; Gotham Radio Talent Release Form (DOC download)
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Gotham Radio Talent Release Form (DOC download)


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									                    Gotham Radio Talent Release Form

I (We), (                                                                              ),
[Band/Artist Name(s) and/or Copyright Owner(s)] hereafter referred to as Licensor, grant permission to Gotham
Radio, hereafter referred to as "Broadcaster," to broadcast the songs I submitted over the Internet, on the air, via
satellite, PodCasts, cell phone, PDA, or other mobile devices.

This permission includes the right of Broadcaster to produce the ephemeral copies (copies made for the specific
purpose of Internet broadcast) necessary to produce the broadcast. Additionally Licensor grants Broadcaster
permission to display cover art and album images to further promote Licensor's music. This is a royalty-free, non-
exclusive, gratis license to broadcast all material listed above. Broadcaster is also granted permission to advertise the
above material in connection with their broadcast and agrees to provide links to Licensor's website and online music
store if available. This agreement allows the broadcast of this material, while eliminating any external licensing
requirements of RIAA, SoundExchange, BMI, SESAC, ASCAP, or any other performance rights organizations. The
above material may be made available to the public for download or other digital copying by any individual or entity
as part of a broadcast compilation for promotional intentions only. This means the material listed above will not be
individually sold and will not be available for any purpose other than broadcasting, and promotion of that broadcast.
I am the sole copyright owner(s) of both the sound recordings and the musical compositions of the material listed
above, and are fully authorized to grant this release, and I am doing so of my own free will without coercion of any
kind. This agreement shall be effective for a period of twelve (12) months, and shall automatically renew continually
unless Gotham Radio is notified in writing to cancel broadcasts immediately.

For electronic signatures use this format: /signature/. What you insert between the parenthesis is your
signature (usually your name) I.E. if your name is Joe Smith /joe smith/.

                                                 Artist/Band Name:
                                                  (             )
                                                     Your Name:
                                                   (                 )

                  Signature: (                                  )Date: (                             )


                       (                                                                        )

              Phone: (                                     ) Email: (                                    )

                    Website: (                                    )

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