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					                                                           OCEAN CITY
                                                          BEACH PATROL
                                                                  WEEKLY BULLETIN
                                                          Week of June 30, 2008 to July 6, 2008

MONDAY, JUNE 30, 2008
      CREW CHIEF MEETING: 0800hrs
      CREW MEETING: 0830hrs (Turn in individual stats, get schedule and assignments, information from Crew Chief)
      OFFICER MEETING: 0830hrs
      GENERAL MEETING: 0850hrs
Surf Rescue Academy III: Lunch Seminar—Dorchester Street Training Room –1030hrs–(MANDATORY)—Car Pool or
ride the bus—No Parking at OCBP Headquarters
Veteran Re-certification—None today
Opportunity to Compete: Ocean Series—Sea Colony Lifeguard Challenge—1815hrs
Workout: Swim
Surfing Beaches: Inlet/52nd/132nd St
Tides: High: 0546hrs and 1826hrs                                            The Monday morning meetings have returned
          Low: 1133hrs                                                                         to the Convention Center and we will
                                                                                               continue to meet there unless notified
Special Events: USLA Chapter Meeting and Elections for 2008 Officers—Training                               otherwise.
Movies on the Beach—Surf’s Up—27th St.—1930hrs                                                         SPECIAL NOTES ABOUT
Free International Students Dinner—OC Baptist Church—N. Division St.—1900hrs                      CONVENTION CENTER MEETINGS
                                                                                            1. Do not park on Convention Center Drive.
                                                                                            2. Do not park in the rear of Convention
TUESDAY, JULY 1, 2008                                                                       Center
OCBPSRA CERTIFICATION: None                                                                 3. Meetings begin promptly at 0830hrs
                                                                                            4. Clean up your trash.
Veteran Re-certification: Postponed                                                         5. Drive carefully to your assignment.
Opportunity to Compete: OCBP Triathlon Club Bike and Run—130th St.—0715hrs
Workout: Run
Surfing Beaches: Inlet/50th/130thSt.
Tides: High: 0645hrs and 1923hrs
          Low: 2444hrs and 1232hrs
Special Events: Family Beach Olympics—27th St.—1830hrs
Free Lifeguard Dinner—OC Baptist Church—1900hrs
Free International Students Dinner—Atlantic United Methodist Church—4 St.—1800hrs—All Are Welcome!
Free Dinner—The Son Spot—12 Worcester St.—1800hrs

       S.R.T. Name:                                                                                                      CREW
                                   Monday     Tuesday    W ednesday   Thursday    Friday      Saturday    Sunday
                                  6/30/2008   7/1/2008    7/2/2008    7/3/2008   7/4/2008     7/5/2008    7/6/2008

       Daily Assignment


       Preventative actions

       First Aids

                                                                                    4th of July
                                                                          Special Detail Reminder
                                                                  The Beach Patrol is in need of several
                                                                  SRTs to work a special detail on July
                                                                  3rd and 4th. If you are interested in Boat
                                                                  Operator, Day Security, Lagoon Guard,
WEDNESDAY, JULY 2, 2008                                           or Perimeter Security, see Lt. Stone.
Veteran Re-certification: Postponed
Camp Horizon: N. Division St.—1145hrs—1515hrs—Instructors report to Headquarters at 1000hrs.
Opportunity to Compete: None
Surfing Beaches: Inlet/48th /128th St.
Tides: High: 0741hrs and 2019hrs
         Low: 0141hrs and 1329hrs
Special Events: OCBP Softball—OCBP1 vs Rec. & Parks—Field 3—1830hrs
                                     Rec. & Parks vs OCBP1—Field 3—1930hrs

OCBPSRA CERTIFICATION: Rookie Graduation: Instructors—Required for Advanced Certification—Middle Inlet0700hrs
Rookie Graduation: Participants—Required for all Rookies—Middle Inlet—0730hrs—Mandatory—Including anyone who
missed in 2007
Opportunity to Compete: None
Workout: Swim
Surfing Beaches: Inlet/46th/126th St.
Tides: High: 0838hrs and 2113hrs
          Low: 0234hrs and 1424hrs
Special Events: OCBP Lacrosse—Northside Park—1815hrs—Bring your gear and any extras, if possible.
Free Dinner—The Son Spot—12 Worcester St.—1730hrs to 1930hrs
                                                                                                        Help Wanted
                                                                                          Recreation and parks Special Events is
                                                                                          looking for 4 SRTs to work at 3 different
                                                                                          concerts at the Convention Center: The
FRIDAY, JULY 4, 2007—Happy 4th of July!                                                   Beach Boys on July 6, Charlie Daniels and 38
                                                                                          Special on August 5, and KC & The Sunshine
OCBPSRA CERTIFICATION: None                                                               Band on August 6. The work detail is from
Opportunity to Compete: OCBP Triathlon Club Bike and Run—130th St.—0715hrs                6:30-10:30 each night. Anyone interested
                                                                                          can contact Craig Southard at Northside
Workout: Run                                                                              Park 410-250-0125
Surfing Beaches: 44th/124th St.
Tides: High: 0933hrs and 2205hrs
          Low: 0325hrs and 1518hrs
Special Events: 4th of July in OC!            Concert & Fireworks on the Beach—Caroline St.—2000hrs to 2200hr
Jamboree in the Park & Fireworks—Northside Park—125 St.—1700hrs to 2230hrs

                                                                                                  OCBP Floor Hockey
                                                                                                     Northside Park
SATURDAY, JULY 5, 2008                                                                                   1900hrs
OCBPSRA CERTIFICATION: None                                                                               $5.00
                                                                                               Wear Your Athletic Shoes—No
Opportunity to Compete: None                                                                             Blades
Workout: Swim
                                                                                             First Game—Tues., July 8
Surfing Beaches: 42nd /122nd St.                                                             Next Game—Tues., July 15
Tides: High: 1026hrs and 2255hrs                                                             Subsequent Games—Tuesdays
          Low: 0415hrs and 1611hrs                                                                    July 22
                                                                                                      July 29
                                                                                                      Aug. 5
                                                                                                      Aug. 12
SUNDAY, JULY 6, 2008—End of Pay Period
Opportunity to Compete: None
Workout: Run
Surfing Beaches: 40th /120th St.
Tides: High: 1118hrs and 2343hrs
       Low: 0503hrs and 1706hrs
Special Events: The Beach Boys in Concert—OC Convention Center—40th St.—2000hrs

MONDAY, JULY 7, 2008
        CREW CHIEF MEETING: 0800hrs
        CREW MEETING: 0830hrs (Turn in individual stats, get schedule and assignments, information from Crew Chief)
        OFFICERS’ MEETING: 0830hrs
        GENERAL MEETING: 0850hrs
                                                                                          Please Note This Change!
        LIEUTENANTS’ MEETING: 0945hrs                                         The Annual OCBP Women’s Dinner on Wednesday,
OCBPSRA CERTIFICATION: None                                                                               July 9

Opportunity to Compete: None                                                        has been changed from 1900hrs to 2000hrs. The
                                                                                    location is still Lombardi’s Restaurant on 94th St.
Workout: Swim                                                                      However, if you would like to be in the group picture,
Surfing Beaches: Inlet/38th/Carousel                                                         meet on the beach at 19:30hrs.
Tides: High: 1210hrs
          Low: 0552hrs and 1802hrs
Special Events: Beach Safety Seminar—OC Lifesaving Museum—1100hrs
Free International Students Dinner—OC Baptist Church—N. Division St.—1900hrs
USLA Chapter Meeting—Training Room—1900hrs
Movies on the Beach—Happy Feet—27th St.—1930hrs

                                              BEACH PATROL EVENTS
              June 30                  Weekly Meeting—OC Convention Center
              June 30                  SRA 3 Lunch Seminar—1000hrs
              June 30                  USLA Chapter Meeting and Election
              June 30                  Movies on the Beach—Surf’s Up—27 St. Beach—1930hrs
              July 1                   Family Beach Olympics—27 St.—1830hrs
              July 3                   Rookie Graduation
              July 5                   Ironguard Relay/Qualifier
              July 7                   Movies on the Beach—Happy Feet—27 St. Beach—1930hrs
              July 8-11                Junior Beach Patrol-Session I
              July 8                   Family Beach Olympics—27 St.—1830hrs
              July 8                   OCBP Floor Hockey-Northside Park-1900hrs
              July 9                   OCBP Women’s Dinner—Lombardi’s 2000hrs
              July 12                  Captain Craig Swim
              July 15                  OCBP Floor Hockey-Northside Park-1900hrs
              July 19                  Ironguard Medley-Relay Teams
              July 22                  OCBP Floor Hockey-Northside Park-1900hrs
              July 26                  Mitch Maiorana Run Swim Run

                                      Notice: Participation in activities that use equipment
                                     not issued or authorized by the OCBP while on duty in
                                         uniform (including breaks) is strictly prohibited.
                                            e.g.: surfing, body boarding, fishing, etc.

                                              Town of Ocean City Special Events
        Movies at the Beach                               June 30              27 St.                          1930hrs
        Family Beach Olympics                             July 1               27 St.                          1830hrs
        4 of July Festivities                             July 4               Downtown/Northside Park         2130—Fireworks
        The Beach Boys in Concert                         July 6               Convention Center 2000hrs
        Concerts on the Beach                             July 9               N. Division St.                 2000hrs
        Beach Safety Presentation                         July 7               O.C. Lifesaving Museum          1030hrs
        Bonfire Story Hour                                July 10              N. Division St.                 2100hrs
        Art League of OC Plein Air Event                  July 11, 12, & 13    Somerset St.
        ESA Malibu’s Classic                              July 12-13           8 St.                           0700hrs
        Sundaes in the Park                               July 13              Northside Park                  1800hrs
        Sunset Park Events                                July 14              S. Division St.                 2000hrs
        White Marlin Open                                 Aug. 4, 5, & 6

                            Stats to Date
Action                       Week 5      6/16/08 to 6/22/08
Preventions-2008             4018                                                                           USLA / SCLA
Preventions-2007             3466                                                                   2008 COMPETITION SCHEDULE
Preventions-2006             6513                                                  JULY

Rescues-2008                 51                                                    9 – USLA REGIONALS: REHOBOTH BEACH
Rescues-2007                 49                                                    14 – FENWICK ULTIMATE COMPETITION
Rescues-2006                 194                                                   16 – USLA REGIONALS (BELMAR, N.J.)
                                                                                   21 – DEWEY BEACH OCEAN SERIES
Minor First Aid-2008         73                                                    21 – USLA REGIONALS (JUNIOR LIFEGUARD / Sea Girt, N.J.)
Minor First Aid-2007         100                                                   24 – REHOBOTH LIFEGUARD OLYMPICS
Minor First Aid-2006         73                                                    28 – BETHANY BEACH (OCEAN SERIES)
                                                                                   30 – ALL WOMENS (SANDY HOOK, N.J.)
Ambulance Calls-2008         6
Ambulance Calls-2007         12
Ambulance Calls-2006         8                                                                                   AUGUST

Police Calls-2008            3                                                     4 – REHOBOTH JUNIOR LIFEGUAD
Police Calls-2007            5                                                     7,8,9 – USLA NATIONALS (Manhattan Beach, CA.)
Police Calls-2006            11                                                    14 – MIDDLESEX

USCG/MDNRP-2008              0
USCG/MDNRP-2007              0
USCG/MDNRP-2006              1

Lost/Found Persons-2008      25
Lost/Found Persons-2007      31
Lost/Found Persons-2006      27

                                    USLA Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships--July 9th, Rehoboth Beach, DE
                                            Open to USLA Members. See CC Davis ASAP if interested.
      9:00AM Registration                    11:00AM Opening Event RBP HQ
      2 Mile Beach Run
      400 Meter Surf Swim
      Swimmer Rescue Race                  Each team will consist of a victim, who will be waiting at a buoy, 150 meters from the shore, and a
                                           rescuer with fins and a rescue can. At the start of the race, the rescuer runs into the surf line with fins
                                           and a rescue can and swims out to the victim. At the buoy, the victim grabs the rescue can with both
                                           hands and is towed ashore by the rescuer.

      Landline Rescue Race                 Each team consists of 4 competitors: a victim at a buoy, a rescuer, and two landline pullers. The
                                           victim must hold onto the rescuer at all times, but is permitted to kick while coming to shore. All 4
                                           members must then cross the finish line in contact with each other in their designated lane.

      Rescue Board Race                    This race starts with a swimmer/victim, who swims through the surf line to an assigned buoy. Once at
                                           the buoy, the victim pulls the lane marker to the water to signal the paddler to enter the water. The
                                           rescuer must paddle a rescue board through the surf line to the victim. Once at the buoy, the rescuer
                                           must circle the flag and pick up the victim. The two competitors must then tandem-paddle back to

      Run-Swim-Run                         200 meter run, 400 meter swim, 200 meter run course

      4 x 100 Soft Sand Run Relay
      Beach Flags
      Surf Dash

                                   OCBPSRA Results for 6/19/08 thru 6/26/08

                                          OCBPSRA 2 Mile Run—20:00 Limit
                                                 June 20, 2008
                                      Name                      Time____
                                      Will Wilkinson            15:40
   OCBPSRA Two-Person Rescue          Tony Forget-Besnard       15:01                           OCBPSRA Mile Swim
         June 19, 2008                Garrett Lee               20:00                              June 24, 2008
 Name                   Time____      AJ Smith                  14:45                    Name                   Time____
 Travis Wagner          3:47          Nicholas McClaeb          14:21                    Thomas Moyer           30:31
 Alex Fox               4:18          Alex Grubbs               14:22                    Sean Snee              24:50
 Gary Gehringer         4:37          Kalani Linnell            18:41                    John O’Neil            38:48
 Nick McClaeb           4:37          Lukas Katona              13:57                    Anne-Marie Vachon      24:08
 Nick Sakell            3:34          Daniel Friend             16:32                    Alex Barykin           24:28
 Patrick Riley          4:32          Troy Greathouse           23:45                    Tony Forget-Besnard    29:58
 Ams Mesrati            4:50          Marie-Eve Pare            20:00                    Samantha McElvaney     31:16
 Liz Vander Clute       4:23          Gary Gehringer            15:34                    Kevin Lodge            31:20
 Samantha McElvaney     5:38          Alex Fox                  15:45                    Jason Lippman          27:37
 Alex Grubbs            3:48          Bill Sieber               15:30                    Nick McClaeb           27:10
 Tony Forget-Besnard    4:29          Dillon Levy               13:10                    Kaitlyn Rowe           22:53
 Phil Fraley            4:01          Samantha McElvaney        15:01                    Brooke Witherow        30:04
 Aimee Bachman          3:52          Jenelle Irwin             19:20                    Catie Rosenberger      24:07
 Baron Leonard          4:43          John B. Miller            17:30                    Alex Grubbs            22:23
 Jeanne Vander Clute    4:58          Sean Nugent               14:04                    Alex Fox               26:39
 Sean Campbell          4:32          Brooke Witherow           17:31                    Sean Nugent            33:09
 Michael Traum          4:31          Gregory Evanoff           13:57                    Jesse Crone            31:37
 Zach Trenary           4:28          Alexa Rohn                16:25                    Pat Riley              30:05
 Shawn Seibert          4:02          John O’Neil               17:20                    Gregory Evanoff        22:48
 Sean Snee              4:19          Jesse Crone               14:20                    Igor Makovey           22:34
 Thomas Moyer           4:40          Igor Makovey              15:50                    Max Posner             27:33
 Bryan Knapp            4:47          Miju Han                  18:58                    Gary Gehringer         26:58
 Jason Lippman          3:42          Jason Lippman             13:05                    Alexa Rohn             30:15
 Garrett Lee            5:06          Ams Mesrati               14:43                    Aimee Bachman          24:11
 Lance Sincavage        3:52          Liz Vander Clute          20:00                    Phil Fraley            27:35
 Jason Konyar           4:02          Drew Barnes               14:59                    Aeden Jenkins          27:47
 Jason Mohring          4:40          Drew Maccherola           15:32
 Jake Foy               3:54          Aeden Jenkins             16:25
 Shane Neumann          4:42          Dan Russell               16:15
 Jesse Crone            4:15          Ryan Wilson               15:01
                                      Jay Kleman                12:57
                                      Thomas Moyer              13:40
                                      Shane Neumann             12:42                      OCBPSRA 200M Soft Sand Sprint
                                      Sean Snee                 14:30                             June 26, 2008
     OCBPSRA Run Swim Run             Jason Mohring             17:40                     Name                   Time
          15:00 Limit                 Josh Kulcyzcki            13:57                     Gary Gehringer         :30
         June 25, 2008                                                                    Alex Fox               :33
Name                   Time                                                               Turek Tomas            :29
Scott Clempner         15:00                                                              Tony Forget-Besnard    :31
Aly Hammond            12:00                                                              Alex Grubbs            :33
Matt Betz              13:25         Special Notice about the OCBPSRA Results             Patrick Riley          :31
Chris Meeker           15:00                                                              Nick McClaeb           :34
Tony Forget-Besnard    14:17            Last week’s bulletin inadvertently listed two     Igor Makovey           :34
Samantha McElvaney     14:22             mistakes: Lt. Wes Smith triumphed in the         Alex Barykin           :29
Kevin Lodge            11:37         paddleboard event on 6/17/08 with a time of 8:08.    Drew Maccherola        :33
Gary Gehringer         11:45          Sean Jupitz was a lead contender in the 1 mile      Austin Maccherola      :31
Alex Fox               12:03                                                              Cecile Guida           :37
                                            run on 6/18/08 with a time of 5:49.
Nicholas McClaeb       12:16                                                              Samantha McElvaney     :34
Pat Riley              13:52                                                              Baron Leonard          :30
Liz Vander Clute       11:52                                                              Liz Vander Clute       :35
John B. Miller         11:11                                                              AJ Smith               :30
Gabriel Arsenault      14:00                                                              Sean Jupitz            :27
Sean Snee              11:00                                                              Garrett Lee            :31
Thomas Moyer           13:16                                                              Sean Snee              :34
Kaitlyn Rowe           11:32                                                              Jay Kleman             :31
Jonathan Clouser       13:50                                                              Thomas Moyer           :30
Alex Grubbs            10:24                                                              Kevin Johnson          :32
Christian Castaneda    12:09                                                              Travis Wagner          :28
Tom Everett            11:47                                                              Glen Ruszin            :27
Mike Cornman           12:00                                                              Clay Johnson           :31
Alex Barykin           11:02                                                              Jeff Fellman           :36
Lance Sincavage        12:13
Kirk Silver            12:55
Adam Atwood            14:17
Jake Foy               13:29

                       OCBP Question-of-the-Week for The Worcester County Times
                The newspaper is published on Thursdays; these weekly questions are a new addition for the summer.

Last Week’s Question: What exactly is an S.R.T.? Are they like pool lifeguards?

S.R.T. stands for Surf Rescue Technician. Ocean/Surf Rescue is significantly more challenging than pool or lake guarding. The job has
far more responsibility and entails much more than a regular lifeguard. Because of the uniqueness of the job's demands, our lifeguards
receive specialized testing, training, and certifications. Only after they have successfully completed the Surf Rescue Academy (much
like a police officer or firefighter) and have passed all certification requirements will they be called Surf Rescue Technicians (SRTs)
and begin safeguarding your family. The SRTs are important components of the beach environment. They are strong swimmers, are
familiar with their areas, and are able to respond if someone is in danger. Additionally, every SRT is drug tested, meets annual re-
qualification standards, participates in weekly in-service training, is currently certified in First Aid and CPR, and has current information
on tides and local events. It is important that you cooperate with the SRT in the performance of his/her duties. REMEMBER: Whenever
you hear a whistle blast, even if you don’t think it is for you, locate the SRT to see what he or she may need. Don’t be afraid to ask for
help and remember to wave your arms when in danger.

This Week’s Question: What are you doing with those flags?

    The SRT’s (Lifeguard) flags serve two purposes. First, they are used in one of the three communications methods that the Beach
    Patrol utilizes to communicate among themselves. This form of communications is called semaphore. Semaphore is a type of
    communication by which a person signals with two hand flags, moving his arms through various positions to represent letters,
    numerals, and special signs. Semaphore is also used by scouts, navy, and the coastguard to communicate over long distances,
    as long as you can see the other person. Although this method has been around for a long time, a major benefit to the Beach
    Patrol is that in an emergency or when a lifeguard is in the water, they do not need any electronics or technology to immediately
    update and communicate with each other. The majority of messages being sent between lifeguards are communicating about lost
    and found individuals and potential dangers. Example: LBN ADAM AATE RED
    Lost Boy Name Adam Age eight bathing suit color red

    This is a typical message that SRTs send between adjoining stands (2000 lost and found individuals in a typical season) while this
    information is also radioed in to a centralized dispatch for broadcast throughout Ocean City.

    Note: to learn more about semaphore visit the Beach Patrol website and click on the INFO button. The
    other two communication methods are a whistle system and two-way radios. Secondly, although we do not expect any of our
    beach patrons to understand this signaling system, we also use the flags to indicate and point to our visitors. The SRT may point
    at you and direct you to move in a particular direction. This gentle prompting may be all it takes to move you out of potential
    danger. So remember, when an SRT whistles and points, locate him or her and make sure they are not trying to tell you

                                               OCBP Surf Rescue Association – Price List
                                       Please bring the exact amount of money because sometimes we
                                                            cannot make change.

                                    Whistles $5.00 (we have HOT pink now!)
                                    Buoy Key Chains $4.00
                                    Mouse Pads           $4.0
                                    Hats – 1 for $6.00 or 2 for $10.00
                                    OCBP Car Window Sticker $2.00
                                    Beach Patrol Logo Tattoos $.25
                                    Iron Guard T-shirts from 2003 and 2004 $5.00
                                    Sweatshirts: Adult $30.00
                                                  Child $25.00
                                    Durable Lanyards $6.00

                     Maryland Basic Boating Safety
                                Northside Park
                                Program #414503
                               Section B: July 1, 2
                             Section C: July 8, 9, 10
                              Section D: July 15, 16
                            Section E: July 22, 23, 24
                         Sections A, C, & E: Tues. –Thurs.
                                1800hrs to 2100hrs
                          Sections B & D: Tues. & Wed.
                                1800hrs to 2200hrs
                            O.C. Employees—$15.00
              Taught by members of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
      Register online at (Click on Rec. & Parks)
                       and FAX your form to 410-250-5409.

                                 Frontier Town
                                 July 28, 29, 31
                             1800hrs to 2100hrs
                        You must attend all three days.
                      A test will be given on the last day.
                       Register at the camp’s front office
These three-day courses are mandatory for eligibility in the Jet Drive School. (TBA)
Note: If you are currently certified through a recognized boating course, you do not
                need to retake this. Just get us a copy of your card.

                                             CODE OF THE
                                               TOWN OF
                                         OCEAN CITY, MARYLAND

                                             Codified through
                                Ord. No. 2007-4, enacted February 5, 2007.

                                            Supplement No. 13

                                               ARTICLE III.

                                          BEACH REGULATIONS

                                               DIVISION 2.

                                           BEACH ACTIVITIES

Sec. 106-92. Definitions.

Animal. Any living organism, excluding human beings, wild fowl, wild marine organisms and other similar
wild organisms. The term "animal" specifically includes any and all domestic pets, household or otherwise.

Ball playing. The throwing, kicking, hitting or slinging of any object or otherwise causing any object to
become airborne or to traverse a portion of the beach as a result of being thrown, kicked, hit, slung, etc.

Boogie board. A flexible, semi-soft, buoyant, semi-curved object, no longer than 3 1/2 feet (42 inches)
and no wider than two feet (24 inches) and no thicker than four inches, made of a closed-cell polyethylene
foam and possibly but not always having a smooth plastic layer attached to the bottom and without rigid
or semi-rigid attachments or protrusions for aid in steering or movements which serve as a rudder and
commonly referred to as "skegs."

Patrolman. Any person employed by Ocean City as a member of the Ocean City Beach Patrol (SRTs and

Skimboard. A plastic board or “other object” used to glide, slide, or skim across the water with a person
standing thereon.

Surfboard. Any object of rigid or semirigid construction, noninflatable, including, but not necessarily
limited to, surfboards, bellyboards, paddleboards, etc., constructed or partially constructed of wood,
plastic, fiberglass, styrofoam or similar foam substances, or any other similar substances, or combination
thereof, but not including surf mats and boogie boards.

Watercraft. Any water vessel, whether powered or propelled by human power, sail power or motorized
engine power, including but not limited to boats, kayaks, canoes, jet skis, surf skis and wave runners,
excepting boogie boards, surfboards, surf mats, inflatable soft plastic or rubber flotation devices or Ocean
City Beach Patrol surf rescue units.

(Code 1972, § 28-2; Ord. No. 1996-5, 4-4-1996)

                     Captain Craig Mile Swim

The Event: Participants will enter the water from the beach, swim one mile or one
quarter mile with the current in open water and finish on the beach.

When: Saturday, July 12, 2008 6:00pm (Rain Date- July 13)
Where: Meet at 14th Street on the beach, Ocean City, Maryland

            Transportation to the starting line will be provided.

     Top two male and female in five-year age groups and top two male and female
     T-shirts will be provided to the first 200 registered.
     Awards ceremony with food provided by the Skipjack Grill.

Registration: $15 if mailed before July 5, 2008. $20 Race-day registration (5pm).

Further Information: (410) 289-7556, (302) 584-1839,

                                       Registration Form/Liability Waiver
Name_________________________________________            Age(on event date)___________
Phone_____________________      Email________________________________

        Circle one:       Captain Craig Mile Swim                      Ginny Craig Quarter Mile Swim

I acknowledge that participating in this event is potentially dangerous, and that I should not participate unless I am
medically capable and physically qualified. In submission of this entry, I assume complete responsibility for any
injury or accident which may occur related to the event. I understand that I am financially responsible for any
medical costs that might occur in relation to this event. I, for myself and my heirs and executors, hereby waive,
release and forever discharge the event organizers, sponsors, promoters, the Ocean City Beach Patrol and their
agents, representatives, successors and assigns, and all other persons associated with the event, for all liabilities,
claims, or damages that I may have against them arising out of or in any way connected with my participation in
this event. I understand that this waiver includes any claims, whether caused by negligence, the action or inaction
of any of the above parties, or otherwise.


    Please mail registration:                             Attn: Ben Davis
    (checks payable to OCBPSRA)                           Ocean City Beach Patrol
                                                          109 Dorchester Street
                                                          Ocean City, MD 21842
          Tides for Ocean City Inlet-- June 30, July 7
Day        High    Tide Tide Height       Sunrise      Moon Time       % Moon                     USLA Beach Flags Results
           Low     Time    Feet           Sunset                       Visible                                Females
                                                                                                     1st Place—Marge Legault
M 30       High 5:46 AM       2.0         5:40 AM      Rise 2:44 AM       14                           2 Place—Sisi Guida
  30       Low 11:33 AM       -0.1        8:28 PM      Set 6:20 PM                               3 Place—Anne Marie Vachon
  30       High 6:26 PM       3.0
Tu 1       Low    12:44 AM    0.0         5:41 AM       Rise 3:38 AM       7                          1 Place—Greg Evanoff
   1       High   6:45 AM     2.0         8:28 PM       Set 7:31 PM                                  2nd Place—Randy Wheeler
   1       Low    12:32 PM    -0.3                                                                   3 Place—Gary Gehringer
   1       High   7:23 PM      3.1                                                                       4th Place—Alex Desy
                                                                                                      5 Place—Sean Nugent
W     2    Low    1:41 AM    -0.1          5:41 AM      Rise 4:45 AM         2                   6 Place—Tony Forget-Besnard
      2    High   7:41 AM     2.1          8:28 PM      Set 8:31 PM                                   7th Place—John P. Miller
      2    Low    1:29 PM    -0.5
      2    High   8:19 PM     3.2

Th 3       Low    2:34 AM    -0.2         5:42 AM      Rise 5:59 AM            0
   3       High   8:38 AM     2.1         8:28 PM      Set 9:21 PM
   3       Low    2:24 PM    -0.5
   3       High   9:13 PM     3.1

F     4     Low   3:25 AM    -0.2         5:42 AM     Rise 7:16 AM           0
      4    High   9:33 AM     2.2         8:27 PM      Set 10:00 PM                       Current USLA Membership by OCBP Crew
      4    Low    3:18 PM    -0.5
      4    High   10:05 PM    3.1                                                                   Top: Crews 17, 9, 1, 12

Sa    5     Low    4:15 AM   -0.2         5:43 AM     Rise 8:32 AM             4                    Bottom: Crews 3, 5, 6, 7
      5    High   10:26 AM     2.2        8:27 PM     Set 10:32 PM
      5    Low     4:11 PM    -0.4
      5    High   10:55 PM     2.9

Su    6     Low    5:03 AM   -0.1         5:43 AM     Rise 9:43 AM             10
      6    High   11:18 AM   2.2          8:27 PM     Set 10:59 PM
      6    Low    5:06 PM     -0.1
      6    High   11:43 PM   2.7

M     7    Low 5:52 AM       -0.1         5:44 AM     Rise 10:50 AM            18
      7    High 12:10 PM     2.2          8:27 PM     Set 11:23 PM
      7    Low 6:02 PM       0.0

                                                             OCBP 2008 Softball
                             Date                   Home              Away             Time            Place

                             Wed., 7/2              OCBP 1            Rec. and Parks   1830hrs         Field 3
                             Wed., 7/2              Rec. and Parks    OCBP 1           1930hrs         Field 3

                             Wed., 7/9              OCBP 1            Camp Horizon     1830hrs         Field 1
                             Wed., 7/9              OCBP 2            OCPD             1830hrs         Field 3
                             Wed., 7/9              Camp Horizon      OCBP 1           1930hrs         Field 1
                             Wed., 7/9              OCPD              OCBP 2           1930hrs         Field 3

                             Fri., 7/16             OCBP 2            OCBP 1           1830hrs         Field 3
                             Fri., 7/16             OCBP 1            OCBP 2           1930hrs         Field 3

                             Wed., 7/23             OCBP 2            Rec. and Parks   1830hrs         Field 2
                             Wed., 7/23             Rec. and Parks    OCBP 2           1930hrs         Field 2

                                         Dry drowning: Boy’s death highlights a hidden danger
                                 10-year-old died more than an hour after getting out of swimming pool
       By Mike Celizic contributor

       The tragic death of a South Carolina 10-year-old more than an hour after he had gone swimming has focused a spotlight on the little-
       known phenomenon called “dry drowning” — and warning signs that every parent should be aware of.
       “I’ve never known a child could walk around, talk, speak and their lungs be filled with water,” Cassandra Jackson told NBC News in a
       story broadcast Thursday on TODAY.
       On Sunday, Jackson had taken her son, Johnny, to a pool near their home in Goose Creek, S.C. It was the first time he’d ever gone
       swimming — and, tragically, it would be his last.

       At some point during his swim, Johnny got some water in his lungs. He didn’t show any immediate signs of respiratory distress, but the
       boy had an accident in the pool and soiled himself. Still, Johnny, his sister and their mother walked home together.
       “We physically walked home. He walked with me,” Jackson said, still trying to understand how her son could have died. “I bathed him,
       and he told me that he was sleepy.”
       Spongy material
       Later, she went into his room to check on him. “I walked over to the bed, and his face was literally covered with this spongy white
       material,” she said. “And I screamed.”
       A family friend, Christine Meekins, was visiting and went to see what was wrong. “I pulled his arm and said, ‘Johnny! Johnny!’ ” Meekins
       told NBC. “There was no response. I opened one of his eyes and I just knew inside my heart that it was something really bad.”
       Johnny was rushed to a local hospital, but it was too late. Johnny had drowned, long after he got out of the swimming pool.
       According to the Centers for Disease Control, some 3,600 people drowned in 2005, the most recent year for which there are statistics.
       Some 10 to 15 percent of those deaths was classified as “dry drowning,” which can occur up to 24 hours after a small amount of water
       gets into the lungs. In children, that can happen during a bath.
       Dr. Daniel Rauch, a pediatrician from New York University Langone Medical Center, told TODAY’s Meredith Vieira that there are
       warning signs that every parent should be aware of. Johnny Jackson exhibited some of them, but unless a parent knows what to look
       for, they are easily overlooked or misinterpreted.
       The three important signs, he said, are difficulty breathing, extreme tiredness and changes in behavior. All are the result of reduced
       oxygen flow to the brain.
       Johnny had two of those signs — he was very tired when he got home, and he had had the accident in the pool. But like most parents,
       Cassandra Jackson had no idea this could be related to water in his lungs.
       Delayed reaction
       Rauch said that the phenomenon of dry drowning is not completely understood. But medical researchers say that in some people, a
       small amount of inhaled water can have a delayed-reaction effect.
       “It can take a while for the process to occur and to set in and cause difficulties,” Rauch said. “Because it is a lung process, difficulty
       breathing is the first sign that you would be worried about.”
       The second sign is extreme fatigue, which isn’t always easy to spot. “It’s very difficult to tell when your child is abnormally tired versus
       normal tired after a hot day and running around in the pool,” Rauch said. “The job of the lungs is to get oxygen into the blood and your
       brain needs oxygen to keep working, so when your brain isn’t getting oxygen, it can start doing funny things. One of them is becoming
       excessively tired, losing consciousness and the inability to be aroused appropriately.”
       Finally, there are changes in behavior, Rauch said — another tough call when dealing with very small children, whose moods and
       behavior can change from one minute to the next.
       “Another response of the brain to not getting oxygen is to do different things,” Rauch explained, saying parents should be concerned “if
       your child’s abnormally cranky, abnormally combative — any dramatic change from their normal pattern.”
       He admitted, “It is very difficult to pick this up sometimes.” But spotting the warning signs and getting a suspected victim to an
       emergency room can save a life, he added.
       Victims of dry drowning are treated by having a breathing tube inserted so that oxygen can be supplied under pressure to the lungs.
       “Then we just wait for the lung to heal itself,” he said.
       But for Cassandra Jackson, it’s knowledge gained too late. She and Meekins sat in her home, looking at pictures of the bright and happy
       son who was no more.
       “He was very loving, full of life,” the grieving mother said. “That was my little man.”

From: White, Debra - Insurance Services, Frederick
Sent: Tue 6/24/2008 9:42 AM
To:                                                                                               OCBP Slide Show
Subject: Sunday, June 22                                                                        Kristin is collecting photos to include in a slide show
                                                                                                  for the annual OCBP Awards Banquet. Please
Just writing to say what a fantastic job Lifeguard John (3rd Street), and his                    send any pictures that have potential for use in an
two assistants did assimilating many on the beach Sunday to review safety                                      OCBP slide show to her at
issues both in the water and on the beach. I was very impressed by their
knowledge and concern. Kudos OCBP for hiring and training such mature
and responsible young people to patrol our beaches!!! Hope you all have a
blessed and safe summer!

Debra A. White, CISR
Client Service Agent                                                                        
BB & T Frederick Underwriters Insurance
7200 Bank Court, P. O. Box 235
Frederick, MD 21705
                                      OCEAN CITY BEACH PATROL MARYLAND
                                    CHAPTER OF THE UNITED STATES LIFESAVING
                    The United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) is America’s nonprofit, professional association of beach
lifeguards and open water rescuers. The USLA works to reduce the incidence of death and injury in the aquatic environment through
public education, national lifeguard standards, training programs, promotion of high levels of lifeguard readiness and other means.

                               BENEFITS TO MEMBERS OF THE USLA INCLUDE:
    •   A one-year subscription to American Lifeguard Magazine… A $12.00 value.
    •   Eligibility to compete in USLA Regional, National and World Lifeguard Competitions.
    •   Eligibility for USLA Regional, National, and International Lifeguard Exchange Programs.
    •   Membership in the only United States open water lifeguard association.
    •   Access to USLA regional and national programs and conferences.
    •   Access to USLA MD OCBP Chapter, USLA Regional and National Board of Directors meetings.
    •   Access to free USLA public educational materials, i.e. posters, bookmarks, stickers, etc.
    •   All members of the chapter can vote in annual chapter elections and professional members can run for office.
    •   Regional T-shirt / chapter t-shirt

    The cost of membership is $25.00.
    Make checks payable to OCBPMD USLA Chapter.

        Name:________________________________ Phone:(______)_______-_______

        Permanent _______________________________________________________


        Membership: (circle one) PROFESSONAL*                            ALUMNI          ASSOCIATE JUNIOR

                 (circle one) RENEWAL or INITIAL

        Agency: Ocean City Beach Patrol Maryland
        Chapter: Ocean City Beach Patrol Maryland
        Region: Middle Atlantic

    •   A PROFESSIONAL member is an employee of the Ocean City Beach Patrol and has worked a minimum of eight hours with the Ocean City
        Beach Patrol in the calendar year.

                                         Payment Options
          Current OC Beach Patrol employees: By Mail with a check to:                                          Office Use

          __________(Initial) Yes, I would like to              OCBPMDUSLA President
          have $25 deducted from my pay so that I may           c/o Ocean City Beach Patrol                        Entered
          join the Ocean City Beach Patrol Maryland             109 Dorchester St.
          Chapter of the United States Lifesaving
                                                                Ocean City, MD 21842


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