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									                                                         PTHS Yearbook: Senior Ad Information
                                                                       264 E. McMurray Road McMurray, PA 15317
                                                                            Erin Boni, Advisor

Senior Ad Contract for Senior Parents:
Many parents congratulate seniors with an ad in the PTHS Yearbook, so we invite you to place an ad in the Ember to show pride in your
student while supporting the yearbook. Space is limited, so please place your ad as soon as possible! Ad space in the yearbook is first-
come, first-served basis. You may submit now to reserve a space as long as you provide a check, text, and childhood photos (if any).
Preferably, send any senior photos at the same time, but if not possible, contact your senior photographer and let us know an estimated date
and send pictures, via e-mail, by the deadline. You can submit computer-generated layouts with pictures in place or we can create the ad for
you. Your student’s full name will appear in the bottom right of their ad.

                                                          Price and Size List:
              •      A: (4-1/6” X 2-4/7”) 1/8 of a page            1 photo + text                                                                            $75
              •      Bh: Horizontal (8-1/2” X 2-5/9”) ¼ of a page 2 photos + text                                                                            $100
              •      Bv: Vertical (4-1/6” X 5-1/3”) ¼ page         2 photos + text                                                                           $100
              •      C: Horizontal only (8-1/2” X 5-1/3”) ½ page 4 photos + text                                                                             $175
              •      D: (8-1/2” X 10-4/5”) Full Page               5-7 photos + text                                                                         $300

PLEASE READ --- Important information about senior ads:
  • Photos:
        o You may mail original physical prints or e-mail digital images to
        o If sending digital photographs, they are JPEG files and 300 dpi---- DO NOT send in any scanned
            copies or images in Word documents, PowerPoint or Publisher files.
        o CDs will not be returned, but physical prints will.
  • Text:
        o You can include your text on the email, or type it in a word document and mail
  • Design:
        o Don’t worry about the layout of the ad; we can design it for you, or you can indicate how you would like
            the layout to be displayed
                                       Please complete the Ad Contract and r
        o If you choose to create your own, adhere to the sizes above and send as a 300 dpi JPEG.

                                                 Return to: PTHS Yearbook, 264 East McMurray Road, McMurray, PA 15317
                                                                    DEADLINE is September 30, 2009
                                                              Checks can be made payable to PTHS Yearbook

Parent Name                                                                                     Date

Email address                                     Most Available Number            Name to appear on ad (will appear in lower corner)

Ad Size (please circle one):              A      Bh      Bv     C      D                            Cost: $ ___________________ Check #: ____________________

# of pictures for ad TOTAL: ________ # of photos included here: ________ # of photos to be sent via e-mail to : _________

Text Included (please circle one): Yes                    No        Will send by e-mail to

                                                                                         Parent Signature
Correction Policy: While every effort will be made to prevent any errors from occurring in an ad, The Ember, PTHS, PTSD and the employees and students cannot guarantee that no errors will occur.
If we are notified of an error in an ad after publication, we will make a correction statement in the next published PTHS student newspaper if requested to do so by the parent. It will not be possible to
refund monies except in an event of an ad, which was not printed.
              Peters Township High School Yearbook: Senior Portrait Information
                                                        264 East McMurray Road McMurray, PA 15317
                                                             Erin Boni, Advisor

Senior Portrait Information for Senior Parents:
    • To be included in the PTHS yearbook, every senior must have a professional portrait submitted on time with the correct
        specifications. The last day to submit senior pictures for the yearbook will be Wednesday, September 30, 2009.

    •      Below is a list of the required specifications for senior pictures. You may choose to have the portrait taken by any
           photographer provided that the portrait meets the specifications enclosed. If you do not wish to pay to have the picture
           taken by a private photographer, your child may have his/her picture taken by the high school photographer on school
           picture day in early September. Announcements will be made in school.

    •      It is the family’s responsibility to ensure that a portrait is submitted to the high school by the due date. Please
           communicate with your photographer to determine who will deliver the picture.

                                   Digital Photo: Can be sent via e-mail or burned to CD                                                                Sample
    •      Color print, formal head/shoulder portraits only; no B & W photos or full length poses can be accepted
    •      No hands should be visible, no photos with props or false backgrounds, no outside photos
    •      A medium to dark gray background is required; no black, blue, white, pink, or scenic backgrounds are permitted
    •      Sharply focused prints are required; no “softened” or fuzzy focused prints
    •      The actual print size (WITHOUT THE BORDER) must be 1 7/8”(wide) by 2 1/2”(long)
    •      The head size within the picture should be 7/8” from the top of the forehead to the bottom
    •      300 dpi sent via e-mail to or mailed in on CD labeled with student name

   While you are not limited to ANY specific photographer, we would like to make you aware of the area photographers we have used in the past and those who have so
                                                          graciously patronized the Ember. We hope this helps!

                                                             2008 Patron Photographer:
                                                                 M&M Photography
                     Studio M                                          Redford Photography                                          Dana Scheller
  724.745.4405              724.743.5700                      412.855.9459

                 Rulli Photography                                       Martin Studios                                            Unitas Photography
                  724.941.5251                      724.228.2067                                 412.941.9009

           Doug Martin Photography                                 Harry Coleman Photography                                     Photographic Trends 412.833.2805        412.512.5164           412.563.2112

            Techniques Photography                                   Ron Richards Photography                               Harry Coleman Photography 412.833.4543         412.381.9600        412.276.7550

               Kruppa Photography                                      Elegant Photography                                         Prints Charming
                  724.942.5170                   724.941.5800     412.805.5577

               Tri-Color Photography                          Details Photography by Melissa Novak                              J.M. Productions Studio 412.352.2877   724.356.7557         412.257.4555

              Mirisciotti Photography                               David Burke Photography                                  George Khalouf Photography
                   724.745.5160                      412.979.7525               724.941.5239

                 Ruschel Studios                                    Beth McHenry Photography                                   Brownlee's Portrait Cottage 724.225.7400             724.960.1130                                     724.948.2393

                  Grilli’s Studio                                       Strem-Lauren Studios                                     Mark May Photography
                  724.258.8419                                              412.281.4575                    412.220.7111

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