    call +603 4047 9000.

                                                                    2011 PROGRAMME

                                                                    AkashA Album Launch Concert
                                                                    P Akasha l D 8 Jan l T 8.30pm l V Pentas 1, klpac l Tickets RM57

                                                                    18th Floor
                                                                    P New Era College l D 14 _ 15 Jan @ 8.30pm, 15 _ 16 Jan @ 3.00pm
                                                                    V Pentas 2, klpac

                                                                    Model Citizens
                                                                    P klpac & The Necessary Stage (Singapore)
                                                                    D 19 Jan @ 8.30pm (preview); 20 _ 22 Jan @ 8.30pm; 22 Jan @ 3.00pm
                                                                    V Pentas 2, klpac l Tickets RM33, RM23 (students & the disabled)
                                                                    Promotion RM15 for preview & Sat matinee

                                                                    klpac Open Day 2011: ARTS FOR ALL
                                                                    P klpac l D 23 Jan l T 10.00am – 5.00pm l V All around klpac
                                                                    (indoor & outdoor) l Free admission

                                                                    Thicker Than Water
                                                                    P TerryandTheCuz l D Feb l V Pentas 2, klpac

                                                                    Shingo Tokihiro Costume Exhibition
                                                                    P klpac & JFKL l D 19 Feb – 13 Mar l V Pentas 2 Foyer, klpac

                                                                    P klpac l D 7 Feb l T 8.30pm l V Indicine, klpac
                                                                    Free admission

                                                                    Paul Loosley’s Shakespeare on Film Season 5
                                                                    P klpac l D 13 & 20 Feb l T 3.00pm l V Indicine, klpac
                                                                    Free admission

22 YTL Landmarks Jan 2011
MARCH (Continued)                                                           MAY
Burmese Refugee Children & Youth                                            Untitled
P Taylor’s College l D Mar l V Pentas 2 Foyer, klpac                        P Catwoman Productions l D May l V Pentas 2, klpac

Hands Gamelan Concert                                                       Untitled
P Hands Percussion Team l D Mar l V Pentas 1, klpac                         P Pan Productions l D May l V Pentas 2, klpac

Paul Loosley’s Shakespeare on Film Season 5                                 A History of Falling Things
P klpac l D 6 & 13 Mar l T 3.00pm l V Indicine, klpac                       P klpac l D May l V Pentas 2, klpac
Free admission                                                              Directed by Christopher Ling
                                                                            Featuring The T4YP Ensemble

                                                                            Night Mother
P klpac l D 7 Mar l T 8.30pm l V Indicine, klpac                            P klpac l D May l V Pentas 2, klpac
Free admission                                                              Wri en by Marsha Norman

The Last Five Years                                                         Paul Loosley’s Shakespeare on Film Season 5
P klpac l D 11 – 20 Mar l V Pentas 2, klpac                                 P klpac l D 1, 8, 22 & 29 May l T 3.00pm l V Indicine, klpac
Wri en by Jason Robert Brown l Directed by Christopher Ling                 Free admission

I’m Not My Pimples
P klpac l D 24 – 27 Mar l V Pentas 2, klpac
Wri en & Directed by Mark Beau de Silva                                     P klpac l D 2 May l T 8.30pm l V Indicine, klpac
                                                                            Free admission

                                                                            Food, Sex & Death
APRIL                                                                       P klpac l D 13 _ 15 May l V Indicine, klpac
                                                                            Wri en by Desmond Sim & Nandang Abdul Rahman
Nightlife Creature                                                          Directed by Christopher Ling
P klpac l D Apr l V Pentas 2, klpac                                         Featuring The T4YP Ensemble
Directed by Kimmy Kiew
                                                                            The Moon Speaks from My Heart
                                                                            P Dama Orchestra l D 14 – 27 May l V Pentas 1, klpac
                                                                            Tickets RM60 – RM255
episode 3
P klpac l D Apr l V Indicine, klpac
Directed by Kelvin Wong
Oddisi Stirred
P Sutra Dance Theatre l D Apr l V Pentas 1, klpac                           Malaysian Girls
                                                                            P klpac l D Jun l V Pentas 1, klpac
Love Journey 2                                                              Directed by Joe Hasham OAM
P klpac l D Apr l V Pentas 2, klpac
Featuring Joanna Bessey & Michael Veerapen Trio                             Elvira Arul in Concert
                                                                            P Elvira Arul l D Jun l V Pentas 2, klpac
Masterpiece in Motion
P Singapore Dance Theatre l D Apr l V Pentas 1, klpac

Macbeth                                                                     P klpac l D 6 Jun l T 8.30pm l V Indicine, klpac
P TNT Theatre l D Apr l V Pentas 1, klpac                                   Free admission

P klpac l D 4 Apr l T 8.30pm l V Indicine, klpac
Free admission

Information on programme is subject to change without prior notice _ does not include private/by-invitation events.
YTL Land & Development Berhad (Co. No. 1116-M)
T +603 2117 0088 l F +603 2143 3192 l E l

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