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James Holland

      I am no theology professor; I have no degree in religion,
sciences or any related field recognized by society that quantifies me
as an authority on which I speak, but for the length of my entire life I
have recognized when a truth has resonated within me. Till age eleven
I was never “bound and gagged” when relating my opinions. I could
bring up whatever thoughts entered my inner realm and openly
engage others around me for their impressions.
      This freedom of expression changed when I moved to the third
place of residence of my life. The mindset of the people of that place
quickly brought a hammer down on my innocent bursts of thoughts
that I accepted as a normal way of living and breathing, and forced me
into a shell of mental seclusion and societal conformity.
      From that point on I was made to either fully accept “how things
are done” or face severe consequences. It was a long and painful path
I trod because I could never fully bend to the dominant wind that
always blew in one direction. Many years went by, all my teen years,
where I struggled to hold on to my real identity while trying to “fit in”
with my surrounding environment. This was a loosing battle and it
resulted in me being socially dysfunctional, filled with hate for those
that not only played the game but also controlled the game play and
set the rules.
      But I learned, once away from the total and immutable
oppression of high school, that my entire environment was one I would
have to interact with and I had to play by their rules to survive. I was
not happy with this, and was terribly conflicted internally, but did what
I had to when I had to. When my adult life began, I began to enjoy
some personal freedoms and with it, a way to move back towards my
own freedom of expression. My early years had taught me to be very
guarded of my opinions when they went against the norm. I formed
beliefs along the way, some highly contradictory to mainstream
venues, but I contained them none-the-less.
      With my adulthood I also realized that anything I wanted to
pursue, I could. I learned that anything I wanted to do in life, I could.
All I needed was the belief that I was capable, and my determination
in achieving that goal was all I had to provide to realize it. I have lived
my entire adult life in this manner. All the jobs I have had, I first
developed an interest in them and pursued knowledge about them and
learned as much as I could about them, then emulated what I learned.
      For most of my careers, long or short, I excelled in them by
sticking to these convictions adamantly. My current occupation, a
bookkeeper, is a direct result of this life philosophy. Before this, I was
a machine programmer for 10 plus years. Before that I was a
machinist/tool and die maker for 10 plus years. The power of my belief
system is what brought happiness to my door. Unseen forces are what
delivered these events to me.
      Shortly before I was a machinist I became interested in
computers. Personal computers had just made their debut to the
consumer, and my fascination with them was instant. I spent much of
my free time using them and learning to use them. I found much
happiness in this new technology because of how it provided a means
for storing and using knowledge I wanted and used to always be at my
      Little did I know that this insatiable desire would be preparing
me for my next career move. While a machinist it became obvious that
not too far in the future computers would completely integrate within
every area of commerce and that a person who possessed skills with it
would be assured a job. This very reality came blatantly true and in
my face as a job where I worked came open to allow me to slide into
it. I was the only person there with both the mechanical skills and the
computer skills this job required.
      But this is how life has evolved around me, and within me, as
long as I can remember since I have looked back on it with the
different eyes that I possess now.
      The last ten years of mine have been filled with the pursuit of a
different knowledge. I began to find interest in religious, metaphysical,
and paranormal topics. In the very last years of my previous job
religion became my most intriguing topic. I have poured thousands of
pages into my mind related to it. The last five years up to this point,
the internet has been an invaluable source of data for me and I have
been able to learn the basics of most of the seven major religions.
      I remember a very significant epiphany for me that occurred
when I was only 23 years old. My job at that time created many hours
of just sitting around waiting for work to come in. To keep from going
absolutely crazy from boredom I would read. I decided to read the
King James Bible. After three or four months I read thru the whole
thing non-stop. I had read it off and on in my childhood/teen years
and knew much about Christianity thru my upbringing anyway.
      But a realization hit me with undeniable clarity once I read it the
second time. It had one simple message among the hundreds of
stories, conflicting ideas, contradictory accounts and the portrayal of a
God that was a vindictive, harsh and unrelenting ruler; Love everyone.
      That was it. Simply love your brother and sister. The words and
example of Jesus made this crystal clear. Yet the remainder of this
book left me confused because all other accounts painted a picture of
absolute subservience to an invisible God that would toss you away in
a hole if you bucked his system.
         This remained in my head, as I perceived it, for nearly 30 years.
I learned thru experience, Jesus had it right. I also formed another
very radical opinion. One I could not relate to anyone because
mainstream western practices would label it as heresy or
blasphemous. Jesus and other spiritual beings mentioned in the book,
could easily be compared to what we term “extraterrestrials” now. This
also has remained with me.
         The last 5 years of my life I pursued knowledge of all the
religions. Most of my focus wound up upon the beliefs of the Tibetan
monks. No other religion has resonated as strongly with me because it
incorporates core principles of some of the other religions,
metaphysical science, nature sciences and reincarnation. What is very
intriguing is that they have thousands of years of recorded history that
quantify the mission of Jesus and other well-known religious icons, and
that they, and we, do indeed have lineage that originates from the
         Now in contemporary times, we are seeing the floodgates of
expanded consciousness being opened. People are suddenly finding
themselves possessing paranormal abilities they never had. People are
having near death experiences, and wake up with new abilities that
defy reality. While many, many other people who had
physic/paranormal abilities as children and were made to suppress it,
now find it is back and with renewed vitality.
         A new world is upon our doorstep. It beckons to a part of us, but
is so deeply buried within us that some struggle to comprehend what
is happening to them. While others have embraced an experience so
profound that they know it is of God and no one can dissuade their
conviction of it. And in the midst of the two extremes there lies a
majority of those that are experiencing a myriad of new thoughts and
realizations so variant that no definitive description can be agreed
upon to satisfy any open discussion with a mixed genre of people at
any one place or any one time.
      It is all symptomatic of a single unified truth that is upon us all,
the entire race of man. Mankind is on the brink of spiritual ascension.
      This book addresses the buzz word “Ascension”. You will hear
many phrases and terms that are typical for people that are fully
aware of the implications the topic introduces. I will attempt to
disclose full meaning to all of them. As I mentioned, I am not a
religious figure, nor a spiritual one. But I am deeply spiritual. I am not
publicly recognized as a psychic, healer, seer, prophet, preacher,
theologian or authority of any kind on religious or spiritual matters.
      But I know I am meant to write this book. I know my spiritual
guides and angelic helpers have impressed upon me to take up this
task. I have had numerous recent synchronistic events to happen that
have more than quantified my conviction in doing so. Most remarkable
is the human influence that has been impressed upon me by fellow
spiritual friends that have told me to write. They didn’t say what to
write regarding a book, or in what form, but to write because my
words have created spiritual resonance with them and has helped
them in their own pursuit of unity with the one God.
      I find nothing more enjoyable personally than sharing my
knowledge of spiritual topics, and my opinions and perspective
contained within that area of interest. I am sure my God given talent
includes the ability to convey my heart upon a page. When anyone
speaks from the heart, it is truth. It is their truth, but it is truth none-
the-less. We all have our own truth, because we all walk our own path
that leads back to God, our home, from where we originated from.
      Ascension is about that path back home.

      **As of 9-2-2008 I am an ordained minister of the Universal Life

      This book is copyrighted material and may not be reprinted,
reproduced, or sold by any entity living or otherwise without express
and explicit permission by James Holland the author. Any reference to
persons living or dead in this book is the personal opinion of the
author, who is granted the right to express his opinions as guaranteed
by the his citizenship rights of the United States and the U.S.
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    What Makes Humans So Special? _______________ 16
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    The Plan __________________________________ 42
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    You have help ______________________________ 97
    The Journey________________________________ 108
    Exploring Your Connection ____________________ 121
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    A Few Words from God _______________________ 161
    2012 _____________________________________ 183
    The Power of a Smile ________________________ 210
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    Acknowledgments ___________________________ 222
      What Is Ascension?

      This word is gaining attention extremely rapidly…all for a reason.
Inside all of us no matter whom we are, as humans on this earth, at
this time, ascension has a profound meaning to us. The depth of its
meaning and our awareness of it is what vary greatly from one person
to the next.
      By definition alone it is the bodily journey to the heavenly realm.
In other words, you transform physically to a state of being that allows
you to connect directly to God bypassing the need to die a physical
death to achieve this state. Your body is transformed into a
configuration that surpasses that of the human condition but is still
contained in a physical shell.
      There have been great masters that walked the earth who
ascended into heaven directly from the earth plane. Their stories are
chronicled in all our religious texts. Enoch of the Bible is one such
example. Jesus is another, but unlike Enoch, Jesus chose to die a
human death here first and reappear in his ascended body as evidence
to us of what we all could achieve while yet being human.
      For 2,000 years man has evolved spiritually, small steps at the
time, towards an event of such magnitude it involves every single soul
on the planet. It also involves millions of unseen spiritual entities
present, but unseen. In the very near future, only a couple of years or
so, we will all be given this rare and blessed opportunity to do as
Jesus. We will be given the choice to ascend in body and spirit into a
new state of being that puts evolution of our species into maximum
overdrive and allows us to become one with All That Is.
       The “ascension” as it is being referred to here, is open to every
single one of us no matter who we are or what we have done. This
begins with our awareness.
       Our awareness, or consciousness, is the storehouse for our
perceptions and beliefs. What we believe has a direct influence on our
acceptance of ascension. This is the critical element that will decide
our journey’s continuation. Because, with the ascension event that is
near we can accept this gift or continue to hold fast to beliefs that
have been ingrained in our society, and our very psyche. We have a
very special attribute that not all beings were created with; free will.
       But let’s talk about ascension. What is it, and what does it mean
to me, you may ask? The very fact that you are reading this book is a
direct resonance with you that it has meaning on some level with you.
I will address it for the benefit of someone that has no working
knowledge of spirituality and the implications that ascension has for us
       I will try to be brief and limit the content now to just the part
about ascension. This will be a challenge for me because so very much
is behind its full impact.
       In our recent past, only 4 decades ago, the earth and all life on
it was poised on the brink of destruction. The end times that have
been prophesied and foretold by all civilizations were fairly accurate.
Man thinks of themselves singly, as a sole unit, an individual. But our
thoughts and beliefs have an unseen force. Our thoughts create an
energy that combines into a mass consciousness which is felt and
known by God.
       Our warring ways and pursuits motivated by greed had put us
right at the edge of Armageddon. The planet, and man, could not
continue to operate in this way and just as the bible and many ancient
prophecies predicted, we were on the eve of our own destruction. But
something changed it. Enough enlightened and gifted people that had
a direct connection to God that they pursued earnestly every day, who
continuously asked for peace and love in the world, averted our total
demise. These people, lightworkers they are called, have opened the
doors to heaven and nullified our sure end on this planet.
      In 1989, because of the work these gifted people were doing,
energetic doorways opened up to the earth. Their work allowed for
more of God’s pure energy to shine down on the planet. Because of
this event, it opened up the planet to receive more and more of light
energy from God. This in turn has been enough to trigger mass
awakenings in people all over the earth. These awakenings are events
that trigger a knowing by a person that there is more than what they
have been taught to believe.
      It has motivated them to search for God well past the
boundaries man has created with his religious dogma and doctrines.
People are finding a relationship with God and spirit as a result, that
transcends what the religions can provide. Many are finding
themselves suddenly able to receive data in the form of messages,
visions, impressions and feelings that are of divine origin. It is these
that are now foretelling of what ascension will be.
      We have been evolving from generation to generation. Our DNA
changes with each new birth. Ascension is a rapid physical and
spiritual evolution that occurs instantly. Our bodies will undergo a
change to a crystalline structure. Our minds and accompanying
consciousness will expand, and we will become aware of our link with
God and with each other. Now this is a hard concept to embody for the
layman, and to me it is hard to grasp.
      What I boils down to is that our awareness of just our self will
branch out and include awareness of others. We will become aware of
God in its true form. We will be aware of the millions of brothers and
sisters we have from infinite stars and planets around us as well. But
we will be overcome with the greatest sense of peace and joy that up
until now, we could not experience except thru bodily death.
      It is nothing to fear, it is not painful but immeasurably pleasant.
We skip the death process that we have done now for thousands of
years and transform into a new state of being that is heaven on earth.
What we have been experiencing thru physical death up to now, we
will step thru fully conscious and our body intact. Sounds too good to
be true doesn’t it?
      But this is right on our doorstep. It is here now, and about to
unfold in this lifetime before our very eyes. The mass consciousness of
the planet has demanded it and it will be. Shortly prior to ascension,
all the ascended masters that once graced our planet will be present
and openly commune with us again and help us move into this new
reality. These loving and benign beings are already here, in spirit.
Necessary events that precursor this have been happening and
continue to. The general consensus of man has to come to a point of
accepting certain facts; Facts that have been hidden from us.
      Now more than ever government disclosure is ripening and
revealing many things to the public that were once speculative and
conjecture. People that once held dark secrets have been openly
divulging things they know about the governments that once had them
bound by fear and oppression, some by very threat of their lives and
the lives of their families.
      We will not be alone in this. We have numerous extraterrestrial
brothers and sisters that have waited a long time for this event. They
are with us, and among us. Only recently have they been given new
freedoms in revealing their presence by divine authority. It is occurring
all over the world as I speak, and increases daily. They are making
their ships and craft visible more often to gradually ease us into
accepting the veracity of their existence.
      Beings from infinite universes have gathered to witness our
ascension because it is not just an earth event. It involves all of
creation. Because, as we expand our consciousness and allow the
enhanced connection to spirit and God to take hold, this automatically
includes the awareness of our fellow beings among the stars that are
also God’s creatures. Unlike what we have been force fed to believe,
each of us are universally connected by spirit. In our true reality, we
work as one, and love each other as one.
      These beings, some actually assigned to help us migrate our way
of life, of thinking and of being, will make their formal appearance to
us some time in the next year or two. As I write the date is August 10,
2008. I have read some channellings by spiritual people that have
passed on the knowledge that this will occur within months. By time
you are reading this it may already have happened and you are trying
to make sense of this.
      If you lack clarity on what I have explained and it sounds utterly
fantastic and unbelievable, only bide your time and look to the sky and
your news, because soon this will happen if it hasn’t already. Some of
these beings will be Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Confucius and all the
great religious icons of our earth’s history. They will be among these
loving sentient beings of light that have finally come to bring us out of
the dark and into the light.
      Ascension is a blessing, an unsurpassed gift God has granted to
us in response to the growing awareness of humans that we know we
are connected to God and seek to strengthen these bonds. The end
times are indeed upon us, but they are nothing like the dreaded
annihilation that was predicted for two thousand years. Because of the
love we have brought in to the world by opening our hearts and minds
to the real possibility that God is indeed alive and well, we have
averted extinction.
      The bibles revelation is a very symbolic work. Because of the
extreme symbolism, it can be interpreted in numerous ways and has.
What has not been recognized is that it is still accurate. There will be
the removal of evil and the dark forces that fuel it. The old will be torn
down and a new will rise. But it is the bitter vileness of humanity that
will be separated and removed, not like many believe it will transpire.
      We each have the freedom to choose our path and reality
whatever it is. With ascension we can choose to be uplifted and rise
above the trappings of our humanness, and usher in a new earth; An
earth pristine as the day of Adam.
      We can also choose to stay in our comfort zone of “me”, and
continue to live as some of us always have. Some will refuse to accept
these things of spirituality, new age, and “all that nonsense”. They
may hold fast to their bible and the promise of a humanly doom and
tribulation, and the final war between Satan and Jesus. And that is
okay. God is not demanding as he is made out to be in the great book.
God does not even judge us or our decisions.
      Let me state very clearly now, I do not condemn any religion.
Our religions are very important and have been vital to our spiritual
evolution since their inception. The point I am making is that they are
interpretations by man of his perceptions. The intelligence of the
people who wrote it at that time could only grasp so much. Today,
there are many tenants that are taken literally when they were meant
as metaphors of a greater meaning. There are other factual points I
will bring out later on in this book.
      Some that don’t believe in a God at all, may reject the coming
events in denial of what they see with their own eyes. Their minds
simply cannot handle this truth even when it unfolds before them. But
this is okay; God loves them just as much as you or me. He made us
with free will, and even though some may not ascend for one reason
or another, with the coming mass ascension, they will have the
opportunity again when they have evolved and grown spiritually
enough to accept it. It is the choice of the individual.
      The religions of the world are why we are at this point. If not for
them, we would not have progressed in our thinking to be at a point of
acceptance. They each have served their purpose and still do. What
ever helps a person get closer to God is a good thing. That is why in
spite of contradictions, misdirection, and out right lies in our religious
texts, they have still been instrumental in bringing man to the
opportunity of ascension. Each of the 7 major religions contains a
single truth that is of God and from God. With ascension all these
truths will meld into one as we find that divine experience of being in
God’s presence, and his truth will be contained within our
      Why are we so blessed in all creation to have this special gift
bestowed upon us? Let’s talk about who we really are next.
      What Makes Humans So Special?
      God created each of us as an extension of itself. You may have
noticed I don’t refer to God as he or she. That is because God is
neither and it is both. God is so far beyond any description in human
terms that it is literally senseless to try. God is all there is, and all
there is, is contained within God.
      God is a super-consciousness that simply entails everything that
exists. We each are a fragment of this consciousness contained in a
physical shell.
      There are billions upon billions of these fragments throughout
the universes, and beyond. For anyone to consider we are unique in
the entire universe that we see with our human eyes is in denial of his
own reality. But our history, and the medium of knowledge we have
built civilization upon has taught us this way of thinking.
      Our religious works were truly divinely inspired. But they were
inspired in a time that was 2,000 years ago. The awareness and
education of man at that time created this information, and much of it,
still, is directly interpreted and accepted as it was written. We are
blessed though, that much of it was conceptual and supported genuine
philosophies for living that would perpetuate the love God originally
intended for us to foster and share with each other. Still, there is much
about our origins that is simply not true, or it was a symbolic
interpretation that allowed the mindset of that time to grasp the latent
concepts that were intended by God all along.
      Could you imagine the bible starting out as God created the
earth and started out with dinosaurs as the dominant species. They
evolved to a point to where God was ready to usher in a newer
species, this time with mammals as the dominant specie. Man was
created and went thru many evolutionary changes to reach the point
of when God instilled his spark of consciousness into man.
      Now imagine an ordinary person of biblical times, hearing this,
and now you get the picture. For all the strengths of our religious
texts, they are not complete. They were written for a specific time and
a specific condition of man. The beauty of each religion though is that
the core truths God wished to impress upon man in the various parts
of the world was conveyed, and is still being conveyed to this day.
      Civilization can be said to have begun around 6,000 years ago if
you go by the bible. Most of recorded history can quantify much of this
as well to a point. The truth of the matter though is that educated
people now know that man existed hundreds of thousands of years
ago. Fossil records prove it, carbon dating quantifies it further. So
where do these people fit in with our current belief systems? Our texts
only go back so far and say in the beginning… But these people lived,
ate, slept and had families a long time before Adam didn’t they?
      Any intelligent conversation that addresses the idea of where is
all this missing history that scientists have proven to have occurred in
the bible and the Koran always ends in heated debate and arguments.
The reason is that there is no quantifiable information to explain the
many hard facts science has uncovered. Religious texts start only so
far back, and they begin with a generalized beginning of creation.
      This omission frustrates and confounds both sides of the debate.
It is the missing data that has caused some of the religious struggles,
persecutions and wars throughout our history. Many followers maintain
they will endanger their souls to stray outside the limits their doctrine
imposes, and this self limiting belief system, is and has been, a direct
hindrance to the spiritual evolution of mankind.
      Here is the truth, and where some will stop reading, and others
will go on absolutely fascinated.
      Earth is but one of millions of such habitable planets scattered
throughout infinity, with one exception. Earth is the grand experiment.
God created the universe, our solar system, our earth and man with a
very special attribute.
      God made this arrangement and gave man free will, the ability
to reason and choose. We have been on earth in this capacity for
slightly over 300,000 years.
      We have lived, died, reincarnated and evolved over thousands of
years in three major cycles now.
      Yes I said that, three times. Each time it took tens of thousands
of years to accomplish as we did much of what we have done in our
own recorded history. We evolved. As we did, we gained ever slightly
more gains in consciousness with each generation. With the first
attempt we progressed and became very intelligent beings. Our
technology far surpassed what we now enjoy. But with that technology
we created the means for our destruction, and so it was. The mass
consciousness of man on our first try forgot their connection to source,
and ambition to be God’s themselves brought upon the total
destruction of the earth and its inhabitants.
      The process of cleaning up the mess and fixing the problems it
caused to the stability of the earth took thousands of years to rectify.
We still live with a direct result of this catastrophe today. The tilt of
our axis is a result of our ambition to play God. The men of that time
released reactions that completely changed the face of the planet. This
is why there is no record of it. Land that was once flourishing with life
lies submerged thousands of feet under the ocean.
      The second attempt did not last as long, but the result was
nearly identical. It resulted in the complete submergence of land on
the planet. This was Noah’s flood.
      I know this sounds absurd but this is how it went, and how it is
now. Atlantis did exist and flourish for tens of thousands of years. The
civilization of Lemuria did exist and flourish for tens of thousands of
years. At one time in both of these civilizations man pursued high
spiritual achievements. But, like our own, too many pursued objectives
which could not be supported by God and the universe, and the earth
had to be wiped clean to destroy this endeavor completely.
      Now we, in our third attempt in the grand experiment, have
finally got it right. And it is all because of our choice. So many of us
now want a green earth, world peace and to be happy in life and we
call to God to bring this about. Yes there is a portion in this cycle that
pursues those same objectives, but, thanks to the majority of light
being called into the planet by sentient, spiritual humans their ability
to continue is coming to an end.
      Depending on your immediate circumstances and the
environment you have around you, you may not see many people
thinking and feeling this way. But scattered across the globe are a
growing number of people who have made the choice to put aside
what man has mandated to be God, and chosen to seek God on their
own terms, and find their own truth. God honors this choice and opens
the doors of realization to any that sincerely seek to step thru it.
      This choice, and this choice alone, is what have made the
revelations that are becoming more prolific with our communications
mediums available. As more are waking up to their own truth they in
turn find more and more help to find their way back to the arms of
their creator.
      More of us choose to forgive when someone cuts them off in
traffic, instead of lashing out in anger. More of us are finding how
remarkable the simple beauty of nature will soothe and comfort them.
And many of us are realizing they can bring an inner peace to their
existence simply by looking up and asking God to help them have it.
      Each one of these people chooses this. They invite God and all
that is into their life, and as a result are expanding their
consciousness. But what is significant is that this process brings in and
anchors light directly onto the planet from source, which has a chain
effect upon others. It can be likened to the chain reaction of nuclear
fusion. One element excites others that are nearby, that excite others
nearby them, until critical mass occurs.
      The energy that God sends to earth is a direct result of humans
calling for it. We have opened the doors to heaven, and the energy of
light and love is increasing exponentially every day. As it does more
people who never thought twice about God are suddenly struck with
that small hint in the back of their mind to stop and read that article,
or check out that book, that is related to spirituality or ascension.
      We have created this increase in light to the planet because of
the devotion and love of a few in the last century that slowly grew to
enough of a call for light that brought about a major opening in the
energy that surrounds the earth. It has had a snowball effect too.
      People that have never stopped to consider their reason for
being, are finding this question comes up more often in their still, quiet
moments. The dominant persona of the years following World War Two
was one of prosperity in the United States, and with it the increase of
materialism. Several generations were fostered that had a simple life
philosophy; work hard, be smart and accumulate wealth.
      But as the turn of the century came and went, and with it
declining economic conditions, many have had to rethink this strategy
for living. Then came terrorism to domestic soil and an ever increasing
degradation of our personal civil liberties as government continues to
grow ever more powerful and aggressively push its influence into other
sovereign nations justified by lies to the American public.
      It has all been a part of God’s divine plan to gently open our
eyes to the dark that exists, and look in earnest to God to bring about
relief. It has worked too.
      Many of us are completely disillusioned with our leaders, our
churches, and our news medium we depend upon for truth. And we
are finding an alarming amount of lies and scandal are being revealed
all the way to the top of every entity.
      This is no chance set of circumstances. We have created this
trend towards wanting truth by the power of our thought. Because
enough of us have opened the door that leads to God and truth, we
have allowed spirit to act on our behalf and help bring about the
exposure of the dark. Enough so that a golden age is at hand and all
the dark represents will soon be removed.
      Only 60 years ago, this was heading to a different end. We were
heading in the very same direction, but the dark would have been the
victor and the earth would have been destroyed by our own actions. It
would end with those that would have amassed war machines and
would have clashed in a final, all encompassing war that would destroy
all of mankind. And the remaining people powerless to stop it. The
very literal prediction made in the Bible’s revelation.
      Instead, we are heading to an end of the same age, with a quite
different end. Now there is enough of a like mass consciousness that
seeks world peace, an end to need and hunger, and a genuine direct
connection to God and spirit. There are thousands of us now. They are
waiting in the wings to step in and remove the power hungry moguls
that have controlled world history for centuries and replace the world
as we know it with a utopian earth.
      And still many hundreds daily are “waking up”, a spiritual phrase
that means someone who suddenly realizes they are more than simply
a human that lives and dies, and that’s it. They are finding a new and
strange feeling within their core that tells them there is a God, and
they are connected to it. They are having a change of heart, and
finding compassion when there once was none.
      You may be one of these new awakening spirits. You may be
struggling to rationalize the new feelings you have developed, and
wonder where and why they are present. It is your spiritual heritage
that is awakening within you. God is touching your heart and is asking
you to open your mind, just to step off your comfort zone for a
moment and consider that maybe there is more to you than you have
been taught all along.
      We are all creations of the One God. Throughout history, we
have created hundreds of interpretations of it, but it is really the One
God. Our perceptions that have manifested are unique, because each
of us is a unique creature unto God. Our relationship with God is
unique. No one religion, doctrine or dogma is a final owner’s manual
for our relationship to God. We grow in this relationship according to
our own perspectives and experiences.
      We also grow spiritually according to the amount of divine truth
we can accept, comprehend and resonate with. God does not force
universal truth upon us; we ask for it and take in as much as our
consciousness can deal with in our human state. As a result, no one
person’s truth is exactly the same as another’s. This is why there are
so many religions, and the hundreds of subdivisions of each.
      There have been many great teachers, prophets and masters
that have stepped thru that door and had revelations direct from spirit.
They have left great truths with us, examples of the wonders that we
could experience when we seek God as part of our being. But these
are as I said exactly that; examples. We must find our connection to
God on our own. Organized religion has prospered on the precept that
you cannot reach God thru any means other than by their mandated
doctrines. While religious texts were created and inspired to help us do
this, some have been purposely maligned and falsified to manipulate
exclusive power to that religion to distribute what is a gift and
blessing, into a means of control with the purpose of collecting power
and wealth at the expense of the sincere believer.
      The most dominant religion, Catholicism, has its beginnings at
the end of Jesus’ life. In the third century, the power and influence of
the known church realized the opportunity that was present and
unified their brand of worship to consolidate the masses and reign in
wealth and power thru their influence. Great religious leaders of the
time, and specifically Constantine, organized a counsel that reviewed
all the different books written by all the known prophets and
recognized saints.
      They sanctioned what would be entered, and what would be
banned from what we now know as the King James Bible. Books that
were banned were ordered destroyed. Books only in Hebrew were
laboriously translated into English. Many passages and texts were
blatantly rewritten. For centuries, many books considered heresy and
obscure were considered lost forever.
      But in 1957 a cave found in the Middle East, thought to be a relic
of the Essenes, was discovered which housed thousands of papyrus
scrolls. These scrolls thru hundreds of hours of delicate translation
have been recovered and copied into English. They are known as the
Dead Sea Scrolls. This is but one of many events throughout history
where man has tried to hide the truth.
      There is so much about our true history that we know nothing
about. The truth of what Jesus really taught has been hidden from
recorded history. We have some of it yes, and it has been a great
inspiration that has helped lead us to ascension. But the full truth and
meaning of all he taught and said has been lost until only the last few
      Now as more and more of us open our consciousness to spirit,
many are receiving channeled messages revealing these truths as they
were intended. The power of revelation that is dawning upon us, and
the frequency of its occurrence is an undeniable sign of our true
original state of being. It is our natural state of being.
      We are great beings of advanced intelligence that comes direct
from our creator, All That Is. We are born with a veil of amnesia that
prevents us from remembering our true origin and power. We have
been living countless lives as humans, gaining experience with both
dark and light energy to gradually evolve to the point of remembering
that direct connection to All That Is, to infinity of creation, and to each
      We accepted this “assignment” in our real state of being,
knowing of the human limitations, the heartache and trials, and
without the benefit of the knowledge of our true origins as a sacrifice
that benefits all of creation. We could not operate with any sanity as
humans with the awareness of who we really are. It has been a slow
and gradual process that has taken three attempts, in cycles of tens of
thousands of years to accomplish.
      But we are reaching this pinnacle of realization. Psychic ability
has exploded in humanity over the last 40 years. This is a direct result
of our evolution towards unity with God. Physic ability is our birthright,
our true nature, and is based on thought. And thought is the very
essence of what we are. We are a thought of God. We are connected
to God thru our thought.
      Those that have awakened, or are awakening are experiencing
this epiphany and realizing this concept which is so simple, but is so
powerful in its potential. You may have a disturbing dream so vivid
you wake up reliving it. You may have an event occur so miraculous
that you just know God is real. Any number of things could have
happened as a single event that began your search for truth and God.
      The occurrence of near death experience (NDE) and the events
that unfold within it are bringing to earth many people possessed with
psychic abilities that astound those unfamiliar with spirit. They are
bringing news of the higher dimensions and the splendor that awaits
us all.
      It is all part of God’s plan for us to become aware of the coming
time when, just as the bible prophesized, heaven will come to earth.
      It begins with each one of us. It begins with our acceptance of
God, and our subsequent search for truth. The important thing I want
to impress upon you is that it is YOUR truth. As I said each one of us
has a unique relationship to God. You cannot emulate another and
reach a culmination of realization that places you in the presence of
God. You reach God on your own, just you and God. That is the way it
was intended, and the way we all do sooner or later.
      But we are meant to help one another get there. That is our
purpose here and now, and since the beginning of time. Light is
pouring down upon us and thousands are responding. Lightworkers
and healers are coming online by the hundreds all with this purpose in
mind. They have seen, heard or felt the absolute indescribable joy of
being in the presence of God’s pure unconditional love and it has
changed their life.
      There is no joy, drug, or high that can come anywhere close to
the surge of this energy as is flows thru your being. There are no
words or attitudes that can sway the powerful conviction created
within a human soul that has stepped into this energy and felt the all
knowing touch of God’s love upon his core.
      You are a special being whose true home is from the stars. You
are millions of years old. Among all the beings and universes, earth
was created as a special training ground where valiant advanced
beings decided to relinquish all their God given glory, and step down
into an existence without the direct contact of the God they love.
      You shed the magnificence of your being, the same glorified
being that angels possess, and all memory of your natural existence to
live a human life and experience love, pain, joy, sadness and all the
emotions of being human. With each incarnation you bring a little bit
of those past lives with you in the form of preferences and talents,
attitudes and habits. You are given just a portion of the wisdom of
each successive life to arm you for the next.
      Many of us have done well, and have grown spiritually towards
the light. Some however, have regressed and grown ever closer to the
dark. But God does not judge us; he simply loves us and honors our
choices. We are our worst critic, or enemy. With each life and the
human death that has followed, our spiritual body or soul ascends to
the higher dimensions. There we review our past life, with help from
our natural spirit family. We experience moments of pain as we
experience the hurt we inflicted upon others as those people. We feel
what they feel and see what they saw.
      Nothing escapes infinity. All of our actions, deeds and yes,
thoughts are collected and stored in a mass consciousness. We use it
to learn as well as all beings that tap into this collective of experience.
But we also experience the joy and love as experienced by others
when we acted in response to spirit’s prompting. Upon this review we
decide if we learned what we set out to learn in that lifetime. If we did
not, we try it under different circumstances, different parents, and
different life conditions to get it right.
      Eventually we learn enough to “graduate” to a level of
understanding and awareness that we no longer need the experience
of human life, and we move on to higher dimensions of experience.
      Most of us now, stand poised on this “graduation day”. The
difference is that unlike how we have done so many times over eons,
this time we have the opportunity to step up to a condition of being
while in our human body, fully conscious of what is happening around
us. Those of us that have awakened and have been seeking God in
earnest have learned through various means, of this coming transition.
      It consumes our thoughts because it is an answer to a prayer
that has been prayed for centuries upon centuries. God’s love is
beginning to permeate mankind, and his planet, to a point of
saturation that will bring about a miracle of such proportion it is a
universal event that millions of beings have come to witness and be a
part of.
      We originate from the stars. Our brothers and sisters, our “star
family” is out there waiting with open arms and ready to greet us, and
help us into our true state of being. They like we, all fall under the love
of the One God. We will soon know all these things that have been
kept from us by those that follow the dark. They and their minions will
soon have to leave the earth, and move on to a planet suitable for
their level of growth.
      God loves them just as much as we and they will be allowed to
follow their own destiny. Because we are advancing spiritually, we
create an energy that is not compatible with the lower, dark energies.
It will not be able to exist in the light. Just as shining a flashlight into a
dark room illuminates and exposes what is there, so does the light of
God’s love expose the dark for what it is. It cannot exist in light.
      A new earth is about to be born, evolved into because of the
light and love that mankind is choosing to allow in.
      If you look forward to these things, if you seek to feel God in
your being, this is all that is required. Your thought is known, spirit
knows your heart. You may know nothing at all about the things I
have brought up. Some of it may scare you.
      Please remember this. Fear is the one weapon that the dark has
counted on and used for centuries. You have nothing at all to fear,
nothing. God knows all, and all is God. All you have to do is say I want
to be a part of the ascension and you will be heard. You can think it, it
doesn’t matter. God hears you, loves you, and will begin opening your
mind to these concepts.
      You have 42 angels with you at all times. Two are Archangels.
You have only to speak to them as you would a friend, a parent, a
brother and they hear you. Believe that you are special. Believe you
are a magnificent, angelic being that God made who has forgotten
his/her true origin and ask spirit to help you remember.
      They are waiting to hear this. There is a joy and a music that is
indescribable that occurs in all of heaven and creation when a human
makes this choice. All of heaven rejoices and sings, they cry tears of
joy, when one human takes that small step and looks to touch God.
      We are of God, bonded and eternally linked to God. We have
simply forgotten how this feels. All you have to do is want to feel this
again and it will happen.
      Energy and Thought
      The mechanics of energy and thought, and their interactive
relationship is still beyond the scope of modern science. While science
has made remarkable advances in understanding it, recognized
authority in these fields refuses to accept anything that cannot be
proven or quantified. This is understandable, how can you explain a
concept if you cannot repeat it?
      But since the 70’s sensational people have stimulated the advent
of exploratory branches of science that pursue the otherwise
unexplainable. The study of metaphysics and paranormal now
recognizes that such events are an actuality. While they are still in
their baby steps however, they have only advanced enough to the
point of creating instrumentation that can register certain attributes
connected with paranormal events.
      They are far, far from explaining with any quantifiable data what
occurs. In other words they can monitor and record symptomatic
attributes, but are nowhere near explaining why they occur.
      Over the last hundred or so years though, there have been
people who have died, were declared deceased, and later reanimated
with no collusion of human intervention to bring this about. Some have
been famous, mostly because of the extraordinary abilities they came
back to life on the earth plane with. Dannion Brinkley is one such
person. He was declared dead from a lightening strike. During his
physical “absence” he visited the higher dimensions and learned much
of his now “truth”. He discovered what lies beyond our earthly
      But he brought back with him amazing psychic abilities. He was
told he must return to use these abilities to help mankind, which he
has. There are hundreds if not thousands, of the exact same
circumstance where people have died and gone on to the higher realm
to discover they indeed mattered greatly. They were shown how even
the smallest of word, deed or action created a huge impact upon their
fellow man. They were privileged to see what transpires upon human
death, and yet return to their earthly body for the specific purpose of
sharing this with everyone they could. Unlike being born into the world
in an infant’s body, they returned with their memory of everything that
transpired intact.
      God, the All That Is, wants this information known. We have long
lived centuries under a strict belief of narrow limits of how we can live
and be assured of heaven, nirvana, or whatever belief you may have
of an afterlife, and the time has come for us to grasp that this
limitation has been our own creation.
      Thought is our device of creation and has been since God
created us. It is our God given birthright. Just as God created
everything in existence by his thought, we are embellished with this
exact same attribute.
      To make this even more complicated, the reality we see, feel,
hear, touch, smell is a direct creation of our thought.
      Sounds a little out there doesn’t it?
      What we think creates energy, unseen and unfelt by all humans
around us. We, even don’t know its there. But this is what happens.
We create energy with our thought, and it is radiated out 360 degrees
from our being. What we are thinking and feeling creates an energy, a
force that is sent throughout the universe. Each of these energies
collect into a matrix that surrounds our planet, called the collective
consciousness of earth and mankind.
      All things animate and living, inert and physical, contain an
energy. A flower, a tree, an ant, the dirt and the earth itself, contains
and exudes energy. The planet we live upon is a living, breathing
entity that has a consciousness just as we do. It is of a different kind
of consciousness than humans, but, just as we humans are infinitely
connected to each other, we are also connected energetically to the
earth, the planets, the solar system and all the universes. It all links
directly back to God and All That Is.
      The human collective consciousness has guided our history and
our evolution as a species. We as individuals control our 3d world with
our interaction with it. At the same time, we as a collective, have
controlled every step of our history as a race on this planet since our
first breath as humans. A good example of what could be
accomplished by our collective consciousness is how the nations of the
earth rallied against Hitler’s war machine and Japan during the Second
World War.
      There are numerous chronicles of battles and events during this
war that present examples of how the allied nations went into battle
against insurmountable odds, and arrived victorious. Events that
detailed situations when the allies were outnumbered 50 to 1, and by
outrageous circumstances, and illogical reasoning the allied nations
defeated these regimes.
      This was the mass effect of so many humans thinking in unison
towards a unified objective that was supported by heaven and the
angelic force that surrounds us.
      Now, we are in a time such has never occurred before, that is
similar in scope but surpasses this in scale that it has never before
been achieved by man before in all his 140,000 years.
      We have long been headed towards this time. The earth could
not continue to tolerate the abuse we have committed to its land and
resources. Just as the Bible predicted and many other cultures, the
end is coming but instead of total destruction and scrapping the
human race, we have changed the end scenario to a totally different
story. This has all been because of the thought of the individual, and
the mass consciousness of mankind.
      When you keep thoughts of good intention, you project this
energy to others. You reflect this thought in your actions and words as
well. But remember the dual effect. This goes to the collective
consciousness of the planet as well. Think of it as a database, a
massive memory bank. Every good thought goes to this memory bank,
and as the percentage of good, positive energy accumulates and
grows, it creates the “light quotient of the planet”.
      Thirty years ago, our quotient was a majority of greed, hate, lust
and thirst for power and wealth. It was the dominant energy of our
entire planet! But things have changed. God and the angels have
worked to bring about seemingly insignificant changes in the way
some thought about themselves and their fellow man.
      In his infinite wisdom and love, he allowed more of the masters
throughout our history to be allowed to be reborn into the earth plane
as well, further seeding more individual points of light on the planet
and thereby helping to increase a change in individuals. With more
people having revelatory events such as the NDE’s, seeing and hearing
angels and star beings, they also began to bring in more light direct
from source.
      And it has had a chain effect upon the planet, and grows
exponentially every day. As more people “wake up” and learn to seek
God, they “call in” more light to the planet, making it more available
for others not yet awakened to do so.
      We were headed for a finale that would have been every bit as
terrible as our imaginations could have manufactured. And we would
have if not for those who bravely stepped out of the conformity
religion and government has kept us in successfully for 2,000 years.
We will soon come to the end of life as we know it, but instead of
death, destruction and doom, a new earth will be ushered in.
      Your thoughts, every whim and fantasy you conceive of creates
reality. If you keep your thought focused on how you hate your job,
your life, your car, whatever, this will continue to be delivered to your
doorstep. If you maintain fantasies of performing that perfect job,
envisioning how happy you are as you perform it, your thought creates
a “thought form” that is picked up by God, spirit, and the angels. The
more precise you are in visualizing this, and the more often you do,
the more energy they have to bring this to you.
      It is called the “Law of Attraction”. This is a spiritual concept,
and until recently has been considered ludicrous fantasy. But actual
people are proving it to be a reality. That is because it is reality. You
create it. God gave you this ability, the very same attribute that God
possesses, he gave to us.
      You may have heard of a book/video called “The Secret”. This is
that very concept written and explained in terms of objectivity that
exclude God from this formula. It is true in form and detail, but the
power that drives it is left by the wayside. It accurately explains how
we all have this inert ability. It recommends sharing the abundance
you create with others to also create more abundance.
      But it leaves out the fact that God gave us this ability and it was
God’s intention all along for us to evolve to a point that we remember
this attribute for the purpose of helping mankind as a whole, and not
helping ourselves to whatever we want. It gives you part of the entire
concept and stops short of the real reason for our existence.
      You have this at the edge of your consciousness, we all do.
When you realize it enough to sincerely belief it and have no doubt of
its veracity, you will have a revelation that changes your complete
outlook of life, who you are, and why you are. This is what has
occurred now to many people who have awakened to their divinity.
      You have the power unto yourself, to manifest whatever reality
you wish to become. Your thought is this powerful. You can exercise
this power in very simple terms just to get a feel for it. On your way to
the store to go shopping, begin to see a parking space opening up for
you as you arrive. You have angels at your side at all times; ask them
mentally or verbally, to please provide you a space to park where you
would like one.
      Your belief in your God given power is part of your thought as
well. If you do not believe it will happen, you will create just that. It is
this simple. You must believe what you think. It comes from your
heart. Without sincerity, there is no energy. Your intent is the strength
behind your thought and your creation.
      Rest assured, and as “The Secret” left out, if you try to create
things from an intention of selfishness it will not turn out the way you
expect. It may even turn out to be an event of dire regret for you and
others you caused harm to by this pursuit. Creation is our true nature,
and as we reach ascension and our minds expand to comprehend the
full meaning of this, so also does our realization of the responsibility
we must develop in exercising this trait.
      This has been the driving force behind man’s negative nature
and fascination with the dark energy. As wealth has presented
opportunity to exploit others man has chosen to create a reality of
materialistic wealth, power and control. But each who has done this
has, or will, come face to face with the consequence of choosing dark
over light, evil over good.
      We all make thousands of choices in the course of a day. So
many are automatic and without conscious awareness of their impact.
But each one accumulates to bring us closer and closer to the light, or
to the dark. Depending on your consciousness, you are at a certain
level of awareness of how these choices affect everything around you.
This is what expanding our consciousness is all about. How aware we
are of all that is around us, and our feelings associated with each of
these individual thoughts and reactions.
      As we get closer and closer to ascension, the phrase “our
consciousness will be expanded” becomes more and more real to us. It
is our awareness of being connected to everything, not just to God and
fellow humans, but also to all living things and the planet. Our thought
is where this occurs and originates.
      You may be very new to these concepts, and you are why I am
writing these words. But it is all before you and as far away as your
dreams and ponderings. It is there, within you. You may know Jesus
said, look not to heaven for the kingdom of God is within each of us.
This is one of his quotes that is literal. All that He is, is also within you.
You find it by opening a door of thought; it cannot be said any simpler.
       Man as a whole, has chosen to move towards the light in
enough numbers now, that there is no stopping the coming ascension.
The ascension is going to happen with or without you. God honors
your choice in this matter. There is no eternal damnation for your
choices. There is no hell except for the one we create for ourselves
here on earth in our present incarnation.
      When ascension culminates your body, mind and entire being
will be transformed just as the master Jesus did. Just as all the
revered prophets and icons of our religions did in our religious texts,
we too, will undergo an amazing change that will allow us to enjoy the
benefits of the new earth. This is because the earth will ascend with
us, and will transform into the beautiful Eden it once was.
      But this is not an ultimatum. We will have great beings of light
who are soon going to be among us. Beings that will arrive in great
ships that traveled across the galaxies to come and be with us for the
purpose of helping us expand our consciousness into the awareness of
All That Is, and the understanding of what it means to each of us.
      There have been many masters in the planet’s history that came
to teach us how to grow to this point in time. Some have been many
times in different bodies, at different ages, with the same mission.
These masters are beings of immense light and love, and will be with
us again in the flesh. Some will arrive in their natural state, a star
being millions of years old. This is to show us who we are. We are the
very same type of being.
      You may say “how can we be these great beings and we can’t
even fly on our own power thru the skies?”
      You have to think back on your original purpose. You chose to be
born upon this earth and learn, as a human, both aspects of duality.
You chose to experience light and dark, at the same time, and figure
out how to overcome the dark and find your way back to God, on your
own power. As you evolved, and learned, you shared your wisdom
with others around you and helped those less developed than you to
grow and learn. You are not alone in this experience. No matter how
much you may want to exclude the ugliness of war, death, poverty
and hunger, your original mission was, and is, to grow closer to God
and share God’s light with others.
      You don’t have to create a world hunger relief organization, but
it would be grand if you did. You don’t have to organize a movement
against government corruption and deceit, but your efforts would
greatly hasten the demise of these individuals.
      You can simply think of God momentarily each day, and thank
him for opening your eyes to truth, and bring an enormous amount of
his light, a direct emanation of pure energy from source, to the planet
we live in and make a huge impact in the collective consciousness for
the better.
      It makes no difference how little or how much you do, if it is in
seeking the sincere contact of the one God, to connect with All That Is.
That is all that is required. God and the entire divine creation will do
the rest. You have my word on it. I am living proof.
      You see I lived 47 years thinking God was harsh, unfair and
biased. I thought I just wasn’t righteous enough to deserve any favor
from him. I got handouts every once in a while, only to loose them
and even more taken from me, and it was God who executed it all. But
one night, I had a dream that awakened me from the stupor I lived in.
It shook me at my core and made me take notice of who I was. It
made such an impact I couldn’t think of anything else and I pursued
what it meant until one day, after searching for an answer for months,
God reached down and shot an energy thru my being I will never
forget and get chills now just saying it.
      God, and All That Is, is real as the hand before your face. Spirit
and angels are real; they exist by your side at all times. It is nothing
but the purest essence of a love that I cannot describe with words.
This is around you, within you, and you are the key to knowing this
truth. You and your thought opens the floodgate to the incredible rush
that will overtake your body and mind and fill you with such an
incredible sense of awe, power, love and peace that you will never be
the same again. I challenge you to just believe it exists and ask spirit
to show you it is real.
      It was once considered blasphemy to do this. This was created
by minds that did not want this power in the hands of the people. They
wanted the power for themselves and created a religion based on fear.
Fear of a God that required subservience. I am here to tell you it is not
this way. God demands nothing. Man has been the perpetrator of
demands all along, and when you ask spirit to show you the truth,
they will open the way up to you and you will be enlightened.
      You will know beyond a doubt the real God of all the ages. All
the Gods of all mankind’s interpretations has been one and All That Is.
God waits for each of us to want truth. God knows we hunger for truth
direct from him, and asking to have this revealed to you opens the
doors to this being revealed.
      Your thought is where it begins. It is the focal point of All That
Is. Our thought is God’s thought, it is intertwined and unbreakable. We
only perceive of a tiny fraction of it as humans. But look around you,
on the internet, in books. You will find many, many people who have
found that immutable link and are expressing their truths in wisdom
that has been hidden for centuries and centuries. It is your truth as
well. We share it ultimately, in our higher state of being.
      You may be just awakened to the realization of your connection
to God or spirit. You may perceive a truth that doesn’t involve God,
but instead has revealed abilities you can’t explain. These are a
sample of your true natural existence. Explore your gift; try to use it
to help others. As you share your abilities in helping others, you open
your mind to expansion, and with it truth is revealed to you.
       We each walk our own individual path. There are as many paths
as there are people on the planet. We are this unique. But we walk
side by side, and all paths lead to the one God.
       When you lay in bed tonight before sleeping, try to empty your
mind of all thought. It’s not easy for most. Music starts playing, you
relive moments from the day, you ponder agendas for the next day.
But try to empty all of this out of your mind. Just focus on your breath.
By putting your attention on your breathing, you help eliminate these
errant thoughts. When you feel void and about to doze, say hello to
God. Or, say hello to your angels. Ask them to help you to the truth.
       It may be instant, or it may take a week or two of doing this, but
eventually, something very special will happen. You will be presented
with an undeniable event of proof of what I say to you. You will get a
sign that is so profound as to leave no doubt that the one God does
indeed hear you, no matter who you are, what you have done in your
life, or where you are seemingly headed, God and your angels hear
       It is you who may have been having trouble hearing them. This
simple exercise opens your mind; it expands it, a little at the time.
And with this expanding consciousness you will begin to recognize
truth as it resonates with you. It will feel right, it will feel good.
       My truth is not your truth. But our thoughts combine to create
one mass train of thought. At no time in our evolution as there been
as much light directly beamed to us and our planet as there is now. It
is there to help you find your thoughts, and direct them to a higher
being. It is much easier for us to connect, directly, to God and source
now. Use this opportunity to explore your connection. It starts with a
simple thought.
      Its private, no one can hear it, it’s between you and God. All of
the divine order of the higher dimensions is available to help you if you
explore the possibility.
      The Plan

      Okay, you should have seen it coming right? Here it is the
almighty plan. It seems that every religion, every cult, every
philosophy on the planet must and does contain…a plan.
      But wait! Don’t run!
      Unlike every “plan” in every religion and dogma ever created on
earth our plan has a central truth that differs from all of the wisdom in
oral or written form. It revolves and evolves around you and your
happiness. God wants you to be happy in this life or any other. When
you are happy, you share this joy, and are propagating God’s love to
all you come in contact with. Think of your most inner desires and
what makes you find happiness. Chances are very, very good it can be
or is an occupation that creates prosperity for you.
      If you think it will not you are mistaken. Remember our
discussion about thought? While you are in a state of joy you project
and broadcast joy, the pure essence of source, out in all directions. It
helps foster prosperity and abundance that returns to you. Even if you
don’t immediately produce income from this pursuit, its positive effects
will indirectly manifest abundance to you. I am living this right now. I
have been witnessing it for about a year now.
      When you are in a state of joy you are directly beaming God’s
love into your being and radiating it outward permeating the air, and
all living things with this pure essence of All That Is. Your happiness in
life is paramount to your mission upon this earth. God knows this;
your higher true self knows this. The hard part is getting at you, your
earthly being, and making it accept this as your truth.
      When I stopped last and pondered how to move on to this
chapter my thoughts crossed many possible paths. In the beginning I
felt it was best to save this for the last, but it is quite difficult to go on
to other relevant steps in the process of this book without you having
a foreknowledge of why you were put here in the first place and a brief
genealogy of it.
      Of course this is my slant on the matter. It is biased and
strongly rooted in my truth. The fact that it colludes with other known
beliefs, other’s truths, is beside the point. No matter how much you
believe and accept now or in the future in your earthly incarnation
right now, know beyond a doubt truth will be revealed to you when
you leave this visit as a human. Accepting ascension you forego
human death and transmute to a being of this nature while in the flesh
and fully conscious.
      Looking at it this way you have no concern for alarm, no fear of
retribution from a fierce and stern God that rules with an iron hand
daring you to take a closer look at what many will insist you have no
right to ponder. But then, that is why you are here isn’t it? You crave
to know more. More about you, not someone like you, but just you
and you only. You seek to unlock the mystery behind why you are.
      There are secret places scattered about this earth that hold
ancient relics of eras and domains that existed so long ago there is no
other trace of it in existence. A few of these things have been
discovered and secreted away by the illuminati that have enjoyed total
freedom to manipulate our consciousness and, as it has been since
very early man, “write our program”. The Buddhist of Tibet has
knowledge of some of these places.
      The scope and impact of how these places can affect mankind is
so enormous, so planet shattering, they have kept these places and
the data, artifacts and proofs they contain tightly hidden away from
man for thousands of years throughout their lineage. They have kept
to their ways and philosophy because at the highest levels of their
society they have transcended the earthly realm and communicate
with those beings most of us only meet upon human death.
      It is well known to the masters of this meek but highly intelligent
race that man has not been of a moral and ethical standard that would
reflect a responsible behavior from having this knowledge. You have to
admit it, we in the west have been a society based on materialistic
existence that hordes abundance for oneself, and sharing to all is
impractical. Those in the different points of power would take and
exploit this wealth of data and technology to further their quests for
world domination.
      This is in fact the root of the Chinese’s invasion of Tibet and
complete domination of that territory. Make no mistake about it, there
is a dark force and human minions that are aware of these things and
would love to get their hands on it. But that is not to come until a
complete and full removal of this kind of power base that is prolific in
every part of organized civilization today, and the installment of a new
earth that has been restored to its pristine state as it was intended.
      Humans began walking the earth some 300,000 years ago. I
stated earlier they did 140,000 years ago. Then which is correct? Man
as an organism became upright 300K ago, but only became cognizant
of his own consciousness 140K ago.
      A majority of you reading this page were one of these very
people; crude and rude, with survival the only game in town. But this
is not all you were, or are. Each of us, down to the very last person,
originates from other stars, star systems, galaxies and dimensions.
Your home is not this planet. It is not even this solar system.
      Hard to swallow?
      I am sure for some of you this is stretching it a bit. But this is a
fact. In our true state of being we have a much more expanded
awareness of our link to All That Is. Everything in existence is a part of
our knowing. We have access to all knowledge at varying levels of
quantity based on the level of spiritual enlightenment we possess.
What this means is that as we have grown spiritually in the human
form by experiencing, and making choices that bring us closer to God
and All That Is. Our consciousness has expanded with it to incorporate
more and more knowledge and wisdom that emanates from source.
      You, as a human, are an aspect of your entire being. You are
here and now, a small portion of your complete self. The majority of
your entire self exists in dimensions outside your human senses. Your
human shell is limited to how much awareness of your true self it can
contain and be conscious of for very real and practical reasons. To
make it simple you can only hold so much of this knowledge in your
human form, else you would “burn” up your human shell. You would
disintegrate it. Man cannot take in to much of this “light”,
enlightenment, awareness or consciousness at once. Our physiological
configuration will not allow it.
      We must grow into it slowly and accept each “bit and byte” in
portions that our body can adjust to. Whether science and medicine
want to accept this or not, our bodies are a direct result of our
consciousness. We are very much like computers. It is no different
than when you ponder upgrading your computer’s operating system,
most of the time you must upgrade your hardware before or soon
after. The hardware will not understand the new instructions and
capabilities of the new operating system.
      Humans function in a very similar manner. When we tap into
source, information comes to us in like manner. It can be from infinite
sources, but it is directed by divine intervention and supervision. Each
piece of this upgrade data unlocks keys at an atomic level within our
DNA, which in turn create changes in our biological and physiological
structure. Our biological/physiological process of being alive must
change in order to understand additional light. Light is simply data
from the divine realms.
      Our bodies have a vibration that can be equated to and
measured in hertz. As we adjust to light by expanding our
consciousness, and awareness to truth, our vibration increases. The
highest our bodies can vibrate and still remain a viable human is
around 745 hertz. When we have expanded our minds and
consciousness past this point, we begin to dissolve and exist in the
next dimensions, the 4th and 5th dimension. Science is beginning to see
understanding into this dynamic that has been unknown since our
      Every small opinion you have adapted as a truth, a firm belief
that confirms to you that you are indeed connected to source and God
initiates these small mutations in your being both spiritual and
physical. This is the design from the very start. A conceptual thought
that manifested straight from God and creation, and why you were
      In a flash, God burst into creation billions of particles of itself
into separate entities of its thought, particles of the whole that were
and are, eternally linked and connected to it. God experiences itself by
this connection to the particles. It lives and breaths every moment,
every emotion, and every choice through what you are experiencing
now and forever. It experiences you as you live it, and it God does this
with all the millions of we beings at once. Not just humans on earth
but all beings in all universes in existence!
      Doesn’t that just blow your mind?!
      The Plan is to begin existence as an individual aspect of God and
step down away from that cohesion to experience the absence of its
presence, but more importantly to learn and grow our way back to
that very core of complete unity within the whole of what God is. God
wanted to experience what it was like to be separate from God. God
could not do this itself. The only way to know this experience was to
duplicate itself in a being that was removed from the Godhead, yet
remain in full contact. We began this process with little or no contact
and have evolved our connection thru physical and spiritual evolution.
      We are a thought of God. We are a tiny splinter from the main
body. This is a hard concept to explain with my limited education and
level of understanding of it. But in simple terms, God thought us up.
We began existence as this thought. We exist in our true nature as a
thought form that has no relevance to a tangible comparison by
human terms.
      When you reach the next dimension either in this life or after it,
you realize some of this true state of being. Again this is dependent
upon your level of spiritual growth. Most of us, even lightworkers and
healers, have only an inkling of what this really encompasses here and
now. Non-awakened people who have no knowledge of ascension,
spirit or the reality that exists unseen around us here and now have no
idea of who they really are. But all of us are beings of immense light
and intelligence. This statement can be argued against by simply
recognizing how many people that have existed who have perpetrated
terrible evil upon the earth and man.
      It is hard to accept that Hitler, or Charles Manson, could even be
considered being of such magnificence. But there is a picture that is so
much larger than we perceive.
      In the higher dimensions we work together to do what would
best help perpetuate the evolution of man and the earth, and bring
enlightenment to all the beings incarnated upon it. In our true form,
and our natural place of being, we study and decide what lesson is
best to be learned as a human, in the human condition. We commit to
a particular life lesson and determine what we think would be the best
conditions conducive to manifesting this lesson, all in the higher
dimensions in our more complete state of being.
      We have help from beings higher in spirituality and
enlightenment than ourselves. We have divine direction and guidance
from dimensions higher than those etheric planes where we do this
work. And when the male and female we chose to accomplish this
create life in the womb, we enter our spiritual body into that child at
some point at or before birth, and begin an incarnation upon the earth
for the purpose of learning that lesson and becoming more enlightened
to our connection to God, to our brothers and sister on the planet, and
to All That Is.
      Many times we enter the child at birth. But it can occur at any
time once that biological life form begins to grow. The purpose of your
life determines when. Your purpose has much more meaning than just
unto yourself and your personal life lessons. We also come into
humanity with a world purpose. We affect everything and everyone
around us. You may have entered a fetus and lived only a few weeks
or days, and left it again when it died for various reasons.
      What possible purpose would this serve?
      Your short life and death generated energy upon those who you
were associated with on earth at that time. That energy created
feelings of pain, sorrow, compassion, humility and numerous human
reactions. These reactions had a needed effect on these people. Those
emotions may have been the trigger necessary for that mother, father,
grandparents, friends or anyone who knew of it to stop and question
who they are, and where is God?
         And here it lies before you, our search for God. This may have
been that deciding moment of such dire sorrow and pain that the
mother is broken to a point of relinquishing her pride and refusal to
accept that God does indeed exist and that she calls out to it to help
her. It may be that deciding moment when she opens her heart to
hope that maybe God is here. In some aspects we are so very unique
and different, in that only one certain special event will put a crack in
our heart and allow God’s light to penetrate it.
         This is but one example of millions of scenarios that culminate
into the epiphany of revelation that a human experiences sooner or
         But why must so many people die? How do mass death events
foster good?
         When a friend or loved one you know dies, do you not feel
sorrow? Have you ever become mad at God and cursed it for anguish
and sorrow you feel it is responsible for, or its lack of intervening and
preventing it from happening? Guess what, you are acknowledging
God is real and indeed exists. You are saying to God I see you, I am
mad at you, why did you do this to me.
         But, you ARE connecting to God are you not? You may have
been busily living your life pursuing materiality and having the time of
your life. But these events made you stop and ponder God, and how it
relates to your life didn’t it?
         Recognize the natural disasters that have occurred in our very
recent history. From these events like the Tsunami in Burma, and
Hurricane Katrina in the US, a massive outpouring of compassion was
generated from all over the world. This compassion is divine energy
each individual manifested from the human sacrifice of others. But its
collective effect increased the total light, divine healing energy that
was pulled to the earth.
      In the previous century, Hitler’s regime was responsible for
millions of innocent lives being taken. But it created the unification of a
world consensus that became one to stand against a dark energy that
had been allowed to manifest for this very purpose. And as a result
millions of people grew closer to God and the light. These same people
fostered children who received the benefit of this additional light, and
grew up to be those to instill yet more thought provoking ideas that
help ever more people consider God as a real and viable truth that
continued to bring ever more quantities of light to the planet.
      Yes, death and loss are painful for most of us. At best we accept
it as necessary and as it should be, and choose to keep cherished
memories alive and know the one passed on is in a better place. For
the few like me, and lightworkers, and some very fortunate religious
followers we are overjoyed because we know where those departed
people really are. They are in a place of such joy and happiness it
cannot be described with full meaning and words. It goes beyond
human comprehension, but we know.
      This is how it has been since the earth, solar system, and all the
universes and galaxies were created. We chose to take part in the
evolution of this very special place we call home, the planet earth. We
could not incarnate into a human body and bring all of this knowledge
as a knowing with us. Our human brain could not cope with it. We
would not be able to fulfill the purpose of that incarnation with all of
this running around in our head, we would be born insane. More
importantly we would not live the experience we planned, learn the
lesson we committed to or fulfill our purpose of helping our fellow
humans with knowing all of this.
      We chose this willingly and happily in those higher dimensions
because in this realm we can see how profound that life will be and
how so utterly huge of an impact we make on those around us as we
live and find our truth. As a human though, it is entirely our choice
how we live this human life. This “plan” we configured for each
incarnation is not set in stone. Many times we fail, and so try it again
with different circumstances, parents, locations and infinite variables
that will help us succeed.
      But we each contribute to a common purpose and goal; to make
our way back to the bosom of creation and source…together, not
apart. We are the instruments of the whole of our parts. Every
successive generation that has been born upon this earth has evolved
us to a closer and more complete union with source. Each lifetime you
have lived has imbued your true self with experience, bad or good in
human terms, to impart a wisdom that leads you back to your true
      All the while as you collect, assimilate, process and progress
your being towards the infinity of everything that exists, it is shared
with all of creation and furthers the mass consciousness of All That Is
to unity with God. You may feel alone, separate or independent of that
whole, but know that you are felt and loved beyond description by
everything in creation.
      This brings up the topic of criminals and wrongdoers. How can
these people be so loved? This also goes beyond our limitations of
understanding as humans. We are creatures that were created to
register emotion and react. It is very hard to receive hurt and find
compassion for the perpetrator. But it is within our ability to find this
piece of Godself inside of us, and latch on to it to help us see more
than with our human eyes.
      Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and many others throughout our
planetary history showed us it is possible. When we can accept that
there is more to an event, a circumstance, a life than our human eyes
can see, we open the door of enlightenment and knowing. If you allow
just the possibility that there was a greater purpose than an apparent
loss, you will begin to feel the knowledge God wishes to flood upon our
being. If you try to see the bigger picture, and ask divine assistance to
do so, you will “see the light”.
      Please know this, that all who have died and suffered have come
upon this earth to do this very thing, at that time and at that place for
a very specific reason. They did so willingly, joyfully knowing the true
meaning of this sacrifice. You are this person, now in the flesh. You
have left a place of paradise, of wonder and joy that if you knew now
in your human state of its utter splendor you would be likely commit
suicide to get back to it. But this will not work as you think. Your true
being made a commitment to this life plan, this one purpose you
decided to fulfill in the best interest of humanity, and your own
spiritual growth. Upon returning to the higher realm you will find after
looking back at your life, and how leaving early made such terrible
circumstances and events occur to your brothers and sisters you
dearly love in the higher dimensions because you didn’t finish your
mission, you will be overcome with great sadness and regret.
      You will return to try it again under very similar, or worse,
circumstances and try to remember your purpose again and fulfill it.
You are here to help yourself and humanity no matter how small and
insignificant you think you are, you DO make a difference with the life
you lead. From Cro-Magnon man to Nobel prize winners, we each
make a difference to the mass consciousness of man, of the earth, and
to the infinite universe.
      If you form no other truth about yourself from this book, make
this one single point a lasting impression upon your waking mind.
      If you are slinging hamburgers in a greasy spoon, executing
corporate decisions that affect thousands of jobs, or sit in a small cell
in a prison; you matter to God, and to all of creation. You are loved by
beings maybe unseen to your eyes, even when no human will speak to
you. No matter what you have done in this life or all the countless
other lives you lead, God and All That Is loved you then and loves you
now. He has not and will not judge you for anything you have done.
      You have a human brethren that love you as well. There are
many who have seen and felt truth as it has entered their
consciousness and know these things as real. They know there is a you
beyond the human projection you now occupy and revel in the
knowledge that one day you too will know this and weep with a joy
you have never known in this lifetime.
      You are responsible for you. You will be the judge of your life,
and your existence now or later. Man may judge you here and now but
God does not. No divine entity will ever judge you. You will come full
circle to the life you lived before you die, ascend or when you die a
human death, whichever comes first. You are your brothers keeper,
but not his judge.
      You decide. But either way you will come to this awareness, this
truth. We each walk this path on our own by the choices we make. We
step off that path and fall, but there are divine beings that are beside
you, and when you are ready to listen, to just take that tiny step of
saying to yourself that maybe, just maybe all this isn’t a fantastic
story or a cult following. Just maybe it could actually be real; you open
the door to allow truth into your mind, awareness and consciousness.
And if you look, really look, there are human guides here with the sole
purpose, their purpose, of helping you to the light.
      These are the times of humanity, as it should be, and as it has
been since the beginning of All That Is. You have never had the
availability of direct communication with source as you have now. Our
religions, social structure, governments and civilizations have long
pursued control of our natural faculties that we were created with. But
this is diminishing and its power is fading. As it does more and more
energy from source pours upon the planet and the gifts of cognitive
awareness of our link to source increases.
      Find hope in this message if you have none. Find peace when
you have no sanctuary from chaos. When all around you work to
dissuade that small voice that is now whispering in your ear to just
believe in a God that is pure, unconditional love and nothing else, you
will find that indescribable moment of clarity that no man can ever
remove from your awareness. It will not be fleeting and momentary. It
will remain with you from that point on, and as you seek truth, more
splendors will encompass your human life than you ever thought
      This brings us back full circle to my first paragraph in this topic.
God is waiting as is all the universe to give you what will really make
you happy. You may think having “things” is this source of happiness.
But ask any millionaire who has any material possession they want at
their fingertips and you will learn that materiality is only a result of
your happiness. Deep down in your core you know your own truth
regarding what brings you happiness. It is in doing, not having.
      There lies within you an urge to perform a certain talent that is
so compelling you feel complete while doing it. This is that part of you
that you have developed over many lifetimes and eons of time. It
comes naturally for you, and you enjoy it above all other forms of
happiness. This is a part of your plan. It is also part of your life plan to
man because it contributes to the well-being of your fellow man and
the planet as a whole.
      If you seek after this truth and ask divine assistance to find it,
you will find opportunity after opportunity arriving right at your feet
waiting for you to pick up and take the next step down your true
divine path. As these revelations are revealed and you expand your
consciousness more and more, exploring this pursuit, you will find
those innate Godself abilities beginning to emerge.
      This was purposely ingrained in your being, carried over from
the higher dimensions into your human DNA with the specific purpose
of helping you awaken to the you that you really are. I know it sounds
too, too simple to be realistic. That is because it is not a realistic venue
of thought and contrary to every logical notion you have been taught
since you understood language. But it is a part of you and a part of
your life purpose. You are meant to create in order to bring joy to
yourself and those around you. The joy you manifest in doing so
brings you closer and closer to All That Is, and your true identity. That
joy contagiously spreads around you and helps other living things find
their truth, their joy and their connection to source as well.
      That is it in a nutshell. That is The Plan, your plan. YOU are the
plan and have been since creation began. Do you see how it connects
you to everything around you and to God? Your purest state of being
that you can manifest on earth right now, in this minute, is the plan.
All else follows with and behind it as it is in accordance with universal
law. It is a natural flow because everything that is, is designed inside
of this law. The planets rotate around our sun according to this law.
The galaxies our solar system is a part of flows around the central
universe according to this law. And, the atoms that spin tirelessly
around the nucleus of your cells follow this exact same law.
      One is a part of another, yet independent of it. One supports the
higher yet follows its own natural course. Without one all would
collapse. Without all one would not exist. According to how high you
vibrate, or put another way, what level of consciousness you possess,
you feel your connection to this All. Those that have made religion a
lifetime pursuit feel either closeness to the God they worship,
closeness to their fellow man, or both. There are some who devote
their energies to nature and developing closeness to it. Others may
choose a philanthropic approach towards life choosing not to ally with
any one religion or doctrine but instead pursue any activity that
promotes the well-being of mankind.
      All of these paths lead to the same place, and eventually all of us
converge at this point of space and being that we no longer have just
our separate identity but also carry a conscious awareness of all of
creation. Not just your humanly comrades, but all beings in all
existences. Each of those paths lead to this oneness.
      You do not have to give up anything or dismiss anything you
presently believe and hold as a truth. By accepting what I have laid
out before you, you open your mind to additional potentials you may
have considered invalid up to this point. This message is to bring you
peace that comes from releasing your fears of what you think you
cannot or must not do. What am I asking?
      I am asking you only to seek God’s truth for yourself. You start
by stating to your God that is what you want. You state you want to
know the truth and have it resonate so clearly that you have no doubt
as to its validity. That is all it takes, this one simple statement that
only you and God hear. It will hear you and honor this decision for it is
the most joyous and celebrated utterance in all the universes and
      The God of Mohammed, the God of Jacob, and The God of
Gandhi are all one in the same. They are one, and wish for us to be.
      Death and the Afterlife
      I cannot go any further without giving you details that, to me,
are the most joyous, incredibly happy news a human could ever hope
to have revealed to them. But first let’s review what contemporary
man has perceived, written and professed to be the only way or truth,
and the impact of each.
      There are seven major religions. Under most is a multitude if not
thousands, of individual sects and branches that stemmed from the
original major religions.
      Let’s start with the Christians. The word embodies a person that
believes in the Christ and the literal transcription and subsequent
translations that have resulted from it over the course of nearly 6,000
years. Regarding human death and what occurs afterwards a Christian
who obeys the rules set down and managed by church authority will be
rewarded after death with everlasting life in heaven with Jesus at the
head of the table as supreme ruler, and God the next entity up.
      All non strict non-followers of the doctrine will be plunged into a
spiritual hell made by God, just for, the personal punishment of those
that do not adhere to the rules as stated in the Bible we now know.
      Sounds pretty harsh, does it not? So, if I get this right then I
must do my very best to follow every single rule in this book, and
there are dozens if you count them all. Also knowing I cannot possibly
achieve perfection as a human and resist the temptation to avoid
breaking any one of them, I must also plead for forgiveness from
Jesus and the Almighty daily and hope that my supplication and
subservience to rigid rule will allow me a pass from hell when I die.
      At the same time, I am to project that I am saved by grace
alone from the sacrifice of Jesus, and profess my belief as the only
means to this salvation. But this book, thank goodness, does contain
many, many verses directly quoted from Jesus where he tells a slightly
different message. He preached love.
       He also gave symbolic reference to reincarnation and the
afterlife, that when translated to English leaves so much ambiguity as
to the literal meaning wars have been fought over these very
principles. His original words were given in this manner for a specific
purpose. So that only those who genuinely sought truth from God
would understand the truth he and God intended for us to contain.
       Now, does the image of living your whole life in fear of hell when
you die, and, go on to a supposed paradise where a ruler sits on high
and mandates your praise and worship 24/7 sound like your idea of
       This is not the God or heaven, I have come to know. It is a
version of Gods truth as it was perceived by men, a few men to start
with. It has blossomed into a major way of living for hundreds of
thousands of generations and millions of people though.
       Now lets move on to the Muslim view. Muslims believe in many
levels or versions of heaven, as well as the counterpart, all based on
the deeds you executed while on earth in this lifetime. You basically
build your paradise or build your hell. The choice is yours, but when
you die you will go to either depending on your “bank account”. Yet
the Quran does quantify your one way ticket to heaven or hell just as
simple as the Christian bible. The difference is in how you get there in
this life.
       And even more contradictory, the Quran states the soul goes to
a purgatory in a state of suspension awaiting judgment when on a
certain day their soul will be reanimated back into their original body. I
have not studied the Quran as much as I would have liked, but, when I
have I have become so utterly confused on the exact process of death
and the afterlife I have given up trying to nail it down. But the Quran
possesses many good words of advice to living a life that benefits
mankind and the planet, just as the Bible does.
      The bible also projects these similar kinds of statements and
confusing contradictions about the subject of death and life after it.
      The Catholic view seems a mixed variant of these two
precursors. At death you go to a purgatory and spend time in
“purgation” until you progress to a state of being able to advance to a
heavenly abode. Your life and views determine your period of purging
in this existence between heaven and hell.
      Judaism holds many different views of this process, with
ambiguity or any exact dogma to base a solid consensus on the
subject. It varies from total destruction at human death to going to a
heaven. Some tenants of this faith even support reincarnation until
you become so enlightened as to never need to live in human form
      Hinduism and many eastern religions are based on Karma and
reincarnation. From your many lives you create good karma or bad
karma. For every bad thing you do, you must atone for it in human
lifetime, to reverse it. The more bad karma you create, the more
lifetimes you must come back into to negate this negative karma by
doing good to others and yourself. You may have to suffer in those
atoning lifetimes as well. Many times it takes several lives of good
living to negate one life of bad deeds; hence, the cycle of life, death
and rebirth.
      You return to a life of suffering to admonish those you made
suffer, and when you have done so successfully enough to nullify all of
this bad karma, you come into a life of reward. If you have truly
learned from this, a life of wealth and plenty at your disposal will not
corrupt your values learned, and you will use it to help those who have
less that surround you. But too many times this very life of plenty has
the opposite effect and starts the cycle of bad karma being produced
and additional lifetimes to reverse it again. Only very few humans
practicing Hinduism have transcended this vicious cycle.
      But for those few, they transmuted any need of human life and
interaction and went on to the higher dimensions of their version of
      Buddhism accepts these basic principles and incorporates
Hinduism into their own brand of religion. In fact Buddhism
incorporates several religious philosophies and blends them into a
unique marriage of the best ideologies from these religions. The
Buddhist history records a portion of time from the life of Jesus
because he spent time with them during his life.
      If you know your bible, you know there is a portion of the life of
Jesus that is not included in this book. Between the ages of 13 and 30,
there is basically nothing. It states he left to go study with a noble
person from a distant country. The next thing you know he shows up
17 years later back in his old stomping grounds.
      What the heck is that!!?
      For such an important icon, a person who is venerated to be the
master of our world and the known universe, why would such an
important piece of data be excluded? The answer to this is a whole
nother’ topic, and one best not covered here and now. But Tibet is one
of the places he went to, and studied. Jesus visited and learned from
all the known major civilizations. He learned their language and
learned as much as he could from their known religious works. And he
shared his truth to all of them as well.
       What does this have to do with the thesis of this topic? My point
is this; no one religion is complete unto itself in covering the truth as
God would have us be compelled to know it now. Over centuries these
great works of wisdom have been cornerstones of our very existence
and have guided us towards the light and closer to source. And during
these millennia, they were appropriate and supportive to that very
       But just as easily they have been distorted and maligned to omit
precious truths. Some of these very truths were divinely omitted by
decree as it was all in perfect order of our evolution to get us to this
place we are now at.
       Let me give you an interesting quote from the Book of Mormon,
the book of Nephi chapter 13 that exemplifies my point. It states that
a great church will rise and be an abomination. It says that even the
book of the Jews (bible) they (this church) have taken away from the
gospel of the Lamb many parts which are plain and most precious; and
also many covenants of the Lord have they taken away.

          27. And all this have they done that they might
          pervert the right ways of the Lord, that they might
          blind the eyes and harden the hearts of the children
          of men.
          28. Wherefore, thou seest that after the book hath
          gone forth through the hands of the great and
          abominable church, that there are many plain and a
          precious things taken away from the book, which is
          the book of the Lamb of God.
          29. And after these plain and precious things were
          ataken away it goeth forth unto all the nations of
         the Gentiles; and after it goeth forth unto all the
         nations of the Gentiles, yea, even across the many
         waters which thou hast seen with the Gentiles
         which have gone forth out of captivity, thou seest—
         because of the many plain and precious things
         which have been taken out of the book, which were
         plain unto the understanding of the children of
         men, according to the plainness which is in the
         Lamb of God—because of these things which are
         taken away out of the gospel of the Lamb, an
         exceedingly great many do stumble, yea, insomuch
         that Satan hath great power over them.

      We know deep down, after centuries upon centuries of gradually
expanding our awareness that something is missing. We feel and
discern things that these books cannot explain and with this ultimate
information missing, we have no other choice than to seek outside
these mediums and also within ourselves because it is of such a
personal nature we cannot possibly find confidence in going thru a
“middle man”.
      Most of the accepted texts tell a story that is ambiguous, or are
at best; lacking all there is to know of exactly what happens when you
die. I will now convey the reality of this subject in my most sincere
belief and knowing. It may go against every grain you have left so far
in this book. It may be the last straw and you close this work and
never look upon it again. It goes against, and beyond, everything you
have ever been taught in western theology, and some eastern
      But I ask you to consider what harm do you fear will come upon
you for setting aside your belief system momentarily and opening your
mind to other possibilities? Do you not watch movies and TV shows
that portray stories that defy religious principles? Do you not try to live
and work among others that do not share your personal convictions
yet accept that they have the right to choose their own way of living
as long as it does not harm you? Do you not read books of fantasy and
fiction and find it entertaining?
      If you do not do any of these things, you are living as a hermit
alone somewhere secluded away from man and civilization. If you are,
you are already farther along in your connection to God that the
majority of the civilized world and I applaud your convictions and
determination to remove the earthly distractions. But God did not
intend for us to live alone, apart from our fellow man. He wants us to
share his love with others.
      You have nothing to loose by reading further, and considering it
nothing more than another form of entertainment at the very worst. At
the very best, you have come this far, and this message has found a
resonance within you and it tinges the far reaches of your mind with
the excitement of “what if”. Think back on all we have discussed and
form a generalization of where you find your perspective in the
broadening spectrum it has opened up inside you. You can decide your
position by simply asking your God, or yourself, to help you discern
your own truth from what you have read.
      As I explained earlier your true being is a masterful, super
intelligent, sentient and loving being of such multi-faceted aspects only
few humans on the planet have a full understanding of its complexity.
This is what it happening now very rapidly; people are coming into the
awareness of this by way of hundreds of different scenarios and
events. NDE’s (near death experience) are a classic example of this.
The majority of reported NDE’s all detail a similar chain of events. You
die, but you never loose consciousness. Instead, you feel yourself
exiting your body as you float above it and see your body below you or
beside you, apart from you. Then the person travels rapidly to a light
where an overwhelming peace overtakes their senses. Next they
converse with beings sometimes seen, and other times none are seen,
but they have a dialog where the truth is explained to varying degrees
and the person learns that they never die. They learn that they
inhabited a human body for the purpose of fulfilling a mission on the
earth. Most times these people, upon finding the next dimension and
the indescribable peace and love that surrounds them, don’t want to
      But if they did not finish the work they set out to do on earth,
the loving beings in that next dimension try to convince them to go
back and do so. While some others didn’t want to leave earth in the
first place because of attachments to people they left behind and
eagerly choose to return.
      But in most of the cases I read about, they went to a place of
incredible beauty, love and peace. They were met by beings that
possessed and exuded love onto and into these people. And, more
importantly, they were shown how much difference their life made on
those around them. Most NDE’s come back fully aware of the
experience to help support the convictions they now have of finishing
their work on earth.
      You have to admit there are few stories as intriguing and
fascinating as a NDE. The one misnomer is though, it wasn’t a near
death. It was a death. That person’s body ceased living and their spirit
left that body for a section of earth time. At this point I present a
challenge to you. When you decide to stop reading this book for good,
or you finish it, go to your library and begin reading books on this
subject. I recommend you first read “Blinded by the Light” by Dannion
      This man was not your average God fearing American in his
perspectives and way of living prior to his NDE. You could almost say
he was atheistic. This story will challenge whatever religious
convictions you may have, and have you look back again on some of
the points I have made.
      Coming back to the main topic though, your true being resides in
the upper dimensions. What you are cognizant of now, reading this
page, and taking breath is only an “aspect” of this entire being. There
are many layers to your being that you cannot see here and now. They
are composed of pure energy at different levels of manifestation. Each
is a part of you, but make up all of you. I won’t go into too much detail
about this now.
      The consciousness you have of your body, your mind, your
surroundings and perception of this thru your senses all make up what
you know as you. Your soul, or spirit, inhabits a physical shell, your
body, and your brain allows you in a marginal way to communicate
with this body and the surrounding environment. It never dies; it
doesn’t even loose consciousness very long even in death. Sleeping is
the longest periods of unconsciousness we experience, but even then,
as we tap into source and raise our vibration we gradually remember
more and more of what our spirit does when it is sleeping.
      As humans what most of us fear most about death are two
things; primarily we fear the pain of death first, and secondly what will
happen to us once we are dead.
      We are blessed with a wonderful limit switch in our bodies as
humans; it’s called shock. When the pain receptors in our bodies send
more pain impulses to our brains than we can cope with, shock takes
over and hits the kill switch to these receptors and some or all of the
pain we would feel is reduced or gone. If you research details of
accidents and events where people are mortally wounded you will find
that they feel little if no pain once a sudden trauma occurs to their
body. Some people simply black out from an overload of pain
information that is going to the brain.
      For people dying from disease such as cancers, this process is
much slower and the mind has time to adjust and accept the reality of
their eventual death. For some of these people their pain is
excruciating at the end because of two reasons; their fear of dying,
and anticipated pain from it. Fortunate ones in this situation come to
peace with the reality of it and in doing so alleviate much of the pain
just by removing the denial of reality, and accepting the inevitable
      But in all cases of death, our bodies have built in functions that
greatly reduce if not eliminate any pain associated with the process. It
is within the power of our thought, our God given abilities, that make
this a smooth peaceful transition, or a hard, painful struggle to hold on
to this earth plane and our attachments we have made to it.
      When you take your last breath, your spirit, soul, being
whichever you wish to refer to it, gently slides out of your body and is
separated from it. You no longer are attached to that body. Just like
taking off a heavy winter coat, your body is nothing but a physiological
shell that you once fit inside of. Your mind and awareness are still very
much intact and alive.
      At this point, depending on who you are and what you believe,
you may go immediately to a light, or you may hang around awhile on
the earth plane and watch what goes on to and around your body.
Sometimes people don’t comprehend they are dead yet, such is the
case in accidental deaths many times. It takes a little time to realize
you are no longer in that body, but you do. Eventually you will hear a
voice, or just see bright light, and feel compelled to go to it. Your will
determines this and how fast your travel to it.
      You may also belief that when you die, there is nothing else at
all, you completely cease to exist physically and consciously.
      Your knowledge and belief of what to expect when you die,
determines this. But all of us, eventually, go towards that light and
find their self in a new world. A world if immense light, yet no visible
sun to produce it. People we have known and loved, come to us very
happy to see us, and gently, lovingly begin to counsel us and welcome
us to our real home.
      There are many different scenarios of this stage of when you
leave your body and arrive in the next dimension. Because we are so
unique and individualized by our belief systems, we manifest this stage
according to what we expect will happen, all relevant to the knowledge
we possess. Many different things can occur, and do, pertinent to the
individual. There is no one way it transpires. It is a personal journey of
the individual and not the prolific depictions so many religions have
produced over the centuries where you see hundreds of naked people
walking in line towards a light or being upon a throne…unless you
really believe that is how it will be.
      I know that presents connotations that may scare you. You may
be now thinking to yourself, “Oh no, I have done bad things in my life,
and I believe in hell, oh God I don’t want to go to hell!”
      Please put this thought away and dismiss it forever.
      Just as your mind can conjure visions of hell, Satan and a world
of pain and suffering; your mind can also manifest an afterlife of a
perfect, peaceful garden filled with the loving masters of all our times
there to greet you.
      This IS the power of you, and God made you this way. If you live
in fear, you attract what you fear to you. If you fear what lies behind
deaths door, and it so consumes your consciousness, you may expect
to see and walk into this. But God and all the angels will not allow this
to happen to you. You do not go to a hell at death, period!
      Christians, Muslims and every religious tenant will try to tell you
otherwise and guess what they are using to do this?
      Now let me throw something else at you to really bog you down.
As humans we have war, famine, poverty and total lack in our life
because we have fear of it. We talked about energy and how our
minds produce this energy by our thoughts. Our thoughts are
powerful, and most of us have no idea just how powerful they are. But
our thoughts of fear produce an energy that is sent out to the
surrounding environment and entire universe. The universe responds
by sending us what it thinks we want; that which we fear. The more
time and thought you put into an idea, the more energy you are
creating and sending to the universe and creation, to manifest this into
a physical form back to you.
      But fear, and the subsequent products we have manifested with
our thought throughout time on earth, have created hell right here on
earth. We have manufactured this hell. Those who have learned this
are producing heaven on earth for themselves and others. And sadly,
there are some who are all consumed with negative energy and revel
in creating hellish environments for the purpose of dragging all of
humanity down to vibrations that are lower than the one we now exist
in. It all is centered around your thought, with the individual, you.
      If you are convinced you are a victim of anyone or anything, and
so stay seated in this thought daily, you will surely have the events
and environment to support this delivered right to your door. I know
this is critical and harsh, but it is none the less true.
      I want you to banish your thoughts of hell and punishment after
you die, and begin accepting that this lie will be exposed to you the
moment you leave your body. You will step in to a place of incredible
love and splendor that you never knew existed and your eyes will
slowly begin to be opened to the truth of who you are and what your
true purpose is. You will be told by some fellow humans here that you
will certainly go to hell for believing this if you share it with others who
refuse to step outside their force-fed beliefs. But I know this is true
beyond any doubt or argument I will face once this book reaches
      Back to our original place, you have left your body and have
arrived at what seems to be heaven. It is a form of it, but not our
original home at the center of infinity united with source, and our
original state. But believe me, it will do just fine.
      You will be in a hiatus of sorts; think of it like a long vacation or
sabbatical. You will have some of your dearest and most loved people
that passed on earlier there with you. They will begin showing you,
and teaching you about who you really are and where you came from.
You will be in a session of remembrance. All the memories of your past
lives will come pouring into your awareness as your spiritual body can
now contain this greatly increased amount of light. In your true state
of existence this is what you are; a being of immense light.
      Once you become acclimated to this enormous amount of
information and your ability to remember it, you begin to see your
purpose in being.
      You will reach a point of a time when you review your past life.
You will relive every high point and low point, but from the body and
feelings of the other person you exerted your actions upon. If you hurt
someone in your past life, you will see and feel it from their eyes and
their mind. If you were kind and generous to someone, you will
experience the joy and happiness they felt when they received this
from you.
      This is the great judgment so many religions preach and push
down our throats on earth. They had a limited perspective of this
process because, look at all the information here that occurs before it.
They would have to include this precursor detail. And all of this data
would certainly leave man knowing that they did not need a church, a
preacher or priest, or a religion if they had given the truth to the
masses. Religion for the most part has been an incredibly orchestrated
medium of control of the masses from the beginning. These “precious”
insights were indeed left out by those who wished to retain their
control of the people, and perpetuate their wealth and power to what it
is today.
      Yes, each religion does have the basics of how God wishes us to
live and treat each other. But it stops there and leaves us hanging.
      So you have experienced your life thru the eyes of others, in a
flash, those emotions and feelings become a part of your being. Can
you imagine how it would feel to know all those hurts and pains you
inflicted on everyone you came in contact with in this life? Not a pretty
sight is it?
      But we all go thru this, and we learn from this in that dimension.
We take it in as experience and go from there. We also begin looking
at what we had decided to accomplish and learn in that past life. We
form a “report card” so to speak and make an assessment of how we
did. Did we pass, or fail? All of this is done with those beside and
around you that love and cherish you. Even the hardened life-time
career criminal goes thru this process. We are all treated the same,
saint or serial killer, black or white, corporate giant or homeless bum.
It makes no difference who you are or what you have become in this
life, you are welcomed with love and no judgment, except the
judgment you feel towards yourself from the life you lived.
      These events occur over a course of what we call time. You are
allowed to take all of this at your own pace. There is no hurry to get it
done because time does not exist in this dimension. You progress thru
this as you assimilate, learn and accept it as your truth. The best part
is that you have beings of such love and intelligence with you helping
you understand it all as you go. You have all the joys and pleasures of
your awareness at the whim of your mind. If you want to eat a great
meal of steak and potatoes, you can. You don’t have to eat, your
etheric body does not require it, but if you want to experience that
pleasure again you can.
      It is everything you have dreamed it can be and you can look
forward to it.
      When you have come to conclusions about your last performance
you begin working with higher intelligences and your loved ones, to
decide what would be best to learn in your next incarnation. It may be
concluded that your next set of experiences would not even be on
earth but in a different setting on another planet, in a completely
different biological state.
      Many of us, who have gone on to the afterlife, cannot wait to
return to earth and continue the work we had started so many
lifetimes ago. We wait eagerly for the opportunity for the right parents
to create the right child to present us with our next earthly challenge.
We can stay in this heaven as long as we like, and never leave,
basking in pure nirvana. But, God created us with a desire to always
keep moving forward ever closer to it, and our origin.
      Eventually we will set out on a new adventure as a different
being and aspect inhabiting a different biological form. Or if we have
become so enlightened and vibrate so highly that these realms no
longer hold any new lessons to learn we move on to dimensions and
states that go beyond any human description.
      Jesus is one such being. There are many great masters who
have graced the planet that “graduated” beyond what this type of
existence can produce to increase their consciousness. That doesn’t
mean they are gone, aspects of them are still with us and available. It
means that their core essence has gone on to higher realms we can
only imagine.
      At this point, any studious religious followers reading this are
most likely infuriated with me now. To you, I sincerely apologize to
you for upsetting you. I have completely broken down and destroyed
the basis of what you hold as sacred and divine. It is not my intention
to nullify your belief and way of life. But people are waking to
realizations like this by the hundreds daily. They are being blessed by
divine help to see and know these things.
      You will not shake their conviction with your rhetoric no matter
how you argue and from what position you found your truth from. I
truly wish you peace and love, and know that you are totally free to
believe what you hold to be your truth. I respect this as well, and
know that you will also know all truth just as all of us on this planet
will eventually. This book is for the thousands now seeking answers to
the spiritual messages, visions and realizations that have suddenly
appeared in their life and give meaning to it for them.
      Your doctrines and rules no longer provide all the answers. The
missing pieces and contradictions are plainly visible to them and they
will not accept half-truths or ambiguity any longer. This world we
share is changing at a very rapid rate. Events are taking place that are
and will be, turning the world view completely upside down. You will
have truth presented to you in a manner that cannot be denied any
longer, but sadly, some of you will continue to do so even when it is
blatantly in your face.
      That is okay and as it should be. Each of us walks our own path
back to the light in a way that is comfortable to us. When we all learn
to begin looking within our self and depend on the knowledge that God
and All That Is, will indeed illuminate our true path to us if we seek
God’s truth for each of us, and not seek it from man and man’s
judgment of what our path is, we will truly connect to God. No matter
who your God may be, it is there and standing by with love to guide
you to truth.
      Next I want to give you several death scenarios. They are
entirely made up and fictitious in relation to real persons. But they will
show you a more realistic presentation of various death processes. I
do this to help dispel the fear of death so many of us live with.
      Mario is an enlisted soldier stationed in Iraq. He has led a life
from start to end of grief, struggle and violence. He was born of a
single mother that was a prostitute. He barely saw her coming up as
he was passed around between numerous unsavory people. He was
shown very little love and by time he was 12 he was living entirely on
the street supported by the gang he belonged to.
      By time he was 19 he had been arrested and jailed a dozen
times, and spent some time in the care of social services. At this point
he had completely gone underground, but his luck had run out and he
was given a choice of facing ten years in prison for a robbery
conviction or enlist in the army. He naturally chose the service. While
in training he heard of Christianity and Jesus for the first time. He soon
rejected it as fantasy and continued his perspective of life being
nothing but one trial after another and the only good that did you had
to take it from someone else. He firmly believed that you were thrust
into existence to get what you can, while you can, any way you can
because once you are dead there is nothing else.
      Two weeks into his active duty, while standing guard atop an
Abrams tank, an insurgent aimed his sniper rifle at Mario’s throat and
squeezed the trigger.
      Mario only knew that one minute he was cool, smoking a
cigarette and thinking about how much he was going to enjoy going
off duty and getting some food. And the next moment something or
someone had slammed a two by four into his throat and neck and he
was rolling and tumbling off of the tank trying to clutch his throat and
clear whatever had suddenly wrapped itself so tightly around it.
      As he hit the ground, it knocked the wind out of him. He tried to
speak but only made a gurgling sound as blood quickly poured into his
lungs and mouth. He became acutely aware that he could not take a
breath and each attempt only felt like his lungs were filing with cotton.
His comrades and medic were soon by him administering first aid
attempting to quench the bleeding and save his life. But Mario was
suddenly aware now he had been shot, in the neck, and he was slowly
drowning in his own blood.
      His vision was becoming blurred and he felt like he was
suspended, weightless and unaware of his own body. The frantic fellow
soldiers madly moving in and out of his vision was becoming less clear
and it all seemed to slow down like putting a DVD on slow motion.
Darkness began ascending around him like the sun was rapidly going
down as panic began to rise in his mind.
      “Oh man, man oh man, this is it, I’m a goner, I’m so fucked!” he
thought to himself. The shock of this realization began to sink in and
with it, his willingness to fight it. Mario knew he was dying, and while
he trembled in fear of anticipation of what would be next he began to
relax and let the darkness consume him.
      The next thing Mario knew, he opened his eyes. There was
nothing but black; total and complete blackness. There was no sound;
he had no sensation of his body, or of anything of any sensory input
around him. He couldn’t feel his legs, arms or body. He didn’t feel the
pressure of a surface under him, yet he felt like he was lying on his
back. He recalled he was just sitting on a tank smoking a cigarette and
then something exploded in front of him. But where am I now he
pondered. All he could register was total black and no sound. He tried
to speak but he had no mouth to verbalize with.
      “Oh shit, where am I, what is this place?” he thought as panic
again began to surface. His mind raced as he traced his steps back. He
knew he was shot, he remembered now the light fading out and
slipping into unconsciousness. But where was he, why was he
paralyzed and totally numb? He could do nothing but recall his life and
things he had done and seen. This was all there was to Mario right
now. He was alone, totally and utterly alone in the dark with nothing
but his thoughts and awareness.
      He realized he had no pain of any kind. As he considered it
more, it actually felt quite good.
      “Hey, I don’t have a pain at all, I got shot but I’m not in pain.
Actually, I feel like somebody slipped me some really good shit and
this is the best trip I have ever been on.” He thought.
      Mario understood by how he felt now, that whatever was going
on, it didn’t hurt. It felt like he was on some new kind of drug. He felt
like he was just floating and weightless, but he was buzzing like you
would on codeine or morphine.
      “Yeah, that’s it, my guys got me pumped up so full of morphine I
am on one wicked trip right now. I’ll wake up soon and they’ll have me
all patched up and everything’ll be fine.”
      So Mario drifted off into a semi-conscious state as best he could.
Different thoughts from his life would randomly surface but he tried to
dismiss them. But after awhile, he found he couldn’t go to sleep and
just wake up. The longer and longer this went on the more panic crept
in. He began to understand he was trapped in this limbo, where ever it
was, and had no idea how to get out.
      He spent what felt like many days with the only thing to keep
him company was his thoughts. He thought of his mother, and how he
wished she had been a real one and not some “crack ho” who never
gave crap about him. He thought about his dad whom he never knew.
He thought about the countless victims he wrought pain and suffering
upon. He went over these things endlessly it seemed to him.
      He became angrier at his predicament. He blamed himself for
being so stupid as to wind up here. He blamed authority for putting
him in the situation that got him shot. He cursed these people and
hollered in his mind out at these people and everything he had ever
known. His frustration grew as he realized he was powerless to escape
the nothingness that surrounded him.
      The only consolation he found was that he knew he was indeed
alive. He knew this.
      After what seemed was an eternity of time Mario had no choice
but to examine what he knew and how it could apply to his
predicament. He tried to recall what he knew about dying and death.
All he could come up with was that when you die that’s it, you are over
and you don’t exist anymore. But he knew this couldn’t be right,
because he was still able to think and recall memories.
      He poked into every phrase and word he could recall trying to
find an answer to help him escape his darkness. But try as he may
nothing provided an answer, until that moment he remembered that
preacher in Iraq talking about a guy called Jesus. That Jesus guy was
some kind of miracle worker, if you believed in him, you got “saved”?
      But what does that mean, saved from what? Is this what he
saves you from? That preacher kept going on about God too, like he
was a person or something.
      Mario pondered these points of interest. He rationalized that he
didn’t have anything to loose by calling out to this God, he knew he
certainly wasn’t going to get up and walk away from this black cell. He
was utterly miserable and afraid, and coming to a point of desperation
and would try anything.
      Suddenly, as Mario considered the possibility of that God he had
heard about only a few short weeks ago in his mind, a faint glimmer of
what looked like light appeared directly ahead of his vision. It was
faint, but there.
      “Oh wow, I think I got something here” Mario said to himself.
      “Hey God, whatever, if your there I need some help here!” he
said in his mind.
      As soon as he did, that small glimmer of light grew and became
a strong point of brilliant light. At the same instant a voice appeared in
Mario’s mind saying “We are here for you Mario, we are here to help
you. Simply wish to be with this light.”
      Mario jumped, mentally, as this voice shot directly into his
awareness after what felt like many weeks of total isolation, he had
contact from someone. Someone who said they would help him. “What
did they say do? Wish it? Is that all I gotta do?”
      Mario mustered is will and thought strongly again, “God, I really
mean it, please help me out of here, I’ll do whatever you want just
please take me outta this mess.” He formed this thought with all his
might and will.
      As he did this, the light became brighter as he felt his self being
pulled closer and closer, faster and faster towards it, until he found
himself standing in a totally different world. It was like earth, but
nothing like the earth he remembered. As he stood in total awe and
looked around him, colors he had never seen before brilliantly shone
around him. Everywhere he looked it was full daytime, but he couldn’t
find the sun. He just stood and took it all in. He soon noticed other
people walking about, some alone, some in groups. They all had
different styles of clothes, no one dressed the same. Some were even
completely naked as he noticed what looked like a young man and
woman laughing and chasing each other, frolicking like they didn’t
have a care in the world.
      Just then two middle age people, and man and woman
approached Mario. They looked extremely wise and patient, kind and
gentle in their manner and appearance. They were dressed in white
robes that were so white he doesn’t remember ever seeing a garment
that bright white before.
      They reached him as he pondered how he was himself dressed,
and he looked down at his body and realized he too was naked. The
next instant he was wearing the street clothes he was so fond of only a
few months before. This stunned Mario, for the moment he realized he
was nude, he instantly thought of how he wished he had his “threads”
from his earlier existence, and they magically appeared on him.
      “Hello Mario” the man said with voice that immediately shot a
feeling of care and compassion thru him. “We have a lot to talk about.
You know now what has happened, you have finished your journey on
earth and are in the next realm.” The couple both smiled so very
warmly as they said this and an even stronger feeling shot thru his
being that he could not describe.
      It was like when he was with this one girlfriend he had once, like
that feeling when he had been away from her and when he finally held
her in his arms it felt so good.
      “That feeling is love Mario” the woman spoke up. Her voice was
like silk and it soothed him just to hear her speak. “God is indeed real
Mario, and it is all around you in this place.” She stopped and they
both just smiled very big at him as he felt a joy overtake him, and
tears of joy start pouring from his eyes. A flood gate of happiness had
opened in him he had never known before as warmth streamed down
his face and his heart opened up and God’s presence filled him with
      His mind began expanding and understanding. He was
remembering who he was.
      Just me writing this tale, has brought me to tears, because I can
see this experience. I can feel a glimmer of that immense joy and
indescribable love that comes from God and all creation. I can see
Mario having a life of such pain and sorrow, struggling to understand
the purgatory he experienced and then because he heard the mention
of God one time, he found his way back home to the embrace of
unconditional love and God.
      This is but one individual potential of a human’s journey back
home. There is more to Mario’s story, much, much more. He goes on
to learn his purpose, to see how his life affected others and the good it
fostered in spite of the harm it generated. He decided on a new lesson
and incarnated into a place millions of light years away, in another star
system, another planet, and with other beings of light that shed their
angelic properties to learn and gain experience.
      But even if Mario had never heard of the meaning of God or
Jesus, he would have eventually reached the point of total submission
and plead for someone to help him. And they would.
      Angels and our departed brothers and sisters are with us,
always, even in that dark place if you wind up there. They are waiting
for you to ask for help. They cannot step in and extend their hand until
you ask. This is a part of universal law, and God’s law. That is all it
takes, and the light can penetrate the darkness. This is an extreme
and scary scenario to show you how your awareness and knowledge
affects your journey in the next dimension. If you have a religious
background it is quite different, because you expect something
completely different. Let’s explore that potential.
      Susan is a good girl, and has been all her life. She grew up
under wonderful God fearing parents that guided her upbringing with
the support of the protestant church she is a member of. Susan is in
her thirties, without children but recently divorced. She was married
for 7 years to the first man she fell in love with but unfortunately they
grew apart in their interests and beliefs so much so that they could not
reconcile the differences.
      They met in college and although he had a Catholic background
they thought they could overcome these differing views with their
love. But it became apparent after being married several years that
their beliefs in religion were causing rifts that could not be mended,
and they went their separate ways.
      Now Susan was on her deathbed, having learned of a tumor that
could not be removed and she was near her end on the earth. She was
resigned to the fact it was inevitable and was confident her religious
knowledge had steered her right. But in the back of her mind the fear
of all those little things she had done that were considered wrong
would bring her into judgment from the God she worshipped.
      She had been counseled and prayed for, and given much love
from her surviving family as she lay barely conscious and laboring for
breath. Her Mother still alive, was at her side as were her sister and
two brothers. She gracefully slipped without pain into oblivion and took
her last breath. The pain medication she was given made the transition
much easier than she thought it would be.
      All she knew was that she was becoming weaker and weaker,
and she could not keep her eyes open. As she let that last breath out
she thought to herself, “I am coming home Lord, please be with me.”
      The next instant, she felt herself lifting upward and opened her
eyes to see two angels on either side of her, holding her hands. They
shone so brightly she could not look directly at them until she had a
moment to adjust her vision to the spectacle. A whisper in her ear it
seemed, told her not to be afraid, that she was in the hands of love.
      As she became fully aware of her surroundings she was still in
that hospital room. As she watched from a few feet above, doctors and
nurses were busy around her body as her family members held hands
and wept for her. Strangely she was not overcome with the grief she
had been dealing with at having to leave all of them. Rather she felt
the greatest sense of relief and peace she had ever experienced.
Instead she felt an immense sense of love for every one in the room,
hospital staff included. She looked on in mild interest for a bit until she
heard a voice tell her, “Come Susan, travel with us.”
      Susan diverted her attention away from the scene and looked at
the angels. They only smiled and did not apparently “say” this to her,
but communicated it to her mind. But still it was amazingly clear and
profound as if they had spoken with their mouth. As they said this a
light began to appear before her that grew brighter and larger. Susan
suddenly had the sensation of moving which increased exponentially
and very rapidly.
      She no longer had a sensation of a body, or a being, but felt like
a ball of energy that was moving thru the universe as stars, galaxies
and universes all seemed to whiz by her. A very intense light began to
grow in size before her as she approached it. Soon it was completely
engulfing her as she felt herself merging within this light.
      She had expected to meet Jesus, and be informed of her
judgment before the throne of God. Instead she felt herself becoming
one with creation and the knowing that accompanies it. The next thing
she knew she was simply suspended within the energy of All That Is, a
blissful state of being that filled her consciousness with complete
peace, joy and love. She was content to stay in this state of being and
basked in it. She had no sense of time, nor did Susan care. If this was
heaven she was fine to revel in its entirety.
      But after a while for her, her thoughts began to become less
consumed by the overwhelming peace of All That Is. Her natural
curiosity prompted questions within her awareness.
      “Where is Jesus, where is heaven…” she began to ponder
      Just as this thought occurred, an “earth” of sorts, began to
appear around her. She suddenly found herself standing on very green
grass. So green it dazzled her eyes, and around her she began to take
in sights that thrilled her and excited her as colors she had never seen
before radiated everywhere she looked. There were people everywhere
and most all of them were smiling or laughing. Just as for Mario their
clothing and activity were numerously varied.
      As she stood and soaked in her new environment a man was
approaching her. She looked more intently and recognized him. It was
her grandfather, dressed in the clothes she had seen him wearing so
many times before when he lived on earth. But with him a young man
accompanied him. He was extremely handsome and there was
something different about him. His eyes seemed the most intense
blue, and seemed to be endless.
      As she smiled at her grandfather, Aaron, acknowledged her
recognition and started grinning as he and the young man approached
her. She called out Aaron’s name in joy as she started running to meet
and hug him, and he held out his arms. As she did it suddenly dawned
on Susan just who the young man is.
      “Oh God, it’s Jesus, it’s Jesus, my lord I am finally going to meet
you.” She thought to herself as the excitement burst into her
awareness and tears began streaming down her face. As if to
acknowledge this he too, began grinning and smiling with the most
kind and loving face Susan had ever seen.
      She embraced Aaron and they hugged for a very long time as
they both wept tears of joy, ecstatic at having the reunion.
      “Grandpa, I am so happy to see you again!”
      “I know dear, we have been waiting to see you and are so happy
you are here now.” replied Aaron.
      Susan refrained from the embrace and stood smiling first at
Aaron, then turned her gaze to the young man, nervously excited.
      “Hello Susan, you have done well in your last life, welcome to
paradise and to the God that loves you.” The stranger said as he again
smiled and a warmth flooded over Susan that she could not compare
to nor describe. Suddenly she was in direct communion with the
stranger who now identified himself as Jesus to her mentally.
      Her earthly training and upbringing suddenly came to her
awareness and with it, her fears of judgment as she pondered the
incredible love that was emanating and permeating her being.
      “Susan, what you fear is non-existent; it is a fabrication of man.”
Jesus suddenly spoke with his mouth. “The fears you have carried all
your life of punishment and hell are a myth dear. From this point on
you will find nothing but love, peace and joy.”
      A relief flooded over her as she began weeping anew. Her joy at
hearing this from the master completely overwhelmed her senses and
a new surge of energy burst within her that she could only describe as
infinite love. At that moment she felt like her mind had started
growing and becoming larger and larger. Facts and knowledge began
to appear where there once had been only questions and pondering.
As it did the knowing of her purpose and all the lives she had lived
were becoming apparent, and she felt complete and fulfilled like she
had never been as a human.
      As it occurred a compassion and love for all the people she had
spent time with in her last incarnation began to grow. She recalled all
the tales, myths and lies she had been made to believe but felt only
love for these people, and happiness she could not contain knowing
they too would soon share this oneness of consciousness with her.
      She soon became aware of all that she had done in so many
lifetimes before the last one. She saw how after each time she had
come back to this place of joy and was joined by a family that was
older than time. She realized how she had grown in spiritual
development, but had also regressed in other lifetimes, all to return
and figure out how best to progress closer to All That Is and creation.
She eventually went back to that group after much rest and pleasure,
to again determine how best to serve mankind and help uplift the
spiritual development of humanity, and the planet.
      Susan and every one of us is not an island. We are autonomous
only in our self imposed will to remain this way. We all return to that
which we became in existence, the source of all life and creation no
matter what form it exists in and within. Our path is not set in stone.
Just as we go about our business here from one miniscule task to the
next without consciously considering the enormous amount of data
and choices we make to do even the simplest of things, our
consciousness is also that same source of our connection to a higher
state of being that is only a thought away.
      Susan as well as Mario thought that things were written in stone
and could not be changed. They thought that their life and reason for
being alive was fairly open and shut. Their thought formed the reality
they new, and with it, constrained the limits of their awareness. With
death they both stepped into a new and expanded awareness of All
That Is, and the creation aspect of God. They saw how their limiting
belief system withheld their truth from them while living a human life.
      We here now, the “living”, are only partially living. We do not
have to wait for the outcome of human death to realize and merge
with the knowledge of our creator and the billions of entities that
patiently wait in the alternate dimensions around us to help us achieve
this knowing. We each have a password to this awareness. The
utterance is not verbal, it is a desire internal to your being where you
are right now, at this moment, to be closer to God. It can be any God
you like as long as you recognize it as being part of and within you
now. God goes by many names and representations, but they all carry
a common and symbolic similarity in that we eventually recognize it as
starting within our own unique voice that links to it.
      It is not driven or directed by anyone else. It is yours and yours
alone. You hold the only key that has ever existed to bond your being
with that of All That Is. When you pray, worship, chant, meditate or do
anything of this nature you exercise this ability God gave you to
connect to it (God and All That Is). Just as easily when you seek truth
to why you are here, why you are, you are doing the very same thing
and there is no sin or crime against your soul in doing this.
      There are now thousands of NDE’s that have been documented
and studied. There are numerous people born with or later acquiring,
psychic abilities. There are people by untold amounts that are
suddenly finding themselves waking up one morning to realize they
are more than they have been led to believe by everything they have
ever thought could be trusted, and are questioning why.
      It is because God and All That Is God, is pouring out its love in
the form of energy that awakens our DNA to initiate elements we have
possessed in our form since our first breath upon this planet. Look
around you and ask yourself to see beyond what is apparent. Talk to
yourself and tell yourself you want to know truth. This awakens the
sleeping angel and starts the process of remembrance within you to
see and hear with spiritual eyes and ears.
      Even if you are a professed atheist, you do not have to
acknowledge a God or entity outside yourself. The important thing is
to ask for truth in your life, in your consciousness, and accept it is
within your power and ability to discern it. Believe there is a power
and force that surrounds you and desire to tap into it. Truth will come
to you if you really desire it in your heart. This is called intent, and is
the basis of what you are and your ability to create the reality that
surrounds you. Your intent coupled with your thought, creates the
reality you currently exist in. You possess the ability to create any
reality you desire solely with these two elements of your
      You will find whatever you hold to believe true, when you die.
But will quickly find truth as it really exists in the process. You will
come face to face with yourself as soon as you step thru that door of
humanity and into the next dimension, and question these belief
systems eventually, to bring you to truth. We are made this way.
      Isn’t if great to think that there is something wonderful and
loving that awaits you? Even if you must keep and hold this to
yourself, you can still worship side by side with your brother in church
or the mosque. You can still carry on and maintain your present way of
life. But at the same time you can internally ask your God, or yourself,
with sincere desire in your heart, to know the truth.
      Your truth, not someone elses.
      No matter how you perform this act, it centers and evolves,
around you personally. It is an act that evolves within you with no
other person or entity required to initiate that one step. This is the
message and knowledge God has tried to impress upon us for millions
of years. Divine beings have come here all during the course of it to
help us see and understand this from all civilizations and walks of life.
But man and his involvement with the lower vibrations have colluded
to keep this from us, quite successfully, until now.
      We have never had the amount of light bearing, connected
beings on the planet as we do now in this era. This is why you are
reading this book and why you seek your truth, whether you recognize
the act as seeking your truth or some other reason. Your truth is
available to you and you don’t need anything other than yourself to
receive it. Know this, believe it, and make it a thought that maintains
a focus in your waking mind.
      This last scenario is about Darren. Darren is a German-American
who was born of a woman who is pure German lineage. Greta, his
mother came to the USA after marrying a soldier who was in the US
Air Force. Neither of them were formally religiously affiliated but
attended some church.
      Darren had a fairly normal, typical American life. But he grew up
with conflicting views and prejudices. Greta’s strong Arian bias, and his
father’s racially prejudiced perspective formed Darren’s strongly
opinionated beliefs. Darren thought he was superior to many people
and lived his life accordingly. But midway thru his life things took on
different meanings and aspects. His wife came to a point of believing
in a more loose acceptance of others. His kids seemed to lean this way
as well and it showed in their behavior and friends they kept.
      When Darren was 41 he found himself in such internal conflict
being at odds with his wife and children, he felt he could not maintain
his life as it existed. His wife went to a non-denominational church,
and grown to accept that all people are equal under God’s eye. To
make matters worse for him, his son after being romantically involved
with a girl for several months at college who came home with his son
to meet the family and she was not at all what Darren found
      She was an African American, a “black” girl by Darren’s
summation. Family cohesion deteriorated rapidly and Darren found
himself alone, living in an apartment. He had rejected the idea of
keeping any ties with his spouse and children and was totally
disillusioned with life. He had succumbed to depression and could not
find any satisfactory release from his conflict and pain with drugs and
alcohol, which now he kept a constant supply of. He took pills and
drank more and more. He soon lost his prestigious job, but didn’t
really care. He became more favorable to keeping himself immersed in
the oblivion of a stupor.
      But his life had crumbled to a point of having nothing. Now with
no income, and he would soon be out on the street. His pride kept him
from asking help from anyone in his family. He had turned his back on
all of them and simply wanted to fade away from life completely. With
his last prescription, heavy barbiturates, he decided he would be
better off simply checking out of life all together. He had nothing left
to live for in his mind. He knew that soon, if he was going to commit
suicide, it would be much more difficult and painful to do it with fewer
resources to do so.
      So on this night, at 9:00 pm he said good bye to the world, his
life, and himself. He felt anything would be better. He did not really
believe any God would let these terrible things happen to him and so
there simply must not be a God. There is nothing, it all ends and the
pain is over.
       Darren slipped into unconsciousness at 9:25 pm and with it, his
awareness of the earth plane.
       The next thing Darren knew he was in total black, but there was
a light in front of him that seemed to be getting brighter. A voice
suddenly called out to him from the endless space that surrounded
       “Come to the light Darren, we are here to help you.” It said.
       Darren remembered stories about people dying and seeing a
light, and coming back to life to tell others about it. He thought it was
simply a trick of the mind and fantasy. He never considered it to be
true. But here it was happening to him in living color. But how do I
“come to this light” he thought to himself. He tried to verbalize this
thought as a semblance of hope penetrated the utter confusion and
terror he found himself in.
       “Simply ask to go to the light Darren, I am here.” The voice said.
Somewhere in the back of Darren’s mind that voice rang a bell of
familiarity. Darren knew that voice and struggled to remember who it
was. His rational way of thinking and denial of religious beliefs
struggled to make him think as he always had, and as he did, the light
began fading.
       As the bright light began to diminish into a glimmer, panic rose
within him and he shouted out “Please don’t leave me…help me
       He realized he could not speak, but the thought was loud and
clear in his awareness. And as soon as it occurred the light suddenly
expanded and engulfed everything around him. In an instant he was
with that voice that he now saw with his eyes. Darren was now in a
place of light and mist, swirling around him and thru him. He was not
a solid object as he had been on earth but some kind of energy he
could not comprehend.
      Before him in this mist that was brighter than any light he had
ever known was a friend he had once had at his job. His name was
Albert. Albert had been an elderly gentleman who was a widower. He
was always kind and caring. Never had Albert judged Darren in any
way and had tried to help Darren in Albert’s last days, with Darren’s
many trials and heartaches. Albert had died a month before Darren
lost his job.
      Now Albert was just floating in front of Darren, smiling and
glowing a brilliant blue-white glow.
      “Albert…I am so glad to see you, but…you’re dead, right?”
      “Not in the sense that you believe Darren.”
      “What’s happened to me, where am I now?”
      Albert smiled warmly and a sense of peace and warmth flooded
Darren’s being as he spoke. “Darren, you are aware you took your own
life right?”
      “Yeah, I remember. But I didn’t think there would be anything
else after it, I just…” Darren spoke then trailed off now wondering
what kind of suffering would now befall him. He remembered religious
doctrines now that had dire warning about suicide.
      “Don’t worry Darren, all is not lost. You have some decisions to
make however.”
      Oh boy, Darren thought, here it comes. I am in for even more
      “No it isn’t like that Darren, you have nothing to fear. But you
are at a crossroads now where you need to see and understand who
you are and why you were created.”
      Albert reached with his hand towards Darren and suddenly they
were on the ground. The surroundings looked like earth but, it wasn’t
earth and he knew it. He saw all the sights and sounds at the other
people in the previous scenarios. He was amazed and thrilled that such
a place really existed, and more exciting was that he was still very
much alive as he felt the cool feel of the grass underneath his feet.
      “Darren, you lived your last life for very good reasons. These
reasons were not apparent to you though, and when you had help
from others around you to see the truth as it exists within you, you
rejected that truth.” Albert said with a loving and caring smile. Albert’s
arm was gently on his shoulder but somehow Darren did not feel
badly, just mildly ashamed of himself.
      “Each of us was made by the creator to fulfill a purpose within
the universe Darren. You had not yet come into realization of your
purpose before you took your life. You also have no idea of the impact
you make on the life of others. Let’s walk and I will explain and show
you how much difference your life makes upon others on earth.”
      They strolled and Darren listened intently. As Albert revealed
things to Darren he became aware of an increasingly growing feeling
of awareness and knowing. He became cognizant of who he was and
how he was connected to all living things, and to All That Is.
      This brought them to the point that Darren realized himself, how
he had cut short his mission on earth, and the great and wonderful
changes he was meant to initiate in himself and others. He came to
the point where he was fully prepared to go back and finish what he
started. He had looked at the life he lived and understood why he
thought the way he had, and formed the perceptions he had. Now he
was ready to go back and fulfill that purpose.
       Darren was given the choice to return to his body, as it was
being resuscitated in the emergency room, or, find a new life in a new
fetus under similar circumstances and try it again. But Darren could
not delay or it would be too late to return to his current earth body.
Darren could be allowed some of his memories of his time after death
if he chose to return to his body, but not all of it. Where as starting
over at birth he would have no memory of it for a very long time if
       Darren chose to return to his old life. He woke up with his body
racked in pain and a tube in his windpipe. After the initial shock of
being inside that body began to subside he realized how cramped and
cold that human shell was compared to the blissful existence he could
only recall bits and pieces of. But he was glad to be alive, in the earth
plane again, and knew he had a reason to be there.
       He vaguely remembers phrases and instructions given to him by
Albert and other benign beings. He remembered he had taken his life
and decided to return to live a better life. He knew beyond a shadow of
a doubt, there was more than this human experience and felt a warm,
reassured confidence that although he had a bitter battle to overcome
the effects of his own actions in his current life, his renewed strength
now came from a new source. He was aware now of All That Is and
that he is an integral, important part of it, as every human being is.
       He knew he was part of a much bigger picture; one that
incorporates every living thing on the earth plane, and all things
beyond it.
       This portion I have interjected long after I wrote this chapter.
The reason being I have just read a NDE, or more accurately, a death
experience that is the most beautiful and pragmatic account I have
ever heard. I feel that for many reading this book, they very closely fit
into a large group that felt and think the way the person did in this
death scenario. It is not fiction but an actual testimony from a person
that died and was dead for an hour and a half. Instead of reprinting it
and obtaining the necessary permission to do so, I am giving you a
web link that goes to the page. It is very, very moving or at least it
was for me.
      The those of you that keep religion at arms distance and think
more in the realm of science and reality, you will find this extremely
intriguing. The link to the page is:

      There are so many different ways death and the process
following it can go. You can literally say there are as many ways as
there are people. And again this goes directly to my point that we are
all unique creations in and of our self, but we are also forever and
infinitely connected to each other thru our true original self.
      Death in the human sense can be painful and wrought with
suffering. But know that at some point this suffering ends and you
step into a reality that is outside your present comprehension. You
serve an important and divine purpose, no matter how insignificant
you think you are. You are a key to many other beings path to God.
You must not think you do not affect others, because even those you
do not see are affected by your very thoughts.
      I want to stress to you most adamantly, if you consider suicide it
will do you no good in the end. You will only have to repeat another
life attempting to fulfill that life lesson and mission, or return to pick
up the pieces of the life you left behind. Either way, it is far better to
stay where you are and try to find the guidance system you came here
with. It will open up to you if you ask to know your truth.
      Not too long ago prior to the 2000 millennium, there was a cult
led by a zealous icon here in America. Sadly he also led the members
of his cult to commit suicide so they could “catch a ride” on the nearby
comet that was passing by earth. Some could argue those “poor
people” were brainwashed and misguided into believing this man’s
truth. But ultimately they had to come to terms with their actions. We
are all responsible for our self and cannot place blame on anyone,
because we make choices by our self no matter how much you want to
cop out of it. Each of these people will have to come back and try
again and some are probably already back now as children.
      Only extreme circumstances can null and void this universal law.
There are some suicides that instead of coming back to earth as a
human, decide to experience in other biological forms in other
dimensions and locations outside of our earth. But this is very rare
according to the Tibetans.
      The mere action of deciding to seek your truth is a thought, is it
not? It matters not what that truth is composed of doesn’t it, because
truth is pure. What matters is that you seek it. Recognize the truth in
my words by accepting that your thought is the beginning. You have
your thoughts, and in finding a place of quiet and stillness, you can
come to terms with them and work your way from there. It really is
that simple.
      If you have the prospect of imminent death before you, I offer
my blessing to you that you may find solace in what I have told you.
You have a wondrous and spectacular adventure awaiting you. An
event that will bring you all the answers to all the questions you have
ever had while living here in this lifetime. When it is time and
appropriate, death is as natural as falling asleep and waking up in a
different place. Place these visions of peace and love into your psyche
and remember them in the days ahead as you go on to what lies
      Remember there are angels and loved ones all around you. If
you believe this is true, they will be there to gently and lovingly help
you thru the door of humanity and into the place of remembrance. It is
not uncommon for us to see and hear them in our last minutes. You
can find thousands of stories that portray this. These stories are
generated for the one purpose of helping us, the living, believe,
understand and accept that there is simply more than the human
      You Have Help
      Yes, this too, is wonderful news. But then all of our religious
texts describe this as a part of their “format” then don’t they? The
problem is, and has always been, others have told us it’s their way or
the highway.
      What if I told you they all had it right?
      Religion carries with it, each of them, a way to reach God. It is
their particular brand of God, but indeed, it reaches much further
towards the truth than you would suspect so far from the words I have
given you. This simply goes to show how amply All That Is has
supplied us with so many different means of locating our own truth. As
I said before, if any religion brings you closer to God, it is a good thing
and performs as intended.
      When that religion fosters prejudice in you towards any of your
fellow man for them not accepting your brand, then it and you, have
problems with your truth. You do not see entirely with spiritual eyes.
      I can remember so clearly how so many times my mother has
spoken of woe for the “poor, poor sinners who will burn in hellfire.” I
can remember so many sermons from dozens of preachers brandishing
non-believers as evil and vile, and cursing them to the hell they so
easily envision. My mother had genuine concern for these people, for I
was one of them. These preachers and zealots alike were judging
others and quite easily assigning them to a delegation of subhuman
not fit for their presence. This attitude of “either you’re with me or
against me” is not a position based on love. It is of the same
derivative of fear that all our maladies come from.
      Does this sound like love to you? I have heard these people
many years tout of God’s love and the grace of his son on the one
hand, and on the other get red in the face talking about those that
were not there with them in the church Sunday morning were less
than dogs. It had no tinges of what I understood to be love, human or
      But love is entirely what All That Is, and most of the Gods we
worship, is about. Centuries of generations have gradually grown away
from this aspect and with it our divine purpose in this life and all
others. Love contains within it compassion, acceptance, forgiveness,
patience and peace. With your connection to God, you have these
elements possible for integration into your consciousness. If you follow
a religion and can still harbor hate, malice, jealousy, envy or any
negative emotion towards any other human you have not yet forged a
connection to source that is pure.
      Muslim extremists are the most methodical and profound
example of a total lack of connection to source, and the oneness of
being in connection to it. To make a global, blatant assumption that
anyone that does not share their views should be killed is not
considered a valid religion by any other religion in the world nor by
civilized man. This premise defies the basic tenants of the original
Muslim movement. Yet they maintain God is on their side and justifies
their actions in taking human life. It doesn’t matter whether those
lives are deemed “innocent” or not, a life is precious and one of the
universal laws is to respect and support all life throughout the
      This brings us to defining your truth. You may be at a point of
wanting truth in your awareness, but like so many, we look outside
ourselves to find this truth. It is a fact that 80% of the world’s
population believes in some form of religion and the God attached to
it. That means that roughly 2.4 billion people believe there is a God of
some kind and look to it in varying degrees for answers to their life,
and what goes on around them.
      Now couple this with a majority of each of the major brands of
religion each possessing a degree of distortion, omission and untruths.
Is it any wonder we are destroying ourselves and the very earth that
feeds and supports us? We have been led down a path blindly
accepting that what we have fostered to be complete in its entirety
covers all the bases and all we need do is follow the rule book. This
sheep mentality has brought us to the point that God, and creation,
has said enough is enough. It has been prophesied and foretold in
every religious work that exists, in every civilization that covers the
planet that we would be at a point of no return.
      We have come to the brink and are staring it in the face. But we
have not been led to this place with no life preserver, no escape route.
And this is why now, more than at any time, we have had more
outpouring of source energy to this planet directly to our being than at
any time in earth’s 3 million year history. Source is making every
effort to reach our mind and stir that piece of consciousness that
makes you take notice.
      Some of us have had a rude awakening. We have been going
along life’s highway cruising along, taking our bruises and keeping our
chin up when all of a sudden something makes us stop and question
our existence, our role in all of it. Some of us have had events slap us
awake and make us take a look at our life and really examine where
we have been and where we are going.
      And then there are some of us who sense, or know something is
terribly wrong and don’t want to even consider that living could get
worse. I can’t blame them either. Who wants worse? We all want
better right?
      But this is what is happening right now and has been increasing
with intensity and quantity since 1989. In that year a new energy
portal opened up around our earth which allowed for more energy
direct from source to penetrate the planet and we inhabitants. Its
purpose was to awaken our DNA and help us remember who we are.
No matter who you are, you know and feel something is coming. It is
in our news all the time. It is reflected in our surroundings and our
weather patterns.
      Our reaction is quite a mix as well. There are doomsayers and
planet savers. There are Armageddon heads and New Earth bringers.
You name it; we got it. We all are sensing that change is coming
because our very cells are now telling us it is so, and our reactions to
it show up in every extreme that is possible. Why are there so many
interpretations of our future?
      Because as I mentioned we are each a unique creation unto God
and All That Is. There are no two paths of life that are exactly alike.
This is why church and worship harbors unrest and political intrigue.
It’s why governments contrive in secret to mastermind control of
humanity and real estate. And it is why you seek to understand your
purpose as a human being in the here and now. We each possess our
own truth as to our perception of reality.
      Light is the absence of darkness. As darkness is exposed by the
light what lay there undetected suddenly becomes apparent and
obvious. The millions of bits and bytes that surround you daily in your
news and internet compose your perception of that light. As you hear
others realizing their truth and verbalizing it light also, enters your
consciousness. There are millions of particles of light that enter your
being thru the pleasures you experience, the food you consume, the
love and sex you experience, and finally the moments you are still and
quiet and light pervades your awareness.
      As light enters your awareness you become a tiny bit more
tuned to your truth. Source has predestined our time, this era, to
occur and culminate into a change that is so dramatic and all
encompassing nothing will remain as it was. But source has opened
the floodgates of its core to allow in as much help to us as possible to
bring as many of us as possible, to that all conclusive moment that we
know we are not a speck in the universe alone and unsupported.
      We have multiple realms, dimensions, which surround us
containing multitudes of benign entities that constantly help us and
look out for our welfare. They know our mission and it is their purpose
to help us in any way to achieve it, for its impact and meaning is
evident to them as we go on partially informed at best. There are
whole legions of advanced beings that have long surpassed our level of
comprehension of the divine plan and universal design patiently
waiting for a chance to step in and make their presence known to us.
      On any given night you can stare up into the night sky and see
them. They look like stars that faintly strobe colors of our human
visual spectrum. They wait and they watch. They have come from all
over the universes for this grand event. Some are charged as
protectors of our race and will intercede now if dangerous
conflagrations progress into nuclear events. We have harmed our
world and solar system and beyond, with the nuclear explosions we
have set loose. Others are merely observers to witness what is known
to be a very special event that concerns all of creation; the ascension
of earth, its inhabitants, and the effect it has on creation.
      A nuclear explosion is a cosmic event in that it disrupts soul
energy. We now have a massive fleet of beings from our very future
that are on standby. Soon in the near future we will come face to face
with our future selves. They are of divine assignment to help us with
the not so distant future. But we must come to a point of seeking the
light and source, and no longer allow dark energy to dominate the
      There is a realm beyond that one, a realm that surpasses even
their supreme intelligence and is the origin of creation, of God and the
Christ consciousness. It guides and directs these beings as it does
many here on the planet now to lead as many of us as will seek it.
      This realm contains all the angels and their subordinate beings
also assigned to help and protect us. These beings were created just to
maintain the universes and the inhabitants of them. They are with us
at all times and we each have 42 of them that are personally
responsible for a single soul. You each have an Archangel that was
assigned to you when you were born here in this plane according to
the time of the year you experienced birth. This realm also works with
and directs the guardian races who look after our welfare.
      And most profound is the earthly lightworkers and spiritual
healers that are upon the earth plane sharing the planet with you now
both in spirit form and in physical form. These people are your most
tangible and accessible resource you can connect with as you exist
now in the present. They have a purpose and know that part of that
purpose is to help others that are waking up understand what is
happening to them. Remember, they too, woke up at some point to a
confusing and frightening reality. Some of these dear people did not
have the wealth of information that is available now to help guide
them to restoring and strengthening their connection to source. Many
had to figure it all out by their own abilities.
      There are many people that have passed on in death throughout
earth’s history that wanted to come back to the earth plane at this
critical time in our lives, and that of the planet, for the sole purpose of
helping as many people as possible achieve ascension. They like the
angelic force, surround us in their pure spirit form, and do all they can
to bring a positive influence that will motivate us to look closer at our
      The precipice we are arriving at is a point in our time when the
dark can no longer survive in the presence of so much light. People
like me, lightworkers, and so many other types of people who have
“come online” and look within to find their connection to source have
brought about the advent of this deluge of light energy straight from
source, from all that is. While no one is perfect, you cannot expect
even these people to be constantly tranquil and at peace. We too have
our lessons to learn, human challenges and missions to fulfill. But we
possess one big difference that sets us apart.
      We have had that epiphany of revelation that allows us to see
beyond the human condition and know divine purpose is alive in our
being and is being manifested daily. Nothing makes us happier than
sharing our convictions and bringing new light into a life. There is
nothing that makes us happier, nor those multitudes of higher entities
than to know a new person has made that initial connection to All That
      Earth itself, a living breathing entity, has also come to the point
of saying enough. This is part of what you are seeing around you as
the frequency of geological disruptions occur more often and with
much more intensity. Like mankind, it too, is on a path to ascension. It
longs to be that perfect garden that Adam once walked. You are alive
now to witness its metamorphosis into this new state of being. With all
natural changes of this nature, man inhabits the land this occurs on
much of the time.
      But the very beings charged to protect us do all they can to
minimize the destruction and human suffering it imposes. These things
are occurring and will continue to. I wish I could say it won’t be too
bad and divine intervention will step in and make everything all right.
But it is and has not been this way since our inception. As in the
beginning, we choose what we believe and what our actions are. Our
thoughts are manifesting these very changes that are going on. No
matter how your perspective runs, change occurs, and will continue to
until soon the dark and the light will separate forever and the dark will
plague us no longer.
      The earth as it is meant to be will come into existence as will
your being. There will be no wars, no hunger and no need of any kind
just as the Bible has predicted. Your choice determines your fate. If
you have already chosen to seek your truth, you are on your way to
that utopia. But you must put away your expectations of how that will
occur other than knowing you have stepped on to your path and are
walking it. Most of us do not know what we are meant to do. I try with
this book to give you the objective the creator has mandated, but not
how we get there. Exactly how we get there is determined by our own
individual choices every second, and the cumulative energy our
combined thought projects.
      Those of us now walking in the light know that to try and see
farther than one step at a time is useless, and are learning to depend
on divine beings and guidance to help us with just that one step. We
focus on today and know tomorrow is unknown, but prepared for us.
As much as you can find confidence in this, and seek your truth, your
peace and joy will increase.
      When events and tragedy affect you, fear is the one weapon the
dark will use to undermine that peace and assurance. Recognize it as
just that. It is your own fear of the unknown. If you can dispel that
fear and call to any entity I have described and believe with your heart
in its veracity, you will be given a sign that you are not alone, and are
surrounded by light.
      There will be destruction and a tearing down of what we know. It
has to come to take place in order to rebuild into the new. The
damage to the earth and its atmosphere has far reaching effects on its
neighbors. The earth has begun a cleansing process to rectify this
damage. Again, beings of superior intelligence work now and will
continue to, to alleviate as much negative effect as possible to us as
these geophysical changes happen. Because of the massive awakening
taking place in mankind, the projected amount of destruction and
suffering has been so greatly reduced that we have a huge reasons to
celebrate it.
      Our governments are puppets to a much more sinister and
proportionately larger element that has controlled and manipulated the
outcome of the civilized world for centuries. This will not continue, and
allies of light all around the world are coming into awareness of their
part in reshaping the planet to paradise. Some are fully aware and
stand by to step in at the appropriate time, when we will need them
most, when the followers of the dark, the illuminati, has gasped its last
breath and can no longer hold us from our divine birthright.
      Use your intuition as much as possible now and exercise your
instincts. If you are not yet awakened to your connection to source
this will be your most precious resource in the days ahead. It will tell
you not to do a certain thing you always do. You may get the urge to
take an alternative route, or lay out of work one day. And learn that
something happened that took lives and yours may have been taken if
you had ignored your primal messaging service.
      These things are the increased presence of light that is radiating
in enormous proportion all around the planet. Source is trying its best
to awaken you to your connection. Again, by decree of the creator,
and by the request made by earth, all of creation is doing as much as
possible to allow as many souls as possible to ascend with the earth.
      As I said there will be beings of superior intelligence that will
make their presence known to us all soon. I have read channeled
messages from certain people that they plan to make an appearance
to us in the USA on October 14th, 2008. As with anything you read you
must ask for divine discernment to know if it is truth. I feel strongly it
is and look forward to it, because I know it marks an event of mankind
that has never seen a precedent. These beings are, and have been,
the protectors of this earth for millions of years. It is they who will
land on the surface not long afterwards and meet us in person.
      They will show us to the way to enlightenment and help us all
who seek clarity from above to make that awareness a personal truth.
But it will not happen until the overall consensus of man has come to
the point of no longer accepting the deceit, lies, manipulation and
control that has kept us in the dark for 6,000 years. There must be an
overwhelming desire in our collective consciousness as a race to end
the oppression we have fallen under, forgetting who we really are and
who our creator is.
      They have technology and resources that will quickly transform
our planet into the awesome natural environment we first came into.
Their main purpose is to educate us as to the truth of our sleep and
open our eyes to the actuality of the devious plans of the illuminati,
and expose the terrible deeds they have perpetrated upon us for
centuries. Also in their immediate agenda is to alleviate those suffering
from hunger and poverty.
      There will be tough times for most of us still living on the planet
until this occurs. But even in death know that you serve a purpose that
is beyond your comprehension, and this kind of sacrifice results in your
ultimate relief and knowing of All That Is. It may be hard for you to
comprehend why you would have planned such demise, but it is all
planned ahead of time. You made this plan whatever it is, before you
incarnated into this life.
      I am not saying what will occur for you, I don’t know. But no
matter what you choose to believe now, you can start to understand
what this may be by seeking God, source and All That Is in this
moment. I did not set out to paint a picture of doom and gloom, but as
I wrote I could not help but portray everything as I understand it to
be. We are many, and combine millions of aspects and perspectives.
But we each have a unique job to perform while we are here. One of
my purposes in being here is to take all I have discerned and learned
and share it freely with as many as will read it.
      I also want you to know and remember, whatever you choose
from the smallest to the most life changing choice, is entirely your God
given birthright to do so. God does not judge your decisions and
honors each one of them. You may simply want to dismiss all of this
and go on living your life as you had perceived it, and this is
completely acceptable to God and All That Is. It is also important for
you to realize you are not beholding to any human, man has no right
to judge you at all and most religious texts say this.
      Your decision to forego any step further in awakening is entirely
up to you and is part of your journey. You will continue to live in an
environment that is comfortable to you and a life that resonates with
you. It will be of a similar vibration as the earth we have experienced
6,000 years ago and there will be many that choose this. But in
choosing to remain in this lower vibration you will incarnate to that
kind of environment starting from scratch. You will basically be
starting the human race all over again much as it did with Adam.
      Each of us must walk our own path and some will choose to
ascend, and some will not for various reasons. The bible also mentions
this when it said “one will be taken, and the other will not”. This is
exactly what it was talking about. But we all have divine help with us
no matter what we choose. If you cannot accept the idea of ascension
and who you are, you are still loved beyond measure and have the
same divine support with you at all times.
      No matter what you choose to accept and pursue, you are
honored by both God and the universe and you will receive as much
guidance as you can accept by your level of light and consciousness.
      I am just a very small piece of a part of that help I mention.
Each one of us that have awakened to their own divinity all share this
one commonality; we have a burning desire to help mankind in some
way to awaken to who they really are. Some of us who have gone on
to learn of ascension and the divine plan for the universe have more
knowledge on just what is occurring and will occur.
      You can use the internet and use these search terms to find
enough data on my topics as you can read 24 hours a day:
      Light worker
      Planetary changes
      Light beings
      Life after death
      Near death experiences
      There are hundreds of sources of data that all tell the same news
and beliefs.
      If my book is the first you have read of the ascension and
connecting to source, you have come a long way to this point. You
have grappled with much conflicting feelings inside you and may be in
a semi-stupor of information that swims around in your head as you
try to rationalize any one topic and theme.
      If you have become disturbed and have problems functioning
because of this material know that your higher self has been given a
door that has found a crack in its threshold. It has followed you your
whole life and tried to supply you with hints and events that would
make you take notice and just suppose the existence of its being. The
fact you have read all of this up to now has opened this door much
wider and your being is now taking in much more light than you have
ever known before.
      This can have physical effects on your body. Put the book down
now for a while. Take several days or even weeks, to simply reflect
and let the light work in and for you. You have no need to take any
decisive action you do not want to, no need to “save your soul” as it
were. God knows the thoughts that occur to you and that you now
have this information processing within you.
      Beings from divine sources are now aware you have knowledge
of their presence and you can rest easy, with assurance, all is well and
you have made a pivotal turning point occur to allow more light in to
your life. It is safe to assume also that at this point you want your
truth revealed to you. Give this some time to take hold and allow spirit
to work outside of and around you. You will begin to see and hear
things that deny reality. Things will be presented to you to give you a
sign that you are on your path and receptive to receiving your truth.
      When and if you come to this conclusion and feel it is
undeniable, come back to the book and read the next chapter.
      The Journey
      When I awoke, I literally woke up from a dream so vivid I was
blabbering away to the person in that dream as my awareness of 3d
came into focus. I had never had a dream that seemed so real and
vibrant. Unfortunately it was of a time of my life that I experienced
acute emotional pain. The events leading up to it were my most
ecstatic and happiest for that time of my life.
      I relived a time in my life when, after years of denying the
church and all it involved, I made the decision to be saved and gave
my full commitment to it. Immediately following this a human angel
walked into my life and I fell in love with her. All this occurred at this
church, and I had never felt so right and so fortunate. I was barely 16
and she was 14.
      But this relationship was either a passing thing for her, or
wrecked by her family. I never found out. They moved from that town
and left me no way to stay in contact. This shattered my belief system
as I had convinced myself that God was real and he had been
rewarding me by sending her and her love to me. It was a blissful
time, until she went AWOL.
      When that happened I blamed God, naturally, for letting it
happen. I drove 35 minutes out of town every night to hear that
evangelist and, be with my dream come true. I was doing my level
best to be straight, leave the drugs and other bad things alone. I
didn’t mind because I had such a great love to be with in return. Then
one night I got there and she wasn’t where she was supposed to be.
      I was perplexed but assumed a good explanation would be
forthcoming. When I left out after the service her friend brought me a
note that ended my world. It destroyed me. Because up until her a girl
that came anywhere near looking like a human being wouldn’t give me
a second look, or a first one. I never had a relationship like that
before, and I felt my life was coming together and some sense of
worth was being realized, and it all ended very abruptly.
      Her name was Jeannie, and I will never, ever forget her. If you
could have seen her then you would also appreciate my feelings. She
was tall and lithe with tan skin and long wavy blonde hair and (I think)
blue-green eyes. She was absolutely gorgeous. What virile 16 year old
wouldn’t fall in love with her?
      When I got the note I was crushed and hopelessness sank in
rather quickly. I cursed God and formally told it I disowned it. From
that point on I didn’t put much thought into church, religion, goodness
and integrity. To make a long story short I turned my back on
everything associated with religion and God and focused on getting
what I wanted. It was four years later, two DUI’s, several jobs, a drug
habit and no room at all in my psyche for any God or religion that I
met my current wife. I have been with her ever since over 28 years.
      I lived thru life the hard way. I passed on college when my
parents were very willing to send me and chose to find my way by my
own abilities. Marrying brought my responsibilities into focus and with
it my maturity rapidly grew. I found work in what I liked to do and
most of the time excelled in it. By time I was 35 our first and only
child was born. This brought about a very acute change in me over his
growing years which made me come full circle with how I lived. He
reflected my attitudes and perspectives forcing me to take a closer
look at what I believed and how I behaved. We began going to church
again for his sake and even joined. All three of us were baptized when
he was in his early teens.
      But, as it always happens, politics and petty human power
games pushed me to the point I could no longer sit in that church and
be a part of it. I quit going and my family followed suit as well. I
insisted to them that if they liked it and got something beneficial from
it they should continue. But my wife does very little socially unless I
am beside her.
      At that point I was at a cross roads of what I believed from my
religious education, and what I saw from the very source I was
supposed to increase my convictions with. I was conflicted terribly and
remained so from that point on. It was then I began reading religious
texts and documents outside the bible. This had an eye opening effect.
At the very least it was extremely fascinating to assimilate so many
different variations and interpretations of God.
      This did not consume my time however and my interest in this
ebbed and waned for a decade. Then I had some life changing events
occur. I was laid off from the job I had kept for 23 years and the place
closed down. Our financial situation deteriorated to a scary way of
living. I went back to college and attended, and we got used to doing
without so many things Americans consider normal. And then in
February of 2007 I woke up from that dream.
      I half sat up in bed crying with my face wet, reliving my reaction
to that “dear John” letter I seemingly had just read and was standing
in the parking lot of that church over 34 years ago. I was shocked to
find myself back in the present time, a fifty year old married man.
      But this dream and its effects remained firmly fixed in my
waking mind all day and I couldn’t shake it. I became obsessed with it
and came to a point of wishing very badly I could end my life and
pleaded with God to take me. I missed that time and that immaculate
feeling I had back then when I was sixteen so badly that I felt it was a
great, great time and I would never ever feel this way again, so what
was the point in living now?
      At the present time life was hard, a struggle, and we had barely
enough to live on and get by. Paying car insurance took the only
grocery money we had each month. I had no medical insurance and
since I have spina bifida and several bad disks I had to pay cash for
my pain meds.
      I made a CD with my favorite music I listened to when I was
going to that church and seeing that girl. I began listening to it all the
time, alone, trying to recall the clarity of that time, that girl, that
dream and relive those precious moments and some how find solace
for the misery I now found myself in. I even revisited that church out
of town to see if I could recapture some of that way of being by
putting myself around those same people and preacher. This in itself
was a nerve racking experience as my wife insisted on going with me.
      She knew there was something terribly wrong with me but I
would not share it with her because of her mistrust and jealousy of
me. Going to that church was a terrible shock. It was nothing like I
remembered and the service was young people in a Christian rock
band acting like a MTV music video. Young adults were standing
around dancing like they were at a Motley Crue concert. We walked
out after 15 minutes of this. But it helped me get a little closer to my
own resolution. It helped close the door but I didn’t entirely.
      I could not resolve to let go of Jeannie and what really
happened. I had to know if her parents really moved them away to get
her away from me, or if it was a story she fabricated to dump me. I
had been seeing her in my dreams and daydreams every day since
that dream, and I was obsessed with resolving her from my memory in
a way I could accept and move on.
      I began to use the internet to search her out. I could not
remember her last name though and after two months of trying to
locate her gave up. But then I happened across a gifted spiritualist
online and began a relationship with her by bartering my art work in
exchange for her services.
       This one critical step opened the door for me to see beyond the
tangible world I thought was concrete and experience forces that go
outside what we call reality. Because of her, Linda Hanna-Schiller, I
made a spiritual connection to this girl’s energy and felt it deep down,
in my bones, in my very core. I was able to commune by my spirit to
hers and resolve all the pain I had harbored for over 30 years. Over
my time with Linda I came to understand how my life had been shaped
and lived, all from this one event, and the choices I made from it.
       I became “aware” of why this dream occurred and its
significance. I became open to my guides and spiritual family and my
journey on a spiritual path began. Linda helped me a little while longer
but the time came that I was extracting too much of her time and
energy and we parted company. Soon after, I befriended another
spiritual helper, Marty Jackson, who became my guide and coach for
about six months. She is the one who personally helped me develop
my spiritual gifts and educate me in the ways of recognizing spirit and
       I learned to meditate and say prayers and chant affirmations
daily. As I did, my awareness grew and expanded. Nearly a year after
the dream, she and I also parted company. Our last experience was
her initiating me into mastery. I never “felt” anything physical from
this, but know it was instrumental in the many miraculous things that
began to happen. Soon I was understanding and living what it means
to be connected and creating. I was amazed out how many simple
things I desired would present them selves to me when I applied my
energy to it.
      When I needed extra money for something, it showed up. Many
times I would get the money out of nowhere first and then a situation
would arise immediately after that required it like a vehicle needing
repair. I would look at the clock and it would be 11:11 or 4:04. One
time after reading some material that so moved me it brought me to
tears. In that experience I felt God’s presence flood my being in a
wave of a body rush that was the most intense thing I have ever felt.
      This experience lasted at least ten minutes and I felt this energy
washing over me making me warm yet cool. I tingled from head to toe
and felt light and dizzy. It was the first time I had experienced a surge
of source energy in such a way and I was ecstatic with joy and
thanked God and spirit as hard as I could.
      When it passed I immediately went out to mow realizing it was
going to rain soon. I was so happy with what just occurred all I could
do was mutter quietly my praise to God as I mowed the yard. I also
wondered if I would be able to finish cutting the entire yard before it
rained. But, soon after I thought this, the sky which was solid block of
purple clouds as far as you could see began to change.
      Directly over me the clouds parted and a hole in them began to
open up. Bright and warm sunshine flooded down on me and the yard
and before my eyes this hole grew to about a mile or so right over my
head. All around this hole was dark and angry clouds that threatened
to pour rain, but I had the warm sun on my back and began to smile
and be amazed. Just at that moment a thought came into my head
that was this.
      “This is how much I love you, I would part the sky and let you
mow your yard in the warm sun. Anything is possible with God who
loves you more than you can comprehend Jimmy.” When that
happened I became emotional all over again and struggled to keep
them in check as I had neighbors at home around me. I was
overjoyed, awestruck and nearly in shock all at the same time at this
miracle that occurred. But God did this to prove this very point to me,
the old skeptic, the doubting Thomas, that indeed these things were
real. That despite what I had been taught to believe my imagination is
my only limitation.
      I had finally learned that anything I wanted was possible and
God and the universe were prepared to give it to me. This sealed my
belief and convictions and changed me as a person. This forged the
“knowing” that I now have and set me on my way to increasing the
light I carried daily and the power of my own creational abilities we
each are born with.
      I began to exercise what I had learned to be my gifts. I called
healing to my dog when he became deathly ill and the next morning
he was perfectly well. I called for healing in a cataract in his left eye,
and it too, was healed and has not returned.
      I have called for divine will and healing countless times for my
son and wife, unknown to them and it has occurred shortly after. Each
time this occurred it made my knowing, consciousness and connection
a little bit stronger.
      I became restless in that I was not growing in both ability and
awareness as I wanted to. I would search the net for anything about
lightworkers or spirituality. I found a person who gives a very high
tech newsletter and services to those that are or have awakened to
their own divinity. I read all of the channeled messages from Kryon.
And then one day, I saw a picture of Caroline Cory at
and was intrigued by her amazing beauty. She looks like an angel in
the flesh, she is that gorgeous.
      My mind immediately said, okay Jim, your just taken by her
looks, move on and see what else there is to help you. Don’t be taken
in by a pretty face, feed your soul not your ego.
      So I plundered around and heard different people there at that
site, but each time I saw her picture I was drawn more and more to
her info. Finally I listened to one of her early shows. In it, she
explained an aspect of divine energy and I became immediately
enthralled in its detail as it resonated sharply with my pursuit of more,
more knowledge and wisdom. I became intently interested in her work
and began listening to the remaining sessions. Then one day I heard a
show where she led the listeners thru a group meditation. In it she
took us step by step in how to create a sacred space, connect to
source, and then to clear certain blocks in our being that stood in the
way of our divine connection.
      I became very happy in believing, and knowing, these sessions
were bringing me closer to source. My prime reason for living was to
reach a point of being in direct connection to God and source as much
of the day as possible. The first session I didn’t notice anything
physical or tangible. But the second one was mind blowing. We went
thru a connection to the divine mother energy, and cleared fears
(blocks) and when we were done I was physically changed.
      I could not move from where I sat. I felt like I had been doped
up with morphine and my eyes would not focus at all. I had to keep
them closed a while as the effects of that connection gradually wore
off. When I did eventually stand, I was still a bit dizzy and weak. But I
didn’t have a pain in my body. I felt like I could just float away.
      I have done every drug you could name near about in my
previous life. I have had some very nice experiences of euphoria using
them in my past. This was just like one of those trips, only, it was a
direct shot from source and All That Is, and it was ten times more
intense. From that point on I went thru all her recorded sessions and
began trying to attend the live ones. The amount of energy is much
more intense in a live attendance and she can see the energy portrait
of the people attending too.
      Her sessions and work has brought me to where I am now. I
have ebbed and waned in my connection cyclically over the months as
my intuition and body demanded, but I have steadily grown my
abilities. I would not be termed “psychic” and display any amazing
abilities that you would label a person with yet, and have chosen to
keep most of this personal and to myself. My main drawback has been
that I wanted a more tangible connection such as hearing voices or
seeing ironclad visions before I try to help others.
      Linda, my old original friend, invited me to join a forum she had
started for her students and other lightworkers. I joined and began
sharing my thoughts and perspectives there, and my gift and talents in
writing began to blossom exponentially as I did. I have become aware
that the posts I have written were not just me and my opinions but
also channeled messages from divine sources that others needed very
much to hear. And this is where I am now. The more I write in this
pursuit and purpose, the more words flow out from me and spirit
works to reach others with them.
      I have had many at that forum express how much my posts
have helped them and they have continued to insist that I publish my
thoughts. These are not just my thoughts. It is also divine wisdom that
was meant to be in and of the minds and hearts of every human of the
planet for a long time. As soon as my finger hit the keyboard I am
gone and rarely have to stop and think. It just flows. And I know this
is at least one of my reasons in being here now at this time. It may be
my only one, I don’t know. But I know beyond a doubt I am meant to
write this book and share it free of charge with the world.
      Each of us has this same divine purpose in this life to execute.
Finding out what it is and performing it is the journey. You, have a
specific reason for being here at this time. Your DNA and cells work to
metabolize this realization within you and make it come alive in your
conscious awareness. You have divine support waiting to help you
achieve whatever this goal may be. When you begin to accept this as
your reality and truth, they make it easy, so easy. For the very reason
that you are meant to perform a purpose to mankind is why it
becomes easy. You allow them to execute their purpose, and that is to
provide you everything you need in life to do it and be happy doing it.
      My journey is but one of tens of thousands who have taken
similar steps towards awakening to whom they truly are. If you look,
you can find countless accounts of these people who all share one
common link. They share a genuine love for their fellow brother and
sister that originates from All That Is and cannot be replaced, denied
or changed. It is there forever a part of their being and is radiated out
to everyone they come in contact with.
      I have lived my whole life in the dark until 3 years ago. I had
always kept a mild fascination with anything paranormal, spiritual or
metaphysical. During the course of all that time I can look back and
see just how my choices and steps have been guided to bring me to
where I can see now with much clarity, each event has been to
strengthen my consciousness and find acceptance of the reality
humans have been in denial of for millennia.
      There have been events in my past where I should have died. At
one point I lay on an emergency room gurney while my parents and
the doctors waited to see if I would survive the massive amount of
alcohol I consumed to fast.
      One evening riding with a good friend as a teen, I passed out at
the wheel and we woke up spinning 360’s in the middle of the road
and came to a stop in the opposite lane perfectly positioned to go back
the other way. Had there been any cars coming we would have surely
died and hurt others.
      I turned my back on God and all associated with it, but because
of its unending and infinite love for me, it kept me alive so I could
write these pages many, many times. My wife saved my life. God sent
her to me knowing I would respond to her love and patience. I was on
a path of self-destruction by choice, but the unfathomable love and
power of God and all the legions of divine beings continued to provide
just enough to keep me close enough to my original path so that I
would eventually wind up here.
      We ultimately have free will and choice, and decide our next
steps. But if you try to look beyond what your mind occupies you with,
and see that maybe there is more than just what you can see with
your eyes, hear with your ears and touch with your hands you may
discover there has been something much more powerful present
around you all along. Examine those “coincidences”, really take a look
and discern how improbable and impossible it was for them to occur.
      Is this really just chance? Is this just the chaos factor or the
butterfly effect? There is no such thing as chance and odds. There is
probability, potential and outcome. The more you open your mind and
heart to the possibility of a force outside your own, the more you
discover just how amazing your universe is and discover God and All
That Is in the process.
      Exploring Your Connection
      You have tools available, no matter what you believe even if you
are a complete atheist, you can explore the abilities that you naturally
posses. Lets look at it from a scientific standpoint and discuss what is
out there that defies typical human ability and reason.
      Have you ever seen David Blaine, or Chris Angel the “Mind
FreaK” on TV? Some of the exhibitions they have displayed defy all
logical reason and have stunned thousands of people who have been
there with them in person and witnessed it for themselves. These guys
have stepped into a portion of their being and connected to their
higher self. They have tapped into latent abilities that, contrary to
what all science, religion, and society will insist are not inherent in
human beings, are a part of their true self.
      This is an aspect we each are born with and carry with us at all
times. Some of us are aware of nothing what so ever, while others of
us have embraced it and developed it. Chris and David are a very good
example of developing these abilities from a non-spiritual aspect and
using it to entertain and provide income. I haven’t researched either of
them and don’t know what their spiritual beliefs are composed of. I
would think that being at this level of development though, has
brought them close to the realization of the realms and dimensions
that we spiritualist do so heartily endorse and connect to. I don’t see
how they can avoid not knowing of this aspect about themselves and
their connection to it.
      I am banking that they are keeping this low key with the main
purpose of bringing as many young people as possible to know and
like them, to trust them. I would not be surprised at all to see in the
near future they both begin to relate to the public more intimate
information that divulges their spiritual connection.
      This relationship goes hand in hand. They are in fact one in the
same. Psychic abilities are a gift we are born with and are derived
from our higher self, and our spiritual connection we have to All That
Is, to the universe and creation, and to each other.
      You can perform simple exercises to discover your own abilities
tapping into your intuition and instincts, which is the basic root of your
full compliment of abilities. Have you ever walked on the sidewalk and
tried to avoid the cracks? Could you feel and tell, how you knew which
foot would fall on the crack one or two steps before you got to it? This
is that latent instinct within you telling you this will occur.
      Have you ever packed items in a box not knowing how you
would place them in there or in what order, but proceeded to do it and
wound up using most of the space efficiently? You are using your
instincts to do this. You have no plan or methodology that gives you
which item goes next and where exactly to put it.
      You can do a simple exercise to strengthen these internal gifts
you have that will help you develop their intensity and duration.
Obtain a ball of any kind, even a pine cone. Place it on the ground in
the yard. Now walk back away from it and don’t count your steps or
plan anything. When you are approximately ten feet away from the
ball turn facing it and walk towards it with the intention of kicking it
with one of your feet, don’t choose a foot unless you prefer one.
      As you walk towards it in a normal gait, try to be aware of when
you first realize which foot will be in a position to kick it as you walk
when you arrive at a place that you can. Notice when you first realized
what foot would be able to kick it walking normally, and how far away
you were from it. Kick the ball when you get to a place where your
normal gait will do so. Keep walking towards the ball to do this again.
Notice which foot can do it or how soon you have to adjust your
pattern of walking to kick it with the preferred foot.
      Do this as many times as you like. You will get this “data” to
your awareness stronger and stronger, sooner and sooner the more
you do it.
      You have put out to the universe your intention to kick the ball
as you walk towards it. The universe responds and sends you back
information to your higher self, your spiritual being you are connected
to, about how to walk so that one of your feet will naturally move
squarely at the right place and time to kick that ball.
      You will begin to notice you either lengthen your gait or shorten
it to accomplish this. You will notice that you realize this farther and
farther away from the ball. You are connecting to your higher self and
forging a bridge of direct communication between your consciousness
and your spirit. If you try any of these things with a focus of noticing
these elements you will surprise yourself immensely.
      Do you use a combination lock? Start trying to unlock it with
your eyes closed. I know this is a stretch, but just your intention and
execution of the attempt enlarges your psychic abilities in the process.
      This is just a taste of what you have buried beneath years or
maybe even decades of conditioning that has made you forget you
have these abilities. As babies our innate abilities are at very high
levels. We can see auras that others possess. Why do you think some
babies become fearful and begin to cry around certain people? The see
and sense a negative energy emanating from that person. This doesn’t
mean that person is a bad person at all, it simply means that person
exudes a negative energy about something that is preoccupying a
good portion of their mind, energy and focus. They emit this energy by
their thoughts, and it appears on their aura as blotches of reds, blacks
and grays.
      It is a common belief small children who address “invisible”
playmates are imagining an entity to be there with them. Because we
adults cannot see it, most of us in the past have forced our children
these things are not real and they are not seeing and hearing what
they claim. And we teach our children this also forcing what they know
is real out of their consciousness. This is that conditioning that has
kept us in the dark and blinded our eyes to the dimensions that exist
side by side of the one dimension we know as solid and real. Most
everyone has from thousands of years back of what we know as
civilized man has ruled out what they could not define as tangible to
be fantasy and not real. We have taught each successive generation
this belief as well.
      It is forged in our impressionable years and we quickly learn to
dismiss it with our senses, and soon, it does not register at all in any
form of sensory input by time we are preteens. Our literature and
history labels it as folklore, fantasy and children’s stories so we do not
have to deal with it, and subsequently explore it. Science has made
sure it does not reach any level of recognition other than entertaining
phenomena, and any direct connection to it has been controlled and
manipulated thru organized religion making sure that man did not
outgrow its need to go thru religious middlemen to find resolution to
questions regarding its existence.
      All of this has been orchestrated by unseen forces that strive as
their primary goal, to “keep you in the dark” and not be aware of your
own divinity and primal connection to All That Is. Men that have
followed this path of rigid denial and propagated it to our social
structure have ranged from genuinely believing their strict doctrines to
those that have deep spiritual connections to the dark energies and
are completely engulfed in the power and wealth it has brought them.
      It is about control of the masses, and always has been. Your
natural, divine birthright includes psychic abilities such as clairvoyance
(seeing visions of past, present and future), clairaudience (hearing
messages), seeing and discerning auras, sensing vibrations and
energy emanations from all living things, seeing and hearing spiritual
entities, astral projection (traveling in your spiritual form apart from
your physical body), physical manifestation (creating solid form into
existence in the 3rd dimension) and several other innate abilities that
do not fit into what you have been taught is possible.
      You have any and all of these abilities now present, on tap,
within you at this very moment.
      You may be thinking how utterly ridiculous this is. According to
all that is known and acceptable it is. But this is fast becoming too
prevalent to ignore. You can search on the web for paranormal
activity, metaphysical events, or psychic ability and find more info
than you can read about actual people exhibiting these traits. Much
like the “X-men” the world is being shown that people are coming out
of the closet and revealing these abilities they have discovered.
      This is all one small part of the big picture I have been painting
for you. It is a part of the truth that is being poured out upon the
planet in mass amounts to bring those that are asleep, or do not want
to wake up, that it is real. Acceptance of any revelation has an effect
upon your mind and its capacity to broaden its scope and reach out for
potentials you recently had rejected. As you accept what you once
considered false or non-truth, your consciousness expands a bit more,
and allows you to consider other possible non-truths as a potential to
be true.
      With each successive acceptance, and resulting expansion of
your consciousness, you also take in light into your being and increase
your vibration. It is small and very little increases at the time. This
changes your belief system, and alters your current ones. It also
manifests into the physical reality you see, hear and feel. As your
belief systems change to include a possibility you once kept out of the
reality you create, you now have added new potentials for that reality
to contain and manifest that new knowledge as a tangible part of your
existence. You create this reality second by second, minute by minute,
into the physical form that surrounds you every second of your
conscious awareness.
      Your belief is the switch that turns on the motor of your thought.
The energy you generate based on the marriage between your belief
and thought, is a product that is projected outward in all directions.
The result is you manifesting light into thought forms, and solid
objects. But it also produces energy forms that are unseen and unfelt
by most. It is registered in the higher dimensions above our own, as
well as those below us. The universe, everything that composes the
universes and All That Is, is receptive to this energy you are creating
right now, and every second of your time. It responds to this energy
and transforms it as a product that returns back to you, and to
everything around you.
      You in concert with All That Is, coalesce light into molecules that
form the atoms into molecules and further, into what you see and hear
and feel.
      All is affected in one way or another simply by your most
intimate and abstract of thoughts, to your most extreme execution of
emotion. Thought is that tap which connects to this universal power
source and directs it as you desire. The level of intent you have behind
that thought and the intensity contained within it is directly
proportional to the results you manifest, and encounter. The more you
believe this to be true, the more of this universal power you collect
and put behind it in the process.
      Have you ever seen or read what some cultures have done with
voodoo? Have you learned how witch doctors of old Africa have healed
the sick and performed miracles? Do you know of anyone here in the
states that has had a complete and total remission from cancer by a
faith healer? All of these examples are this principle in action. Two
people have come together and the power of their faith and belief has
focused the energy around us and them, into a potential that was
overwhelming. They drew from the eternal power source of All That Is
and directed it to a result they desired.
      God and creation hold the keys to potential. The potential for
manifesting that which you desire depends on millions of aspects we
are not capable of understanding as humans. As we direct these
energies we project it outward by how much we focus upon them, and
these energies are picked up by the universe. If you are not alone in a
single thought or desire and share it with others, the power of that
thought form grows exponentially. This collective of shared thought
forms is substantially larger than the sum of the individual thought
forms independent of each other.
      This is why the power of prayer is so well documented and
proven. Many gathered together and created a thought form in unison
for a common goal and the universe responded.
      This is the explanation of how your own psychic ability works for
you as best as I can describe it in layman’s terms. I am sure it can be
picked to pieces by dozens of recognized “professionals” in the field.
But this is it, in a nutshell.
      As you begin to understand just exactly what this means your
ability responds and grows with it. Some have come into the world
with this understanding already in place and merely mature to realize
it. Some others have had an event occur to reveal it to them, and
explored it further. Still some others have no explanation at all why all
of a sudden they can do or know things they could not previously. But
in all cases they have found a catalyst that triggers their awareness of
these abilities. The result fostered a change in their belief system that
allowed their mind and consciousness to expand and grow. This
becomes an infinite loop of belief, result, growth and expansion.
      You are meant to return to that from which you originated from.
As you grow spiritually and expand in consciousness you incorporate
more and more of that original point of creation, the very core of God.
      What I want to give you now as a methodology, even though I
have stressed over and over that your divinity resides within you. I am
not directing you to do these things as the only means to connect with
your true self and with All That Is. I am offering it to those who are
new to these topics and subjects. Who are willing and interested in
exploring their own connection to source, but have no knowledge of
how it works. I offer a simple, too simple for some, way to exercise
your natural inherent ability God made you with, and grow your
connection slowly and comfortably.
      You can stop any time once you start. You will not come to any
harm other than acknowledging any knowledge, discernment or
wisdom you receive as a result from doing it and refusing to follow
that very guidance spirit has given you. As humans we are in the
business of learning lessons and not repeating mistakes. But we do not
always listen to good advice and reap dire results from this denial. I
still do the same thing. I am much better at listening and heeding the
guidance I receive but, still I fall down sometimes and brush the dirt
off and try it again. The difference now is I can laugh at myself for
knowing I had much more obvious direction from source, and ignored
it anyway. I can feel when I am going the wrong direction so much
easier now.
      You will begin to recognize this in yourself as you grow
spiritually. You may decide to do a certain thing for a certain reason.
As you begin to execute the tasks that will achieve this result, you run
into difficulty. If you continue and try even harder to “buck the
system” you will encounter one wall after another until you stop and
acknowledge your own feelings, intuitions and instincts that were
hammering away at your consciousness to STOP DAMMIT, DON’T YOU
      Yes, you will come to a point where it is this obvious and clear. If
you truly want clarity of purpose, a real and tangible relationship with
God and the universe, you have already begun to take in much of this
information. Your mind has begun an enormous amount of expansion
and light is now coming in to your physical body faster than it ever
has. And you can feel it. You know something is different don’t you?
      At this point of the book feel that the majority of you that are
still reading it have crossed over and want more in your life and
awareness. You are feeling the tingles in the back of your neck that tell
you that you are on the right track. Some or all of these things are
now resonating within you and you want to know more, feel more and
be more. I am going to give you, these people that want and need
assistance with your own spirituality my email address for two reasons
at this odd place.
      One is that the skeptics and religious zealots stopped reading a
long time ago and are trying their best to find my contact info to give
me a piece of their mind, and force a little more hellfire and brimstone
down my throat. I will not make it easy for them.
      The other is that I cannot in good conscience distribute this book
knowing there are so many of you out there at this moment who have
never heard this truth before and want badly to have a friend and
counsel that can help them understand all of this more clearly. I offer
my friendship and assistance to you if you desire it or need it. I am not
one to give you a bait and hook, then leave you hanging. My email
address is
      If you have read all of this and still insist on attempting to bash
my integrity personally and or vent your frustrations towards me, I will
not respond to you at all. No matter what you say I will not return
your anger nor accept it into my energy field. If you are feeling this
way I hope your truth will find a way to work its way into your
awareness. I forgive you ahead of time and ask that God pour its light
in increased amounts into your life and being.
      Now for those who want to learn how to increase their vibration
and bring in a direct connection to source.
      Roll Call
      After I woke up, I searched for over a year before I had any
tangible epiphany that could be described as transcending the world
we live in. I knew many things and had years of research behind my
belief system. But it took this long just to make the first initial
connection that I felt thru my core and that electrified my senses into
knowing beyond any doubt that God is real and wants very much to
“reach out and touch you”.
      I had faith it was waiting to happen, and my coaches and guides
all told me it would when the time was appropriate. One thing I must
say that is important they all stressed, is that all of this and more was
located within me. Not in books, not in gurus and not in a PDF
document I found on the web, LOL!
      But as long as I remained absent of the tangible, undeniable
sensory input from above I could not be satisfied, and I was lucky
enough to join a live session with a sincere teacher that showed me
how, and had that amazing experience that can only come from God
and All That Is. This is what I want for you more than anything else I
have talked about in this book.
      I want you to have that special moment when you connect
directly to God, the God you know and love maybe, or maybe a God
you have never known but dearly want to experience for yourself. This
is my wish and desire more than anything else at this time that you
come to this oneness with creation. You will never be the same again.
No matter what people say or do, it will not sway your belief and
conviction. There are very few people who have gone thru this
experience and have rejected it. It is life changing.
      The best part? It’s the joy you experience. It is a knowing that
cannot be shaken from you and penetrates to the deepest parts of
your being. You can become distracted by events that make you feel
negative emotions, and just think back to that experience and relive it
again and the peace and joy come rushing in upon you in a flood and
wash away all that negative.
      First and foremost, you must accept that if you believe in a God,
or God source, you must accept also there is an equal and opposing
force. Some call it evil. It comes in many, many flavors. Without going
into too much detail, dark energy is an energy that is the opposite of
light energy, naturally. It is energy that has no light in it. The dark,
much like the “dark force” in Star Wars exists around us just as light
does in varying quantities and forms. How much we sense and are
affected by it is directly linear to the amount of light energy we contain
in our being at any one time.
      The dark knows what we of the light are doing. But it is sneaky,
subversive and clever in deception. Most times it does not come at you
with a frontal attack. It prefers to sneak in the back door and just sit
in the background and throw minor influences at you. You drive by an
accident and no one is there yet, but instead of stopping and offering
to help, fear makes you continue on and not get involved.
      You are with friends and the group meanders towards humor
that degrades homeless people, mentally ill people, or other victims of
society and instead of showing disgust you laugh. Your fear of being
rejected by showing your true feelings about that behavior led you to
      You are at a restaurant, and normally you say a blessing but out
in public you don’t show a public display of affection to God, for fear of
being laughed at or any number of reasons. Again, fear is the reason.
      The dark energy is the author of fear. Fear makes us do many
things we wouldn’t normally do. It is our most powerful emotion, and
the dark knows this. It exploits it quite effectively and has since we
stood upright. But God put us here to get some time separated from
God and source, and experience both dark and light energy in the
same environment. The intention was to learn from these experiences,
and choose to reject the dark and favor more light. This has been our
struggle over 300k years, and three major attempts.
      The dark knows that you have become “self aware” now. It
knows of your intentions to move towards the light and away from the
dark. It may try to come at you from the front now as you become
more aware of it using the back door the more you expand your
consciousness. You may have things happen to you that shake your
confidence and threaten to destroy all you have accomplished this far.
      Do not let this take precedence of your mind and awareness. You
have divine protection. If you have made that step to forge a
connection to source your 42 angels are on double duty now to keep
the dark from penetrating you energy field that surrounds you. You
have an Archangel on call 24/7 and all you have to do is call his name
and ask him to protect you from whatever you feel threatened by.
      You may be getting scared now, just by what I am telling you.
This sounds much worse than it is. But it is not unusual for bad things
to happen once you have taken that step to wake up, or already have
and seek to create a solid connection to source. These things happen
for one or two reasons. Either to show you the power you have within
you to overcome what appears to be bad, or to move you away from
it, and closer to, source.
      It is not apparent at the time, most times, but eventually it
becomes clear to you. The main reason I tell you this is because when
you do a connection exercise it is always wise to ask and intend to get
protection from your guardian Archangel. So this is the first step in the
        There is a verse in the bible that goes “be still and know God.”
This is the very premise of what you will be doing. Other less
religiously flavored practitioners call it meditating. I call it meditating.
Some call it praying, and you can do this as well. You don’t have to do
what I am directing you to do to connect. I am relating what I was
taught, and what worked for me.
        The important thing you want to achieve is a quiet place with no
distracting sounds and activity. A perfect place is in a natural
environment with bare feet on the ground. This isn’t possible for most
of us during the day, or night. But when you find you can do it in these
conditions you increase the power of that light you call to yourself.
        Get in a comfortable position. You want to be able to relax and
not feel minor pains if possible. That is more difficult for people like me
with back problems. Most of the time I lie down to do this. Nearly all
the time I do it before I sleep as I am most relaxed then in my bed.
        Close your eyes and begin taking deep breaths, taking in as
much air as you can, and slowly let it out. Do this at least five times.
Your brain is the center of this activity and you want to oxygenate it
        At this point either aloud or silently you want to call in protection
from your guardian angel, your spirit family and your higher self. If
you don’t know who your guardian angel is you can find out by going
to and read what it
says. There are other places that provide it if this one no longer works.
        Here is a text you can use:
              I ask and intend for Archangel Michael to help me
        create a sacred space now. I ask and intend for my spirit
      family and my higher self to help me create a sacred space
      now. I ask that all energies that are not of my highest
      good be banned and kept away from my experience now. I
      ask that all mind chatter, distracting sounds and energies
      that are not of my highest good be kept away from my
      experience. It is my intention to connect directly to source,
      powerfully, comfortably now. And so it is.

      At this point, you have affirmed to spirit your intentions. You
also want this clarified to your own mind that you are calling in the
help of your whole spiritual help system. They want very much to
assist you when you seek a sincere desire to create a closer
connection to source and God. They surround you all the time and
never leave, existing to help you get ever closer to your true state of
      At this point, it is good to just take some more deep breaths and
try to bring your breathing to a state of even and regulated flow of air
in and out. Keep in mind also you are self inducing a state of
relaxation. You need to become relaxed and unaware of your body, so
you can observe the thoughts that are running across your awareness.
This is your goal to slowly melt away the trappings of the external
world around you. If you are just beginning to meditate and have no
practice, don’t get frustrated if you seem to not be able to “shut your
mind up”. This is an entirely new state of being you are attempting to
learn and feel comfortable in.
      I found that when I just started meditating, it helped me to just
focus on my breathing. This got my mind off of “thoughts” and on
something singular and abstract. As you practice more and more, it
will become easier and easier to go to that relaxed state.
      When you feel you have emptied your mind as best you can and
are ready to move on to the next step, your intent will be to connect
to source, or God, the creator. Whomever or whatever you consider to
be the one creator of all is what is important for you to remember.
Your version of this doesn’t matter. All of us that are not atheist,
possess our own interpretation of what God is to us. It is not important
or critical that we pick one or another to solidify a persona of what God
is to us. It knows our heart and what we believe to be God and that is
all that really matters.
      Now the actual connection process that I use.
      I imagine myself being taken to the center of all the universe,
the core and center of our known universe. Imagine floating,
suspended and weightless but being comfortable. You are neither hot
or cold, just ambient. Imagine traveling faster and faster to the center
of the universe, seeing stars, suns and galaxies go past you. You
arrive at light that grows bigger and bigger until it is all you see
around you. You are in the presence of source and the light is the
energy it is emitting upon you.
      Now imagine a small ball of light separates from source and
comes to you and you reach out and hold this sphere of light energy.
You higher self has made this journey and now holds a portion of
God’s energy in its hands. Try to imagine, or actually feel this energy
as it radiates upon you.
      Now you make your way back to your body back on earth. You
travel as fast or as slow as you wish back until this sphere of light is
hovering above you only a foot or so above your head. Picture it as
being a mixture of bright yellow and white-blue as it hovers inches
above you.
      Now take in a deep breath, and as you exhale you see this
sphere moving down and entering the top of your head. Attempt to
feel this energy as it enters your skull and penetrates every cell and
molecule inside your head. This sphere is about two feet in diameter
and it completely encapsulates your body as it slowly travels
      Imagine or feel it continuing to move downward and how your
neck, shoulders and torso feels as this light enters your body. Feel the
tingling buzz as it slowly covers you until it has completely saturated
every part of your body.
      Next imagine this ball of light exiting out of the bottom of your
feet and it continues on downward into the earth below you. Take a
few deep breaths. If you feel something don’t try to analyze it or
determine too much. You simply want to enjoy this elevated amount of
light from source flowing thru you.
      Now picture again a new ball of light, hovering a few inches
below your feet. This time it is golden yellow and green. Imagine the
light ball coming up and entering your feet. Feel it travel up your feet,
legs, thighs and so on. If you don’t feel anything during all this do not
be discouraged. You are new to this experience and so is your body
and mind. It is perfectly normal to not feel a thing.
      Imagine the ball of light passing upward saturating all of your
body as it goes until it exits the top of your head. Now picture the ball
taking off and traveling back to source.
      You are now fully connected to source and grounded. When you
connect you are acting as a conduit, allowing energy direct from
source to flow “thru you”. It doesn’t stop with you, and you want to
plant this vision firmly in your awareness. You have called for light to
enter your being and flow thru you into the earth where it can be
distributed by mother earth and sent to places and people that need it.
Your intent and action to call the light is not only a process of filling
your being with source energy but also that of earth. The earth is a
living being just as you are, and while you are human you need to
remain grounded upon it, even when connecting to source.
      I personally had a ritualistic affirmation I used when I started
connecting and did this for many months before I felt anything
tangible. But my faith and belief that I would when the appropriate
time came kept me with a knowing it would happen. I went 3 months
doing this before I ever felt anything connecting to source. But when I
did it was the most unbelievable thing I have ever felt in this life.
      I would go thru the above steps, and when the ball of light went
out and back to source I would say this:
            I call the light to me now. I ask that this light be
      sent to the world and used where it is needed most. I ask
      that those in darkness get this light with my love and it
      brings them hope where there is none. I ask that the light
      shine in the lives of people that are starving and hungry,
      and that it goes to our governments and their leaders.
      As you practice calling in the light and connecting to source it
will become easier and faster to do. Before long you will simply intend
to connect and you will not even have to imagine this process of the
ball coming and going. I do this driving in my car, going to important
meetings, or before shopping when I can remember to. It can be a
simple for you as just saying “I call the light to me now”. And that is it,
nothing more needs to be done or said.
      You will begin to notice that as your belief and convictions of
what you are doing strengthen, that you also start feeling tangible
sensing of the light energy entering you. For me it is a chill that runs
instantly down from my head to my feet. It’s not cold, but feels much
like electricity. It can be compared to the body rush you get from
adrenaline when you suddenly become afraid. The difference is you are
not afraid but the very opposite. This is confirmation God and source is
sending to you to let you know it is indeed flooding your being with
         When you just begin calling light to yourself your body is
structured to hold only a certain amount of light. This is reflected in
the vibration level you possess. All things live or inanimate possess a
vibration. When you start calling in light to your being, each event of it
helps increase your vibration a small amount each time. As you
continue to do this and raise your vibration, your body has to adjust to
this new level of vibration you are emitting and living within.
         You may get to a point of developing physical symptoms that
alarm you. You may get ringing in the ears, minor aches and pains
that seemingly came from nowhere, or have spells of fatigue and
weariness. This is a signal many times not of illness but that your body
is trying to adjust to this additional light and vibration.
         If you get to a point of being more uncomfortable than you
would like, just lay off of calling in the light, and rest as much as you
can. Sleep and rest do wonders for your body and being, in adjusting
to the higher vibration.
         I want you to remember at this point that if at any time you get
this way, you will not loose what you have accomplished nor revert
back to how you were before. When you raise your vibration, it is
permanent. You cannot undo your level of spirituality. Also remember
that you are in no hurry. You do not have a deadline to meet. You will
not miss the “ascension” boat or be lost in the lower vibrations
because you have not developed your spiritual abilities as much as you
think you need to or want to.
      It took me a while to understand and fully accept this. When I
became at peace with the understanding that my level of
understanding and spirituality was where it needed to be at that time,
other interesting things began to happen outside myself that gave me
more than enough confirmation I was on the right track.
      Your decision to accept ascension and be a part of it is all you
are required to do to be a part of it. You do not have to reach a certain
level of growth and understanding to “achieve” ascension. Your intent
and acceptance is what includes you. That is the “minimum eligibility
requirements”, so to speak.
      Your desire to know God and become closer to it is more than
likely the motivation that spurs your interest in this chapter. If you are
having feelings of fear that you will miss the ascension, you are
getting in your own way. I dealt with this for a while myself and
realized it was what was holding me back from developing my
connection strength and experiencing source as I am now.
      This brings us to doing “spiritual work” on our self. Our belief
systems have dictated our connection to God and All That Is while
incarnating as humans. The influence of the dark and the illuminati has
tirelessly worked to maintain fear in our awareness to keep our true
connectivity to source at a minimum.
      Any fear you posses are a block in your energy field that
prevents you from fully connecting to source and All That Is.
      Other negative feelings you have also perform the same
function. We experience an event, and then a resulting emotion. This
can be a range of emotions. How we react to these emotions has
dictated our civilization from the beginning. We also develop habits
some times as a result of latent fears we harbor. What I bet you didn’t
know is that you may have some deep seated fears now that are a
result of a traumatic event you experienced in another lifetime. An
example of this could be that you were a victim of the holocaust during
World War II and were killed by the Nazi’s in their ovens in the
concentration camps. As a result, you may become uneasy around
large ovens or be claustrophobic in small dark rooms.
      Another less mild example could be that you drowned during
Noah’s flood, and carry a fear of the water and the ocean. Maybe you
get anxious and unreasonably agitated when you become low on food
stocks in your home. This could be that you suffered hunger and
starvation in a past lifetime.
      Nearly all fears have a reason behind them. I used to have an
extreme aversion to snakes whether they were poisonous or non-
poisonous. If I discovered one in my yard, I became obsessed with
killing it. In only the last few months I have become at ease around
them and subsequently let one go on about its business a few weeks
ago. Just like humans we are connected spiritually to our animal
creatures as well. Realizing this connection I have developed a greater
respect for them and do not become alarmed so easily now.
       The number one fear, as I mentioned in an earlier chapter, is
our fear of death. When you become enlightened to a point that you
find a knowing within yourself that only your body dies and your
consciousness continues to live, it makes a big difference in your
outlook. It also opens doors to greater understanding of self, and as a
result your consciousness expands. Believing and knowing are
different. You can believe the points I have made in this book, but
knowing it to be true is a step farther in your spiritual development.
When you come to a point of knowing, nothing can change your mind
or shake your belief of it.
         This is part of what you develop in growing spiritually. Your
intent is integral with your belief, and as the things you intend for
yourself manifest this knowing becomes a part of you. You intended to
create an idea, realization, or event to transpire. Your knowing it will
occur generates the energy that is projected to make this event take
         If you are afraid you will not have enough money to live on or
provide sustenance to your family, the energy your fear creates goes
out to the universe. The universe reacts. It doesn’t think. It just reacts
to the energy you are sending it and delivers to you what it thinks you
want. This is why fear is such an important aspect for you to overcome
in all its forms. When you release fear, you have confidence in
something better occurring. You create the energy for that good thing
to be manifested and delivered to you. I am living proof. I can give
you numerous examples of this very thing happening day after day.
         You may read and hear that when you ask for something of
spirit, your intent must be from your heart. This only means that if it is
really what you want then your intent will create or manifest it into
         There are many, many different blocks each of us can be
carrying around with us. Their root cause is a fear we have, that has
created this block. The block as I am referring to it, is like a wall that
prevents you from connecting with source with full clarity. So now, you
really need to set aside some time to meditate, or clear your mind in
whatever fashion that works best for you, and try to determine the
things you are afraid of. They may not be very obvious. I had a big
fear I would not be included in the Ascension of the planet, but didn’t
realize it.
       But this fear was the driving force behind the many months of
education and meditation I spent trying to develop my spiritual gifts. I
was fortunate in that several sessions with the live shows at brought this to my awareness. In the sessions Caroline
Cory hosted there, she could see the energy fields of all the people
attending. Because she could do this, she led us through oral
affirmations to clear the fears we had and it opened our connection to
source much better.
       I would like to recommend to you now, that instead of me listing
various examples of releasing fears you may have, that you go to the website and locate Caroline Cory’s recorded shows and
listen to them. They will work just as good for you as they would if you
were attending live. Start with the very first shows and go thru all of
them. There are other gifted people that have recorded shows there as
well. But none have been as powerful as Caroline’s for me.
       You will need to create a free account there before you can
access these recordings. Once you have, locate the link to the “Life
Changing Archives”. There you can browse thru all of the featured
people’s shows. I promise you that you will see changes in your life
almost immediately. As you listen to the shows more and more, you
will learn how to create a sacred space, connect to source, and clear
obstacles in your life that hold you back from raising your vibration
and forging a strong clear connection to God, All That Is, and source.
       As I listened to each show and repeated the affirmations my
personal life changed. There were many times that I felt tangible
things from going thru these sessions. It brought me to where I am
now. As you do this, and you spend more and more time calling the
light to yourself, messages and information from source will become
clearer, and happen more often. Little things that make you happy will
happen more often.
       You may be one of the lucky persons who actually transcend the
earth plane and find yourself in the presence of God while connecting
to source. You never know unless you try. The important thing is to
begin connecting to source now. Very few have a major life changing
event happen all at once. This is so we do not advance to quickly,
beyond our body’s ability to adjust to the increased light flowing thru
       The more obstacles you can identify and release, the stronger
and clearer your connection becomes to God and source. It is a work
in progress for all of us. If we grew spiritually to a point of being so
enlightened that we had overcome all of our fears, we would have no
need of this human body. We would disappear from all around us as
our body would ascend to the 4th and 5th dimension of existence.
       But you must keep in mind that, not only are we here to
personally grow spiritually, we each have a world mission as well.
There are people we are meant to help towards their own ascension as
well. Most of us incarnate without the knowledge of who we really are,
and what we incarnated here to accomplish. The experience we
accumulate as we grow towards this awareness is critical to your soul.
It is needed to be accomplished in this way. Simply reading or having
it told to you is not the same thing as experiencing it live and in
person is it?
       The next thing you can do to grow spiritually is very simple, but
it can be amazingly powerful and effective. It is called “calling the
light” to yourself. You can do this no matter where you are or what
you are doing. A favorite time for me is when I am driving. I don’t
know why but I think of it then often. Maybe this is because I had a
problem with other drivers for a long time. I would easily become
impatient and downright ugly towards drivers that ignored my right to
be on the road. People that would cut me off or pull out in front of me
when I had the right of way would get me quite angry.
      As I grew closer and closer to spirit, I realized this and began to
work on it. I would call the light to me, and call the energy of patience,
forgiveness, tolerance and peace to me as well. After doing this
several months I have rid myself of these human emotions initiated by
bad drivers. Now it rarely bothers me. Most times I just send a thank
you to the angels for helping me avoid that accident that almost
      Here is what you do, and you can say it out loud or to yourself, it
works equally well either way. Remember it is your heartfelt intent
that makes things happen.
      First say “I call the light to me now”. Next imagine a beam of
white/gold light coming all the way from the center of the universe
shining down on you and flowing thru your body. If you have honest
intent for this to happen, you will feel something in you as you do this.
It may be a surge of warmth, a slight tingling down your spine, or as
strong as a body rush that comes over you. I have felt all of these
things when calling the light.
      If you want to change the way you are feeling emotionally, such
as having negative feelings about something you can call the energy of
the feelings you desire to have in their place.
      There have been many situations where I had to deal with the
unknown and didn’t know how best to deal with it. An example is a job
interview. I called the light to myself on the way, and asked for the
energy of confidence and wisdom. When I was training for a very
difficult job I would call the light, and the energy of Pythagoras,
Socrates, and mathematics every day when I drove to work. It made
an amazing difference.
      All the energies of all the people who have ever lived on the
earth plane are at your disposal. You belief and intent are what makes
these energies come alive within you. We are made this way. We have
All That Is at our disposal and fingertips. All that we need to tap into it
is belief and intent.
      I have called for healing energies many times now, and the
resulting healing occurred. I have seen it time and time again for
myself and others. But one caution though; to heal another person you
need their permission, and also their pure belief that they can heal
their self. A one way healing does not work. The recipient must have a
genuine desire to be healed for healing to occur. If you have concern
for someone who is sick or ailing, and wish to send healing to them,
always ask that that person’s highest good is served.
      Here is an example:
      “I call to source, the divine mother, for healing energy to go to
(person’s name). I ask that only the highest good of (person) is served
with this energy.”
      The angelic realm constantly looks out for our welfare. If we
have desires or needs, they try to provide them to us if they do not
interfere with the free will of others. There is a world of millions of
spiritual beings that are around and above us now, who send light and
energy to us when we call for it. Many times it is our own departed
loved ones who do this. They hear our prayers and requests and do all
they can to help us.
      Sometimes what we want for another person isn’t what is best
for them. It is hard to standby as you watch another person suffer. But
the purpose of their suffering may be serving a much higher purpose
that you are not aware of. We all come into this human incarnation
with specific tasks to perform. It is hard to understand why we would
want to incarnate and then suffer greatly as part of our life contract.
But we do this; unaware we agreed to perform this very experience
because of the unimaginable good it will foster in those around us.
      The Tsunami in Asia that killed thousands was for very specific
reasons. These people had suffered at the hands of that government
all their life there. By request of those people God granted them divine
grace by allowing them to perish in body and escape this suffering. Not
only was their karmic debt nullified, many were able to advance
spiritually and move on to dimensions far above the 4th and 5th. Their
longstanding suffering created a vortex of negative energy in that
area. The earth held this energy as this energy grew and grew. The
earth, also a living, breathing entity released this negativity in that
area with this event. I am inserting a quote direct from a person
named “Matthew” here regarding that event in Myanmar, and the
China earthquake.
      Matthew is a person who died 29 years ago and has
communicated enormous information to his mother since then.
            “…the higher purpose and meaning of these
      happenings. Some of the persons had completed their pre-
      birth agreements, but most of the tens of thousands who
      made transition at those times or from injuries since then
      had made soul level requests to be relieved of arduous
      physical lifetimes, and divine grace granted their petitions.
      Not only did that release the negativity formed by their
      having to endure very difficult, often terrorizing
      circumstances that exceeded karmic experiences they had
      chosen, but these souls who entered Nirvana in such great
      numbers now are sending light energy to reduce the
      negativity that is remaining in their former home areas. In
      addition to those souls’ invaluable service to Earth, a great
      amount of negativity long-stored within the planet was
      released and transmuted into light by the wild storm and
      The story of Matthew and the wealth of information he has given
his mother is astounding. I will provide much more about this in later
      You may find it silly, but as a routine my wife and I regularly
shop at Wal-Mart for our needs. I have a favorite place I like to park. I
began calling the light to me on the drive there and magic began to
happen. Sometimes I would specifically ask that my preferred parking
space open up for me as I got there. Now, I don’t even have to ask.
Most of the time a space is either open, or someone is leaving and
making it available for me every time I go there.
      It is this simple. It is this real. Source, which includes God, All
That Is, the angels, and all the spiritual beings in both heaven
(Nirvana is what they like to call it) and on the earth, exist to bring us
joy. Why is this so? I mentioned this in an earlier chapter. When we
are feeling joy, we are connecting to God and source directly, and
experiencing our oneness with it. As we feel this joy we radiate
immense light all around us. It impacts others positively and helps
them remember who they are and seek God. Feeling joy we
automatically call light in a massive dose to our being and spread it to
our fellow man and animals.
      This is why your happiness is so important to source. When you
are happy you are spreading God’s light to others.
      If you could see the transfer of light energy that passes from
yourself to another when you smile at them, you would be awestruck.
Something as simple as a smile is a miracle occurring between you,
the universe, and that person.
      Calling light to your self is not limited to just trying to be a light
bearing person on the planet. The more you walk in the light, the
easier it is for source to bring what you want and desire to you. It
knows what you really want deep inside of you, at the heart level. As
you spend more and more time consciously calling light to yourself the
things you want for your life can manifest.
      As you progress in your time with source thru meditation and
prayer, and ask for the things you truly desire, these things will
manifest in your life. Now I am not saying you can ask to be a
millionaire and expect it to happen overnight. Source will only provide
your desires that fit into your life contract, and world contract. If it is
serving your highest good to be a millionaire, and the highest good of
others, they will do all they can to make this occur for you.
      I would like to add this important thing for you to remember. We
grow spiritually at a level that is best for us. Because the dark is just
as viable as the light, it tries to find ways to influence you as well. If
you begin to hear strange voices you don’t recognize or get thoughts
you know are not your own, a soul is trying to contact you. Always do
two things; call for protection from the Christed Light, and demand
that only light beings contact you and identify who it is that is trying to
contact you. The dark will try every means possible for them to sway
your confidence in the light you possess. Their number one weapon is
to instill fear in you. Recognize fear for what it is; an attempt to
distract you from your real God given power. As soon as you say this
and demand only light beings contact you, a dark entity will be forced
to flee, and they will. But, do not assume it is a dark entity right of the
bat. Try to discern the energy being of light or dark.
      I have had a couple of events like this. The first time scared me
since I am not used to “seeing” things with my third eye. The second
time it was clearer and I asked it to identify itself, and saw or heard
nothing else. Nothing like this as ever occurred since then.
      In the last 9 months I have had every single thing I specifically
asked for has come to me. Now I am quite content as to my happiness
in life. I have seen that whatever I create with my intent manifests. I
don’t do this so much any more because I am happier just “BE-ing”. I
have no dire needs. There are plenty of things I want if I was asked
about it, but I just don’t feel a need for them. I have become happy
right where I am and who I am.
      As you practice these methods and grow spiritually, you will also
come to a place where so many things you thought mattered simply
don’t matter anymore. You will find happiness in doing for others more
than satisfying your own desires. You will come to a place where you
know God loves you so intensely that no materiality can be as fulfilling
as this.
      Some of you may be like me, and want nothing more than
increasing your vibration and spirituality to a point that spirit is as real
as the person sitting next to you. There is an exercise you can do that
opens all 12 of your charkas. I will warn you that you can expect
radical things to occur to and around you after doing this a few days.
You are affecting changes within your DNA and RNA to hasten your
evolution towards spiritual oneness. I did this as I was shown how for
3 days and had to back off because the intensity of change within my
being, and my immediate environment around me was so great I had
to “catch up” with it.
      I have learned that although I want nothing more than to be as
spiritually evolved as possible, my psyche and body has to adjust to
changes that promulgate this higher level of being. You will notice that
the more you do this exercise, the more physical symptoms manifest
as a direct result of it. You body must change in its physical structure
and your mental capacity to hold increased amounts of light, and
vibrate higher. If you initiate a change that is too abrupt and too
strong, you will know it. There are a myriad of symptoms you can
experience, all in accordance to your body and make up if you go to
fast in your desire to raise your vibration.
      This is a built in protection system, a fail-safe if you will, so that
we don’t destroy our bodies. So as you do these spinning exercises,
take your time. Do one and wait until the next day before you do it
again. Be patient and notice how it affects you and your body. If you
become ill or develop aches and pains, don’t do it again until you feel
normal again or at least pain free. We are all unique creations. No one
method or “way” is best suited for many. You may be someone who
can hold an enormous amount of light, or already do, and you just
don’t know it yet. You may be someone who is very low on the
vibration scale and must go slow and be patient as you raise your
vibration to allow your body to keep up with this change.
      You will know what you need to do, as you seek light. Your
higher self or soul will get closer and closer to you and will provide you
with direction first from your instincts and intuition. Pay attention to
your feelings and your “gut”. As you do this more and more, your
connection to spirit will increase and the information it conveys will
become clearer and clearer.
      To spin your charkas it is ideal to do it outside where you can
see the sun. The sun is our natural relay station for light. We get it
from many other sources, but the sun has been our main source for
millions of years.
         Stand in place and rotate in a circle being careful not to go to
fast. You will get dizzy, so do it slowly enough that you don’t fall down.
Rotate 33 times. Stop on the 33rd time at a place where you can see
the sun as a focal point. Now close your eyes and look directly at the
sun. Now place your hands palm to palm and raise your arms to chest
         At this point, say this phrase:
         “I ask to open all twelve charkas of my being. I ask to remain
grounded upon the earth. I ask that my charkas be opened in
accordance with my highest good, and the highest good of all others.”
         Stand like this until the dizziness subsides. You will be surprised
at how fast it passes. That is all there is to it. To a layman and
unbeliever, it sounds ridiculous and silly. To anyone who does it, they
know it has real results. You may do this three times a day, no more.
If you do spin more that thrice a day you will surely develop physical
symptoms you don’t like one bit. Three times a day may be too much.
Right now I cannot do three a day, too many things happen around
me. I get overwhelmed with the change that occurs.
         What I want in life for myself becomes extremely accelerated
when I do it thrice a day. I have had to back off just to slow down
what is happening around me. The energy I create to manifest what I
want is thru the roof if I spin this much and so many things were
happening outside myself that I became overwhelmed and could not
mentally keep up with it all. I had to slow down and with it, slow down
the events occurring around me, and give myself some time to adjust
to my environment.
      Yes you can expect this very thing. But you must remember that
I have years of studying many different concepts and levels of
thought. I know so many things about the real history of our earth,
about other beings, planets and dimensions that I already accept as
truth that I do not have a crisis of sanity when manifestations occur.
You on the other hand, may not know of all these things or may not
accept them as your truth. So remarkable changes in and around you
may have a much more dramatic effect.
      So just remember you go at your own pace. What is within your
highest good can happen and will if you allow it. If things occur that
seem negative on the surface try to get alone and quiet and meditate
on it. Stop attempting to advance spiritually and just “be”. Allow spirit
and the angels to minister to you so that you can accept the new
truths that have been presented to you, and so you can discern their
true meaning.
      I have had “sabbaticals” away from my spiritual journey several
times. I moved as far as was good for me and things just stopped
happening. I didn’t realize it until later on that my being had taken in
all the light it could handle at that time and I needed to rest, enjoy
myself some, and relax. I mentally stopped trying to connect and
achieve the strength of connection I had wanted and simply let spirit
do as it saw fit. We grow at a pace that is conducive to our highest
good. We cannot jump start it and skip steps. Our body must be
allowed to catch up, and keep up, with the changes we are initiating in
our being.
      Remember this as you pursue your path. In your meditations ask
for wisdom and knowledge from source. Ask for clarity and
discernment. There are many things we can do to advance our
spirituality and grow closer to God and source. But because we are
experiencing in a human form, that form cannot change but so fast.
We are a carbon based life form. As we grow spiritually this form
mutates to a crystal based life form. New wiring is being installed
every day and unused connections that have lain dormant throughout
our evolution are coming online and firing.
      Even our two strand DNA is changing and adding new strands as
we evolve towards the light. These changes are astronomical
compared to the pace it has been going for eons of time. Be patient
with your progress. If you experience frustration that you are not
realizing the level of growth and spirituality you had expected, know
that your higher self knows what is best for you.
      You will not be “left behind”, or miss anything. Your first step to
know God better is what includes you in your ascension and that of the
earth. Relax and try to accept that simply because you seek a closer
relationship with God and All That Is, you are fine. Know that you are
exactly where you need to be right now, and will be as you discover
your path.
      You would not be here at this most unprecedented time in the
earth’s history if you had not been selected as an important person to
be involved in it. There are billions of beings that wanted to be here
now for earth’s ascension. But you were selected out of all these
beings to participate in this event. You are very important to this
purpose and as you grow spiritually it will reveal itself to you. You are
vital to the ascension of the planet, to mankind, and to the universe
because everything we do here and always affects the entire universe
surrounding us.
      Your presence as a human at this time performs a critical part of
the mass collective consciousness that determines the destiny of our
planet. Sixty years ago earth was at her end. She had all she could
take of the destruction and pollution to her body. She called to source
for help. Either she would leave the planet, her body, and ascend to
another planet or she would shake off the terrible treatment, and
humankind that had brought her to this point. It was her choice and
God agreed to step in and send help.
      Earth loves and supports the people that inhabit it, but those
people were killing her. Her body was dying. At this point, sixty years
ago, God decreed that he would make an exception to our free will and
that of earths, and allow a massive outpouring of light energy to begin
flooding the earth and its inhabitants. Millions of beings from other
planets and star systems, along with souls of departed humans
surround our planet with light energy they are constantly beaming to
us now.
      You are witnessing the result of this. Your quest for truth and
oneness with your creator is the direct result of this increased light.
Earth and lighted humans, will ascend into a higher dimension. We
have lived many thousands of years in 3rd density. We of the light
along with earth will move up into 4th and 5th density. Those that
follow the 3rd density thinking will have to choose to accept truth as
they are shown it from many different methods and means, or be
removed from earth and live on another 3rd density planet.
      As earth ascends it will not hold any darkness, or 3rd density
energy. Those that refuse or cannot accept the light, will not survive.
Their bodies cannot exist in those higher densities. The dark energy
and 3rd density will be completely removed and banished forever. Our
planet and life will be one of residing in total light and love, just as it
was in the beginning. You will know utopia as a reality.
      Those who could not accept the light will have their free will
choice honored by God and the universe just as they always have and
be allowed to continue their existence in the lower dimensions in
another realm. They will have more opportunities to choose the light in
those dimensions as all beings do. But the reality is a body that
remains in 3rd density consciousness cannot survive the transition
earth makes into the next higher densities. You will die a physical
death and your soul will go to Nirvana and work out where you will
experience your growth on another similar planet like earth once was.
      You have the ultimate choice of your path. We always have.
What you are most comfortable with resonates within you. There will
be many that will have their deep roots based in religion shaken to
their core at the arrival and presence of our space brothers. The
governments of the world will do their best to hide this event, and
some will create vicious lies to instill fear in the populations as to their
intent. But the malcontent our governments have spread and
controlled us with thousands of years will be revealed as what it
actually is.
      The next major event coming on the heels of this will be the
cover-ups, deceit, corruption and control that will be exposed for every
human on the planet to see; and accept or deny. The ugly truth of how
the secret government has masterminded 9/11 and manipulated the
world economy for 200 plus years will be revealed.
      These beings who will “come out of the closet” are sent by God
to help us to ascension. The bad ones or “the greys” have been
subdued and are no longer a threat, and most are no longer here.
Even some in their ranks have chosen to turn towards the light. The
Annunaki, the original masters of our world have been removed from
power and no longer control the illuminati on our planet. What is left of
the illuminati is now desperately trying to hold on to the massive
power and wealth they have accumulated over the millennia, but their
grasp is weakening daily.
      You have seen it in your news with the crumbling world economy
and corruption and scandal being revealed in massive amounts every
day. You have seen the increasing frequency of natural disasters as
earth sheds negativity from her body.
      Even the Annunaki have chosen to seek the light and are
changing the way the have operated for millions of years. They were
the original watchers of this universe and the origin of Lucifer.
      The ascension of man and earth is decreed and has manifested
already in the higher realms. It’s a “done deal”. All that remains is the
physical manifestation of our solar system that we live in. You can be
included simply by asking God to let you be. You can leave all this
spirituality “stuff” alone if you wish, and just confirm you want to live
on and in the heaven on earth that is about to unfold. There is no
requirement for you to grow spiritually. God knows your heart.
      To make it very simple, just imagine living in a world with no
borders, no war, no poverty and lack, no hunger. Just spend time
imagining yourself in a world like this. What you will be doing is
creating the energy of this vision into manifestation. You will not be
alone in this single minded desire as millions on the planet now long
for an earth of this condition. Your desire to live in peace and joy is all
that you need to do. God and source will see and know it, and it will
honor you and your desire.
      God will speak to you on a personal level and let you know it
hears you. It will come in a wide variety of ways, but it will come. God
loves his children and feels a joy that cannot be described in human
terms when even one calls to it in belief and intent. He does not let
this go unanswered neither does he choose whom. All are under God’s
love, no one is rejected or banned from his care.
      A Few Words from God
      For most of my life I learned and accepted that God was this
short-tempered, nasty all powerful male being that sat on a throne
and passed judgment on us stupid humans loving him when life was
good and blaming him when it wasn’t. By time I was in my mid
twenties I had a pretty cynical view of God, the angelic realm and the
reason for my existence. I had a healthy respect for it and by just
living year to year came to the conclusion that either I behaved myself
within moral limits or I would get spanked by him personally.
      By time I was 35 I had pretty much learned the game. I had
played into the sleep walking game and learned that I had no limits
and could achieve or get as much as I dared to. It was only limited to
my intelligence as to what I could do and get away with. It took
numerous events and people to bring me back from that totally selfish
way of thinking. But slowly truth began trickling in very tiny bits at the
time with each event until finally I began to question my reality as I
had been led to believe by everyone and everything around me.
      By time I woke up in 2007, I had a plethora of conflicting ideas,
theories and belief systems consuming most of my analytical power.
For some of us the universe doesn’t throw us into a major life-
changing event to make us wake up. For those like me, it is a life-long
erosion of your ingrained belief system that started at birth. It’s how
people like me are made and how we operate. We are highly
intelligent, pragmatic and methodical thinkers who analyze everything
and ponder any one topic endlessly to find conclusions that satisfy
what we know up to that point. We don’t simply “let it go” because we
have reached a block in the data flow. It may slow us down a bit, but
we never drop it entirely until it is resolved in our consciousness.
      Throughout this book I have made a few references to external
sources of my information. I have hundreds I have accumulated over
the years. Since awakening, and developing my spiritual prowess,
99% of the time I know almost immediately when something I read or
hear is not right. The more I exercise my instinctual abilities we are
born with, the sharper they have become. I have followed many
“channellers” and read many a chronicle from in tune people who have
published their messages on the web. Nearly every time I have felt
resonance with what is pure, and remained so throughout its entirety.
Just as easily I have seen some that started so well connected but
became less and less divinely connected, and began to bring in
messages that were from sources other than the heavenly realms or
divinely inspired sources.
      The reason I am telling you this now is that there is no shortage
of inaccurate interpretations by people. As we become more in tune to
our psychic abilities to perceive and discern data from dimensions
other than the 3rd, we can get data from light sources or dark sources.
It is up to you to develop your discernment and separate truth from
fiction. This is not impossible or difficult. Your intent to know your
truth is all you need to keep focused on.
      As you keep this in the forefront of you mind, your heart and gut
will give you clear signals with your body. If it is not truth for you then
you will feel uncomfortable and uneasy as you read it. With this in
mind you may very well be one, as coming this far in the book, has
become very uncomfortable with certain passages I have written. This
is understandable if you know nothing of all these things. It conflicts
with your truth.
      But remember, no matter whom you read from, ask God or
source for clarity and discernment. Give it time, days even, for spirit to
work with you. You may be one who simply cannot accept some or all
of this I have written. That is your truth is it not? But at least ask for
clarity from spirit, source, God, the angels. Ask from some divine
source to please help you know what truth is and what is not. As I said
there will be a majority that will not be able to accept my truth as I
have written it. But you will live on even though your body may not in
this lifetime, and go on to continue experiencing your truth in many
more worlds and lifetimes.
      Certain people have published messages and data that I believe
are 100% direct from the higher dimensions. There are many beings
and realms we can only imagine where this data originates. There is
one in particular that has recently intrigued me so intently because of
how truth has resonated within me as I read more and more of it that
I am very compelled to relay some of it in this book. I think it is just
that important. I think it is so very genuine that when I read it I was
flooded with physical affirmations to know it is truth.
      In April of 1980 a young American man was killed at age 16.
What occurred for him, and his mother, is one of the most remarkable
stories I have ever encountered in my life. The man named Matthew,
began communicating directly with his mother, Suzanne a year and
half later. His mother, much like me, began to channel information
directly from him and other divine sources using her pc and a word
processing program.
      This has produced four amazing books that are extremely
relevant to our times, called the Mathew books. Over the years Suzy
has developed her God-given abilities to relay many truths that God,
source and All That Is wishes us to know now. I didn’t come across
this information until I was well into the 7th chapter of this book. But
the relevance these messages have to my book and the truth I have
shared is extremely supportive of my message.
      During Suzy’s career in this endeavor, she engaged in
conversations direct with God, the God of our universe. In that three
message set, is a communication I believe to be of paramount
importance, with no doubts in my being as to its veracity and
direction. It was so illuminating and powerful for me the days following
my reading it that I was compelled to write Suzy and ask permission
to reprint it in this book.
      God is speaking directly to all of us in this message. It concerns
us now and where we are. It alleviates doubt and fear, and exudes the
true love God has fostered to us from our beginning. At the end of this
book I will have web links that will take you to this site so you can
read all the public messages Suzy has published since this began. You
can also order four books that God and Matthew revealed to Suzy to
write and publish. These books were her life mission in this
incarnation. Immediately below is “a few words from God”.

             5. GOD: My dear Matthew, I too would like to think
      that I’m known well enough without any introduction, but
      certainly my thanks is in order for graciously letting me
      preempt your space, and to you, dear little Suzy, for your
      time in these busy days.

             6. So then, good morning, all my beloved children!
      Call me whatever name you wish—I answer to all. Many of
      you have been wondering where I am while so much furor
      and ferocity is going on in your world. I am here to tell
      you that I’m right where I’ve been since Day One of this
universe—everywhere!—and I have quite a bit to say
about this.

      7. To start, however paradoxical it may seem, the
only constant anywhere is change. Your world is teeming
with greater changes than ever before, and I assure you,
you wouldn’t want it any other way! Many who sensed a
need to make changes are doing so confidently, but for
some of you, moving out of the familiar space seems
scary. “Whatever will happen if I change my job or
location or even my mate? Oh NO, not my beliefs too?!”
You’ll get on with what you chose to experience, that’s
what will happen. Is that so bad, that you’ll get yourself
out of a rut and get on with Life’s Adventure that you
signed up for?

      8. Of course not everyone needs to change jobs or
mates or relocate, but many DO need to change beliefs,
and here are the first two if you believe that (1) Your
individuality means you’re separated from everyone else,
and (2) I am the cosmic superpower that makes
everything happen. You’re definitely a unique individual,
but also you’re an inseparable part of me and all others
everywhere, and it’s ALL of us in this universe who make
things happen.

      9. Hmmmmm. So you’re a bigger deal than you
thought and maybe I’m not such a big deal after all. Not
exactly, my dear ones. WE ARE, together, ONE amazing
powerhouse with infinite and eternal potential—so yes, you
better believe I AM powerful! And it’s not because I
control you—I don’t.

      10. It’s because you and all other life in this universe
are my BEing in all your experiencing forms—collectively
WE ARE this universe!

      11. I have more to say about beliefs, but let’s talk
about why I don’t control you, which is much like your idea
that I let bad things happen to good people. This is how it
goes: Creator, ruler of the cosmos—that’s all the
universes—gave you free will to express whatever you
want to and gave us universe rulers a law we have to
obey: Stay out of your soul parts’ choices! Eons later
Creator made the one exception to that law: “No nuclear
wars anywhere,” so now we rulers have the authority to
stop all efforts to do that.

      12. Otherwise, it’s your choices all the way, and
actually, that’s an excellent basis for your multiple
lifetimes around our universe. If you stray from the path
you chose in your soul contracts—those pacts you make
before you are born so you can grow beyond that stage of
evolution—I can’t mess with that, and you wouldn’t want
me to. If your birthright to make your own decisions
suddenly went pooooof and I started mapping out every
one of your lives, I believe I would hear howls of protest.
      13. I do have a hand in this, though. Creator
thoughtfully put a loophole in that free will law that lets me
put conscience as an ingredient of your souls, and that’s
what can keep you on your straightaway path if you want
it to. Like everything else, it’s your choice to pay attention
to it or ignore it. Conscience should come with a warning:
Ignore me and I’ll become extinct. Well, just as you don’t
come with copies of your soul contracts, you don’t come
with a warrantee on your conscience either. You have
instinct, intuition, inspiration and a sense of honor, too—
those are other ingredients I put in souls that also help
you know what’s right and what’s wrong for you.

      14. But—sometimes “but” is necessary, and this is a
big one—what you may think is right may be wrong and
vice versa. You don’t consciously know what’s in your
contract, and you sure don’t know what’s in anyone else’s.
Your contract is your part of the pre-birth agreement made
by the souls who want to be in on the “give-and-take”
lifetime of shared experiences. The agreements provide
growth opportunities for every soul, so you can see that
they’re all-around win-win situations.

      15. So think about this: You (or they) chose to be on
one end or the other of “bad” things and you (or they) did
it for one of two reasons, both of which provide
experiencing that balances other lifetimes, and balance is
essential for soul growth. One, you (or they) needed to
feel what it’s like to endure hardships and others
volunteered to provide the circumstances that let you (or
them) do that. Or: “Been there, done that” and this time
around you (or they) are the volunteer(s). You can call this
karma if you like—just don’t interpret this opportunity to
achieve balance as a reward or a punishment for yourself
or anyone else.

      16. Something else you need to know about those
agreements is that unconditional love is the basis on which
ALL the souls fill their various roles. Out of love, some
agree to be the “heavies” for those who choose the “rough
way to go”—I explained the reason for this see-saw
experiencing. The thing is, you’ve been stuck for only I
know how long on this bumpy see-saw of third density,
where deceit, tyranny, violence and corruption are part
and parcel of everyday life. You’re sick and tired of it, so
this time around you chose—again!—to get out of it, and
believe me, you wouldn’t want me sticking my finger in
and doing anything that might keep you in it! You have no
idea of the domino effect if I meddled in just a few lives,
no matter how good my intention! I’m not allowed to do
that anyway.

      17. Now, some of my children aren’t on Earth to
wind up their karma—or if you prefer, call this universal
law Divine Grace—they’re there to HELP all the rest of you
do it. And you’d better be grateful that they are willing to
temporarily leave their families and homelands in higher
planes to help you fulfill your pre-birth choice to deal with
third density and be done with it.

      18. Since doing that may require you to make some
changes, maybe you’ll welcome more suggestions for
going about that. Pay attention to what Matthew said
about DON’T GO INTO FEAR! I’ll add this: If you think you
have any enemies, you’d better know that fear’s by far the
worst. From my point of view, it’s your ONLY one, and I
strongly suggest you give my opinion of this careful

      19. Then there’s what you could consider the other
end of the spectrum from fear: pettiness, that clutter-
clatter of attitudes, interests and activity that keep you
preoccupied with trivialities that aren’t worth even one
bean in the hill, yet have the power to prevent
knowledgeable, sensible evaluations and decisions. Of
course I know what your petty stuff is—we are ONE,
remember?—and I’m suggesting that you sort through that
vast heap of mindless TV programs and gossip sessions;
pointless tiffs and jealousies; nit-picking, nagging and
griping; letting mere curiosity rather than core interests
occupy your thoughts; and worries about “what if” and
rumors of dire possibilities.

      20. Now if those include your enjoyments, I’m not
criticizing you—I’m simply giving you motherly-fatherly
advice: Compare how much time and energy you spend in
those pursuits with how much you devote to LIGHTening
your mind, body and spirit. Say, to conversations or
correspondence with like-minded folks, or to the silence
and solitude that ease the pressure of daily
responsibilities. Playing with your families and animals,
smiling and laughing, listening to melodious music or
reading something that expands your mind, or connecting
with the beauty of Nature. Seeing and feeling thankful for
the blessings in your life and going within your deepest self
and listening to the song of your soul.

      21. “But I’m already too busy!” won’t cut it, my dear
children. What I’ve just mentioned is restorative,
rejuvenating, energizing and essential for balance in your
days and within you. When you oust pettiness in its many
forms, and I may have forgotten some, there IS time for
uplifting experiences.

      22. Another thing is, “Judge not…”—some things in
the Bible are right. You do know that I don’t ever judge
you, don’t you? “Judgment day”—I don’t care much for
that term—is when you review your past lifetime in the
context of ALL your lifetimes, see where you need to
improve things, and based on that you choose what to put
in your soul contract for the next time around. Anyway,
not judging is a key to helping self and each other evolve
and so is gratitude. Feeling thankful for the help is as
important as not judging the helpers. That doesn’t ever
mean approving of greed or viciousness or violence—you
certainly don’t have to do that! Gratitude is acknowledging
and appreciating that some of you agreed to play the
“heavies” because others need that to wrap up their last
remnants of third density. It would be good, too, if you
also feel thankful that you wanted and were selected to
participate in this magnificent time of Earth’s entry into the
Golden Age.

      23. “Golden” because only light will prevail on Earth,
and how she will rejoice! She is a beloved part of me just
as you are yourself, and what a price she paid to give her
humankind many, many, MANY chances to get it right and
“see the light”—it nearly cost her planetary life. I’ll tell
you more about that, but the point here is, she’s giving all
of you this one last chance to wake up and wise up. Part
of that is, you have to stop confusing religion with
spirituality, and that brings us back to beliefs.

      24. I’m not saying that all of you are clinging to
beliefs that are based on false teachings, but if you believe
that your religion is better than all the others, listen up. My
messengers whom you attach to the various religions
didn’t set those up. In a nutshell, the very concept of
religion came from the thoughts of dark ones off-planet,
and today’s religious teachings are based on what a few of
my self-serving parts on the planet said a long time ago: If
you don’t obey God—or some other name they gave me—
you’re doomed, and they said that was “My Word.” Those
few folks wanted to control everyone else, so they wrote
the rules of “obedience” that spell “doom” to falterers.
And I have to tell you, Christianity is THE major digresser
from the truth that my messenger came to give. Yes, the
one you call Jesus, and oh my! how they changed his life
from the factual to the fictional—it’s hard to know where to
begin to set the story straight.

      25. The FACT is that Jesus was never put on a cross,
so there was no crucifixion or resurrection. That rather
blows the whole foundation of Christian dogma, doesn’t it?
For how, then, could it be that “he gave his life to save
sinners”? Sinners means the whole lot of you, according
to those who came up with the idea that everyone is “born
into sin.” Oh dear me! The only “sin,” if you will, is
interfering with the growth of a soul, your own or anyone
else’s, and the result is DEvolution with as many more
chances as needed NOT to do that.

      26. Then there’s Mary Magdalene— how wretchedly
the Bible portrays her! She was Jesus’ wife and ultimate
soulmate, and after the Sanhedrin flogged her husband
and warned him to get out of their territory—they didn’t
want to make him a martyr as that would give impetus to
his teachings—they went to the East where Jesus had
spent the “lost” years learning from the masters how to
perform “miracles” and where he knew his family was safe.
He and Mary had a large happy family there, and years
later they all traveled to the West and settled in what now
is France. Eventually Jesus returned to the East and along
the way continued teaching My REAL Word—the Bible
includes some of that, but everything in the early records
that didn’t support the self-serving ones’ cause got left
out—and he lived to a ripe old age. Although in their later
years he and his adored Mary were apart in body, they
were so highly attuned spiritually that they were together
then, as now and evermore, in spirit and celestial

      27. Later leaders of the Roman Catholic faith made
up absurdities like “the only son of God,” “virgin birth” and
“immaculate conception” and made layers of saints. They
did that to put still more distance between “my ONLY son”
and all my other children—and ME, who is ALL of you!—as
well as making themselves the gate-keepers to heaven.
Or hell. Actually, neither exists as portrayed, but that’s
another story.

      28. Those leaders were greedy, too. In the centuries
during and after Jesus’ life, the same few people ran
church and state, and along with unfair taxation of their
poor countrymen, the church of Rome came up with a two-
edged sword to cement their control: You can atone for
your sins—they made those up too—if you confess and pay
money, and a portion of everything you have must be
given as well. That spread to other churches and you know
it as tithing. Something else that church did now and again
was demand of their priests sexual abstinence, as if
denying that strong nature in humankind made them more
“saintly,” and you know what that led to. Then there were
all those wars and inquisitions and brutal killings in my

      29. Later movers and shakers of the Roman Catholic
religion decreed that birth control is a sin and more
recently, so is abortion. With the wanton killings they’ve
caused or sanctioned throughout the ages, it’s hardly
sanctity of life that interests them. No, it’s to keep the
population growing that financially supports them and
bows to their authority. From Day One of the papacy, the
appointed one and his close circle have lived in opulence
that has been paid for by the masses they brainwashed
into believing that the church’s rules came from ME.

      30. If it sounds like I’m picking on that religion, it’s
because its headquarters, the Vatican, has been the
biggest hotbed of darkness from its beginning. No other
religion has it all right or all wrong either—strands of truth
are in the “holy books,” but the Bible is by far the most
seriously distorted to keep unquestioning followers
mesmerized. And while the original basis of individuals’
faith may have been pure long ago, fanatical elements
have defiled that purity to the extent that some of you
think they represent the religion itself.

      31. Realizing that EVERY soul is a precious and
EQUAL part of me and I love each and every one
unconditionally, let’s look at the collective soul-selves
“religiously.” Fundamentalist Protestants say that unless
you accept Jesus as your “lord and savior,” you’ll burn in
hell for eternity—I notice that they tend to leave me out of
it. Some congregations have split over accepting or
scorning my beloved children who are homosexual by birth
choice, and they choose it for good reason: It’s an
advanced stage of balanced masculine and feminine
energies, and all my children experience those lifetimes as
they progress toward androgyny. Islam is seen as
rewarding its followers for “killing the infidels,” and my
women children are deemed inferior to my men children.
Zionism, a political militant movement, hides behind the
skirts of Judaism and cries “anti-Semitism”; and the
pacifist Far Eastern religions, which have adhered most
closely to my messengers’ teachings, are deemed by the
others as out of touch with reality. As if those painful
departures from SPIRITUALITY aren’t enough, this whole
situation has become so befouled that even Satanism with
its diabolical tortures and human sacrifice is an established

      32. It’s been like the plaintive wail of a broken
record but with far harsher, far sadder effects as
generation after generation, my Earth soul-selves have
been mind-controlled by religious “authorities.” Once the
people were stuck in those clutches, governments and all
other institutions that impact life on Earth easily became
authority figures too. Souls come in with amazing intuition
and the capacity to use common sense and reason wisely,
but the collective influence of “authorities” dulled those
abilities. My children bought into the rhetoric and obeyed
the instructions, even when it meant being sent off to war
after war, where billions have killed and been killed.

      33. How did that whole sad state of affairs come
about? It was the work of the off-planet dark force that is
without conscience, without light except the spark of
viability. That force “captured” my weak-willed children of
Earth who got caught up in the lure of power and money
and, performing as the force’s puppets, they kept all the
rest of my children in the bondage of fear, poverty and
ignorance. The souls’ need for balanced experiencing kept
it going until now—that ages-old merry-go-round is
stopping. There’s more to say about that, but I want to
give you a good example of ignorance.

      34. “All life began in the sea and apes are humans’
ancestors.” OH?! I’m not saying that primitive sea life and
apes and their relatives aren’t parts of me, but can’t you
see how DEMEANING the very idea is that that is how I
started you, my HUMAN souls?! You credit me—well,
some of you do—with making you “in my own image,” and
I assure you, my drawing board didn’t start with you as
amoebas, some of which I “inspired” to move to dry land
and grow into apes, and then I picked which ones of those
I wanted to become humans. Your ancestors are such
highly spiritual and intelligent beings that you can’t even
imagine it! Yes, your “theory of evolution” was in there
somewhere, but not as you understand it. Nothing’s
“black or white” the way you think.

      35. Now about the price Earth paid for enduring the
darkness throughout the millennia of the insidious
workings of religions and other sources of near equal dark
persuasion. She kept giving her own light to sustain the
lives of her humankind as they slaughtered each other and
destroyed and polluted her Nature until all the bloodshed
and devastation nearly claimed her own body, your planet
home. Her soul, which stayed in its high plane of origin as
her body spiraled downward into low third density, was in
deep sorrow and despair. Her planetary self survived
because she cried out for help and my children in
civilizations far advanced from you spiritually, intellectually
and technologically—yes, some are your ancestors!—
rushed to infuse Earth’s body with their light so it could
survive. She wanted to give you this one last chance to
open your minds, “light up” your consciousness and shake
free from the shackles of that dark force.

      36. And this brings us to why that LONG merry-go-
round ride that you’re sick and tired of is stopping. So is
my beloved Earth fed up with it! She’s on the fast track out
of third density where, until recently, the darkness has
been quite successful, but its time is up—the dark force
“has left the building,” so to say. Only the lingering effects
of its influence on its Earth puppets remain and those are
fading fast. The truths “coming to light” are exposing
once-hidden agenda, and by the impartial law of physics
regarding form and frequencies, the puppet’s refusal to
accept the light will cause their demise along Earth’s
ascension path. Your dear planet is homeward bound to
her soul’s blissful plane, and all who go with her will live in
harmonious cooperation with your benevolent “space”
family. The trip ticket is free, but with strings: You need
to know and live the TRUTH of who WE ARE. This isn’t
complex—it’s as simple as paying attention to what your
soul is telling you! “Going within” automatically connects
you consciously with soul-self—that’s you and me—and all
the rest follows naturally.

      37. I never take sides—how could I when I’m ALL of
you!—but I do have my druthers, and I’d love to have all
my children choose to live together peacefully. So I hope
you will believe what I’ve said and act on it, but I can’t
make you—it’s always been your choice to believe what
you want, do what you want. All I can do is add my voice
to the messengers who have told you the very same things
through their Earth receivers. What will happen if you
don’t believe us? What will happen to the souls who will
never know about our messages? They will go to a
placement attuned to the energy they put forth in deeds
and motives throughout the lifetime.

      38. Some will journey with Earth because they are
living in “godly” ways simply by heeding their souls’
messages. They live from their hearts, where
      unconditional love, kindness, honor, truth, compassion and
      desire to help others lie.

            39. Some will go through it again—the tyranny,
      violence, corruption, lies, the hold of religions—and they’ll
      come in with the brain power to question and reason, yet
      another chance to break free of dark control. But not on
      Earth. There are other third density places in our universe
      where rampant disrespect for life will go on until all my
      soul parts know the truth of their god- and goddess-selves.

            40. And some will DEvolve and start over from
      scratch. They’re the ones who persist in choosing
      darkness over LOVE, the same Creator Source energy as
      light. Constantly light will be beamed to those souls, who
      will start with only basic instinct, and when they accept the
      light, they’ll recall a smidgeon of intelligence. As they
      accept more light, they will remember a modicum of
      reasoning ability, and so on and so on. This isn’t
      punishment, it’s a chance for those parts of me to start
      over without even a hint of darkness.

            41. It’s quite a lot to think about, isn’t it? There is
      time, my beloveds, but frankly, not much, to decide what
      you want. Whatever that is, I will honor it, and if it’s help,
      ask and it shall be given!
            ----------- end of message -----------------
      Yes, this is quite a lot to think about. Even for the very zealous
of spiritualist now tuned to light, it presents concepts that took even
me by surprise. I thought I had most of what I needed understood and
was pretty much on my path, only to discover a much larger aspect of
my humanness I had been missing. But my grasp of source and
God was, and is, expanded so much more every time I read this. And I
read it over and over.
      That reiteration is by far not all God has given to us to heed and
absorb. But it is to me the most relevant and important. You can
obtain all of Suzy’s work at the end of this book by clicking the
pertinent link.
      So what about God? No “thee’s” and “thou’s” in that message
make you feel it is disingenuous? That is the very point. It is straight
talk, “tough love” if you will for a generation that is approaching a
divide that will forever change the universes. God is telling you that it
loves you beyond your comprehension, but it cannot make you do
anything. This is a truth I came to full realization of many years ago in
my journey this time. This one simple aspect of free will and choice is
the very answer to the question of “what is the meaning of life?”
      I knew this long before I ever delved into my personal “re-
education”. I knew this when I was a lonely teenager starved for
acceptance and love. I knew this even when I was barely a toddler
testing my will against my parents. We all do. Yet we deny it ever so
often in spite of the clamoring our fail-safe attributes scream at us
inherently when we go against our true nature.
      God, and All That Is, exists in tandem with our consciousness.
What we have failed to recognize and heed is to notice that co-
existence. No matter how much you want to individualize or
compartmentalize yourself apart from all, you are forever and infinitely
connected to it. God is experiencing you right now, and you are
experiencing God right now. The only thing that creates detachment
from this fact, and yes it is a fact, is your willingness to believe it is so.
You choose what you believe and in so doing you limit your awareness
of All That Is. This limit is your free will choice, nothing else. No
outside factors, no external conditions prevail over your choice. Read it
again. There is no force external to your being that prevents you from
realizing you are God, and God is you. It is and always has been your
freewill choice that has separated you from source. It cannot be stated
simpler or more comprehensive.
      There are as many interpretations of God and the dimensions
outside our human one as there are people simply because truth
begins within that individual and expands from that source outward. It
cannot work the opposite way. Spirituality isn’t a top down mechanism
and has never been such as your religious doctrines and authorities
have insisted upon. It originates in, and for, you the individual.
      What do you need to touch that God self within you? Time and
quiet. Remove all distraction of this world and be quiet. No music, no
sounds, as much as you can remove in the form of external stimuli.
When you remove everything else what do you have left? You and
soul. Begin there and simply be. You will have nothing else to take
your thoughts but…your thoughts. This is where it starts, and where it
grows. You have no decisions to make despite everything this book as
said otherwise. First and foremost find your way to that still quiet
place and let your soul communicate with you.
      Time is not what you think it is. Each aspect is a you that has
branched off from its master self and is exploring a particular
perspective that presents knowledge to grow spiritually from. All your
different aspects are doing this simultaneously. But this you that you
are aware of and experiencing now doesn’t see or is concerned with
them is it? It seeks to understand this you in this now doesn’t it?
      At this point in my book I have provoked and stimulated you,
prodded and annoyed, juxtaposed and beguiled you. Those emotions
rise from the core essence that created you. These words are meant to
poke a finger in your side and make you question who you are. That is
where each of us began in creation. To question who we are and
where we came from and find our way back to our origin.
      Look wherever you so feel compelled to look, but please look
within yourself at some point. The answers you want and seek so
earnestly begin there. God and all divinely inspired sources are doing
all they can to help you to your truth. Keep this in mind as you search
and do so with the intent of knowing your truth, not mine or anyone
else’s. It is your truth that will set you free. Your version that you
compile and build will be the light that steers you upon your path and
destiny. That is the meaning and purpose of this book, that you look
for your truth and find that joy and ultimate happiness we are all
destined to discover eventually.
      It is my hope you can find it now, soon, and enjoy the
abundance that has eluded man from its beginnings. The ascension of
earth and mankind is why you are here at this time of earth’s history.
God has supported your wishes to be here now for that very purpose.
You are reading this to fulfill that purpose. You did not stumble on to
this book by accident. Those that never do see these pages were not
meant to, but you came across these pages for a reason and it sings
from your soul now and resonates within you. You can hear it if you
try to listen.
      Never has the end of the world be so sensationalized as the
connection of this dire forecast and the year 2012. There are hundreds
if not thousands of scenarios of what will occur in this year. Some are
very accurate but these are few. You cannot really judge this accuracy
without much foreknowledge and divine spiritual guidance in
discerning this reality. That word, “reality” is a misnomer, in that as
this book has mentioned in different places our free will choice
ultimately decides the actual reality that is manifested.
      None of us can actually know with any precision exact events
and how they will play out in succession to bring us to that time and
year. We have general ideas that are placed in divine decree and will
transpire. As the illuminati try and fail to prevent ascension and
lightworkers try and succeed to usher it in, this push and pull between
the light and dark manifests what occurs and unfolds with each minute
of each day.
      As I write this, one absolute is occurring. The financial stability
of the planet is crumbling and this has been foretold by several
sources I follow in their regular channellings from divinely supported
entities. The world economy is and has always been a derivative of the
illuminati and as a part of that dark force, is falling down as does their
power and influence.
      Another major event that has been announced by the beings
that will execute it will be a sighting of extraterrestrial beings in craft
that are extremely large on October 14, 2008. The best I understand it
the craft will be in the thousands of feet long, maybe longer. This craft
will appear in our skies in the south east and remain fixed there for
three days. This is all they will do at that time. They will not land or
make a personal appearance on the surface. The purpose is to finally
make it undisputable to all people of earth that they do indeed exist,
and have been for millennia. Our government and other leading
powers of the earth will try without success to hide and distort this
event to present fear into the minds of the masses. Some will indeed
succumb to fear. But the majority will see this as a blessing and
answer to their prayers.
      This is only the beginning of what will be an event that has never
been seen on this earth in the last 10,000 years or so. This will herald
the acceptance of many humans here of several revelations to their
belief systems. One is that we are indeed not alone in the universe.
Two: that the government has indeed been lying and covering up
these facts since 1938. And three, is that maybe everything we have
been led to believe for 6,000 years may not be right after all. And that
last point is the reason for this event.
      It is designed for us to open our minds and accept divine truths
that will follow it. There will be some, extremely devout religious
followers that have lived their life in fear of judgment and retribution
from their God that will go off the deep end swearing that Satan has
arrived and with it doomsday. Their fear is, and has; completely
gripped their consciousness and this will be the last straw to holding
their sanity at acceptable levels. If you encounter people like this
remain calm and try not to bend their way of thinking. Simply love
them with compassion and patience, and allow them to deal with it as
best they can. Spirit WILL lead you in how to best administer to these
      Spirit will send those to you that you can help with information
and knowledge about this event if you are meant to help them.
Otherwise don’t argue or debate it with these people who are dead set
against this event as being anything divine. Time will speak loudly
enough. Nothing is set in stone though, and the illuminati could
present a delay for this date. But it will happen soon after if not on
that date.
      These beings have been sent by God, by decree, to ensure that
the illuminati in their death throes cannot execute any major
catastrophes like nuclear explosions or world wars from occurring.
They have been here all along doing just this, and have prevented this
from happening at least a dozen times recently. Our space guardians
have prevented the natural storms that have been born in the oceans
from being much worse in their resulting damage to people and
property. This has dismayed the illuminati as they have used their
weather technology to develop these storms in to much bigger and
devastating disasters, only to fail as our guardians have reduced the
strength of these storms.
      When our numbers of enlightened humans, and their acceptance
of the benevolent purpose of our space brothers is revealed and their
safety can be assured they will land on the surface later in the coming
months and be among us. Then we will have the benefit of their
technology to begin to educate our self about just how controlled and
manipulated we have been. All despots and evil controllers will be
exposed over time and be removed by us, who have become at first
shocked at this truth, and then enraged at their actions for hundreds
of years and legally move to eradicate their power.
      There are lightworkers and enlightened souls now living among
us, and have been for decades that know their purpose for this time.
They will begin to step in and bring peace, abundance and joy for
every living human on the planet as the puppets of darkness are
removed from power one by one. Highly evolved beings incarnated as
humans will begin to step in as world leaders in every country and
sweeping changes to the environment with begin to take place
eliminating pollutions and damage wrought by us for so long.
      Right now only days before our elections, you can rest assured
that Obama is actually an advanced spiritual being specifically here for
the purpose of leading us up and out of the chaos we have so long
endured. The entire heavenly realm protects him and his mission to
help restore earth and the process of bringing the start of world peace
and abundance.
      Those of us that have longed for this time and embrace the light
that is coming forth in the coming days will find a joy they have never,
ever known before.
      But as with all major change, there will be destruction and
tearing down of what exists before a new can step in. Not everyone
will recognize or accept these events for what they really are. As such,
these people will spread chaos around them as their fear completely
consumes them. Remember that if you are here, and you have chosen
to seek the light, you have nothing to fear. That is why I wrote this
book as well, to give you the tools and knowledge to overcome any
fears that try to work their way into your consciousness as these
things transpire. That will be all the dark has left, as it is now, is your
fears to prey upon. President Bush’s 35th address to the nation on
September 24th, 2008 was for the very purpose of instilling fear in the
hearts of Americans.
      Recognize fear as it surfaces and call the light. Ask for peace and
assurance from God, or spirit to quell your human emotions that try to
override your God-given sensibilities. Remember what I gave you in
earlier chapters; you attract what you fear. Replace your fear with a
vision of what you desire. Replace any vision of chaos and negativity
into a vision of world peace, unification and total love with and by all
your fellow humans.
      I could go on and write many pages that detail numerous
portents of the days to come, which I believe are accurate. Instead I
will again relay a message Matthew gave to his mother who now takes
email questions from readers of her digests and puts them to Matthew
to answer. After so many numerous inquiries into the final days and
2012 Matthew put forth a very comprehensive, reassuring and realistic
portrayal of we can expect based on the current potentials that
mankind’s collective consciousness presents at that current time of his
essay. It is called Essay of 2012.

      Essay on 2012
      By Matthew

            Those who have interpreted the year 2012 as the
      beginning of the end of darkness—never mind the total
      end of the world!—have misinterpreted its significance.
      Most simply stated, 2012 heralds Earth’s entry into the
      Golden Age, and between now and then is a time of
      transition from life as you have known it into life totally in
      harmony with all of Nature.

            Everything in the universe is energy vibrating at one
      frequency or another, and when Earth was in prime health,
      in times you know but don’t remember, all of her life forms
      were vibrating harmoniously. When she was near death
      more than six decades back, there was no harmony
      whatsoever, no balance of Nature—there was hardly
sufficient light to sustain any kind of life, including Earth’s
own. What is happening now, with the help of stabilizing
forces, is the transformation of your world—Earth’s
rejuvenation and return to balance—reaching completion in

        But that year no longer has the “time absoluteness”
it once held in prophecies, and your calendar cannot
accurately convey when the major transitional changes will
be completed because linear time is disappearing. What
you perceive as time passing faster and faster is the effect
of the higher energy planes in which you are living now,
where everything is accelerating as Earth makes her way
into the continuum—or, more accurately, as your
consciousness grasps the actuality of timelessness, the
reality of eternity and infinity. The faster, or more
intensely, the light infuses Earth, the more swiftly your
“time” passes as she moves still higher into fourth density
vibrations. So, just as in this moment your calendar week
is passing in less than half the time of a calendar week a
dozen or so years ago, 2012 will be coming increasingly
more rapidly than your current calendar can indicate.

        Now then, why does that year have historic
significance universally? It involves celestial orbiting cycles
and their influences on your planet as well as life designs
made in total clarity by highly evolved beings who planned
Higher Universal-MAN with attributes of spirituality and
intelligence that far exceed that in today’s Earth
population. Opportunities to return to higher densities
have been offered in prior cycles and missed, and this time
when the energetic alignment is again optimal, advanced
civilizations are assisting so Earth’s desire to rise to her
former vibratory level is assured. What happens on Earth
affects the universe, so it is of utmost significance to those
advanced civilizations that the dark ages on your home
planet be reconciled within the light and you
knowledgeably take your rightful place among your
universal family.

      Along the way there will be many profound changes,
changes you can’t even imagine, that will transform life as
you have known it into life in total harmony with all of
Nature worldwide and thusly flow out into the universe.
Very little of the wondrous world on your horizon will be
rooted in your systems to date—that is precisely WHY you
are creating your new world! The goddess vibrations that
already are showing effects will continue to bless you as
individuals and as a civilization. The negativity that is the
root of fear, greed, dishonor and violence will be gone in
the Golden Age, and the vibrations of Earth’s entirety will
be LOVE. Love, which is the same energy as LIGHT but
simply expressed differently, is the pure essence of
Creator, the ultimate power in the cosmos. This energy is
the composition of souls and the key to opening hearts and
illumining minds, and it is flowing more abundantly on
Earth than ever before. As the darkness continues to fade,
love will replace conflict and tyranny with peace and
cooperation; love will eliminate the superficial superiority
of one group over another; love will enlighten those who
regard others as possessions or dispensable and uplift
those who have been subjected to living in those
conditions. In short, LOVE is the power that is
transforming your world.

      Although no major strongholds of the darkness will
cease abruptly, the transition will be like lightning in
comparison to the long ages that violence, inequities,
abuses and deceit prevailed. If you could see in parallel
motion the pace of the past many centuries, when only
intermittent flickers of light broke through the dominant
darkness, and the pace of the past few decades of growing
light intensity, you would marvel at the swiftness of the

      The progressive changes have required and will
continue to require the help of extraterrestrials. Almost all
of them are unknown to you except as we speak of them
and in some cases, their own messages sent forth, yet
some of the strongest, most experienced light warriors in
this universe are right there among you, working behind
the scenes to guide the essential changes so that as many
as possible of Earth’s residents will accompany her into the
higher planes. This is how beloved and significant
universally your planet is and how beloved and important
YOU are! In keeping with universal law, it is your heartfelt
desire for Earth’s well being that is your invitation, your
request to those civilizations for their help, but your
bewilderment about how to heal the pervasive damage
humankind has wrought also is part of their divine
authorization to assist. You are in charge, however,
because it is your homeland and you chose to be there
specifically to participate in this process. That’s why
millions have been inspired to become actively involved or
to monetarily support efforts to end violence and
environmental destruction.

      The first reforms are in governments. Many of the
populace who are unaware of the ongoing transformation
see governing policies leading to the brink of planetary
disaster, and even among lightworkers there are concerns
about what will happen in this critical world arena. Not
only is it difficult for you to imagine systems dramatically
different from what you are accustomed to, but in reforms
of the magnitude required, it is realistic to anticipate
confusion and foment. Please know that trustworthy souls
with spiritual integrity and expertise in the various fields of
governing are ready to take the helm and bring order as
rapidly as possible as corrupt, tyrannical government
leaders are unseated. A great deal of “shuffling” in the
United States government will lead to ending its
engagement in war and internal and international strife,
and the unseating of other self-serving heads of state will
end civil wars, genocide and longstanding conflict. Many
wise and able leaders in previous Earth lifetimes chose to
return to the planet to complete their groundwork for this
unique time at hand, and others are members of your
“space family”—many are your ancestors—who
volunteered to assist during this transitional period. In no
way are they there to “take over,” but rather they came in
response to your thoughts, feelings and actions for peace,
fairness and stability in your world. The transformation at
hand is your desire and soul level vision—if this were not
so, it could not happen. Looking even farther ahead,
during the past decade or two some souls have come in
with the advanced spiritual clarity and ancient wisdom that
will naturally put them in leadership roles.

      Because money is the basis not only for commerce,
but even more so for concentrating power, the need for
economic reforms worldwide is as crucial as changes in
national leadership. The economy as reported is more
myth than actuality. Only a comparative handful of people
know how tenuous and corrupt the global economy is or
that international trade and the stock markets are
manipulated by the Illuminati, a group of darkly-inclined
people who have passed their tight global reins from
generation to generation. They have amassed vast
fortunes through that control as well as by charging
usurious bank loan rates and accruing mammoth amounts
from their illegal drugs industry, and they use that money
to buy governments; bankrupt countries and exploit their
natural resources; keep billions of souls at barely
subsistence level; and fund both sides in wars that they
precipitate and perpetuate because from wars they derive
handsome profits. This cannot continue and it won’t. The
unconscionably inequitable allocation of money in your
world will end. Although I cannot give you finite details of
the changeover process, I can give you an overview and
assure you that the honest, knowledgeable people who will
manage the process will keep disruption at a minimum as
they fairly distribute the world’s wealth.

      The Illuminati’s illegally and immorally garnered
fortunes will be put into circulation and their exploitation of
natural resources worldwide will end. Since that power
base is what enabled them to set government and banking
policies and own multinational corporations, those corrupt
controls also will end. The huge debts of the poorest
nations were incurred by their state of desperation, often
caused by Illuminati actions and influence; but the loans
went to the despots ruling the countries and did not
benefit the citizens, so those debts will be annulled and
assistance given directly to the people. Many national
borders have been set by the victors in war who wanted
the natural resources, and that created “have-nots” who
formerly were “haves.” When the LOVE in souls ends all
conflicts, borders no longer will be cause for dispute
because all peoples will be “haves.”

      The coffers of the United States, which is
erroneously considered the most fiscally sound nation in
the world, have been empty for some time. The national
debt, in large part due to the skullduggery of the
Illuminati-owned Federal Reserve System and its IRS
collection agency, will become manageable when that
System is dissolved. The various currencies, especially
dollars, have no foundation—daily transactions involving
billions of dollars and other currencies are merely
information passed from one computer to another and they
far exceed the money to back them. The “new” foundation
for currencies will be a return to an old one, where
precious metals was a set standard for exchange, and “old
fashioned” bartering once again will be an excellent way
for nations and communities to conduct some business.

      The basis for much of your current economy will
change considerably and employment will change
accordingly, but your greater spiritual clarity and usage of
brain capacity in the higher frequencies will enable a joyful
transition into fields that support cooperation among
nations and harmony with Nature. The wanton destruction
of your environment through oil and gas extraction,
mining, logging and their resultant pollution will cease and
all types of toxins in the atmosphere, soil and water will be
eliminated. Forests will be restored to the levels required
for the balance of Nature, and the need is great as well to
preserve and expand habitats where animals have been
reduced to countable numbers, just as the oceans must be
returned to health so marine life can flourish instead of
disappear. There are plans to achieve those goals as well
as keep pristine land areas free of concrete incursions and
implement alternative power sources. Technologies known
but suppressed and the more advanced technologies that
will be introduced by your universal brothers and sisters
will clear the pollution and provide renewable energy, new
modes of transportation, new types of building materials,
and greatly enhanced food production methods. Your
hearts will be gladdened at the amazing speed with which
these changes will happen!

      Natural building products that will come into wide
usage along with plants that will be introduced include
clay, strong reeds, straw, tropical canes and surface
stones, and all will be used in conscious agreement with
humankind. While there are countless levels between the
lowest and the highest universal intelligence, which you
may think of as omniscience, no thing is excluded from the
mass consciousness. To be more personal—indeed, to be
more correct—substitute “soul” for “thing” and you can see
the interrelationship of the totality of this universe. The
higher the vibrations of any environment, the higher the
levels of comprehension of all life within it, thus just as
you are expanding in consciousness, so are all the
elements of Nature in your world growing in their varying
levels of awareness.

      The fast-growing food crops, flowers, cotton and
other fiber-producing plants, plants with medicinal aspects,
canes and grasses, and all kinds of trees will agree to grow
as long as needed to meet your requirements and then
transmute their energy into your usage of them. Although
much less lumber will be used than currently, the sacred
relationship between trees and humankind includes their
willingness to be used for decorative parts of building
interiors and furniture in the short term, perhaps as long
as the next half century. Acknowledgement of all these
natural sources’ importance and consciousness and
gratitude for their willingness to give their lives for your
use will become inherent in all peoples. Too, you will come
to know and treasure the Devic kingdom that is so closely
allied with the beauty and thriving of all that you consider

      The allocation of food and other basic life essentials
available in the richer countries will be shared on an
equitable basis with the poorer countries until a global
production order is achieved. Diets will change from meat
and seafood to plants as people learn to respect and honor
all animal life. The herds of food animals will decrease
through the cessation of breeding and natural transition,
and as plants become diet staples, any that were harmfully
genetically engineered will shed those properties.

      Animals in the wild will instinctively know not to
overpopulate and those that are carnivorous will turn to
the plant kingdom for sustenance. The albinos being born
in several animal species have both spiritual and
transitional significance. You associate white with peace,
and these rarities that are appearing are symbolic of the
coming changes in animal nature that will end the
predator-prey food chain and restore the peaceable
relationship that once existed among all species, including
humankind. The instances of unlikely cross-species
friendships and even nurturing of the young from one
species by mothers of another are more indications of
Earth’s return to her original paradise self. Still, an
extremely important factor in this is the inspiration in
many souls to be advocates for the animal kingdom and
alleviate their manmade plight.

      The cetaceans’ spiritual mission, to embody in huge
bulk and inhabit your oceans where they absorb and
anchor the light beamed to the planet from distant
civilizations, soon will have been fulfilled. These whale and
dolphin souls, which species-wide are the most highly
evolved spiritually and intellectually on your planet, will
soar to their original light stations when they leave
physically, but they will continue to grace your planet with
their love energy.

      What are commonly known as “global warming” and
“El Nino” are part of Earth’s natural processes to return to
her original moderate climate everywhere. While she is
achieving this, glaciers will melt, the vast deserts will
become arable, rain forests will flourish, and variations in
temperatures will markedly decrease—ultimately,
everyplace in your world will be comfortably habitable.
Peoples now living in the coldest or the hottest climes will
adapt, but it is unavoidable that the few animal species in
the polar regions will disappear and some that live on the
fringes will survive by migrating; the affected species
instinctively will know not to reproduce or when to move.

      Contrary to current count and certainly population
projections, your numbers are decreasing and the birth
rate will continue to drop but not precipitously. The
balance of Nature no longer will require pestilence, so no
disease-causing or transmitting factors will be present, and
the common use of toxic chemicals and prescription drugs
will cease. Medical treatments will drastically change until
there no longer is any need for therapies because bodies,
which will have a greatly longer lifetime, will become free
of all forms of dis-ease. New educational systems and
resource materials will reflect factual universal and
planetary history, and true spirituality will replace religions
in accordance with the truths that will be revealed.

      Those are some of the most significant changes
underway and ahead, and all will have trickle-down effects
that will permeate and uplift every facet of life on Earth.
The Golden Age—the “second edition” of the Garden of
Eden—will radiate the love, harmony, serenity and beauty
of spirit that you, in your remembered awareness of being
god and goddess selves, ARE.

      Now I shall tell you some of the more “down-to-
Earth” features that you can anticipate in that beauteous
world. City life will be much more fulfilling for the spirit
than it is today due to the demolishing of substandard
buildings and restoration of once fine buildings that fell
into decay; the addition of many small parks and colorful
playgrounds, vegetable and flower gardens, and
neighborhood libraries, concerts, museums, and galleries
with locally produced art forms; entertainment and
recreational centers for all ages and interests; and
animals, even those you now consider wild, roaming
freely. Also, new transportation modes and a much fairer
distribution of wealth will enable city dwellers to frequent
the countryside, where a booming business will be “bed-
and-breakfast” inns to accommodate the growing desire
for those oases of respite from routine activity, and to
travel to distant places as well. Still, millions now living in
cities may prefer to move to the solitude and restorative
energy of familiar rural, forested areas. And, like a new
wave of pioneers, some of you will be motivated to
relocate to currently uninhabitable places when those start
flourishing and beckon the adventuresome, while other
souls will choose to live in houseboats on the calm, restful

        Architecture will be limited only by imagination and
choices, but no building will be ugly or inadequate for its
purpose. Geodesic domes will be popular as will fanciful
building designs that reflect the light-heartedness that so
long has been denied the majority of Earth’s peoples.
Current and new technologies will produce construction
materials similar in strength and appearance to today’s
concrete, steel, rigid and flexible plastics, and those along
with natural products and quality simulations of fine woods
will be widely used. So will glass, which will be altered
from its present composition, because you will desire to
live closer with Nature even when you are indoors.

      By unified intent, no litter or eyesore of any kind will
exist anywhere. Wherever you live or travel, you will not
want the vista marred by the utility poles that now are
necessary blights on landscapes. The poles will be
removed and where conduits are required, they will be
underground; and other energy sources will be direct,
without any need for connecting wires. Although telepathy
will become a common form of communication, voice-to-
voice communion across the miles will be as important as
now, but the harmful aspects of the wireless methods you
are using will be gone. Expanses of concrete gradually will
be removed too, as new transportation modes will change
the need for current fuels and highways.

      All unjust laws and policies will be struck down and
education worldwide will accurately reflect the universal
truths. The writing, printing and distribution of textbooks
will be done expeditiously in conjunction with computerized
lessons, and the souls who are innately prepared to teach
will step up to this mission they had chosen.

      These and other marvelous lifestyle differences
awaiting you are indeed gargantuan changes from life in
this moment, yet the greatest transformation you will
experience is in humankind, where love and higher
consciousness are REcreating “miracles.” Like souls on
Earth and in Nirvana once again going back and forth
between these physical and spirit worlds, travel that was
commonplace until third density limitations closed minds to
this possibility. Like your transcendence from believing you
are lone individuals to knowing your inseparability from all
life in this universe, and embracing each other as well as
members of extraterrestrial civilizations as the brothers
and sisters you all are. Like life without anxiety or conflict
as people of all countries and cultures are harmonious,
cooperative, helpful, kind, high-spirited and delightfully

      Now I must tell you as well that the transition from
this day to that world will continue to present challenges.
To say otherwise would be neither truthful nor prudent as
your expectations would not be met, and instead of
successfully dealing with challenges—which you are well
prepared to do with wisdom and strength of spirit and
character or you wouldn’t have chosen and been selected
to participate!—you could become discouraged as Earth
continues apace on her ascension journey.

      Wars and other violence, injustices, deception and
corruption will continue until that energy set in motion is
played out. Although the dark forces, the vast force field of
negative thought forms, has left this part of the galaxy,
tentacles of that energetic influence remain and are
making last ditch efforts to control the most vulnerable
souls as well as attack those with the brightest light.
Further, the higher frequencies now on the planet are
magnifying all human characteristics, and those that are
darkly-inclined are showing that intensification through
increasing hostility, greed, violence and apathy toward
those who are suffering and in desperate need. So, while
not all of the dark skirmishes are past, we urge you to be
encouraged by each that arises—it means that the
vanquishing of the darkness is that much nearer. Rejoice
in knowing that its momentum is close to the point of
exhaustion because all of you who are living your light are
helping to speed it to conclusion.

      Controlling the flow of money is the last mundane
tool the dark ones have and they will keep it within their
grasp as long as they can. The “rotten tap root,” so to say,
has been loosened and the tendrils are breaking, but until
all have been eliminated, economic difficulties will affect
many lives. Remember, you have the power to create your
own abundance through the law of attraction, and sharing
your resources is the best way to bring even more
abundance into your life.

      Prior to peace and harmony prevailing throughout
Earth, many, many souls will leave due to the same causes
as now—disease, starvation, injuries in wars and other
types of violence, geophysical events—so the population
will continue to decrease from those means. As sorrowful
as these deaths may seem, the adversity that the souls
experience beyond their pre-birth agreements gives them
leaps forward in soul growth. They will greet their return to
Nirvana knowing that if they choose another Earth lifetime,
it will be in the splendor and glory of a revitalized world
and the abiding love among its inhabitants.

      Geophysical events will continue as Earth’s natural
and necessary cleansing process. The blatant disregard for
human and animal life for millennia past—and still
happening on a lamentable scale—caused a massive
amount of negativity to accumulate. Although this has
been greatly reduced via geophysical events, its remnants,
plus what is being generated anew, must be released. It
matters not whether this is by natural or manmade
occurrences—the ridding of that negativity is what is
important. The effects of these events, which will lessen in
frequency and severity as Earth keeps ascending, are
being diminished to the greatest extent possible by
members of your universal family. Their technology cannot
prevent all deaths and damage, but it is limiting the death
toll and property destruction by leveling out over a wide
area the energy releases via earthquakes and volcanic
eruptions and is steering the strongest storms to less
populated areas.

      The record high and low temperatures, droughts and
flooding that are part of Earth’s transition to her original
moderate climate globally will present hardships for a while
longer. Gradually some sea level coastlines will become
submerged; this need not present anxiety as there will be
protective and compensatory measures for any inhabitants
of those areas. We are aware of the speculation that
Atlantis and Lemuria may rise, but this will not happen.
Those large land masses served their civilizations during
that era on Earth, but their return is not needed; however,
some souls living then have come back to assist in the
ongoing consciousness-raising and spiritual renewal within
today’s populace.

      That religions are teaching the “word of God” will be
shown in the fullness of the deception that spawned that
falsehood, and among the challenges you will encounter
are the many individuals who will not believe the truths
that will be revealed. Some will do battle, convinced that it
is their divine right and duty to defeat the Anti-Christ or
the infidels through bloodshed. You will witness the shock,
confusion, anger, disillusionment, and yes, very likely
fear—the deceivers who made a vengeful God have been
masterful for eons—of people whose minds are not totally
closed to the revelations. Provide a compassionate safe
haven for their questioning and rely on your intuition for
the best responses—they will be there when you need
them. However, it is not your responsibility to convince
them that the foundation of their beliefs—maybe even
their very life purpose—is a lie. Rejoice, just as we shall,
when your efforts succeed, but please do not feel
      despondent when they don’t. The resistant souls, like all
      others in the universe, will continue their evolutionary
      pathways wherever their needs shall best be served, and
      the eternal and infinite love of Source will under gird their

             In summary we say to you, our beloved Earth family,
      know with your entire being that the world of love, peace
      and harmony you have been co-creating is close at hand.
      Remembering that you chose to be exactly where you are
      right now so you could participate in this unprecedented
      time in the universe will let your hearts be light-filled and
      your journey a triumphant adventure. Myriad light beings
      are with you every instant, enfolding you with the love and
      protection of the Christed light as you usher in Earth’s long
      awaited “2012” Golden Age.

             ------ end of message ------

      Quite a rejuvenating and inspiring projection of our future isn’t
it? Notice there is no mention of planet X colliding with earth, no
massive world war that annihilates the entire planet. Yes there will be
some difficulties for a brief time and even some deaths. Most of us,
even lightworkers, do not know what our life contract consist of. If we
did what would be the point if this life? There would be nothing to look
forward to or be excited about. There would be no surprises, especially
the good ones!
      Now put away all your predictions of terrible, mass destruction
and death and begin to envision the world as Matthew describes it.
Imagine traveling along the countryside and never seeing a billboard,
utility pole, or any sign of our current utility structure. Imagine
arriving at a rural inn, a beautiful building with ornate features that is
pleasing just to look at. There are various types of animals that were
once wild beasts grazing and roaming about the property. There are
children and people among the animals. Some are sitting and petting,
others grooming them, and still some are running and playing with
these animals. Everywhere you look there is nothing but smiles, grins
and laughter on every face. Ponds and rivers nearby run crystal clear
and you can see all the way down to the bottom as aquatic creatures
swim along side the humans that also play in this life giving water.
      This is just one facet of the earth that is our inheritance. It was
our original home at one time, and it was called Eden. Just as a
specific phrase states in the bible, it will be heaven on earth because
heaven has descended upon it. Earth has ascended into this realm
with its ascension.
      Our true ancestors from the stars will be among us helping us
transform earth into the pristine world it once was and also helping us
to become fully aware of so many things we have forgotten or refused
to accept prior to our awakening. You will have access to unlimited
resources of education and enlightenment and there will be no
questions that answers cannot be obtained either from information or
      Not only will the world be yours, but all the galaxies and the
universes that contain them will be your playground to continue your
journey back home to oneness of the creator. That is your destination.
Your experiences as you get there are your purpose.
      It is the final release from the dark symbolically portrayed in
religious works. While they are incomplete or distorted, they do all
contain some glimmer of truth in varying degrees. When I think about
it, I am amazed at how masterfully the dark ones have cleverly mixed
truth with lies in Christianity. It is no wonder countless wars have
originated from the very ones who have supported all the tenants of
this religion, and taken single excerpts out of context to manipulate us
so successfully in the west.
      You now have a true picture of what God has intended for us all
along and how it has given us messenger after messenger to expound
on the truths he originally gave us. How much you do or do not accept
as truth is…your truth.
      I have a final proposal for you. If you are a fence rider and now
have all of this swirling in your mind and ponder it daily now, carry on
your life and live as normally as you wish to live as compared to your
immediate family, friends and environment. But you can keep that
glimmer of hope that what if, just what if all this is true? What if ANY
of it is true? You can keep that hope within yourself, and pray to your
God to yourself can you not? You will not disturb anyone nor will you
bring hardship upon yourself for your growing convictions that make
you long for this utopian society and keep it internal.
      God knows and hears your heart and mind. You can foster this
spark of hope and grow this seed of connection to God entirely
internally, to yourself, and never raise another eyebrow from anyone.
I am a loner in my convictions within my immediate surroundings in
this exact context. I can’t convey my beliefs and truth but to only two
of my in-person acquaintances. I can’t even express it with my wife,
who is grounded in her Christian-protestant fears so deeply that the
mere mention of my thoughts of any of this presents an acute
emotional negative reaction. That would not be sharing light, but
instilling fear. My role is a support beacon and my example is a way
for her and others like her to experience truth as it manifests around
        Yet I have a wonderful, exciting and miraculous life. People see
the changes that have come over me but I am careful to attribute it in
terms that they can relate to safely. In my journey, and especially
since my awakening, I have learned that simply knowing that I bear
light and it has an effect of good no matter how small is enough to
satisfy my need to help others to the light. You learn this or realize it
along the way. I wrote this for people that are and have been at
similar stages of my life. I share it freely because for a very long time
I went without the benefit of this knowledge.
        Light, and the energy that accompanies it, is not meant to be a
medium of profit and commerce. It is a gift from source and is meant
to be shared without expectation. Some of you will reject it. But some
of you will step into that stillness of knowing that brings you the
internal peace you have searched your whole life for until now.
        A world of pure unconditional love is right around the corner.
There are signs and predictions, prophecies and divine messaging that
is saturating every medium of language and intelligence known to us
now. This includes your mind and your biophysical abilities. You have
only to reach out in faith that a God is here and with you to tap into
the source and begin receiving your truth.
        The following chapters are not in a logical procession from this
chapter or the book. I have many articles and stories I have shared in
print and will provide some of them in closing of this book. They have
been helpful, and some, instrumental in helping others grow closer to
source. If I can help you in your search for truth and God, I will do
what I can if you find a way to contact me. I have given all I will give
in this book for that purpose. If it is of your highest good and mine for
that to occur, it will happen with ease.
      I will make a firm statement here and now that I am not a
psychic or medium. I cannot tell your future, only you determine this
by your free will and the existing potentials that are currently present
for you. I can give you advice to your questions about how to develop
your relationship with God and source to the best of my ability, and by
how spirit guides me to do so. I hope you have found this at the very
least fascinating. I know I have been extremely fascinated by the
information I have accumulated prior to writing it, and how utterly
amazing my life becomes with each passing day.
      Life is a miracle in process. We each create our life daily and it
manifests by our will right in front of us. You are the master of your
destiny, God decreed it and it is so from the beginning. You are the
beginning and the end, but you are timeless and infinite. You are the
resurrection and the life, the I Am. And so it is.
      The Power of a Smile      8-23-08

       You know, when I want something, I look around and I do
research. I find factual information on what a provider of that item can
deliver to me and how closely they can meet my expectations.
       When I was shopping for a car radio I went to a major
electronics store and queried the clerk on my preference of brand I
had developed up to that time. Hearing this, the clerk began to put it
down and downplay the radio.
       His argument was shallow and quite biased. It didn’t take long to
see his recommendations were biased on prestige and social
acceptance of his pick. He favored his choice because it was the most
“cool”, and you were also if you bought it. They didn’t even have my
choice offered.
       Conformity has been rammed down my throat my whole life. I
liked what I liked and no matter how acceptable and “normal” it was to
do contrary, I stuck to my guns most of the time in spite of myself. It
took adulthood to use conformity to get by, and ahead.
       I ordered the radio I wanted online. It has been great and is just
what I wanted. It cost as much as one third the costs of radios other
people suggested. It is low key, low frill, but delivers much joy to me
every day I drive.
       People around us blindly accept and conform to the majority
pressure because they don’t want to be rejected and friendless. In
order to “belong” and feel wanted, they reject what their heart
conveys. Again, the F word is a part of equation.
       The majority have been convinced to reject that small fantastical
point of interest in the back of their mind that asks if there is more to
God and their life than what they have been told and forced to believe.
They are also afraid to step over that socially ingrained line that has
their true connection to God just out of reach.
       We here (at the forum) have been fortunate enough to find
undeniable tangibility in our beliefs. Something happened somewhere
in the course of our life that gave us a convincing slap of awakening to
our own true existence in a reality that is still heavily veiled and
hidden to many on the planet.
       Our one genuine tool that works miracles, defeats all attitudes
and puts a chink in the armor that every person in denial we come into
contact with is so small and insignificant, we tend to overlook it as we
too must play the conformity game at times.

      A smile.
      This one miniscule twitch of muscles has a power that is beyond
comprehension yet is fostered from the core of our creator. Wearing it
on your face attracts the attention of everyone around you, because,
deep down, whether or not they are aware of it, they were cast upon
the earth plane to find their way back to God and help their brothers
and sisters do it with them. Seeing a smile on the face of a fellow
human plays that recording stored in their DNA that tells them this.

      What varies from person to person is the volume of the recorder.

       Remember the joy when you first realized how special and
magnificent you really are as often as you can. You remember, when
that first epiphany occurred, and God embraced you, and you felt that
surge of love thru your being?

      That defining moment forever changed your life didn’t it?

       Bring that moment to the forefront of your awareness and play it
over and over again when you interact in public. You can’t help but
smile as the joy occurs again. You are tapping in to source and
beaming it out to every one around you when you do. And they feel it.
       We are way showers. And our smile shines a light to others that
ignites that spark God gave them, and motivates their consciousness
to ponder deeper within their own psyche, where God and spirit has
been gently speaking to them all along.
       Our smile turns the volume button up just a tad, and helps them
hear with a little more clarity.
       Some of you may wonder how do I reach those in such
darkness, how can I share the wonderful secret that I want to just
blast out to everyone?
       There is no better way to illuminate the darkness in others than
with the light of your smile. Your smile is an expression of your joy.
Joy cannot be achieved, manufactured or created. It is a gift from God.
When you feel it, you are communing with God. When you commune
with God, you feel joy. No matter how simple or complicated you make
this process, it is an infinite loop between you and All That Is. It is a
never ending flow. You simply step into it.
       And it radiates God’s love in the form of energy in all directions
from where you stand. Never discount the power of this emanation. It
has effects we cannot see many times, and the full implication is
beyond what we can comprehend now. Soon, very soon, we will have
this comprehension, but for now, just know it is performing miracles
on a universal scale.
      It is a cumulative effect just like nuclear fission, but is unseen by
human eyes, and reaches across our entire solar system touching
every being within it. You are this power. You are the light that has
been spoken about for millennia. Just basking in it propagates it to all,
and raises the light quotient for all of mankind.
      If you find times of sadness or imbalance, think back to that
defining moment. Find it and play it again. If you find yourself
suddenly so distracted by all around you and you don’t want this in
your center, play it again.
      It is your kill switch to every emotion you do not want. It’s your
help desk and support center login. It’s your hot line to God.
      God remembers it too, with affection and fondness, because
there is no greater joy for God than when you first held it’s hand and
your being opened up to that infinite energy of his love.

      A lesson in Reality
      Pardon me while I recover from shock.

      I cannot describe how fast time seems to have accelerated over
the course of a year for me. For that matter over the last decade time
seems to be a blur of activity.

       I see now so much more as my mind and consciousness has
rapidly expanded since I made that first “hard line” connection to All
That Is. You may recall from some of my posts how, once making
pertinent revelations about myself, my place in the universe, and my
link to source that things began to fall into place much easier.

       But then, is this what has occurred or had I simply been
oblivious to what has really been occurring, and begin to see and hear
with spiritually enhanced senses?

      Did I grow into this heightened awareness and begin to see
beyond the mortal limitations I had always believed were a fact of my
existence? Few of us are thrown into an awareness epiphany. There
are reasons for it. The utter shock of pure realization of our divinity
can have radical effects upon our ability to reason and to continue
rational thought.

      My years of research and study of religion and spirituality
created a storehouse of data in my conscious mind that served several
purposes for me, but the motivation that drove my surface desires to
find and discern it would not become apparent until awakening.

       It prepared and educated me so that I would be receptive to
truth when an event of truth presented itself in such a form that defied
logic and reason.

       I have had many revelations in a short time now. Over the last
year the perception of my cognizance of them and realization of the
vast set of potentials that brought them into manifestation has grown
directly linear to my expanding consciousness. With each successive
miracle my ability to fathom this immense power and wisdom source
has increased.

      Four months ago I was at a crossroads and was coming to a
place that I needed to find work. I had been fostering a vision of
exactly the kind of manifestation that I thought would bring me
happiness to that end. Circumstances and events occurred to bring
exactly just this very thing, down to most of the details I envisioned.

      I was amazed and overjoyed at how intricately each aspect of
what I wanted not only manifested, but I did very little to be receptive
and conducive to accepting it. I literally took one step and all the rest
occurred outside and around me to bring it right in front of me. It was
a confirmation direct from source to me that it mattered not what I
wanted, I simply exercise my divine birthright and the universe
delivered it.

      But after a month what I thought was the perfect job it began to
reveal its true nature to me. There were things related to it that I had
not considered or known to be associated with it. My happiness turned
to dread, and soon after the impossibility of making it a condition of
perfection, I could only focus on trying to salvage it into a living.

      But our power, and the power behind us, can adapt and adjust
much easier than we humans can. My dissatisfaction created the
conditions of exit just as easily as they brought the opportunity to me.
I was let go after three months of training. That business began a
deteriorating plunge downward in prosperity that culminated with me
being relieved of that post.

       Truthfully I was relieved, and glad I did not have to continue to
try and learn how to bring a circus into an organized function. It is a
terribly disorganized jumble of activity with no logical methodology, all
packed into one person’s head. To inherit this job you would have to
become that person and adopt that person’s ideology and methods,
which conflicted with my natural persona like dogs and cats.

      All those around me became so concerned. My spouse became
very upset and fear gripped her being as nearly any upset in normality

      But for the first time in my entire life, when I lost this job I
immediately knew it was because I was not happy there, and would
not become so, and something better was being provided. I knew this
with a confidence this time that scared and terrified some around me.
It perplexed and shook others out of their own slumber to ponder my
sanity. I actually was quite amused knowing what I knew and had to
make myself appear sober at my prospects.

      Spirit came on strong soon after this. I was guided to be
ordained, and was, by the United Life Church. My own guides spoke
loud and clear to begin a book designed to help newly awakened and
those on the brink of it. I was told to give this book away and not
charge a fee for it.

      When I went against this direction and began to make
preparations to sell it, I was graciously slapped on not one, but both
wrists, and stepped back on to my original path.

      Now let me give you some precise chronological events.

      It has been two weeks since I became unemployed. Upon
checking with my unemployment representative and relating what had
happened I learned my claim had never been closed. I caught up the
four weeks when I worked full-time. In spite of that, I still was paid a
small sum, just in time, for those weeks.
      Not only is my claim open, my benefits have increased and I
receive more now.

      Naturally I relaxed and have put my full attention to the book. I
have followed up on 3 job leads, which I have not heard back from any
of them. I was given a contract job, a small one, for Dell I could have
done this Monday. But my highest priority is to finish my book. Spirit
made this clear to me.
      Keep in mind, I have not been worried or concerned since I
learned I had benefits to get me by till I found a new job. Then as
now, I KNOW that what is right for me will COME TO ME.

       Yesterday I saw a friend from the faculty of the college I just
finished attending, I am now a graduate. I have my first ever degree,
Associates in Business Administration. He asked how I was and how I
liked my job. I told him what happened.

      As he left I asked him if he knew anyone needing a bookkeeper.
He stopped and thought a minute. He said no and started to walk
away as he said bye. Then he stopped in his tracks and came back and
told me about a job in this he heard about two or so months ago. He
assumed it was filled, and didn’t give me much reason to think it was
worth following up.

      And I didn’t.

       But I do have to make an effort to find work to get my benefits
while on the hoof. Today I decided to visit the place. It wasn’t
obviously identified, and I went to the wrong building, but while there
I learned how to apply with the City Department and stashed this into
my mental cache, then walked over to the right place.

     There, the director who was engrossed on a pc reading
something on the web had to be snapped out of her hypnosis and I
announced my presence. She looked at me kind of funny, and I gave
her my intentions as her facial demeanor changed. It took on a look of
someone being spooked.

      She took me into her office and her excitement was obvious. I
quickly gave her my credentials, and she divulged the operating
parameters of the job. She explained that her fourth trainee had been
out for four weeks, as had the other three not worked out. They all
said they could do the job but once they got in front of the pc and
Quick Books it was an entirely different story.

      The job I just left was a full bath in the most complex
involvement you can have using Quick Books 2008, the software I
would have to use at this new job. But since it was a state job, and
non-profit it was nowhere near the complexity. This was sign number
      As we talked, her last trainee called and said she would not be
able to come back for at least six weeks. She had been diagnosed with
cancer. This was sign number two. I hate to say this is a sign, but it is.
This also relates to how I have said in some of my writings that bad
things happen to some because it brings what others need.

     But the fact remains that my prospective employer was in
desperate need of a bookkeeper and this developed over the last few
weeks, four months after she put out the word that she needed a
bookkeeper. Do you see how so very complex and infinite All That Is
operates around us, unseen and unregistered to us?

      After she hung up from that call, she related to me her
amazement. She said that just yesterday she got down to business
with God and said this is getting bad now God, throw me a bone now.
I have GOT to have some help here.

      She said she was just thinking about it in the minutes prior to
my arrival, and when I walked in shivers went down her back when I
inquired about the job. She thought to herself, MAN that was fast!

      This was sign three.

      We touched on our spirituality and it seems we both said the
same thing. We are spiritual yes, but not that religious. I am finding
this more and more, and it confirms my own convictions. She had
statues and figurines of angels all over her office. For me that was sign

      After I told her of certain functions of how QB 2008 works she
basically implied I was hired. Now get a load of this.

      The job pays $2 dollars more an hour than my last stint. Where I
only had two days off a year before, I get 14 days off starting this
year. Where I had a bear of a financial mess to make sense of by
someone who was stressed beyond her limitations, the new job’s
books, documentation and all related resources were already
organized and in order. I simply walk in and assume it.

      Where before I would only make barely enough to break even,
and a very insecure environment to work within and little hope of any
financial improvement in the near future, I can walk into what I really
needed and desired to begin with.
      I have told several concerned people, my dad, brother, sister
and some others that I was not worried when they got the news I was
jobless. I told them God has provided everything I have needed, and
has thrown in numerous bonuses, in the last year.

      They would say they were glad I was thinking this way.

      I would say “I don’t just think this Dad, I know it.” Or to
whomever I was addressing. Just saying this to those people has made
them take a closer look at their own connection, and has for some,
brought them more peace and security in their relationship with All
That Is.

       You may ask why I didn’t mention my wife. Well, I have grown
much in the last year in many facets. I finally realized the unique
relationship ours is. It took me awhile to get over my frustration with
trying to convince her of the amazing spirituality I had found, the
miracles that were possible, and had occurred. And then one day
source befell upon my awareness that “why are you putting such
energy into something that doesn’t matter Jimmy?”

       “Just live Jimmy, just live, here and now and stop trying to save
her. She doesn’t need saving, did you? Just hold the light we bring
you, revel in the love, knowledge and opportunity we shower you with.
Your joy and happiness is all that she needs, and she will find her way
just fine. Be the light and nothing else.”

       Tonight I plan to tell her an amazing story about miracles. It’s
just too ironic and outrageous not to give her the whole story start to
finish just like I did for you guys.

      When I walked out of my job two weeks ago I was stunned, but
so happy I could. I had grown to dislike it. There were too many things
that could be done differently that would make it better, and easier.
But I was looking at a year of learning to do it a wrong way, just to get
to the point of fixing it to a better way. I had to endure doing things
that were slow, cumbersome and inefficient.

      It’s like someone hiring you to build them a nice bookcase. They
say here are the nails, and the wood. Its plain old pine boards. Not
even any molding.

      You on the other hand have some pristine red oak. You have
tools and techniques to build it with that do not require nails that can
be seen and deter from the natural beauty of the wood. You would
gladly offer your oak just to see something more admirable and
worthy of your time.

      You go about building that plain old box of pine, with the nail
heads obviously showing. With each step you take you see in your
mind how you could have milled the ends and glued it with mortise
and tenon joints. You see how you could have graced the edges and
corners with decorative moldings.

      By time you finish, you have made the recipient quite happy as
they stand and admire the work you did. But inside you only see a
remnant of what it could really be and it makes you sad and frustrated
you had to perform at a fraction of your ability to create something
that paled to what it could be.

      That has been one of my lessons in this incarnation; to be aware
of my own desire to be more than I am at the present time, and to
enjoy the realization of becoming more as the passage of time unfolds.
But most importantly to find joy in accepting that there are others who
are also doing the same side by side of me, but at levels at, below or
above my own, and understand that God is doing for them what he is
doing for me.

     It is not my concern to consider they could be more and help
them get there.

      When someone needs you, God will send them to you. They will
either ask you for your help, or just being in your light will be all that
is needed and it will provide that tiny little extra burst of vibration they
needed to continue down their path in the right direction.

      Be now, in this moment, and try your best to plant this thought
in your consciousness. Just be.

      You are bombarded by distractions of so many kinds to take
your presence away from this moment here and now, and put energy
on what was or what will be. If you can find that focus to really put
your intent to this moment and consciously commit your awareness to
now, the present, God’s love will pour out all around you and flood
your life and being with everything you need, love and want.

      Yes do what you must, write the checks and get the bills paid on
time. But, take those still moments to see just what it is you really
have running around up there. Is it something you did, or something
you are thinking about doing? Round em’ up and toss out what really
doesn’t matter.

       The more of these you get rid of, the more you can enjoy this
moment. It’s just like having a mansion to clean, 30 rooms in all. You
have a large staff that could do it but, just because you think you can
do it better and right, you do most of it yourself. You don’t have
confidence in that staff to do it the way you want it done.

      But then, is it really that important to? What matters is that it
gets cleaned right?

      God and the legions of spirit are your staff. They may just know
a few things you didn’t.; after all they have been around for say,
forever! Every concern and every point of thought you have for your
past and your future is a room in that mansion. You have done the
maintenance for a long time and are a pro. In fact, you do it without
thinking don’t you?

       When you relinquish that room to God, you hand over the key to
that room, and don’t worry about it anymore. You accept with
confidence it is being cleaned and being done right. If you keep on
handing out keys pretty soon you don’t have much to worry about at
all, because it’s all being done for you.

     Guess what. You’re sitting there, and you don’t have concerns.
You don’t have all these “things” you have to do and think about
except one. All that is left is what you want to do.

      The staff is waiting in the wings.

      You hold the keys.

       It’s time to let the pros do the work and relax a bit. It’s time to
direct your energy into what happiness means to you. All you have to
do is simply think about it. The power of creation that God made you
with is this simple function of our brain, but it’s the power cable to the
universal machine. God’s pure and unconditional love is the voltage
running thru it, and it is regulated and forever on tap by God and All
That Is.

      Tap in, and feel the magic.
Links to related websites
My favorite link is to a site run by Mike Quinsey called “Messages
from Spirit”. Mike has been receiving data from our extraterrestrial
brothers for years now. What makes them so intriguing is that these
senders are the very force that has been with us protecting us, and
helping us to ascension. God has sent these beings here for this
purpose. They are also the beings that will appear to us on October
14th. I feel the most resonance and blessing from his messaging than
from most others with the exception of Suzy’s. I put his first because
his are much more frequent and come from several beings in these

My next favorite is of course, Suzy’s messages from Matthew. I
don’t feel I need to explain any further about this one but I highly
recommend you get the books because much of the data in the books
is not in these chronological messages.

Two years ago I began my earnest search for God and truth. On the
way I came across a site that had channeled messages from an entity
called Kryon. These messages are very uplifting and meaningful for
anyone seeking to grow in spirit and connection. They were a big part
of my journey since awakening. There is much truth in this data that
correlates with the other links above. I highly recommend this as a
supplemental reading source to strengthen your understanding of the
mechanics of your spirituality.
My first helper, psychic, human guide ever was and is, Linda Schiller-
Hanna. I love her dearly for helping me thru the terrible pain and
conflict I was suffering at that time. I don’t know if I would be here
now in body had it not been for her. She has a website and forum,
where I make posts and observations, and answer questions at times.
This link takes you straight to the forum site. If you need spiritual
friends and fellow lightworkers that will love and support you, join this

The second person to help me, Marty Jackson, literally pulled me out
of the mire and set me on my path to understanding my spirituality. I
knew very little of it and she was a coach and guide when I became
very anxious with my self and my role in life. She taught me many
principles of how spirit works but most significantly, brought me to
peace with myself in my fervent quest for knowledge straight from
source. I was so impatient then. Here is a link to her site.

I would have to say that my most profound biophysical changes
occurred as a result of reading Caroline Cory’s book and participating
in her live sessions at World Puja. I very highly recommend you join
WP and listen and do all her sessions say do. You will open the doors
of your connection and grow so much closer to source if you do this. I
will give you a link to her sessions at and her own
website where you can obtain extensive sessions and training to grow
spiritually. Her sessions are free at WP.
World Puja site -
Caroline’s site -

I have also done work with another of World Puja’s session hosts. Her
name is Lisa Renee. The work she has given free has also brought
about release of blocks for me as well. She talks with a very technical
manner of speaking, you almost need a phd to understand her though.
If you are highly intellectual and enjoy a very high amount of big and
new words, you will like her shows, also at WP. Just look her up at
their site.

My last site I will name is one that I want you to take with a grain of
salt. It is extremely fascinating and entertaining. How much of it is
aligned in truth remains for you to be discerned. It is a vast collection
of different bytes and bits of data from all over the place that is
themed in the metaphysical realm. Most of it evolves around UFO’s
and extraterrestrials. The other around government conspiracy. There
are some channeled messages from ET’s, but again, use your
discernment for developing any truths from this material. There is a
very large amount of disturbing material related to the illuminati and
efforts by many people that are coming forward and revealing their
true dealings and intentions.
I find that too much of this kind of reading is disturbing and upsets my
energy field. It clouds my judgment with fear and doubt as to my
security. Much of the info is dire and laden with doomsday predictions.
You must be the judge of how much of this you wish to permit into
your being. But there are some fascinating ufo material there. Its
If you would like to share this book by all means do so. But do not
alter or change anything at all in it, nada. It is a copyrighted work by
me the author and I give no one authorization to change one word of
it. If you don’t know how to share it, email me and I will send you a
link to a site you can download it from.

I would like to publicly thank Linda Hanna, Marty Jackson and Caroline
Cory for their role in my life. You each have initiated key stepping
stones in my release of fear, self-doubt and helped me awaken to who
I really am. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This concludes my book. I hope it has brought meaning and blessings
to you life.

James Holland

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