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                        Fill in all designated areas
                Submit two signed copies to faculty advisor

1.   Student Name: _________________________________________________

2.   Phone number: _________________________________________________

3.   Email:_________________________________________________________

4.   Social security number: __________________________________________

5.   Indicate the title of the project.

6.   This Agreement/Contract, entered into between:
     Student’s name:_________________________________________________

     Faculty advisor:_________________________________________________

     Technical advisor:_______________________________________________
     is an agreement whereby grade and credit for IT 461 will be awarded in return
     for specified project efforts. These project efforts are set forth in the Senior
     Project Agreement/Contract and Manual. It is agreed that all work described
     in this Agreement will be completed as scheduled and within the cost total
     and other parameters as noted.

     Failure to maintain the agreed-upon plan and schedule may result in grade
     penalties. Failure to submit the complete project and report by the scheduled
     date will result in failure of IT 461.

7.   Indicate the Research Statement: This section of the agreement will normally
     be used to “set the stage” for the project. Its purpose is to furnish the
     information concerning the history, past experience, state of the art, and
     circumstances providing the present justification for the project or the
     “problem.” It must be kept short and concise here (but will be expanded in
     the actual report).

     There must be a problem or question in order to have a solution, and the
     completed project is the solution. A concise statement of the problem must
     be identified based on the background and historical information previously
     developed. As an example, “The following unsatisfactory condition exists…”
     “It is not known if/what…”
   8.     Describe the Procedure of the Project: This statement should be very
          specific. It is a general statement of the scope of the project. State what will
          actually happen. As an example, “The researcher will design, develop and
          test…” or “The researcher will acquire and analyze data and recommend
          solutions for…”

          After you stipulate what you will do, indicate the processes or steps you
          expect to take to accomplish the work. These steps should be identified in
          logical sequence, from the first through to the last, in an orderly manner.

   9.     Develop the Plan and Schedule: This is a list of tasks/steps and the time
          estimates necessary to accomplish the total project. Students should identify
          all those of significance. A GANTT or PERT chart or a date/hours timeline/
          calendar should be included in the Agreement/Contract. (Note: projects
          normally take a minimum of 90 hours).

   10.    Indicate the Cost Analysis and Supply/Equipment Needs: If you expect
          someone, other than yourself, to finance the study, identify the significant cost
          items, such as: questionnaire preparation, postage, materials and equipment
          costs, special tooling, report preparation, distribution and reproduction,
          telephone calls, transportation, etc. If you are bearing the cost then just state
          “the author of this study will bear all costs involved.” (Note: Be sure to make
          appropriate arrangements for any supplies, use of equipment, etc. Do not
          assume anything will be available without prior approval!) List needs and

   11.    Complete the statements below or type the Acceptances/Statements and
          obtain Signatures: (These statements should be typed exactly as shown

Technical Advisor’s Statement: I agree to serve as Technical Advisor for this senior
project and will participate in the evaluation as appropriate.

_______________________________                         ____________________
     Signature                                               Date

_______________________________                        _____________________

Typed name and title, company/organization              Telephone number

Student’s Statement: I fully understand the Research Statement, the Procedure, and
the agreed-upon contributions of my Technical Advisor and others who may be involved
in this Agreement/Contract. I agree to meet all requirements and to request, in writing,
any significant changes, which may become necessary during this senior project. Any
such request will become valid and a part of this Agreement/Contract when accepted by
my Faculty Advisor.
________________________________                     ____________________
     Student’s Signature                                  Date

     Typed Name

Faculty Advisor’s Statement: I accept the responsibilities of Project Advisor for this
Senior Project Agreement/Contract. I will abide by the Agreement/Contract statements
contained herein.

_________________________________                    _____________________
     Faculty’s Signature                                  Date

     Typed Name

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