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									Special Reprint Edition : Achieving "Lifestyle"

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Every summer Jerry and Sallie Hasson
 bareboat charter a sailboat and take
 4-6 weeks off to visit exotic locations.
To learn how they have achieved this lifestyle, see page 44

LIFESTYLE!           The Very Best Product Any Business Can Offer Is

 One Adventure After Another

     erry and Sallie are in the middle of planning their next    For their honeymoon, Jerry and Sallie "bareboat chartered"
     adventure. These two successful entrepreneurs are           a beautiful sailing ketch in Greece and, on their own, sailed
     part of an exciting and profitable home-based               to 17 incredible Greek islands. They had so many amazing
 business that, in their minds, offers them the very best        adventures that they made the commitment to pick a new
 product in the world: lifestyle.                                exotic location every summer and spend a month or more
                                                                 sailing wherever the wind chooses to blow.
       "Running this home business gives us control over our
 time and our income," says Jerry. "You just can't get that in   Over the last 8 summers they cruised the south coast of
 any job or traditional business. No matter how much             France and Italy, the Hawaiian Islands, Leward Islands of
 money you make in a job, someone else is always                 the Caribbean, the British, U.S. and Spanish Virgin Islands,
 controlling your time. Sallie and I wanted both: we wanted      the fascinating southwest coast of Turkey, then the
 to live life on our own terms."                                 Windward Islands of the Caribbean and the Sea of Cortez.
        When Jerry met Sallie (sounds like a familiar movie,     This past June and July they returned to the Virgin Islands
 right?) he was actually living on his sail boat. They quickly   for four wonderful weeks of sailing and also spent another 2
 fell in love and Jerry promised Sallie that her life with him   weeks in the Dominican Republic kite surfing. WOW! This
 would never be dull.                                            is "Lifestyle"!

44     HBC    August 2006 www.HomeBusinessConnection.com
What's so wonderful about their Pre-Paid Legal business is          While they are fairly new to Pre-Paid Legal, both Jerry and
that they have no employees to deal with, no store to run,          Sallie have more than 20 years of combined network
no inventory to worry about and none of the other hassles           marketing experience with a single company in the
associated with owning a business.                                  nutritional industry. Why, after such a long history, did they
                                                                    make the move?
"This gives us the freedom to travel and enjoy life even
though we have a large, rapidly-growing business." says
Sallie. And yet, while Jerry and Sallie are away on                   How is Pre-Paid Legal So Different?
vacation, hundreds of people continue to market Pre-Paid
Legal and Identity Theft memberships to new customers...              Home Business Connection had an opportunity to
as well as recruit new sales associates onto their team.              interview Jerry and Sallie about these very questions.

                                                                                              J E R R Y : "Actually, the perception of
                                                                                              need for the services offered by Pre-Paid
                                                                                              Legal is much greater than it is for
                                                                                              nutritional supplements. Statistically, half
                                                                                              the people out there will die of heart
                                                                                              disease... but no one thinks it'll happen to
                                                                                              them. So they don't see why they should
                                                                                              spend a lot of money on prevention."

                                                                                              SALLIE: "However, because we live in
                                                                                              such a litigious society, everyone recog-
                                                                                              nizes how great it would be to have the
                                                                                              services of an attorney whenever needed
                                                                                              included in the cost of your membership.
                                                                                              Not only for those major legal challenges
                                                                                              that may or may not ever pop up but also to
                                                                                              deal with all of life's daily frustrations that
                                                                                              crop up with great regularity."

                                                                                              HBC: How is building your
                                                                                              Pre-Paid Legal income different
                                                                                              from that other company?
  HBC: Why, after so many years                  Not only was there the constant and
  with one company, did you go in                intense competition dealing with the         JERRY: "This is where Pre-Paid Legal is
                                                 quality of our nutritional products but we   so brilliant! Advanced Commissions! In
  a diff e rent direction with Pre -             were always having to justify the pricing.   this industry, if people don't make money
  Paid Legal?                                    And adding to the "sticker shock" was the    early in the game, they lose their enthusi-
                                                 problems associated with collecting sales    asm and belief in the company and quit.
  JERRY: "With over 200 other nutritional        tax and shipping."
  companies, we had the constant challenge                                                    With other network marketing companies,
  of people evaluating the quality of our        JERRY: "Yeah. With Pre-Paid legal, we        the only way to develop substantial
  products versus others. It didn't matter       have virtually no competition and            income in the early years is when there is
  that we had the best nutritional products in   compared to hiring a lawyer, the cost of     a business model that requires a huge
  the entire health care industry. With all      membership is immediately appreciated        financial investment in product. This is
  the competition out there, it was always       by everyone. No sales tax, no shipping....   called "front loading" or being "garage
  an uphill battle comparing the health          it's just so easy to get people to see the   qualified". As a result, when those people
  benefits between our pills, juices and         tremendous value of being a member of        eventually quit the business, they end up
  fibers drinks with those offered by            the Life Events legal protection plan and    with a bunch of unsold product.
  hundreds of other companies."                  Identity Theft Shield."
                                                                                              But with Pre-Paid Legal, the only invest-
  SALLIE: "What I love most about Pre-           HBC: But is it harder to get                 ment is a small Associate sign-up fee and
  Paid Legal is how it is so different from      people to recognize the need to              the monthly membership fee for that
  the business of marketing nutritionals.        join Pre-Paid Legal?                         person's legal and identity theft plans.
                                                                     But, probably the greatest feature that attracted us to Pre-Paid
                                                                     Legal was the stability of a 33 year old company publicly
                                                                     traded on the NYSE. While we will never stop taking
                                                                     nutritionals, our previous company was always in a state of
                                                                     flux. There were constant ownership and management
                                                                     changes, compensation plan changes and new directions in
                                                                     marketing. Over time, we believe that they lacked a viable
                                                                     business model so recruiting was not an option for us."

                                                                     HBC: What future plans do you have for more
                                                                     exotic sailing adventures?

                                                                          In 5 short years we are going
                                                                          to purchase a 54-60 foot sail
                                                                            boat, take 5 year's off and
                                                                           SAIL AROUND THE WORLD!

S A L L I E : "With our nutritional business, if we sold our
flagship product at wholesale, with sales tax and shipping, it
still cost the customer over $70. And, when you are at the
very highest level in the compensation plan, the most we we
would be paid the following month was $10.

But when we sign up a new Pre-Paid Legal member, it cost that
person about half as much and yet we're paid over $250 the
very next day! 25 times as much money at half the cost!
Because of the PPL compensation plan, people are making a lot
of money in their very first month and, instead of quitting, their
belief in the business skyrockets and they work even harder."

JERRY: "We have a product that people instantly value and
with little or no competition. And with over 30 years of             "We'll be able to accomplish this because of what we
operations, Pre-Paid Legal knows exactly what percentage of          have created with this remarkable company and the
people keep the service so they can afford to pay us such
                                                                     opportunity offered to all who recognize the importance of
lucrative advanced commissions. And, of course, there's the
                                                                     achieving financial freedom and lifestyle!"
significant residual income earnings.                                                                                           hbc

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                                   this lucrative home-based business
                                    opportunity and how you can team
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