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   Government of the Virgin Islands
       Central Administration Building
 # 33 Administration Drive, Wickhams Cay 1
             Road Town, Tortola
             British Virgin Islands
       Tel: (284) 468-3701, ext. 2178
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Appendix A: Organizational Chart ......................................................................54

Appendix B: Government Offices at Central Administration Building .................55

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Appendix D: 2005 Human Resources Budget....................................................57

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2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                                     1

In 2005 the Department of Human Resources continued to work towards
the service-wide vision of achieving a world-class Public Service. The
department was guided by its 2005 Work Plan which highlighted the
following initiatives to be accomplished:

      CONTINUED TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT: Using Flexible and Experiential
      HR QUEST- BVI
      HR-―TALK‖: Interactive Sessions

Major accomplishments included the introduction of a new performance management
programme, launch of the Employee of the Quarter initiative, publication of a new policy
on HIV and AIDS, and continuation of the on-going management training initiatives, in
addition to the completion of the Job Classification and Salaries Revision Project.

The following provides a brief overview of some of the department's accomplishments in

The Performance Management Programme, which will be fully implemented in the
2006 performance review cycle, was developed in consultation with the wider Public
Service, HR managers within the Service, together with H. Lavity Stoutt Community
College consultant Glennys Grimshaw. The objective was to create a performance
management system that promotes partnerships between employees and managers,
and sets objective measures of performance.

The Employee of the Quarter initiative was designed to reward top performers and
foster a culture of excellence in the Service. This initiative brought energy into the way
we reward outstanding performance as it inaugural ceremony was hosted by the
Governor and Government House

The HIV-AIDS in the Workplace policy was designed to create an environment of non-
discrimination and one in which public servants know the facts about HIV and AIDS.

Management training was conducted for the second year in a row, as a cadre of
managers and future managers within the Public Service were enrolled in management
courses at H. Lavity Stoutt Community College. The training is experiential and hands-
on, and allows managers to develop skills that are immediately applicable to their

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                           2
The Job Classification and Salaries Revision Project, was completed by the
Department of Human Resources and the Ministry of Finance. This process began in
2002. The new salary structure takes effect January 1, 2006. It includes non-established
workers, makes provision for upward financial mobility for technical posts, and reflects
reporting relationships within the Service.

The Authority of Devolved HR Functions would be a reality in early 2006 as Ministries
have passed a series of human resources audits. This authority would be devolved
under the authority of the Governor.

Job Rotation through Job Enrichment, provided for job employee enrichment. This
Service-Wide programme was launched in November, where employees were placed in
positions that correspond to their current level of responsibility, skills, and knowledge,
while exposing them to a new field, organisational culture, and style of management.

A far-reaching Wellness Fair, afforded Public Servants and the Public the opportunity
to be exposed to ways and benefits of a healthy lifestyle. This initiative would now be a
yearly effort geared to ensure a healthy workforce.

The HR-QUEST BVI Campaign continued in 2005 as recruitment ads and commercials
were launched as we continued to recruitment BVIslanders from abroad.

Management Competencies in the Public Service ensures that at all levels of the
organisation, employees will have an accurate knowledge of the knowledge, skills, and
overall competencies that will be needed to ensure their advancement through the
Public Service.

The revision of General Orders and PSC Regulations was completed and in 2006
implementation would be done following a final revision by the Attorney General‘s Office
along with final consultation with the Public Service through HR-Talk sessions.

Several HR-“TALK” interactive sessions were held throughout the year on various
topics that affected the Public Service. These sessions were held both at the Central
Administration Building in Road Town and also in Virgin Gorda. This continues to be a
popular forum that allows for information, animated discussions and direct feedback with
officers across the public sector.

The work of Human Resources Management is complex and requires a high level of
discipline, commitment and energy towards the betterment of employees. The Human
Resources Team, therefore, deserves to be commended for their relentless efforts
towards providing effective human resources leadership and support.

David D. Archer
Director of Human Resources

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                          3
                               STAFF LISTS

                       Director of Human Resources
                                   David D Archer

             Acting Deputy Director of Human Resources
                                   Keturah Crabbe

          Human Resources Manager, Employee Relations
                                    Clearlie Brown

           Human Resources Manager, Strategic Planning
                              Annette Dalmida-Scatliffe

   Human Resources Manager, Organization Development and
                                    Edna Williams

                            Benefits Administrator
                                    Sylvia George

                                Salaries Officer I
                                   Gweneth Fahie

             Senior Assistant Human Resources Manager
                                 Natasha Julius (Ag.)
                                 Malcia Henley (Ag.)

         Human Resources Counsellor, Employee Relations
                                  Noreen Callwood

                              Accounts Manager
                                   Clifford George

                    Personal Assistant to the Director
                                   Claire Chen See

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources         4
                 Assistant Human Resources Managers
                                   Jeremy Hodge
                                 Stacia Huggins-Foy
                                 Decoy Mactavious
                                  Joycelyn Walters
                                    Lisa Donovan
                                  Carmen Wheatley

                        Human Resources Assistant
                                   Leverne Dawson
                                   Mariet Cameron
                                   Harriet Cameron
                                   Charlene Potter

                       Human Resources Technician
                                    Susieth Smith

                     Human Resources Records Clerk
                                   Terrecita Blyden

                          Human Resources Clerks
                                     Iris Edwards
                                   Abbarah Brown
                                   Patrice Callwood
                                     Jason Jones
                                   Malacia Mathias
                                   Shermel Maduro

                  Office & Housing Services Technician
                                    Kendrick Cline

                  Human Resources Clerk/Receptionist
                                   Melrona George

                                   Nigel McKenzie

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources       5
                            TRAINING DIVISION
                             Chief Training Officer
                                    Cecilia Martin

                         Ag. Senior Training Officer
                                   Nolma Chalwell

                                Training Officer
                                  Joycelyn Turnbull
                                  Maude Frett (Ag).

             Administrative Cadet/Training Administrator
                                    Marsha Smith

                        Ag. Senior Executive Officer
                                   Levette Walters

                               Executive Officer
                                   Roslyn Lettsome
                                   Krystal Maynard

                                Clerical Trainee
                                   Ephraim Gordon

                         Clerical Trainee/Messenger
                                   Kareel Richards

                                 Office Cleaner
                                  Marva Mactavious

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources         6

The Department of Human Resources is a dynamic, facilitative organization
which responds to the needs of the Public Service, in a fair, just, equitable and
consistent manner, utilizing systems and procedures that keep pace with
technological advances.

It is also characterized by trained Human Resource Professionals who recognize
people as the Service‘s most valuable asset, and are committed to their effective
procurement, development and utilization.


To provide effective Human Resources management, leadership and support for
a vibrant, world class Public Service.

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                  7
                             EMPLOYMENT UNIT

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources   8

Strategic Intent

This Unit is established to ensure that the Public Service attracts, places and
appropriately retains the best-qualified human resources. In achieving this intent, the
Unit is also tasked with the job of workforce planning, which ensures that the right
number of appropriate human resources skills is available within the Public Service.
This Unit works in cohesion with the Strategic Planning Unit, which manages succession
planning. It also serves as the support of the Public Service Commission (PSC) to
ensure that the body receives accurate and strategic information regarding employment,
promotions, transfers, disciplinary matters and other staffing matters. The Unit also
supports the functions of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission.

Year in Review

The year 2005 saw a continuous effort to strengthen the human resources capacities
across the public service and as such, a strong focus was placed on enhancing our
performance management systems with the establishment and incorporation of
Competency Standards of Excellence for all levels of employees in the Public Service.
In addition, training to augment the revisions in the programme were delivered across
the Public Service and through HR Talks in Tortola and Virgin Gorda. In preparation for
HR Devolution, Ministry Audits were conducted by Desk Officers to assess each
Ministry‘s readiness to undertake specific HR Functions. Gaps were identified and
action plans to address the areas for improvement were developed and implemented
between Desk Officers and the Human Resources Managers in their client Ministries.

Public Service Commission

The Public Service Commission is a constitutionally appointed body whose responsibility
is to make recommendations to the Governor on Civil Service appointments, promotions,
transfers, discipline and terminations.

●   Membership

The Membership of the Public Service Commission includes five (5) members. They

Mr. Colin O‘Neal                    Chairman Resigned (February 2005)
Mrs. Marlene Penn-Trottman          Member
Mr. Ishmael Scatliffe               Member
Mr. Elvin Stoutt                    Member
Mr. Douglas Wheatley                Member

The Commission continued to meet on a weekly basis and took short breaks in August
and December 2005. Mr. David Archer, Director of Human Resources continued to be
the liaison on all Human Resources matters that were brought before the Commission.

After the resignation of Chairman O‘Neal, the remaining Commissioners performed the
duties as rotating Chairpersons for the remainder of the year. The Chairman continued

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                      9
to receive a stipend of $200 and the members received $165 for each meeting attended.
The total stipend paid to members for the year 2005 was $31,680 (members received an
acting stipend in the absence of a Chairman), an increase of $1,202.00 from 2004.

●       Activities Report

In 2005 there were fifty-two (52) meetings of the Public Service Commission. This
number increased by eight (8) from forty-four (44) in 2004. The Commission considered
four hundred and sixty-eight (468) memoranda, which is a decrease of 29 from 497 in

One hundred and fifty seven (157) persons were interviewed for appointments,
promotions and confirmation to the Public Service, a decrease of forty-three (43) from

The Commission met with the Permanent Secretaries during the course of 2005 together
with the Human Resources Managers of each Ministry and other Heads of Departments
in support of their recommendations regarding staffing matters.

The following tables show the volume of PSC recommendations and the percentage
variance between the years 2004 and 2005.

Table 1
Status                2004                   2005                   Variance

New                   31                     9                      -22
Renewals              59                     17                     -42
Extensions            03                     02                     -1

Total                 93                     28                     -65

Table 2

Study Leave Application
Status                              2004               2005            Variance

In-Service Training Leave           33                 24              - 9
Study Leave with Pay                45                 69              +24
Study Leave without Pay             01                 04              +3
Extension of Study Leave            10                 02              -8
Leave of absence                    06                 04              -2

Total                               95                 103             +8

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                       10
Table 3

Type                   2004                   2005                   Variance

Acting                 86                     55                     -31
Probationary           52                     39                     -13
Promotions             108                    105                    -3
Confirmations          83                     59                     -24
Transfers              04                     09                     +5
Secondment             03                     04                     +1

Total                  336                    271                    -65

●        Disciplinary Proceedings

The Public Service Commission recommended the implementation of disciplinary
proceedings in the case of thirteen (13) Officers. The disposition of these cases as
approved by His Excellency, the Governor was as follows:

    1.      Five (5) Officers were interdicted from duty.
    2.      Three (3) Officers received reprimands.
    3.      One (1) Officer received severe reprimands.
    4.      One (1) Officer remained outstanding to go before a Tribunal.
    5.      Three (3) Officer‘s cases were finalized during the course of 2005.
    6.      Two (2) Officers‘ cases remained outstanding at the end of the year pending
            the outcome of the relevant Court cases.
    7.      Three (3) Officers‘ cases remained outstanding at the end of the year
            pending further meetings with the Public Service Commission.

● Retirement
The Commission recommended that sixteen (16) Officers be granted their request to
retire from the Public Service. Two (2) employees retired on medical grounds.

● Transfers
Recommendations were made for nine (9) Officers to be transferred to various

 Secondments
Recommendations were made for four (4) secondments. One Officer was seconded
from the Royal Turks and Caicos Police force to the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force.
The remaining three (3) Officers were seconded to the Financial Services Commission.

● Abandonment of Post
The Commission recommended that three (3) Officers were deemed to have abandoned
their posts within the Public Service.

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                     11
● Advertisements
The number of Vacancy Notices issued by the Department on behalf of the Public
Service Commission for 2005 was 100, an decrease of four (4) from 104 in 2004.

Seven Hundred Sixty One (761) applications were received in 2005, a decrease of two
hundred ninety eight (298) from 2004. The Human Resources Department was
successful in filling fifty four (54) of the vacancies issued. This figure represents a
decrease of eight (08) from 2004.

The Department of Human Resources continues to advertise positions locally and
regionally in Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and United States Virgin Islands. In addition,
the Human Resources Department‘s Website as an advertisement medium has helped
to enhance our ability to advertise on an international level.

Judicial and Legal Service Commission

The Judicial and Legal Service Commission is the advising body established by the
Constitution to make recommendations to the Governor on all appointments, promotions,
transfers, study leave, leave of absence, retirement and discipline of officers, and
positions of a legal nature.

   Membership

The Commission is comprised of three (3) members:
Chairman:   Chief Justice, The Honourable Brian Alleyne, SC
Members:    Resident Presiding Judge, The Honourable Justice Indra Haraprashad-
            Charles, and the Chairman of the Public Service Commission (To be

   Activities Report

For the period under review, the Commission considered a total of fourteen (14)
memoranda. The Commission met once on 29th March 2005 and considered three
memoranda. The remaining eleven (11) memoranda were considered via circulation.

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                     12
Table 4

    Judicial and Legal Service Commission Activities
    Recruitment (New Appointments)
    Confirmation in Appointments
    Renewal of Contracts
    Extension of Contracts
    Acting Appointments
    Withdrawal of Consideration

    Total                                       12

     Advertisements

One post of Judicial Assistant, Supreme Court was advertised in 2005,

Recruitment Costs

The provision of $237,500.00, which constituted a sizeable portion of the Department‘s
expenditure in 2005 Estimates was allotted to cover recruitment costs. A total of
$200,482.47 was expended in this area.

Table 5
  Item                                 2004            2005             Differential
  Newspaper Ads                        $62,899.91      $39,516.91       - 23,383.00
  Airfare                              $90,252.61      $84,666.60       - 5,586.01
  Hotel Accommodation                  $19,003.22      $12,608.38       - 6,394.84
  Shipping of Personal Effects         $45,882.31      $28,146.04       - 17,1736.27
  Electricity                                          $8,314.04        + 8,314.04
  Miscellaneous                                        $27,230.50       + 27,230.50

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                     13
Performance Management

This unit was established to articulate and activate programmes that ensure ―our most
valuable assets‖ are treated fairly and derive the most of their careers through the
Performance Management Programme. To this end, adequate training and coaching on
effectively utilizing the system must be conducted and accepted.

   Year in review

In order for the Public Service of the British Virgin Islands to achieve their motto to, ―build
a world class public service‖, the Department of Human Resources gave high priority to
the revision of the Performance Management Programme (here in after referred to as,
―PMP‖). The Performance Management Unit focused on ways that the PMP can provide
public servants a clear perspective of how they can develop throughout their careers in
the public service and revisit the approach toward building partnerships between
employees and managers. Therefore, in an effort achieve the aforementioned the
following activities were delivered across the Public Service:

   Coaching Initiatives (Performance Management Tips)

Throughout the year informative, one page guides on pertinent procedures surrounding
PMP policies were issued via Lotus Notes and hard copies were distributed to each
Head of Department. For the period 2005, four (4) issues were released namely:
      o How to prepare for an appraisal discussion with an employee
      o How to develop and rate effective Standards and Objectives
      o Should I sign an appraisal I do not agree with? and
      o How to identify development needs

   Intervention Programme

In instances where an employee indicates their dissatisfaction with their evaluation
whether via the space provided on the evaluation form (Employee‘s Comments) or
through written correspondence, this unit determines if intervention is required based on
the preliminary information gathered through written documentation and telephone
contacts to the relevant parties. If required, a meeting is arranged and held between
manager/supervisor, employee and the performance manager where all parties sit to
discuss the ratings behind the objectives (on the performance evaluation form) and are
provided the opportunity to produce evidence to justify their stated positions.

This procedure built employee‘s confidence in the PMP as this affirmed (to public
servants) that there was a fair avenue for redress. In 2005, the unit has conducted
seven (7) interventions.

   Provide Training to Client Ministries and Departments

The main ingredient to ensuring the effective use of any tool is to ensure that the users
understand how to use it. The PMP Unit conducted a series of workshop presentations
for various Ministries and Departments on the intent and policies surrounding the PMP.
For the period in review fourteen (14) training sessions were conducted demonstrating to
public servants how their role ties into the ‗big picture‘.

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                          14
   Improved Client Service

Being that our customers are our primary purpose for our existence, they deserve
courteous and efficient service and are entitled to timely responses. Therefore, the PMP
Unit has put in place a strategy by which Performance Appraisals and Increment
Certificates are efficiently processed within a maximum of two (2) weeks upon receipt of
complete and accurate submissions.

In addition, this Unit has developed a worksheet (Appraisal Report) that provides details
regarding the submission of appraisals and increment certificates such as name and
post of officer, date and rating received, next appraisal and increment due. This was
developed to provide efficient service to clients (as it would also allow us to provide excel
worksheet updates via lotus notes to managers assisting them to better monitor their
performance review process ministry and department wide).

   Revision of the PMP

It was imperative that the existing performance system be strengthened to effectively
and accurately assess performance and as a result, the following are the major changes
that have been made to improve the programme:

1. Competency Standards of Excellence have been successfully incorporated into the

    Competency Standards are statements of the knowledge and skills required for
    public servants to perform well on a particular job and also give insight to what
    knowledge and skills it takes to get the next level.

2. The grading/scoring system has been improved:

    The scoring now reflects four (4) ratings instead of three (3) along with concise
    definitions for each score. The enhanced scoring system is more precise and
    provides opportunity for recognition of merit pay for top performers.

3. The Development Summary and Development Plan have also been improved:

    The revised Summary and Plan requires the appraiser to provide concise individual
    developmental feedback. Incorporation of the required Competencies and the
    development plan will go hand in hand and will assist in the conducting of effective,
    low stress performance reviews. A manager no-longer has to draft up what
    knowledge or skills an employee requires but only have to determine the best way
    for them to acquire the training (through their Ministry‘s Human Resources Manager)
    with the help of the Chief Training Officer and her staff.

Service-wide training will be conducted and completed by March 2006 to ensure that the
Public Service is equipped to effectively utilize the new PMP.

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                        15
Job Evaluation and Salaries Plan Project

In 2005 the Report on the Job Evaluation and Salaries Plan Project was submitted to
Executive Council. The initial decision of the Council gave direction to the Director of
Human Resources and the Financial Secretary to:
    • Receive and review appeals pertaining to the proposed Grades Structure
    • Amend the Grade Structure to include both Established and Non-Established
    • Revise the Salary Structure and provide implications on the wage bill and
    • Review by subcommittees, the salaries of Doctors and Lawyers within the Public

At the end of this work a revised report was submitted to Executive Council and on 24th
September & 30th November 2005, Executive Council approved with effect from January
1, 2006:
    • the Revised Grade Structure from 31 to 21 Grades for All Jobs in the Public
    • the Proposed Salary Structure
    • the application of a Scarcity Allowance
    • the conversion of Non-Established Employees who served 10 years or more to
        the Establishment
    • to compensate members of the Evaluation Committee and Appeals Work Group

By December 2005 information sessions on the final results of the Job Evaluation and
Salaries Plan Project were held with the following stakeholders:
             Management and Steering Committees
             Evaluation Committee
             Representatives from VI Civil Service Association, BVI Teachers Unions,
               Police Welfare Association
In addition, HR Talk Sessions on this topic were held in Tortola and Virgin Gorda for the
broader Public Sector to provide information and answer questions.

A team was formed to implement the grade structure and salary scale changes for 1
January 2006.

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                     16

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources   17


For the period of 2005 we were able to accomplish the following:

       1.      All units at admiralty Estate with the exception of one (1) unit (which is
               reserved) were rented during 2005.
       2.      Renovation was done on The Admiralty Estates by the owners of the
               building. The renovation began in May and was completed by July 2005.

The following appliances were replaced and tasks were done to improve the apartments
at Admiralty Estate:
               (i)    Fridge
               (ii)   Stoves
               (iii)  Old and broken windows
               (iv)   Building repainted
               (v)    Interior furnishings

At the end of 2005, there following outstanding tasks were needed to improve the interior
furnishings of Admiralty Apartments:
        1.      Chair covers to be replaced
        2.      Rattan furniture need to be painted
        3.      Beds and chest of draws to be replaced
        4.      Window blinds to be changed

In 2005 there were three (3) fulltime tenants occupying the living units for a period of a
year or more. There were six (6) units that were vacant. One of the two (2) bedroom unit
will be rented to the Hon. Lavity Stoutt Community College in January for a period of six
(6) months. This unit was rented to a Consultant from the United Kingdom who will be
conducting a training workshop for Marine and Ferry Captains.

A total of twelve (12) to sixteen (16) officers came to the Territory (Nurses, Doctors and
Lawyers) during said time and have had access to the apartments at Admiralty Estates
as an interim measure while they sought long term housing arrangements.

A total of $6,000 was received and paid in to the Treasury Department during this time.

Judges Chambers

The Judges Chambers at MacNamara also had some minor repairs done, including:
      (i)    Painting to both houses
      (ii)   Repairs to leaking roof

The security system on the properties changed and Vanguard Security is now managing
the system.

House at Fat Hog’s Bay

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                       18
The house at Fat Hog‘s Bay, continued to be occupied by a Contract Officer (Community
Health Nurse) and her family.

The following minor repairs were conducted by the Public Works Department:
        (i)   Small pieces of exterior walls re-plastered.
        (ii)  Hole in step leading to the entrance of the House repaired.
        (iii) Entire house repainted
        (iv)  Fence replaced

In 2005 rent collected on this property is at $5,800 in rent. The Public Works team
worked on getting this building up to par, and to a more comfortable living standards.

A list of Offices at the Central Administration Building in Road Town, Tortola, is attached
as Appendix B.

A list of Government Owned Property is attached as Appendix C.

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                       19
                         BENEFITS MANAGEMENT

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources   20


This unit is established to ensure that the Government offers a comprehensive benefit
package, which primarily includes the management of the BVI Government Medical
Insurance Coverage. This unit also manages the allotment of various allowances
including travel, telephone, housing, etc. Equally important is the unit‘s responsibility for
the management and administration of the Government Pension Laws by ensuring the
process for retirement is administered in a fair and consistent manner.

The Year in Review 2005

The year 2005 saw one officer who served for many years left on five (5) years leave of
absence. While another officer was recruited to fill the vacancy, other valuable
assistance came from the Accounts Officer within the Department. The majority of the
unit‘s work was in the area of processing Death Benefits. These were processed within
the Insurance Policy as well as in the Pensions Act.

In addition, several established and non established employees retired from the public
service due to age, length of service, abolishment of post, and marriage as set out in the
Pensions Act.

Several reports of job related injuries ranging from minor cuts and bruises to fractured
bones and sprains. Medical boards were set up for these in the usual manner. In
addition, Medical Boards considered two major cases that were carried forward from


During 2005, a total of eight (8) active full time established and non-established
employees died. In seven (7) cases death was caused by various health matters that
were classified as natural causes. One (1) male died as a result of homicide. Table 6
ists the employees who died during 2005.

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                         21
         Table 6


         Department Officer’s        Post held at    Age      Years of   Date of     Cause of
                    Name             time of death   at       Service    Death       Death
#                                                    Death

         Public         Jacqueline   Executive       44       12 years   17.10.05    Natural Causes
         Works          Rhymer       Officer                  5 months
         Post Office    Doreen       Clerical        46                  25.05.05    Natural Causes
    2.                  Smith        Officer

         Legislature    Paul         Legislator      59       1/2        06.07.05    Natural Causes
    3.                  Wattley

         Legal          Kendoy       Crown           30       11yrs      22.09.05    Homicide
    4.                  Penn         Counsel                  2 months

         Education      Elizabeth    Janitor         64       20 years   11. 07.05   Natural Causes
    5.                  Smith

         Facilities     Hilroy       Security        58       12 years   18.01.05    Natural Causes
    6.                  Douglas      Guard

         Solid Waste    Calvin       Labourer        46       10 years               Natural Causes
    7.                  Donovan

       Public           Eliot        Road            51       20 years   18.12.05    Natural Causes
    8. Works            Hodge        Engineer

         The medical insurance policy provides for a maximum death benefit of $10,000 which is
         paid on death by natural causes and $20,000 for accidental death other than natural

         All mentioned officers had medical insurance coverage. On presentation of the required
         documents, death benefits were processed with Atlantic Southern Insurance (ASICO). In
         December 2005, a total of $80,000 was paid to the beneficiaries of the deceased who
         were named on the insurance policies. There is an outstanding balance of $10,000
         pending due to the death of an officer in mid December 2005. This amount is being
         processed to be paid in early 2006.

         2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                 22

      During 2005 a total of seven (7) retirees died. Six persons died of various medical
      conditions classified as natural causes and one (1) by accidental death. All seven had
      medical insurance coverage. A total of $80, 000 was paid to beneficiaries during 2005.

      The Pensions (Amendment) Act 1994 makes provisio ns for the surviving spouse to
      receive 2/3 of the benefit paid to the deceased spouse. The spouses of two of the
      retirees were eligible to receive the 2/3 of the benefits paid to their spouses. The spouse
      of one officer who would have been eligible for the 2/3 benefit is not eligible for this
      benefits as she is receiving a higher pension than the 2/3 amount. Three were non
      established employees who were paid a one time lump sum compassionate gratuity at

      Table 7
No#      DEPARTMENT               OFFICER            DATE OF DEATH        Remarks
  1.     Disaster                 Arthur Swain       16 March, 2005       2/3 benefit paid to spouse
  2.     Social Development       Claudia Martin     17 August, 2005      2/3 benefit paid to spouse

  3.     Public Work              Rufus Scatliffe    30 April, 2005       2/3 benefit paid to spouse

  4.     Labour                   Wendell Potter     25 May, 2005         2/3 benefit paid to spouse
  5.     Education                Icilda Frett        27 December,        Pending information – no
                                                     2005                 spouse

  6.     Magistrate Office        Gladstone          19 December,         Spouses pension is more
                                  Forbes             2005                 than 2/3.
  7.     Public Work Dept.        Recardo Blyden     3 December,          Was paid a one time lump
                                                     2005                 sum compassionate
                                                                          gratuity on hi his retirement

      2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                       23
   Table 8
NAME OF         Payment of                Benefits Due on              TOTAL     REMARKS
OFFICER         INSURANCE                 PENSIONS
                Policy                    (Increase Of
                                          Entitlement) Act,
Icilda Frett          $10,000             -----------                  Pending    No spouse

Glastone Forbes       $10,000             2/3 benefit due to           Pending   Spouse‘s monthly
                                          spouse                                 pension is higher than
Ricardo Blyden        $10,000             --------------------------   Pending   Was paid a one time
                                                                                 compassionate gratuity
                                                                                 at retirement

Kenmore Grant         $10,000             --------------------         -Paid     Same as above

Wendell Potter        $20,000             2/3 benefit due to           Paid      Spouse paid 2/3 of
                                          spouse                                 monthly pension
Melvin Flemming       $10,000             -------------                Paid      Paid a one time lump
                                                                                 sum gratuity at
Rufus Scatliffe       $10,000             2/3 benefit                  $10,000   2/3 benefit paid to
                                          Due to spouse                          spouse

Arthur Swain          $6,500              2/3 benefit to               $6,500    2/3 benefit paid to
                                          spouse                                 spouse


    A death benefit of $25, 678.50 due to the estate/ legal personal representative of an officer who
    died in 2004 is still outstanding. A family member has made an application to the High Court to
    be appointed as the legal personal representative of the estate of the deceased. It is hoped that
    payment of the outstanding amount could be made during 2006.

    Also outstanding are two other benefits as a result of the deaths of two (2) officers who died of
    homicide and natural causes in the last quarter of 2005. The families have made applications to
    the High Court for letters of administration to the estate of the deceased officers. On
    presentation of the required documentation payments of $44,653.00 and $31,164.07 would be
    made respectively.

    2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                     24
                           EMPLOYEE RELATIONS UNIT

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources   25

   Strategic Intent (Employee Relations Unit)

The Unit‘s main function is to improve and establish effective and innovative ways to ensure the
continuous improvement of our ―human‖ resources by addressing work related issues that
destabilise job performance.

The Employee Relations Unit is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of Public
Servants by providing confidential and timely assistance that will enable them to resolve work-
related problems that undermine job performance and prevents them from rendering
exceptional Government services.

To serve as a channel for the resolution of Officers‘ work related problems by providing
mediation intervention, effective resources and the promotion of self-development and overall

To establish operating procedures, programmes, education and effective initiatives directed
towards ensuring a better Public Service

To promote outstanding public relations among our internal customers by working closely with
management and support staff to help resolve work related problems and improve

To bring awareness of Public Officers‘ outstanding contributions and initiatives to the Service
and establish appropriate acknowledgement and recognition in order to encourage work place

   Year in Review

During the year 2005, the Employee Relations Unit staff developed, presented and participated
in the following array of initiatives and activities to benefit our Public Officers:
       o   As indicated in last year‘s report, a very important objective of the ERUnit was to
           train and assist supervisors to appropriately identify and appropriately process timely
           referrals of troubled and under-performing Public Officers for EAP intervention. To
           that end, a Supervisor‘s Guide has been developed, and the formal Supervisory
           Training was completed in January 2005. The Unit has plans to render make-up
           training sessions in 2006.

       o   The ER Unit finalised and implemented a service-wide reporting system that helps to
           encourage Public Officers to strive for excellence in their endeavours. The
           established guidelines direct all written and verbal commendations/
           recommendations received for outstanding service, to the ER Unit for appropriate
           and uniformed acknowledgement to both internal and external customers.

       o   This year the Unit has again contributed significantly in the co-ordination of the
           Employee Recognition Ceremony during Public Service Week; was instrumental in

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                      26
           the organisation of Career Day and participated in the planning of activities for our
           retirees, including the second Annual Retirement Dinner.

       o   An Employee of the Quarter/Year Committee, involving staff from all the Ministries,
           including the Sister Islands Co-ordinator, was established with full support from the
           Heads of Departments to recognise our employees on an ongoing basis. Surveys
           were randomly disseminated across the Public Service, and positive feedback
           indicated full support for such a scheme. This programme was officially launched in
           the last quarter of 2005.

       o   The Gym programme was officially transferred from the Public Sector Development
           Programme Unit to the ER Unit, during the last quarter of 2003. The Dynamic
           Fitness Center has been added as one of our providers for our Public Officers
           residing in Virgin Gorda and the Cutting Edge Gym continues to be fully utilised by
           our employees on Tortola. By implementing an inactive status for persons not
           utilising the Gym during any quarterly period, Public Officers who really want to gain
           the health benefits from exercising now have a better chance to join based on
           availability during each quarter.

       o   Periodic inspections of our contracted wellness centres are conducted, and
           improvements are recommended, where necessary. Health-related
           recommendations, including wellness information/education has been promoted and
           shared with employees, especially during our EAP Orientation sessions and in the
           Human Resources Newsletter, to help them become aware of the importance of
           living a healthier life-style. A total Wellness Fair was established and launched at the
           Central Administrative Building during the 4th quarter of 2005.

       o   ―The Emphasis‖, edited by the ER Unit, is a quarterly HRD newsletter that is geared
           towards highlighting the Department of Human Resources‘ activities; specifically,
           changes and initiatives that could have a significant impact on the Public Service.
           Special importance is placed on Health & Wellness educational information based on
           a world-wide awareness perspective, HR Matters, HR Highlights---and usually
           features a ‗thought-provoking‘ message from the Director of Human Resources.

       o   A service-wide Incident Reporting Form and Operating Procedure/Guidelines have
           been developed to capture a variety of crucial incidents, misconduct and special
           milestones, which occur within the workplace. This multi-purpose tool is designed to
           guide the Public Service in strategically planning toward a better working
           environment that will be more conducive to job satisfaction, improved
           performance/productivity and self-development. Feedback received through this
           process will enable the management staff to develop and implement meaningful Risk
           Management measures and to explore means of reducing the waste of valuable
           resources while appropriately directing essential resources where needed. This
           initiative went before the Heads of Department for vetting in June and was
           implemented officially in July 2005.

       o   In conjunction with our National HIV/AIDS Programme Co-ordinator and the Ministry
           of Health and Welfare, the ER Unit developed and implemented a training plan to
           help bring awareness and education to our employees regarding dealing with
           HIV/AIDS in the workplace. This initiative is essential for the advancement of the
           Public Service and the community and is urgently needed in order to sensitise

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                       27
            employees with the facts that will assist them in coping with co-workers living with
            this disease. This project involved the preparation of an Executive Counsel
            submission. It was launched in October 2005, and the official training began early in
            November 2005.

     Table 9

        ER Unit Activities – 2005                                    Individual Contacts

    Employee Commendations (written)                                          50
    Crisis/Critical Incidents Condolences - (written)                         38
    Special Milestones/Congratulations. - (written)                           35
    Exit Interviews (face to face & telephone-Retirees)                       12
    Work/Career Counselling &
    EAP Counselling (face to face-individual)                                 155
    EAP Orientations (number of Public Officers, including
    supervisors, fully oriented)                                              185
    EAP Supervisor‘s Guide Training                                            65
    HIV/AIDS Workplace Awareness Training                                     135
    Other ERU written contacts—EAP Departmental Reports,
    Retirees, Gym, Employee of the Quarter Surveys,
    Distinguished Service Nominees etc.                                      1230

    Total Employee Relations Unit Contacts                                   1905

    Ongoing Activities
       o The ER Unit has been called upon as a conduit to help clarify and resolve Public
           Officers‘ issues such as: ―unhealthy and unsafe‖ physical working environments, job
           injury, insurance and other fringe benefits, stagnant salary and career development

        o   As in previous years, upon notification of a co-workers‘ death or serious injury, the
            ER Unit staff has visited the homes and/or hospital of the family/individual and has
            acknowledged their situation, in writing, on behalf of the BVI Government. (The visits
            are often accompanied with a floral arrangement). The Unit continues to render
            crisis counselling sessions to individuals, Units and Departments, as needed.

        o   Immediately after the EAP Supervisor‘s Training, there has been a noted increase in
            the number of employee referrals by management staff needing assistance in
            dealing with low-performing employees. As a result, individual and group counselling
            sessions have been conducted to address workplace and personal conflict issues
            and to help to identify the root-cause of the problem(s).

            Recommendations were presented to the Director of Human Resources and to
            specific Heads of Department for necessary action. Employees can also receive
            valuable information regarding problem solving techniques and how to access the
            EAP services in the Link Publication that is published quarterly, (Ask the EAP).

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                      28
       o   The benefit of the Exit Interview process is two fold; it assists the Public Officer in
           making a smooth transition to private life, and it provides the HR Department with
           pertinent information that can be strategically utilised to improve the way the
           Government serves its‘ internal customers. The ER Unit has not been as successful
           as it hoped to have been in attracting employees who are leaving the Public Service
           to participate in Exit Interviews. However, I am pleased to report that the Unit staff
           assisted in the development and presentation of a very successful workshop
           developed in collaboration with the Training Division, to assist Public Officers, who
           are scheduled to retire in 2006, with a smoother transition from the Public Service.

       o   Employees continue to seek direct counselling from this Unit regarding their
           professional development. Most of the guidance that is rendered pertains to training
           and promotional opportunities. Three major aspects of job dissatisfaction involve
           conflict experienced with supervisors, insufficient salary and the stress incurred due
           to the inability to afford insurance premiums for their families.

Employee Assistance Programme Activities
Table 10

EAP Activity-2005         Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr   May   Jun   Jul   Aug   Sept   Oct   Nov   Dec   Total
Telephone Inquiries       2     1     3     3     2     1     2     3     3      1     1     2     24
Persons Counselled        6     17    7     6     14    11    12    22    14     13    18    15    155
Professional Referrals    1     1     1     0     1     1     0     0     1      0     0     0     6
New Cases                 1     3     0     0     4     2     3     6     3      3     3     1     29
Cases Closed              0     1     0     2     1     2     2     1     2      2     1     2     16
Crisis Interventions      1     0     0     0     2     0     1     0     1      1     0     1     7
Educational Promotions/
EAP Supervisor‘s          3     4     0     2     0     2     0     0     1      1     0     1     14
EAP Departmental
                          0     1     1     1     10    7     0     6     4      1     1     0     32
Wellness Programme        0     0     0     3     0     0     0     0     0      0     0     1     4
Total Activities          14    28    12    17    34    26    20    38    29     22    24    23    287

   From the inception of the Employee Assistance programme to present, the Unit has
   conducted 53 official EAP Orientations directly to departments, units and small groups to
   educate our employees about the services of the programme and to share other ER
   initiatives and educational resources that can positively affect their lives.

   A very important objective of the ER Unit is to promote outstanding public relations among
   our internal customers by working closely with management and support staff to help
   resolve work related problems and improve communication. The Unit has developed an
   EAP Supervisor‘s Guide, and has concluded an official training for all supervisors within the
   Public Service during the first half of 2005. The Unit‘s 2006 Work Plan provides for a
   second round of training for those who did not attend in 2005.

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                           29
   In conclusion, the Unit is especially pleased to report that there is a steady increase in the
   amount of employees who have sought counselling services through the EAP. During 2003,
   the first year in which the programme commenced, the EAP Counsellor conducted 58
   individual counselling sessions. Eighty-eight (88) sessions were performed in 2004, which
   resulted in a 52% increase in utilisation. Moreover, there were 155 sessions in 2005, which
   amounts to a 76% increase over 2004. This is an excellent indicator that government
   employees are building confidence and trust in the programme and that meaningful help is
   being extended.

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                     30

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources    31

Strategic Intent

This Unit was established to analyse the systems and processes within the Human Resources
Department (HRD) and the Departments and Ministries that it supports. With the meticulous and
continuous review of procedures, this unit manages the Succession Planning Programme for
the Public Service and ensures that there is a transfer of knowledge from those retiring, and
more importantly, ensures that everyone in the Service is being prepared to take on
responsibilities at a higher level.

The Year in Review 2005

In order for the Public Service of the British Virgin Islands Government to be successful,
Succession Planning was of high priority within the Human Resources Department. The
Strategic Succession Planning Unit focused on ways to recruit, motivate and cultivate talent for
the future without negatively affecting existing Public Servants.

Traditionally, the HR Department relied on the foundation of a local talent-pool and the
ultilisation of advertising to fill vacant posts. However, as a direct result of the turnover,
retirement, a limited number in the local talent pool and a booming private sector market, HRD
adapted a more systematic succession planning practice, to attract and retain top talent.

As one of the first steps taken to address the impacts of the above mentioned, the Unit
requested an updated organizational chart from each Ministry/Department to review the
structure and identify key positions within the Public Service in accordance to the
Ministry/Department‘s Strategic Plans. Based on the updated organizational charts, the Unit
was able to provide the Employment Unit staff with monthly vacancy reports to facilitate more
efficient placement of public servants.

In an effort to continually improve the effectiveness of the recruitment process, the Department
launched HR Quest BVI. HR Quest BVI is a campaign that focuses heavily on the recruitment
of BVIslanders. The Department understands the importance of becoming the ―Employer of
Choice‖ by actively recruiting BVIslanders since their return and participation within the Public
Service can only be rewarding and enriching for our community.

In late July, during festival activities, the HR Department with the partnership of The BVI Tourist
Board held its first annual HR Quest BVI-Job Fair. The Job Fair was an effort to ensure that the
BVI Government is sufficiently staffed with the right set of people who believe in
professionalism, dedication and the overall goal of delivering effective and efficient service.
Additionally at the same time, building an accurate database for the purpose of recruiting
qualified BVIslanders for future jobs and consultancies.

Interested persons were presented a folder with a list of current job vacancies that existed in the
Public Service and were also asked to provide their contact information for instances where
their services may be needed. This event was well received throughout the community. The
crowd traffic was slow due to the fact that many BVIslanders abroad didn‘t arrive to the Territory
until the weekend of 31st July. During the week of 9th August, there was a significant increase in
e-mail inquiries from BVIslanders abroad requesting information. Approximately forty-five (45)

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                       32
individuals signed the register log and ten (10) interested persons have returned employment

In addition to the outreach activities listed above, a series of recruitment commercials were
produced and aired during the summer month. The main theme of the commercial was the BVI
Government as the Employer of Choice.

In late August, in preparation for the HR Devolution, the Unit studied all the key processes and
procedures within the Employment Unit with an approach to integrate the implementation of
Strategic Succession Plans within the portfolio of the Employment Unit. The Strategic
Succession Planning Manager reviewed all current policies, procedures and practices and upon
completion made recommendations by which the Department could effectively coordinate the
two Units operations in the area of recruitment, employment and external/internal mailing

Further efforts to provide opportunities to develop our current staff resulted in the second year of
Management Training with H. Lavity Stoutt Community College. The experiential, hands-on
training allows managers to develop skills that are immediately applicable to their jobs and
careers, more importantly, the training occurred while on the job. Another key initiative in
creating developmental opportunities for public officers was realized in the first round of ―Job
Rotation through Job Enrichment. This service-wide programme was launched in November
and allowed for employees to be temporarily reassigned to their corresponding position in
another Ministry while exposing them to a new field, organisational culture and style of

In addition, the Unit was part of the comprehensive revision of the General Orders and in
collaboration with the Training Division and PSDP in the first and second phases of the
Competency Standards of Excellence framework project.

During 2005 work began on the development of a website for the Department of Human
Resources with the intention to launch this new site by early 2006.

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                       33

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources   34

Strategic Intent

This Unit is responsible for providing solutions to human resource problems within the Public
Service. To this end, it serves as a change agent by implementing new projects and
procedures that will enhance the delivery of human resource services. This is accomplished
using the Organisational Development (OD) approach, which follows the belief that the
organisation has the right answers to its own questions.

The Unit applies the OD processes by acting as the human resources internal consultant. This
requires designing, developing and implementing special projects that ensure the overall human
resource product for the Public Service is equivalent to other leading organisations. A valid
example of this approach can be seen by the policies and procedures that have been developed
to support the devolution of human resources.

As such, in collaboration with the Director and Deputy Director, the Unit is responsible for the
development and implementation of HR programmes and projects. This Unit assists in the
development and interpretation of policies and procedures that will manage and conserve
human resources by evaluating programmes, researching information and providing technical
advice on the various tasks.

The Authority of Devolved HR Functions would be a reality in early 2006 as Ministries have
passed a series of human resources audits, which indicate a level of readiness for devolution.
This authority would be devolved under the authority of the Governor.

The revision of General Orders and PSC Regulations was completed by diligent work group
representing public officers across the Service. In 2006 implementation would be done
following a final revision by the Attorney General‘s Chambers along with final consultation with
the Public Service through HR-Talk sessions.

Working in conjunction with members from the Employee Relations Unit and the Ministry of
Health and Welfare, the HIV-AIDS in the Workplace policy was designed to create an
environment of non-discrimination and one in which Public Servants know the facts about HIV
and AIDS.

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                      35
                                 TRAINING DIVISION

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources   36


The year 2005 continued to be a productive one for the Training Division. The activities were
designed to reflect the Division‘s Mission Statement, it‘s work plan for 2005 and to implement
the strategic goals of the Training Division. The strategic goals in turn form part of the strategic
plan for the Departments in the Governor‘s Group.

During 2005 the Training Division requested input from Government Departments in an effort to
cater to the training needs of Public Servants and to expand the range of training programmes
being offered. The Division also realised an increase in the number of Public Servants who
request approval to attend the Training Programmes being offered.


The mandate of the Training Division, as outlined in its Service Charter, is to provide
appropriate training and development for all civil servants, empowering them to deliver effective
and efficient services to the Public.


The Training Division is accountable to the Deputy Governor, through the Director of Human
Resources for services, which include the following:

       Identifying and assessing training needs and developing programmes to meet those

       Administering local and overseas in-service training programmes for Public Servants;

       Organising and coordinating training programmes for Public Servant;

       Recommending training and development policies;

       Maintaining up-to-date training records and reports relative to trainees, programmes,
        institutions, finance etc.


―Training begins with us and continues with you‖. This means that the Division facilitates
training, but applying what was learnt ensures development.

   Strategic Goal: Greater alignment between local staff skills/competencies and the strategic
    priorities of the public service.

   Objectives:

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                        37
   1.      Administer the BVI Government study leave and scholarship programme efficiently
           and effectively in accordance with the Governor‘s directives, the decisions of the
           Study Leave Administration Board and the Public Service Commission (PSC) and
           the PSC Regulations.
   2.      Design and administer appropriate, cost effective in-service training and
           development programmes for the Public Servants.
   3.      Improve the strategic and operational linkages with HLSCC in order to increase and
           expand the range of training programmes available to Public Servants.
   4.      Provide logistical and administrative support to the individual Government ministries
           and departments, to make arrangements for specific training programmes or short-
           term courses for their staff, when possible and if funds permit.
   5.       Identify the training and human resource needs of the BVI Government service and
           formulate an implementation plan to address those needs.

By the end of the year the following key results were achieved:

       One hundred and sixty-eight (168) civil servants were on study leave to pursue tertiary
        education leading to diplomas or degrees; this included, sixteen (16) officers who
        attended the Management Diploma Course and twenty-five (25) officers who attended
        the Professional Office Procedures and Management Programme on a job release basis
        and thirty-three (33) officers graduated this year;

       Seventeen (17) in-service training workshops were conducted;

       In collaboration with University of the West Indies, a new training programme entitled
        ―Professional Office Procedures and Management‖ was introduced;

       The Training Division provided support services for various Government departments as
        evidenced by seventy-six (76) bookings of the conference room and training facilities. It
        also provided partial or full financial support for thirteen (13) officers to attend short
        courses locally or overseas and for twenty–one (21) officers to attend training in Disaster
        Management at HLSCC;


At the beginning of the year the staff was comprised of the following:

        Mrs. Cecilia Martin           - Chief Training Officer
        Mrs. Nolma Chalwell           - Ag. Senior Training Officer
        Mrs. Joycelyn Turnbull        -Training Officer
        Mrs. Marsha Smith             - Assistant Human Resources Manager
        Ms. Maude Frett               - Ag. Administrative Officer
        Mrs. Levette Walters          - Ag. Senior Executive Officer
        Ms. Roslyn Lettsome           - Executive Officer
        Ms. Krystal Maynard           - Ag. Executive Officer
        Mr. Ephraim Gordon            - Clerical Trainee
        Mr. Kareel Richards           - Messenger/Clerical Trainee
        Mrs. Marva Mactavious         - Office Cleaner

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                       38
 The following staff changes occurred during the year:

        Mrs. Juana Samuel-Murry was appointed to act in the post of Senior Executive Officer
         effective 3rd June 2005 to replace Mrs. Levette Walters whose temporary appointment

        Ms. Pearlette Dawson, Senior Training Officer returned from study leave in August and
         was appointed to act in the post of Chief Training Officer to replace Mrs. Cecilia Martin
         whose contract appointment expired.

        Miss Abigail Jones was appointed to the post of Administrative Cadet with effect from
         17th August 2005 following her return from study leave.

 At the end of the year the staff composition was as follows:

         Ms. Pearlette Dawson          – Ag. Chief Training Officer
         Mrs. Nolma Chalwell           – Ag. Senior Training Officer
         Mrs. Joycelyn Turnbull        – Training Officer
         Ms. Maude Frett               – Ag. Training Officer
         Mrs. Marsha Smith             – Assistant Human Resources Manager
         Mrs. Juana Samuel-Murry       – Ag. Senior Executive Officer
         Ms. Roslyn Lettsome            – Executive Officer
         Ms. Krystal Maynard           – Ag. Executive Officer
         Mr. Ephraim Gordon            – Clerical Trainee
         Mr. Kareel Richards           – Clerical Trainee/Messenger
         Mrs. Marva Mactavious         – Office Cleaner

    Changes in staffing positions:

 The Training Division continues to utilise one of the Assistant Human Resources Manager‘s
 positions from the establishment of the Human Resources Department.

 The Training Division conducted seventeen (17) In-service workshops. These workshops were
 held from January – December 2005 at the Training Division. The following table provides
 relevant information on these workshops:

 Table 11

                                                                        # OF          # OF
WORKSHOP                   DATES               FACILITATORS             PARTI-        DEPT.
                                                                        CIPANTS       REPS
Fundamentals of Public     11 – 15 January     Mr. Donley Carrington , 18             13
Sector Accounting                              UWI
Records Management         21st Feb – 1st      Mrs Elizabeth Williams 93
                           March               and Sonia Black, UWI
Conflict Resolution        15th – 16th March   Mrs. Andrea Hamm         17            13

 2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                        39
                                                                      # OF      # OF
WORKSHOP                   DATES             FACILITATORS             PARTI-    DEPT.
                                                                      CIPANTS   REPS
Junior Induction           22nd – 24th March Senior Civil Servant     27        22

First Aid Training         21st April        Mrs Ann Russell          9         7

First Aid Training         29th April        Mrs Ann Russell          10        9

First Aid Training         2nd May           Mrs Ann Russell          10        9

First Aid Training         9th May           Mrs Ann Russell          7         5

Government Accounting      24th – 25th May   Staffs, Internal Audit   37        28

Preparing for Retirement 7th – 8th June      Various Resource         12
Customer Service &         31st May – 1st    Mrs. Nolma Chalwell      33        28
Communication Skills       June
J D Edwards Internal       2nd – 5th May     Mr. Colvin Israel       33         6
Audit Training                               Enterprise Risk Service
Motivational Factors       23rd August       Mrs Charmaine Spencer 23           17
Impacting Performance in
the Workplace
Competency Training        28th September    Mrs. Glenys Grimshaw, 15           14
Junior Induction Course    6th – 8th         Senior Public Servants 26          18
Senior Induction Course    11th – 12th October Senior Public Servants 21        15

Junior Secretarial         8th – 9th November Mrs. Nolma Chalwell     27        19


    Diploma in Management

     The second training programme in management for senior officers commenced in
     September 2005. Sixteen (16) officers commenced the programme, which was conducted
     by the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College. Successful completion of the programme will
     lead to the award of a Management Diploma issued by the Chartered Management Institute
     (CMI) of the United Kingdom

     The aim of the programme is to train a group of professionals for senior management
     positions, in keeping with the Human Resources Department succession-planning
     programme. The programme utilises a new approach to training where experiential and

 2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                  40
    application learning is emphasized. It also utilizes the concept of competency standards
    and forms part of the Human Resources Department initiative to introduce competency
    standards of excellence to the Public Service. The Management Diploma programme is
    being administered as follows:

   Course Content:
    The programme consists of fourteen (14) modules delivered over a one-year period.

   Delivery:
    The teaching sessions are being delivered through monthly workshops held on a day-
    release basis from September 2005 – August 2006. The programme is conducted by a
    consultant of HLSCC Mrs. Glennys Grimshaw with some of the teaching staff of the College.
    The HLSCC Consultant is a certified trainer and external verifier of the Chartered
    Management Institute (CMI).

   Certification:
    The Diploma in Management will be issued by the Chartered Management Institute of the
    United Kingdom.

   Target Group:
    New and potential Heads of Departments and Assistant Secretaries, who will benefit from
    formal training in management who are expected to be appointed or promoted to senior
    management positions.

    The Human Resources Department launched the ―Competency Standards of Excellence‖
    programme, in collaboration with the Training Division, PSDP and H. Lavity Stoutt
    Community College in 2004. The Management Diploma course forms part of this
    programme. HLSCC recruited a consultant from the United Kingdom to assist them in
    administering the diploma programme and to prepare the College to obtain formal
    accreditation from CMI to serve as the first regional awarding institution. This in turn will
    enable the College to continue to deliver CMI programmes in the future to facilitate the
    sustainability of the Government‘s Competency Standards of Excellence programmes.


    The Training Division, in collaboration with the University of the West Indies School of
    Continuing Studies (Tortola), commenced a training programme in September, 2005 in
    Professional Office Practices and Management for officers who perform Administrative or
    Supervisory duties. Twenty-five (25) officers commenced the programmer, which was
    conducted by the University of the West Indies School of Continuing Studies. The
    Programme is operated on a work release basis from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Mondays,
    Wednesdays and Thursdays. The courses being offered are Office Procedures, Business
    Communication, Office Management and Introduction to Management and Office Relations.
    Participants who successfully complete the course will be eligible to continue to pursue the
    Certificate or Associate Degree programme in Professional Office Procedures and
    Management with the University of the West Indies. The candidates may also apply for
    credits to be transferred to the certificate or degree level. The duration of the entire course
    is four months.

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                        41

    The Training Division continued to provide scholarships which were approved by the Study
    Leave Assessment Board (SLAB) and the Public Service Commission (PSC) for recipients
    who met the conditions of the award. Public Servants awarded scholarships were fully
    financed by the Government of the BVI which was administered by the Training Division.

    During 2005, one hundred and sixty-eight (168) Civil Servants received Government
    financial assistance. This included sixty-nine (69) new awards and thirty-three (33) officers
    who graduated in 2005, representing careers in twenty-three (23) subject areas. The awards
    were issued to pursue studies in a range of nine (9) different countries/regions, (including
    BVI students at the local UWI Centre‘s School of Continuing Studies).

    Details of the awards are summarised below in Tables 12 -15 below.

Table 12
                                                          NO.# OF
COUNTRY OF STUDY                                          CONTINUING

Australia                                                 1

British Virgin Islands (HLSCC)/UWI                        83

Caribbean                                                 5

USVI or Puerto Rico                                       17

United States                                             49

Canada                                                    1

England                                                   12

TOTAL                                                     168

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                     42
Table 13

    SUBJECT AREA                      2004 GRADUATES

    Accounting                        2
    Business Administration           2

    Computer Information Systems      2

    Computer Science                  3
    Child & Family Development        1

    Court Reporting                   1

    Counselling                       1
    Education                         2
    Early Childhood Studies           1

    Electrical Engineering            1
    Emergency Administration
    Fine Arts                         1
    Health Administration             1

    Human Services                    3

    Finance                           1
    Law                               1

    Legal Education                   1
    Management Studies                2

    Nursing                           1

    Policy Studies                    1
    Psychology                        1

    Public Administration             2

    Science                           1
    TOTAL                             33

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources     43

           Type of Awards                                No.          %
           New Awards                                -    69          41
           Terminated (Completed) Awards             -    33          20
           Continuing Awards                         -    66          39

           Total                                         168          100%

Table 14

                      SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED IN 2005

                                                               New Awards
       39%                                 41%
                                                               Terminated (Completed)
                                                               Continuing Awards


2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                 44
Table 15

2004 – 2005 STUDENT AWARDS
                                2004       2005       2004     2005
                                AWARDS     AWARDS     AWARDS   AWARDS
Accounting                      2              6     2         4
Agricultural Science            1              0     0         1
Animal Health                   0              0     0         1
Architecture                    2              2     1         1
Art Education                   1              1     0         0
Business Administration         18             6     3         2
Business Education              0              0     0         0
Business Management             2              0     0         0
Child & Family Development      1              0     0         0
Civil Engineering               3              4     1         0
Clinical Psychology             1              1     0         0
Criminal Justice                2              1     2         0
Communication Disorders         1              0     0         0
Computer Engineering            1              2     0         0
Computer Information System     2              2     0         0
Computer Science                3              2     1         1
Computer Studies                3              2     1         0
Counselling                     1              1     1         0
Court Reporting                 2              1     0         0
Criminal Justice                0              0     2         0
Criminology                     1              0     0         0
Cytotechnology                  1              1     0         0
Dentistry                       1              0     0         0
Drafting Design Technology      1              1     0         1
Economics                       2              0     0         0
Education                       2              4     0         0
Engineering/ Land Survey        1              2     1         0
Electrical Engineering          3              2     0         0
Elementary Education            5              0     0         3
Emergency Services              0              0     0         0
English Education               2              1     0         0
English Literature              1              0     0         0
Environmental Health            2              1     0         0

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                  45
2004 – 2005 STUDENT AWARDS
                                 2004       2005       2004     2005
                                 AWARDS     AWARDS     AWARDS   AWARDS
Fine Arts                        1             1     0          0
Forestry                         1             0     1          0
Finance                          0             1     0          1
Graphic Communication            1             1     1          0
Health Administration            1             1     1          0
Health Information Management 1                0     0          1
Human Resources Management 36                  1     1          0
Human Services                   5             6     1          1
Industrial Arts                  1             1     0          0
Industrial Education             1             1     0          0
Information Technology           1             1     0          1
Land Survey                      1             0     0          0
Law                              8             5     2          2
Legal Studies                    2             3     2          2
LLB-Legal Education              1             2     0          0
Management                       18            3     18         1 (+16)
Marine Biology                   0             0     0          0
Mass Communication               1             1     1          0
Medical Imaging                  0             0     0          1
Music Education                  1             1     1          0
Natural Science                  1             1     1          0
Network Administration           1             1     0          0
Nursing                          4             2     1          0
Parliamentary Legal Draftsman 0                0     0          2
Pharmaceutical & Medicine
Control                       1                1     1          0
Physical Education               1             0     0          0
Physical Therapy                 0             0     0          0
Policy Studies                   1             1     0          1
Project & Contract Law           1             1     1          0
Professional Office Procedures
and Management                   0             0     0          25
Psychology                       1             0     0          0
Public Administration            5             2     0          1
Public Health                    0             0     0          0

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                        46
2004 – 2005 STUDENT AWARDS
                                 2004       2005       2004                  2005
SUBJECT AREAS                    CONTINUING CONTINUING NEW                   NEW
                                 AWARDS     AWARDS     AWARDS                AWARDS
Rehabilitation Counselling       1              1             0              0
Science                          1              1             0              0
Speech/Language Pathology        0              0             0              0
Statistics                       1              1             1              0
Zoology                          1              1             0              0
TOTALS                      169                 85            50                 69
  N.B. Total 2005 New Awards includes:
    *Sixteen participants of the Management Diploma Course (HLSCC/CMI)
    * Twenty five participants of the Professional Office Procedures and Management


The Training Division funded various short courses and long term projects locally and abroad.
The details are as follows:

    1) Meteorology Technicians Course – held in Barbados for a period of five (5) months –
       Misses Lori O‘Neal and Paulette Cruz attended this course.

    2) Executive Diploma in Public Sector Management Programme – held in Trinidad from
       31st May – 15th July, 2005. Mr. Enius Pickering and Mrs. Stacia Huggins-Foy attended
       this course.

    3) Advanced Traffic System Training – held in California from 8th – 12th August, 2005.
       Mr. Kye Rymer attended the course.

    4) American Public Works Association International Public Works Congress and
       Exposition held in Minnesota from – 5th – 14th September 2005. Dr. Drexel Glasgow
       attended this course.

    5) Executive Seminar on Contract Maintenance – held in Orlando, Florida from 16th –
       26th October, 2005. Mr. Jerome Frett attended this course.

    6) Legislative Drafting Course – held at the Institute of Advance Legal Studies, University
       of London from 6th June – 1st July, 2005. Miss Vareen Vanterpool attended this course.

    7) Regulatory Training Course – held by Inter-Connect Communication in the UK. Mr.
       Guy Malone attended this course.

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                    47
    8) Attachment to the New Zealand Treasury – for a period of six (6) months from 28th
       February – 9th September, 2005. Mr. Neil Smith attended this attachment.

    9) Attachment to the Inland Revenue Department and Ministry of Justice Policy
       Advice Division - in New Zealand from 28th February – 9th September, 2005. Mrs.
       Natalie Smith attended this attachment.

    10) Coastal Protection Infrastructure Development and Height Modernisation – St.
        Thomas from 1st - 4th March, 2005 Mr. Kelvin George attended this course.

    11) Fire Training Course – in Fire Management held at the Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue
        Services, UK from 8th – 11th November, 2005. Mr. Leando Stoutt attended this course.

    12) University of the West Indies Continuing Programme – twenty (20) Public Officers
        commenced a training programme in September, 2005 in Professional Office Practices
        and Management for officers who perform administrative or supervisory duties.

    13) Financial support was provided for eligible Public Officers to attend HLSCC courses on a
        part-time through the reimbursement programme. The amount of $ 25,000.00 was spent
        in 2005.

    During 2005 Departments were invited to borrow videos and to use them as training for their
    staff during staff meetings or for staff development. A few Departments requested videos
    which were used as training tools for the Department.

    The Training Division‘s conference room continued to be a free venue for workshops,
    seminars and meetings for a number of Government Ministries and Departments. The
    conference room was booked seventy-six (76) times during the year.

    Users of the facility were provided with audio and video equipment, and visual aids as
    requested. The staff of the Division also assisted with facilitating seating arrangements and
    photocopying materials when necessary.


    The Training Division continued to experience difficulties associated with the office
    accommodation. Difficulties include insufficient space for employees, lack of space for
    workshops, inadequate running water and untidy surroundings.

    A new building was located and arrangements were made for the Division to relocate in
    September 2005. However, the move was postponed to 2006 due to the inability of the
    landlord to complete the building as agreed. Arrangements are being finalised to move to
    the new location during the first quarter of 2006.

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                      48
                               FINANCIAL OVERVIEW

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources   49

Human Resources Department

In 2005 the Human Resources Department operated with a budget of $5,247,700.00, and this
was effectively managed. The following is a breakdown of key areas of expenses within the

   Payroll Unit

In 1 February, 2005 Ms. Gweneth Fahie, Salaries Officer I, undertook the duties of Salaries
Officer following the departure of Mr. Andrew St. Hilaire, Salaries Officer II to another

The challenge of ensuring that officers on temporary assignments were not inadvertently
dropped from the payroll due to lack of a timely recommendation was greatly improved over
2005. This was accomplished by the Salaries Officer providing Desk Officers with a list of
Officers who were scheduled to be omitted from the payroll prior to each pay period. Desk
Officers were able to prioritise the needs of these officers by contacting the appropriate Human
Resources Managers and Heads of Departments for the outstanding recommendations. There
was a reduction in the number of employees inadvertently omitted from the payroll as a result of
the three-month reminder to Departments on appointments approaching expiration.

The volume of Payroll transactions continued as new employees came on board and
appointments and PSC recommendations were made. The Payroll Unit is responsible for the
updating of the system, in order to provide meaningful and accurate reports on all employees as
needed in a timely fashion.

   Personal Emoluments and Allowances

Personal Emoluments, or the direct salary cost of the Public Service for the year 2005 paid out
as of December 31, 2005 is $57,270,774.57 which includes Head Salaries, Staff Salaries,
Acting and Arrears of Salary. A Total of $2,996,671.40 in allowance were paid out, when added
to salaries amounted to $60,267,445.97 a total of 32.10% of the Governments Estimated
Budget for 2005. Table 16 illustrates the detail of each category.

As of 1 January, 2005 in accordance with the new Payroll Tax Act No. 18 of 2004, all
allowances are subject to tax unless otherwise exempt under Section 2. It has been agreed that
the following allowances will be subject to the 8% tax and this amount will be covered by an
equivalent increase, Housing, Telephone, Travel/Car, Commuter and Entertainment
Allowances. Table 17 illustrates the detail of each category.

The uniform allowance was not used for the years 2005, 2004 or 2003, even though it is listed
as an approved allowance.

The Commuter Allowance for employees who commute from the Sister Islands to work on
Tortola continued to be administered by the Payroll Unit. There was minimal change in the
expenditure in this area. 2005 showed an increase in Commuter Allowance of +$1,899.55 to
$89,794.59 from $87,895.04 in 2004.

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                    50
During 30 September, 2005 a new allowance was created for the Cashier Officers (Accounting
Officers) of the Treasury Department. This allowance is called Cashier‘s Pool Allowance at the
rate of $162 per month retroactive to 1 January, 2005. At the end of 2005, thirteen officers were
in receipt of this allowance.

Effective 1 March, 2005 Hospital and Health Services became a statutory board. While they are
still in the progress of transition from Government to a legal entity, on 16 July, 2005 a separate
housing allowance was created for the Health Service Department. Under this separate
account they have accumulated $28,854.90

Table 16 – Personal Emoluments
TYPE                                  2004                                            2005             Variance

Territorial Budget      (Expenditure)                  $187,087,500.00         $188,288,900.00      $1,201,400.00
                                                                                             $                  $
                        Head Salary                    $        2,221,801.03      2,442,141.21         220,340.18
                        Staff Salary                   $ 51,337,078.95           53,656,164.31      $2,319,085.36
                        Acting Salary                   $         60,654.71    $       67,615.75         6,961.04
Personal                                                                                       $
Emoluments              Arrears of Salary              $        1,086,323.18        1,104,853.30
Sub-Total of Salaries                                  $ 54,705,857.87             57,270,774.57
                                                                                               $                 $
Allowances              All Categories                 $        3,230,714.82        2,761,862.72      (468,852.10)
Total                   Salary + Allowances            $ 57,936,572.69             60,032,637.29
% of Budget             Salary + Allowances                    30.97%                    31.88%

Table 17 – Allowances
ALLOWANCES 2004 – 2005
                                                     2004                      2005    Variance
Telephone                               $       209,286.45         $    246,867.98       $    37,581.53
Travel                                  $       602,196.82         $    670,729.10       $    68,532.28
Car Allowance                           $       171,282.71         $    195,469.06       $    24,186.35
Special Allowance                       $        27,650.00         $     44,617.77       $    16,967.77
Entertainment                           $       167,554.77         $    195,064.22       $    27,509.45
Housing (DG's Vote)                     $       402,955.60         $    433,817.72       $    30,862.12
Housing (HR Vote)                       $       725,706.32         $    639,771.50       $   (85,934.82)
Housing (Health Vote)                       $               -      $     28,854.90       $    28,854.90
Sub-Total                              $ 2,306,632.67              $ 1,786,565.85

Other Allowances
On Call                                 $       427,036.99         $    451,335.65       $    24,298.66
Senior Head                             $       201,109.49         $    209,256.69       $        8,147.20
Private Secretary                       $        20,400.00         $     26,203.34       $        5,803.34

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                                      51
 ALLOWANCES 2004 – 2005
                                                 2004             2005    Variance
 Subsistence (aka Inducement)       $       110,484.53   $   102,594.00    $     (7,890.53)
 Task Force                         $        70,525.00   $    69,844.15     $        (680.85)
 Commuter Allowance                 $        67,895.04   $    69,794.59     $        1,899.55
 Cashier Pool Allowance                 $            -   $     8,661.60     $        8,661.60
 Honorarium                         $        94,526.68   $   107,401.44     $     12,874.76
 Sub-Total Other                    $       991,977.73   $ 1,045,091.46
 Total                             $ 3,298,610.40        $ 2,831,657.31     $   466,953.09
Note: The variance of allowances has increased in 2005 mainly due to the 8% increase added
as a result of the 8% payroll tax, as well as an increase in the number of Officers that became
eligible for these allowances.

   Payroll Enhancement

Following the trend of the payroll workshops issued over 2004, a similar presentation was made
in June of 2005 to the Accounts Officers who were attending the Accounting in Government
Workshop hosted by the Audit Department in conjunction with Training Division.

As part of the enhancement of the payroll process, existing and new Officers were briefed on
the role of the Salaries Officers and how their duties coincided with what takes place on a pay
period basis. Officers were encouraged when in doubt to contact the Salaries Officers
regarding any discrepancies presented on the payroll summaries. As a result of this workshop,
in October 2005 payroll summaries were disbursed to the Hospital Services Unit, which detailed
all changes the changes that were made by the Salaries Officer for that particular pay period.
This started with one unit with the intention to provide all departments with similar information in

In addition, the Payroll Unit has provided Information Systems Unit (ISU) with a list of Officers
that are no longer in the Service. This allows ISU to remove those officers from the names of
former officer from the computer network systems.

Lastly, the JDE Payroll Database was updated to easily recognise which officers were acting in
their post and their effective acting dates. At the end of this exercise 79 officers were listed as
acting in their post.

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                         52

     The extended and actual expenditures of key sections of the 2005 budget (i.e. operation
     expenses/utilities/fixed and movable expenses/department expenses –total and specific to
     training) are shown below:

Table 18
CHARGE                                    ACTUAL           VARIANCE        NOTES
General Office Expense    $6,000.00       $ 4,517.10       $1,482.90

Printing & Stationary     $7,500.00       $ 4,214.67       $3,285.33
Books and Subscription    $3,000.00       $   268.10       $2,731.90

Telephone / Faxes         $9,000.00       $ 5,440.45       $3,559.55

Electricity               $16,800.00      $16,332.84       $467.32
Water                     $790.00         $615.00          $175.00         1

Postage                   $1,000.00       $417.00          $533.00
Equipment – Minor         $1,000.00       $801.20          $198.00

Entertainment             $16,000.00      $15,212.62       $1,140.00       2
                          $2,066,300.0    $2,071,773.3
Training Expenses                                          $9,739.26       3
                          0               6
   1. Subhead 61230: 2210.00 was re-allocated from this Head to Rent.
   2. Subhead 62500: 7000.00 was re-allocated to this Head from Training Expenses.
   3. Subhead 62910: (a) 100,000 was re-allocated to this Head from Head 115
                         subhead 60540.
                     (b) 102,000 was re-allocated to this Head from Head 115.
                     (c) 7,000 was re-allocated from this Head to Entertainment
                     (d) Additional sum of $20,000 approved by SAP to this head on
                          December 29th 2005.

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                   53
                                                                                                                                                                                           APPENDIX A

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Vacant Positions
                                                                  DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES
                                                                                                                                                                                                   2 - HR Manager
                                                                       2005 BUDGET ORGANISATIONAL CHART                                                                                                Employment Unit
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Health & Safety HRM
                                                                                                                                                                                                   3 - Sr. Assistant HRM
                                                                                                                                                                                                   2 - Asst. HRM
                                                                                                      David Archer                        Claire Chen See                                          1 - Salaries Officer II
                                                   Keturah Crabbe                                                                         AO Pers. Asst.            Clifford George                1 - HR Clerk/Messenger
                                                                                                        Director                                                    Accounts Manger                9
                                                 Ag. Deputy Director                                                                                                                                Revised - 11 July, 2005

                                                    (Unit HC = 19)                                  Department
                                                                                              Budget Head Count = 48                                           Mariet Cameron
                                                                                              Actual Head Count = 39                                        HR Asst/Office Manager

                                                                                                                                                              Melrona George
                                                                                                                                                           1-HR Clerk/Receptionist
                                                                                                                                                        1-HR Clerk/Messenger (Vacant)

                                       Organizational              Employment Unit                               Strategic/Succession               Employee Relations Unit
    Training Division                                                                                                                                                                               Health & Safety
                                       Dev. & Planning                   HRM                                        Planning Unit                      Clearlie Brown
     Cecilia Martin                                                                                                                                                                                      HRM
      Chief Training                      (Vacant)                     (Vacant)                                   Annette B. Scatliffe                      HRM
                                                                                                                        HRM                                                                            (Vacant)
         Officer                            HRM                     (Unit HC = 18)                                                                      (Unit HC = 3)
      (Unit HC = 10)                                                                                                Unit (HC = 2)

                                                1-Sr. Asst. HRM - Malcia Henley (Acting)                                                 1 - Counsellor
                                                                                                                                                                     1 - Benefits Administrator
                                                1 - Sr. Asst. HRM - Natasha Julius (Acting)                                               Noreen Callwood
1 - Sr. Administrative Officer                                                                                                                                        Sylvia George
   Nolma Chalwell (Ag.)                          - Sr. Asst. HRM /Recruit/Relocate
                                                                                                                    1 - HR Assistant     1- Asst. HRM
                                                (Vacant = 3)                                                                                                         1- Sal. Off. II - (Vacant)
                                                                                                                    Harriet Cameron      (Vacant)
1 - Asst. HRM - Marsha Smith                                                                                                                                         1 - Sal. Off. I - Gweneth Fahie
                                                1 - Asst. HRM /PSC Sec. - Decoy Mactavious                          ( Held Against)
1- Training Officer - Jocelyn Turnbull          1- Asst. HRM/PMP - Jeremy Hodge                                        Asst. HRM                                     1 - Asst. HRM - (Vacant)
1- Administrative Officer - Maude Frett (Ag.)   1 - Asst. HRM - Jocelyn Walters
                                                1 - Asst. HRM - Stacia Huggins- Foy                                                                                  1 - HR Clerk - Iris Edwards
1- Sr. Executive Officer - Levette Walters
1- Executive Officer - Krystal Maynard
1- Executive Officer - Roslyn Lettsome          1 - HR Asst. - Charlene Potter                             1 - HR Rec. Clerk
                                                4 - HR Clerk                                               Terrecita Blyden
1- Clerical Trainee - Ephriam Gordan
1- Clerical Trainee/Messenger -                 Shermel Maduro     Jason Jones                             1 - HR Clerk
   Kareel Richards                              Abbara Brown        Malacia Mathias                        Patrice Callwood

                                                1 - Office & Housing Services Technician -Kendrick Cline
                                                1- HR Technician - Susieth Smith

              2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                                                          54
                                                            APPENDIX B – Departments at CAB

      ID               DEPARTMENT                     ATRIUM
     1     Treasury                                  East       Ground

     2     Ministry, Communications & Works          East       Ground

     3     Information Systems Unit                  East       Ground

     4     Passport and Visa Services                East       Ground

     5     Ministry, Natural Resources and Labour    East       First

     6     Ministry, Communications & Works          East       First

     7     Ministry, Education and Culture           East       First

     8     Chief Minister‘s Office                   East       Second

     9     Development Planning Unit                 East       Second

     10    Attorney General‘s Chambers               East       Second

     11    Inland Revenue                            West       Ground

     12    Town & Country Planning                   West       Ground

     13    Trade & Investment Promotion              West       Ground

     14    Land Registry                             West       Ground

     15    Ministry, Health & Social Development     West       First

     16    Department of Health                      West       First

     17    Ministry, Education & Culture             West       First

     18    Deputy Governor‘s Office                  West       First

     19    Ministry of Finance                       West       Second

     20    Human Resources                           West       Second

     21    Deputy Governor‘s Office                  West       Second

     22    Telephone Services Management Unit        West       Second

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                         55
                                                                       APPENDIX C

                 GOVERNMENT OWNED OFFICE SPACES (2005)

      ID                       DEPARTMENT                          LOCATION

           1    Post Office                          Road Town

           2    Post Office                          Valley, Virgin Gorda

           3    Post Office                          Long Look

           4    BVI Fire & Rescue Services           Road Town

           5    Police                               Lower Road Town

           6    Police                               Botanic Station Avenue

           7    Magistrate's Court                   John's Hole

           8    Government House                     MacNamara

           9    Post Office                          West End

           10   Health (Health Services)             Road Town (Hospital)

           11   Agriculture                          Paraquita Bay

           12   Public Works                         Baughers Bay

           13   Water & Sewerage                     Baughers Bay

           14   Environmental Health                 Lower Road Town

           15   Solid Waste                          Lower Road Town

           16   Disaster Preparedness                MacNamara

           17   BVI Fishing Complex                  Baughers Bay

           18   Her Majesty‘s Prison                 Balsam Ghut

2005 Annual Report – Department of Human Resources                                  56

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