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									                                                                 State of Washington
                                                          Current Contract Information
                                                                    Effective Date: July 22, 2008

Contract number:                                          02007 (replaces 03801)                         Commodity codes:                  5510, 5511, 5530, 5610, 5620,
                                                                                                                                           5635, 5640, 5650, 5670, 5675,
                                                                                                                                           5680, 5696, 5697, 5699
Contract title:                                           Building Materials, Statewide
Purpose:                                                  CONTRACT TERMINATION
Award Notice:                                             November 19, 2007
Period of Performance:                                    December 1, 2007                     through:                November 30, 2009
Contract term:                                            Not to exceed (6) years or 10/31/2013
Scope of Contract:                                        This contract is for the as needed purchase of building materials.
Contractor:                                               This contract is awarded to one contractor.
                                                          Gray Lumber Company
Primary User Agencies:                                    The primary purchaser(s) will be the Department of Corrections, Parks and
                                                          Recreation Commission, Department of Fish and Wildlife, Department of Natural
                                                          Resources, Department of Transportation and all other State Agencies. The
                                                          contract will be made available to political subdivisions and non-profit
                                                          organizations which are members of the State of Washington Purchasing
                                                          Cooperative (WSPC) and/or State of Oregon Cooperative Purchasing Program
                                                          (DASCPP/ORCPP). A list of Washington members is available on the Internet
                                                          A list of Oregon members is available on the Internet at:
                                                 Contractors shall
                                                          not process state contract orders from unauthorized purchasers.
Contract Pricing:                                         See page 5
Ordering information:                                     See page 4
                                                          $0 MBE                       $0 WBE                          OTHER $1,300,000.00                 $0 EXEMPT
Current participation:                                    MBE 0%                       WBE 0%                          OTHER 100%                          EXEMPT 0%

This page contains key contract features. Find detailed information on succeeding pages. For more
information on this contract, or if you have any questions please contact your local agency Purchasing Office
or you may contact our office at the numbers listed below.

Contracts Specialist:                            Diane Donahoo                              Alternate Contact:                                  Christine Schoepfer
Phone Number:                                    (360) 902-7443                             Phone Number:                                       (360) 902-7193
Fax Number:                                      (360) 586-2426                             Fax Number:                                         (360) 586-2426
Email:                                           DDonaho@GA.WA.GOV                          Email:                                    

                                                Visit our Internet site:

Washington State Department of General Administration
Office of State Procurement, PO Box 41017, Olympia, WA 98504-1017

The State of Washington is an equal opportunity employer. To request this information in alternative formats call (360) 902-7400, or TDD (360) 664-3799.

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Current Contract Information
Contract No. 02007
Page 2

I.     Best Buy: The following provision applies to mandatory use contracts only. This contract is subject to
       RCW 43.19.190(2) & RCW 43.19.1905(7): which authorizes state agencies to purchase materials,
       supplies, services, and equipment of equal quantity and quality to those on state contract from non-
       contract suppliers. Provided that an agency subsequently notifies the Office of State Procurement (OSP)
       State Procurement Officer (SPO) that the pricing is less costly for such goods or services than the price
       from the state contractor.

        If the non-contract supplier's pricing is less, the state contractor shall be given the opportunity by the
        state agency to at least meet the non-contractor's price. If the state contractor cannot meet the price, then
        the state agency may purchase the item(s) from the non-contract supplier, document the transactions on
        the appropriate form developed by OSP and forwarded to the SPO administering the state contract.
        (Reference General Authorities document)

        If a lower price can be identified on a repeated basis, the state reserves the right to renegotiate the pricing
        structure of this agreement. In the event such negotiations fail, the state reserves the right to delete such
        item(s) from the contract.

II.     State Agencies: Submit Order directly to Contractor for processing. Political Subdivisions: Submit orders
        directly to Contractor referencing State of Washington contract number. If you are unsure of your status in the
        State Purchasing Cooperative call (360) 902-7415 or visit

III.    Only authorized purchasers included in the State of Washington Purchasing Cooperative (WSPC) and State of
        Oregon Cooperative Purchasing Program (DASCPP/ORCPP) listings published and updated periodically by OSP
        and DAS may purchase from this contract. It is the contractor’s responsibility to verify membership of these
        organizations prior to processing orders received under this contract. A list of Washington members is available
        on the Internet, and a list of the Oregon members is available at contractors shall not process state contract
        orders from unauthorized users.

IV.     Contract Terms: This Document includes by reference all terms and conditions published in the original IFB,
        including Standard Terms and Conditions, and Definitions, included in the Contract Document, Appendix B
        published by OSP (as Amended).


This Current Contract Information (Contract Award Notice) incorporates, and is subject to the Contract Document
contained in the original IFB 02007 bid solicitation to include General Requirement and Special Provisions listed in this

All contract pricing is to be FOB Destination, freight prepaid and included in unit price, for any destination within the
State of Washington. If bidder agrees to extend contract pricing to State of Oregon ORCCP members, freight charges
shall also be included.
Current Contract Information
Contract No. 02007
Page 3

During the term of this contract, should the contractor enter into pricing agreements with other customers providing
greater benefits or pricing, contractor shall immediately amend the Purchaser’s contract to provide similar pricing to the
Purchaser if the contract with other customers offers similar usage quantities, and similar conditions impacting pricing.
Contractor shall immediately notify the State Procurement Officer of any such contracts entered into by contractor. If the
contractor fails to notify the State Procurement Officer and the officer has documentation/evidence that the contractor is
providing better pricing to other customers, the State may considered terminating their contract.

During the term of the contract, should the contractor and the manufacturer they represent discontinue their business
relationship and the manufacturer no longer has the contractor represent their product, the State reserves the right to
require the contractor to assign their portion of the contract to the manufacturer, if the manufacturer agrees to accept
these contract terms to continue to supply their products for the balance of the contract term.

General Requirements: The state, in conjunction with purchasers, monitors and maintains records of Contractor
performance. Said performance shall be a factor in evaluation and award of this and all future contracts. Purchasers will
be provided with product/service performance report forms to forward reports of superior or poor performance to the
Contracts Specialist.
Current Contract Information
Contract No. 02007
Page 4

                                 CONTRACTOR INFORMATION

    Contractor:                Gray Lumber Co.
                               3800 6th Ave
                               Tacoma WA 98406
    Contact:                   Steve Hall
    Phone:                     (800) 452-4729 or 253-752-7000
    Fax:                       (253)-759-7560
    Internet address:
    Federal ID No.:            91-1029147
    Supplier No.:              8330
    Contract Worth:            $668,000.00 per year
    Payment address:           PO Box 7126
                               Tacoma WA 98406
    Mail in orders:            Same
    Ordering procedures:       Contractor prefers purchase orders faxed to their fax number at
                               253-759-7560. Most building materials will be shipped from their
                               warehouse located at 6th Avenue & Proctor Street in Tacoma. Some
                               industrial building materials are stocked at their warehouse on South
                               39th & M Street and would be shipped from that location.
    Credit card acceptance:    Yes
    Minimum orders:            N/A
    Delivery time:             3 days After Receipt of Order (ARO)
    Payment terms:             1% Net 30 days.
    Shipping destination:      Freight on Board (FOB) destination
    Freight:                   Prepaid and included
    Primary Service Area:      Statewide.
    Recycled Procurement       Gray Lumber is concerned with the environment and offers to hold
    Education Offered:         seminars at your local office; presenting the value of using
                               environmentally friendly and sustainable materials to replace
                               current products. Product knowledge seminars include brochures,
                               representatives from manufacturers, and educational programs.
Current Contract Information
Contract No. 02007
Page 5

                                                PRICE SHEETS

   Item                           Description                  Unit   Net Unit Price (Price List
                                                                          minus discount)
    A                          PANEL PRODUCTS

   1.       1/2 4X8 CDX                                        Ea                $15.00
   2.       3/4 4X8 CDX                                        Ea                $24.31
   3.       3/4 4X8 ACX                                        Ea                $31.05
   4.       1/2 4X8 ACX                                        Ea                $24.05
   5.       1/4 4X8 ACX                                        Ea                $18.20
   6.       3/4 4X8 TUFF TREAD                                 Ea                $81.00
   7.       5/8 4X8 8" T-1-11                                  Ea                $32.06
   8.       3/4 4X8 MDO                                        Ea                $34.56
   9.       3/4 4X8 HDO                                        Ea                $51.84
   10.      3/4 4X8 A1 BIRCH                                   Ea                $34.32
   11.      3/4 4X8 AB MARINE                                  Ea                $63.35
   12.      1/2 4X8 AB MARINE                                  Ea                $44.50
   13.      3/4 4X8 MELAMINE 2SIDE                             Ea                $29.29
   14.      5/8 4X8 TYPE X DRYWALL                             Ea                 $9.75
   15.      5/8 4X8 USG DENSGLASS GOLD                         Ea                $18.50
   16.      1/4" 4X8 TEMP HARDBOARD                            Ea                $11.50
   17.      8-1/4"X12' HARDI PLANK                             Ea                 $7.50
   18.      1/4 4X8 MR10 LEXAN                                 Ea               $265.00
   19.      4X8 WHITE FR                                       Ea                $38.00
   20.      7/16 4X8 OSB                                       Ea                 $6.99
   21.      1/2 4X10 CDX                                       Ea                $22.54
    B                          LUMBER PRODUCTS
     1.     2X4X8' K.D. DOUG FIR STD&BTR                       Ea                 $2.08
     2.     2X6X16 K.D. DOUG FIR 2&BTR                         Ea                 $7.00
     3.     2X4 R/L .40 ACQ TREATED                            Lf                 $0.47
     4.     4X4X8' .40 ACQ TREATED                             Ea                 $6.92
     5.     4X12 R/L DOUG FIR ACZA .60 TREATED                 Lf                 $5.75
     6.     2X6 R/L STK CEDAR                                  Ea                 $1.64
     7.     2X4 R/L D CLR CEDAR                                Ea                 $1.60
     8.     2X10X8' #1&BTR K.D. DOUG FIR                       Ea                 $7.13
     9.     4X4X14' STK CEDAR                                  Ea                $37.36
     10.    1X4 R/L #2 K.D. PINE                               Lf                 $0.19
     11.    1X8 R/L #2 K.D. PINE                               Lf                 $0.30
     12.    1X6 R/L K.D. CVG FIR                               Lf                 $3.00
     13.    1X8 R/L K.D. CVG HEMLOCK                           Lf                 $4.25
     14.    4-5" RNDX12' .40 CCA LODGEPOLE PINE                Ea                $15.70
     15.    2X4X16' SUNWOOD                                    Ea                 $9.00
     16.    2X12X16' SUNWOOD                                   Ea                $31.40
     17.    4/4 HIT&MISS RED OAK MBF                           Bf                 $2.45
     18.    1X6 S4S R/L RED OAK                                Ea                 $3.91
     19.    1X4 R/L GRN DOUG FIR S4S                           Lf                 $0.15
Current Contract Information
Contract No. 02007
Page 6

   Item                            Description              Unit    Net Unit Price (Price List
                                                                        minus discount)
    C                          METAL PRODUCTS
     1.     26 GA CHAMPION COMPENSATING PAINTED GABLE        Lf                  $1.37
     2.     26 GA CHAMPION ULTRA PANEL PAINTED               Lf                  $2.35
     3.     1/4"X2"X20' STEEL FLAT BAR                       Ea                 $21.00
     4.     11GA 4X8 HOT ROLLED SHEET STEEL                  Ea                 $95.00
     5.     3-5/8"X10' 20GA STEEL STUD                       Ea                  $4.80
     6.     3-5/8"X10' 20GA STEEL TRACK                      Ea                  $4.50
     7.     1-3/8"X10' GALV DRIP CAP                         Ea                  $2.40
     8.     8' B5XW DEADEX DRYWALL CORNER                    Ea                  $1.68
     9.     9GA 9X50 CHAIN LINK FENCE                        Ea                $290.02
     10.    1/2"X20' REBAR                                   Ea                  $5.80
     11.    1/8" 2"X2"X20' STEEL ANGLE                       Ea                 $19.00
     12.    18 GA 4X8 T304 Stainless Steel                   Ea                $270.00
    D                          ROOFING PRODUCTS
     1.     25YEAR 3TAB BLACK                                Sq                  $37.50
     2.     30YEAR PABCO ARCHITECTUAL                        Sq                  $45.50
     3.     15# FELT                                        Roll                 $15.90
     4.     WET PATCH                                       Gal                  $10.99
     5.     OWENS CORNING 80# ROOFING GRANUALS              Bag                  $23.75
     6.     GARLAND WHITE KNIGHT                            Gal                  $76.80
     7.     GARLAND ENERGIZER PLUS                          Gal                  $22.00
     8.     1” LARGE HEAD ROOFING NAILS                      Lb                      $1.50
     9.     MEDIUM CEDAR SPLIT SHAKES                        Sq                $240.00
     10.    90# MINERAL ROLLED ROOFING                      Roll                 $23.00

    E                   WINDOW AND DOOR PRODUCTS
     1.     3'0"X6'8" 1-3/4" SOLID CORE BIRCH PREHUNG        Ea                $130.00
     2.     W/4-9/16 DBLE RABBIT PAINT GRADE JAMB            Ea     part of line 1
     3.     W/6-9/16" SINGLE RABBIT PRIMED JAMB              Ea     part of line 1
     4.     DOUBLE BORE W/MILL SILL & SHAKEMOLD              Ea     part of line 1
     5.     MILGARD 6210 SINGLE HUNG WHITE VINYL WINDOW      Ea                $145.00
     6.     MILGARD 3'0"X4'0" 6110 SLIDER ALMOND VINYL       Ea                $143.00
     7.     16GA HOLLOW METAL DOOR W/WELDED STEEL FRAME      Ea                $398.00
     8.     5-3/4 THROAT CLOSER REINFORCED DOOR AND FRAME    Ea     part of line 7
     9.     SINGLE 2-3/4 BACKSET                             Ea     part of line 7

    F                     MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS
     1.     WILSONART LAMINATE (or equal)                    Sf                      $2.29
     2.     #4557-60 4X8 SHEETS                              Ea                  $73.28
     3.     QUART TUBE CONSTRUCTION ADHESIVE                Quart                    $1.99
Current Contract Information
Contract No. 02007
Page 7

   Item                          Description                 Unit         Net Unit Price (Price List
                                                                              minus discount)
     4.     WELDWOOD CONTACT CEMENT                          Gal                    $19.00
     5.     6MIL 20X100 CLEAR POLY                           Roll                     $59.05
     6.     6MIL 12X100 BLACK POLY                           Roll                     $35.00
     7.     20"X12' CONSTRUCTION TUBE                        Ea                       $64.50
     8.     5/4X6X12' ACCENT GREY TREX                       Ea                       $22.38
     9.     TITEBOND II WOOD GLUE                            Gal                      $19.00
     10.    DAP ALEX PLUS PAINTER CAULK (or equal)           Ea                        $1.50
     11.    ALL PURPOSE JOINT COMPOUND                       Gal                       $2.22
     12.    LITE TOPPING COMPOUND                            Gal                       $2.43
     13.    2"X300' FIBERGLASS JOINT TAP                     Roll                      $7.80
     14.    4"X120' ROPPE #P108 RUBBER BASE                  Roll                   $120.00
     15.    60# CONCRETE MIX                                 Ea                        $2.49
     16.    94# PORTLAND CEMENT                              Ea                       $10.80
     17.    16D VC SINKERS                                   Ea                       $25.85
     18.    16D GALV BOX 50#                                 Ea                       $60.47
     19.    ARMSTRONG VCT TILE (or equal)                    Box                      $34.00
     20.    ARMSTRONG 2X4 CORTEGA CEILING PANEL (or equal)   Ea                       $34.85

    Item                                Description                 Percentage Off of Contractors
              PANEL PRODUCTS                                                     8%

              LUMBER PRODUCTS                                                   10%

              METAL PRODUCTS                                                    10%

              ROOFING PRODUCTS                                                   5%

              WINDOW AND DOOR PRODUCTS                                           5%

              MISCELLANOUS PRODUCTS                                             10%
                                  OFFICE OF STATE PROCUREMENT
                                      PERFORMANCE REPORT

To OSP Customers:
Please take a moment to let us know how our services have measured up to your expectations on this contract.
Please copy this form locally as needed and forward to the Office of State Procurement Purchasing Manager.
For any comments marked unacceptable, please explain in remarks block.

            Procurement services provided:              Excellent          Good   Acceptable   Unacceptable
    Timeliness of contract actions
    Professionalism and courtesy of staff
    Services provided met customer needs
    Knowledge of procurement rules and regulations
    Responsiveness/problem resolution
    Timely and effective communications


Agency:                                                           Prepared by:


Contract No.: 02007                                               Date:

Contract Title: Building Materials, State Wide           Phone:

                                            Send to:

                                            Contracts Specialist
                                            Office of State Procurement
                                            PO Box 41017
                                            Olympia, Washington 98504-1017
                                    PRODUCT/SERVICE PERFORMANCE REPORT

Complete this form to report problems with suppliers or to report unsatisfactory product or services. You are also
encouraged to report superior performance. Agency personnel should contact suppliers in an effort to resolve problems
themselves prior to completion and submission of this report.

Contract number and title: 02007 Building Materials, Statewide

Supplier’s name:                                                   Supplier’s representative:


       Contract item quality higher than required             Damaged goods delivered
       Contract item quality lower than required.             Item delivered does not meet P.O./contract specifications
                                         SUPPLIER/CONTRACTOR PERFORMANCE:

       Late delivery                                                Slow response to problems and problem resolution
       Incorrect invoice pricing.                                   Superior performance
                                              CONTRACT PROVISIONS:

       Terms and conditions inadequate                              Additional items or services are required.
       Specifications need to be revised                            Minimum order too high.

Briefly describe situation:

                      Agency Name:                                                Delivery Location:
      Prepared By:              Phone Number:                         Date:                       Supervisor:

                                                        Send To:

                                                                 Diane Donahoo
                                                                 CONTRACTS SPECIALIST
                                                                 OFFICE OF STATE PROCUREMENT
                                                                 PO BOX 41017
                                                                 OLYMPIA WA 98504-1017

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