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 600,000 Travel Agents
 use the GDS to find and book hotels & flights
 Used by IATA approved Travel Agents world wide

 40,000 Internet Distribution Systems (IDS) may use GDS *
 Expedia, TraveloCity etc
 * IDS “May” pull content from GDS
   giving a single point of control for multiple channels
  This very powerful feature is however being depreciated as
  IDS opt for direct contracts with hotels

 Global Exposure!!
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Started By American Airlines to let travel agents book flights (1964*)
Worlds airlines joined. All system networked together
Expanded to include hotels (1988 chains via Thisco switch)

                                                              Travel agents search for hotels using a
                                                              secure computer terminal connected to
                                                              one of the 4 GDS channels
                                                              - Amadeus – Galileo – Sabre – Worldspan

                                                              Each GDS displays your hotels
                                                              current rates and availability

                                                              300 million reservation per month

The reservation is sent to the hotel. It is immediately available to the travel agent via the GDS
and to the hotel via the GDS agent CRS (Generares and partner system (arcRes)

1964* SABRE: Semi-Automated Business Resrch Environment.
The larges non government database in the world
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 GDS information is also available to display and book
 on 1,000‟s of travel sites like Travelocity
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                         600,000 Travel Agents use the GDS
                          to find and book hotels & flights

                         40,000 Internet Distribution Systems
                         (IDS) may use GDS *

                        GDS-CRS Rep
                        Eg: Reserv, Unirez, Utell (Pegasus)
                        Synix.. etc… and Genares

                        Interfaced to your back office
                        management/accounting and
                        front office reservation and web
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    A Global Bookings Channel

    Global Marketing
    – exposing you to the global travel market

    – manages rates on multiple channels
    - integrates with backoffice, front office
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                         Combining over 35 years of experience
                        in the hospitality reservation technology
                         industry, GENARES has developed the
                             first truly integrated third party
                              central reservation system for
                                 the twenty-first century

                              Complete open specification
                                     and interfaces
                               for 3rd party integration,
                                   using XML format

                           The youngest and fasting growing
                               GDS integration company

                        Highly recommended by existing clients
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  Hi Ian,

  GenaRes is one of the best GDS providers I’ve worked with within my 27 year in the industry!

  In over two years now, our volume of business percentage has grown through bookings via the GDS.

  I have been assigned my own support account manager and we have over the years established such
  a great working relationship. She is always here for me and also when I’m out of the office she is the
  contact person regarding any issues with loading rates, opening/closing the system etc. Although the
  property can control basically everything own their own through the easy GenaRes system; my account
  manager has always proven to be our second hand person.

  This is what I call a great support team!!
  Thanks Ian and I’ll be on my way to Barbados to pick up that Rum Punch!!

  Call on me anytime and be well.

  Best Regards,

  Clayton C.Channing
  Reservations/Revenue Manager-

                                                                               And many more
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 Genares        - full featured CRS


                               Agents Commission Tracking

                               RoomMaster, IQ Ware, RSI, AutoClerk,
                               * Opera,* Check Inn,
                               PMS Solutions/Innkeeper,
                               Expedia Quick Connect, ezyield
                               & arcRes
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                        Integrated with AXSES ArcRes
                        for fast, easy setup
                        & management

                        RoomMaster, IQ Ware, RSI, Check Inn
                        Expedia Quick Connect
                        AutoClerk*, Opera,*
                        PMS Solutions/Innkeeper*

                        * In development
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  GDS and arcRes – easy to use & powerful
  Easy navigation on your arcRes home page

 Just a click away
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 arcRes – GDS Setup and Load easy as 123

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  arcRes - Register GDS with a Click
 Registering – switch and contract
 online for easy access and process


  Automatically generate letter and contracts with a click – no paperwork!
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  Load GDS rates and Content using arcRes info

 Takes all info in arcRes
 and formats it for GDS

 Allows you to save an edit
 for as long as you want

 Saves time and improves content

 We don‟t know of a GDS
 that is as easy and as
 cost effective to setup
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Generes GDS Marketing – Key Partners
                        40,000 travel Sites (IDS)
                        May pick up GDS content
                                                    Participation in worldwide
                                                    trade shows
                                                         –All (GDS) conferences
                                                         –WTM (World Travel Mart),
                                                         attendee only
                                                         –ITB, attendee only
                                                    •RFP consortia participation
                                                    •Private GDS chain level
                                                    branding programs
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GDS as Channel Manager
                                   40,000 travel Sites (IDS)
                                   May pick up GDS content

 IDS pull from GDS (sometimes exclusively *)
 Some have Direct (net rates) contacts
 Many do both

 IDS Net Rates Contract 25 - 35%
 Barbados Hotels pay for placement
 (loss of contract = loss of position)

Being on GDS may not eliminate
need to manage direct contract
(net rates) with companies like Expedia

Genares offer „IDS Direct‟ like Expedia Quick connect

* priceline
                                                               Marketing Constraints
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AFORDABLE GDS ….. 5% GDS rep fee
  GDS Setup                           $150   US
  - arcRes time saver load            $ 50
  -Pass through                                   $ 5.75 US
  -GDS Rep (Genares)                              5%
  - minimum monthly maintenance fee is            $25.00
  - ODD monthly connection fee is                 $25.00 *
  Travel agent Commission                         10%

  Agent Commission (TACS)
  per reservation to GDS rep                      $ 0.45
  per reservation to Perot Systems                $ 0.55

  Expedia connect
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AFORDABLE GDS ….. Just Got Better!!

  Combined with arcRes for

  - one of a kind marketing

  - full service
  - easy GDS setup

  - savings
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  arcRes     Interactive services Increase bookings by 25%

   Reservations Booking engine

   BookingsBarbados channel                  Themes
                                             Specials channel
   Search engine                             Pre-made packages
                                             Groups management
   Comparison Shopping                       Dynamic rates & accom.
   Dynamic packages                          Affiliate marketing
   * Bookable Advertising!

    GDS Global Distribution

                                                           750 3000 / 1500 3750
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Dynamic Bookable Advertising –




                           Full shopping cart cost and compare
                           **** huge increase in bookability***
Knowledge engineering

Dynamic Bookable Advertising –

                           Cost Compare of all point select.
                           Quotes, invoice, save, book


Knowledge engineering

Dynamic Bookable Advertising –

     NOT Bookable xx    
                            Linked to website if advertising

                            - no rates
                            - no quotes

                            - no shopping

                            - no consistent information
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Dynamic Bookable Advertising –                                   everywhere!!



   Soon. A bookable map for every arcres advertisier.
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Advertise - Search – Shop – Buy …. Blur >> The Perfect Storm
     “Each   element in the search-shop-buy triumvirate is undergoing a period
     of intense innovation, making each increasingly significant, yet
     interdependent. In fact, searching, shopping and buying – once distinct
     terms describing different behaviors – are blurring at a furious pace”. -
     Philip C. Wolf, President and CEO, PhoCusWright Inc.

                                   AXSES is there. We have already integrated
                                   advertising with all phases of the shopping
                                   cycle. This gives you complete flexibility in
 .                                 revenue and marketing models; including any
                                   mix of transaction, commission and

                                   Focus direct sales – facilitating distribution

     Interactive advertising works! Travelers stay longer and use all options
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arcRes-GDS PACKAGE                        - twice as affordable
Pay gds setup/ we credit it and give 50 % off on balance

                                                     GDS setup Credit $300
                                                     PACKAGE Discount $700
                                                     Bookable-ads on
                                                     RealHolidays Dynamic Packaging (RH)
                  Setup    Annual
                                                     BookingsBarbados (BB)
                                                     ResortSearch, Comparison Shopping
                                                     Quotes and Bookings
 .                                                   Own Bookings engine (no commissions)

                                                     You can‟t be without it

     Interactive advertising works! Travelers stay longer and use all options
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arcRes GDS PACKAGES -                combinations

  Booking Engine, BookingsBarbados                  BookingsBarbados
  Search, comparison shopping                       Search, comparison shopping,
  quotes, reservations, bookings                    quotes, reservations, bookings
  Dynamic packaging, Bookable-ads                   Dynamic packaging, Bookable-ads

  Saves $1000                                       Saves $450

                                                    Applies full GDS costs $300
  Applies full GDS costs $300
  Full RH Cost $500                                 Plus 50% on remainder
  Plus 50% on remainder

 Non hosted - clients pay additional $250 setup and $250 pa – 50%                 $250
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     Turn on the light


                         New Destination Channels

                         GDS exposure/bookings

 .                       Fully automated setup

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