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									              M.S. Ed.Curriculum and Instruction - Advisement Worksheet
                        Department of Teaching and Learning

Student:                                             Z-ID:

Advisor:                                             Catalog Year:

Graduate School 815-753-0395                         TLRN Graduate Secretary 815-753-0381

Admission requirements
An undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or higher for your undergraduate course
Successfully complete either the GRE general test (
the Miller Analogies Test ( for admission.
A completed admissions application to the Graduate School, (A complete graduate application includes, a
completed application, payment an application fee, official transcripts,
required test scores, career goals statement, and letters of
Two letters of recommendation.

General Requirements:
               • 33 hours total
               • 18 hours in the major, Curriculum and Instruction: TLCI, TLRN

Core Courses in C & I – 9 Sem. Hours
Course #     Title                                                   Hrs/Grade       Sem/Year
TLCI 500
TLCI 510
TLCI 598

Educational Research – 3 Sem. Hours
ETR 519 or ETR 520 or another course with adviser approval
Course #         Title                                               Hrs/Grade     Sem/Year

Educational Foundations – 3 Sem. Hours
EPS 501 or EPFE 500 or EPFE 510 or EPFE 520 or EPFE 521 or EPFE 530 or another course with adviser
Course #         Title                                               Hrs/Grade     Sem/Year
Curriculum & Instruction Courses – 9 Sem. Hours
Three courses approved by the adviser within or across focus areas.
Course #            Title                                                Hrs/Grade         Sem/Year

Environmental                 Curriculum                   Secondary Education        Other
Education                   Leadership                   (focus area)
(focus area)                (focus area)
TLCI 501        TLCI 530    TLCI 512              TLCI 522                   TLCI 589X
TLCI 511        TLCI 534    TLCI 515              TLCI 523                   TLRN 501X
TLCI 519        TLCI 544    TLCI 524              TLCI 533                   TLRN 595
TLCI 520        TLCI 551    TLCI 527              TLCI 537                   TLRN 795
TLCI 521        TLCI 570    TLCI 540              TLCI 550 (2 hr.) +
TLCI 525        TLCI 575                          TLCI 587B (1 hr.)
                TLCI 592                          TLCI 567
                                                  TLCI 585A
TLCI 585A may be taken ONE TIME during the program and four times during the student’s lifetime.

Electives – 9 Sem. Hours
Three courses approved by the adviser. Electives may be additional courses from Additional Courses in
Curriculum and Instruction or from other areas in the Department, College, or University. Eligible transfer
courses also may be used to meet elective requirements. In order for transfer courses to be included in the
program of study, official transcripts must be sent to the Graduate School, NIU, DeKalb, IL 60115.

Course #            Institution     Title                                Hrs/Grade         Sem/Year

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