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									  VOLUME 1, ISSUE 3            Fourth Quarter 2008

 afa-cwa all call
  Northwest Airlines Master Executive Council

President’s Report                                      by MEC President Kevin Griffin
Dear Fellow Flight Attendants,                   analysts and others on the government
  Not long ago I attended a labor council        payroll can now admit we are in a recession.
meeting in Minnesota where someone aptly           The advances our parents and grandpar-
quoted Harry Truman: “A recession is when        ents made in the labor movement and this
your neighbor is out of work. A depression       economy over the last hundred years have
is when you are out of work.” That senti-        all but disappeared as a result of corporate
ment really hits home when we look at the        terrorism and a government that was de-
number of people now unemployed, facing          signed according to Abraham Lincoln “of the
massive furloughs or trying to make ends         people, by the people, for the people,” but      But we have had each other to rely on in
meet in today’s world.                           has itself been hijacked by and for corporate    good times and bad.
  On Monday, November 17, 2008, Japan’s          interests.                                        We are a profession of caretakers, safety
government announced that the world’s              As present-day laborers in the world’s larg-   professionals and – above all – unionists.
second largest economy had slipped into          est economy we have seen friends, relatives      What is best for the least of us is ultimately
recession. Now leaders are uttering similar      and neighbors struggling. We have experi-        better for all. We lift up our brothers and sis-
words about the U.S. economy, though             enced undue stress through airline bank-         ters because we must. “Take me with you,”
many Americans believe we are in a depres-       ruptcies, changes in homeland security,          no matter the circumstances.
sion worse than that of 1929. Economists,        wages, work rules and our overall lifestyle.                             (continued on page 3)

                                NWA AFA First Annual Heidi Joost Award

      lease join the Association of Flight Attendants by honoring a Northwest flight attendant who has demonstrated heroism in the line
      of duty as an Inflight Safety Professional. This award carries the name and honors the memory of Northwest flight attendant Heidi
      Joost, who died while carrying out her duties as a safety professional. Heidi perished, along with several passengers, in the tailcone
of an NWA DC-9 in an aircraft accident at DTW in 1990. We welcome member nominations for this award and ask that they be submitted to
Janette Rook at before December 31, 2008.

 2    BOS President’s Interview
 2    Postcard From...
 3    Message From MEC Vice President
 4    Merger Timeline
 5    Government Affairs News / FlightPac Form
 6    SEA VP Interview / NYC Council 91 News
 7    2008 Purser Graduates
 8    NWA/DAL Route Map
 10   Joint Scheduling Meeting
 10   AFA-CWA Update Contact Information Form
 11   What is Happending With PBS?
 12   Message From LEC 93 President
 12    AFA Files Suit Over Delta
 13   Know Your Rights!
 15   Local Executive Council Directory
Northwest Airlines                                Meet BOS Council 92
Association of Flight Attendants-CWA              President
Master Executive Council                          Robert Cannatelli
                                                all call: How has the base and flying changed over
                                                the last decade?
LOCAL COUNCIL PRESIDENTS                        Robert Cannatelli: Wow. Where do I start? Just over
                                                a decade ago BOS was the “Gateway to Europe.” Once
COUNCIL 91NYC              JOSH ZIVICK          a base of over 700 FAs, with flights to London, Frankfurt,          
COUNCIL 92 BOS             ROBERT CANNATELLI    Copenhagen, Glasgow/Prestwick and Amsterdam, we had                                    617-957-4877
COUNCIL 93 MEM             SHAWN FIVECOAT       some great flying. Now, all we have for international flying is
COUNCIL 94 DTW             DIANA MITCHAM        our A330 and 757 flights to AMS.
                                                ac: What merger information would you most like to convey to your Local?
COUNCIL 96 SEA             JAY HONG             RC: Please don’t listen to rumors or gossip! All the information they need is at
COUNCIL 97 SFO             KATE DAY             their finger tips. They can call me, Jacob, David, or the hotline any time they have
COUNCIL 98 LAX             LES MEEKS            questions, or go to, or to get
COUNCIL 99 HNL             DAVE TADLOCK         the most accurate, up- to-date information.

OFFICERS                                        ac: What is your biggest hope/fear for Local 92 or NWA flight attendants?
PRESIDENT                  KEVIN GRIFFIN        RC: My biggest hope is to win the upcoming representational election. I can’t
                                                stress how important keeping our union is. I am confident, however, that we
                                                will be successful. My biggest fear for our members system-wide is that we
SECRETARY                  MARK GEHRT           lose our union, bargaining rights and job protections that took over 60 years to
                                                build. Just imagine working for the largest global airline in the world without
           afa-cwa all call                     ANY job protections, worker rights or rules. I compare it to being on probation
EDITOR                     RHONDA TAYLOR        permanently. Now imagine what it would be like to go back on probation for the
                                                rest of your careers. Scary!
                                                ac: With holiday flying upon us, what advice can you give your membership?
  SHAWN FIVECOAT          NEAL MCMAHON          RC: Remember your work rules. Fly the contract. If you question a rescheduling,
  GREG FRATTINI           SEAN OLTERSDORF       always ask for a review of crew orders. That is very important. Your BOS reps will
  ALBERT GARCIA           JANETTE ROOK          be on call over the holidays. Call us with questions or concerns.
  SCOTT GOODMAN           SCOTT WOLL            ac: What is your beverage of choice, on duty and off duty?
                                                RC: All who know me in BOS are laughing now because they already know the
                                                answer to this question. Coke! I can’t stand Pepsi so I always bring my own stash of
                                                Coke. I don’t drink alcohol so it is also my choice off duty as well. Happy hours can
                                                be lame as Coke is always regular price.

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   2                                                      FOURTH QUARTER 2008                                                               all call
I’m Junior, What Has the Union Done for Me?
                                                                                                   by MEC Vice President Janette Rook

        s a 1998 hire who has spent the          brothers and sisters in AMFA wouldn’t agree      as a Northwest Flight Attendant, I am most
        majority of my career on Reserve,        to over 50% outsourcing. Following the           proud of my colleagues when I remember
        I can relate with many of the            first bankruptcy in Northwest’s nearly 80        that principled decision to protect our jobs.
difficulties that our newest members face        years, our union experienced mounting            Without it, you and I would not even have a
today. We are living under bankruptcy            demands for massive worker concessions.          job as a Northwest Airlines flight attendant
imposed wage and benefit cuts that were          Management’s demands were backed up              today. We can’t let that sacrifice be wasted.
unheard of just ten years ago. Even with         by bankruptcy court rulings that rubber              I ask you to review the Route Map on
cuts, it could have been so much worse for       stamped their “ask” of $195,000,000              pages 6 and 7, and as you will see, former or
thousands of us (junior flight attendants).      in concessions from flight attendants.           current Northwest executives are actually
I would like to share a bit of our union’s       This amounted to nearly a 40% cut in             in most of the top leadership positions at
recent history, to honor the price our           pay and benefits for our members. Our            the “new Delta.” While most NWA & DAL
brothers and sisters have paid for their         union surveyed us and asked what was             workers continue to survive under crushing
solidarity with you and me.                      most important to us and we responded            pay cuts, most of our top executives
     In 2005 we watched management               overwhelmingly that our number one               received massive increases in compensation
bust our mechanics’ union, because our           priority was job protection for all of our       in the past year or so. Without the
                                                         members. Northwest management            protections of a contract and union
                                                         proposed that we allow outsourcing       advocacy on Capitol Hill, we could find our
                                                         of 3/4 of its trans-Pacific and trans-   jobs dwindling away and we wouldn’t have
                                                         Atlantic flights to foreign nationals,   the right to collective bargaining. Let’s all
                                                         and allow them to outsource 100%         work together at the “new Delta” and we
                                                         of all domestic flights on planes        can be the strongest flight attendant group
                                                         with 100 seats or less. Management       in the world, with the best legally binding
                                                         dangled the carrot of reduced cuts,      contract in the
                                                         if we would only allow outsourcing.      industry.            
                                                         When I think of my ten-year career                                           952-241-4102

Presidents Report                                (continued from page 1)
    We can continue that tradition, work             Collectively, without bitterness, we can     will turn the tide for our entire profession.
collectively to restore much of what we          achieve great strides for our profession         A contract for the future that our corporate
have lost and protect our own interests          while maintaining a voice for our future.        executives insist upon for their futures is a
despite current global economic news.            As one great flight attendant group, over        must!
Only by keeping our legal voice in the           21,000 strong, one great combined contract           Apathy has no place in our union. The
workplace can we influence our future.           is our ultimate objective. We deserve livable    same activism that surged during the
By maintaining our powerful tradition of         wages, affordable health care, and a safe        November elections must continue. We
representation – during good times and           work environment, and most importantly,          have a responsibility now as the largest
slowdowns – we will build back protections       to be able to retire securely.                   group of flight attendants on this planet
once thought impossible to secure.                   For any of us to share in that one great     to guide a movement that will bring back
    We can change the way we are viewed          American dream, all of us must sacrifice.        honor and justice to our chosen careers.
by corporate executives and government           We cannot continue to ask what our union             Join me, our elected union leaders,
officials. We are not just numbers that could    is doing for us; even asking that is to admit    our brothers and sisters at Delta and
be outsourced: Giving our jobs to cheaper        being misinformed about the core strength        Northwest and our growing family of
foreign labor will lead to even greater          of our organization.                             supporters in maintaining our focus on
instability in this consumer-driven economy.         Our union is only as strong as its weakest   our future. Become involved in delivering
Without decent wages and benefits for            member. Over a decade ago we started             our collective message of strength and
working people in this country, we will not      using the Internet for information and           security in an uncertain economy through
be able to spend what it will take to get this   uniting ourselves. Today that is not enough.     union representation. Visit
battered economy moving again.                   We must daily approach and reassure those        today to pledge your support to rebuild our
    As flight attendants, we all strive for      who have doubts and feel disenfranchised.        profession.
the same securities – livable wages, safe        We cannot be divided by corporate
working conditions, progressive work rules       inventions, by assumed cultural differences      In Unity and for a Better Future,
and a sound retirement. This is true no          that do not truly exist. Flight attendants
matter what part of the country we live in or    want what is best for each other, for our
what the name is on the airplane’s tail.         families, for our futures. We will not be
    We can overcome the divisions that our       distracted by “meet and greets,” multimedia                        
new family of executives has attempted to        images or new red dresses. Our focus must                                           952-241-4101
create by focusing on these common goals.        continue to be on building a contract that

  all call                                                  FOURTH QUARTER 2008                                                               3
                                                 NWA/DELTA MERGER ANNOUNCED
                                                                  April 14, 2008

                                                           NWA / DELTA
                                                      SHAREHOLDER APPROVAL
                                             Shareholders of both carriers voted to approve the merger
                                                              on September 25, 2008

                                                      GOVERNMENT APPROVALS
                                               On October 29, 2008, the United States Department of
                                             Justice (DOJ) approve the merger between Delta Air Lines
                                                              and Northwest Airlines

                                                   MERGER TRANSACTION CLOSES
                                                NWA/Delta formally close on the financial merger
                                                     transaction on October 29, 2008

                                                        Petition filed with the NMB for
                                                Single Carrier/Single Transportation System status
                                               ALPA filed on November 04, 2008.  AFA-CWA will file a
                                                 petition when we believe that post merger Delta has
                                                       achieved a Single Transportation System.

                                                       Single Carrier/Single Transportation
    The following are some indicia a
                                                         System status granted by NMB
          of a single carrier/
     single transportation system:

       published combined schedules                  NMB election for the combined Delta/
       or combined routes;                             Northwest Flight Attendants
       standardized uniforms;
       common marketing, markings
       or insignia;                                        AFA BECOMES THE DELTA
       integrated essential operations                      FLIGHT ATTENDANTS’
       such as scheduling or                                     CERTIFIED
       dispatching;                                    BARGAINING REPRESENTATIVE
       centralized labor and
       personnel operations;
       combined or common
       management, corporate                            SENIORITY INTEGRATION
       officers, and board of
       combined workforce; and,
       common or overlapping                           NEGOTIATIONS COMMENCE

                                                                                   Revised November 10, 2008

4                                        FOURTH QUARTER 2008                                                   all call
A New President, A New Congress, Now What?
                                                                                                                                                           by Government Affairs Chair Albert Garcia

          n Tuesday, November 4, 2008, we                                        We will ask you to contact your legislators on                                         who supported us in the 110th Congress to ask
          witnessed history when Barack Obama                                    numerous issues and they need to hear your                                             for their support again before the bill can be
          was elected President of the United                                    voice. Your Government Affairs Committee is                                            introduced in both the House and Senate. The
States. Four decades after the Civil Rights                                      committed to keeping you informed, giving                                              process begins anew. We did a fantastic job
movement, the election of the first African-                                     you the tools you will need to be an effective                                         during the 110th Congress in contacting our
American president signifies a tremendous move                                   advocate for our profession on Capitol Hill. We                                        legislators and we know that we can and will
forward for all Americans. America’s working                                     ask that you watch for and respond to our calls                                        repeat the effort with your help.
families gained an important victory as well. For                                to action.                                                                                  The same process will take place with
the past eight years, working families have been                                     The way that Congress works makes it                                               the FAA Reauthorization bill, which passed
ignored while Washington policies favored a                                      imperative that we gain support and pass a bill                                        the House, but got stuck in the Senate. The
corporate America agenda. The election results                                   within the same session. Unfortunately for us,                                         difference is that the government must pass an
mark a hopeful day for working families and the                                  our Senate FMLA bill S2059 has stalled and has                                         FAA reauthorization bill. They can postpone and
hard work is just beginning.                                                     yet to be voted on. Although the companion bill                                        extend the current FAA Reauthorization bill, but
      We, as union activists, must visit newly-                                  H2744 passed the House overwhelmingly, a bill                                          only for so long. We have seven flight attendant-
elected members of Congress to ensure that                                                                                                                              specific provisions that will remain in the bill as it
they understand our issues and earn their                                                                                                                               goes to both Houses in this coming session. But
support. We have our work cut out for us. We                                                                                                                            again, we must ensure that all of our provisions
must advocate on behalf of flight attendants on                                                                                                                         stay intact and are not altered.
initiatives that will improve our working lives,                                                                                                                             What will you be asked to do? When the
from our fight to be covered under the Family                                                                                                                           time comes, you will be asked to contact your
Medical Leave Act to the FAA reauthorization                                                                                                                            legislators and urge them to co-sponsor these
bill, which includes seven flight attendant-                                                                                                                            bills. Your Government Affairs Committee will
specific issues. The AFA-CWA Government Affairs                                                                                                                         visit Congress and educate them on the bill
Committee believes strongly that advocating                                                                                                                             and secure their support, but we cannot do this
for changes in federal law is the best and most                                                                                                                         unless they hear from you, their constituents.
effective way to protect our rights. Taking as                                                                                                                               If you would like to help us with the exciting
many issues as possible off the negotiations                                                                                                                            challenges ahead, please contact your Local
table and onto Capitol Hill will make it easier for                                                                                                                     Officers, who will put you in touch with a
all flight attendants to gain what we have lost                                  must pass both Houses before it can become law.                                        member of the Government Affairs Committee
in recent concessionary contracts and to realize                                 It is unlikely the FMLA bill will pass the Senate                                      and put you to work! Please visit www.nwaafa.
additional improvements.                                                         in the lame duck session of the 110th Congress,                                        org/committees/govaffairs/ for a list of contacts.
      So now what? First of all, we must ensure                                  although not impossible. If it does not, we must                                       Thanks to all of you who continue to focus and
that we do not lose our right to collective                                      begin from scratch. Just because there will be                                         advocate on behalf of our issues.
bargaining. You will hear the “new Delta” tell us                                a Democratic majority on the Hill when the
that we do not need representation. We know                                      111th Congress convenes next January does not                                          Albert Garcia
better. What happens when we do not have a                                       mean that we will automatically be welcomed                                            Government Affairs Chair
legally binding contract? Simply put, we have no                                 with open arms. Democrat or Republican, we                                             415-290-5140
say in work rules, pay or benefits; we are at the                                must first educate these legislators on the issues                                     Diana Mitcham
mercy of management’s decisions. Second, we                                      before we can gain their support. We must then
                                                                                                                                                                        Government Affairs Vice Chair
must stay informed and involved in the process.                                  re-visit the offices of Democrats and Republicans

                                                                                                                                                                        734-532-8404 x1101

             Yes!        I want to promote my profession through AFA’s legislative and political activities. I want to support FlightPAC through
             payroll deduction. I authorize my company to deduct from my gross earnings per month and remit to AFA’s FlightPAC:

                  $20                           $15                          $10                           $5                           other $______

             Name                                                                                                         Employee ID #

             Address                                                                                                      Airline


             E-mail address                                                                                               Date

             My contribution to FlightPAC is not tax deductible. As an AFA member, I am entitled to make voluntary contributions to FlightPAC at any time. Gifts or donations to FlightPAC are not a condition of membership in
             AFA. Payroll authorizations shall remain in full force until revoked by me, pursuant to the provisions of the agreement between my airline and the Association of Flight Attendants. Federal law forbids AFA from accept-
             ing FlightPAC contributions from foreign nationals who are not U.S. citizens and have not been legally admitted to the United States for permanent residence.

  all call                                                                                           FOURTH QUARTER 2008                                                                                                                 5
  Meet SEA Council 96
  Vice President
  Scott Woll
all call: What is something that is unique to the SEA base and SEA flying?
Scott Woll: One of the unique aspects of our flying is that we are                                    253-218-7524
the only base that serves the outer island destinations of Kahului,
Maui and Kona, Hawaii. We have many FAs from other bases who
pick up these trips from our open board and commute in to have                new folks who are struggling to make ends meet.
the opportunity to fly these trips. The layover is great, but the all-        ac: How do you see your base affected by the Delta merger?
nighter back to SEA hurts!                                                    SW: I am actually quite excited about the possibilities. Not only
ac: What is your proudest moment while serving as LEC 96 Vice President?      could SEA see some new and interesting flying, we will also have
SW: Working in conjunction with our great local team of EAP reps,             the opportunity to eventually merge our base with the Delta FA
we have been able to help several FAs resolve a number of personal,           “satellite base.” We have met many of these Delta folks and they are
professional and other challenges and return to healthy, happy and            GREAT people, and we are already talking about what fun it will be
productive lives. To see this occur is most rewarding.                        to fly with one another. We have already made some great friends.
ac: What are some of the challenges facing SEA? How are they unique to SEA?   They will be a great addition to SEA.
SW: Most challenges we face are shared by all bases and FAs. And as           ac: Looking ahead to 2009, name three goals you hope to achieve for your
a union we can address them with the Company as a united group,               base in the coming year?
speaking with ONE voice, unlike the “Delta way” where there’s no              SW: Besides always striving for more and better means of
one to speak on your behalf. You are a lone voice with no legal or            communications with our members, the obvious biggest goals will
enforceable document to support you. Good luck!                               be Union representation for ALL NWA/DAL FAs and a combined and
ac: What are some resources available unique to SEA?                          improved agreement and seniority list. All possible...but you MUST
SW: With the recent introduction of a large number of new hires to            vote.
the base, we quickly identified the need to assist these folks to get         ac: What is your favorite destination? Why?
settled into housing and supplied with basic living items. A great            SW: The obvious one is SEA - the flight that takes me home! But as
group of SEA FAs set up a group known as “Seattle Supporters” and             for a layover, I have many. The one that I see rarely, but enjoy when
established a system where FAs who had items they could donate                I do is, believe it or not, Boise, Idaho. I happen to have grown up
- such as beds, cookware, appliances - were matched up with those             and gone to school there, so still have many friends and relatives.
in need. It has been a huge success and been of great help to our             Needless to say, I have a very busy layover!

Greetings From Council 91-NYC
                                                                                by LEC 91 President Josh Zivick

         ello from NYC, or in AFA-CWA terms, Council 91. In this article we would like to share with you the single most important thing that
         we think makes NYC a unique base. For both those that commute to JFK, LGA or EWR from far away or those that drive and rely on
         public transportation, the commuting nightmare in and around NYC makes our base unique. Trying to figure out which airline you
will use to commute or what subway is running that day can be a full-time job. The current employee busing company at LGA is unreliable
and uncomfortable. It will be taken over by a new company in December.
   A little NYC base and airport trivia: We are currently the smallest base in the U.S. system with 260 Flight Attendants. We are the only
active co-terminal base in our system covering JFK, LGA and EWR. We are primarily a domestic base but have two AMS flights daily. EWR
has recently been upgraded to an A330. JFK has reintroduced service that utilizes a B757. For several years, the three New York City
airports have made headlines when it comes to congestion problems and extensive delays. In fact, in 2007, delays increased 111% at
LGA, 52% at JFK, and 17% at EWR. This year, delays rose 67% at JFK and 18% at LGA. This often translates into difficult commutes for flight
   However, delays can occur that are beyond our control, caused by weather and mechanical malfunctions. Or even if your flight gets
airborne, delays can be caused by an unscheduled re-fueling stop or Air Traffic Control issues that can put your flight into a holding pattern
and prevent it from landing.
   There are complications with ground transportation that have to be considered. For example, a reserve can be short called and have
two hours to arrive at the gate until departure. The transportation route requires a great deal of planning, which can include taking the
bus and the subway. Transportation service can be suspended for issues such as a mechanical breakdown or an accident. Then one might
need to take a shuttle bus to the next available train which will add time to your commute. In these situations, crowds can be enormous,
with literally hundreds of people trying to board the same bus or train, and navigating with your luggage through the crowds can be
difficult. There can often be several bus changes before you finally get to the airport. Often a flight attendant makes it to the aircraft just
in time for departure.
   However, there is some saving grace. Many of our domestic departures are early morning and out of LGA and JFK. As part of a
safety initiative taken up by our former IBT Local 2000 representative Patti Reller and shop stewards, we are lucky to have an exclusive
transportation reimbursement tier system which offsets cab fare or car service charges since it’s not always safe to take public
transportation in the wee hours of the morning.                                                                   

  6                                                            FOURTH QUARTER 2008                                                          all call
             Congratulations 2008 Purser Graduates
                                                  by Purser Chair Kim Cook
                                                                                                         BOS                   MEM

        uring October 12-17, 2008, NWA            reviews. A majority of Pursers and the
        conducted its final Initial Purser        AFA MEC Purser Committee did not share            Leslie Bergin           Nancy Zirkel
        Qualification with 100 Purser             the opinion of some of the video or its          Pamela Dowling           Paula Crow
candidates attending a week-long                  contents. The example demonstrated in                John Lee                 MSP
qualification process in Chaska, MN. We           the video had a Purser confront a fellow         Daniel Thunstrom         Mary Robins
are proud to welcome 84 new Pursers (see          Flight Attendant regarding her non-               Renee Toomey            Cindy Hilling
table) who have successfully completed            compliant hair during boarding. It is the          Jimmy Kaono           Sandra Schear
the intense and stressful program. With the       opinion of the Purser Committee that
                                                                                                   Michelle McCoy           Linda Fuerst
additional 84 Pursers, NWA currently has a        such disciplinary comments be addressed
total of 986 Pursers system-wide, covering        exclusively by Inflight managers and not         Colleen McCosker        Donald Davis
all 9 US bases. As in previous years, the         be the responsibility or the expectation of          Bre Sink            Cheryl Verdeja
qualification process was conducted               the Pursers on board. The role of the Purser       James Stroud           Debra Smith
by an independent British firm that               is to coordinate service, provide safe and             DTW               Tami Trimble
evaluated each Flight Attendant’s personal        courteous service to our customers, and        Jeane e Mayes Parker      Tana Lambert
leadership skills in addition to observing        create a cohesive working environment.            Angela Acce ura             NYC
their effectiveness in a team scenario. As        A formal letter was submitted to Julie            Nancy Nyberg          Charles Bramle
part of the Purser Qualification Week, the        Showers expressing this concern; the
                                                                                                    Diane LaPorte          Patricia Schultz
company extended an invitation to the             letter can be found on the http://www.
                                                                                                  Kathleen Rothman       Stephen Downing
AFA MEC Purser Committee to participate , under Purser Committee
in the Purser Expo to provide information         webpage. The company did agree with             Phyllis Heffelfinger         Chris Felix
that would be useful to the new Pursers           the Purser Committee that NWA does not            Stephanie Bylin             SEA
as they begin their challenging role. In          expect Pursers to discipline fellow crew          Debra Adzema           Janet McCann
addition to our committee’s presence, the         members. However, the example used                Jacqueline Ross         Chis Damis
AFA MEC Health and Safety Committee,              illustrated a “tool” that Pursers can use to     Bambie Hermes            Cindy Smith
led by Chairperson Jeannie Elliott and            address sensitive issues such as uniform            John Gold           Eunice DePinto
Gary Helton, participated in the event            and grooming infractions. This concern           Janet Murphree         Nancy Roadifer
with an introduction of the new electronic        is now in review with the appropriate
                                                                                                   Danny Blackmon           Jason Spain
Automated Inflight Incident Report.               members of the AFA MEC Grievance
    AFA is pleased to have the finest Pursers     Committee for further actions, if warranted.      Robert Hodges         Deborah Burrus
in the airline industry, as NWA operates              As we move forward with the imminent           Nancy Cobb             Debra Thiel
over 100 international flights every day,         Delta merger, the Purser Committee is fully        Patrice Exner       Gilberto Chiclana
each with a qualified Purser coordinating         engaged and committed to improving the           Kimberly Jackson        Jeffrey Harper
and conducting Inflight services. With the        current NWA Purser Program. Complete               Kathlyn Bez           Ma Raudsep
inception of the Purser Program in 2001,          details of the DAL BusinessElite Flight             Susan Rizzi           Joel Malsch
the Pursers have been instrumental in             Leader Program, can be found on the MEC            Korey Adams            Jus n Eberle
providing professional customer service           website along with the updated Purser
                                                                                                     Brian Migdal          Rachel Reese
in the competitive global market as we            system seniority list. In addition, we
                                                                                                     Lucia Bruce         Michael Lemieux
continue to offer the high quality of             encourage all qualified Pursers to join the
service expected by many of our seasoned          Open Forum available exclusively to NWA                HNL              Michael Murphy
travelers, especially the WorldPerks              Pursers at          Frank Batalon        Tonya Honeyse
members.                                          NWAPursers/. This is a non-union affiliated,     Jordan De Abreu              SFO
    In October the company launched the           non-NWA, and above all, non-censored            Charlo e McClinton       Linda Carlson
Purser Leadership Series Program to all           website operated independently since                Helen Gain         Sandra BelCastro
Pursers to enhance their individual skills,       2001.                                             Sharon Rockey          Michelle Reid
which will be useful with fellow crew                 Any comments regarding Purser issues           Angie Hahn           Susan Menicosy
members and customers alike. The five-            from all crew members are welcomed at
                                                                                                     John Rogers           Richard Shea
part series is offered in a variety of formats,
including CBT, classroom instruction and              On behalf of the MEC Purser Committee          Malik Rasool       Kesoihlen Henriksen
town-hall conference calls. The first course,     we would like to extend our sincere                 Joel Smith          Kimberly Pagano
titled Job Knowledge and Technical Skills,        congratulations to the graduating class of        Aya Windham              Sandy Luo
had to be completed by November 30,               2008 Pursers on earning your Purser wings!        Chris Cadman
2008, to maintain Purser qualification. This                                                       Maggie Kwiotek
new program was received with mixed

  all call                                                  FOURTH QUARTER 2008                                                               7
             "Delta Air Lines always takes care of its Flight Attendants?" Conventional wisdom can be a comforting thing, especially w
             conventional wisdom is based on ideals and notions of a culture that expired before perception catches up with reality. S
             Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the "New Delta" executive team looks shockingly like recycled Nor
                                                                                                                   culture do you reall

    Richard Anderson (DAL/NWA) - previously Northwest CEO and currently Delta’s CEO. Now leads the
    company. Anderson joined Continental Airlines in 1987 and worked under Frank Lorenzo as Staff Vice
    President and Deputy General Counsel. He worked for Lorenzo when pieces of Eastern Air Lines were being
    bought by and transferred to CAL. Anderson was hired by Ben Hirst. Joined Northwest in November 1990, left
    in 2004. Joined Delta in 2007.

    Richard "Ben" Hirst (NWA) - named Senior Vice President and General Counsel. He
    was formerly Northwest's Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs and General Counsel.
    Hirst was also Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary at Continental Airlines
    from 1986 to1990, during the Lorenzo era. He recruited Richard Anderson to Continental
    in 1987. Hirst moved to Northwest in 1990 and Richard Anderson soon followed. Hirst
    hired Doug Steenland a year later. Hirst first came to Northwest Airlines as Senior Vice
    President-General Counsel and in 1994 assumed the post of Senior Vice President-
    Corporate Affairs until 1999. During that period he was responsible for the company's labor
    relations and government affairs. Returned to Northwest October 2007.

    Mike Campbell (DAL) - Delta's Executive Vice President of HR and Labor
    Relations will remain in his current role. Campbell was formerly Senior Vice
    President of Human Resources and Labor Relations at Continental Airlines.
    Campbell co-founded the Atlanta-based law firm , Ford & Harrison, LLP, a
    national law firm specializing in providing assistance to employers to allow
    their management teams to successfully deal with …. collective bargaining or
    union organizing drives… Ford & Harrison has been called one of the country's
    largest “union busting” law firms. Joined Delta in July 2006.

    Ned Walker (CAL) - was hired to be Senior Vice President and
    Chief Communications Officer. Ned Walker was most recently
    Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at
    Continental Airlines. He started working for Lorenzo's team in
    1987, the same year as Richard Anderson. Was formerly director
    of Corporate Communications for Frontier Airlines. Joined Delta
    October 2008.

    Mike Becker (NWA) - formerly Senior Vice
    President of Human Resources and Labor
    Relations at Northwest, has been appointed the
    new Executive Vice President and Chief Operating
    Officer of Northwest during the transition period.
    Joined Northwest May 1993.

    Ed Bastian (DAL) - current President
    and Chief Financial Officer of Delta,
    serves as CEO and president of NWA,
                                                                                          Delta-Northwest AFA Campaign
                                                                                          D                             501 Third St
    Inc. Joined Delta in October 1998, left
                                                                                                Hotline Recordings 1-800-424-2401 (
    and returned to Delta in 2005.
                                                                                                              Association of Flight

8                                                 FOURTH QUARTER 2008                                                    all call
when it's based on shared stories and warm memories. But it can also be faulty, outdated or no longer true. Sometimes,
Some employees find comfort in their perception that the Delta Air Lines of decades past will be running the "New Delta."
 thwest management. The only real change in this Minnepolis management team is its new Atlanta zip code. Just whose
ly think will prevail?

                                        Seniority of the Executive Corporate Leadership Team (CLT)
                                                 No member of the CLT has a hire date earlier than 2005.

                                     Doug Steenland (NWA) - Northwest's former president and CEO, has taken a seat on the
                                     Delta board of directors. Before joining NWA, he was senior partner at a top law firm in
                                     Washington, DC, which represented Pan American Air Lines during the merger frenzy that
                                     preceded the company's bankruptcy declaration. He later represented an investor group
                                     that organized the leveraged buyout of Northwest Airlines in 1989. While at the law firm
                                     Verner, Liipfert, Bernhard, McPherson & Hand, Steenland played a role in the Eastern Air
                                     Lines bankruptcy reorganization in 1989. Joined Northwest in 1991.

                                                  Steve Gorman (DAL/NWA) - named Executive Vice President of Operations
                                                  and COO. Previously served as Executive Vice president of Flight Operations
                                                  and Technical Operations at Northwest Airlines. Gorman also served as
                                                  Chairman of the Board of Directors for Pinnacle Airlines Inc. from 2003 to 2007.
                                                  From 2001 to 2004 Gorman served on the Board of Directors of Timco Aviation
                                                  Services. Timco is the largest aircraft maintenance outsourcing firm in the
                                                  nation. Timco customers have included UAL's United Air Lines and Delta Air
                                                  Lines. Gorman spent five years at Northwest Airlines starting in 1996. Joined Delta
                                                  in December 2007.

                                                               Glen Hauenstein (DAL) - will continue in his role as Executive
                                                               Vice President of Network Planning & Revenue Management. Glen
                                                               was Senior Vice President, Network for Continental Airlines,
                                                               where he was responsible for planning and execution of the airline's
                                                               schedule, fleet, pricing and revenue management strategies. Glen
                                                               joined Frank Lorenzo’s team at Continental in 1987 as International
                                                               Controller. Joined Delta in August 2005.

                                                                           Hank Halter (DAL) - has been appointed Senior
                                                                           Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Previously,
                                                                           Halter worked in various financial positions at American
                                                                           Airlines, including Analyst, Senior Analyst, Manager-
                                                                           Financial Planning. Halter formerly worked for Ernst &
                                                                           Young, LLP and is a certified public accountant. Joined
                                                                           Delta in May 2005.

                                                                                        Theresa Wise (NWA) - will retain her
                                                                                        role as Senior Vice President and Chief
                                                                                        Information Officer, which she formerly
t NW     Washington DC 20001   952-241-4107                                             held at Northwest. Joined Northwest in
(Press 1, then 720#)                                                 1993.
 Attendants–CWA, AFL–CIO

       all call                                              FOURTH QUARTER 2008                                                      9
                                                                                                      by Scheduling Chair Greg Frattini
  AFA & NWA Joint Scheduling Meeting                                                                         and Reserve Chair Karen Jay

         n November 6, 2008, the AFA Central Scheduling Committee           EBLA has been set at 83 hours for each base since the
         met with Brian Moreau, Director of Flight Attendant Crew        introduction of PBS. December 2008 flying was the first month that
         Scheduling in Minneapolis. Representatives from the             saw a change to the EBLA, with reductions at all bases. This has an
bases and the MEC were in attendance. The Central Scheduling             effect on bid awards; impact will be mostly seen regarding a Flight
Committee will continue to stay involved in all discussions and keep     Attendant’s monthly maximum and an increase in lineholders. For
the Flight Attendants updated.                                           example, a decrease of an EBLA from 83 to 81 will leave the monthly
   Crew Scheduling will be moving to Atlanta. This could possibly        minimum at 70 hours, but decrease the monthly maximum from 96
happen as early as September 2009 or as late as the end of 2010.         to 92 hours. An EBLA chart and information can be found in your
According to Brian Moreau, the Scheduling structure is not                 contract on page 5.36 and 6.14-6.15.
determined at this time.                                                            Satellite bases were also discussed. As of yet, no specifics
   The Flight Attendant Pattern Construction                                        have been decided. This topic will obviously be revisited
Survey closed on December 3, 2008. Your MEC                                            as the merger process continues. Please review LOA 20
Central Scheduling Committee will review                                                 for contractual parameters for satellite bases.
the data with the Company. This data will be                                                 Member questions were raised regarding LOD,
used to drive positive change with respect to                                             specifically reimbursement for language classes.
the construction of future patterns, seeking to                                          Contractual tuition reimbursement is still available, up
find a balance between the “quality-of-life” vs.                                        to $2000 per language(CBA Section 3, Compensation).
“economic” factors.                                                                   Complete program details are available on Atlas under
   According to Crew Scheduling, implementation                                    the FA LOD section of the Hot Links.
of the Reserve SILOs in PBS has virtually eliminated                              Cross Fleeting will be a reality. This will have the effect of
instances of Reserves being flown into PDOs & GDOs.                      seeing NWA aircraft, flown by NWA Pilots and Flight Attendants
   There has been discussion of the appearance that Reserve Day          operating on a route that was formerly flown by Delta, and vice
Trades are restricted at a higher frequency. The explanation for         versa. This information was covered in hypothetical scenarios
this is that PBS is matching day-off requests at a higher percentage     only, with a continued emphasis that no decisions have been
during the bid awards, thus placing the greater flexibility at the       finalized. This is something that is still several months away. The
front-end (bid awards) to achieve initial higher bidder satisfaction.    Central Scheduling Committee will continue to stay involved in
   There have been increased comments received about a                   any discussion of this matter as it pertains to scheduling functions.
perceived lack of trips on the open board. According to Scheduling,      Contractual CBA Section 1, Scope provisions protect our right to
the open board flying has always been populated from pattern             certain flying.
drops and sick calls and this still holds true. According to the            The next Union-Company Scheduling Committee meeting is set
statistics provided by Scheduling, trip drops equate to nearly 400       for February 12, 2009 in MSP.              
full-lines of flying each month, across all nine bases.

Feeling left out?                                                        Not receiving mailers or emails?
                                                             If your contact information has changed,
                                                 complete this form and drop it in your union mailbox!
Last Name ________________________________________________ First Name ________________________________________________

Email Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

City ____________________________________________________ State ____________________ Zip _____________________________

Telephone __________________________________________ Employee #________________________ Base/Local Council _____________

   YES!        Sign me up today as an "Info Rep" during the run-up to the Northwest/Delta representation election. I understand I will be
communicating vital information to other flight attendants from our Campaign Coordination Committee (C3) during the merger and election
process. I will receive special instructions from my State and Regional Chairs and the C3. I will provide others with facts about our union and
our rights in a merger, and will bring back members' questions and feedback to union officers.

  10                                                        FOURTH QUARTER 2008                                                         all call
What is Happening with PBS?                                                               by DTW PBS Support Team Member Frank Slitti

    ’m Frank Slitti, former SLIC Coordinator from DTW, a member of the AFA PBS Implementation Team, and a PBS Support Team Member. I
    have been involved with the development and implementation of PBS for a little over a year. We helped develop the interbids page and
    tried to make PBS as user friendly as was possible at the time. I traveled to Montreal several times to test and review test bid results. Be-
lieve me when I tell you that there was a lot of work and preparation that went into PBS live bidding. Did it go smoothly? As was planned?
Would I want to do some things differently? NO, NO, YES! However, this is where we are, so I think it is a good time to talk about where we
can take PBS in the future.
   There was a big effort to keep PBS as “SLIC-like” as possible. We were able to include some things that were never implemented in SLIC,
but that we always wanted; layover length and a point-and-click bid entry system. I’m not saying PBS was a great step up for us, but it was
something that was coming with or without us, so we tried to make it the best we could under those circumstances.
   What does PBS do right? Well, that depends who you are. If you are the company, PBS does a great job. It is awarding all patterns in the
analysis. PBS builds as many lines as possible, which is good for the company and us. If you are the company, it matches Reserve coverage
much more closely with the potential Reserve need. This is good for us also because it should alleviate the need for the company to fly
Reserve flight attendants into days off. If you are a flight attendant who bids above the feasibility point, you should be getting what your
seniority can hold.
   Now, what happens if you bid and fall below the feasibility point? Well, if this is you, you already know. Your seniority may have been able to hold
the line that you bid for, but PBS didn’t award it “because of the global parameters of the program.” Now, that doesn’t help you much.
Maybe you didn’t get one trip that you requested. That’s NOT good, but possibly something that you can live with and change through
one-way trades, trip trades or drops. This is what I saw in the test runs. Flight Attendants were affected, but unless you were the most
junior line holders you were awarded most, or at least some, of what you bid. However, bidding in December is like no other month.
   How is December distinct? In December with SLIC, every pattern in the entire analysis from the 1st to the 20th is used in someone’s schedule.
Line holders bid to have the 21st through the 30th off and this leaves an incredible amount of trips uncovered and is called “stacking” by
the company. The reason that the remaining trips are not used to build more schedules is because there aren’t any combinations left that
would build a legal line of flying. If those stacked trips were assigned as with PBS, it creates more lines. Affected Flight Attendants may not
have gotten what they bid for with PBS, but they are at least line holders. SLIC’s answer for stacking was critical bidding, but this still left an
incredible amount of flying uncovered (stacked) and built far fewer lines.
   Even with SLIC’s limitations, we seemed to be more comfortable with critical bidding. Why? It seems to me that there are a few reasons. First, we would
post the critical point. If you were senior to this number you had no worries about your bid. If you were below this number, but close to
it, chances were good that when we ran the 2nd bid run we would adjust the critical number down and you would not be affected. If you
were affected, we posted the uncovered trips and you could bid for the trip that wanted to fly over the critical period. Also, many people
that were affected by critical bid never had to fly over the critical period because they would touch the critical day with rest. This was a
very good strategy and gave Flight Attendants a sense of control. I think one of our biggest problems with PBS is that we have very little
strategy directing our bids.
   How do we develop a bidding strategy? Well, time using the system is probably the most important way. We can also try new ways of bidding.
Talk with the PBS coordinators, PBS support, and others for help. Make sure you are comfortable with the PBS Manual and PBS Updates.
With SLIC we had years of experience, hundreds of thousands of bids, and very experienced coordinators. We also had regular SLIC Coordi-
nator meetings where we discussed awards, strategy and future programming changes. This was a very important part in making SLIC the
program that it became. We have a similar opportunity to affect PBS with our PBS Support Team.
   The PBS Support Team is our voice for the future development of this program. We have a contractual right to a voice in the direction of the PBS pro-
gram. Unfortunately, we have some bases with no flight attendants interested in taking on this critical role that affects us all (MSP, SFO, &
BOS). Please step up and be involved in our future. We have a very advanced bidding system and we have the chance to create something
that is better that SLIC, if we get involved and stay active.                                                                                  %
Name _________________________________________________ Employee #__________________________________________________

E-Mail Address_________________________________________ Telephone_________________________________________________

PBS Suggestions (possible changes in programming that could improve bidder satisfaction):_________________________________________


Drop completed form in your local union mailbox, or send via email to your Local Union Officers

  all call                                                      FOURTH QUARTER 2008                                                                 11
The Reason We Need A Union                                                               by Local 93 President Shawn Fivecoat

           ithin the next six months          and Retiree Medical is astronomical         someone does, not what they say.
           there will be an election          compared to our contractually                 If we are going to maintain a
           to determine if we, the            guaranteed benefits. There was no           voice in the workplace we have to
Northwest flight attendants, maintain         discussion, no negotiating, no voting.      stand together. We all have a shared
the tradition of over 60 years of             They just got a memo dictating their        responsibility to ensure everyone
‘contractual protections’. It is impossible   new pay, work rules, and health benefit     votes in the upcoming representation
to overstate the importance of this           costs. That is what we have to look         election. Do your share - when you
election.                                     forward to without a Union.                 receive your Voting Instructions, VOTE
  I fear we sometimes take for granted          The employees at Northwest,               right away. Take the envelope and
the many protections our contract             especially the flight attendants, have      staple it to your packet. Take it with
provides. There are some who say,             a long and proud history of standing        you when you fly and show your fellow
“What has the Union done for me? We           up for our rights through the collective    crew members what they are looking
took huge pay cuts.” Yes, we did, as          bargaining process. We have lost some,      for. Start the conversation and convince
did most of the industry, due to unjust       and we have won some, but at least we       them to vote. We all have to do our
bankruptcy laws. You should know that         were in the game. It is unfathomable        share. In the past we have had over
our counterparts at Delta took huge pay       to think we would now bow down and          95% participation in voting, that is the
cuts as well, and in many cases it was        ‘trust management’ and let them make        goal. We must show management we
much, much worse.                             decisions for us. We’ve seen the list of    are unified and ready to negotiate for
  Delta flight attendants took drastic        names chosen to run the ‘New Delta’,        our share of the profits.
pay cuts early in 2002, a full three years    they are very familiar. Most of them          The goal is to take the best of our
before we did in December 2005. Their         came from Eastern through NW and            Contract and the best of the Delta
retirement accruals were frozen long          then to Delta headquarters in Atlanta,      work rules and combine them into an
before ours. Their ever-changing work         stuffing their pockets with money all       industry-leading binding agreement.
rules were decimated right after 9/11,        the way. Do we really expect them           For the first time in fifteen years, we will
along with all those things mentioned         to act differently now because they         have the leverage to make gains in both
above without any input from the flight       are standing behind a new logo? My          pay and working conditions.
attendants. The cost of their Medical         experience has taught me to trust what (901)326-1348

  Seniority Integration - AFA Files Suit Over Delta’s Unlawful Conduct by Ed Gilmartin, AFA Legal

         FA filed suit in federal court on November 21, in         every flight attendant his/her current bidding seniority.
         Washington, D.C., charging Delta Air Lines with             Under federal law, an election for the combined
         unlawful interference with                                               Northwest and Delta flight attendants
its flight attendants’ right to elect                                             cannot take place until the National
a representative free of Company                                                  Mediation Board finds that Delta is a
interference and coercion. For a                                                  single carrier with respect to combined
copy of the legal complaint, visit the                                            flight attendant work groups. Once that
Merger page of our MEC website                                                    determination is made, AFA will file for                                                                   an election that will give all 21,000 flight
  In its suit, AFA asks the Court to                                              attendants the opportunity to elect AFA
prohibit Delta from unilaterally                                                  as their collective bargaining agent. If
implementing a seniority integration                                              AFA is elected, then the Union’s “date of
process before the flight attendants                                              hire” integration procedures shall prevail,
even have an opportunity to vote                                                  ensuring all flight attendants their current
for Union representation. Delta’s premature actions                bidding seniority.
are designed to undermine AFA and deny its flight                    AFA will vigorously pursue this litigation to guarantee
attendants the benefit of the Union’s internal “date of            that all NWA/DAL flight attendants will keep their
hire” seniority integration process that will guarantee            current seniority. Stay strong, keep united.

  12                                                   FOURTH QUARTER 2008                                                   all call
                                                    Know Your Rights!
1. Your Right to a Witness
Our contract gives us a right to a Union Representative, from his/her Local Executive Council, present in any discussion with a management person which may lead to
disciplinary action. In fact, the Company must advise you of this right. If there is a question about your right to have a Union Representative, refer to Section 21.F.1 and
27.B.4(d) of our Contract. Also, inform your Local Council Representative at once if this representation is denied.

2. Fatigue
While on a trip, if you become to fatigued you must continue the trip unless your health and safety or that of the crew or passengers will be immediately jeopardized if you
continue to work the flight.

3. Insubordination
Insubordination is defined as a refusal to follow a direct order from a supervisor. You must comply with a direct order from a supervisor unless an order would endanger your
health and safety (or that of your crew or passengers). A direct order should contain several components. You should be told you are being given a direct order, you should
be told what it is you are being directed to do, and you should be told failure to comply may result in your termination. If a superior requests you perform an act which
you judge to be in violation of the Contract, establish whether or not such request is a direct order (if possible, in the presence of a witness). If the supervisor states such
instruction is a direct order, perform the order under protest and resolve the dispute later through the Grievance procedure. Contact an AFA Representative immediately.

4. Polygraph Tests
The position of AFA is that you should never be asked to take a polygraph test nor should you submit to a polygraph test under any circumstances. The Company may not
require a Flight Attendant to take such a test. If such a request is made, immediately contact your Local Council Representative.

5. Suitcase Searches
AFA has consistently opposed searches of the belongings and person of Flight Attendants for obvious reasons. It is an embarrassing and humiliating experience to have your
privacy invaded by having your personal effects exposed. In addition, it is insulting to be suspected of theft or transporting drugs. In suitcase searches, the innocent have
cause for outrage. Arbitrators, however, have ruled that with reasonable cause, the Company may conduct a search of an employee’s belongings. These arbitration rulings
have in mind a Company’s right to protect its property from theft or illegal drugs. If you are ever confronted with a demand to submit to such a search, you should:
   A. Demand the presence of a qualified witness (preferably an AFA Representative) before you submit to any search or answer any questions. If you are unable to obtain an
acceptable witness, offer to lock your belongings in an airport office and give the key to an acceptable third party until an acceptable witness can be obtained.
   B. In the presence of your witness, demand that the Company state the reasons why they are asking to search your belongings. Remind the Company official that any
slanderous remarks about your taking of Company property may be the basis for a lawsuit which you will initiate against them. In addition, remind the Company official that
an invasion of your rights of privacy may be taking place.
   C. Ask if a direct order is being made to you to open your belongings. (See the Section 3 Rights “Insubordination.”)
   D. If the Company still insists that you must open your suitcase, state that you will do so under protest. In view of your witness, allow the Company official to open and
inventory your belongings. Be sure to record the names of the Company official(s) involved and contact your AFA Local Executive Council President or any other AFA

6. Withholding from Service for Disciplinary Reasons
The Company may hold you out of service with pay at any time. The Company, however, may also hold Flight Attendants out of service without pay if the Flight Attendant is
being withheld from service for reasons that put either passengers, employees or Company assets at risk.

7. Discrimination
Section 1.H. of the Contract states that, “The Company shall not discriminate in any way against any individual Flight Attendant with respect to his/her compensation, terms,
conditions, or privileges of employment because of such individual’s race, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin, age or sexual orientation.”

8. Blood Alcohol and Breathalyzer Tests
Ensure that management uses only official Department of Transportation (DOT) procedures established for mandatory alcohol testing. DOT procedures require the use of a
standardized breathalyzer. The categories of testing allowed are: random, post-accident and reasonable suspicion. The standard required for reasonable suspicion is based
on one supervisor’s “specific, contemporaneous, articulated observations concerning the appearance, behavior, speech or body odors of the employee.” If you are asked
to submit to a “reasonable suspicion test”, find a witness (preferably an AFA Representative). In the presence of our witness, ask the supervisor what evidence is being used
to require the test. Write down exactly what the supervisor states. If management directs you to take any alcohol tests beyond the scope of DOT procedures (such as a
blood alcohol test), contact an AFA Representative immediately. You should not be required to take any test that deviates from DOT procedures. Ensure that management
uses only DOT procedures. To protect yourself, always ask for a SPLIT SAMPLE. Also, always contact AFA if the test results are positive. Section 21.E outlines the Company’s
obligations, including potential compensation if you are required to submit to random testing.

9. Sick Leave Responsibilities
Under certain circumstances the Company has the right to request medical documentation from your health care provider to explain you sick leave. This does not mean that
they have a right to know all of your health care information. The Company only needs a “[g]eneral statement of the nature of the illness or injury.” “No detailed description of
symptoms or treatment is required.” (15.D.3)

10. Progressive Discipline
For less serious infractions such as tardiness, excessive absenteeism, etc., management follows a procedure know as Performance Development, or also known generally as
Progressive Discipline in Labor Law. The first step is known as Coaching. A Coaching “provides an opportunity for a Flight Attendant and his/her manager to develop a course
of action to address the behavior(s) at issue.” “In the case of more serious or repeated infractions, the employee shall be placed on one or more of the following levels of
formal discipline:
   1. Level I reminder
   2. Level II reminder
   3. Decision-Making Leave
After any discussions which result in notations, initial discussion or discipline, inspect your Base Employment File and Corporate Employment File to review any notations or
reports. Section 27.C of the Contract gives you the right to inspect your file.

  all call                                                                FOURTH QUARTER 2008                                                                                  13
                         Know Your Rights! Continued From Page 13
Contact a Union Representative promptly for further guidance. Remember, the Contract outlines time limits in the Grievance Procedure (Section 27). It is advisable for all
Flight Attendants to routinely inspect their files at least twice annually.

11. Investigations
You may be the subject of a company investigation in two situations:
  1. If management suspects you of violating a company rule; or
  2. If management suspects that you have information regarding another employee suspected of violating a company rule. A Flight Attendant has certain obligations and
specific rights throughout a company investigation.

You have obligation to answer management’s questions truthfully and candidly to the best of your knowledge. Management has the right to ask questions regarding your
actions provided the question is related to the company’s business. It does not have the right to ask personal questions unless there is a relationship between your actions
and the company’s business. For example:
   1. Management may ask if you wore uniform items while off duty in a specific restaurant to determine if you could be identified as a NWA employee during an incident.
   2. It would NOT be appropriate for management to ask how often you attend church or what religion you follow.
In an investigatory conference, let management ask the questions. If the questions are too general, ask the investigator/supervisor to focus more specifically on what she/he
needs to know. Respond with specific answers which you know to be correct. Do not guess. Do not volunteer information which is only speculative. If you did not know the
answer to a question, state precisely, “I do not know.” Do not draw conclusions. Protect yourself. As for paper and take notes of management’s questions and your answers.
You may be sure that management will be noting every word you say.

Our contract gives us a right to a Union Representative, from his/her Local Executive Council, present in any investigation/discussion with a management person which may
lead to disciplinary action. In fact, the Company must advise you of this right. If there is a question about your right to have a Union Representative, refer to Section 21.F.1
and 27.B.4(d) of our Contract. Also, inform your Local Council Representative at once if this representation is denied.

Contact the Union
It is your best interest to contact a Union Representative for advice before you begin an investigatory discussion. In addition, a witness of your choice can take notes of the
conversation. A witness can refute any inaccuracies stated by the company in subsequent grievance proceedings. The company may claim that because you are not accused
of wrongdoing and it is only gathering information to complete an investigation, the due process rights under the Contract do not apply to you. Even if you are not the
subject of an investigation, you should always ask for a Union Representative. Remember, the Company may subsequently charge you with submitting false information if
your statements are found to be inaccurate.

12. Family Medical Leave Act
The Family Medical Leave Act provides eligible employees up to 12 weeks of job-protected leave for the serious illness of an employee, an immediate family member, the
birth or adoption of a child. To qualify for FMLA under Section 18 (Leaves of Absence) of the Contract, you must have at least one full year of service and have received five
hundred and sixty-eight credited hours (568:00) in the past twelve months. These hours include sick leave and vacation. The Company provides a FMLA packet containing all
of the information needed to process the FMLA application. This packet may be obtained at your Base.

13. Immediate Actions
Alcohol Test / Drug Testing
  * Ensure that DOT procedures are followed.
  * Request a split sample.
  * Ensure that continuation of duty would jeopardize your health/safety or that of your crew before
  claiming fatigue.
Initial Discussion, Counseling and Progressive Discipline
  * Review your Employment File.
  * Contact a Union Representative.
  * Obey, unless the action endangers health or safety.
  * Grieve later.
  * Review all documents that are given to you before discussing them.
  * Ask to speak to a Union Representative before discussion.
  * Ask for a Union Representative to be present for the discussion.
  * Give only answers you know are accurate. Do not guess, speculate or draw conclusions.
  * Take notes. Do not voluntarily sign any document you did not write.
  * Take time to collect your thoughts before writing any reports.
  * Do not submit under any circumstances.
  * Contact a Union Representative immediately.
Suitcase Search
  * Never voluntarily submit.
  * Submit only with a direct order - under protest.
  * Demand a witness of your choice.
  * Contact a Union Representative immediately.

   14                                                                     FOURTH QUARTER 2008                                                                         all call
Local Executive Council Officers
            Hotline Messages at 888-3-NWA-AFA or Archived Hotlines :

                        President                      Josh Zivick                  347.419.4219
  Council 91 NYC        Vice President                 James Lucas                  551.689.3284
 Office: 877.333.4470   Secretary                      Sherry Eubanks               501.246.1100
                        Council Representative         Jon Blaeser                  646.280.9578
                        President                      Robert Cannatelli            617.957.4877
 Council 92 BOS         Secretary                      Jacob Easter (Acting VP) 617.538.4311   
 Office: 877.333.4470
                        Council Representative         David Thompson               646.280.9578
                        President                      Shawn Fivecoat               901.326.1348
                        Vice President                 Gavin Allan                  901.412.1741
     Council 93         Secretary                      Brenda McAden                901.389.7425
       MEM              Council Representative         Lucy Emanuel                 901.359.8836
                        Council Representative         Cameron Sasser               901.351.8894
                        President                      Diana Mitcham                Extension 6
     Council 94         Vice President                 John O'Donnell               Extension 7
                        Secretary                      Anthony Hytche               Extension 8
                        Council Representative         Belea Bower                  Extension 3
        Office:         Council Representative         Jeff Martoia                 Extension 4
     734.532.8404       Council Representative         Daniel Grey                  Extension 5
                        Council Representative         Kevin Boston                 Extension 9
                        President                      Kathy Dunham                 952.241.4127
                        Vice President                 Willie Wilcox                952.241.4128
     Council 95         Council Representative         Michael May                  952.241.4129
       MSP              Council Representative         Laurie Gandrud               952.241.4126
                        Council Representative         Maggie Gray                  952.241.4125
                        President                      Jay Hong                     206.304.2489
     Council 96         Vice President                 Scott Woll                   253.218.7524
        SEA             Secretary                      Maroulitsa Mizelle           206.291.3740
                        Council Representative         Jeannie Elliott              425.647.6455
                        President                      Kate Day                     707.364.5538
     Council 97         Vice President                 Steven Putnam                650.454.4261
       SFO              Secretary                      Nora Chang                   415.577.6672
                        Council Representative         Pam Lopez-Lewis              408.396.1065
                        President                      Les Meeks                    213.453.3688
     Council 98         Vice President                 Kaki Androsiuk               602.300.7989

       LAX              Secretary                      Elisabeth Joyce              949.374.8675
                        Council Representative         De Jur Jones                 323.295.0711
                        President                      Dave Tadlock                 808.223.0610
                        Vice President                 Raelynn Kawamura             808.228.5170
     Council 99         Secretary                      Michelle Foley               808.542.6241
       HNL              Council Representative         Howie Mulvaney               808.228.5304
                        Council Representative         Kevin Griffin                952.241.4101
                    Visit our website,, for the most current LEC phone contact information.

 all call                                        FOURTH QUARTER 2008                                                            15
Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO                                 PRESORTED
501 Third Street, NW                                                         US POSTAGE
Washington, DC 20001                                                             PAID
                                                                             Permit #5165
                                                                             Riverdale, MD

                                         Holiday Greetings
                                 The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA,
                                 Northwest Master Executive Council wishes
                                       you a safe and happy holidays.
                                                   Fly Safe!

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