WEB SITES FOR PLANNERS
I.   Insurance and Financial Services:

     A.      Publications: (on-line versions generally offer up-to-date information)
             1.       National Underwriter: www.nuco.com
             2.       FPA: www.financial-planning.com
             3.       Wall Street Journal: www.wsj.com
             4.       Forbes: www.forbes.com
             5.       Fortune: www.fortune.com
             6.       Kiplinger: www.kiplinger.com
             7.       Bottomline: www.boardroom.com
             8.       Worth Magazine: www.worth.com
             9.       Money Magazine: www.pathfinder.com/money
             10.      Entrepreneur. www.entrepreneurmag.com

     B.      General Information and Educational Sources:
             1.       MSN: www.moneycentral.msm.com
             2.       College for Financial Planning: www.fp.edu/fponline
             3.       KPMG Financial Services: www.kpmginsiders.com
             4.       Bloomberg: www.bloomberg.com
             5.       AICPA: www.aicpa.org
             6.       Motley Fool: www.motleyfool.com
             7.       Investorama: www.investorama.com

     C.      Information on Specific Companies, Individuals and Funds:
             1.      Hoovers: www.hoovers.com
             2.      SEC Corporate Filings: www.sec.gov/edgarhp.htm
             3.      Mutual Fund Info: www.micropal.com
             4.      CompanySleuth: www.companysleuth.com
             5.      Dow Jones: www.djnr.com
             6.      Morningstar: www.morningstar.com
             7.      S&P: www.stockinfo.standardpoor.com
             8.      KnowX: www.knowx.com
             9.      Dun & Bradstreet: www.dnb.com - Information on over 50 million business
             10.     Corporate Financials. www.cfonews.com - Information on publically traded companies

     D.      Market Information:
             1.      BigCharts: www.bigcharts.com - Measures historic performance of a stock
             2.      Treasury Debt: www.publicdebt.treas.go - Market prices of federal debt instruments
             3.      Constant Stock Review: www.quote.com - Will e-mail you if a stock is impacted
             4.      Nathan & Lewis: www.nlfs.com - Excellent informational site
             5.      Schwab: www.schwab.com - Schwab’s on-line service
             6.      Quicken: www.quicken.com/investments - Quicken’s on-line investment service
             7.      The Street: www.thestreet.com - Financial reporting

     E.      Compare Bank Rates: www.bankrate.com

     F.      Make Financial Decisions: www.financenter.com

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II.     Business Information Sources:
        A.      BizMove: www.bizmove.com - A “small-business knowledge base”
        B.      BizPlus: www.bizplus.com - One of the best sources for Internet small business information
        C.      EntreWorld: www.entreworld.org - Information on starting and running a small business
        D.      Mircosoft: www.microsoft.com/smallbiz - Microsoft’s source for small business information
        E.      SBA. www.sba.gov/library Small Business Administration information

III.    Finance and Investing:
        A.      E*Trade: www.etrade.com - On-Line trading
        B.      MSN Money Central: www.moneycentral.msn.com - Microsoft’s money management
        C.      Quicken: www.quicken.com - Offers a broad range of money management tools
        D.      The Street: www.thestreet.com - The Wall Street Journal’s financial information site
        E.      Yahoo! Finance: www.quote.yahoo.com - Yahoo’s financial information site
        F.      IRAs: www.rothira.com

IV.     Business Services:
        A.      Contact/Schedulers:
                1.       Www.contact.com
        B.      Web Based Faxing (without a fax machine): www.efax.com
        C.      Buy Stamps on the Net: www.stamps.com

V.      Paying Bills on the Net:
        A.      Paypal: www.x.com
        B.      Ecount: www.ecount.com
        C.      Western Union: www.moneyzap.com
        D.      Payme: www.payme.com

VI.     Charitable Gifting:
        A.       Chronicle of Philanthropy: www.philanthropy.com
        B.       The National Committee on Planned Giving: www.ncpg.org
        C.       Information on Charities.
                 1.       www.nccs.urban.org.
                 2.       www.guidestar.org.
        D.       Volunteer Work: www.volunteerMatch.com

VII.    Finding People and Businesses:
        A.      AnyWho: www.anywho.com - Look up the phone number or address or someone; back search a
                phone number or address; even get a map to someone’s house!
        B.      Bigbook: www.bigbook.com - Comprehensive list of 16 million businesses and the services they
        C.      Big Yellow: www.bigyellow.com - On-line phone book
        D.      Switchboard: www.switchboard.com - Contains 106 million residences and 11 million business
        E.      WhoWhere: www.whowhere.com - Easy to conduct local searches
        F.      Worldpages: www.worldpages.com - Contains information on addresses, e-mail addresses and
                links to other directories
        G.      Genealogy: www.rootsweb.com - find your family history

VIII.   Reference Sources - Government Sources:
        A.      All: www.firstgov.gov - the federal government’s central website
        B.      CIA: www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook - the CIA’s fact book on the world
        IRS: www.irs.gov - The IRS’s web site with tax forms and tax information. An excellent source.

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      D.      Library of Congress: www.loc.gov - More information than you could possibly want
      E.      Census Bureau: www.census.gov - Detailed demographic information
      F.      FedWorld: www.fedworld.gov - A wealth of sources on government sites and information
      G.      Public Records: www.pac-info.com - search public records
      H.      Political Funding: www.opensecrets.org - find the contributors to local politicians

IX.   General Reference Sources:
      A.      Internet Library:
              1.        www.ipl.org/ref/RR
              2.       Www.libraryspot.com
              3.       www.bartleby.com
      B.      Net Library: www.netlibrary.com - Finding books in the Web and downloading copies
      C.      Britannica: www.britannica.com - Britannica’s on-line service
      D.      Publications: www.elibrary.com - Do research across a broad spectrum of publications
      E.      Encarta: www.encarta.msn.com - Microsoft’s encyclopedia
      F.      How to on the Net: www.learn2.com
      G.      Rules: www.everyrule.com - Copies of the rules to govern just about anything
      H.      Dictionary:
              1.       www.dictionary.com
              2.       www.yourdictionary.com

X.    Legal Reference Sources:
      A.      Lawyer Locator and Rating Services:
              1.       All attorneys: www.martindale.com
              2.       Estate Planning Attorneys:
                       a.         www.naepc.com
                       b.        www.netplanning.com
      B.      General Law:
              1.       Findlaw: www.findlaw.com - An excellent source for state and federal legal materials
              2.       CCH: www.cch.com - Commerce Clearing House’s web site
              3.       Lawyers Weekly: www.lawyersweekly.com - A weekly publication on current legal
                       issues; links to other sites
              4.       Lexis/Nexis: www.lexis-nexis.com - A fee based retrieval system for materials not
                       generally available on the Net
      C.      Tax Law:
              1.       ABA: www.abanet.org/tax
              2.       Accounting Firms:
                       a.        Deloitte & Touche: www.dtonline.com/tnv
                       b.        Ernst & Young: www.taxcast.com
                       c.        Pricewaterhouse: www.taxnes.com
                       d.        KPMG: www.us.kpmg.com
              3.       All States Taxes: www.taxsites.com/agencies
              4.       AICPA: www.aicpa.org
              5.       National Tax Association: www.ntanet.org
              6.       Tax Foundation: www.taxfoundation.org
              7.       Tax History: www.uic.edu/depts/lib/collections/govdocs/tax/history
              8.       Tax Analysts: www.tax.com - Detailed information on tax issues
              9.       Tax Lists: Providing for links to tax related web sites
                       a.        www.taxsites.com
                       b.        www.taxresources.com
              10.      Estate Planning Links:

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                      a.       www.members.aol.com/dmk58/eplinks.html
                      b.       www.nafep.com
                      c.       www.tepa.com
                      d.       www.dtonline.com
                      e.       www.estateplanninglinks.com
              11.     Tax Code: www.fourmilab.ch/ustax/ustax
              12.     Legislation & Other Information: www.taxplanet.com
              13.     Senior Law: www.seniorlaw.com
              14.     Tax Treaties: www.irs.gov/ind_info/treaties
              15.     Tax Court: www.ustaxcourt.gov
              16.     Treasury Regulations: www.irs.gov/prod_regs
              17.     IRS Rulings: www.irs.gov/prod/bus_info/bullett
              18.     Tax Forms:
                      a.        www.irs.ustreas.gov/prod/forms_pubs/forms
                      b.       Www.taxsites.com/forms
              19.     Federal Rates: www.pmstax.com/afr
              20.     Federal Tax Tables: www.irs.gov/prod/ind_info/tax_tables
              21.     Tax Return Preparation Online:
                      a.       Www.intuit.com/turbotax
                      b.       Www.taxcut.com
                      c.       Www.filesave.net
                      d.       Www.taxlogic.com
                      e.       Www.taxattack.com
      D.      Valuation:
              1.      Www.bluebook.com for certain tangible assets
              2.      Www.evpsys.com for securities
              3.      Www.publicdebt.treas.gov/sav/sav.htm for Treasury Bonds
              4.      www.kbb.com for valuing used cars

      E.      Employment Issues.
              1.     Www.eeoc.gov - the EEOC’s website offers a section for small business owners
              2.     Www.myworktools.com
              3.     Www.biztrain.com
              4.     Www.employer-employee.com
              5.     Www.non.com -legal tips and forms
              6.     Www.sbinformaion.about.com

      F.      Divorce:
              1.       www.divorcesource.com
              2.      www.flyingsolo.com
              3.      www.divorceonline.com
              4.      www.smartmoney.com/divorce/
              5.      www.divorcemag.com
              6.      Divorce Orders and PBGC (pub 1005) at www.pbgc.gov
              7.      www.divorcelinks.com

XI.   Helping the Elderly.
      A.       www.aoa.gov - the federal government’s Agency on Aging
      B.       www.eldercare.gov - a website of the Agency on Aging
      C.       www.medicare.gov - the national website for Medicare
      D.       www.cms.gov - The government’s center for both Medicare and Medicaid advice
      E.       www.socialsecurity.gov - the Social Security website

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F.     www.aarp.org - American Association of Retired Persons website
www.caremanager.org - a helpful website on care giver resources

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        H.      www.nia.nih.gov - providing information on gerontology

XII.    Demographic Information.
        A.     www.census.gov - the government’s cite for census data
        B.     www.frey-demographer.org - providing free copies of reports on US demographics and their
        C.     www.ustrust.com - provides numerous studies on the demographics of the affluent.
        D.     www.bc.edu/bc_org/avp/gsas/swri/ - reports on expected future transfers of wealth
        E.     www.censuscd.com - offering products using census data

XIII.   News Sources:
        A.     ABC News: www.abcnews.com - Up to date news information
        B.     CNN: www.cnn.com - CNN’s up to date news reporting, including links to background info
        C.     NBC: www.msnbc.com - NBC News’ web site provides excellent interactive information
        D.     New York Times: www.nytimes.com - Excellent source for detailed reporting. I stopped getting
               the paper delivered and just read the New York Times on-line each morning over coffee. There is
               no cost and no paper to dispose of.
        E.     NewsHub: www.newshub.com - Pulls news from multiple sources every 15 minutes
        F.     Associated Press: www.ap.org - Direct access to information and pictures coming from AP
        G.     Dialog Web: www.dialogweb.com - Access publications for a fee
        H.     Total News: www.totalnews.com - Locate local news organizations
        I.     Sports: www.espn.com
        J.     Track Down Old News Articles: www.daypop.com
        K.     General News Information: www.journalistexpress.com

XIV.    Travel & Entertainment. Access travel & entertainment information on the Net & book on-line:
        Research: Go to www.pcworld.com and pull the article “Travel Web Sites” from the July 2002 edition of
        the magazine
        A.      Airlines On-Line: (comprehensive list: www.geocities.com/thavery2000/)
                1.       AirTran: www.airtran.com
                2.       American Airlines: www.aa.com
                3.       Continental: www.flycontinental.com
                4.       Delta: www.delta-air.com
                5.       Midwest: www.midwestexpress.com
                6.       Northwest: www.northwestairlines.com
                7.       Southwest: www.iflyswa.com
                8.       TWA: www.twa.com
                9.       United: www.ual.com
                10.      US Airways: www.usair.com
                11.      Seats: www.seatguru.com Seat and Plane Configurations for most Airplanes
        B.      BizTravel: www.biztravel.com - Information on travel, monitors your frequent traveler programs
        C.      Microsoft: www.expedia.msn.com - Microsoft’s travel site
        D.      Preview Travel: www.previewtravel.com - Find cheap fares, vacation packages, travel information
        E.      Travel City: www.travelocity.com - Sabre’s reservation system, finds lower fares than airline sites
        F.      Weather: www.weather.com
        G.      Maps, Etc: Obtain detailed maps to your destination, weather information, travel information
                1.        www.mapquest.com
                2.       Www.mapblast.com
                3.       Www.metropla.net
        H.      Trip Planning: www.theultimates.com/trip/
        I.      Automobile Rentals:

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               1.        Alamo: www.goalamo.com
               2.        Avis: www.avis.com
               3.        Budget: www.budgetrentacar.com
               4.        Dollar: www.dollarcar.com
               5.        Enterprise: www.pickenterprise.com
               6.        Hertz: www.hertz.com
               7.        National: www.nationalcar.com
               8.        Thrifty: www.thrift.com
       J.      Lodging:
               1.        Www.placestostay.com
               2.        Www.allhotels.com
               3.        Www.hoteldiscounts.com
               4.        Www.leisureplanet.com
               5.        Www.travelbook.com
       K.      Dining and Entertainment:
               1.        www.zagat.com - Top places to eat in major American cities; obtain reviews
               2.        www.citysearch.com - Locate local restaurants, events, etc.
               3.        Locate entertainment in any city
                         a.       Www.digitalcities.com
                         b.       www.local.msn.com
               4.        Make a Reservation:
                         a.       www.opentable.com
                         b.       www.dinnefrbroker.com
       L.      Travel Guides:
               1.        www.roighguides.com
               2.        Www.lonelyplanet.com
               3.        Www.travelchannel.com
               4.        Www.connectedtraveler.com
               5.        www.citysearch.com
       M.      Interesting Travel and Moving Resources:
               1.        Speed Traps: www.speedtrap.com tells you where speed traps maybe found on your trip
               2.        Flights: will tell when any flight will land & its current location
                         a.        www.flightarrivals.com
                         b.       www.flightview.com
                         c.       www.flightexplorer.com/fasttrack.asp
               3.        Moving: www.makethemove.com designed to make moving easier
               4.        Time & Date: www.timeanddate.com provides the time and date anywhere in the world
               5.        Currency Conversion: www.oanda.com
               6.        City Codes for Airlines: www.airportcitycodes.com

XV.    Build Your Own Web Site On-Line. These sites will help you develop your own web site:
       A.      eBoz: www.eboz.com/index/shtml
       B.      Devhead: www.devhead.com
       C.      Web Developer: www.webdeveloper.com
       D.      World Wide Web: www.w3.org
       E.      Netscape: www.netopia.netscape.com/.
       F.      Register Your Domain Name: www.zdnet.com

XVI.   Shipping Sources:(e.g., use to locate local drop boxes)
       A.      Compare Rates: www.iship.com - to compare rates of shipping companies
       B.      US Mail: www.usps.com
       C.      Airborne: www.airborne.com

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        D.      Federal Express: www.fedex.com
        E.      UPS: www.ups.com

XVII.   Buying On-Line
        A.      Books
                1.       www.amazon.com Probably the best source for obtaining books
                2.       www.bookfinder.com - locate out of print books
        B.      Bottom Dollar: www.bottomdollar.com -Search for office products on-line at the lowest price
        C.      Comparenet: www.comparenet.com - With buyer’s tips and locations to purchase it
        D.      Comparison Shopping: compare prices of multiple web based companies; Offer reviews
                1.       www.cnet.com
                2.       www.pricegrabber.com
                3.       www.amazing-bargains.com
                4.       Www.evenbetter.com
                5.       Www.mysimon.com
        E.      Microsoft Cars: Locate the car you want on the web
                1.       Www.carsdirect.com
                2.       Www.autoweb.com
        F.      Auto Pricing:
                1.       Used: www.kbb.com
                2.       New: www.edmund.com
        G.      NetMarket: www.netmarket.com -A members only price club with excellent discounts
        H.      Shopping.Com: www.shopping.com - Over 2 million items in inventory for sale
        I.      Chumbo: www.chumbo.com -An online source for software at discount prices
        J.      NECX: www.necx.com - An excellent source for purchasing computer/technology items on-line
        K.      Computers.Com: www.computers.com - Provides on-line referrals on new computer products,
                prices and a list of on-line sources to obtain the product.
        L.      Directly Accessing Computer Related Companies:
                1.       Dell: www.dell.com
                2.       IBM: www.ibm.com
                3.       Microsoft: www.microsoft.com
                4.       CDW: www.cdw.com
        M.      Directly Accessing Office Supply Companies:
                1.       Office Depot: www.officedepot.com
                2.       Office Max: www.officemax.com
                3.       Staples: www.staples.com
                4.       On-Line Office Supplies: www.onlineofficesupplies.com

XVIII. Employment Help: Offers a large range of employment services and job offerings
       A.     www.monster.com
       B.     Www.flipdog.com
       C.     Www.freeagent.com
       D.     Www.hotjobs.com

XIX.    Other Helpful Web sites:
        A.      Better Business Bureau: www.bbb.org
        B.      E-Mail Help: www.emailaddresses.com/free_email.htm - Free information and services for your e-
        C.      Consumer Reports: www.ConsumerReports.com - Consumer Reports’ on-line service
        D.      Life Expectancy:
                1.      www.deathclock.com - Wondering about your life expectancy? Contact this site for your
                        life expectancy down to the second.

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     2.       See: www.beeson.org/Living to100 for a more detailed analysis.
E.   Social Security: www.seniors.gov - Allows you to change your address and obtain information on
     governmental benefits
F.   Genealogy. www.familysearch.org - The Mormon church’s data base for family searches.
G.   Web Conferencing - conference with clients via the web:
     1.       Www.microsoft.com - NetMeeting
     2.       Www.webEx.com
H.   Humor:
     1.       www.comedycentral.com
     2.       www.theinion.com
     3.       www.cartoonbank.com
     4.       www.comics.com
I.   Web Surfing: www.anonymizer.com - search the web anonymously
J.   Stop Spam: www.spamgourmet.com - stop wasting time on spam

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