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									                        MORNING SESSIONS | THURSDAY – JUNE 10, 2010
                                      9:00 – 9:50                                                               10:30 – 11:20                              11:30 – 12:20

        Research                        Cardiology                                                                 Cardiology                                 Cardiology
        Abstracts                   Research Abstracts                                                         Research Abstracts                         Research Abstracts

     ACVIM Cardiology           Cell Biology of Myxomatous                                                   Markers of Thrombotic                     Diagnostic & Prognostic
                                    Mitral Valve Disease:                                                    Risk & Future Directions               Implications of Genetic Testing
                                 Is This Disease Inevitable?                                                     in Therapeutics                         for Cardiomyopathies
         Reviews        1                                                                            2                                     3
                                          C. Orton                                                                  D. Hogan                                  K. Meurs

     ACVIM Neurology                                                                                          Clinical Applications of
                                Antiepileptic Drug Therapy:                                                                                           Endoscopic Transsphenoidal
                                                                                                            Electroencephalography in
      Comprehensive                The Next Generation                                                                                                     Pituitary Surgery
                                                                                                               Veterinary Medicine
         Reviews        4                                                                            5                                     6
                                        M. Podell                                                                  C. Williams                               A. Mamelak

                                        Oncology                                                                   Oncology                                   Oncology
     ACVIM Oncology
                                    Research Abstracts                                                         Research Abstracts                          Research Reports
     Research Focus
                        7                                                                            8                                     9

       ACVIM SAIM                                                                                          Advances in the Prevention                     Metabolic & Cardiac
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                                      Biomarkers for
                                                                                                           & Management of Borrelia                          Derangements
      Comprehensive                   Canine Sepsis
                                                                                                          burgdorferi Infections in Dogs                  in Canine Babesiosis
         Reviews        10                                                                           11                                    12
                                        A. DeClue                                                                R. Goldstein                                 R. Lobetti
                                  Beyond the Chest Film:                                                      Getting the Most from        Methacholine Challenge in Healthy and Asthmatic Cats
        VCRS (SA)                                                                                                                                            T. Lee-Fowler
                             Advanced Canine & Feline Thoracic                                                   Feline & Canine
      Comprehensive                                                                                                                                Soluble-Mesothelin Related Peptide as a
                                 Imaging for the Specialist                                                   Respiratory Cytology              Biomarker of Malignant Mesothelioma in Dogs
         Reviews                                                                                     14                                    15
                        13             R. O’Brien                                                                  A. Barger                                     C. Sharp
                                   S-adenosylmethionine                                                    Current Concepts of Canine
                                                                                                                                                        Canine Biliary Disease:
        Liver Study                    in Hepatocyte                                                       Biliary Disease: Through the                 A Surgeon’s Perspective
           Group                Growth, Apoptosis & Cancer                                                       Eye of an Internist
                        16                                                                           17                                                       P. Mayhew
                                           S. Lu                                                                    S. Center              18
                                    Demystifying Drug                                                          Pharmacokinetics &                         Safety & Efficacy:
                                    Labels: Identifying                                                          the Drug Label:                       What a Drug Label Does &
                                     Key Components                                                            What Can You Use?                          Does Not Tell You
                        19               J. Buur                                                     20       T. Martin-Jimenez            21                  C. Cole

        Research                   Nephrology / Urology                                                       Nephrology / Urology                       Nephrology / Urology
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        Abstracts                   Research Abstracts                                                         Research Abstracts                         Research Abstracts

        Research                       Hematology                                                                 Hematology                                 Hematology
        Abstracts                   Research Abstracts                                                         Research Abstracts                         Research Abstracts

        Research                        Endocrine                                                                  Endocrine                                 Hematology
        Abstracts                   Research Abstracts                                                         Research Abstracts                         Research Abstracts

        Research                         Equine                                                                     Equine                                     Equine
        Abstracts                   Research Abstracts                                                         Research Abstracts                         Research Abstracts

      ACVIM Equine                                                                                        Infectious Orthopedic Disease:           Complications of Late Gestation:
                                   Dystocia: Outcome &
                                                                                                              Ancillary Diagnostics -                Ultrasound Assessment of
      Comprehensive               Survival of the Neonate
                                                                                                                   What is New?                        the Equine Pregnancy
        Reviews         22                                                                           23                                    24
                                     K. MacGillivray                                                                 C. Judy                                 S. Bucca

       ACVIM FAIM            Minimally Invasive Techniques for                                                Vertically Transmitted                        Goat Scrapie:
                              the Diagnosis & Management                                                       Infectious Diseases                      Update & Comparisons
                                   of Camelid Diseases                                                               of Cattle                           With Sheep Scrapie
         Reviews        25                                                                           26                                    27
                                      D. Anderson                                                                   S. Peek                                  S. Byers

       ACVIM FAIM                Lesions of the Hoof Horn                                                       Pathophysiology &                        Upper Leg Lameness:
                                 Capsule & Relationship to                                                Differentiation of Toe Lesions               Diagnostic & Therapeutic
                                Anatomy & Weight Bearing                                                          in Dairy Cattle                            Approaches
         Reviews        28                                                                           29                                    30
                                     S. Van Amstel                                                                 J. Shearer                              A. Desrochers

                       AFTERNOON SESSIONS | THURSDAY – JUNE 10, 2010
                                  2:10 – 3:00                        3:10 – 4:00                                                              4:25 – 5:15                          5:25 – 6:15

                                    Cardiology                         Cardiology                                                               Cardiology                           Cardiology
  Research Abstracts
                                Research Abstracts                 Research Abstracts                                                       Research Abstracts                   Research Abstracts

                                    Neurology                          Neurology                                                                Neurology                            Neurology
  Research Abstracts
                                Research Abstracts                 Research Abstracts                                                       Research Abstracts                   Research Abstracts

                                Equine Myopathies:            Clinical & Molecular Aspects                                                Approach to Lysosomal                  Acute Lower Motor
  ACVIM Neurology                It’s Not Just Tying           of Malignant Hyperthermia                                                    Storage Diseases                      Neuron Paralysis
Comprehensive Reviews                Up Anymore                        in the Horse                                                            in the Dog
                         31           S. Valberg           32          M. Aleman                                                    33         D. O’Brien                34          A. Fischer

      Research                     Respiratory                        Respiratory                                                   Respiratory / Nephrology / Urology           Nephrology / Urology
      Abstracts                 Research Abstracts                 Research Abstracts                                                      Research Abstracts                     Research Abstracts

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                            PARR & Flow Cytometry for         Progenitor Cell Transplantation                                            Genomic Characterization                 Drug Resistance
   ACVIM Oncology            Hematologic Malignancy:               for the Treatment of                                                    of Canine Lymphoid                       Transporters:
Comprehensive Reviews       Are They Clinically Useful?             Canine Lymphoma                                                             Cell Lines                         Beyond MDR1
                         35          S. Lana               36            S. Suter                                                   37          S. Suter                 38          K. Mealey
                                   Immunologic &              Use of Molecular Assays for                                                 Feline Panleukopenia:             Treatment of Cytauxzoonosis
    ACVIM SAIM                   Clinical Aspects of            the Diagnosis of Feline                                                Recognition & Management                       L. Cohn
  Review & Research                 Feline Sepsis                 Infectious Diseases                                                       of Atypical Cases                Canine Respiratory Disease
                         39          A. DeClue             40         M. Lappin                                                     41        K. Hartmann                42           S. Kapil
                              Highlights from Digestive     Highlights from Digestive Disease                                        Highlights from Digestive Disease Highlights from Digestive Disease Week
        CGS                 Disease Week with Veterinary    Week with Veterinary Correlates:                                         Week With Veterinary Correlates: with Veterinary Correlates: Minimally
                               Correlates: Pancreatitis             Enteropathogens                                                    Inflammatory Bowel Disease           Invasive Endoscopic Procedures
                         43          J. Steiner            44       J. Suchodolski                                                  45        K. Allenspach            46             K. Richter
                                Detecting & Treating            Managing Severe Chronic                                                      Chronic Pain                      New Analgesics:
   ACVCP / AAVPT                 Severe Acute Pain:             Pain: Maintaining Quality                                                 Management in Cats:               What is in the Pipeline for
                                   What Works?                        of Life in Dogs                                                     What are the Options?                  Dogs & Cats?
                         47         K. Grimm               48         B. KuKanich                                                   49       D. Lascelles                50         T. Grubb
                               Transfusion Reactions:           Inflammatory Responses                                                      Platelet Transfusions:                   Future Trends in
       AVHTM                     How to Recognize,                  to Transfusion                                                             Indications &                     Transfusion Medicine
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                                Treat, & Avoid Them                                                                                            New Products
                         51           U. Giger             52           S. Smith                                                    53         B. Davidow                54            A. Hale
                               Treatment of Vitamin D         Advances in the Treatment                                             Iodine Transport in the Thyroid: Role    Thyroid Nodules, Bumps, &
         SCE                & Parathyroid Hormone-Linked          of Hypercalcemia:                                                 in Diagnosis & Treatment of Nodular Lumps: When is Medical Therapy
                                      Disorders               The Veterinary Perspective                                                  Thyroid Disease & Cancer           a Useful Treatment Option?
                         55          J. Adams              56         D. Chew                                                        57           G. Brent                58       M. Peterson

      Research                  Infectious Disease                 Infectious Disease                                                Infectious Disease / Immunology          Immunology / Pharmacology
      Abstracts                 Research Abstracts                 Research Abstracts                                                       Research Abstracts                   Research Abstracts

      Research                       Equine                             Equine                                                                   Equine                               Equine
      Abstracts                 Research Abstracts                 Research Abstracts                                                       Research Abstracts                   Research Abstracts

    ACVIM Equine                   Advances in                        Advances in                                                        Principles of Vaccinology:         Principles of Vaccinology:
    Post-Graduate              Understanding Native                  Understanding                                                  The Utilization of the Immune System    Adverse Reactions & Why
       Course                  Defense Mechanisms               Cell Mediated Immunity                                                  to Make a Vaccine Effective            They Sometimes Fail
                         59          J. Roth               60           J. Roth                                                     61             J. Roth               62          J. Roth

                                   Food Animal                        Food Animal                                                              Food Animal                          Food Animal
  Research Abstracts
                                Research Abstracts                 Research Abstracts                                                       Research Abstracts                   Research Abstracts

                                 Cardiac Diseases                     Teat Lesions                                                           Theloscopy of the                     Challenging Case
    ACVIM FAIM                       of Cattle                          of Cattle                                                              Bovine Teat                       Examples of Bovine
Comprehensive Reviews                                                                                                                                                             Intestinal Disease
                         63           S. Peek              64         D. Anderson                                                   65        D. Anderson                66       A. Descrochers

                             MORNING SESSIONS | FRIDAY – JUNE 11, 2010
                                     8:00 – 8:50                                     9:00 – 9:50                                                                          KEYNOTE ADDRESS
                         Brachial Artery Doppler Waveform Analysis &
                                  Endothelial Function in Dogs
                                                                         c-TnI Predicts Myocardial Arteriosclerosis &
                                                                             Fibrosis in Dogs with CHF from MVD                                               Extra-Ordinary Veterinarian:
     ACVIM Cardiology
      Research Focus
                                        S. Cunnngham
                            Decreased Flow Mediated Vasodilation
                                   in Dogs with MV Disease
                                                                                            T. Falk
                                                                               Longitudinal Study of the Cardiac
                                                                               Biomarker NT-proBNP in Canines
                                                                                                                                                                Dr. Paul Pion, DACVIM
                        67              S. Moesgaard                    68                S. Ettinger

                                  SOTA: Narcolepsy in                    SOTA: Narcolepsy in Canines: Clinical &                                                        10:30 am – 11:20 am
     ACVIM Neurology              Canines & Humans:                      Therapeutic Aspects. How to Recognize
      Research Focus                                                        Narcolepsy in Canines & Treat It
                                                                                                                                                            Nominated by ACVIM Diplomates,
                                      E. Mignot                                       E. Mignot
                                 GD3 Melanoma Vaccine                        PAC-1 for Canine Lymphoma                                                      Dr. Paul Pion – one of the founders of the
                                       R. Milner                                      L. Garrett
     ACVIM Oncology
                               Thermochemotherapy for the                  Expression & Function of Survivin                                                Veterinary Information Network (VIN)
     Research Focus
                                Treatment of Solid Tumors                      in Canine Osteosarcoma
                        71            J. Phillips                       72           D. Thamm                                                               – will share his life story, how he was
                                                                                                                                                            in uenced by those around him to make
        Research                Nutrition / Metabolism                          Nutrition / Metabolism
        Abstracts                Research Abstracts                              Research Abstracts                                                         choices beyond the usual and customary,
                                                                                                                                                            and challenge us to re ect on the choices
                                                                                                                                                            we make that shape our lives.

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        Research                      Hepatology                                    Gastroenterology
        Abstracts                  Research Abstracts                              Research Abstracts

                                           SOTA                                             SOTA
      Research Focus
                        73                                              74
                           Diagnosis of Copper Hepatopathy                Titration of NFE in Canned Formulations to
                              Via Biliary Cu Concentration              Induce Ketosis and Weight Loss in Obese Cats
       ACVIM SAIM                      B. Pressler                                       L. Melendez
      Research Focus            Use of Detemir Insulin in                      Lifespan Analysis of Metabalomic
                                      Diabetic Dogs                                     Profiles in Cats
                        75               S. Ford                         76                S. Zicker

                           Urinary Tract Catheterization                   Fosfomycin: An Alternative                                                             CONSENSUS STATEMENT DRAFTS
                             & Nosocomial Infections                           Therapy for Urinary
         Reviews                  in Dogs & Cats                                Tract Infections?                                                                       11:30 am – 12:20 pm
                        77          J. Barsanti                         78         D. Boothe
                                                                                                                                                            Consensus Statements of the American College of
                               Nutritional Management                             A Genetic Approach
       ACVIM SAIM                                                                                                                                           Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) provide the
      Comprehensive            of Acute Pancreatitis in                        to Gallbladder Mucoceles
                                                                                                                                                            veterinary community with up-to-date information
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         Reviews                    the Dog & Cat                                       in Dogs
                        79          C. Mansfield                         80            K. Mealey                                                             on the pathophysiology, diagnosis, & treatment of
                              Minimally Invasive                               Cyclosporine & the                                                           clinically important animal diseases.
      Comprehensive        Approaches to Thrombosis                         Hemostatic System: Is the
                               in Small Animals                            Drug Safe in IMHA Patients?
                        81         M. Dunn                              82         A. Mackin                                                                       Large Animal Consensus
       ACVIM SAIM               The Pathophysiology of
                                                                           The Recent Developments in                                                              Statement DRAFT titled
                                                                               the Management of
                               Canine Diabetes mellitus
                                                                            Diabetes mellitus in Dogs                                                                 Mycoplasma Bovis
                        83                                              84
                                          R. Hess                                  L. Fleeman                                                                         Infections in Cattle
                               Progress in Immunity to,                              Epidemiology of
                                  & Vaccination for,                                  Cryptococcus
                                 Coccidioidomycosis                                     Infections                                                                 Small Animal Consensus
                        85                                              86
                                  D. Pappagianis                                        J. Sykes                                                                   Statement DRAFT titled
                               Lawsonia intracellularis:                     Pathophysiology, Clinical
      ACVIM Equine
      Comprehensive            Molecular Epidemiology                      Presentation & Treatments of                                                            Leptospirosis: Diagnosis,
                                    in the Horse                       Systemic Fungal Disease in the Horse
                        87          C. Gebhart                         88          A. Stewart
                                                                                                                                                                   Epidemiology, Treatment,
                          Correlation of ACTH & Cortisol with Cytokine
                        Expression in Septic & Non-Septic Neonatal Foals
                                                                          Insulin & Glucose Responses to Carbohydrate
                                                                              Feeding in Normal & Laminitic Ponies
                                                                                                                                                                        & Prevention
      ACVIM Equine                           J. Gold                                        K. Borer
      Research Focus              CT & MR Imaging of Equine                      Regulation of Glucose Transport
                                         Pituitary Glands                           During Insulin Resistance
                        89                  H. Schott                    90               V. Lacombe

                              SOTA: Horizontal Transfer                   SOTA: Is the Agricultural Use of
       ACVIM FAIM              of Antibiotic Resistance                   Antibiotics Hazardous to Human
      Research Focus               Genes in Nature                                   Medicine?
                        91           A. Salyers                         92           A. Salyers

                        AFTERNOON SESSIONS | FRIDAY – JUNE 11, 2010
                                      2:10 – 3:00                                   3:10 – 4:00                                                                     4:25 – 5:15                                      5:25 – 6:15
                            SOTA: Applications of Three-                     SOTA: Assessment of                                                              Echocardiographic                             Evaluation of Pulmonary
  ACVIM Cardiology         Dimensional Echocardiography                    Cardiac Hemodynamic by                                                         Assessment of Degenerative                     Hypertension & Disorder of the
  Research & Review            in Human Cardiology                        Echocardiography in People                                                            Valve Disease                                 Great Vessels by CT
                        93           T. Ryan                           94          T. Ryan                                                             95       J. Bonagura                           96          D. Sisson
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Clinical Assessment of Cardiovascular
                                   Optimal Nutrition for                    The Prevalence & Effects                                                          Atrial Fibrillation in Dogs:           Autonomic Nervous System Function in the Dog
  ACVIM Cardiology                    Feline Cardiac                     of Canine Cardio-Renal-Anemia                                                              Do We Have it                                         E. Cote
  Research & Review                      Patients                                  Syndrome                                                                         Under Control?                       Advances in Interventional Therapies
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  for Veterinary Patients
                        97             L. Freeman                      98           D. Ohad                                                            99              H. Green                      100                R. Prosek
                                  Pituitary Surgery in Dogs                    hsp70 in Steroid Responsive                                                Degenerative Myelopathy of the German
                                          D. Bruyette                              Meningitis-Arteritis                                                           Shepherd Dog – Part 2                               Late Breaking
  ACVIM Neurology                                                                       S. Moore                                                                      R. Clemmons
                                  Cyberknife Radiosurgery                                                                                                                                                          Research Reports
   Research Focus                                                         Degenerative Myelopathy of the German                                            SOD1-Associated Canine Degenerative
                                        in Dogs & Cats                            Shepherd Dog – Part 1                                                       Myelopathy: A Progress Report
                        101              S. Charney                    102            R. Clemmons                                                      103             J. Coates                     104
                                                                                                                                                       CD4+CD25+FoxP3+ T Regulatory Cells in Canine
                                 SOTA: Next-Generation                            SOTA: A Chemical                                                       Osteosarcoma Patients & Healthy Controls                     Late Breaking
   ACVIM Oncology                 Histone Deacetylase                            Genetic Approach to                                                                      K. Risetto
   Research Focus                                                                                                                                        Calcitrol with CCNU, Vinblastine, Imatinib or             Research Reports
                                       Inhibitors                                Protein Homeostasis                                                       Toceranib on Canine Mastocytoma Cells
                        105           J. Bradner                       106           J. Bradner                                                        107                E. Malone                    108

                            Evolution of the Veterinary                                                                                                    Molecular & Biologic Activity                 Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor (TKI)

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                                                                                     Statistics &
   ACVIM Oncology              Oncology Paradigm:                                                                                                          of Receptor Tyrosine Kinases                Therapy in Companion Animals:
Comprehensive Reviews                                                            Clinical Trial Design
                            Should a Cure be Our Goal?                                                                                                           in Canine Cancer                                  Year One
                        109         C. Khanna                          110            M. Paoloni                                                       111          D. Thamm                         112          C. London

      Research                       Gastroenterology                              Gastroenterology                                                               Gastroenterology                                 Gastroenterology
      Abstracts                     Research Abstracts                            Research Abstracts                                                             Research Abstracts                               Research Abstracts

                                 A Model of Acid-Induced Injury              Biological Variation in Spec CPL                                              The Effects of an Incretin Mimetic,        Aspirin & Urinary Thromboxane Metabolites
                                    in the Canine Stomach                         & C-Reactive Protein                                                         Exenatide, in Healthy Cats                              S. Smith
    ACVIM SAIM                               T. Hill                                    C. Ruaux                                                                      J. Brunker
                                                                                                                                                            FHV-1 and Mycoplasma in Cats                      Oral Prednisolone vs. Prednisone
   Research Focus                  Gastricalm Fails to Protect             Growth Factors Expression in Canine
                                      Against Acid Injury                             Spirocercosis                                                                With Conjunctivitis                         in Cats & Safe Dosing Strategy
                        113                 T. Hill                    114               E. Dvir                                                       115            M. Lappin                      116                 S. Center
                            Overview of Adrenal Gland                         Hypoadrenocorticism in                                                       Hyperadrenocorticism in the                     Update on Treatment of
     ACVIM SAIM                    Physiology &                               Dogs & Cats: Update on                                                           Dog & Cat: Clinical                    Hyperadrenocorticism: What is the
 Post-Graduate Course           Diagnostic Testing                             Diagnosis & Treatment                                                        Presentation & Diagnosis                     Current Recommendation?
                        117   C. Scott-Moncrieff                       118      C. Scott-Moncrieff                                                     119    C. Scott-Moncrieff                     120    C. Scott-Moncrieff
                                                                                  Challenging Cases:                                                                 Physiology of                                Challenging Cases:
                                   Clinical Pathology of
       ASVCP                                                                      Renal Disorders of                                                                 Acid-Base &                                     Electrolytes &
                                     Renal Physiology
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                                                                                     Cats & Dogs                                                                 Electrolyte Disorders                            Acid-Base Disorders
                        121              M. Nabity                     122            M. Nabity                                                        123           J. Christian                    124              J. Christian
                                    Analysis of Clinical                   Colloids & Coagulopathies:                                                          Hypercoagulability
                                                                                                                                                                                                               The Thromboelastograph
       VECCS                        Platelet Function of                     Is Hydroxyethyl Starch                                                        in Cats with Hypertrophic
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  in Clinical Practice
                                       Dogs & Cats                                  a Cause?                                                                    Cardiomyopathy
                        125             K. Jandrey                     126         K. Jandrey                                                          127        K. Jandrey                         128               K. Jandrey
                                                                                                                                                                  Update in Antigen                                 Novel Antifungal
                                 Progress in Vaccination                       Opportunistic Mycoses
       ISCAID                                                                                                                                                        Testing for                                   Drug Therapies for
                                    for Blastomycosis                             in Dogs & Cats
                                                                                                                                                                   Deep Mycoses                                      Deep Mycoses
                        129               B. Klein                     130            A. Grooters                                                      131           J. Wheat                        132             A. Legendre
                        SOTA: Damage Control Hematology: SOTA: Blood & Blood Product Restriction                                                           Maintenance Fluid Therapy:                          Replacement Fluid
    ACVIM Equine          Trauma Exsanguination Protocol     Guidelines in the Management of                                                               Are We Overestimating Our                             Therapy for the
  Review & Research            in the Human Patient        Critically Ill & Injured Human Patients                                                          Equine Patients’ Needs?                          Critical Equine Patient
                        133          R. Miller           134                R. Miller                                                                  135         H. Schott                         136         G. Magdesian
                               Dietary Carbohydrates:                            The Glycemic/Insulinemic                                                      Assessing Insulin Sensitivity in          Carbohydrate-Related Claims
                                                                               Response of Horses to 3 Diets                                                    Clinical & Research Settings
 AAVN / ACVN (Equine)    Implications for Laminitis & Equine                            J. Suagee                                                                          S. Pratt                       for Horse Feeds: Regulatory
Comprehensive Reviews           Metabolic Syndrome                            Glucose/Insulin Levels of Horses                                                   Management of the Insulin                       Considerations
                                                                                   Fed Grass Hay Diets                                                                 Resistant Horse
                        137            R. Geor               138                      M. Shepherd                                                      139                N. Frank                   140           D. Dzanis
                         Diaphragmatic Paralysis in Juvenile Alpacas        Oral Pharmacokinetics of Ponazuril                                               Late Breaking Research Report                       Lactoferrin: Potential Effects
                                         S. Byers                                   in Healthy Llamas                                                                                                              through MAPK Signaling
    ACVIM FAIM                                                                          M. Prado                                                                         TBD
                             Effects of Plasma & Hetastarch on Blood                                                                                                                                                     M. Dawes
   Research Focus              Colloid Osmotic Pressure in Alpacas
                                                                           PK-PD Integration for Oxytetracycline                                              Hypokalemia in Dairy Cattle                    Hereditary Myotonia in Water Buffalo
                                                                             in Healthy & Pneumonic Calves
                        141                E. McKenzie                 142              T. Potter                                                      143         P. Constable                      144                 A. Borges

                                                                                                                                                           Transcriptome Analysis in the                      Respiratory Mechanics & BALs
                               Respiratory Evaluation &                         Respiratory Evaluation                                                                                                              in Healthy Alpacas
      VCRS (FA)                                                                                                                                              Investigation of Ruminant                                 A. Pacheco
Comprehensive Reviews          Disease in Neonatal Crias                        & Disease in Camelids                                                                                                         Change in Lung Function Caused
                                                                                                                                                                Respiratory Disease                                      by PRRSV
                        145            D. Bedenice                     146           D. Bedenice                                                       147            T. Gull                        148                J. Wagner

                             MORNING SESSIONS | SATURDAY – JUNE 12, 2010
                                         8:00 – 8:50                                 9:00 – 9:50                                                                 10:30 – 11:20                                11:30 - 12:20
                                    Adiponectin & C-reactive Protein         MMP-9 is Associated with Systolic                                         Biplane Simpson & M-Mode for Doberman DCM       Use of Pimobendan in the Treatment
                                          in Normal & CHF Dogs                  Function in Dogs with MVD                                                                G. Wess                                 of HF in 28 Cats
       ACVIM Cardiology                        OL Nelson                               I. Ljungvall                                                                                                                 S. Gordon
                                                                                                                                                           Heart Rhythm Characterization During
        Research Focus         Cytokine & MMP Expression in Myocardium       Myocardiac Protein Levels in Canine
                                                                                                                                                             Loss of Consciousness in the Dog
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Prevalence of Heart Murmurs &
                                      of Dogs with Cardiac Disease                & Feline Heart Disease                                                                                                     Occult HD in Adult Cats
                             149               S. Fonfara                150            M. Sleeper                                                     151              R. Santilli                152              L. Drourr

                                                                                                                                                           Vascular Rings & Similar                      Feasibility of Stents for
       ACVIM Cardiology               Cardiac Evaluation                         Therapeutic Options in
                                                                                                                                                                Things in Dogs:                       Congenital Valvular Pulmonary
     Comprehensive Reviews          of the Exercising Horse                     Equine Atrial Fibrillation
                                                                                                                                                            Differential Diagnoses                          Stenosis in Dogs
                             153             S. Jesty                    154           K. McGurrin                                                     155       J. Buchanan                       156        B. Scansen
                                      Evaluation of Levatiracetam              Acute Canine Polyradiculoneuritis                                          Association Between the ABCB1 (MDR1)
                                              K. Munana                                  A. Fischer                                                               Gene & Seizure Control                       Late Breaking
       ACVIM Neurology                                                                                                                                                  K. Munana
        Research Focus               Magnetic Resonance Imaging                  Low Field MRI & TMS in Dogs                                                    Vertebral Ratios in Cervical                  Research Reports
                                         of Diskopondylitis                        with Wobbler Syndrome                                                            Spondylomyelopathy
                             157             I. Carrera                  158            S. De Decker                                                   159             R. da Costa                 160

                                 Diagnosis & Management of      Successes & Failures in the Surgical                                                        Histopathologic Changes                     The Ultrasonic Aspirator:
       ACVIM Neurology        Craniocervical Junction Anomalies: Management of Caudal Occipital                                                          & MRI Findings in Degenerative                   Current & Potential
     Comprehensive Reviews         Challenges & Strategies        Malformation Syndrome in Dogs                                                                Foraminal Stenosis                      Neurosurgical Applications
                             161     S. Cerda-Gonzales          162         A. Shores                                                                  163 T. Goedde / K. Matiasek                 164          P. Kenny
                                Medical & Surgical Oncology:                Medical & Surgical Oncology:                                                  Medical & Surgical Oncology:                 Medical & Surgical Oncology:
        ACVIM Oncology          Diagnosis & Management of                 Diagnosis & Management of Mast                                                  Diagnosis & Management of                 Diagnosis & Management of Soft

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      Post-Graduate Course       Lymphoma in Dogs & Cats                     Cell Tumors in Dogs & Cats                                                   Osteosarcoma in Dogs & Cats                 Tissue Sarcoma in Dogs & Cats
                             165 JP Woods / S. Boston                    166 JP Woods / S. Boston                                                      167 JP Woods / S. Boston                    168 JP Woods / S. Boston

                                 Airway Obstructive Disorders:            Don’t Blame the Dog: The Influence                                                                                              Pathophysiology of
            ACVIM                 Are Humans Good Models                  of Human Medicine on Companion                                                                  TBD                               Stress-Related
         One Medicine                    for Horses?                          Animal Infectious Diseases                                                                                               Gastrointestinal Disorder
                             169        E. Robinson                      170          S. Weese                                                         171                                         172       A. Moeser
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Measurement of Glomerular
                                 Evaluating Renal Function:                                                                                                Glomerular Filtration Rate                       Filtration Rate (GFR) in Cats
         ACVIM SAIM                                                             The Changing Paradigm
                                      More Than BUN                                                                                                            in Dogs & Cats:                                        N. Finch
       Review & Research                                                             of Proteinuria                                                                                                          D,L-Methionine for Canine
                                       & Creatinine                                                                                                          Where Are We Now?                                   Struvite Dissolution
                             173          L. Ross                        174            G. Grauer                                                      175       H. Lefebvre                       176               J. Bartges

                                 Classification & Diagnosis                    Maintenance Therapy for                                                           Treatment of Cluster                          New Horizons in
          ACVIM SAIM               of Seizure Disorders in                   the Routine and Difficult to                                                         Seizures & Status                           Epilepsy Diagnosis
      Post-Graduate Course         Small Animal Patients                       Control Epileptic Patient                                                             Epilepticus                                 & Therapy
                             177        C. Mariani                       178         C. Mariani                                                        179          C. Mariani                     180           C. Mariani
                                  Bone Marrow Collection,                         Challenging Cases:                                                       Myelodysplastic Syndromes
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Classification of
            ASVCP                Preparation & Assessment                       Bone Marrow Disorders                                                       in Cats & Dogs: Improved
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Acute Leukemias
                                      in Cats & Dogs                                in Cats & Dogs                                                             Prognostic Indicators
                             181        R. Allison                       182           R. Allison                                                      183        A. MacNeill                      184           A. MacNeill
                                                                                                                   View Posters / Visit Exhibit Hall

                               Advances in Toxicology: The Use    Complications & Controversies of                                                               What is the Role of                         Methods for Neural
            VECCS                of Intra-Lipid Therapy & High- Decontamination: Activated Charcoal                                                               Edema in Acute                              Repair Following
                                    Dextrose Insulin Therapy          – To Use or Not to Use?                                                                    Spinal Cord Injury?                         Spinal Cord Injury
                             185              J. Lee            186           J. Lee                                                                   187            Y. Nout                      188            Y. Nout
                               Comparative Aspects of Glucose                    Sweet Success:                                                                 Sweet Success:                           Carbohydrate-Related
       AAVN / ACVN (SA)          Metabolism & Regulation in                  Nutritional Management                                                        Nutritional Management                        Claims for Pet Foods:
     Comprehensive Reviews          Companion Animals                         of the Feline Diabetic                                                        of the Canine Diabetic                     Regulatory Considerations
                             189         S. Zicker                       190          C. Kirk                                                          191        L. Fleeman                       192        D. Dzanis
                             Gallium for Prevention of Rhodococcus equi        Gastric Ulceration in Foals                                              Phenylbutazone Dose Titration in Horses     Ultrasound Cervical Parameters in
                                             K. Chaffi n                                                                                                              J. Foreman                      the Mare Throughout Gestation
        ACVIM Equine                                                                  C. Sanchez                                                                                                                S. Bucca
                                   VapA/CpG ODN Vaccine against                                                                                         Thromboelastometry, Hypocoagulability,
        Research Focus                     R. equi in Foals                 Steroids in the Treatment of IAD                                                       & Polycythemia
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Neuroaxonal Dystrophy
                                                                                                                                                                                                            in Quarter Horses
                             193            K. Lohmann                  194          R. Leguillette                                                    195            S. Smith                  196             C. Finno

                                       Pathophysiology &                            Pathophysiology &                                                      Pathophysiology & Treatment                       Pathophysiology &
        ACVIM Equine                 Treatment Options for                        Treatment Options for                                                  Options for Equine Inflammatory                    Treatment Options for
     Comprehensive Reviews          Equine Fungal Keratitis                         Equine Glaucoma                                                              Corneal Disease                          Equine Recurrent Uveitis
                             197           A. Clode                      198            A. Clode                                                       199         C. Plummer                      200          C. Plummer
                                                                                    Pharmacology of                                                             Using Behavior for               Sickness Behavior
          ACVIM FAIM               Nociception & Physiology
                                                                                  Pain Management in                                                         Clinical Assessment of             & the Convalescent
      Post-Graduate Course          of Pain in Food Animals
                                                                                     Food Animals                                                                 Pain in Bovines                   Food Animal
                             201           H. Coetzee                    202          H. Coetzee                                                       203         S. Millman            204        S. Millman
                                                                                                                                                        Alterations in Bovine Immunology        Engaging the Innate
         ACVIM FAIM                     Rumen Acidosis:                            Rumen Acidosis:                                                      Associated with Subacute Rumen         Immune Response for
     Comprehensive Reviews         Pathophysiology & Etiology                   Sequella & Management                                                           Acidosis & Ketosis           Proper Vaccine Responses
                             205           P. Plummer                    206           P. Plummer                                                      207           C. Chase            208         C. Chase
                                 Creating an Exceptional                  Engaging the Specialty Veterinary                                             Communication in Specialty Care:    The Specialty Practice in the
        ACVIM Business              Specialty Patient &                        Team to Build Loyalty                                                          Crafting Messages              Community: How & Where
         Management                  Client Experience                          & Generate Revenue                                                            for Our Audiences                 to Become Involved
                             209 R. Brogdon / K. Felsted                 210 R. Brogdon / K. Felsted                                                   211 R. Brogdon / K. Felsted       212 R. Brogdon / K. Felsted

                        AFTERNOON SESSIONS | SATURDAY – JUNE 12, 2010
                                      2:10 – 3:00                                  3:10 – 4:00                                                       4:25 – 5:15                                   5:25 – 6:15
                                 What Are Biomarkers &                              NT-proBNP:                                                                                                  Beyond NT-proBNP:
  ACVIM Cardiology                  How Might We                                   Summary of a                                                                                                Alternative Biomarkers
  Clinical Workshop                                                                                                                               The Cat is Not A Dog
                                      Use Them?                                 Canine Cohort Study                                                                                              of Cardiac Disease
                         213         A. Boswood                        214         A. Beardow                                           215             S. Ettinger                    216           R. Prosek
                             A Mitochondirally Inherited                                                                                      Subacute Necrotizing             Diagnosis & Treatment of
                                                                          Alaskan Husky Encephalopathy:
  ACVIM Neurology             Neurological Syndrome in                                                                                   Encephalopathy (SNE) in Yorkshire     Mitochondrial Myopathies
  Clinical Workshop                                                                An Update
                                the Golden Retriever                                                                                           Terriers: An Update                     in Dogs
                         217       K. Jaderlund                        218            K. Vernau                                         219       K. Matiasek              220       D. Shelton
                           Clinical Applications of Retinoids Update on SRS, IMRT, IGRT & Other                                           Case Presentations of Veterinary
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Role of Infection in
   ACVIM Oncology             for the Treatment of Canine      Novel Radiation Technologies Now                                         Cancer Patients Treated With Novel
Comprehensive Reviews                                                                                                                                                                              Tumor Control
                                    & Feline Cancer            Being Used in Veterinary Medicine                                              Radiation Technologies
                         221            C. Souza              222          S. LaRue                                                     223         S. LaRue               224                        D. Thamm
                           Diagnosing Lung Disease in Dogs                                                                                                                                     Chronic Nasal Disease
                                                                               Inhalational Therapies                                          Chronic Nasal Disease
    ACVIM SAIM            & Cats Using Mechanics, Breath &                                                                                                                                       in Cats: Diagnosis
Comprehensive Reviews                                                             in Dogs & Cats                                           in Dogs: Diagnosis & Treatment
                             Lung-Seeking Nanoparticles                                                                                                                                             & Treatment
                         225 C. Reinero / K. Selting       226                C. Reinero / K. Selting                                   227              N. Kuehn                      228           N. Kuehn
                                                                                 The Incidental                                              Renal Hypertension: Is the
                              Assessment of Hormone                                                                                                                                          Pathogenesis of Secondary
    ACVIM SAIM                                                                   Adrenal Mass:                                             Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone
Comprehensive Reviews      Abnormalities in Adrenal Disease                                                                                                                                     Hyperparathyroidism
                                                                               What Should You Do?                                             System Responsible?
                         229              P. Lathan                    230          A. Cook                                             231          H. Syme                           232           P. Schenck

                                                                                                                 Break / Refreshments
                                   Difficult Esophageal                          Esophageal & Gastric
                                                                                                                                                    Episodic Vomiting                              Protein-Losing
     ACVIM SAIM                  Problems: Inflammation                         Problems that are Hard
 Post-Graduate Course                                                                                                                                  & Diarrhea                                  Enteropathies
                                       & Stricture                               to Diagnose / Treat
                         233           M. Willard                      234           M. Willard                                         235            M. Willard                      236           M. Willard

                                       Advanced                                     Advanced                                                  Nutritional Myths & Fallacies:                    Nutrition: Making Pet
  Clinical Workshop               Computed Tomography                          Computed Tomography                                                 Talking to an Owner                            Foods at Home
                         237    T. Schwarz / S. Stieger                238   T. Schwarz / S. Stieger                                    239              S. Perea                      240             S. Perea
                             Therapeutic Misadventures:         Therapeutic Misadventures:                                                                                                    CASE DISCUSSION:
                                                                                                                                                     Year in Review:
     ACVIM SAIM            Cases of Drug Interactions, Drug   Cases of Drug Interactions, Drug                                                                                             Atypical Immune-Mediated
  Clinical Workshop                                                                                                                                   Hematology
                              Toxicity, & Other Disasters        Toxicity, & Other Disasters                                                                                               Hemolytic Anemia in a Dog
                         241         L. Trepanier           242         L. Trepanier                                                    243              S. Smith                      244        A. Mackin
                               What Constitutes a Diagnosis of             Multimodal Environmental Enrichment                            Staging Patients with Acute Kidney Injury:               Acute Kidney Injury:
                                   Feline Idiopathic Cystitis?                        Therapy of FIC                                                  A New Paradigm                             The Role of Hemodialysis
                                            J. Lulich                                   D. Chew                                                          L. Cowgill                                    C. Langston
       SVN / U
                                                                                                                 Break / Refreshments

                             What Causes Feline Idiopathic Cystitis?           Medical Treatments of Feline                                  Conservative Management of Acute                      Acute Kidney Injury:
                                           An Update                               Idiopathic Cystitis                                         Kidney Injury: Present & Future                       The Role of CRRT
                         245                 C. Kirk                   246             J. Bartges                                       247               D. Polzin                    248             M. Acierno

                              Digital Radiography of                                                                                             How to Get the Lesion:
                                                                                     Updates on                                                                                                Cytology of Lung Tissue
         VUS                 Dogs & Cats: Reading the                                                                                                 US Guided
                                                                              Intrathoracic Ultrasound                                                                                          Fine Needle Aspirates
                                    New Films                                                                                                      Thoracic Biopsy
                         249        M. Wright                          250      A. Zwingenberger                                        251           R. Pollard                       252            A. Barger
                             Exercise-Induced Pulmonary                       Evaluation of Heart Rate                                              Spinal Causes of                              Muscle Disorders
   ACVIM Equine              Hemorrhage: Is Furosemide                            & Rhythm in the                                                Poor Performance in the                           Related to Poor
Comprehensive Reviews        the Best Treatment Option?                           Exercising Horse                                                     Sport Horse                                  Performance
                         253          P. Morley                        254         K. McGurrin                                          255             C. Judy                        256          S. Valberg
                         Doppler Echocardiography in Equine The Use of Doppler Echocardiography                                         Which Endocrine Disorder are We Dealing Which Endocrine Disorder are We Dealing
    ACVIM Equine          Patients: Pulsed Wave, Continuous in the Workup of Equine Cardiac Cases:                                        With? Pars Intermedia Dysfunction vs. With? Pars Intermedia Dysfunction vs. Equine
  Clinical Workshop             Wave, & Color Doppler                 Case Discussions                                                  Equine Metabolic Syndrome: Diagnostics Metabolic Syndrome: Treatment Options
                         257            S. Jesty            258            S. Jesty                                                     259             N. Frank                260              N. Frank
                                    Calf Pneumonia:                               Pharmacology of                                                                                          Epidemiology of Mycoplasma
                                                                                                                                                  Practical Vaccinology
    ACVIM FAIM            Clinical Assessment & Monitoring                      Medications Used to                                                                                      Infections in Dairy Calves & New
Comprehensive Reviews                                                                                                                                of Dairy Calves
                                    in Calf Facilities                          Treat Calf Pneumonia                                                                                         Research on Transmission
                         261          S. McGuirk           262                       H. Coetzee                                         263              C. Chase                      264         F. Maunsell
                             Five of the Best Food Animal       The Other 5 Best Food Animal                                                Dairy Calf Ranch Disease:
                                                                                                                                                                                              Dairy Calf Ranch Disease:
     ACVIM FAIM           Internal Medicine Journal Articles Internal Medicine Journal Articles                                             Approaches to Diagnostics
  Clinical Workshop                                                                                                                                                                          Interventions for Prevention
                                   Published in 2009                  Published in 2009                                                           & Treatments
                         265 P. Constable / A. Roussel       266 P. Constable / A. Roussel                                              267       J. Reynolds                          268          J. Reynolds
                             Specialty Practice Financial               Specialty Practice Financial Health:                                   How to Measure, &                             Succession Planning:
   ACVIM Business              Health: What Metrics                        What To Do if the Numbers                                             Possibly Revive,                           Associate Buy-ins to a
    Management                  Should You Evaluate                               Aren’t Healthy                                               Practice Profitability                           Specialty Practice
                         269 R. Brogdon / K. Felsted                   270 R. Brogdon / K. Felsted                                      271 R. Brogdon / K. Felsted                    272 R. Brogdon / K. Felsted


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