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KATHERINE M. WINTER                                                              

                                              Seeking a position as a
                                          SOFTWARE ENGINEER
                                               Professional Profile
Determined, passionate, hard working individual with unyielding self motivation. 2+ years of C++ and 10+ years of
HTML programming experience combined with a passion for video games and the industry. Known for good teamwork
and leadership skills. Tenacious problem-solver with a strong work ethic. Willing to relocate anywhere.
                Bachelor of Science in Game Development, 2010 - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL
                                                 Technical Skills
Samples of work may be viewed on my website (– overview available on pg. 2
     Languages:            C/C++, C#, Win32, HTML, Java, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Lua script
     Platforms:            Windows, Game Boy Advance, iPhone
     APIs:                 DirectX, OpenGL
     Applications:         Visual Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Tortoise SVN, Alienbrain, Maya
      Solid knowledge of software architecture, class design, and program documentation.
                                         Software Project Highlights
                                More information about projects available on website
Animation, Gameplay programmer for Ginger Dead
  3D survival defense game using C++, DirectX, Lua, and Wwise.
  Team consists of 11 people: 1 Internal Producer, 8 Programmers, and 2 Artists.
  Implemented instancing animation by utilizing D3DX’s animation support. Loaded in entity attributes using Lua.
  Project lead for special effects.
Soloist programmer for Kerned Font / Bound Box Editor
   C# tool. Developed in one day.
   Really useful tool for creating bounding boxes on an image. Reads and writes files. Open source C++ code for
    adding files to project – available on my website.
Design & AI Lead, Gameplay programmer for Painter’s Nightmare – Award winning
  2D Real Time Strategy game. Developed by a team of four programmers, over a two-month timeframe using C++.
  Made mini-map, unit editor (C# tool), AI (unit & enemy decision making - state machine), design doc authoritarian.
  Received award “Best Game in Show” (of the class) – Dustin Clingman, CEO at IMI Labs, LLC.
                                                Work Experience
Total Immersion Software                        Alameda, CA
Software Engineer                               February 2011 - Present
   Constructed content creation tools for design team using C#.
   Designed, modified, and implemented C++ based code.
   Created Xml script files used to set up project environment.
   Wrote technical design documents for new systems. Included UML diagrams.
   Worked closely with senior engineers, designers, and producers.
   Work effectively both independently and part of the team, with minimal supervision.
   Used SWIG and Managed C++ to reuse C++ code in C#.
Chug                                            San Francisco, CA
Tools Programmer – Consultant                   October - December 2010
   Gathered and consolidated marketing data for development.
   Developed website data remapping application designed to analyze marketing data, developed in C++ and C#.
   Created database and website to display market data with UI using HTML, PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript.
   Setup and maintained database environment – Apache, MySQL, and PHP.
Game Developers Conference                      San Francisco, CA
Conference Associate                            March 2010 & 2011
 Responsible for being a point-of-contact for attendees.
 Answering attendees’ questions.
 Skills/Traits of flexible, adaptable, energetic, and enthusiastic.
                                  Professional references available upon request
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KATHERINE M. WINTER                                                        

Information available on
Website best viewed with Firefox & Google Chrome

   PDF copy of my resume for download
   Projects: Fully playable downloadable projects I programmed or was a programmer team member
         o   Custom tool created in C#
         o   Painter’s Nightmare
         o   Star Bound
         o   Ginger Dead

         o   Detailed description on each project

         o   Information on current projects
                   Äpfel zu Äpfeln (Apples to Apples)

   Source code examples:
        o Programming style
        o Source code quality

   Video clips of projects game play:
        o Painter’s Nightmare - two videos
        o Star Bound - two videos
        o Ginger Dead - one video

   More contact information:
        o LinkedIn
        o Twitter

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