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					Key Assistant Team - Lifebushido - Jan 2010

    Key Assistant Team - Lifebushido - Jan 2010........................................................... 1
    Key Assistants............................................................................................................. 1
    Key Assistant Management ........................................................................................ 3
    Master Programs List.................................................................................................. 5
    Key Assistant Documents/Resources ......................................................................... 6
    Key Assistant Transition............................................................................................. 7
    Key Assistant Points - KA POINTS ......................................................................... 10
    Key Assistant Client Policy on Accounting & Budgeting........................................ 12
    Mentors ..................................................................................................................... 13
    KAT Email Templates .............................................................................................. 15
    Code of Conduct – Key Assistant Training – v10.26.2008 ...................................... 17
    Key Assistant - Logins.............................................................................................. 19
    An overview of the certification process for Top Producer...................................... 20
    Key Assistant – Audio Files ..................................................................................... 24
    Real Estate Glossary - Condensed version ............................................................... 24
    Steps for Brand New Key Assistants - Dealing with Clients - Created by Mentor -
    Deb Keene................................................................................................................. 32
    KAT Basics System Document ................................................................................ 34
    Systems ..................................................................................................................... 37
    Resources .................................................................................................................. 38
    DISC Profile Screening............................................................................................. 39

Key Assistants
This page is managed by Melissa Eades, Key Assistant Team Leader.

Resources for Key Assistants
Key Assistant Management - Policy for Key Assistants from Steve
Key Assistant - Program Masters - Find out who to contact for Help!
Key Assistant Documents
Key Assistant Transition - Process of phasing in a new KA with a client
Key Assistant Points
Key Assistant Policy - Client Budgeting
Email Templates
Key Assistant Code of Conduct
Using Logins
Top Producer Certification Opportunity - Become 8i Certified
Key Assistant - Audio Files - Info for KA's

Resources for Key Assistant Trainees
Key Assistant Trainee - Apply Here!
Key Assistant Trainee Process The Steps of Training
Key Assistant Trainee Overview
Key Assistant Trainee Basics
Key Assistant FAQs
Example Steps To Start New Client
Key Assistant Trainee Points
Email Templates
Setting up a Conference
How do I apply to more teams?

See - Client Agendas for our list of clients and who their Key Assistant is.

Current Key Assistants

   •   Deb Keene
   •   Gretchen Parks
   •   Jennifer Young
   •   Melissa Eades
   •   Steve Kantor

Key Assistant Trainees

   •   Kelly Johnson
   •   Gaylene Calvert
   •   Anna Dimova
   •   Cindy Crocker

Key Assistant Trainees in Application Process

   •   Mercedes Castillo Hanvey
   •   Michelle Walsh
   •   Trish Rice
   •   Michelle Cone
   •   Melissa Jordan

~Food for Thought~
"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we

recommend it daily." - Zig Ziglar

"You control your future, your destiny. What you think about comes about. By recording
your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person
you most want to be. Put your future in good hands - your own." - Mark Victor Hansen

Key Assistant Management
Back to Key Assistant Main Page

This page is policy for all KA and KATs. It is managed by Steve and KAT Team Leader.
Version: 3/31/2009

Key Assistant Policy
Key Assistants will follow this policy. KATs are part of KA policy. Items with
SYSTEMS in front are Systems items which are being tracked by Systems. If policy calls
for Systems to be copied, then copy

   •   KA will focus on making clients happy, retaining clients, and growing their
       business and our business
   •   KA will take ownership and leadership of client relationship
   •   KA will maintain list of clients and points on their KA page monthly and Client
       Agendas at all times
   •   SYSTEMS: KA will have scheduled weekly call with clients with day/time on
            o Immediately after the call is complete send an email to client to thank
                them for call, confirm date/time of next weekly call, and list top 2-3 items
                from call and/or information needed from them.
            o If they missed the call, send email stating that and how to connect for the
                weekly call. For both emails, CC Systems.
            o If client is rated a C, there will be two calls a week.
   •   SYSTEMS: KA will send weekly agenda by end of same day after weekly call
       with client and CC Systems, as well as TLs or other Ishidos involved in work and
       their mentor if a KAT.
   •   SYSTEMS: KA will send a mid-week email to every client to touch base and ask
       them if there is anything new to delegate and CC Systems. This is in addition to
       weekly call and should be 2-3 days apart from weekly call. So if weekly call is
       Tuesday, email should be sent on Thu or Fri.
   •   If a client moves down to a C rating, KA will debrief with CS person, decide on
       gameplan, and announce to Steve, CS TL, CS lead, and any other TLs involved.
   •   If you send an email to Steve about a client need and do not receive a response
       within 24 hours and it is important for client happiness, pls send again with
       Priority at start of subject.
   •   Client Agenda will include links to Business Database Spreadsheet, Listing Grid,
       and Listing Plan if they exist for client.

  •   Goals:
          o    Upgrade: KA will always have one client with Upgrade goal to increase
               service level within 30 days and a plan of action steps by KA, CS,
               Accounting, Steve to achieve goal which Steve has approved.
          o Testimonial: KA will always have one client with Testimonial goal to ask
               for and get a written testimonial from a client who is rated A but no
               testimonial yet.
  •   Mentors
          o KA is expected to mentor 1 or 2 Ishidos at a time to test/train as future
               KAT or LA.
          o Time spent training Ishidos is billable to client code for that work. The
               Ishido does not bill the time.
          o KA will interview, recruit, hire, and fire Ishidos to work with them as
          o KAT TL and Listing TL will coordinate with KA to provide Ishidos for
               KA to interview/hire.
          o KA performance will be evaluated in long-run by success in mentoring
               Ishidos that become successful KA and LA
  •   Referrals: Ask clients for referrals of agents in their office, city, or in other cities
      who need their first part-time assistant or replace an assistant. Connect referrals to
      Steve to schedule a phone call with referral.
  •   Work Hours: KA should enter their general work for a client on weekly Goal
      Action. Thus, there should be 4-5 goal actions for one client for a month, rather
      than one goal action.
  •   Talk to Steve: I am always available by phone if you want to chat. You can either
      just email me topic and estimated minutes and times during that day it is okay to
      call, or schedule appointment with me using scheduler and just tell me topics so I
      can prepare.

KA Management News from Steve
Update 3/31/2009

  •   New KA Policy items
         o Note above sections on Goals, Mentors, Referrals, Work Hours.
         o Please decide on Upgrade and Testimonial goals and send to Steve with
            suggested approach and Steve will add some ideas.
         o Mentors: Email Steve and Melissa if you are mentoring anyone currently
            that you like and want to keep.
  •   Key Assistant pages and points
         o Melissa is organizing all KA pages better
         o Steve revised point system slightly and Melissa is testing first. Then will
            be released to KAs to update points and page in first week of April for
            points through end of March.
         o Steve will then clarify further the exact point totals for a KAT to become a

   •   Slow Usage: If you have a client in a Slow Usage situation, ask Sherilyn to show
       you CS pages on Slow Usage for ideas and brainstorm with Sherilyn.
   •   KA Training: Ask if you want training on any topic via stuff to read or I will hold
       a teleseminar.
   •   KA Spirit: I am splitting off KA from TL more clearly so you can all start to
       interact more without me, hopefully, and move faster to improve KA role. All of
       you, KA and KAT, are free to connect with each other, teleseminar, chat,
       whatever to improve Key Assistant role and systems to increase client points
       more rapidly across the board and help each other out. You can copy me or not
       copy me on stuff. If you want to discuss with me first on email or phone, that is
       fine and you can always schedule a call with me.

Master Programs List

This is a master list of programs, software, sites, etc., that are used often by Key
Assistants and Teams. Next to each you will find a contact person that is an expert with
that program that has agreed to be contacted if assistance is needed by an ishido.

This is an ongoing - ever growing list. Please feel free to add anything you are an
expert at and leave your contact info so others can reach you. Thanks! ~Melissa

Active Rain - Carol

Arch - Cindy - - Melissa -, Jennifer -

Exit E-listings - Melissa

Exit Memo - Melissa - - Melissa - Jennifer - - Melissa - - Melissa -

InDesign - Laura -

                                            5 - Jennifer -

Matrix/MLS - Melissa

Microsoft Word, Excel & Publisher - Jennifer -,

Paragon MLS - Melissa -

Photoshop CS4 - Jennifer -

Proquest - Cindy - - Melissa -

RealPro - Carol - Melissa -

    SendOutCards - Gaylene - - Melissa

    Top City Agent project for new hires - Carol

   Top Producer - Melissa, Mercedes-

TP Websites - Carol

Website Analysis - Carol

Wiki Help! - Melissa -, Cindy -

Key Assistant Documents/Resources

Back to Key Assistant Main Page

Code of Conduct
Real Estate Glossary
Example Client Start Up Summary
KAT Basics
DISC Profile
How to use Logins

Key Assistant Audio Files
Program Masters
Email Templates
Client Agendas

Top Producer Testing/Training - See KAT TL for document
All KAT's must take successfully.

       LI97E6~1.XLS - Generic Master Task Sheet - Customize for client.

       Listing Grid--TEMPLATE.xls Listing Grid Template - Customize for client

Key Assistant Transition

Back to Main Key Assistant Page
This page is for plan for when a KA steps down from KA role and new KA needs to be
assigned to clients.
This page is also for managing specific transitions in process. This page is managed by
Version: 4/29/2009

Transition - Michelle Foster - Phase down from KAT to Ishido - 5/1/2009

   •      Michelle phasing down from KAT to Ishido and from 10-15 to 10 hours per week
          and from Caller 5 hours per week to no calling
   •      She will go from 5 clients to 1 client and remain as KAT for that one client
   •      She will focus on Database/Lead and Listing work going forward


   •      Meg Ross
   •      Sherilyn - Day 270 - C Retention Risk - Last call 4/29/09 - Next call is 5/6/09
          continuation of prior call.
          Michelle will continue as KA
   •      Jake Marsh
   •      Sherilyn - Day 180 - A - Last call - 02/09/09 - Next Call - NOW We have been
          leaving messages for some time.
              o Michelle, update his agenda with stuff we have done and stuff pending
                 and suggestions for me and send me link.
              o Steve will take over ASAP
              o Sherilyn - have CS lead email and call him ASAP and debrief with their
                 overall status and schedule call with me.


Sherilyn - Day 30 - C Retention Risk - Last call - 4/23/09 - Next Call - 05/08/08

          o   Michelle - get listing work done as emailed this week with Steve Kantor
              as test and listing plan and then continue with his 10-15 clients by doing 1
              client and once Billy and I agree that will be good
   •   Steve will be contact him today and use service failure excuse from Publishing
       website to tell him i am taking over as KA as of now, pulling assistant who failed
       to do website work, and personally confirm website work needed with him and
       reassign to someone else next week.
   •   Sherilyn - do CS call next Friday, ask me first
   •   Rich Machado
   •   Shirley McDaniel - Day 30 - B - 4/27/09 - Last call - 5/27/09 - Next call date.
           o Michelle to have weekly call and schedule call with Steve/Rich for Tue-
              Thu of next week
           o On call next week, I will tell Rich that Michelle requested to step down as
              KA and I will be KA. I will explain to him the reasons why and if he
              chooses to terminate that will be his choice. He has many other staff quit
              on him for same reasons.
           o Michelle is doing 5 hours a week of calling still and will train Steve on
              calling next Tue
           o Michelle should be sending daily emails and start to do Craigslist postings
              once Rich states hour budget per week
           o Michelle should update agenda with any other items and send link to Steve
              when done by end Monday
   •   Emo Rowe
   •   Shirley McDaniel - Day 10 - C Not Retention Risk - 5/4/09 last call - 5/15/09
       Next call date.
           o Michelle will do listing work and this is priority to get flowing and done.
              There will be tons of listing work and Michelle will be Listing Assistant.
           o Michelle should continue weekly call with focus on listing work. Steve
              will start separate weekly call.
           o Steve is already working with Emo pretty closely.
           o Goal is to get listing work flowing so he is happy and confident, then
              Steve has him upgrade to $995 and as part of it will be KA since he is
              special guy. Goal is that in 1-2 weeks.

Client Services

   •   Sherilyn, below each client above, please make one line of CS status as follow to
       help us focus:
   •   CS: Who: CS lead - Rating: ABC - Last call:
       - Day :DAYNUMBER

   •    That is who is CS caller, current rating, when was last completed CS call, when is
        next one supposed to be and for next call it would be what day number of CS
        since start of work, like Day 30, Day 45, etc.
   •    Do not make any planned CS calls for these clients unless approved by Steve. As
        of now, you can make any pending ones for Meg Ross, Emo Rowe, Jake Marsh.


   •    Determine goals of KA stepping down and help them with transition
   •    Determine timing and phases for transition
   •    Develop action plan for each client
   •    Determine and assign new KA for each client


   •    KA informs manager of desire, reasons, and timing to step down as KA
   •    Clients are not informed by KA of change, they will be informed by CS TL or
   •    KA schedules debrief call with manager for 1-2 days in future
   •    Lifebushido requests that a KA gives Lifebushido two weeks notice to phase out
        of all clients to assist with client relationships.
   •    Some clients will transition ASAP to a new KA, some over 1-2 weeks
   •    KA emails client analysis of each client, current situation, and suggested next
   •    Client Services TL emails analysis in reply of client situation and as needed, any
        confidential comments to manager
   •    KA and manager talk and agree on action plan
   •    Manager drafts action plan for KA to agree with plan. Plan includes following:
            o Future role of KA within Lifebushido if continuing with Lifebushido
            o Message to communicate to Management Team
            o Message to communicate to clients
            o Client transition plan for each client including timeframes and new KA to
                 be assigned
   •    Plan is shared with CS TL for more comments
   •    Steve announces to MT
   •    Steve or CS announces to each client with email which includes reasons, timing,
        and new Key Assistant

Key Assistant Points - KA POINTS

Back to Main Key Assistant Page
Back to Key Assistant Training Area

Overview: Key Assistants and Key Assistant Trainees are asked to keep a current chart
of their clients on their own unique wiki page. Points are given for how long you retain a
client, if they upgrade, give testimonial and so forth. Points can also be removed if the
client downgrades or leaves Best Agent Business. Points are simply that; points. They
help Steve determine if everything is on track with your clients - and also gauges
individual progress. Below are each KA or KAT's wiki pages with their charts. KA's and
KAT's need to remember to update their chart once per month. Tip: Update your chart
when payroll goes out each month - it is easy date to remember.

Deb Keene
Melissa Eades
Gretchen Parks
Jennifer Young

Cindy Crocker
Gaylene Calvert
Kelly Johnson
Anna Dimova
Mercedes Castillo Hanvey
Joya Soell
Trish Rice
Michelle Walsh
Michelle Cone
Elaine Thigpen

Summary of Points - Jan 2010
KA or KAT                Points
Deb Keene                128
Jennifer Young           58
Gretchen Parks           74
Melissa Eades            64
Cindy Crocker            11
Gaylene Calvert          12
Kelly Johnson            15
Anna Dimova              0
Mercedes Castillo Hanvey 0
Joya Soell               0

Michelle Walsh             0
Michelle Cone              0
Trish Rice                 0
Jennifer Hartline          0
Levette Philson            0

   •   Points are updated monthly on 1st of month for prior month completed for both
       KA and KAT. We will refer to KA below for both.
   •   Every KA has their own page Key Assistant - FRSTNAME LASTNAME to
       keep points tallied and overview of role.
   •   If you have other information on your Key Assistant page, move that other
       information for now below the point chart so point chart is at the top.
   •   KAT's/KA's earn a certain number of points based on the criteria listed below in
       the chart.
   •   Having an active happy client, will keep raising your points. However, more
       points are subtracted when a client leaves or downgrades.
   •   If your points fall below an ideal level for your base # of clients - an audit will
       take place.
   •   Points and the pace of increase of points will determine roles of KAT, KA, and
       CM - Client Manager.
   •   Points which are positive do not need a + sign in front, just 4 is fine, no need for
       +4. If a negative number then put a - as in -4. Do not put 0 in any field. It is easier
       to read as blank without a 0.
   •   The order of clients on the page should be based on BAB Started date, in order of
       when they started as clients.
   •   The following are fields for top of chart summary:
           o Started Lifebushido: MM/DD/YYYY. Started as KA: MM/DD/YYYY.
               Months as KA: XX months
           o Last update: MM/DD/YYY for Mon Year. For example, 5/1/2009 for Apr
           o Total points: XX points
           o Goal points: XX points as of MM/DD/YYYY
                       State your personal goal for end of this quarter, e.g. 6/30/2009,
   •   The following are fields used for Point Chart
           o Client name: split First and Last in separate fields
           o BAB Started: Date started as client with BAB, if unsure, ask Steve

            o   KA Started: Date you started as being the KA for that client
            o   KA Months: Number of months completed as KA for the client. 1 point
                for each month active
            o   Lost: -3 if client was lost during your tenure as KA
            o   Testimonial: 3 points if received testimonial during your tenure as KA
            o   Upgrade/Downgrade: 2 points if upgrade service level, -2 points if
                downgrade service level
            o   Steve Adjust: Steve may give additional points or decrease points as
                adjustments for situations such as lost client but outside of some of KA
                control and other reasons.
            o   Total: Total points for that client.
            o   Bottom of grid: Grand total: XX points - this is also repeated at top of

Sample Chart for KA

Key Assistant - Steve Kantor

Started Lifebushido: 4/1/2006. Started as KA: 6/1/2007. Months as KA: 22 months.
Last update: 5/1/2009 for Apr 2009
Total points: 15 points
Goal points: 25 points as of 6/30/2009
                 BAB KA           KA                                      Steve
Client Client                            Los Testimoni Upgrade/Downgr                         Tota
                 Starte Starte Month                                      Adju
First Last                               t   al         ade                                   l
                 d       d        s                                       st
        Samuel 2/1/200 1/1/200
John                              4          3                                                7
        s        8       9
Barbar           1/1/200 1/1/200
        Jones                     2      -3                               1                   0
a                9       9
        Michae 2/1/200 2/1/200
John                              3          3          2                                     8
        ls       9       9

Key Assistant Client Policy on Accounting & Budgeting

   1. If client wants to upgrade, send them upgrade link(s) and get them upgraded. The links
        are on You do not need to involve Steve in this part. He
        actually appreciates and notices when KA's can get clients upgraded on their own
   2.   If client wants to downgrade, email Steve and CC client and clarify client situation and
        requests - before any other action is taken.

   3. If client has questions about Client Work Hour report, they should follow directions in the
        email from Accounting and policy statement that Gretchen sends out - before any other
        action is taken.
   4.   Anything else should be referred to Steve and copy Melissa.

Please contact Melissa if you have any questions regarding this policy.

Back to Key Assistant Main Page
Back to Key Assistant Training Area

Current Mentors:

   •    Deb Keene
   •    Melissa Eades
   •    Kelly Johnson
   •    Cindy Crocker
   •    Gaylene Calvert

What is a KAT Mentor:
Mentors are Key Assistants that have volunteered and expressed an interest in helping the
new Key Assistant Trainees while in their learning period. The wisdom of the seasoned
Key Assistant is priceless to the KAT that is just beginning to work with clients.

What are the KAT Mentor responsibilities:

   •    Reply to emails from your KAT within 24 hours time.
   •    Review all emails that you are copied on and provide feedback or assistance as
   •    Communicate with Steve and Team Leader of KAT's if any issues arise, or you
        have concerns.
   •    Actively help the KAT grow and learn from your experiences.
   •    Set up phone calls with KAT's as requested/needed.
   •    If you are not sure how to answer a KAT's questions - help them find the answer.

Billing Questions:
Time spent with mentor by KAT is non-billable learning time - as the KAT is investing in
their own training.
Time spent mentoring is billable to client or REB if general.

Mentor Attributes:
What would be the best attributes in a mentor?

Below are attributes that ishidos feel are good qualities for a mentor to have:

>>Mostly what I want in a mentor is someone who I feel comfortable asking
questions of. Someone who will let me try a bunch of different kinds of work and
give me any insight on how to make things easier or improve the speed at which
they can be done. Someone who may have suggestions on other sources of
information to learn more about the business.

>>I hate to be a burden to someone else, so I'd want to know that the person
mentoring me really wants to do it and is not just doing it because they have to.
Melissa Teagarden

   •   Someone who's readily available (and quick to respond), is really good at
       communicating, and who cares to build a relationship, but is able to set
       clear, healthy boundaries
   •   Someone who sincerely wants their mentee to succeed and has a
       teaching spirit
   •   Someone who has knowledge to pass down, and knows how to track
       down knowledge if they don't have it
   •   Someone who has the support of a mentor of their own and is always
       striving to learn more and do better themselves
   •   Someone who knows their own strengths and weaknesses and is able to
       help their mentee see theirs, too

JoAnna Prewitt

>>A mentor must be a compassionate leader that is knowledgeable and patient.
A mentor must be slow to judge and quick to assist. I believe a mentor should be
a "people person" that can impart wisdom tempered with infinite tact.
Levette Philson

>>Someone who is eager to answer questions, show guidance, give constructive
criticism, can let one try things on their own and then help when needed.
Someone who has experience in the same field and is willing to share that
knowledge. Must have people skills, and a great attitude. Keep the mentee
updated on their progress and suggest areas of improvement. Great
Communication Skills, and can answer questions, or at least find the answer if
they don’t know themselves.
Jennifer Hartline

Mentor : A a wise and trusted guide.

KAT Email Templates
Back to Key Assistant Main Page
Key Assistant Training Area

#1 - First Email to Client from KAT
Subject: Key Assistant - Best Agent Business


My name is KANAME and I will be your new Key Assistant. I am here to help you in
any way that I can. I am a new Key Assistant but I am being supported by an experienced
Key Assistant, MENTORNAME. If you have any questions, please contact me directly
or send MENTOR an email. I have cc’d her this email.

I would like to set up a time to call you so that we can become acquainted and so I know
what areas I can help you with. Please let me know the best number to reach you at, and
what time would be best to call. I will be reviewing your information today and would
like to call you by the end of the week so I can get started as soon as possible with your

I’m excited to be working with you and look forward to freeing up your time so that you
can focus on your unique talents!

Best Agent Business

#2 - First Email to Client From KAT
Subject: Key Assistant - Best Agent Business


My name is YOURNAME and I will be your new Key Assistant for Best Agent
Business. My job is to make sure everything you want done gets done, to assign any new
projects to the appropriate team, and to help you achieve your greatest potential. I am
here to help you in any way I can. Feel free to contact me via email (EMAIL ADDY) or

phone (PHONE NUMBER) with any concerns or new ideas you may have.

Part of my responsibility is to stay in touch with you weekly. I would like to schedule our
first call soon so we can get to know each other and see if there is anything I can help you
with. What number and what time would be best for me to call?

I am a fairly new Key Assistant, and I am being supported by an experienced Key
Assistant, MENTOR. I have cc'd her on this email. Feel free to contact her if needed.

I am excited to be working with you and I am looking forward to all the great things we
can accomplish for you. Again, feel free to call me or email me with any new ideas or
concerns that may arise.

Best Agent Business

#1 - Email to Client for Weekly Call
Subject: Key Assistant - Weekly Call Set-Up


I hope you are doing well today. I just wanted to let you know that we need to set up a
weekly phone call at some point this week so that we can discuss your account and any
pending tasks that you need me to take care of.

At your earliest convenience please reply with the best number to reach you at and a time
that works for you. The call should take 30-60 minutes of your time.

Thank you!

Best Agent Business

#1 - Reminder to client one hour before weekly call
Subject: Key Assistant - Weekly Call Reminder


This is just a friendly notice to remind you that we have a call scheduled today at XX:XX
xx XXX.

I look forward to speaking with you!

Thank you!
Best Agent Business

Example of Internal Email to Team Leaders/MT
(It is important when sending emails to more than one person, that you clearly address
each person and the part that involves them.)

Subject: Client-X updates
Dear Steve and Gaylene,

Steve - Did you get the email I sent you yesterday about Client-X?

Gaylene - I will have an update for you on the project I am working on for Client-X later
this afternoon. I am sorry for the delay.

Standard Signature

Missed Call with Client email

Subject: Tried to Call you for our scheduled weekly call

I just tried to call you for our scheduled weekly call.
I am at (your number) for the next 30 minutes I had blocked out in my schedule.

Standard Signature

Code of Conduct – Key Assistant Training – v10.26.2008
Back to Main Key Assistant Page
Key Assistant Trainee

I. Ethical behavior is based upon the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have
them do unto you".

II. The Key Assistants main goal is to help the client with assistant type tasks that will
free up their time to focus on their unique talents and grow their business.

III. Key Assistants shall not disclose confidential information about the client except with
the informed consent of the client or as required or authorized by law. The duty of
confidentiality continues after the professional relationship with the client has ended.

IV. Key Assistants should endeavor to protect and promote the best interests of the client.

V. Key Assistants should endeavor to protect the public from fraud, misrepresentation or
unethical practice in connection with real estate transactions/listings.

VI. Key Assistants should answer their phone professionally and not be representing
another company outside of Best Agent Business in the greeting or on your voice mail
that clients may use.

VII. Key Assistants should use the proper signature that consists of their name, Associate,
Best Agent Business and the Best Agent Business website link. They should not have any
other signatures/slogans or businesses represented in their signature.

VIII. Key Assistants should always spell out business names such as Lifebushido (not
LB) Best Agent Business (not BAB) or Billion Dollar Agent (not BDA) when
corresponding with clients.

IX. Key Assistants should have spell check enabled on any out going emails or
documentation that you send to the client. Proper grammar is very important.

X. Key Assistants should do their best to assist the clients; however they should never
speak badly about Best Agent Business or any other Team Leader, Manager, or ishido to
the client.

XI. Key Assistants should reply to correspondence from the client within a 24 hour time
frame, not counting weekends and holidays.

XII. Key Assistants should notify their supervisor or manager immediately if the client
verbally abuses, assaults, threatens, or uses excessive profanity toward the Key Assistant

XIII. Key Assistants work for Best Agent Business and are not at liberty to take payment
directly from the client for any services rendered.

Key Assistant - Logins
Back to Key Assistant Main Page
Key Assistant Trainee

When you become a Key Assistant or have a role that deals with multiple clients on a
higher level - you will be given access to logins.

Logins is our central database of client usernames and passwords so we can access their
sites, programs, databases, and software.

   •   Once you have access, you need to go to Quickbase, and then to Goal Actions.
   •   From Goal Actions, on the left side menu you will want to select Goal Actions -
       Ask Client
   •   On the next page you will be able to select the client you need from the pull
   •   You will be taken to entries for each program/database they use which will give
       you usernames, passwords and URLs if needed.

Important! Do not add or edit logins for clients yourself!

All new logins need to be sent to ; they will verify the
info and add to logins.
If you have edits on current info in logins, you need to send that to as well, and they will edit for us.

Also please note: when you are given access to logins, your personal goal actions area
will change. You will see all the logins that have been added for the current month along
with your personal goal actions for work. If you do not wish to sort through all of that to
find your own goal actions, you can follow the steps below:

   •   Goal Actions
   •   Left side menu - 4th from bottom - Summary - by Person

   •   You will see your name and links to click for pending, completed, etc goal
   •   This will also give you your current hours totals

 If you have questions, please feel free to email Melissa @

An overview of the certification process for Top Producer

Back to Main Key Assistant Main Page
Key Assistant Trainee

If you are interested in becoming certified in Top Producer 8i, please contact Steve.

Top Producer is a Real Estate database and marketing tool. It is one of the most
comprehensive and user-friendly tools available.

The Top Producer website is You can access the 8i login
page directly at

Do not use an agent's logins for training purposes. We have a Best Agent Business login
that is used for training purposes. Contact your manager for the logins if needed.

Being certified in Top Producer means that you have completed to Top Producer's
satisfaction certain specified testing regarding your ability to use Top Producer.
Certification is valid for on year, unless revoked. (See certification agreement.)
Being certified allows you and Lifebushido/Best Agent Business to advertise your
certification using the Top Producer Certification logo. It will also allow you to be listed
on the Top Producer website as a certified professional. (See certification agreement for
details and restrictions.)

It is recommended that you have a good working knowledge of the most commonly used
portions of Top Producer before attempting to learn additional skills and become
certified, unless you are able to take a course.

Top Producer Unofficial Training Videos

Notes from Michelle regarding the test....

1. You need to print the Certification form and fax it in.
2. This is an "open book" test. If you are able, to take the test and view the
notes at the same time, then you can look up answers you are unsure of.
It's cumbersome to do so and can eat up your time quickly.

3. I believe the testing is 90 minutes, once you start the test you cannot
stop and come back to it.
4. You have three (3) attempts to pass the test. It was recommended that
when ready, take the test and see how the results went. If I failed the agent
in charge of the certifications said she would let me know the areas that I
needed to work on for the next testing. Then I could study and repeat.

Study time:
The time it takes to study will really depend on how much background you
have with Database programs and how much you actually interact in Top
Producer. I have quite a bit of both so the certification wasn't too difficult for
me. The questions are challenging and you will have to remember where
hyperlinks are located on pages, what type of input forms are available and
how to use them, what the quickest method is to complete a task form the
home page, etc. Since the test is multiple choice you can rule things out if
you are familiar with the different areas like contact, marketing, email. I
went to
You can either download the entire user guide (just under the main
heading) or you can look through individual sections. The test will cover
the first 11 categories and will not include the last 3. I went through
sections that I had not used before to familiarize myself and actually
logged in to TP and acted out the sequences while learning.
I passed the first attempt to don't let the idea of certifiaction prevent you
from trying!! Please send me an email if you have questions or need some
navigation help.

Here are the suggested items to master in order to become certified.

There should be a tutorial available to cover all of these items.

Basic Navigation

   •   Navigate 8i using the Main Menu Bar and Landing Pages
   •   Schedule a new activity
   •   View action plans
   •   Add a new contact
   •   Edit contact details and photos
   •   Create a letter using the Template Library
   •   Add a contact from an email message
   •   Send an email message to a contact
   •   Change 8i User Preferences
   •   Access the Help features

Creating Contacts

   •   Use the “Big Three” to create a quality contact record
   •   Apply contact types for targeted marketing
   •   Document your interaction using notes
   •   View your Contact Summary list
   •   Edit an existing contact record
   •   Add family member information and property photos
   •   Add and edit primary and investment property information
   •   Schedule follow-up activities

Action Plans

   •   Understand how the action plan feature works
   •   View action plan activities
   •   Determine between a fixed date and a cascading action plan
   •   Create a personal action plan by copying a default plan
   •   Create a personal action plan ‘from scratch’
   •   Add, edit and delete personal action plan activities
   •   Apply an action plan to a new or existing contact
   •   Apply an action plan to multiple contacts using Mass Update
   •   Manage your follow up activities using Today’s Business

Follow Up of Leads

   •   Set your Top Producer website to send leads to your 8i database
   •   Create a web form to receive leads from your personal website into your 8i
   •   Capture leads in your 8i database using Market Snapshot, Market Builder and Just
       Listed/Just Sold postcards
   •   Add leads manually to your database
   •   Track and change lead status in Leads Summary
   •   Analyze key statistics on the Contacts Landing Page
   •   Apply an action plan manually
   •   Create an auto-apply action plan rule for automatic follow-up
   •   Convert a lead to a contact

Manage Time, Tasks, Emails

   •   View and print your calendar
   •   Create single agent, recurring and team appointments
   •   Access your Top Producer email feature
   •   Create a contact from a received email
   •   Link an email to a contact record
   •   Send personalized mass emails
   •   Creating multiple email signatures

Marketing--Template Library

   •   Access the Template Library
   •   Differentiate between default and personal templates
   •   Apply the principle of One-to-One Marketing
   •   Create a personal template
   •   Insert text and picture merge codes
   •   Send a template letter to a single contact
   •   Create a mass mail out to multiple contacts
   •   Create a mass email for multiple contacts
   •   Search for contacts using Advanced Search
   •   Update the template used by a personal Action Plan

Marketing--Flyer Library

   •   Access the Flyer Library
   •   Create a flyer using a default template
   •   Customize your flyer by editing text and inserting pictures
   •   Email your flyer to selected contacts
   •   Create and email your flyer as a marketing link
   •   Create a personal copy of a flyer template
   •   Edit a personal flyer template
   •   Create a flyer using a personal template

Marketing--Presentation Library

   •   Access the Presentation Library
   •   Create a presentation using a default template
   •   Create a Home Market Report and Listing Presentation using MLS comparables
   •   Create a Community and School Report for a specified zip code
   •   Edit and customize presentation pages
   •   Email a presentation to a contact
   •   Create and customize a personal presentation template


   •   Analyze data using the Listing Landing Page
   •   Create a listing record manually or from the MLS
   •   Edit a listing record including property details and photos
   •   Add service activities
   •   Schedule showings
   •   Create a Customer Web Page
   •   Create and apply a personal Listing Action Plan
   •   Track listing activities using Listing To-Do’s and Today’s Business


   •   Create a closing record from an existing Listing Record

   •   Create a closing record without an existing Listing Record
   •   Change the status of a Closing Record
   •   Edit the closing record, including changing property details
   •   Add Common Closing Parties
   •   Create and apply a personal Closing Action Plan
   •   Track closing activities using Closing To-Do’s and Today’s Business
   •   Prepare Buyer and Seller Net Sheets
   •   Transfer the property to the new owner’s contact record upon completion

Key Assistant – Audio Files

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   •   Key Assistant Mandatory Teleseminar

Thursday April 9th @ 1pm EST

Client Kickoff - Mark Ratti and Steve Kantor

Real Estate Glossary - Condensed version


Absentee owner
An owner who does not occupy his or her own property, but uses the services of a
property manager.
An offeree’s consent to enter into a contract and be bound by the terms of the offer.
The legal relationship between a principal and an agent. In real estate transactions,
usually the seller is the principal, and the broker is the agent: however, a buyer
represented by a broker (i.e., buyer as principal is a growing trend. In an agency
relationship, the principal delegates to the agent the right to act on his or her behalf in
business transactions and to exercise some discretion while so acting. The agent has a
fiduciary relationship with the principal and owes to that principal the duties of
accounting, care, loyalty, and obedience.
A person authorized to act for and under the direction of another person when dealing
with third parties. The person who appoints an agent is called the principal. An agent can
enter into binding agreements on the principal's behalf and may even create liability for
the principal if the agent causes harm while carrying out his or her duties.
A determination of the value of something, such as a house, jewelry or stock. A
professional appraiser--a qualified, disinterested expert--makes an estimate by examining
the property, and looking at the initial purchase price and comparing it with recent sales
of similar property. Courts commonly order appraisals in probate, condemnation,
bankruptcy or foreclosure proceedings in order to determine the fair market value of
property. Banks and real estate companies use appraisals to ascertain the worth of real
estate for lending purposes. And insurance companies require appraisals to determine the
amount of damage done to covered property before settling insurance claims.
An increase in value or worth of property. Opposite of depreciation.
Asking price
The price placed on property for sale.
Attractive nuisance
Something on a piece of property that attracts children but also endangers their safety.
For example, unfenced swimming pools, open pits, farm equipment and abandoned
refrigerators have all qualified as attractive nuisances.

Average Price
The average price of all the comparable homes presented in your Market Snapshot in
relation to the time frame you have selected.
The amount the buyer offers to pay.
Bona fide
Genuine, true.
Buy-back agreement
An agreement by the seller to repurchase the property during a set period of time under a
certain set of circumstances.
Buyer’s agent
A real estate agent who represents the buyer and is looking out for their best interest.
For a commission or fee, bringing together parties interested in buying, selling,
exchanging, or leasing real property.
Buy down
A cash payment, usually measured in points, to a lender in order to reduce the interest
rate a borrower must pay.
Buyer’s broker
A licensee who has declared to represent only the buyer in a transaction, regardless of
whether compensation is paid by the buyer or the listing broker through a commission
split. Some brokers conduct their business by representing buyers only.
Buyers' Market
Generally, a market in which the supply or inventory of listings is much greater than the
demand for listings. Such a market can also mean that seller expectations of their home's
value tend to be more than the market will support. Consequently, market values often
increase slowly, do not increase or even decrease.
Additionally, in a sellers' market the number of days that homes are on the market before
they sell is greater than average, so it is usually more difficult for sellers to sell their
homes at the price they ask.
The conclusion of the sales transaction when the seller transfers title to the buyer in
exchange for consideration.
Closing Costs
The costs of purchasing/selling property above and beyond the cost of the property itself.
This may include registration costs and attorney fees.
The compensation paid to a licensed real estate broker or by the broker to the salesman
for services rendered. Usually a percentage of the selling price of the property.
Properties that are similar to a particular property and are used to compare and establish a
value for that property. Also known as “comps”. A CMA (Comparative Market Analysis)
is the analysis of comparables used to establish a home’s value.
Conditional Offer
An offer made by the buyer based on meeting certain expectations such as repairs on the
property. If the expectations are not met, the buyer may rescind the offer.

A provision in a contract stating that some or all of the terms of the contract will be
altered or voided by the occurrence of a specific event. A common example is a Buyer
who enters into the purchase of another home before his current home is sold. The Buyer
will usually ask for the Seller to make the sale contingent upon the sale of the Buyer's
current home. If the Seller receives another offer for the property, the first Buyer must
either agree to buy the home without any contingency, or step aside and let someone else
purchase the home.
Contract of sale
The agreement between the buyer and seller on the purchase price, terms, and conditions
necessary to both parties to convey the title to the buyer.
Counter offer
The rejection of an offer to buy or sell that simultaneously makes a different offer,
changing the terms in some way. For example, if a Buyer offers $160,000 for a home,
and the Seller replies that he wants $175,000, the Seller has rejected the Buyer's offer of
$160,000 and made a counteroffer to sell at $175,000. The legal significance of a
counteroffer is that it completely voids the original offer, so that if the Seller decided to
sell for $160,000 the next day, the Buyer would be under no legal obligation to pay that
amount for the property.
To owe money to one person or another.
A written instrument by which title to land is conveyed.
A loss in value.
The making known of a fact that had previously been hidden; a revelation. For example,
in many states you must disclose major physical defects in a house you are selling, such
as a leaky roof or potential flooding problem. (Disclosure Statements vary by state and
may include Mold Disclosures, Lead Paint Disclosures, etc.)
Down payment
An amount of money the buyer pays which is the difference between the purchase price
and the mortgage amount.
Dual agency
Representing the buyer and the seller in the same transaction by the same agent. Since
there is an inherent conflict in fiduciary obligations to two different principals, dual
agency, at best, is a risky undertaking.
Earnest money
A deposit made by the buyer as evidence of good faith in offering to purchase real estate
and to secure performance of the contract. A title company, in an escrow account,
typically holds earnest money during the period between acceptance of the contract and
the closing.
The right of a group or individual (other than the owner) to use a portion of the property
for a specific purpose. For example, an easement may be granted to the electric company
to gain access to power lines on or behind the property.

A point of exit. A means of exiting a room by window or door.
A Realtor who has successfully completed the e-PRO training program for real estate
professionals. E-PRO teaches the basics of working with real estate online.
The difference in dollars between a house's value and the mortgage amount.
Escape clause
The right by the buyer, seller or both to cancel the contract if certain conditions are or are
not met. For example, a buyer might have an escape clause in the case that their previous
property is not sold by a certain date.
Something of value, typically money or documents, held by a third party until certain
conditions are met.
Estimate of value
An appraisal; the appraised value.
Expired Home
A home that was for sale but was recently taken off the market. Usually an expired listing
is taken off the market because the seller did not receive what he/she considered to be an
acceptable purchase offer during the listing term.
The relationship of trust, honesty and confidence between agent and principal; the
faithful relationship owed by an agent to the principal
Finder's fee
A fee charged by real estate brokers and apartment-finding services in exchange for
locating a rental property. These fees are permitted by law. Some landlords, however,
charge finder's fees merely for renting a place. This type of charge is not legitimate and,
in some areas, is specifically declared illegal.
As in, to purchase, fix up and re-sell (I think all within the same year) - I am sure there is
a real term for this
For Sale By Owner (FSBO)
An individual homeowner who is attempting to sell his property without a real estate
broker. The acronym, FSBO is pronounced "fizzbo."
Forced Sale
The required sale of property based on legal action, such as divorce proceedings or
The legal process by which a lender acquires possession of the property securing a
mortgage loan when the borrower defaults.
Functional obsolescence
Loss of value of real property caused by modernization or changing tastes or standards;
e.g.. Single bath, inadequate closet space, etc
Good faith estimate
A written estimate of closing costs which a lender must provide you within three days of
submitting an application.

High/Low Price
The highest and lowest prices of all the comparable homes presented in your Market
Snapshot in relation to the time frame you have selected.
Home Owners Association. Many condominium complexes require monthly HOA fees,
which are used for maintenance and security of a planned community.
Home For Sale
A home currently for sale on the market (a "listing") that has no pending purchase offer
from an interested buyer.
1. The land and buildings that comprise a home or dwelling. 2. A legal act which protects
a homeowner from being forced to sell to cover debts.
House closing
The final transfer of the ownership of a house from the seller to the buyer, which occurs
after both have met all the terms of their contract and the deed has been recorded.
Inspection clause
A stipulation in an offer to purchase that makes the sale contingent on the findings of a
home inspector.
(Interactive Voice Response) A telephone system, offering a toll free 24 hour number
which allows callers to choose from a menu of pre-recorded messages. Often used to
offer “talking listings”, Information on homes for sale, and tips for buyers.
Listing agent
The real estate agent representing the seller and his/her best interests.
Listing agreement
The legal agreement between the listing agent/broker and the vendor, setting out the
services to be rendered, describing the property for sale, and stating the terms of
Listing Plan
A written plan of all tasks to be preformed for a listing.
A specific parcel of land.
Low-ball offer
An offer on property that is significantly lower than the asking price.
Market value
The price that a willing buyer and a willing seller, both given full information, and
neither under pressure to act, would agree upon. Also known as Fair Market Value.
A loan secured to cover the costs of a real estate purchase.
Multi-family structure
Residential housing usually with two or more household units.
Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
A system by which a number of real estate firms share information about homes that is
for sale. Membership usually provides a monthly book and/or computer service that
provides Realtors® with detailed listings of most homes currently on the market.

National Association of Realtors. A national organization comprised of licensed real
estate agents.
The process during which the buyer and seller come to a mutually acceptable contract.
This often involves a series of offers and conditions.
Notary public
A person with the authority from the government to verify the identities of certain parties,
and the validity of documents.
Something that interferes with the use of property by being irritating, offensive,
obstructive or dangerous. Nuisances include a wide range of conditions, everything from
a chemical plant's noxious odors to a neighbor's dog barking. The former would be a
"public nuisance," one affecting many people, while the other would be a "private
nuisance," limited to making your life difficult, unless the dog was bothering others.
Lawsuits may be brought to abate (remove or reduce) a nuisance.
A proposal to enter into an agreement with another person. An offer must express the
intent of the person making the offer to form a contract, must contain some essential
terms--including the price and subject matter of the contract--and must be communicated
by the person making the offer. A legally valid acceptance of the offer will create a
binding contract.
Open house
An opportunity for prospective buyers to view a house in a low-pressure environment.
The right to purchase property within a definite time at a specified price. There is no
obligation to purchase, but the seller is obligated to sell if the option holder exercises the
right to purchase. For the option to be valid, it must include consideration.
An individual or group taking part in the real estate transaction, such as the seller, buyer,
Pending Home
A home that is currently for sale on the market but has a pending purchase offer from an
interested buyer.
Physical deterioration
The loss of value to real property from all causes due to the action of the elements and
old age. Physical deterioration can be either curable or incurable.
Power of attorney
A document that gives an individual the right to make certain legal decisions or enter into
specific contracts on behalf of another person. For example, if one party is unable to
attend the closing, they might grant power of attorney to a spouse.
Property line
The boundaries on a parcel of land.
Non-factual or extravagant statements and opinions made to enhance the perceived
desirability of a property. There is a fine line between legal puffing and illegal
misrepresentation, and puffing is best avoided. An example of puffing would be, "This

home has the best view in the city". Also known as puffery.
Purchase offer
A document that lists the price, terms and conditions under which a buyer is willing to
purchase a property.
Real estate agent
A person licensed to negotiate and transact the sale of real estate on behalf of the property
A real estate broker or an associate who holds active membership in a local real estate
board that is affiliated with the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.
Refers to land and buildings and other improvements from a physical standpoint. Real
Estate and Real Property tend to be used interchangeably with Realty in everyday usage.
Registrar (Recorder) of deeds
The government official who maintains land records.
Sales contract
A written agreement stating the terms of the sale agreed to by both buyer and seller.
Sellers' Market
Generally, a market in which the demand for listings is much greater than the supply or
inventory of listings. Such a market can also mean that seller expectations of their home's
value tend to be less than the market will support. Consequently, market values often
increase rapidly.
Additionally, in a sellers' market the number of days that homes are on the market before
they sell is less than average, so it is usually easier for sellers to sell their homes at the
price they ask. In fact, sales often involve multiple offers, as well as offers that are
greater than the asking price.
Selling Price
The purchase price that the seller and buyer legally agree, regardless of contractual terms
and other considerations such as what home features and fixtures are included in the
The distance from the property line where no structures may be built.
Short Sale
The sale of a house in which the sales price is less than what the owner still owes on the
mortgage. Used to avoid foreclosure. The lender accepts the sales proceeds and forgives
any remaining balance on the loan.
Single Family Home
Housing designed for occupancy by one household only.
Sold Home
A home that has recently sold.
A person who has been appointed by the agent to act on his or her behalf.
Sweat equity
The physical labor an owner may put into improving a property and increasing his/her
Time-On-The Market

The number of days that a home has been for sale on the market, or the number of days it
was on the market before it was sold.
The right of ownership of a property.
Virtual home tour
Any method used to provide Internet users with a graphical presentation of a home, or
homes. Presentations may include web pages, java applets, streaming video, panoramic
images and bubble views.
Walk through
(1) A Buyer's on-site inspection of the property being purchased, just prior to closing.
(2) A detailed inspection of a new construction home, in which punch list and cosmetic
items are addressed, prior to final acceptance.
Regulations that specify how land may be used and what type of structures may reside on
that land.

Also see:
if you run into a term not listed here that you need clarification on.

Steps for Brand New Key Assistants - Dealing with Clients - Created
by Mentor - Deb Keene

Revised by Melissa Eades 11/16/09

1.) KAT in Training Process
2.) KAT assigned Client
If client is a current client that already had a KA:
3.) KA and KAT review Client background
a. KA look for any emails that may have already been sent and forward them to KAT
b. KA and KAT review Client’s logins that have been sent. Get general idea of what sites
they use.
c. KA and KAT review Client’s database account (Top Producer etc)
d. read original proposal from Steve - Ask Melissa for Copy.
e. read daily log of any calling that has been done (Quickbase)
f. Client work hour reports from Gretchen
g. Review Listing Plan if the client has one
h. Business Database Spreadsheet from Database team
i. Ask Lead Management for Current weekly reports
I. Note what contact types are different that they use
II. Note how many listings they have
III. Do the listings have a plan attached to them?

IV. Are the plan activities up-to-date
V. Review Email Inbox to see if Client uses it
j. KA and KAT review Client’s MLS system (if able)
i. Try and find Client’s listings.
ii. Familiarize yourself with the site.
4.) Have KAT send welcome email to new client
a. Give basic idea of what email should contain
i. Your name
ii. That you’re going to be their KA and any concerns should be directed to you
iii. Make Client aware if any time zone changes exist
iv. Ask what they need immediate help with
1. You may provide suggestions based on what you learned by reviewing their database
and sites
v. Ask for times they are available to talk with you.
5.) Client responds to your email with work
a. Some Clients give work easy and quickly and others let it go slowly
b. Determine their needs and exactly what they expect from the work
i. Any special phone numbers to use
ii. Any special wording to use for ads
iii. Possible a different MLS #
c. You must ask questions so that you get it correct right from the start.
6.) Establish a set weekly call time
a. Use their best times and yours to come up with a workable schedule.
b. You must be flexible to fit their schedule
c. Send a reminder email the day before the scheduled call time to verify it still works for
the Client
d. Never assume that the next week will be the same as the previous one
7.) Create a Listing Plan Manual - Most times Listing Team will handle this and assign
an LA
a. This is a “How-to” manual for each step of their listing process
b. You fill in as you go and as you get steps assigned to you
i. BAB has basic guidelines for certain sites. You need to add the particulars for that
ii. Ask Client how often they want a manual update.
8.) Doing Client work
a. Get work assigned completed promptly.
b. New Clients are retention risks so we must impress them immediately
c. Send Client email letting them know that work has been completed and include links if
they request
d. Best to do all new projects yourself at first and then document and hand off
i. This gives you knowledge when talking with Client
ii. It gives you understanding of what Client is looking for
iii. You can’t train someone else or answer questions on something you’ve never seen
iv. It enables you to ask Client questions and promote ideas to Client
e. Assigning projects to Ishido
i. Keep accurate records of who, what and when you assigned a task

ii. Verify that it has been completed accurately
iii. Make sure assigned Ishido knows when the task must be completed by and how long
they have to complete it
1. There can be instances where an assigned time length is not correct. This is on a case-
by-case basis and the extra time must be verified by you.
9.) Weekly Calls with Client
a. Once a week you should try and connect, via phone, with your Client
i. This promotes a healthy working relationship
ii. It establishes a good rapport
iii. You get a better understanding in regards to problem areas or how to do a new
b. Call at your scheduled time.
c. Ask how things are going this week.
i. Do they have any new listings (if we do their listing work it should be sent to
ii. Are there any price changes for this week
iii. Any new projects they need help with
iv. Review any outstanding issues either from the previous week or from emails
v. Listen to them to see if there’s something you can help them with
vi. Make suggestions on new ideas they might want to try
vii. Utilize BAB services (blogging, leads, graphics, etc)
10.) Weekly Agenda
a. This is a running list of outstanding items being worked on for your Client
b. Update status of each item each week
c. Add new items as needed
d. Remove completed items
e. Send email of weekly agenda to Client, CC Steve, KA, and any departments that are
being used and cc systems

KAT Basics System Document

Back to Key Assistant Trainee area
How to use Logins

*For KATs that currently have clients and are actively working*

The purpose of this document is to list the protocols and procedures that Key Assistants
need to follow and to be aware of. This document will be updated often, as Best Agent
Business grows as a company. Please subscribe so that you get an email any time there
are updates. Any questions, concerns or suggestions should be directed to the Key
Assistant Trainer Team Leader. Last revised 11/18/09


   •      Time spent getting assistance from your KAT Mentor is not billable work.
   •      Time spent on training or testing tasks after you are an established KAT or KA,
          are billable to REB. (Unless requested by the client.)
   •      Actual tasks completed for the client need to be compiled into a weekly goal
          action. Use the group 'Key Assistant’, and bill to the client. Title of the work
          should be something along the lines of ‘Weekly KA Client Name’. For additional
          work you do that was not requested by the client, or was not directly for the client,
          you need to bill the appropriate label.
   •      Remember that goal actions will utimately be seen by clients - please be as
          detailed as you can and don't enter anything they should not see or be confused


   •      Word documents that are created for BAB and clients should follow a certain
          format. Headers should be used as well as a table of contents and screen shots
          when applicable.
   •      Word documents should always be in .doc file format
   •      Excel documents should always be in .xls file format

Internal BAB - General

   •   If unsure which team would do the work a client asks for, make an educated
       guess, and cc KAT TL and Steve.
   •   All KAT’s are cross-trained in all teams.
   •   All KAT’s need to reach the Listing Assistant rating with Listings Team.
   •   KAT’s should not be used for general listing work other than their clients listing
   •   Delegate verses Wish List. Focus clients first on the items they can delegate that
       will free up their time. Then start Wish List of items.
   •   All KAT’s will have access to the Quick Base logins area and will be given
       directions on how to access/use. If you do not have access or need help, contact
       your Team Leader.
   •   All KAT’s will be asked to take DISC testing. This helps us match clients with
       Key Assistants based on personality.
   •   KAT’s must do daily emails for the first 30 days of a breakdown of their day.
       They should cc their mentor, the KAT TL and Steve. These should be done every
       evening M-F.
   •   KAT’s should expect a one day turn around time on emails sent to management or
       Team Leaders. If no response after 24 hours, email again and cc Steve.
   •   KAT’s will have their own wiki page and should keep that updated with their
       points chart once they have clients as well as any comments or feedback they can
       provide to those thinking of becoming a Key Assistant.
   •   KAT’s will need to attend conference calls as requested
   •   For items that pertain to the database team, they should be directed to Steve first,
       and not the database team. If in doubt, ask Steve first.


   •   KAT’s should keep their clients agendas updated, and keep everything scheduled
       on a calendar to stay organized.
   •   KAT's should have a way to file their emails so that everything is completed and
       replied to in a timely manner.
   •   For tips on organization - please talk to your KAT TL.

Client Calls

   •   It is important that you set up and maintain a weekly call with your clients. Try to
       set up the same time each week so that your client becomes accustomed to that
       time and date being set aside for your call.
   •   Send a reminder email one hour before the call to client. This helps them get
       prepared and also allows you to find out what number to reach them at for that

   •   Always call the client, don’t let them call you for the weekly calls.
   •   Be proactive!

Client Emails

   •   Use bullet points when emailing clients as you can. This makes things clearer for
       the client, and appears more professional.
   •   Use a proper signature approved by BAB, and do not include any signatures or
       quotes or sayings or the like.
   •   Your email address should be professional. It should ideally contain your first and
       last name in some fashion. For example is fine, but is not.
   •   Try to keep emails to your clients short and to the point.
   •   Use spell check and be professional sounding!


If you have something that is majorly important that Steve needs to take care of right this
moment, we can use Priority Email.
Please ensure that it is actually important and cannot wait.

To use Priority Email you put the word "Priority" very first in the subject line so Steve
can see it right away.


Subject: PRIORITY - Santa is stuck in chimney!

Please also note that Steve can send you emails this way as well, and you are to drop
anything else you are working on to deal with that email.

Each week you will have a call with your client at the scheduled time. At the end of your
call you need to update their agenda on the wiki.
Copy that agenda into an email and send to the client, anyone involved, Steve, and CC:

If you do not copy systems within that same day on that agenda, you will get a reminder
email after midnight saying you forgot.

This is what those emails look like - you want to avoid getting these!


The Weekly Client Call email and Weekly Agenda email for the client, identified in
Subject are missing. The Weekly Client email was due immediately after the weekly call
scheduled for 11/11/09, 10:00am, ET. The Weekly Agenda email was due by the end of
the same day as the weekly call.

Please resolve ASAP or reply and explain any reason this was not done.

Thank you!
Systems Tracking
Best Agent Business
Best Agent Business provides the best agents with the best systems to grow their business
to the next level.

NOTE: If your weekly call with your client changes, or will be different even for one
week, please send an email to and state the details, so
you will not get that alert when the info is missing.

For example: if your client is going on vacation for two weeks, you won't be having your
call, and can let systems know.

DO NOT send your agenda out if you have not had your call. If by the end of the week,
you were not able to reach your client, then on Friday you can send out the Agenda to all


KAT’s need to be in an active Triangle group until otherwise notified. If your group has
dissolved, please contact your TL for guidance.


   •   The Lifebushido Watercooler –
   •   The Lifebushido Wiki –
   •   Best Agent Business –

DISC Profile Screening

All successful Key Assistant Trainees will be asked to take a DISC profile screening after
their first 30 days.

Here is an example of what results the DISC testing provides:


This helps Best Agent Business properly match clients with Key Assistants.

To take the test you can follow these instructions:

   •    Visit
   •    Select the online version - DiSC Profile Online # W-800 - $31.00
   •    Follow the instructions to take the testing
   •    Get reiumbursed by creating a goal action under Expenses and billing for the
        hours equalevent of $31.00
   •    Send a copy of the pdf results from the testing to the KAT Team Leader and to

If you have any quetions, be sure to see the KAT Team Leader.

To take the free DISC testing:**

Please go to http://www.corcorancoaching. com/behavioralstyle.php
Use Steve's email address, phone number and Fax number.
Use Best Agent Business as the team name.

The results will go to Steve and he will FW to you.
It only takes about 5 minutes.


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