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Wisconsin is a state that loves bicycles.
In 1967, Wisconsin converted its first 33 miles of rail-trail.
Today, we lead the nation with more than 1,000 miles of rail-
Wisconsin has one of the finest and most extensive paved
road systems in the nation. Working together, the Wisconsin
Department of Transportation and the Bicycle Federation of
Wisconsin have produced a set of eight comprehensive maps
identifying nearly 10,000 miles of Wisconsin roadways rated
for bicycle touring.
Mountain biking opportunities are equally impressive with trail
systems in 26 Wisconsin state parks and forests. With more
than 5.7 million acres of public land in Wisconsin, the off-
road possibilities are endless.
Ride on!

Jim Doyle, Governor
Using the Guide                   2-3
On-Road Tours                    4-25
Mountain Bike Trails            26-47
Bike Touring Trails             48-69
More Wisconsin Biking Trails    70-71
Wisconsin Bike Events          72-IBC
Using the Guide                                         Map Legend

W              isconsin and biking were made for           94    Interstate Highway
               each other! The Badger State is rec-        51    US Highway
               ognized as a national leader in recre-      68    State Highway
ational biking. An excellent road system, coupled          G     County Highway
with outstanding off-road terrain, make Wisconsin                Town Road (Paved)
a true biking adventure for everyone.                            Town Road (Gravel)
      The Wisconsin Biking Guide gathers a sam-                  Bike Route: on State Highways
pling of the wonderful biking experiences                        Bike Route: on County Highways
Wisconsin has to offer. Rides are divided into three             Bike Route: on Town Roads (Paved)
categories, based on riding interest: on-road tours,             Bike Route: on Town Roads (Gravel)
mountain bike trails, and bike touring trails.                   Bike Touring Trail (Paved)
      Often, a geographic area offers more than one              Bike Touring Trail (Un-paved)
type of ride. The map on page 3 shows the loca-                  Off-road: Easy
tion of ten on-road tours, ten mountain bike trails,             Off-road: Moderate
and ten bike touring trails. Pick a destination, then            Off-road: Difficult
check out the many ride options along the way.
                                                                 Off-road: Single-Track
      This is the sixth edition of the Wisconsin
                                                                 Hiking Trail/Other Trail
Biking Guide. The thirty trails and tours on these
                                                                 ATV Trail
pages are a part of more than 100 in our on-line
                                                                 County Lines
collection. You can access the collection and
their accompanying maps at www.travelwiscon-
                                                                 Park Boundaries (At the top of the home page, click on
                                                                 Parking Lot
“Things to Do.” On the next screen, on the left
side under the “Things to Do” tab, click on                      Power Line
“Recreation & Attractions.” Select “Biking” from                 Mileage Indicators

the next menu and choose your favorite ride cate-                Trailhead
gory.) You can also click on “Free Guide Books”                  Trailhead with Parking Lot
on the “Things to Do” page and flip-through an                   Trailhead with On-Street Parking
electronic version of the Wisconsin Biking Guide.                Parking Lot
Or, you can key in one of the “Other Tours” sug-                 All Services: a community with lodging, dining, groceries, etc.
gested in the “Just The Facts” listing for each
                                                                 Some Services: a community with less than all services
ride in this guide.
                                                                 Tavern: the only service available at this location
      For most people, the most memorable ride
                                                                 Bicycle Service: hardware stores to full-service bike shops
will be the most pleasant. Wind, weather, terrain,
                                                                 Shelter: a pinic shelter or pavilion
distance, surroundings and companions can com-
                                                                 Point of Interest: a nearby attraction
bine for an unforgettable day of bicycling. Other
                                                                 Unincorporated Town: usually offers some services
riders may seek a challenge to advance their riding
                                                                 Incorporated Town: usually offers all services
ability. The Wisconsin Biking Guide has rides for
both, and all shades in between.                                 Telephone
                                                                 Public Campground
                                                                 Private Campground

Safety First                                                     Food Service
When riding, always act in the best interest of
yourself and your companions. Be sure to:                        Showers
■ Obey specific bicycle and general traffic regu-                Water
   lations.                                                      Flush Toilet
■ Use off-road riding etiquette, (see IMBA trail
                                                                 Pit Toilet
   rules on page 27).
■ Show courtesy to all road or trail users.                      Hiking Only Trail
■ Wear appropriate gear, including a well-                       Wayside Park
   adjusted helmet.                                              Playground
■ Maintain your bicycle in excellent operating                   Historical Marker or Museum
■ Choose routes within the ability of you and
   your companions.                                              Underpass
■ Carry sufficient food, drink, first aid supplies,              State Park
   and tools.                                                    County Park
                                                     1   Around the Horn Tour                6-7
  On-Road Tours                                      2
                                                         Chetek Tour
                                                         Nicolet Forest Wheel-A-Way Tour
Enjoy scenic routes that enhance the adventure       4   Cave Point Tour                   12-13
of the open road. Quiet, lightly traveled roads      5   Top of the World Tour             14-15
                                                     6   Wild Rose Covered Bridge Tour     16-17
are used wherever possible. Most tours can be        7   Westby Amish Tour                 18-19
ridden in a single day. Some are easy cruises,       8   Merrimac Ferry Tour               20-21
others take-on tough hills. All are exceptional      9   Horicon Marsh Tour                22-23
experiences.                                        10   Waterloo Tour                     24-25

                                                     1   Pokegama Trail                    28-29
  Mountain Bike Trails                               2
                                                         Rock Lake CAMBA Trails
                                                         Discovery Center Trails
Give off-road riding a try. Pedaling natural ter-    4   Peninsula State Park Trails       34-35
rain can be a challenging test or a pleasant roll    5   Winter Park/DNR Besadny Trails    36-37
                                                     6   Kickapoo Valley Reserve Trail     38-39
through the woods. Ride to beautiful places          7   Devil’s Lake State Park Trails    40-41
you’d never see on the road. This section            8   Blue Mound State Park Trail       42-43
includes trails for novices and experts; now         9   Milwaukee Alpha Trail             44-45
everyone can enjoy off-road adventure.              10   John Muir & Emma Carlin Trails    46-47

                                                     1 BATS – Crystal Lake Trail           50-51
  Bike Touring Trails                                2 Eau Claire City Tails
                                                     3 Trestle-Friendship &

Sample a Wisconsin original. By converting an          Wiouwash Trail                      54-55
abandoned rail bed into the Elroy-Sparta Trail,      4 Tomorrow State River Trail          56-57
                                                     5 Mariners-Rawley Point Trails        58-59
the state kicked-off a nationwide boom in            6 Elroy-Sparta State Trail            60-61
motor vehicle-free trails. They aren’t physically    7 Interurban Trail                    62-63
demanding; novices and families love them.           8 Glacial River Trail                 64-65
                                                     9 Oak Leaf Trail                      66-67
                                                    10 White River State Trail             68-69

              1               1
                                                      4                            5
                                  5                                     3
                                        6        5          6
      On-Road Tours                    7 78 9 7
      see page 4-25
      Mountain Bike Trails
      see page 26-47                       10 109 9
                                         8 8
      Bike Touring Trails
      see page 48-69                         10

          icycle speed is just right for tak-
          ing in all Wisconsin has to offer;
          fast enough to get you there, slow
enough so you won’t miss a thing.
     Wisconsin’s secondary road system is
among the best in the nation. In this sec-
tion, we’ve selected a variety of on-road
tours. We’ll take you down country lanes
where wild flowers grow to the edge of the
pavement; through forests that canopy the
roadway; along the sandy shores of the
Great Lakes; and along the banks of the St.
Croix and Wisconsin Rivers.
     Wisconsin’s extensive rural road sys-
tem was born of necessity – as a means to
move product from farm to market. With
the advent of divided highways and high-
speed travel, many of these rural byways                                                      Pages
are nearly forgotten; perfect for relaxing             1    Around the Horn Tour                6-7
biking.                                                2    Chetek Tour                         8-9
     The map on this page locates and                  3    Nicolet Forest Wheel-A-Way Tour   10-11
indexes all the on-road tours in this sec-             4    Cave Point Tour                   12-13
tion. We’ve made a real effort to select               5    Top of the World Tour             14-15
lightly-trafficked roads and scenic byways             6    Wild Rose Covered Bridge Tour     16-17
for your enjoyment. But always keep in                 7    Westby Amish Tour                 18-19
mind that safety in shared-roadway situa-              8    Merrimac Ferry Tour               20-21
tions depends on alertness, obeying the                9    Horicon Marsh Tour                22-23
rules of the road, and courtesy.                       10   Waterloo Tour                     24-25
     For more information about bicycling
on Wisconsin roadways, consider purchas-
ing the Wisconsin State Bike Map, (details             Pay attention to these on-road
on the inside back cover of this guide).               biking tips:
                                                       ■ All the on-road tours follow
                                                         public roadways open to shared
   On-Road Bike Tours Legend                             bicycle/motor vehicle use.
                                                       ■ Obey all general and bike-
           Trailhead                                     specific traffic regulations.
           Trailhead with Parking Lot                  ■ Wear a helmet and layered,
           Trailhead with On-Street Parking              comfortable bike clothing.
           State Highway
                                                       ■ Make sure the route you select
    G      County Highway
                                                         is suited to the ability of
           Paved Town Road                               everyone in your group.
           Recommended Route Paved
                                                       ■ Make sure your bike is in
           Recommended Route Gravel
                                                         excellent working order.
                                                       ■ Bring water and bike tools.
For a complete listing of all map icons, see page 2.

1           Around the Horn Tour

JUST THE FACTS                                                                      ere’s a chance to test your legs on a
                                                                                    challenging route “around the horn”
Distance: 53 miles
                                                                                    of the Bayfield Peninsula. It pays off
Difficulty: Very difficult, but a moderate out-                       with a jackpot of scenery and attractions at the
and-back route is an option.                                          very top of the state.
Trailhead location: In Washburn at                                           The course profile shows some tough
Thompson’s West End Park at the end of 8th                            hills on this ride. If you ‘round the horn clock-
Ave, .4 miles south of Hwy. 13/Bayfield St.                           wise, the last eight miles into Cornucopia are
Attractions: Apostle Islands National                                 one of the best downhill runs anywhere; pedal-
Lakeshore, Big Top Chautauqua, Madeline                               ing is purely optional on some stretches. But,
Island Historical Museum, Bayfield Maritime                           be prepared: there are no services available on
Museum, Washburn Historical Museum,                                   the long hauls between Washburn and
Madeline Island Ferry, Big Bay State Park, boat                       Cornucopia or on to Red Cliff.
tours, sea kayaking.                                                         If that payoff doesn’t seem worth the con-
Caution: The entire route is on public road-                          siderable effort of the long climb on Cty. C, you
ways open to shared bicycle/motor vehicle use.                        might consider a more modest 26-mile ride
Be sure to use the paved shoulder on Hwy. 13                          out-and-back on Hwy 13 between Washburn
between Cty. K and Washburn. Some slopes                              and Bayfield. There are plenty of great views
are long and steep; take care to control your                         along that part of the route too.
downhill speed.                                                              The “Around the Horn” tour is from a col-
Legend: For a complete listing of all map                             lection of 19 great on-road routes presented in
icons, see page 2.                                                    the Ashland & Bayfield County Bicycle Map
Other tours in this region: Go to                                     available from the area contacts listed. The map In the search box,                           includes tours as short as 11 miles, some on
key in Chequamegon Bay Tour, Chequamegon                              easy terrain, to premier challenges like this tour.
– Nicolet Forest Tour, or Tiger Cat Tour.                                    Summer fun in this neck of the
For more information:                                                 Northwoods is often defined by the perform-
Bayfield Chamber of Commerce                                          ance schedule of Big Top Chautauqua. For
800/447-4094, 715/779-3335                                            more than two decades the “Carnegie Hall of                                                      tent shows” has brought a series of national
                                                                      headliners and original productions to their
Bayfield County Tourism & Recreation
800/472-6338, 715/373-6125                                            blue canvas tent atop Mt. Ashwabay (perform-                                          ances June-LD+, 888/244-8368 or www.big-
Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce
                                                                             No visit to the Bayfield Peninsula would
888/475-3386, 715/747-2801
                                                                      be complete without getting out on the lake.
                                                                      Boat tours and sea kayaking are popular and
Washburn Area Chamber of Commerce                                     readily available. A ride on the Madeline Island
800/253-4495, 715/373-5017                                            Ferry to La Pointe with your bike, car or on foot
                                                                      is an easy way to take in the sights (operating
                                                                      Apr-Jan 15, 715/747-2051 or
                                                                             Just a few steps from the ferry dock is the
                                                                      palisade of the reconstructed fur trading post
                                                                      that houses the Madeline Island Historical
                                                                      Museum (open daily MD-early Oct; 10 am-
                                                                      5pm; 866/944-7483 or
                                                                      miles east of La Pointe the quiet beauty of Big
                                                                      Bay State Park beckons (715/747-6425 or
                                                  RJ & LINDA MILLER

                                                                             Back on the mainland in Bayfield you can
                                                                      visit the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
Sea kayaking in the Apostle Islands.
   Visitor Center in the old county courthouse                                     (Open daily, Apr-Aug 10am-4pm; Mon-Sat,
   (open daily May-Oct, 8am-5pm, 715/779-3397                                      Sep-Dec 10am-2pm, 715/373-5591). The
   or and the Bayfield                                          museum is located in a striking 19th Century
   Maritime Museum (June, Sep & Oct daily,                                         bank building built with locally quarried sand-
   10am-5pm; July & Aug 10am-7pm, 715/779-                                         stone, the same stone used in many of New
   9919 or                                                      York City’s famous brownstones.
         The lore and legend of the area’s native                                       At the end of the day you’ll agree that the
   Ojibwe, French fur traders and missionaries,                                    beautiful Bayfield Peninsula is indeed a horn of
   sailors, shipwrecks and lumberjacks is dis-                                     plenty.
   played at the Washburn Historical Museum

Elevation in Feet


                                                              Cornucopia                                              Bayfield

                     800                                                                                                                                  Washburn

                            0                    10              20                        30                             40                              50
                                                                           Distance in Miles

                                         Area Depicted                                  APOSTLE ISLANDS
                    W            E
                                                                                                               N AT I O N A L L A K E S H O R E
                                                                                   Sand Bay

                        Lake Superior                                                                      K


                                       Cornucopia                                                                                                 Cliff
                                             Siskiwit Falls

                                                                                                    Orchards          J

                                                                                                                                                Madeline Island

                                                                                                                       Bayfield                 Museum
                                                                                          SKI HILL RD

                            Siskwit                                                                                   Museum
                             Lake                                                Mt. Ashwabay                                                              H
                                                                           Big Top Chautaugua                              La Pointe



                    CHEQUAMEGON -                                                        Washburn
                     NICOLET NATIONAL                                                     Museum
                                                                                                                          Chequamegon Bay
                                                                                                      West End Park

                                                                                                0      1          2            3            4         5        6 Miles

2           Chetek Tour
            BARRON COUNTY

Distance: 33 miles                                                    B           arron County is at the northwest cor-
                                                                                  ner of Wisconsin’s crescent-shaped
                                                                                  Central Plain, where the state’s fertile
Difficulty: Mostly easy with a series of steep                        farmland butts up against the tall trees and
hills.                                                                lakes of the Northwoods. In fact, as you ride
Trailhead location: Southworth Memorial                               north on this loop you can see the wooded sil-
Park 3.5 miles east of Chetek/Cty I, on County                        houette of the Blue Hills in the distance.
Park Rd.                                                                    People who live in Chetek don’t have to
                                                                      travel far to the lake; the town is built on a
Attractions: Barron County Historical Society
                                                                      chain of six lakes covering 3,764 acres with
Pioneer Village Museum, the Chetek Lakes
                                                                      120 miles of shoreline. Waterfowl love the lake;
Chain, the Chippewa Moraine Ice Age State
                                                                      chevrons of migrating birds fill the sky in
Recreation Area, rural wood lot and farmland
                                                                      spring and fall. Pulling a perch or northern
                                                                      pike from these waters has always been a pop-
Caution: The entire route is on public streets                        ular pastime for people, eagles and osprey.
and roads open to shared bicycle/motor vehicle                        Southworth Memorial Park just 3.5 miles
use.                                                                  southeast of Chetek is a good starting point for
Legend: For a complete listing of all map                             your ride. The park offers a boat ramp, camp-
icons, see page 2.                                                    sites and a picnic shelter.
                                                                            The tour route rolls south through easy-
Other tours in this region: Go to
                                                                      pedaling farmland. But the “easy” ends on In the search box, key in Tiger
                                                                      Lundquist Hill Road. This saw tooth profile of
Cat Tour, Stagecoach Tour or River Falls Tour.
                                                                      four steep 100-foot climbs is a fine test of your
For more information:                                                 fitness. Five west-flowing tributaries of the Red
Chetek Area Chamber of Commerce                                       Cedar River form the low points.
800/317-1720, 715/924-4440                                                  When you get to the tiny village of Sand                                                      Creek you may be ready for a break at its
                                                                      namesake café. The little eatery is a culinary
                                                                      trip back in time. Local people say it hasn’t
                                                                      changed since the ‘50s.
                                                                            Heading east on County M you’ll quickly
                                                                      cross into Chippewa County. County M paral-
                                                                      lels the flow of Sand Creek all the way to New
                                                                      Auburn, a pleasant ten miles through farm
                                                                      fields and wood lots. New Auburn boasts its
                                                                      own hometown café; stop in for a brief respite
                                                                      from the bike seat.
                                                                            To learn more about the glacial history of
                                                                      Wisconsin, you can take a short side trip on
                                                                      County M east of New Auburn. A seven-mile
                                                                      pedal takes you to the Chippewa Moraine Ice
                                                                      Age State Recreation Area. This 3,000-acre
                                                                      reserve includes an interpretive center with
                                                                      exhibits and a video presentation on how the
                                                                      glaciers formed this part of the state (open
                                                                      daily 8:30am-4:30pm; 715/967-2800,
                                                                            Back on-route you’ll note immediately that
                                                 TOURISM PHOTO FILE

                                                                      New Auburn straddles the Chippewa/ Barron
                                                                      County Line. The two counties use different
                                                                      schemes to name their county roads. Chippewa
                                                                      County uses the common alphabet system;
Moon over a Barron County Lake.                                       Barron County likes fractional mathematics.

But don’t worry; it’s more amusing than alarm-                                                                                                              Chetek has an excellent water ski show
ing. Your return route to Chetek takes you                                                                                                            team – the Hydroflites. They perform on Lake
north on 29th Street (5 Mile Road), west on                                                                                                           Chetek Friday and Sunday evenings throughout
7th Avenue, then under Ten Mile Lake on 27th                                                                                                          the summer (June thru August); showtime is
and 26-1/2 Streets, west on 5-3/4 Avenue, and                                                                                                         7pm. They do pyramids, swivels, barefooting,
north on County A. There’s no pop quiz, but it                                                                                                        and jumps. They’re all showstoppers; just like
does make you wonder.                                                                                                                                 this pleasant three-county roll around Chetek.

Elevation in Feet

                                                                                                                                            Lundquist Hills
                             Sand Creek
                         0                                 2                                                  4                                   6                               8                               10                                          12
                                                                                                                                           Distance in Miles

                                                                                                                           M                                                                                              N

                                                                                                                                                                                                      W                               E

                                                                                                 D                                                                       D                                                   S
                                                                                                 Chetek                                   Lake

                                                                                                                                                                                              7TH AVE

                                                                                                                                                                                                        29TH ST
                                                                                                                               25TH ST



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      BARRON CO



                                                                                                                                         6TH AVE 4.

                                                                                                                                                      5                      Lake                                                                 RUSK CO
                                                                                                           R IV


                                                                                               er                                                         COU

                                                                                                            24TH ST



                                                                            23RD ST


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Area Depicted

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  S. 5 MILE RD

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         To Chippewa
                                                                   LUNDQUIST HILL RD

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Moraine Ice Age

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Rec. Area



                                                                                                      BARRON CO
                                                                                           DUNN CO         CHIPPEWA CO                                                                                                           Auburn


                                                     Ri                                                                                                   9.8
                                 U                             r
                                                                                       I                                                    M                                                               Q

                                     V                                                     Sand                                                                                                                                                          53

                                                                                                                                                                   0                  1             2                             3                       4 Mile

3            Nicolet Forest Wheel-A-Way Tour

Distance: 33 miles                                               T          hree Lakes is both a town and a mis-
                                                                            nomer; there are a lot more than three
                                                                            lakes to be enjoyed here. The Eagle
Difficulty: Easy                                                 River/Three Lakes Chain is thought to be the
Trailhead location: Cy Williams Memorial                         world’s largest string of freshwater lakes. With
Park on Hwy. 32 in Three Lakes.                                  20 connected lakes, more than 12 square miles
                                                                 of water surface, and 100-plus miles of shore-
Attractions: Three Lakes Winery, Historical
                                                                 line, few would doubt it. This classic
Society Museum.
                                                                 Northwoods’ vacationland is also the home of a
Caution: Entire route is on public roadways                      popular bike event and route. The Nicolet-
open to shared bicycle/motor vehicle use. Be                     Wheel-A-Way is an annual Labor Day weekend
sure to use the paved shoulder on Hwy. 32.                       event that attracts riders from around the
Legend: For a complete listing of all map                        Midwest to pedal the woods and water scenery
icons, see page 2.                                               of Three Lakes and the Nicolet National Forest
                                                                 (see Wisconsin Biking Events, page 72).
Other tours in this region: Go to
                                                                       Your ride into the forest follows the In the search box,
                                                                 Wheel-A-Way route along ridges of glacial
key in High Falls Tour, Lac Vieux Desert Tour,
                                                                 moraine that weave through lake and marsh-
or Lac du Flambeau Heritage Tour.
                                                                 land. The dense forest of yellow and paper
For more information:                                            birch, maple, pine and spruce covers the road
Three Lakes Information Bureau                                   with a thick shade canopy.
888/972-6103, 715/546-3344                                             The lush forest is a tribute to the refor-                                               estation efforts of the National Forest Service.
                                                                 Created in 1933, the Nicolet National Forest,
                                                                 (now part of the Chequamegon-Nicolet
                                                                 National Forest), took control of land aban-
                                                                 doned or tax delinquent after the virgin timber
                                                                 had been logged off and farming attempts had
                                                                 failed. During the Great Depression, the Federal
                                                                 Government created the Civilian Conservation
                                                                 Corp (CCC) to provide work for unemployed
                                                                 men. CCC camps sprouted throughout north-
                                                                 ern Wisconsin as crews labored to reforest the
                                                                 land. Today the 661,400-acre Nicolet Forest is
                                                                 a haven for wildlife. Along Divide Road you’ll
                                                                 pass the Headwaters Wilderness Area, the
                                                                 largest in the state. Interpretive signs along the
                                                                 roads help explain forest management prac-
                                                                        At the north end of the loop you can take
                                                                 a break along the tranquil shore of Butternut
                                                                 Lake, a great place to spot loons and eagles.
                                                                 This midway rest stop is perfect for a snack
                                                                 and a peaceful moment.
                                                                       On the return route, Old Military Road has
                                                                 an interesting history. Preserved as a Heritage
                                                                 Drive National Forest Scenic Byway, it was
                                                                 originally cut through the wilderness in 1861.
                                                                 The road connected Fort Howard at Green Bay
                                                 DAVID HERRICK

                                                                 with Fort Wilkins on Lake Superior. With the
                                                                 Union preoccupied during the Civil War, the
Autmn reflection.
                                                                 government feared the possibility of invasion
                                                                 from Canada. This forest road to Fort Wilkins

                                                                                         spun off of the area’s cranberry production; the
                                                                                         Three Lakes Winery crafts cranberry wine along
                                                                                         with other berry and fruit wines. A free tour will
                                                                                         show you the process and a sampling lets you
                                                                                         taste the product (guided tours May-Oct 10am-
                                                                                         4pm; 800/944-5434,
                                                                                               There’s a lot to be learned about the forest
                                                                                         at area attractions. The Historical Society
                                                                                         Museum in Three Lakes preserves artifacts
                                                                                         from the area’s logging era (open MD-LD,
                                                                                         Tues-Sat 11am-3pm; 715/546-2295,
                                                                        CHRIS DRIES

                                                                                The museum building is
                                                                                         a reproduction of a 1930’s CCC barracks. Ten
An Onieda County ride.                                                                   miles north, in Eagle River, you can tour anoth-
                                                                                         er former CCC camp at Trees for Tomorrow
was thought more secure for resupply than the                                            (open daily 8am-4:30pm, call for tour times;
normal Great Lakes route.                                                                800/838-9472,
      Cold bogs are a natural feature in the                                                    When the lumber barons sent their crews
Nicolet. They grow cranberries, the only berry                                           to the Northwoods a hundred years ago they
that is exclusive to North America. The cran-                                            took virtually all the trees. Now the trees are
berry was a food, dye and medicine to Native                                             back and you’ll take home memories of a fresh
Americans. Around Three Lakes it has been                                                                     and enchanting part of the
cultivated commercially for more than a centu-                                                                       world.
ry. Downtown, you’ll find a tasty enterprise                                                                   Area Depicted

                                                                                                                                           FR 2425
                                                                                                         FOREST CO

Cranberry                                Lower Ninemile
  Lake                                      Lake                                      VILAS CO                                                                                  Boat
                                                                                                                                                                  FOU  Landing
                                                                                  ONEIDA CO                                                                          R

                                                                                                             KN A
                                                                                                                      PP RD

                              X                                                                                                                                                E RD

                                                                                                                 DOW RD

                                                                       MILITARY RD







                                                                   O LD



          Lake                                                                                                                        FOREST

                       Island       Little
                          Lake      Fork           Big
                                                                             Y RD



 Cy Williams                                                                                                                                                              VALLE
                                                                                                                          3 .3                                                 Y RD

 Memorial Park               Medicine                                                                                                                                E
                                                                                                                                 D                                 ER
                              Lake                                                                                      L   EY R                              SHELT
                                                                                        SHELTERED                    VAL
                 PARK ST
 32                        Spirit            Big Stone
                            Lake                  Lake
                    32                       6.2                                                                 Julia                                                           N
      Three                                                                                                       Lake
                                                                                                                                                                     W                     E
  A               45
                                                                   32                                                                                                            S

                                                                                                             0                    1                  2              3                     4 Mile

4           Cave Point Tour
            DOOR COUNTY

Distance: 40 miles                                                   T          here’s no place like Cave Point,
                                                                                especially when the wind is strong
                                                                                off the lake. Then you’ll hear Cave
Difficulty: Easy                                                     Point before you actually see it. It may be a
Trailhead location: In Sturgeon Bay at                               cloudless day, but a sound like thunder will fil-
Sunset Bay Park on County B (N. 3rd Ave.).                           ter through the woods as you pedal towards
                                                                     the point. Reaching the park you’ll understand
Attractions: Door County Maritime Museum,                            the power of Lake Michigan as waves pound
Door County Historical Society, Miller Art                           against the shore shooting spray high above
Museum, Third Avenue Playhouse, Sturgeon                             the bluff’s edge. Over eons, the waves have
Bay Ship Canal & Lighthouse, Whitefish                               hollowed-out caves in the point increasing
Dunes State Park, Cave Point County Park,                            both the hydrodynamics and the noise level.
Door Peninsula Winery.                                               You can feel the rock shudder beneath your
Caution: The entire route is on public streets                       feet.
and roads open to shared bicycle/motor vehi-                                Cave Point County Park is one destina-
cle use.                                                             tion on this pleasant tour of the lake-edge for-
Legend: For a complete listing of all map                            est and quiet farm roads of Door County. You
icons, see page 2.                                                   won’t find better biking anywhere. And, you
                                                                     start and finish the tour in the fascinating ship
Other tours in this region: Go to
                                                                     building city of Sturgeon Bay. You’ll see every In the search box,
                                                                     type of vessel there from tugboats, to sleek
key in Shore to Shore Tour, Czech Heritage
                                                                     sailing yachts, to huge ocean-going ships.
Tour, or Two Rivers Tour.
                                                                            The trailhead at Sunset Bay Park is right
For more information:                                                next to Bay Shipbuilding Company, the only
Door County Chamber of Commerce                                      facility on the Great Lakes that can handle
800/527-3529, 920/743-4456                                           gigantic 1,000-foot freighters. In fact, Bay                                                   Shipbuilding built many of these monstrous
                                                                     boats. The enormous steel crane in the ship-
                                                                     yard gives some idea of the scale of the opera-
                                                                            Located at the mid-point of the Door
                                                                     County peninsula, the bay of Sturgeon Bay
                                                                     was once the channel of the Menomonee River
                                                                     – before glacial ice sheets carved out Green
                                                                     Bay and Lake Michigan. Check it out on a
                                                                     state map; you can easily see the alignment. In
                                                                     1882 a mile-long canal was cut from the bay
                                                                     to Lake Michigan saving ships from the per-
                                                                     ilous journey around the tip of the peninsula
                                                                     called by the French Porte des Morts –
                                                                     “Death’s Door” - the term which gave the
                                                                     county its name. The tour route takes you
                                                                     along the canal levee where a stop at Overlook
                                                                     Trail will give you a great view of the boats
                                                                     plying the channel between the lake and bay.
                                                                     Where the canal meets the lake, the Coast
                                                                     Guard’s North Pierhead Lighthouse is a won-
                                                                     derful photo opportunity.
                                                                            Riding north, the route winds through fra-
                                                 RJ & LINDA MILLER

                                                                     grant lakeside cedars before arriving at
                                                                     Whitefish Dunes State Park which invites you
                                                                     to spend some time off the bike on its three-
                                                                     mile, crescent-shaped sand beach. Just
Cave Point County Park.
                                                                     beyond is Cave Point County Park. An excel-
lent interpretive display will explain the forces                                              from the tour route via the ped/bikeway along
that formed this wonder of nature.                                                             the east side of the bridge.
       Heading back to Sturgeon Bay you’ll                                                           The Door County Historical Museum
cross the scenic gently rolling farmland that is                                               traces the county’s history from the Paleo
still a big part of Door County’s prosperity.                                                  Indians and early settlement to the present
Evidence of this agricultural bounty can be                                                    (open daily May-Oct 10am-4:30pm; 920/743-
found just a few miles off-route at the Door                                                   5809). Nearby, the Miller Art Museum displays
Peninsula Winery where the product of local                                                    a permanent collection of Wisconsin art as
orchards is turned into wines and juices (open                                                 well as changing exhibits (open Mon-Thur
daily 9am-5pm; 800/551-5049,                                                                   10am-8pm, Fri & Sat 10am-5pm; 920/746-                                                                               0707). For performing arts, local and profes-
       In Sturgeon Bay you can immerse your-                                                   sional performances are staged year-round
self in the lore of the lake at the Door County                                                at the Third Avenue Playhouse in Sturgeon
Maritime Museum. Learn about shipbuilding,                                                     Bay’s historic downtown (920/743-1760,
see the history of the county’s many lighthous-                                      
es, and even survey the harbor through a sub-                                                        Door County – a perfect blend of nautical
marine periscope (open daily 10am-5pm year-                                                    and nice.
round, MD-Oct 31 9am-6pm; 920/743-5958, The museum is on the south
side of the ship channel and can be reached

                                                                                                         Area Depicted
                                   Door Peninsula
                                                                                                                                              CAVE POINT RD


                                                                                                                                                                   Cave Point
                                                                                                                                                                   County Park


                                                                                                                                    Clark 3.2
                                                                                                                                                                    ER D


                                                                CLARK LAKE RD
                                                                                                                                    WD                        WHITEFISH
                                                                                             4.3                             2.6
                                                                                                                         NELSON LANE                          DUNES
                                                                                                                                                              STATE PARK
                              42                                                                              WHITEFISH
                                                                                                               BAY RD
                                             MATHEY RD


                                                                                                                         8.2             Point

          Sunset Bay          42
          Park           57                                                                                 DR

 N. 3RD

          Bay                      AY                                                                                                              n

                           L IL

            MICHIGAN ST           3 .7

                                                                                                                                   i ch

                        UTAH ST
                RIA            COVE RD


            42 57
 Door County          Overlook                 PK

 Maritime              CA                RE                                                                                                                             N
                                    E FO
 Museum S. 18TH PLACE     N
                            A L LAK
                               RD          North Pierhead Lighthouse                                                                                          W             E


                                                                                                                 0             1          2                        3            4 Mile

5            Top of the World Tour

Distance: 23 miles                                                      Y           ou’ll feel like you’re on top of the
                                                                                    world when you pedal this high-
                                                                                    flyin’ route in one of the most bicy-
Difficulty: Very difficult, but a moderate out-                         cling-friendly parts of the state. The route is
and-back route is an option.                                            part of the course for an annual event of the
Trailhead location: Municipal parking lot                               same name held each August and part of the
across from historic Whitehall Train Depot at                           welcome mat Trempealeau County rolls out for
the intersection of Hwys. 53 & 121 in                                   bicyclists.
Whitehall.                                                                    Trempealeau County is rural and folksy.
                                                                        Its largest town barely tops 2,000. So, when
Attractions: St. Peter and Paul Catholic
                                                                        someone says “Hi, we’re glad you came” they
Church, Independence City Hall and Opera
                                                                        really mean it. The county’s unique Trail
House, Perrot State Park, Loc & Dam No. 6.
                                                                        Steward Program links hundreds of places
Caution: The entire route is on public road-                            you’re welcome to stop for water, fix a mechan-
ways open to shared bicycle/motor vehicle use.                          ical problem, use a phone, or just take a break.
Be sure to use the paved shoulder on Hwy.                               Marked by a blue circle/bike silhouette Trail
121. Some slopes are long and steep; take care                          Steward sign, these sites are a nice touch that
to control your downhill speed.                                         says “welcome.”
Legend: For a complete listing of all map                                     In another nice touch, the Bicycle Club of
icons, see page 2.                                                      Trempealeau County has produced a system of
                                                                        383 on-road miles in 14 loop tours that show-
Other tours in this region: Go to
                                                                        case the best the county has to offer. Appealing In the search box,
                                                                        routes like “Ride with the Eagles,” “The
key in Peaceful Kingdom Ride, Great River
                                                                        Peaceful Kingdom,” “Big Sky Country,” and
Road South Tour or Great River Road North
                                                                        “The Daydream Trail” put plenty of bikes on car
                                                                        racks headed back to Trempealeau County. The
For more information:                                                   route names only hint at how good your expe-
Trempealeau County Tourism Council                                      rience will be. To help you choose a route,
800/927-5339, 608/534-6615                                              handy color-coded bar graphs show the                                        amount of easy, moderate and difficult riding as
Bicycle Club of Trempealeau County                                      well as mileage.
715/538-2311, ext 205.                                                        In a rural county like Trempealeau the                                                        attractions are mainly pastoral. Pleasant small
                                                                        towns augment the superb scenery. In
                                                                        Whitehall the old train depot is being restored
                                                                        as the cornerstone of its Main Street revival
                                                                        that now features a café/deli in the old bank
                                                                        building. At the south end of town the Oak Park
                                                                        Inn, an incredible garden spot and Classic
                                                                        Revival mansion, is now a B&B.
                                                                              While a quick glance at this course’s pro-
                                                                        file makes it clear that it’s not an easy ride, you
                                                                        can lower the bar a bit by riding out-and-back
                                                                        between Whitehall and Independence. That 14-
                                                                        mile round trip is a pleasant roll through the
                                                                        flat bottomland of the Trempealeau River valley.
                                                                              As in Whitehall, architectural gems are a
                                                                        highlight of your ride through Independence.
                                                  PHIL VAN VALKENBERG

                                                                        St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, noted for
                                                                        its glorious stained glass windows, has been a
                                                                        linchpin of the community’s Polish population
                                                                        for more than 100 years. The spectacular City
Coffee break, downtown Whitehall.                                       Hall and Opera House has been refurbished as
                                                                        a community center.
      Following the loop south of                                                              among the park’s scenic 500-foot bluffs
Independence, it’s up, up and away as you                                                      (608/534-6409 or In town,
climb nearly 400 feet to Cty. N & D. The four                                                  you can watch river traffic lock-through Lock &
miles you ride atop Square Bluff bring some of                                                 Dam No. 6. The observation platform is a per-
the best views anywhere; literally a new vista                                                 fect vantage to see river tugs push rafts of 110-
around every bend. Of course, the descents are                                                 foot barges through the lock.
plenty of fun too. At the intersection of Cty. N                                                     This “Top of the World” tour is typical of
& D, Fagerness Church stands out as a pictur-                                                  the quality of the bicycling opportunities in
esque ridge-top beacon.                                                                        Trempealeau County. If it’s your first ride here,
      Back in Whitehall, you’re only 38 miles                                                  it won’t be your last. You’ll return again and
from Trempealeau and the Mississippi River.                                                    again to this quintessentially bicycle-friendly
There, Perrot State Park offers riverside camp-                                                part of the state.
ing, fishing, boating and mountain biking

                                                                                                                                        Cty N & D
 Elevation in Feet



                             0                       5                              10                                    15                            20
                                                                            Distance in Miles

          W                      E 93                                                                                  RIVER
                                                                                                               RTH          Rive
                                                                                                          NO                    r
                                                                                                                                                             53    121

                                 Q                                         121
                                                                        HUGHES RD
                                             Bugle                                                    Q
                                                         Tr empealeau
             X                                                                      Q







                                                                             JAC RD


                                                                                        Cre                               Bluff

                                                                                                                  NELSON RD
                                                                                                     4.   SQ

Area Depicted

                                                                                                               N                                                       95

                                                                                                                0                   1               2                  3 Miles

6           Wild Rose Covered Bridge Tour

Distance: 30 miles
Difficulty: Easy
                                                S          cenic, easy riding on quiet back roads
                                                           is what Waushara County is all about.
                                                           As word of this wonderful area for
                                                bicycling began to spread, the county parks
                                                department was swamped with requests for
Trailhead locations: Roberts Park in Wild
Rose, .3 miles west of Main St. (Hwy. 22) on    information on routes. There are only a handful
River St. (Cty. AA).                            of unpaved roads in the entire county, so riding
                                                anywhere is fine. But, people wanted specifics.
Attractions: Roberts Park, the Wild Rose Fish   So local cyclists contributed ten premier routes
Hatchery, Covered Bridge, Mt. Morris County     that are available as Adobe PDF files on the
Park, Kusel County Park.                        park’s website
Caution: The entire route is on public road-    (
ways open to shared bicycle/motor vehicle             The Wild Rose Covered Bridge Tour is
use.                                            one of these routes. The picturesque village of
Legend: For a complete listing of all map       Wild Rose with its cafes and Roberts Park on
icons, see page 2.                              the scenic millpond makes a great trailhead.
                                                Pre- or post-ride you can tour the Wild Rose
Other tours in this region: Go to
                                                Fish Hatchery (open daily with self-guided In the search box,
                                                tours 8am-3pm). Its cold-water ponds produce
key in Chain O’ Lakes Tour, Wisconsin Rapids
                                                a quarter of all the trout and salmon stocked
Tour, or Elkhart Lake Tour.
For more information:                                 Covering gently rolling terrain and well-
Waushara Area Chamber of Commerce               paved roads, the Covered Bridge Tour pays
920/787-3488, 877/928-8662                      several visits to the Pine River, the area’s Class                           A trout stream. The stretch along 19th Drive is
                                                particularly lovely. Any of the roads are great
Waushara County Parks
                                                places for spotting pheasants, deer, fox and a
                                                myriad of songbirds.
                                                                                                     RJ & LINDA MILLER

Saxeville Covered Bridge.

      As you approach Saxeville, you’ll pedal
through the romantic light and shadow of a
covered bridge over the Pine River on 24th
Lane. When the old bridge needed rebuilding,
public funds would only provide a nondescript
replacement. So local people volunteered their
time, skills and money to build this more
appropriate reminder of the past. A landowner
adjacent to the bridge has created a garden
park making the scene even more picturesque.
      The tiny village of Saxeville is a popular
stop for pie at the local café or supplies at its
country store that looks little different than it
did 100 years ago. Just outside Saxeville,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    TOURISM PHOTO FILE
you’ll pedal along quiet 26th Road, (Rustic
Road 48), that brushes the Pine River and
curves around the rolling hills of the area’s
ground moraine. A pre-Civil War log cabin
                                                                                                                           A special dad ‘n lad moment.
built on an original 160-acre homestead is vis-
ible from the road.                                                                                                        this 250-foot remnant of Magnesian limestone
      In the middle of this 30-mile loop is Kusel                                                                          that the great continental glacier could not sub-
County Park, a nice side trip on a hot day when                                                                            due.
a relaxing dip in a clean lake is a welcome                                                                                      That’s the same glacier that made the rest
break from pedaling. Nearby Mt. Morris County                                                                              of Waushara County such wonderful riding ter-
Park offers a grand overview of the area’s lakes,                                                                          rain.
forests and farms. You can hike to the top of
                                                                                                                                                               Area Depicted
                                                                         21ST AV

                                                                                                                    Lake                       K                                                          N
                                                 20TH AV

                                                                                                                                                        W                                       W             E
                                           ALP             CT
                                                 8.4                                                                                                                                                      S
                                 19TH DR

                                                                                          K                                                                                     Long
      P                                                                                                                                                                         Lake
                                                                                                                                     23RD RD

                                                                                                               GILBERT      RD                                                             TT
                                     ANIWA RD                                                                          LAKE
                                                                                                                                               APACHE AVE
                                                                                                                                                                                                25TH RD

                                                                                                                                                                  24TH LN

      Park                                                               K                                                                                                       W

                                                                                                                                                        Covered   PORTA                    Saxeville

  RIVER                                                                                                                                                                GE RD
    AVE                        Wild                                                                                                                      Bridge

                               Rose                                                                 ARCHER LN               Kusel
                                                                Silver                                                                                  Kusel Lake
                                                                                          21ST DR

                                                                Lake                                                                                    County Park
               18TH RD

                                                                                                                                                                                           26 STIC


                                                                                                                                                                                             TH R

                                                                                                    BADGER AVE         Lake                                                            W
                                                                                                                                                                                                RD D

                               10.3                                                                                                                 H
  O                                                         BADGER         CT
                         BADGER AVE



 MM                                                                                                                                                  4.7
                                                                                   BEECHNUT RD                                      BEECHNUT AVE
                                                                                                                           WW                                  W
                                                                          G            Mt. Morris
                                                                                       County Park

                                                                                                                                0                       .5                  1              1.5                2 Miles

7            Westby Amish Tour
             VERNON COUNTY

Distance: 30 miles. A shortcut on Cty. P                               W              estby is a picturesque ridge-top
                                                                                      town that clings tightly to its
                                                                                      Norwegian roots. If you can say
makes 18 or 22-mile options possible.                                  “Uff da” you’ll fit in just fine here.
Difficulty: Difficult. Any route option will                                 Set in northern Vernon County among the
have 300 to 400-foot climbs.                                           maze-like ridges and valleys of the state’s
                                                                       Driftless Area, Westby is a great base for on-
Trailhead location: At the Stabbur, Westby’s
                                                                       road tours in any direction. Indeed, this tour is
Information Center, on Black River Ave., a half-
                                                                       one of five bicycle routes of 17 to 43 miles
block east of Hwy. 27.
                                                                       detailed in Westby’s “Venture into the Coulee
Attractions: Snowflake Nordic Center,                                  Region” map and brochure. All the routes start
Norskedalen Nature and Heritage Center,                                and finish at the Stabbur, Westby’s Information
Wildcat Mountain State Park, Amish &                                   Center modeled after an old-world Norwegian
Norwegian crafts and products.                                         farmhouse.
Caution: The entire route is on public road-                                 They say the area’s Norwegian pioneers
ways open to shared bicycle/motor vehicle                              were attracted to this part of the state for its
use. Some slopes are long and steep. Take                              similarity to the landscape of Norway. True or
care to control downhill speed.                                        not, you can’t deny that the ridges and valleys
Legend: For a complete listing of all map                              offer exceptional scenery. More recently, the
icons, see page 2.                                                     quiet valleys of the Kickapoo River and Knapp
                                                                       Creek have also appealed to Amish settlers.
Other tours in this region: Go to                                            “Uff da” is a Norwegian expression used In the search box,                            when things get rough. You may want to add it
key in Great River Road South, Great River                             to your verbal repertoire climbing one of Vernon
Road South Tour, Black Hawk’s Retreat Tour,                            County’s tough hills. There are no easy rides
Peaceful Kingdom Ride, Frank Lloyd Wright                              here. Since you start and finish on top of a 300-
Tour, or Baraboo Range Tour. Or, in this guide,                        foot ridge, you know you’ll have to climb that
check out the Top of the World Tour on pages                           again just to get home. Or, you could start down
14-15.                                                                 in the valley at Avalanche and follow the course
For more information:                                                  of the Kickapoo and Knapp Creek out and back.
Westby Chamber of Commerce                                                   The valleys here are incredibly scenic.
866/493-7829, 608/ 634-4011                                            The roads twist and turn nearly as much as the                                                       river. Much of the modern world is left behind.
                                                                       The sight of an Amish horse pulling a black
                                                                       buggy adds to the feeling of a bygone era.
                                                                       Along the valleys and ridge tops, hand painted
                                                                       farm signs offer Amish crafts and products.
                                                                             Just north of Westby, along one of the
                                                                       other bike routes, you can get a look at the
                                                                       daunting scaffold of the Snowflake Ski Club’s
                                                                       100-meter Olympic ski jumping facility. The
                                                                       local club has hosted tournaments there for
                                                                       more than 80 years.
                                                                             As you might expect, Westby is a center
                                                                       for authentic Norwegian crafts. The beautiful art
                                                                       of rosemaling is practiced and sold in a num-
                                                                       ber of characteristic styles. A few miles west of
                                                                       town you’ll find the Norskedalen Nature and
                                                                       Heritage Center where Norwegian crafts and
                                                   RJ & LINDA MILLER

                                                                       traditions are preserved on a 400-acre site that
                                                                       includes an authentic pioneer homestead (open
                                                                       Apr 15-Oct 31, Mon-Fri 9am-4pm, Sat 10am-
A scenic Vernon County ride.                                           4pm, Sun noon-4pm; 608/452-3424 or
      To the east of this tour you can visit                                                                                year-round, daylight hours, 608/625-2960,
Wildcat Mountain State Park, one of                                                                               
Wisconsin’s most scenic state parks (608/337-                                                                                     Westby hosts an annual bicycle tour with
4775 or The park has won-                                                                                 three different routes in May during their
derful overviews of the winding Kickapoo                                                                                    Syttende Mai – Norwegian indepencence day –
Valley. The road up to the park is also one of                                                                              weekend. You’re sure to find some good
the toughest bike climbs in the state. Nearby,                                                                              climbs on any of the loops. But for the locals,
the Kickapoo Valley Reserve offers 8,000 acres                                                                              if you’re tough enough to ski jump off a ridge
of hiking, biking, canoeing and camping (open                                                                               in the winter, what’s the big deal about biking
                                                                                                                            up one come spring?

                                                        Westby                                                                                                                                                Westby
Elevation in Feet

                                                                                                     Cty D and                                                                         Avalanche
                                                                                                     Knapp Valley Rd


                                  0                                  5                          10                          15                                   20                                25                      30
                                                                                                          Distance in Miles

                                                           MONROE CO                                                                                                            D
                                                           VERNON CO


             W                            E
                                                                                                                                                                          VALLEY RD




                                                                                                                                                                      e   ek


                                          Snowflake                                                                                                                                                 D






                                                                                               RIDGE                          PP

                                                                                                             GE         KNA
                    61                                                                                                                                  32ND
                         14                                      BLACK RIVER                         P
                                                                 AVE NORTH                                                                                                                                    P
                                                            EAST RIDGE RD
     Westby                                                                                          BL
                                                                                                       OO                                  S
                                                                                                            NG                                                                                                D
                                                   BEKKEDAL ST                                                 DA
                              61                                                                                        WEST
                                      COON PRAIRIE RD

                                                         GILBERTSON RD                                                                                                DR

                                                                         H RD

Area Depicted
                                                                                               6.4          Y                          Avalanche
                                                                                Y                                                                  AVALA
                                                                                                                                                        N   CHE R

                                                                                                                                                   0                        1                       2                  3 Miles

8            Merrimac Ferry Tour

Distance: 45 miles total; 26 for the north
loop, 19 for the south loop.
Difficulty: Moderate to difficult. The northern
                                                                      I    f you’re ready to take on the tough cycling
                                                                           terrain on this tour you’ll be rewarded with
                                                                           some of the most outstanding scenery in
                                                                            Do you think you can climb more than
loop has long, steep climbs.                                          half a mile on your bike? Ride all 45 miles of
Trailhead locations: In Baraboo at the                                this tour and you’ll pedal up 2,944 vertical feet.
Circus World Museum parking lot on Water                              The 26-mile northern loop has the lion’s share
Street (Hwy. 113); and at the Merrimac Ferry                          with 1,827 feet. That’s where you’ll cross the
parking lot at Hwys. 188 & 113.                                       Baraboo Range - the remnant core of an
                                                                      ancient mountain - twice. Blessedly, one of the
Attractions: Baraboo Range scenery, Circus
                                                                      crossings will be through the gap at Devil’s
World Museum, Al Ringling Theatre,
                                                                      Lake State Park where you’ll enjoy some of the
International Crane Foundation, Devil’s Lake
                                                                      best scenery east of the Rockies. Of course,
State Park, plus the many nearby amusements
                                                                      what goes up must come down; there’s more
of Wisconsin Dells.
                                                                      than a half-mile of thrilling downhill riding too.
Caution: The entire route is on public streets                              The southern loop will be a bit easier on
and roads open to shared bicycle/motor vehicle                        your legs, but there’s not much flat road until
use. Riding the separate bike trail along Hwy.                        you near the pleasant town of Lodi. Along the
123 south of Baraboo is advised.                                      way you’ll have a great view of Gibraltar Rock,
Legend: For a complete listing of all map                             a sandstone monolith popular with area
icons, see page 2.                                                    climbers. You may even spot ant-like climbers
                                                                      working their way across the rock’s
Other tours in this region: Go to
                                                                      Amphitheater Wall or up the Rhombus Head. In the search box,
                                                                      With a variety of eating options and a pleasant
key in Baraboo Range Tour or Frank Lloyd
                                                                      main street, Lodi makes a good rest stop.
Wright Heritage Tour. Or, check-out the
                                                                            You’ll cross the Wisconsin River aboard
Waterloo Tour on pages 24-25 of this guide.
                                                                      the Merrimac Ferry, in operation since 1848.
For more information:                                                 The ride is free. The ferryboat is the ColSac III,
Baraboo Area Chamber of Commerce                                      named for the counties on either side of the
800/227-2266, 608/356-8333                                            river – Columbia and Sauk. While cars and                                               trucks queue up and may have to wait several
Lodi Chamber of Commerce                                              trips for the 5-minute crossing, there is always
608/592-4412                                                          room for bikes and pedestrians. If you need a                                                  sugar boost, there’s an ice cream stand on
                                                                      either shore.
                                                                            The real nasty grades are on the northern
                                                                      loop. If you ride it clockwise, you’ll face a half-
                                                                      mile climb as you leave Devil’s Lake on a twist-
                                                                      ing 8% slope. Circling the other direction
                                                                      you’ll pedal up for 2.5 miles and climb 650 feet
                                                                      at an average grade of more than 5%. The first
                                                                      half-mile from the entrance to Devil’s Head
                                                                      Resort is a whopping 10% pitch. These are the
                                                                      sorts of grades you’d find in the Alps.
                                                                            A visit to Baraboo is a big part of riding
                                                                      the northern loop. Baraboo was the boyhood
                                                                      home of the Ringling Brothers – five Wisconsin
                                                                      youngsters with circus in their blood.
                                                  RJ & LINDA MILLER

                                                                            On the tour route you’ll pass Circus World
                                                                      Museum sited on land that was once the winter
                                                                      headquarters of the Ringling Brothers Circus.
The Merrimac Ferry.
                                                                      Today it celebrates American circus heritage
                                                                      with live Big Top performances, animal acts,
exhibits and memorabilia, and a fabulous col-                                                                                          The International Crane Foundation (open
lection of 150 restored circus wagons, (open                                                                                      Apr 15-Oct 31, 9am-5pm daily; 608/356-9462,
MD-LD daily 9am-6pm; LD-MD Mon-Sat                                                                                       is just north of
10am-4pm, Sun 11am-4pm; 866/693-1500,                                                                                             Baraboo. On a guided tour (offered MD-LD at                                                                                                       10am, 1 & 3pm) you can learn about all fifteen
      Downtown, the Al Ringling Theater was                                                                                       species of these ancient birds.
once the most opulent in the state. It’s unique                                                                                        You may not soar like the cranes as you
oval interior hosts movies and a performing art                                                                                   pedal the steep Baraboo bluffs, but riding these
series.                                                                                                                           tough roads is a real feather in your cycling cap.

                                                                                                                    North Loop
Elevation in Feet

                                                                               Devil's Lake                                                                                                    Tower Road
                            Merrimac                                                                                             Baraboo
                        0                                       2                             8                             12                                   16                                         20                   24          12
                                                                                                                   Distance in Miles

                                                                                                                                                                                COULUMBIA CO

                                WATER ST                              Circus World        oo      er
                                                                      Museum            ab     Riv
                                                                                                                                                                      SUAK CO

                                           WALNUT ST

                                                                         EFFINGER RD B       W

                           12                                                                MANCHESTER RD
                                                          OLD                                      A N RD
                                                          LAKE RD                           N EU M
                                                                KESSLER RD             6.3
                                 159                                                                                                                             GE
                                               E RD

                                     SOUTH SHOR

                                                                                                                        O                               Devil's
                                                  Devil's DEVIL'S LAKE                            113         RA                           7.           Head
                                                   Lake STATE PARK                                       BA                                     5
                                                       7.                 SOUTH LAKE RD
                                                            9                                                               DL
                                                                                                                                            BLUFF RD

                                                                                                                   3.            RD                                                                                   sin
                                                                                                                        7                                                                                        on
                                                                                                                                                             Merrimac                                k   eW
                                                                                                              Merrimac                                                                          La
                                                                                                              78 113

                                                                                                               CEMETERY ST





                                                                               78                                                                                                     Rock
                                                                                                   188                                              J             J
                                                                                                  W HARMON RD                                                                                       6.1
                                                                              in                                                                                                                             J
                                                                            ns                    O' CONNER RD
                                                                     is   co
                                                                                                                                      VAN ESS RD
                                                                    W                                                                                                                                     6.9
                                                                                                                                                                                  R E YN     RD
                                                                                                                                                                                                SAUK ST
                                12                      78                                                                                  60
                                                                                 60                                                                                             CHRISLER RD
                                                                          188                                                                                                                                                          113
                                                                                                                        COLUMBIA CO
                                           Prairie                                                                               DANE CO
                                           du Sac

                                     Sauk City                                                                                                                                                                               N

                      60                                                                                                                                                                                                W          E

                                                                                                         Area Depicted                                                                                                       S
                                                                    78      12

                                                                                                                                            0                     1                             2                3           4           5 Mile

9           Horicon Marsh Tour
            DODGE COUNTY

Distance: 34 miles round trip if all roads are                          I     f you’re an avian aficionado, Wisconsin’s
                                                                              Horicon Marsh is the mother load, the full
                                                                              monty, the holy grail of bird watching. The
ridden; 28 miles if Main Dike Rd. is omitted.                           32,000-acre marsh teems with birds; a total of
Difficulty: Easy to moderate.                                           264 species have been sighted here. In the
Trailhead locations: In Horicon at Kiwanis                              spring and fall, as many as a million Canada
Park .7 miles south of Lake St. (Hwy. 33) on                            geese pass through with perhaps as many as
Hubbard St. Or, on the north end, .6 miles west                         300,000 in the marsh on a given day. Your
of Cty. Z on Headquarters Rd. at the Horicon                            bicycle is a great way to explore this wonderful
National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center.                                world.
                                                                               This route on the east side of the marsh is
Attractions: Horicon National Wildlife Refuge
                                                                        part of a loop that completely circles the marsh
Visitor Center, Blue Heron Boat Tours, Horicon
                                                                        recommended by the Dodge County Tourism
Aquatic Center, Satterlee Clark House.
                                                                        Association in their publication “Fall Into Your
Caution: The entire route is on public road-                            Senses In Dodge County.” (The route on the
ways open to shared bicycle/motor vehicle use.                          west side of the marsh is the Wild Goose State
Legend: For a complete listing of all map                               Trail). You can ride into the heart of the marsh
icons, see page 2.                                                      from mid-April to mid-September on Main
                                                                        Dike Road. Three roadside pools attract water
Other tours in this region: Go to
                                                                        birds like herons, cormorants and terns, while In the search box,
                                                                        the cattails shelter rails, swamp sparrows and
key in the Elkhart Lake to Kiel Tour, Covered
                                                                        marsh wrens.
Bridge Tour, Rustic Road Tour, Two Rivers Tour,
                                                                               The V-shape formations of honking
Irish Heritage Tour, Wild Goose State Trail, or
                                                                        Canada geese that fill the sky in April and
Czech Heritage Tour.
                                                                        October on their way to and from their Hudson
For more information:                                                   Bay nesting grounds are an unforgettable sight.
Horicon Chamber of Commerce                                             They usually fly at about 40 miles per hour and
920/485-3200                                                            mate for life. While ganders (males) and geese                                                  (females) are identical in color and about the
Dodge County Tourism Association                                        same size, you can tell which is which in the
920/386-3705, 800/414-0101                                              spring when a couple is on the ground togeth-                                                     er. The weight of eggs will give the female a
                                                                        slightly lower stance.
                                                                               We’ve got the last continental glacier to
                                                                        thank for Horicon Marsh. The great ice sheet
                                                                        carved Green Bay and Lake Winnebago before
                                                                        hollowing the basin that became Horicon
                                                                        Marsh. You can see the glacial path by con-
                                                                        necting these features on a state map.
                                                                               The ice was split from the lobe that dug
                                                                        Lake Michigan by the tough Niagara limestone
                                                                        that forms the escarpment on the east side of
                                                                        the marsh. Dodge County Ledge Park is
                                                                        perched on the edge of the escarpment in a
                                                                        beautiful maple forest. Hiking trails wind
                                                                        through the unique rock formations to
                                                                        overviews of the vast marsh. On a windy day
                                                  PHIL VAN VALKENBERG

                                                                        the breeze makes the carpet of green cattails
                                                                        roll like the waves of an ocean.
                                                                               The Horicon National Wildlife Refuge
                                                                        Visitor Center interprets the geology and histo-
A summer ride through Horicon Marsh.                                    ry of the marsh (open Mon-Fri 7:30am-4pm,
                                                                        also on spring & fall weekends; 920/387-2658
                                                                        or The
Wisconsin DNR Service Center near Horicon is                                          In Horicon, visit the stately 1863 Satterlee
also a good place to pick up information. It is                                  Clark House where you can see period furnish-
the future site of the Horicon Marsh                                             ings and learn about the early history of the
International Education Center.                                                  town (open May-Oct, 4th Sun each month,
      While your bike is a great way to enjoy                                    1-4pm, 920/485-3200). The city also sports a
the views of the marsh and its wildlife, you may                                 fabulous Aquatic Center with a lap pool and
want a closer, on-the-water look. Blue Heron                                     huge waterslide perfect for a family summer
Boat Tours in Horicon offers canoe and kayak                                     outing (open early June-late Aug; 920/485-
rental as well as one-hour narrated pontoon                                      3522).
boat tours (open May-Oct; 920/485-4663 or                                             No matter when you visit, Horicon Marsh                                                       is an awesome reminder of Nature’s beauty and

                                                             REISER RD
   W            E                       HEADQUARTERS RD
            S                                                                                                    Y
                                                                  BAUER RD
                Horicon National Wildlife
                    Refuge Visitor Center
                                                                                                                                                          Area Depicted

                                                                                          ROCKVALE RD

                                                                                                                      POHRMAN RD
                                             MAIN DIKE RD                                                                                             TW
        HORICON MARSH                                                  DIKE                        RD

                STATE WILDLIFE AREA                                                                     TW

                                                                                                  RD                                            67
                                                                              BAY VIEW

                                                                                                            WOOL RD

                                                                                                            GREENHEAD RD


                                                                              BAY VIEW

                                              Service                                                                 V
                                              Center                  Dodge
                                                             TW County                                                        67
                         Aquatic Center                                 Park
                                                                   RAASCHS HILL RD
       E            Horicon                                                              RD
                           HUBBARD ST

                                                                                         33                                                      33

                                                                                                        0                 1                 2                   3 Miles

10           Waterloo Tour

Distance: 33 miles                                          T          his pleasant roll through the farm
                                                                       fields of Jefferson County combines a
                                                                       great bike tour with the chance to tour
Difficulty: Easy                                            a great Wisconsin bike manufacturer – TREK
Trailhead locations: In Lake Mills at                       USA.
Commons Park at N. Main St. (Hwy. 89) & W.                        You can start from the parking lot of
Madison St. (County B).                                     charming Commons Park in Lake Mills. This
                                                            shaded village green with its gleaming white
Attractions: TREK USA bicycle factory,
                                                            bandstand is surrounded by small town busi-
Tyranena Brewery, Aztalan State Park.
                                                            nesses, including interesting eateries.
Caution: The entire route is on public road-                      Riding east of town you’ll soon come to
ways open to shared bicycle/motor vehicle use.              Aztalan State Park, one of Wisconsin’s most
Be sure to use the paved shoulders on Hwy. 89               significant archeological sites. Once the north-
and County B.                                               ernmost outpost of the Middle Mississipian
Legend: For a complete listing of all map                   Culture, Aztalan was a fortified village whose
icons, see page 2.                                          culture thrived from 1000 to 1300AD. But by
                                                            the time of Columbus, the site was deserted
Other tours in this region: Go to
                                                            leaving only its pyramid-shaped ceremonial In the search box,
                                                            mounds. While many of its mysteries remain
key in Kettle Moraine Tour, Sharon to Fontana
                                                            unsolved, recent studies conclude that at least
Tour, Freedom Heritage Tour, Baraboo Range
                                                            some of its people came from the Cahokia
Tour, Frank Lloyd Wright Heritage Tour, or
                                                            area, a large mound city near East St. Louis
Covered Bridge Tour. Or, check-out the
                                                            and the center of the culture.
Merrimac Ferry Tour on pages 20-21 of this
                                                                  Today Aztalan is a peaceful spot to take a
                                                            rest from pedaling and enjoy a picnic lunch.
For more information:                                       You can exercise your arms pumping cool
Lake Mills Area Chamber of Commerce                         fresh water from an iron hand pump or climb to
920/648-3585                                                the top of a restored diamond-shape pyramid, a                                           great spot for kite flying.
                                                                  Back on the tour, the gently rolling farm-
                                                            land yields easily to your pedal strokes. Scenic
                                                            roads lead you past picture-perfect farms where
                                                            cows and horses graze, through marshlands
                                                            where waterfowl take wing, and by wood lots
                                                            with glimpses of darting songbirds. Just east of
                                                            Waterloo, along Island Church Road you see
                                                            tiny St. Wenceslas Church, about as simple
                                                            and picturesque a place of worship as you
                                                            could imagine.
                                                                  Waterloo is the Wisconsin home of TREK
                                                            USA, manufacturer of the sleek racing bicycles
                                                            that Lance Armstrong and the Discovery
                                                            Channel Team have ridden to victory in the
                                                            Tour de France. TREK has been building top-
                                                            quality bikes in Waterloo since 1976. If you
                                                            visit on Wednesdays or Fridays you can tour
                                                            the TREK plant (801 W. Madison Street, 920-
                                                            478-4678); tours start at 10am.
                                                                  West of town, the tour loops south
                                                            through a thin slice of Dane County before
                                                            turning southeast back to Lake Mills. North of
                                                 TREK USA

                                                            town, at Tyranena Park, you can swim in the
                                                            spring-fed waters of Rock Lake. The lake hides
Waterloo is the home of Trek USA.
                                                            a local mystery; stories going back to pioneer
days tell of strange stone pyramids beneath its

                                                                                                               DON ABRAMS
      In town, you can toast the end of your ride
at the Tyranena Brewery. The brewery is open
for touring and tasting on a regular basis (tast-
ing Wed & Thurs 4:30-mid, Fri & Sat 3pm-
mid, tours Sat at 1:30pm; 920/648-8699). On
the first weekend of October, beer and bicycles
blend on the Tyranena Oktoberfest Bike Ride.
Starting and finishing at the brewery, riders
choose from three different routes, all leading
to the TREK factory in Waterloo where they can
tour the plant before returning to the brewery
for the Oktoberfest celebration, (see Wisconsin
Biking Events, page 72).
      Where else but Wisconsin could you
combine a great road tour, a great bike manu-
facturer and a great beer?
                                                                                                                        Aztalan State Park.

                                                                                      Area Depicted

                            MADISON ST                                      19                                                                                                                                   N
                CANAL RD                                                         89                                                                                                                    W                   E


                                                                                             ISLAND RD                                                                                                               S
                                      19              Trek
                                                                                                                             ISLAND CHURCH RD


                                       JEFFERSON CO
                            DANE CO
   6 .6




                                       VEITH RD
                                                                                           IL L

                                                                                                                                                                           MANSKE RD


                                                       94                                               6.7    LA

                                                                                      CEMETERY RD                                               Tyranena
                                                                                                                                                Park                   Tyranena
                                                                                                                                                                       Brewery           A


                                                                                                                                                        IS O

                                                                                                                                                                                 OWEN ST

                      BB                                            B                        S                              Lake                                                  V
                                                                                                                            Mills                                              2.8                               Q
                                                                                                                                                      MAIN ST

                                                                                                                 Rock                                               Commons                      B
                                                                                                                 Lake                                               Park

                                                                                                                                                                    E. LAKE ST                           .8
                                                                                       T   rai          MUD LAKE RD                                                 Glacial Dr
                                                                                                                                                                              umli                                       STATE PARK

                                                                                                                                                                    89                                       Q

                                                                           ml                                                A

                                      O                                u
                                                                    Dr                              S

                London                                                                                                                                                                                 ra

                                                      Gl                                                      Station State                                                                                 il

                                                                                                                                                      0                    1              2                      3              4 Miles


           eople have pedaled the snowmo-
           bile trails and lumber roads of
           Wisconsin since the mountain
bike was invented a short three decades
ago. Now, well-marked and maintained
mountain bike trail systems throughout
Wisconsin allow you to enjoy the beautiful
outdoors in a traffic-free environment.
      In this section, we’ve chosen a variety
of trails to ensure wonderful adventures
for riders of every ability. You can explore
beautiful Northwoods lake country; ride
the roller coaster landscape of the Kettle
Moraine State Forest; take-on the chal-
lenge of hills and bluffs in the state’s
rugged “driftless” area; and get acquainted
with fantastic northern trail systems offer-                                                           Pages
                                                                 1    Pokegama Trail                   28-29
ing hundreds of miles of fun.
                                                                 2    Rock Lake CAMBA Trails           30-31
      Fat tires are always appropriate for
                                                                 3    Discovery Center Trails          32-33
off-roading. Some trails will require excel-
                                                                 4    Peninsula State Park Trails      34-35
lent bike handling skills to deal with
                                                                 5    Winter Park/DNR Besadny Trails   36-37
rocks, roots, loose surface, steep grades
                                                                 6    Kickapoo Valley Reserve Trail    38-39
and narrow trails. Others offer an easy roll.
                                                                 7    Devil’s Lake State Park Trails   40-41
Find your comfort level, then enjoy!
                                                                 8    Blue Mound State Park Trail      42-43
      The map on this page locates and
                                                                 9    Milwaukee Alpha Trail            44-45
indexes all the trails in this mountain bike
                                                                 10   John Muir & Emma Carlin Trails   46-47
trail section.

                                                                 Pay attention to these mountain
  Mountain Bike Trails Legend                                    biking tips:
           Trailhead                                             ■ Always wear a helmet, eye
           Trailhead Parking Lot                                   protection, and ride with a
           Trailhead On-Street Parking                             companion.
           Easy Off-Road Trail: Requires few off-road
           skills. Gear changing, braking, and the ability to    ■ Call ahead to make sure specific
           ride soft surfaces are necessary.
                                                                   trails are open.
           Moderate Off-Road Trail: Requires the ability
           to change gears under pressure and control speed      ■ Control your bike; don’t ride
           by braking. Rougher surfaces.
                                                                   “over your head.”
           Difficult Off-Road Trail: A real challenge to
           physical riding ability. Gear changes under great
           pressure; braking safely on steep surfaces, han-
                                                                 ■ Ride on open trails only; others
           dling a bike at high speeds. Very rough surfaces.       may be illegal.
           Extreme Off-Road Trail: Requires advanced
           riding skills. Extremely rough surfaces; very steep   ■ Always yield the trail; most
           grades; requires physical strength and maximum
           bike handling skills.                                   trails are shared.
           Off-Road Trail Single-Track: All the caveats          ■ Never spook animals.
           above, plus a very narrow track.

           On-Road or Paved Trail Segment: On-road               ■ Leave no trace; be sensitive to
           sections are shared with motor vehicles.
                                                                   trail surfaces.
           For a complete listing of all map icons,
           see page 2.
              Pokegama Trail
              DOUGLAS COUNTY

Distance: 4 miles for the single-track moun-      S          uperior is blessed with one of the
                                                             largest municipal forests in the coun-
                                                             try. It has a biological diversity that
tain bike trail; 6.8 miles for the entire loop.   makes it the largest boreal forest in Wisconsin.
                                                  The 4,500 acres are a haven for wildlife and
Difficulty: Mostly difficult.
                                                  have long been a playground for hikers,
Surface type: Hardpack or grassy forest floor,    canoeists and cross-country skiers. Now,
mud, frequent narrow boardwalks. Soft sand        mountain bikers can enjoy the beauty of the
and remnant pavement on the abandoned road.       forest and the challenge of a tough single-track
Signage: Blue & white signs.                      trail.
Trailhead location: Roadside parking on Old              The forest occupies the peninsulas formed
105 Rd at Hwy. 105, 1.2 miles west of Hwy. 35     by stream estuaries that flow into the
on the south end of Superior.                     Duluth/Superior harbor on Lake Superior. In
                                                  fact, Pokegama is the Ojibwe word for “river
Attractions: Richard I. Bong World War II         bay.” For the mountain biker it’s an amazingly
Heritage Center, S.S. Meteor Maritime             quiet, out-of-the-way place where sighting a
Museum, Fairlawn Mansion, the Old Firehouse       great blue heron flying up from the lily pads
& Police Museum, Amnicon Falls State Park,        and reeds is more likely than seeing another
Pattison State Park.                              human.
Fees: None required.                                     The Pokegema Trail is a “purpose built”
Note: The abandoned road is barricaded to         mountain bike trail, meaning it was built to
keep motor vehicles out at Hwy. 105.              present a technically challenging four-mile
                                                  ride. The tight and twisting single-track trail
Caution: Two-way travel.                          will constantly surprise you with sudden drops
Legend: For a complete listing of all map         down to narrow foot-and-a-half wide board-
icons, see page 2.                                walks followed by short, steep climbs. Be sure
For more information:                             to have your mud tires on because you’ll need
                                                  them on the single-track.They’ll also be good
Superior-Douglas County Convention &
                                                  on the roots and logs and for the soft sand on
Visitors Bureau
                                                  the northern part of the abandoned road.
715/392-2773, 800/942-5313
                                                         The single-track winds through beautiful
                                                  stands of white pine, cedars and paper birch.
                                                  Views of the bay are few, but are made more
                                                                                                       RJ & LINDA MILLER

Little Manitou Falls at Pattison State Park.

    stunning by the shoreline stands of birch. It’s a                             The Richard I. Bong World War II Heritage
    shock when you pop out of the woods at the                              Center displays WWII memorabilia as well as a
    abandoned road and all your gear shifting and                           Lockheed P-38 like the one flown by
    bike handling skills are no longer needed. You                          Wisconsin’s Richard Bong in the Pacific
    can choose to backtrack on the single-track to                          Theater where he became America’s “Ace of
    the trailhead or just cruise on the flat road.                          Aces” (open MD-Oct 31 daily 9am-5pm;
           A great way to get a close look at                               888/816-9944 or
    Superior’s harbor is to ride the Osaugie Trail                                Other glimpses into Superior’s past can be
    (archived on This                             seen at the ornate 42-room Fairlawn Mansion
    five-mile paved trail will take you past some of                        (open Mon-Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 11am-5pm;
    the city’s finest views and attractions.                                715/394-5712 or www.superiorpublicmuse-
           The “Twin Ports” harbor of Superior and                 and at the Old Firehouse & Police
    Duluth is the largest bulk cargo shipper on the                         Museum (open mid-May to mid-Oct, Thurs-Sat
    Great Lakes. Hundreds of “salties,” ocean-                              10am-5pm, Sun noon-5pm; 715/394-5712).
    going ships from around the world, make their                                 A short drive from the city takes you to a
    way through the St. Lawrence Seaway to take                             pair of excellent state parks. East of Superior
    on grain and ore at Superior. The city has a                            at Amnicon Falls State Park, you can listen to
    rich heritage on land, water and in the air that                        the babbling waters of the Amnicon River as it
    you’ll want to learn more about during your                             cascades over a fault line in a stand of tall
    visit.                                                                  pines (715/398-3000 or To
           At Barker’s Island, take a one-hour tour of                      the south of the city you’ll find Pattison State
    the S.S. Meteor Maritime Museum (open May                               Park (715/399-3111 or Its
    15-Oct 15, Mon-Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 11am-                                   stellar attraction is Big Manitou Falls, the
    5pm; 715/394-5712, www.superiorpublucmu-                                state’s highest at 165 feet. Built in Superior in 1896, the                                     Superior is truly a remarkable place; all
    Meteor is the last of a fleet of sleek “whale-                          these services, attractions and top-notch
    back” freighters designed to take-on the rough                          mountain biking too.
    seas of the Great Lakes.


                                                                                                     W           E




Area Depicted

                            2.                ega
                              0                  ma




                                                                                                              CENTRAL AVE
                                                               OLD 105 RD


                                                                                           0             .5                      1 Mile

2           Rock Lake CAMBA Trails

JUST THE FACTS                                                 et ready for some of the best off-
                                                               road riding the Northwoods has to
Distance: 12.1 miles for entire loop, 10.1
                                                               offer. Part of the Chequamegon Area
miles via the Emerson Cutoff, also 6.6 Mile
                                                 Mountain Bike Association’s (CAMBA) 300-
Cutoff & 5 Mile Cutoff.
                                                 plus mile system of trails, the Rock Lake Trails
Difficulty: Moderate to extreme. The             have been a favorite for a decade.
Hildebrand Lake Loop has the most extreme              The forest is so dense that you often ride
sections with some purpose-built rock gardens    in a tunnel of trees. The mix of pines, spruce,
and a narrow plank bridge.                       birch, oak and maple fill the air with a fra-
Surface type: Hardpack forest floor, rocks,      grance as pure as creation. When you burst
roots, some soft surface and narrow passage.     into the open at Rock Lake, the panorama will
                                                 surely bring a “Wow!” to your lips. In autumn,
Signage: Blue and white CAMBA trail signs
                                                 the changing colors against the blue sky and
and frequent “you-are-here” map signs. Forest
                                                 lake are truly spectacular.
Service roads are marked with small, low
                                                       It’s a good spot to listen for the eerie call
brown signs with yellow lettering.
                                                 of the loon. These ancient birds love pristine,
Trailhead location: 7.5 miles east of            isolated places. They survive through their
Cable/Hwy. 63 on Cty. M.                         fishing ability and, unlike most birds, have
Attractions: The Cable Natural History           dense bones that allow them to swim swiftly
Museum, CAMBA mountain bike trail system,        underwater. Mother loons can be seen carrying
and the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest.     their little ones on their backs. Bald eagles are
Fees: Daily or annual National Forest motor      another fishing visitor to the lake. Expect to
vehicle parking fee is required. Donations or    hear some loud squawking from mother loon if
memberships for CAMBA accepted.                  one comes along.
                                                       The Rock Lake trail system was originally
Note: Ride on trails signed for mountain bik-    a cross-country ski trail that became popular
ing only. Cross-country ski trails are now off   with mountain bikers in the 1980s; too popular
limits to mountain biking unless marked.         as it turned out. Never designed for wheeled
Caution: The trail is also used by hikers;       vehicles, overuse soon caused erosion prob-
always yield to pedestrians and don’t spook      lems. Attempts to solve the rapid water runoff
animals.                                         with rubber water bars produced mixed results
Legend: For a complete listing of all map        and a less-pleasing ride. Then, a few years
icons, see page 2.                               ago, CAMBA undertook an extensive project to
                                                 create a single-track trail system that would
Other trails in this region: Go to
                                                 replace the erosion-prone ski trail sections. In the search box,
                                                 These are the trails you now enjoy.
key in Chequamegon Area Trails, CAMBA
                                                       Single-track riding on the Rock Lake sys-
Single-Track Trails, CAMBA Namekagon Trail,
                                                 tem varies from moderate to extreme. For most
or Copper Falls State Park Trails.
                                                 riders it’s actually less demanding than the
For more information:                            cross-country ski trails that often took the most
Cable Area Chamber of Commerce                   direct ascents and descents – the “fall lines”
715/798-3833; 800/533-7454                       the terrain offered. The new trail design switch- or         es back on slopes at relatively low grades mak-
                                                 ing riding easier and keeping water from build-
Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest
                                                 ing erosion-producing speed.
                                                       That doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of
                                                 challenge here. Rock Lake riding is full of
                                                 twists and turns, rocks, roots and frequent
                                                 grade changes. On the furthest loop around
                                                 Hildebrand Lake, the CAMBA trail design-
                                                 demons chose to pitch some warp-10 difficulty
                                                 at riders tough enough to get that far. As if
                                                 there weren’t enough rocks in the original trail,

                                                                         designers strategically placed more stone to
                                                                         increase the difficulty. In places you’ll find
                                                                         multi-step drops, narrow passages, thread-thin
                                                                         side hill sections, and the crowning glory, a
                                                                         single-plank bridge at the lake’s outlet. Now
                                                                         that’s taking single-track riding to the extreme.
                                                                               The Cable area is known for its comfort-
                                                                         able resorts and fine restaurants. You’ll want to
                                                                         allow some time to enjoy them. The Cable
                                                                         Natural History Museum is an amazing
                                                                         resource to find in a tiny community (open
                                                   PHIL VAN VALKENBERG

                                                                         Tues-Sat 10am-4pm, Sun 10am-2pm in sum-
                                                                         mer; 715/798-3890 or
                                                                         Their award-winning original exhibits will help
                                                                         you appreciate the magnificent wilderness you
Cruisin’ the CAMBA Trails.                                               just rode through.

                    M                                                                                           Lake



   W            E                                                                                                                M
                                                                                                       M                      GAR

                                                                                               RO                             Forest Lodge
                                                                                                 CK                           Nature Trails


                                      Lake                                                                                     Area Depicted

                                                                                       NF R

                          N ATION AL FOREST                               5 Mile

                                                                           6.6 Mile



        Lake                                                                                                                     Single-Track
             Lake Loop                                                                   Lake

                                     BAYFIELD CO
                                      SAWYER CO                                                                                  Lake

                                                                                   0            .25          .5          .75              1 Mile

3            Discovery Center Trails
             VILAS COUNTY

Distance: 7 miles of total trail. Round trip       I    f you’re looking for an easy mountain bike
                                                        ride, love the smell of pine needles
                                                        crushed beneath your tires and the sound
loop distances from trailhead: 4.6 miles if the    of wind in the treetops, then these trails are
outer loop is ridden; 2.6 miles for the Northern   your dream come true. In a part of the world
Cruise (yellow trail); 2.2 miles for the           known for peace and quiet, you won’t find a
Statehouse Lake Loop (green trail); 2.3 miles      place any more so than the North Lakeland
for Lookout Trail (orange trail); 3.2 miles for    Discovery Center.
the Big River Trail (blue trail).                        When the Youth Conservation Corps camp
Difficulty: Easy to moderate.                      at this site closed in the mid-’90s, area residents
                                                   formed a committee to create an environmental
Surface type: Grassy surface and hardpack
                                                   learning center. A decade later, the Discovery
track, some roots.
                                                   Center teaches the wonders of nature in the
Signage: Numbered “You are here” map signs         Northwoods to more than 10,000 program par-
at the intersection of color-coded loops.          ticipants a year. If hiking, biking, birding, canoe-
Trailhead location: 1.2 miles north of Hwy.        ing and cross-country skiing on a 66-acre prop-
51 on Cty. W.                                      erty with 20 km of trail and its own 25-acre lake
                                                   sounds like fun, this is the place.
Attractions: North Lakeland Discovery
                                                         Mountain biking on the center’s cross-
Center, Cranberry Marsh Tour, George W
                                                   country ski trail system is one of the encour-
Brown Jr. Ojibwe Museum & Cultural Center,
                                                   aged activities. It’s ideal for riders looking for
Wa-Swa-Going Ojibwe village & traditional
                                                   an easy cruise. Of course, you could ride faster
Pow-Wows.                                          to make the trails more challenging. But then
Fees: Donations accepted.                          you might miss a Pileated woodpecker or a
Caution: Hikers also use the trail; always yield   broadwing hawk swooping through the woods,
to pedestrians and don’t spook animals.            an osprey soaring above the lake, a loon call-
                                                   ing its haunting cry, or one of many bright
Legend: For a complete listing of all map          wood warblers. These species and more are
icons, see page 2.                                 commonly spotted at the Discovery Center and
Other tours in this region: Go to                  are one reason it is a featured site on the Great In the search box,        Wisconsin Birding and Nature Trail. Deer, rab-
key in Raven Trails, Razorback Ridges Trails,      bits, fox, fishers, or lumbering porcupines are
B.A.T.S. Trails, Washburn Lake Trails, Pines       other wildlife you might see along the trail.
and Mines Trails, Pines and Mines Trail 13, or           The wide, mostly level trails lend them-
Copper Falls State Park Trails.                    selves to easy riding. On the Big River Trail
For more information:                              they narrow a bit and become rolling, but the
                                                   payoff is many nice views of the Manitowish
Manitowish Waters Chamber of Commerce              River. Don’t become too complacent though.
888/626-9877, 715/543-8488                         No one seems to know how “No Helmet Hill”                           got its name, but it should warn riders of two
North Lakeland Discovery Center                    things: always wear a helmet and pay attention
877/543-2085, 715/543-2085                         to your riding.                                  If you’re visiting the area on a Friday
                                                   morning you may want to take a tour of a local
                                                   cranberry marsh. The Manitowish Waters area
                                                   is a major grower of the tart, red berry. Free
                                                   tours form at the Manitowish Waters
                                                   Community Center (mid-July to early Sept, Fri
                                                   10am; 888/626-9877) or later in the season at
                                                   the Adler Lake Cranberry Marsh (early Sept to
                                                   late Oct, Fri 10am). The tour features juice and
                                                   craisin samples, prize drawings, displays and a
                                                   guide you follow with your vehicle.
                                                         An area as bountiful as this was a para-
                                                   dise to the native Ojibwe. You can learn about
                                                                                       their history in nearby Lac du Flambeau at the
                                                                                       George W Brown Jr. Ojibwe Museum &
                                                                                       Cultural Center (open May-Oct, Mon-Sat
                                                                                       10am-4pm; 715/588-3333,
                                                                                       Four-season dioramas show Ojibwe life
                                                                                       throughout the year. Several historic canoes are
                                                                                       displayed along with tribal art, crafts, clothing
                                                                                       and a French fur trading post.
                                                                                             Tours of Wa-Swa-Going, a recreated tradi-
                                                                                       tional Ojibwe village at Lac du Flambeau, are
                                                                                       ongoing in season (mid-May thru Sept 10am-
                                                                                       4pm; 715/588-2615,
                                                                                       Downtown, demonstrations of traditional
                                                                                       Ojibwe dancing are performed on Tuesday
                                                                                       evenings in summer at the Lac du Flambeau
                                                                                       Indian Bowl Pow Wows (held in July and early
                                                                                       August, 7 pm; 715/588-3333,
                                                                 PHIL VAN VALKENBERG

                                                                                             What a perfect way to compliment your
                                                                                       “discovery” of the beauty and heritage of the
Smooth sailing.

  Circle Lily
      Moderate                                                                                          Area Depicted         W          E
       Difficult                                                                                                                   S

       Extreme                                     Northern

                                                                                               North Lakeland
                                                 Lake Loop
                                                                                               Discovery Center
       RC                                                 Statehouse
              LIL                                             Lake
                     RD                                                                                           W

                                               Lookout Trail

                                                                              TOWER RD
                                                         Big River
                                    e        Sturgeon

                                                Lake                                               Manitowish


                     Ma                                                                                           W

                                                           0                             .25             .5             .75                  1 Mile

4            Peninsula State Park Trails
             DOOR COUNTY

JUST THE FACTS                                                     isconsin’s Door County has more
                                                                   state parks than any other county
Distance: 12.5 miles total including the .3-
                                                                   in the nation. And, when it comes
mile out-and-back section on the Sunset Trail
                                                   to natural beauty Peninsula State Park can
between the Park Office trailhead and the
                                                   match any park anywhere. Fragrant white
mountain bike trail.
                                                   cedars line the shore and bright Niagara
Difficulty: Mostly easy on the wider trails with   Dolomite cliffs rise in the background to a
a few rocky stretches, easy or moderate on the     forested bluff top. At 3,775 acres the park is
single-track section.                              huge, as is its enchantment. Inland the hem-
Surface type: Hard pack forest floor with          lock, white birch, basswood, beach and oak
some rocks and roots.                              forest is home to a profusion of wild critters
Signage: Well marked with green & white            and birds. An aroma that can only be experi-
bike silhouette signs. White & red no biking       enced in a midwestern upland forest floats
signs on hiking trails. Periodic “you are here”    through the air.
maps.                                                    A mountain bike is your ticket for explor-
                                                   ing the easy riding trails that wind through the
Trailhead locations: At the Sunset Trail           quiet interior of the park. Most of the trails are
parking lot across Shore Road from the Park        on old paths and roads that allow you to enjoy
Office; and a second trailhead one-quarter mile    the scenery as you pedal. Old stone fences
north of Hwy. 42 on Highland Road.                 mark the edges of early pioneer efforts to farm
Nearby Attractions: Eagle Bluff Lighthouse         the thin soil.
Museum, Eagle Observation Tower, Peninsula               The 4.4-mile Sunset Trail offers another
Players Theatre in a Garden, American Folklore     opportunity for easy pedaling and some great
Theatre, Historic Noble House, Anderson Barn       views of the bay. But don’t expect the solitude
Museum, Anderson Store Museum, Pioneer             of the mountain bike trails; the Sunset Trail is
School House.                                      very popular.
Fees: A daily or annual State Park Vehicle               The challenge on the park’s mountain bike
Admission sticker is required, as well as a        trails comes shortly after leaving the Sunset
daily or annual State Trail Pass.                  Trail. A short, steep climb of 50 feet up the
                                                   rocky edge of the limestone bedrock sets you
Note: Fines apply for riding on hiking-only
                                                   up for miles of easy riding on well-marked
                                                   trails. Another challenge comes on the new
Caution: Hikers also use the trail; always yield   single-track loop north of Middle Road. There
to pedestrians and don’t spook animals.            the trail twists and undulates over rocks and
Legend: For a complete listing of all map          roots through dense stands of hemlock, birch
icons, see page 2.                                 and oak.
                                                         The park’s trails are great for a work out,
Other trails in this region: Go to
                                                   but a visit doesn’t have to be all panting and In the search box,
                                                   gear grinding. There are lots of things to do off
key in Potawatomi Trail or Reforestation Camp
                                                   the bike. The 75-foot Eagle Observation Tower
                                                   is a breathtaking chance to enjoy a panoramic
For more information:                              view of the park, the islands in the bay and the
Door County Chamber of Commerce                    harbor at Ephraim. Touring the Eagle Bluff
800/743-4456, 920/743-4456                         Lighthouse explores the history of this 1868                                 beacon built to guide sailors to safe harbor
                                                   (open Sat & Sun only May 19-Jun 10, 10am-
                                                   4pm; then daily June 12-Oct 22, 10am-
                                                   4:30pm; guided tours every hour and half-
                                                   hour). In the park the American Folklore
                                                   Theatre presents professional musical theater
                                                   under the stars (performances mid-June to
                                                   mid-Oct; 920/854-6117 or www.folklorethe-

     A few miles south of Fish Creek the                                                       In Fish Creek you can visit Historic Noble
Peninsula Players have performed original and                                            House, an 1875 restored Victorian home of one
classic plays in the Theatre in the Garden since                                         of the village’s founders (open daily mid-May
1935 - the oldest professional resident summer                                           to mid-Oct 11am-4pm; 920/868-2091).
theater in the country (performances mid-June                                                  Ephraim has its share of historic sites too.
to mid-Oct; 920/868-3287 or www.peninsu-                                                 The Anderson Barn Museum displays the past                                                                          with artifacts, photos and stories as well as a
     Fish Creek and Ephraim are treasure                                                 hands-on children’s exhibit titled “A Year in the
troves for art lovers. The two villages have                                             Life of Ephraim.” At the Anderson Store
more than a dozen galleries between them and                                             Museum visitors can tour an 1858 general
host several summer music festivals. Food -                                              store. On hilly Moravia Street you can visit
bicycling fuel - is part of the ambience too with                                        Pioneer School House used from 1880 to
everything from ice cream shops to fine dining.                                          1949. These three attractions are all open
A stroll through these communities is a great                                            10:30am-4pm mid-June through the summer
way to soak it all up; the high volume of                                                season.
tourist-season motor vehicle traffic and the                                                   Peninsula State Park and Door County -
quaint character of the streets may convince                                             sure to draw you back again and again.
you to lock your bike and enjoy a walking tour.

                                                                                                              Moderate                       N

                                                                                                              Difficult               W          E

                Eagle Bluff                                AI                                                                                S
                Lighthouse                               TR                                                   Extreme

                  Museum                                                                                      Single-Track
                                              SU N

                    Tennison                                                                                                      Tower

                                                                                             NE D

Area Depicted                             BLUFF RD
                                                 DR                               PENINSULA

                                            IN E

                                                                            S T AT E             PARK

                                                                                                  MIDDLE RD
                              DD                                      RD
                                LE                                K


                                                                           M O U N TA I N B I K E T R A I L S

                             SUNSET TR
                                      AI L


     Fish Creek
            Creek                            Park

                                                                                                  0           1/4         1/2          3/4       1 Mile

 5           Winter Park/DNR Besadny Trails
             KEWAUNEE COUNTY

Distance: 7 miles if all loops are ridden.                        T          he mountain biking equivalent of “Mr.
                                                                             Toad’s wild ride” – that sums up the
                                                                             riding experience you’ll find here.
Difficulty: Mostly extreme.                                       And that’s just what local mountain biking
Surface type: Hardpack with frequent roots.                       enthusiasts wanted. Their club name, KRANKS
                                                                  (Kewaunee Riders Absolutely Nuts for Killer
Signage: Color-coded signs identify four
                                                                  Single Track), says it all. Now the trails draw
                                                                  riders from near and far to test their skills on
Trailhead location: 2 miles west of Hwy.                          real, no compromise single-track in a beautiful
29/Kewaunee via Cty. C & F.                                       river edge setting.
Attractions: Kewaunee and Algoma lake-                                    More than 1,000 volunteer hours went
fronts, Bruemmer County Park, Kewaunee                            into this “explosion in a spaghetti factory” trail
County Jail Museum, von Stiehl Winery.                            system. But, the motive in their madness was
                                                                  clear - take full advantage of every inch of the
Fees: None required. WORBA membership
                                                                  110 feet of elevation available. If you ride each
encouraged (
                                                                  of the four color-coded loops you’ll need at
Note: The DNR Besadney section of the trails                      least 1,000 feet of climbing in your legs.
are closed for hunting beginning Sept. 15 each                          That’s pretty impressive for a part of
year.                                                             Wisconsin most think of as flat. The elevation
Caution: This is an extreme single-track sys-                     was created by glacial melt water that sliced
tem. Walk your bike if you are unsure of your                     through the thick moraine here creating the bed
ability to negotiate a section. The trail is also                 of the Kewaunee River. Not coincidentally, they
used by hikers; always yield to pedestrians.                      ski here in the winter. The rope tow at the trail-
Legend: For a complete listing of all map                         head should be a clue that your legs are in for
icons, see page 2.                                                a real challenge.
                                                                        Near the trails, Bruemmer County Park
Other trails in this region: Go to                                augments the riding experience nicely with In the search box,                       shaded picnic areas and a chance to soak your
key in Greenbush Trails, Potawatomi Trail, or                     feet in the cool waters of the Kewaunee River.
Reforestation Camp Trails. Or, in this guide                      Of course, the river flows into Lake Michigan a
check-out the Peninsula State Park Trails on                      few miles away. At its mouth, the city of
pages 34-35.                                                      Kewaunee is a great place to refresh at a local
For more information:                                             restaurant, or feel the cool lake breeze on a
Kewaunee Chamber of Commerce                                      stroll along the breakwater with its distinctive
800/666-8214, 920/388-4822                                        lighthouse.                                                        Kewaunee has been a port city since 1850
                                                                  when the first commercial pier was built on the
Algoma Area Chamber of Commerce
                                                                  lake. It has a long and proud maritime history.
800/498-4888, 920/487-2041
                                                                  It was once a shipbuilding center and offered
                                                                  carferry service across the lake. The Kewaunee
                                                                  County Historical Museum and Old Jail,
                                                                  housed in the county courthouse, displays the
                                                                  city’s maritime history including a model of the
                                                                  USS Pueblo, built in Kewaunee and held as a
                                                                  spy ship by North Korea in 1968 (open MD-LD
                                                                  noon-4pm daily, 920/388-7176). Next to the
                                                                  courthouse you can visit the city’s 19th century
                                                                  jail with a cell so claustrophobically small
                                                                  you’ll cry for the drunken sailors it must have
                                                                  held. Down in the harbor you can tour the tug-
                                                                  boat Ludington, a 115-foot sea-going tug built
                                                    R. VER BUST

                                                                  in 1934 (open MD-LD noon-6pm daily,
                                                                  920/388-5000). It saw action in the D-Day
Kewaunee Pier Lighthouse.                                         invasion.
       Just up the Lake Michigan coast is anoth-                                          Both Kewaunee and Algoma are home-
er scenic lake town, Algoma. Known for its                                          ports for modern charter fishing fleets. Fully
lakeside hospitality, breakwater and lighthouse,                                    equipped boats with experienced captains take
it is also the location of the von Stiehl Winery                                    morning, afternoon and all-day charters out for
(tours daily May-Oct, 9am-5pm; 800/955-5208                                         big salmon, lake and brown trout. It’s a sport-
or Housed in the distinc-                                       fishing adventure you’ll not want to miss.
tive 1850s Ahnapee Brewery building, the win-                                             With such a fine mix of challenging trails
ery has crafted distinctive fruit wines including                                   and lakeside fun, Kewaunee County makes a
non-alcoholic varieties for four decades.                                           perfect mountain bike destination.
Thirty-minute guided tours are given daily.

Elevation in Feet


                                   A                                                                                                    B
                          0                         .20                             .40                     .60                              .80
                                                                            Distance in Miles


                                                                                                                       W                E



                                                                                                                                Area Depicted
                                                                        PUBLIC                                                  Easy




                                                                                                                  County Park

                                                F                                   Hill

                                            0             .25                              .5               .75                             Miles

6            Kickapoo Valley Reserve Trail
             VERNON COUNTY

Distance: 13.9 miles one-way including
paved road links.
Difficulty: Moderate to difficult with a number
                                                    T           hey say that the Kickapoo River in
                                                                southwestern Wisconsin is the
                                                                “crookedest” river in the state. The
                                                    mountain bike trails there aren’t much straighter.
                                                           It won’t matter though. As with the river,
of long, steep stretches.                           more twists and turns on the trail mean more
Surface type: Grassy (10-foot width) with           scenic adventure. The long, tough climbs you’ll
intermittent hardpack track, leafy forest floor,    make will pay off with grand overviews of the
some rocks, roots and soft surface.                 valleys.
                                                           The 8,569-acre Kickapoo Valley Reserve is
Signage: Periodic, small brown & yellow
                                                    one of Wisconsin’s newest outdoor recreation
mountain bike trail signs.
                                                    properties. In the early ‘70s, the Army Corps of
Trailhead locations: On the north side of La        Engineers planned to dam the Kickapoo River
Farge on Hwy. 131 at the Kickapoo Valley            just north of La Farge. Farms in the flood plain
Reserve headquarters office. Or, at Rockton,        were purchased and their buildings removed,
one-block off of Hwy. 131 behind the Rockton        but the dam was never completed. In 2000, the
Bar.                                                land was turned over to the State of Wisconsin
Fees: A daily or annual Kickapoo Valley             and the Ho-Chunk Nation. The Reserve is now
Reserve Trail Pass is required ($3 daily or $10     managed for low-impact recreational activities
annual trail) for persons age 16 and over. The      like canoeing, hiking, horseback riding, biking,
Wisconsin State Trail Pass does not apply.          and outdoor education. The area is also rich in
Passes can be purchased at the Reserve office       archeological sites which the Ho-Chunk stew-
near La Farge, or at self-pay stations at the       ard. It’s easy to understand why everyone treas-
southern trailhead and at Rockton.                  ures this valley.
                                                           Riding from the south, the off-road sec-
Note: Fines apply for riding off the designated
                                                    tion begins at the top of the gigantic earthen
bike trails or multi-use trails. Trails open May
                                                    levee that was to have dammed the river. From
1 thru November 15. Trails may close for wet
                                                    there the trail snakes along, rising and falling
                                                    on the shoulder of an oak and pine-forested
Nearby Attractions: The Kickapoo Valley             ridge before descending to the river’s edge at
Reserve, Wildcat Mountain State Park,               the site of an old bridge abutment.
Kickapoo River canoeing, and Amish farms.                  Leaving the bottomland you tackle one the
Caution: Equestrians also use parts of the          trail’s major climbs; a steep, steady 250-foot
trail. Bikes must yield to horses. Expect to find   ascent to the ridge top. A half-mile roll west
significant erosion on trail sections shared        along the ridge spine leads to an exciting mile-
with horses.                                        long descent to the flats of Weister Creek
Legend: For a complete listing of all map           Valley. You’ll junction with Cty. P for a fast
icons, see page 2.                                  one-mile run to the next uphill, off-road chal-
                                                    lenge; a steep 100-foot climb made more diffi-
Other trails in this region: Go to                  cult by deep eroded gullies. The trail then In the search box,         climbs more gradually before turning south.
key in Governor Dodge State Park Trails, or         There you’ll enjoy a great valley overview, fol-
Black River State Forest Trails. Or, check-out      lowed by a descent to a crossing of Indian
the Blue Mound State Park Trails 42-43 and          Creek. From the creek you’ll climb a moderate
Devil’s Lake State Park Trail 40-41 in this         grade through the woods, then roll through
guide.                                              fields into Rockton.
For more information:                                      North of Rockton, an on-road section, a
Kickapoo Valley Reserve Office                      short, easier off-road trail, and an uphill on-
608/625-2960                                        road climb take you to the start of the Hay                              Valley section of trail. There you’re in for a
Vernon County Tourism Council                       steep climb, a drop to a creek crossing and a
608/637-2575                                        steep twisting ascent to a ridge top overlook                           before dropping to the northern end of the trail
                                                    at Hay Valley Road.
      From there, you’re just a few miles south                                                                  clop of shod hooves and the rumble of black
of beautiful Wildcat Mountain State Park with                                                                    buggy wheels on quiet country roads.
camping, canoeing, and a nature center. If you                                                                        Enjoy all this and more on a roll through
ride the back roads in the area, you’ll find                                                                     the Kickapoo Valley Reserve.
yourself in Amish country. Listen for the clip-

Elevation in Feet

                     940                                                                                                                                                Area Depicted
                                 A                                                                                                                    B
                           0                          1.0                      2.0                3.0                 4.0                  5.0                5.5
                                                                                      Distance in Miles


              W                       E
                           S                                                                                                                              F
                                                                                      HAY VALLEY RD                                                       WILDC AT MOUNTAIN
                                                                                                                                   131                       STATE PARK

                                                                                                                        2.               KICKAPOO VALLEY
                                                                        DUTC              HOLLO
                                                                            H                  W                                             WINCHEL VA
                                                                                                                                                        LL              EY RD

                                                                                                                            1 .2                                        P
                                                                                         LINSEY RD

                                                                    P                                 P                                  JUG CR
                                                                        1 .2                                                                   EEK RD


                               E IS



                                                                                                          HARRIS RD                                                           Extreme



                               SOELYBURG RD

                                                                                        CORPS RD
                                 82                                          LaFarge

                                                                                                                                    0            .5                 1       1.5           2 Mile

7            Devil’s Lake State Park Trail
             SAUK COUNTY

JUST THE FACTS                                                                  visit to Devil’s Lake State Park is a
                                                                                trip deep into our planet’s history.
Distance: 6 miles including out-and-back on
                                                                                The pale quartzite bluffs that cradle
the trail to the amphitheatre.
                                                                    the lake in a purple-silver glow have their tales
Difficulty: The trail section between the                           to tell. So do the animal-shaped effigy mounds
amphitheatre and the main loop is difficult,                        Native Americans left along the shore - sure
and there is one difficult climb on the loop.                       signs that they held sacred this place of
Surface type: Grassy XC ski trails with a                           incredible beauty.
hardpack track, bare forest floor, old gravel                             Quartzite is one tough rock. It’s the product
road, and rocks and roots on steep slopes.                          of a billion-year-old ocean bottom thrust up and
Signage: Periodic green & white or brown &                          morphed into mountains. Eons of erosion wore
white mountain bike signs. White & red no-                          down the peaks leaving the fantastic terrain and
biking signs on hiking trails.                                      stone sculptures that are the hallmark of Devil’s
                                                                    Lake today. All this translates into some won-
Trailhead locations: On the bluff top on                            derful riding for mountain bikers.
Cty. DL 1.5 miles east of the north shore park                            If pedaling uphill for nearly a mile is your
entrance. Or, use the north shore trailhead at                      idea of fun, start riding near the north shore
the beach/concession building parking area;                         beach. You’ll climb more than 200 feet in a
follow signs to the Ice Age Campground.                             mile to get to the bluff top. If uphill isn’t for
Fees: A daily or annual state park vehicle                          you, begin your ride on top at the Cty. DL trail-
admission, and a daily or annual trail pass for                     head. The trails up there aren’t all flat either,
riders 16 & older are required.                                     but the longest climb you’ll make is a half-mile
Note: Fines apply for riding on hiking-only                         midway on the loop through the deep pine,
trails. Always phone ahead to make sure trails                      maple and hickory forest. At the top, your
are open for riding.                                                reward will be a breathtaking overlook.
                                                                          The Wisconsin River once flowed where
Caution: Downhill sections are fast and
                                                                    Devil’s Lake now lies. In its last gasp, the con-
rough. Control your speed at all times. Hikers
                                                                    tinental glacier blocked both ends of the river’s
also use the trail; always yield to pedestrians
                                                                    quartzite gorge with moraine (rocks and boul-
and don’t spook animals.
                                                                    ders). The clean blue lake and rocky bluffs left
Attractions: Devil’s Lake State Park, Circus
World Museum, the Al Ringling Theater, and
                                                  JAMES SERNOVITZ

the many attractions of Wisconsin Dells.
Legend: For a complete listing of all map
icons, see page 2.
Other trails in this region: Go to In the search box,
key in Governor Dodge State Park Trails, or
Black River State Forest Trails. Or, check-out
the Blue Mound State Park Trails 42-43 and
Kickapoo Valley Reserve Trail 38-39 in this
For more information:
Baraboo Area Chamber of Commerce
800/227-2266, 608/356-8333
Devil’s Lake State Park
Wisconsin Dells VCB
800/223-3557                                                    Rock climbing at Devil’s Lake.

                                                                                                                                   Another thing you’ll like about Devil’s
                                                                                                                             Lake is the easy biking access to nearby
                                                                                                                             Baraboo. A paved bike trail connects the park’s
                                                                                                                             north shore entrance with the town. A pleasant
                                                                                                                             two-mile ride is all it takes to get to the shops,
                                                                                                                             restaurants and attractions of this historic cir-
                                                                                                                             cus town.
                                                                                                                                   Baraboo was once the winter headquarters
                                                                                                                             for the Ringling Brothers Circus. You can relive
                                                                                                                             those “Big Top” days at Circus World Museum,
                                                                                                                             (open MD-LD daily 9am-6pm; LD-MD Mon-
                                                                                                                             Sat 10am-4pm, Sun 11am-4pm; 866/693-
                                                                                                                             1500, Ten
                                                                                                           BOB QUEEN

                                                                                                                             miles west of Baraboo, at the classic 1894
Devil’s Lake State Park.                                                                                                     North Freedom Depot, you can board a vintage
                                                                                                                             diesel for a 45-minute round-trip train ride at
behind make Devil’s Lake one of the most sce-                                                                                the Mid-Continent Railway Museum (open
nic spots in the state. Looking to the right at                                                                              May 8-Oct 17, call for train times; 800/930-
the overlook, you can clearly see the rising                                                                                 1385,
plug of moraine that contains the lake. Bet you                                                                                    For on-road riding in the Baraboo area,
wish you could patch a tire that well!                                                                                       see the “Merrimac Ferry Tour” on pages 20-21.

                    1400                                                                                                                                     1400
Elevation in Feet

                    1300                                                                                                                                     1300

                    1200                                                                                                                                     1200                               Easy
                                                 B                                                                                   B
                    1100                                                                                                                                     1100
                                  Amphitheatre                                                                                   Amphitheatre
                    1000                                                                                                                                     1000
                            0       0.5     1        1.5       2              2.5      3         3.5   4                   4.5   5       5.5             6
                                                                             Distance in Miles                                                                                                  Extreme
                              To Baraboo                                                                                                                                                        Single-Track
                                                               OLD LAKE RD

               123            2 Miles

                                                                                      Ice Age
                                                     Northern Lights
                      RE RD

                                                                                                                                                                                        ER R D
                                            Park                                                                                         DL
                    H SHO


                                                                                                                       B                                                  e

                                                                                                                                          Stenke Trail

                                                                                                                                                                                e Trail

                                                                                           DEVIL'S                     LAKE          S T AT E                PARK



                                                                                                                                                                    Scenic Overlook
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Area Depicted
                            N                                                                                          SOUTH LAKE RD
        W                           E


                                                                                                                                               0                1/4           1/2         3/4          1 Mile

8            Blue Mound State Park Trails
             IOWA COUNTY

Distance: 8.5 miles of technical single-track.
2 miles of easy riding on the Pleasure Valley
Trail. A circuit of the mound covers 6 miles.
                                                   A            t 1719 feet of elevation, the top of
                                                                Blue Mound is the highest point in
                                                                southern Wisconsin. The vast
                                                   overview from observation towers on top make
                                                   the climb worth the effort. On the north side of
Difficulty: Easy on Pleasure Valley Trail,         the mound new technically challenging single-
moderate to extreme on the single-track trails.    track trails and double-track cross-country ski
Surface type: Grassy with hardpack track on        trail connectors take you on an odyssey
the double-track XC ski trails; hardpack with      through the deep fragrant hardwood forest that
roots, rocks and logs on the single-track.         cloaks the steep slopes.
                                                          On the milder side, the Pleasure Valley
Signage: Green and white mountain bike sil-        Trail circuits an open prairie to the east. A
houette signs on XC ski trails, blue and white     steep connector trail accesses the Military
mountain bike signs on single-track, trail         Ridge State Trail where riders can roll on a
name signs, and “you are here” maps at inter-      near-level railroad grade.
sections.                                                 If you’re looking for some aerobically
Trailhead location: In the swimming pool           challenging terrain, you’ll find it here.
parking lot at Blue Mound State Park.              Working with the park staff, local WORBA vol-
                                                   unteers have added miles of twisting single-
Fees: Daily or annual State Park vehicle
                                                   track trails that completely encircle the Mound
admission sticker is required. A State Trail
                                                   and take advantage of its resources - lots of
Pass is required for State Park trails and the
                                                   elevation, rocks, roots and terrain. Even more
Military Ridge State Trail for riders ages 16
                                                   trails are in progress in a narrow ravine off the
and older. Self-pay stations are located at the
                                                   easy-riding Pleasure Valley Trail.
swimming pool trailhead and at the camp-                  The difficulty ratings shown on the map
ground entrance to the connector trail to          are geared towards novice riders. More expe-
Military Ridge.                                    rience single-track riders may feel the trails are
Note: Fines apply for riding on hiking-only        less challenging than the color-code lines
trails. Call ahead for a trail condition report.   imply. All in all, if you ride the trails and
Nearby Attractions: Cave of the Mounds,            climb the paved road to the top you’ll have
Little Norway, Mt. Horeb Mustard Museum,           500 feet of elevation to play with. Not a
and the Mt. Horeb Museum.                          mountain, but not bad for the Midwest.
                                                          A three-mile ride on the Military Ridge
Caution: Hikers also use the XC ski trails;        State Trail takes you to the charming town of
always yield to pedestrians. Single-track sec-     Mt. Horeb. Or, you can take Cty. ID, also
tions deliberately include bike-handling chal-     known as the “Trollway.” In town, you’ll spot
lenges such as rocks, short drop-offs, narrow      wooden sculptures of mythic Norwegian trolls
passages and logs.                                 peeking out or strutting their stuff on Main
Legend: For a complete listing of all map          Street. Visit Shubert’s Old Fashioned Cafe and
icons, see page 2.                                 Bakery, where the macaroons are heavenly,
                                                   (open daily, hours vary; 608/437-3393).
Other tours in this region: Go to
                                                   Nearby, the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum In the search box,
                                                   displays a one-of-a-kind collection of 3,200
key in Governor Dodge Trails or Cam-Rock
                                                   kinds of mustard, (open daily, 10am-5pm;
Trails. Or, check out the Kickapoo Valley
Reserve Trail (pages 38-39) or Devil’s Lake
                                                   The impressive Mount Horeb Area Museum
State Park Trail (pages 40-41) in this guide.
                                                   features exhibits on Dane County and
For more information:                              Wisconsin history, (open Fri-Sun, 12:30-
Mount Horeb Area Chamber of Commerce               5pm). Antique shops, drive-in restaurants,
888/765-5929; 608/437-5914                         even a brewpub, top off the Mt. Horeb experi-                                   ence.
Blue Mound State Park                                     Cty. ID between Mt. Horeb and the park is
608/437-5711                                       also your entrée to two other outstanding area                                    attractions. Little Norway (open May-Oct,
                                                   9am-5pm daily, July & Aug ‘til 7pm; 608/437-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         SUZETTE BUHR
A side trip along the Military Ridge State Trail.

8211, is nestled in a                                                              Mar 15-Nov 15, Sat & Sun only Nov 16-Mar
lush side valley on Cty. JG. Also known as                                                               14, call for hours; 608/437-3038, www.cave-
Nissedahle, “Valley of the Elves,” it is a                                                      With a constant, year-
glimpse of rural life in old Norway complete                                                             round temperature of 50 degrees, you can take
with a sod-roofed cabin and a reproduction of                                                            a guided tour among the cave’s amazing stalac-
a Stavkirke, a wooden Norse church with drag-                                                            tites and stalagmites in any season.
onhead carvings on the gable peaks.                                                                            With birdseye views and subterranean
     On Cty F you’ll find Cave of the Mounds,                                                            caves, you’ll agree this ride is a complete expe-
a fascinating, colorful show cave, (open daily                                                           rience - from top to bottom.

                               Gneiss & Smooth Trail
Elevation in Feet


                                   A                                                                                                                                                                          B

                    1300                                                                                  Chert Dip Trail

                           0               .25    .5         .75       1         1.25           1.5        1.75                 2                          2.25               2.5        2.75         3           3.25
                                                                                            Distance in Miles

                                                                                                                  Chert Dip Trail
                                                                                    BLUE MOUND
                                                                                                                                                               PARK RD

                        Easy                     Holy Schist Trail
                                                                                     STATE PARK                                      Ac
                                                                                                                                             s   Lo
                                                                             Flint Rock Trail


                        Difficult                                                                                 Willow

                                                                                        B                         Springs Trail
                        Extreme                                                                                       Minix
                                                                                                                      Trail                                  Minix
                                                                           Indian Marker                                                                                                                  Area Depicted
                        Single-Track                                       Tree Trail                  Observation

                                                                                                                                                           Gneiss                        MOUNDS RD
                                                                                                                                                           & Smooth
                                                                                                                         Pool                              Trail
                                                                                                          Park Visitor

                               N                                                                                                                               Trail                            Blue
                                                                                                                                      Stat                                                      Mounds
                    W                  E                                                                                 dg
                               S                                                                           ar y                                                                                               F
                                                                                                      Milit                                            ID

                                                                                                                                                       0                 .5          1          1.5           2 Miles

9            Alpha Trail

Distance: 5.5 miles for all trails: 3 miles in        M              ilwaukee mountain bikers are
                                                                     delighted to have high-quality sin-
                                                                     gle-track riding right in the metro
the river bottom, 2.5 miles on the ski hill.          area. The trails here are the result of the tenaci-
Difficulty: The river bottom trail is easy aer-       ty and energy of the Metro Mountain Bikers
obically and moderately difficult due to narrow       and the local WORBA (Wisconsin Off-Road
passage and tight turns near the river. The ski       Bicycling Association) chapter. For the past ten
hill is difficult both aerobically and technically.   years, they’ve worked to make legal, compatible
Surface type: Hardpack forest floor, some             and sustainable mountain bike riding a reality
soft surface, some grassy surface, roots, and         in the Milwaukee County Parks system. The
some rocks.                                           Alpha Trail may be the first fruit of their labor,
                                                      but it’s certainly not the last.
Signage: Red & white direction signs.                       You’ll find two distinct terrain characteris-
Trailhead location: In Hales Corners on               tics here. Flat riding in the bottomland of the
92nd St. .6 miles north of Cty. BB (Rawson            Root River offers narrow passages, tight turns
Ave.). Park in the Whitnall Golf Course park-         and occasional rocks and roots. There are
ing lot on the west side of 92nd St. Then,            some nice views of the river if you can take
cross 92nd St. to the toboggan hill where trail       your eyes off the trail long enough to look. The
signage begins.                                       wild critters love this isolated spot too.
Attractions: Whitnall Park, Boerner Botanical               In contrast, the Crystal Ridge ski slope
Gardens, Wehr Nature Center.                          makes you climb – up a 200-foot, steep, dou-
                                                      ble-track road to the top where a variety of
Fees: None required. WORBA membership
                                                      tricky trails await. As the highest spot in the
encouraged (
                                                      county, the ski hill is worth the climb just for
Note: A Wednesday evening race series is              the views. Tucked in the southwest corner amid
held on these trails.                                 the tight loops in O’Malley’s Woods, you might
Caution: The trail is also used by hikers;            catch a glimpse of wildlife framed by the gold-
always yield to pedestrians.                          en arches of a nearby McDonalds’.
Legend: For a complete listing of all map                   From May to mid-September, the Metro
icons, see page 2.                                    Mountain Bikers host a Wednesday evening
                                                      race series at Crystal Ridge that also uses the
Other trails in this region: Go to                    river bottom trails. In mid-July one of the most In the search box,           popular races of the WORS series is held on
key in Cam-Rock Trails, Greenbush Trails, or          the trail system.
New Fane Trails. Or, in this guide check out                When you ride the Alpha Trail you’re right
the John Muir & Emma Carlin Trails on pages           next to two of Milwaukee County’s showpiece
46-47.                                                attractions. The Boerner Botanical Gardens has
For more information:                                 delighted visitors for more than a half-century
VISIT Milwaukee                                       (open May-Oct 8am-sunset; 414/525-5600,
800/554-1448, 414/273-7222                   This 50-                                     acre formal garden offers eleven varying garden
                                                      walks. On Thursday evenings in July and
Milwaukee County Dept. of Parks, Recreation           August, free concerts are held in this delightful
& Culture                                             setting.
414/257-6100                                                The Wehr Nature Center is also located in                                   Whitnall Park (open daily 8am-4:30pm;
                                                      414/425-8500, Seven
                                                      trails loop through woodlands, prairie, oak
                                                      savanna, lake and marsh environments with
                                                      habitat for a diversity of wildlife.
                                                            How can all this fun fit into one county
                                                      park? Whitnall Park is an urban wonder. The
                                                      park and adjacent Root River Parkway offer

                                                                                                                                        PHIL VAN VALKENBERG
  A colorful ride on the Alpha Trail.

 more than six square miles of public land. The                   The Alpha Trail does just that offering
 late Charles Whitnall was instrumental in the             one more piece of adventure to the city’s recre-
 planning of the park system nearly 100 years              ational mosaic. It’s a perfect fit with the mis-
 ago. His goal was to make the serenity and                sion of the Milwaukee County Parks.
 beauty of nature accessible to city dwellers.

                                                                                                                     76TH ST

                                   COLL                                              Difficult



                                                                                  ve                                      U
                                Tobogan Run                                     Ri

      Whitnall Park
      Golf Course

                                                                                                    Ski Area
                      92ND ST

Area Depicted


                                              RAWSON AVE
           N                                                                    36
     W            E


                                                                 0        .25                  .5              .75             1 Mile

10           John Muir & Emma Carlin Trails

Distance: 25 miles for the outer circuit of          A           pair of high-quality trail systems
                                                                 near both Madison and Milwaukee
                                                                 make these trails the most popular in
both trail systems and the connector trail. On       the state. Add top-notch trailhead facilities,
the John Muir Trails: blue loop = 10 miles, red
                                                     ample rider services in area communities, plus
= 1.5 miles, white = 4 miles, orange =5.3
                                                     the attractions and hospitality of the region and
miles, and green = 6.8 miles. On the Emma
                                                     you’ve got an unbeatable riding destination.
Carlin Trails: green loop = 4 miles, orange =
                                                           Over the years, the Muir and Carlin trails
2.4 miles, and red = 2 miles. The Connector
                                                     have been continually improved to cope with
Trail is 5.1 miles one-way.
                                                     the intense use that fills their parking lots on
Difficulty: Mostly moderate to difficult with        any good riding weekend. A big part of the
some extreme sections. There is some easy            attraction is mostly one-way trails in the chal-
riding near the John Muir trailhead.                 lenging terrain of the beautiful Kettle Moraine
Surface type: Hardpack forest floor, rocks,          State Forest.
roots and some soft surface. Occasional sec-               The one-way trails make the experience
tions have crushed limestone over plastic grid       seem almost private. You may pass or be
trail-stabilizing material.                          passed by a few people, but you won’t believe
Signage: Color-coded loop markers on posts           you’re sharing the trails with a thousand other
& trees; frequent “you are here” map signs;          riders. The rugged terrain, hills and kettle-like
white & red “no biking” signs on hiking and          depressions make for some tough riding, and
horse riding-only trails.                            may not be for everyone. But for riders looking
Trailhead locations: For the John Muir               for challenging, technical riding - this is the
Trails at the parking lot on the west side of Cty.   place. (The red-signed loop near the John Muir
H, 1.5 miles north of La Grange/Hwy. 12 with         trailhead does offer some easier pedaling for
additional parking across Cty. H in the Nordic       those just getting the hang of it.)
Trails parking lot. For the Emma Carlin Trails at          In recent years, local WORBA members
the parking lot on the west side of Cty. Z, .6       have put in thousands of volunteer hours
miles south of Hwy. 59.                              reworking the trails from erosion-prone cross-
                                                     country ski trails to purpose-built, single-track
Attractions: Old World Wisconsin, Kettle
                                                     trails. From a strength standpoint, they’re now
Moraine State Forest, friendly towns.
                                                     easier to ride because they traverse the eleva-
Fees: Daily or annual State Park vehicle             tion rather than attacking it. Much of the chal-
admission sticker required, plus a daily or          lenge now comes from tight turns, narrow pas-
annual State Trail Pass for riders 16 and older.     sages and rough trail surface.
Self-pay stations at the trailheads.                       You can support the trail work and have
Note: Fines apply for riding on trails other         even more fun by entering the annual Kettle
than those signed for mountain biking.               Moraine Fall Color Festival
Caution: There is currently two-way bike traf-       (, usually the last
fic near the parking lots and on the Connector       Saturday in September or the first in October.
Trail. A short on-road section open to motor         Riders compete individually in timed runs.
vehicle traffic is used to join the John Muir        This festive, limited entry event raises lots of
Trails to the Connector Trail. The trails are also   money for trail improvements.
used by hikers; always yield to pedestrians.               The conversion from XC ski trails to sin-
                                                     gle-track is nearly complete. Included in the
Legend: For a complete listing see page 2.
                                                     project is the construction of a parallel trail in
Other trails in this region: Go to                   the 5-mile Connector Trail section to eliminate In the search box,          two-way bike traffic. If you ride the outer loops
key in Cam-Rock Trails or New Fane Trails. Or,       of the Muir and Carlin trails and the Connector,
see the Alpha Trail on page 44-45 of this guide.     you’ll log 25 miles. Do it twice in one day and
For more information:                                you’ll become a mountain biking legend.
Kettle Moraine State Forest, Southern Unit                 You’ll want to save some energy to enjoy
262/594-6200                                         the area’s hospitality and attractions. The tiny                                      village of La Grange is a popular gathering
                                                     place; its General Store caters to riders with
food, beverages, bicycle service and rentals.                                                                            tram service, food and special events make
The nearby towns of Whitewater, Palmyra and                                                                              this a fun peek into Wisconsin’s pioneer past.
Eagle are also great spots for R&R and dining.                                                                                 So there it is – challenging riding, popu-
      Near Eagle you can visit Old World                                                                                 lar spot, close at hand, lots to do. Sounds like
Wisconsin, the State Historical Society’s show-                                                                          a perfect Kettle Moraine weekend.
case of pioneer architecture and culture (open
daily May-Oct, hours vary with season;                                                                                                                                                                                   Easy
866/944-7483 or
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Moderate Craft demon-
strations, ethnic settlements, costumed guides,                                                                                                                                                                          Difficult
                                                                                                                                           Area Depicted                                                                 Extreme
                                    N                                                                                                                                                                                    Single-Track
                    W                   E                                                               E

                                                                                                                                         Spring                                                                  59

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Green      Red
                                        EMMA CARLIN TRAILS                                                                                                                                         Loop
                    1100                                                         1100                                                                                                                        Loop

                                                                                                                                                   Emma Carlin
Elevation in Feet

                    1000                                                         1000                                                                                                                           Orange
                                                                                                                                          LIT        Trails                                                      Loop
                                                                             D   900

                                    C                                                                                                                                                                                                    Z

                                                                                                                                                       A               IR

                     800                                                         800

                     700                                                        700

                              0         .25        .5         .75    1       1.25
                                              Distance in Miles
                                                                                                                                                                        TOWER RD

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  WAUKESHA CO

                                                                                 KETTLE MORAINE
                                                                                  STATE FOREST
                                                                                          YOUNG RD                                                                                                         JEFFERSON CO

                                                                                                                                                                                                      WALWORTH CO

                                                                                   BLUFF RD

                                    John Muir
                                                                                                                           TAMARACK RD

                                                                                                                                                                                                 JOHN MUIR TRAILS
                                                                                                                                                                       1100                                                                     1100
                                      Trails                             H
                                                                                                                                                   Elevation in Feet
                        DUFFIN RD

                                                                                                                                                                       1000                                                                     1000
                                                   Green                                                                                                                                                    67

                                                                B                                                                                                       900                                                                     900
                                                                                                                                                                                       A                                      B
                                            Orange                                                                                                                      800                                                            800
                                             Loop            Red
                                                            Loop                                                                                                                   0        .25       .5         .75      1         1.25
                                                                                       Nordic Trails
                                                                                                                                                                        700                                                                     700
                                                                                       (hiking only)
                                                             White                                                                                                                                Distance in Miles


                                                                                                            12                                                                                                      20

                                                                         La Grange

                                                                                                                                               0                                            .5                  1                 1.5 Miles


         orty years ago, Wisconsin capital-
         ized on two seemingly unrelated
         phenomena: The rebirth of an inter-
est in bicycling and the abandonment of
railroad lines. By the early ‘70s, the Elroy-
Sparta railbed trail was attracting throngs
of biking enthusiasts. Today, there are
more than 1,000 miles of dedicated, motor
vehicle-free state, county and municipal
bike trails in Wisconsin. And the mileage
grows each year.
      Choose from ten touring trails offered
here. All have attractive scenery and inter-
esting towns or rest stops. Few have any
significant grades, so riding is easy. Most
have a finely-crushed stone surface; a
good roll for medium or fat tire bikes.                                                           Pages
Some are asphalt-paved. We’ve even iden-                         1  BATS – Crystal Lake Trail     50-51
tified playgrounds along the way (see icon                       2  Eau Claire City Tails         52-53
in legend) for trailered or bike-seat kids.                      3  Trestle-Friendship &
      Wind, weather and distance are the                            Wiouwash Trail                    54-55
only obstacles you might face. All aboard                        4 Tomorrow State River Trail         56-57
for fun on these reborn transportation cor-                      5 Mariners-Rawley Point Trails       58-59
ridors!                                                          6 Elroy-Sparta State Trail           60-61
      The map on this page locates and                           7 Interurban Trail                   62-63
indexes all the trails in this bike touring                      8 Glacial River Trail                64-65
trail section.                                                   9 Oak Leaf Trail                     66-67
                                                                 10 White River State Trail           68-69

                                                                 Remember these bike touring trail
   Bike Touring Trails Legend                                    tips:
          Trailhead                                              ■ Trail fees often apply on these
          Trailhead Parking Lot
                                                                   touring trails.
          Trailhead On-Street Parking                            ■ Watch out for hikers, in-line
          Paved Bike Touring Trail: Indicates a designat-          skaters, runners and horseback
          ed, motor vehicle-free trail with a hard surface         riders; always yield to
          which provides good all-weather riding. Trails may
          be shared with other users such as horseback rid-        pedestrians.
          ers, in-line skaters and hikers.

          Crushed-Rock Bike Touring Trail: Indicates a
                                                                 ■ Stop at trail intersections —
          designated, motor vehicle-free trail which will usu-     many cross busy thoroughfares.
          ally have a fine-screen limestone or rotten granite
          surface. These may be dusty when dry or somewhat
          muddy when wet. Watch for washouts, loose sur-         ■ Some trail sections require
          face, or animal holes. Trails may be shared with         travel on city streets or county
          other users such as horseback riders and hikers.
                                                                   highways — watch for traffic.
          On-Road Segments

   2.9    Intermediate Distances
                                                                 ■ Wear a helmet and comfortable
          Railroad Tracks
          For a complete listing of all map icons, see           ■ Make sure your bike is in
          page 2.
                                                                   excellent working condition.
1            BATS-Crystal Lake Trail
             VILAS COUNTY

Distance: 16 miles one-way.
Surface type: Asphalt paved
                                                                       T           iny Boulder Junction claims to be the
                                                                                   Musky Capital of the World. With the
                                                                                   profusion of musky lakes that pepper
                                                                       Vilas County, few would doubt it.
                                                                              The town is also gaining fame for its
Trailhead location: Boulder Junction Town Park
on Cty. M.                                                             paved bike trail, the Boulder Junction Area Trail
                                                                       System (BATS). The gently rolling trail lets
Fees: A daily or annual State Park sticker is                          bicyclists enjoy all the forest’s scenic beauty
required to park motor vehicles at the four                            without any of the traffic hassles on the county
Northern Highland-American Legion State                                highways.
Forest campgrounds; no fee is required for                                    Begun a few years ago as a three-mile
riding the paved trails.                                               trail from town to the Trout Lake Campground,
Attractions: Northern Highland-American                                the B.A.T.S. Trail was such a hit it was quickly
Legion State Forest, Trout Lake, Cathedral                             extended all the way to Crystal Lake by adding
Pines, Crystal Lake, and Vilas County                                  more off-road trail and an on-road link on quiet
Historical Museum.                                                     Ben Bendrick Drive along the east shore of
Caution: Some sections are on public roads                             Trout Lake. The phase two addition passes
open to shared bicycle/motor vehicle use. The                          some of the finest scenery and the best camp-
trail covers natural terrain and has several                           grounds in the 225,000-acre Northern
short, relatively steep sections. Control your                         Highland-American Legion State Forest.
speed at all times. Hikers, inline skaters and                                Now comes phase three. Via another on-
roller skiers also use the trail; always yield to                      road section on Old N Road and more off-road
pedestrians.                                                           trail, you can pedal another five miles - all the
                                                                       way to Sayner. The Vilas County Historical
Legend: For a complete listing of all map
                                                                       Museum there displays a 1924 Eliason, the
icons, see page 2.
                                                                       world’s first snowmobile (open MD-Oct 2 Mon-
Other trails in this region: Go to                                     Sat 10am-4pm; 715/542-3388 or www.north- In the search box,                  
key in Bearskin/Hiawatha Trails.                                              The trailhead at Boulder Junction Town
For more information:                                                  Park makes a nice starting point. If you’re there
                                                                       at the right time you can take in a local softball
Boulder Junction Chamber of Commerce
                                                                       game. Riding south, the trail dips in and out of
715/385-2400, 800/466-8759
                                                                       the pine, oak and maple forest as it parallels
                                                                       Cty. M. Three miles south of town, the trail
Sayner-Star Lake Chamber of Commerce                                   crosses M and heads into the North Trout Lake
888/722-3789, 715/542-3789                                             Campground and Picnic Area. Trout Lake is the
                                                                       largest lake in Vilas County. That’s saying
                                                                       something in a county with more than 1,300
                                                                       lakes, the highest concentration of freshwater
                                                                       lakes in the world.
                                                                              You’ll get your first glimpse of Trout Lake
                                                                       as you follow campground roads for a short
                                                                       distance to reconnect with the trail. Another
                                                                       mile to the south, the trail uses roads through
                                                                       the forest headquarters area. There you can
                                                                       take a mile-long side trip west on a forest road
                                                                       to Cathedral Point. The point separates the
                                                                       northern and southern sections of Trout Lake.
                                                                       It’s a fine place to take a break and listen to the
                                                                       wind blow through the tops of 120-foot tall
                                                    MOLLY ROSE TUEKE

                                                                       white pines.
                                                                               From the forest headquarters, a short trail
                                                                       connection takes you to Ben Bendrick Drive.
Interested bystander.

                                                                                                 This scenic road runs along the eastern shore
                                                                                                 of Trout Lake all the way to the south camp-
                                                                                                 ground. With luck you may spot a bald eagle
                                                                                                 soaring over the lake or perched in one of the
                                                                                                 tall pines that grace the shoreline.
                                                                                                       Leaving the campground, you’ll be back
                                                                                                 on the off-road trail heading south along
                                                                                                 County M. Turning east, the trail crosses
                                                                                                 County N several times, visiting Firefly Lake
                                                                                                 Campground on the way to Crystal Lake. The
                                                                                                 beautiful beach on Crystal Lake is a fine
                                                                                                 reward for a wonderful day of bicycling. If
                                                                                                 you’ve brought your musky rod and reel, Big
                                                                                                 Muskellunge Lake just to the north is aptly
                                                                    PHIL VAN VALKENBERG


Taking in the beauty of the Northwoods.

                                                                                                                                    Area Depicted


           K                     Boulder Lake                 M                                                                                         W            E




                                                                                                          White Sand


                                                                                                        Lost Canoe                                  K
                            Trout Lake                                                              Pallette
                          Campground                                                                 Lake       Escanaba
               Lake         Cathedral                NORTHERN HIGHLAND-
    51                        Point                  AMERICAN LEGION                                             Nebish
                                                     STATE FOREST                                                 Lake

   Lake                BEN BENDRICK DR
                           Trout Lake
                             South                            ash                                                                         Lake
                        Trout Lake                         equ
                                                        All                                                                  Starrett
                      Campground                                                                                              Lake
                                                                 Big                                                                                         Razorback
                                                                                                                                            Aurora             Lake
                                                             Muskellunge                              Big Muskellunge Lake                   Lake
                                                 Little John    Lake                                  Campground
                                                0 Lake                                                                RAZORBACK RD
         Sparkling    N                    1.             2.7                                         Crystal Lake
           Lake                                                                                       Campground OLD N RD
                                      Firefly Lake
                                     Campground                                                  Crystal Lake
                                                              Firefly                                             N        5.                    Plum La
                                                               Lake                                                             5
                 51    M                 Mann                                              Fallison
                                         Lake                                               Lake                                                  Sayner

                                                                                                                     0               1              2              3 Miles

 2           Eau Claire City Trails
             EAU CLAIRE COUNTY

Distance: 4.3 miles for all of the loop trails.
Another 1.0 one-way mile of city trail connects
to the Chippewa River State Trail.
                                                                    T           he Chippewa River defines the char-
                                                                                acter of Eau Claire. It’s the reason the
                                                                                city grew here in the first place. Two
                                                                    fine parks, one old and one new, anchor this
                                                                    route offering scenery, history, entertainment
Surface type: Asphalt paved, wood planked                           and just plain relaxing fun.
bridges.                                                                   Phoenix Park is the cornerstone of the
Trailhead locations: Carson Park, one mile                          city’s downtown revival. The name seems
north of Hwy. 12 (Clairmont Ave.). Phoenix                          appropriate, but it comes from the Phoenix
Park on Barstow St. in downtown Eau Claire.                         steel mill that once occupied the confluence of
                                                                    the Eau Claire and Chippewa Rivers. Now the
Fees: None required on the city trails. A daily                     space is a wonderful public gathering spot that
or annual State Trail Pass is required on the                       will become a venue for outdoor events and
Chippewa River State Trail for riders 16 and                        entertainment. An impressive stressed iron rail-
older.                                                              road bridge, converted for biking and in-line
Attractions: Phoenix Park, Carson Park,                             skating, connects to the west shore. In the
Chippewa Valley Museum, Chippewa Valley                             future, the trail will extend east to Chippewa
Railroad, Carson Park Stadium, James                                Falls and the Old Abe State Trail.
Newman Clark Bird Museum on the UW-Eau                                     When the Phoenix mill was established in
Claire campus.                                                      1875, steel was a distant second to Eau Claire’s
Caution: Some sections are on public streets                        main industry. “Sawdust City,” as it was known
open to shared bicycle/motor vehicle use. The                       in those days, had 22 sawmills. In 1884 the
trail is also used by walkers and inline skaters;                   city produced more than 800 million feet of
always yield to pedestrians and warn skaters                        lumber. Saw logs were floated down the
when you are passing. A narrow passage exists                       Chippewa from the great Northwoods.
at the underpass of Lake St.                                               Interpretive signs along the trail tell of the
                                                                    lumbering heyday and the history of the native
Legend: For a complete listing of all map
                                                                    Ojibwe. The Eau Claire area was at times a no-
icons, see page 2.
                                                                    man’s-land in their 150-year war with the
Other trails in this region: Go to                                  Dakota who were based at Lake Pepin where In the search box,                         the Chippewa meets the Mississippi. You can
key in Chippewa River State Trail, Red Cedar                        learn more about the city’s fascinating history
State Trail, Old Abe State Trail, or Great River                    at the Chippewa Valley Museum in Carson
State Trail.                                                        Park (open MD-LD, Mon-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun
For more information:                                               1-5pm, Tues ‘til 8pm; LD-MD Tues-Sun 1-
                                                                    5pm, Sat 10am-5pm, Tues ‘til 8pm, 715/834-
Chippewa Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau
                                                                    7871 or
888/523-3866, 715/831-2345
                                                                           Carson Park’s 135 acres have been a
                                                                    showpiece for Eau Claire since the lumber
                                                                    mills disappeared along with the virgin stands
                                                                    of pine. The park’s beautiful limestone stadium
                                                                    is still a happening place for baseball. A statue
                                                                    out front honors all-time home run slugger
                                                                    Hank Aaron who began his professional career
                                                                    on a minor league team here. You can still
                                                                    catch a great game when the Eau Claire
                                                                    Cavaliers are in town (call for schedule,
                                                                           If you brought the kids and it’s Sunday
                                                                    they’ll love the Chippewa Valley Railroad (MD-
                                                    BONNIE GRUBER

                                                                    LD, noon-5pm, 888/523-3866). Everything is
                                                                    child-size on this miniature steam train.
                                                                    Nearby is the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp
Relaxing on the Chippewa River State Trail.
                                                                    (open daily Apr-Sep 10am-4:30pm; 715/835-
                                                                                                             For more fun, cross the Chippewa River
                                                                                                       on a bicycle/pedestrian bridge (access from
                                                                                                       Water St.) to the University of Wisconsin-Eau
                                                                                                       Claire Campus to visit the James Newman
                                                                                                       Clark Bird Museum (open during school year
                                                                                                       Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 9am-1pm). The muse-
                                                                                                       um houses more than 530 specimens includ-
                                                                                                       ing now-extinct passenger pigeons.
                                                                                                       Admission is free.
                                                                                                             At the southwest corner of the trail loop,
                                                                                                       the city trail crosses the Chippewa River on
                                                                                                       another impressive iron railroad bridge. It con-
                                                                                                       tinues south another mile to join the Chippewa
                                                                              PHIL VAN VALKENBERG

                                                                                                       River State Trail (see archive at www.travelwis-
                                                                                              that goes west to Durand and con-
                                                                                                       nects to the Red Cedar State Trail that goes all
                                                                                                       the way to Menomonie. You can pedal nearly
Phoenix Park Trestle over the Chippewa River.
                                                                                                       50 traffic-free miles if you’ve got the legs.
                                                                                                       When the future connections are complete to
6200 or This log-                                                             the Old Abe State Trail the total will be more
ging museum includes a giant statue of the                                                             than 80 miles.
mythical lumberjack and his sidekick, Babe the                                                               The Chippewa Valley – great biking in a
Blue Ox – a perfect family photo op.                                                                   great place.

                                                                                                                                                                            Area Depicted


  W          E                                 Eau Claire
                                                                                                                                                 FARWELL ST

                                                                                                                                        OW ST

                                                                                                          Park                                                Eau Claire River


                                   Carson Park

                             Carson Park                                                                          E

                                                                                                    LAKE ST

                            1.1              re
                                          sh 8
                                        ke     .
                                      La                                                                                             Owen

                                                                          WATER ST
                                        ST                                  Trail
                            MONIE                                     River
                  MENO                                           wa
                                                        Chippe                                                          River                                  G ARF
                                                                                                                                                   IELD A
  12                                  ew a
                             C   hipp                                        CL
                                                                               E                                           University
                                                                                                                           of Wisconsin-      ROOS
                                                                          CIR                                              Eau Claire    Visitor

                                                                                                                                                                 STATE ST

                                                                                                                        UNIV. DR

           To Chippewa                                                                                                                          12
            State River Trail                                   CLAIREMONT                                  AVE

                                                                                            0                     .25                           .5                           .75            1 Mile

3            Trestle-Friendship & Wiouwash Trails

Distance: The Friendship-Trestle Trail runs 9
miles from Menasha to the Wiouwash Trail; the
Wiouwash Trail runs 23 miles from Oshkosh to
                                                    T           he flat terrain of the Fox Valley and
                                                                western shore of Lake Winnebago has
                                                                always been popular for easy-rolling
                                                    bicycling. Now, the newly completed Trestle
                                                    Trail spanning Little Lake Butte Des Mortes
                                                    makes the riding even better between Menasha
Surface type: Asphalt paved or crushed lime-        and Oshkosh.
stone; the Trestle Trail’s bridge is planked.              The Trestle Trail is a true showpiece.
Trailhead locations: In Menasha at Fritse           Nearly 1/3-mile long, it spans the lake between
Park, one mile east of Hwy. 41 via Cty. II and      the City and Town of Menasha. Lighted and
Lake St. Near Oshkosh on Westwind Rd. (exit         decked with plastic planking, it is a beautiful
Hwy. 41 south onto Hwy. 45 and make the first       addition to the area’s recreational options. A
right turn). In Oshkosh at Carl Steiger Park on     central pavilion allows you to pull over to enjoy
Wisconsin St. (Hwy. 44). In Hortonville .8          the view or the breeze.
miles south of Hwy. 96 via Cty. M and                      At its western end, the Trestle Trail meets
Lakeshore Dr.                                       the Friendship Trail at Fritse Park in the Town
Fees: None required at this time.                   of Menasha. Ultimately, the Friendship Trail
                                                    will push east and west from Menasha linking
Attractions: In Menasha, the Tayco Street
                                                    Stevens Point with Manitowoc. Currently it
Bridge Tower Museum. Nearby, High Cliff State
                                                    runs only west from Fritse Park eight miles to
Park. In Oshkosh, the EAA AirVenture Museum,
                                                    the Wiouwash Trail, although in the near future
Oshkosh Public Museum, Paine Art Center.
                                                    it will extend east to High Cliff State Park.
Caution: Some sections are on public streets               To learn more about the Fox River,
or roads open to shared bicycle/motor vehicle       Wisconsin’s historic route of discovery and
use. The trails are also used by pedestrians;       trade, visit the Tayco Street Bridge Tower
always yield to pedestrians. Be careful - the       Museum in Menasha (open daily May-Oct
Wiouwash Trail crosses roads about every            10am-7pm; 920/751-5155).
mile, so you may encounter traffic traveling at            The Wiouwash Trail runs north and south
highway speeds. The Friendship Trail has fre-       through quiet farm and marshland. Songbirds
quent crossings of busy streets on its eastern      flit through the trailside brush while hawks
section.                                            patrol the skies. It is a welcome contrast to the
Legend: For a complete listing of all map           bustle of the lakeside cities.
icons, see page 2.                                         At the north end of the Wiouwash, you’ll
                                                    find the pleasant town of Hortonville. It was
Other tours in this region: Go to
                                                    founded in 1848 by Alonzo Horton, who then In the search box,
                                                    headed west to California where he founded a
key in Fox River Trail or Wild Goose State Trail.
                                                    somewhat better known community, San Diego.
For more information:                                      At its southern end, the Wiouwash con-
Fox Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau             nects to a city trail that allows you to pedal
920/734-3358, 800/236-6673                          right into downtown Oshkosh. Several blocks                                   east of the trail on Congress Avenue are two of
Oshkosh Convention & Visitors Bureau                the city’s most famous attractions: the Oshkosh
920/303-9200, 877/303-9200                          Public Museum (open Tues-Sat 10am-4:30pm,                                  Sun 1pm-4:30pm; 920/236-5799 or
                                          , and the beautiful
                                                    Tudor mansion and exquisite gardens of the
                                                    Paine Art Center (open Tues-Sun 11am-4pm;
                                                    920/235-6903 or
                                                           Oshkosh is also home to one of the
                                                    world’s most incredible aviation collections at
                                                    the EAA AirVenture Museum (Mon-Sat
                                                    8:30am-5pm, Sun 10am-5pm; 920/426-4818
                                                    or www.

                                                                                                                                             Area Depicted


                      Otter Lake                        15



                                                                                  76                                              15

                  Medina                                                                                                                                                           Appleton
                                                   96                                                        96
                                                                                                                   MAYFLOWER RD

                          ash Sta

              M                                                                                                                                41                                   Riv
                                                OUTAGAMIE CO


                                               WINNEBAGO CO

                                                                                                                                                                                      CALUMET CO
                                                                                                        CB Trail

               10                                                                                  10                                               10 441

                                                      6.9 Friendship              Trail                                           2.4          Trestle Trail             114                           10   114
                         T                                                                                                                                                        Menasha Locks
                                                                                                                                                             BROAD ST              Jefferson Park
                                                150                                           II
                                                           WINCHESTER RD
    Larsen                                                                                                                                                       Menasha
                                                    LARSEN RD

                                         T                                                                                             114
                                                                                                                                                                   Fritse Park
                                                   OAKRIDGE RD                                                                                      Neenah

                                             BREEZEWOOD LN
                                                                                          BREEZEWOOD LN


                                              G                                                     G                                    G

                                      Allenville                             76

               GG                                          GG




                des Morts                                        MARINE DR

                                         WESTWIND RD
                                                                3 .4

                                                                                          Oshkosh                                                                                             N

                                                                                                          Carl Steiger Park                                                       W                         E

                                                                                                                                   0            1            2          3             4                     5 Miles

                          Tomorrow River State Trail
                          PORTAGE & WAUPACA COUNTIES

Distance: 21 miles one-way including the on-                                             T          he Tomorrow River State Trail runs
                                                                                                    east-to-west from the rolling hills that
                                                                                                    surround the quiet village of
road section near Amherst Junction.                                                      Scandinavia all the way to the regional hub of
Surface type: Crushed limestone, wood                                                    Stevens Point/Plover. Future development will
planked bridges.                                                                         extend the trail another 12 miles east to
Trailhead locations: In Scandinavia on Main                                              Manawa.
St. (Hwy. 49). Near Plover just north of Cty. B                                                 This new rail-bed trail is a study in terrain
on Twin Towers Rd., a half-mile east of I-39.                                            contrast. In the east, it winds among Waupaca
Fees: Daily or annual State Park Trail Pass is                                           County’s glaciated hills, lakes, streams and
required for riders 16 and older. Self-pay sta-                                          marshes. Twelve thousand years ago, a great
tions are located at trail parking lots.                                                 ice sheet ground these granite hills into a river
                                                                                         of rock that littered the landscape. Fencerows
Attractions: Lake Emily County Park, Stevens
                                                                                         of stacked boulders, some the size of refrigera-
Point Brewery, UW-Stevens Point Museum of
                                                                                         tors, testify to the backbreaking work of pioneer
Natural History.
                                                                                         farmers to make their fields tillable.
Caution: Some sections are on public streets                                                    The 1862 Homestead Act offered the land
open to shared bicycle/motor vehicle use.                                                for $1.25 an acre. Norwegians, Swedes and
Hikers also use the trail. From Amherst                                                  Danes flocked to the area for cheap land – and
Junction west there is an adjacent horse trail.
                                                                                         all the rocks they could pick. Scandinavia was
The trail is devoid of shade on its western end.
                                                                                         once an important railroad town. Today, it’s a
Legend: For a complete listing of all map                                                little sleepy, but very friendly and very proud of
icons, see page 2.                                                                       its Norwegian heritage. If you’re hungry, a
Other trails in this region: Go to                                                       downtown tavern named Little Norway flips a In the search box,                                              mean burger (ask for JoJo). For fuller fare,
key in Stevens Point Green Circle Trail,                                                 drive north three miles to downtown Iola and
Mountain-Bay State Trail- West, Mountain-Bay                                             the Crystal Café for solid home-cookin’ and a
Trail, Fox River State Trail, or Omaha Trail. Or                                         piece of pie good as mom’s (ask for JJ).
in this guide, check out the Trestle-Friendship                                                 Heading west, the trail takes an on-road
& Wiouwash Trails on pages 54-55.                                                        detour near Amherst Junction where develop-
For more information:                                                                    ment of a bridge over Hwy. 10 is pending. Just
Stevens Point Area Convention & Visitors                                                 west of town, Lake Emily County Park is a
Bureau                                                                                   pleasant place to stop or camp. The clean lake
800/236-4636, 715/344-2556                                                               waters make the swimming beach a popular                                                                 place.

       Stevens                                                                      HH
         Point                                            39                                                            OLD 18 RD
                             Whiting                      51
                                                                                                                                     SMOKEY RD

                                                               TWIN TOWERS RD

                                           N HOOVER AVE
    sin R


                                  Plover                                                                                                             County

                 54                                                             B                        Arnott


   W                  E


                                                                          This 24-mile collection of
                                                                                   trails and on-street routes circles the city via a
                                                                                   series of seldom-seen natural places.
                                                                                          In 1857 the Stevens Point Brewery was
                                                                                   founded. It was a good year for breweries;
                                                                                   nearly every town in the state had one. In fact,
                                                                                   there were four others in Stevens Point. But
                                                                                   over time, Point Beer was the sole survivor
                                                                                   prompting locals to say, “When you’re out of
                                                                                   Point, you’re out of town.” These days, you
                                                                                   can get this pedigreed lager along with the
                                                                                   brewery’s other ales, bocks, and sodas pretty
                                                                                   much anywhere. Even better for the visitor are
                                                                                   the 45-minute tours the brewery offers (tours
                                                                                   on the hour June-Aug, Mon-Sat 11am-2pm,
                                                                 DOUG ALFT

                                                                                   Sept-May, Mon-Fri 11am, Sat 11am & 1:30pm;
                                                                                   800/369-4911 or
             Rural road near Amherst Junction.
                                                                                          If you’ve brought the kids, they’ll want to
                                                                                   visit the Central Wisconsin Children’s Museum
                   A few miles west of Amherst Junction the                        (open Wed-Sat 10am-4pm, 2nd Thur 5-8pm;
             land changes character. The rolling hills open                        715/344-2003 or
             out on a broad outwash plain. This is potato-                The programs
             growing country; the fine silt that washed off of                     and hands-on exhibits are fun for everyone in
             the glacial ice sheet created some very fertile                       the family. There’s more to see on the campus
             soil. Flat, sandy and well irrigated, these are                       of UW-Stevens Point. The university’s
             some of the most productive fields in the                             Museum of Natural History exhibits Native
             nation.                                                               American culture and African Savanna wildlife
                   Near its west end, the trail continues                          (open Mon-Fri 9am-4pm; 715/346-2858 or
             beyond the official trailhead at Twin Towers                
             Road. It passes under I-39 into Plover to a mall                             So, load up your bikes, fill the water bot-
             area with many shops and restaurants. You can                         tles, grab the sunscreen and pedal through the
             even use N. Hoover Avenue as an on-street                             land of the Tomorrow River. Rock picking is no
             bike route to connect north to the Stevens                            longer required.
             Point Green Circle Trail (archived at www.trav-

                                                                                            Area Depicted
                                                            WAUPACA CO
                                                            PORTAGE CO





                                ALM RD                                                                                G

                          2.                                                                                                            B


y Park                                                                                 B
                           SC H
         Amherst                                      B                      7.5                            MAIN ST       Scandanavia


                      Q                  Amherst


                                                                        0               1              2          3         4         5 Mile

5            Mariners & Rawley Point Trails

JUST THE FACTS                                            t’s a tale of two cities and a tale of two
                                                          trails.The cities of Manitowoc and Two
Distance: 5.5 miles one-way for the Mariners
                                                          Rivers have always been tied to the
Trail. 5.8 miles one-way for the Rawley Point
                                                    grandeur of Lake Michigan for both commerce
Trail. 14 miles one-way from the Wisconsin
                                                    and tourism. Now they are the location of two
Maritime Museum to the Point Beach State
                                                    recently completed bike trails that link the cities
Forest concession building.
                                                    with beautiful Point Beach State Forest.
Surface type: 5.5 miles of paved asphalt on                The trails offer totally different bicycling
the Mariners Trail. 5.3 miles of crushed lime-      experiences. The paved Mariners Trail runs
stone with several boardwalk sections and .5        between Manitowoc and Two Rivers hugging
miles of asphalt pavement on the Rawley Point       the shoreline where white gulls and black cor-
Trail.                                              morants reel above the sand and rocks. By
Trailhead locations: At the Manitowoc               comparison, the Rawley Point Trail is mostly
Marina parking lot on Hwy. 42 (Maritime Drive)      crushed limestone. It winds through the inland
in Manitowoc. At Neshotah Park at Pierce St.        dunes and woods of the Point Beach State
and Cty O (22nd St.) in Two Rivers, or in Point     Forest.
Beach State Forest.                                        As you pedal the Mariners Trail, you can
                                                    focus on Great Lakes shipping; free telescopes
Fees: No biking fee is required for either trail,
                                                    at a wayside and an overlook allow you to zero-
but a daily or annual Wisconsin State Park
                                                    in on huge freighters, sailboats or bobbing
Vehicle Admission sticker is required to park at
                                                    commercial fishing boats plying the lake.
Point Beach State Forest.
                                                           In Two Rivers you’ll literally “bridge the
Nearby Attractions: Two Rivers History              gap” between the Mariners Trail and Rawley
Museum, Historic Washington Hotel, Ed               Point Trail; a pair of bridges along the well-
Berner’s Ice Cream Parlor, Rogers Street            signed on-street route take you across the West
Fishing Village. In Manitowoc, the S.S. Badger      and East Twin Rivers to pleasant Neshotah Park
car ferry, Wisconsin Maritime Museum, and the       with its beautiful sandy swimming beach.
Rahr-West Art Museum.                                      Across County O from the park your ride
Caution: Sections connecting the trails in Two      on the Rawley Point Trail begins on a paved
Rivers are on public streets open to shared         portion winding through fields and neighbor-
bicycle/motor vehicle use. Hikers and in-line       hoods. Crossing County O again you’ll plunge
skaters also use the trails; always yield to        into the cedars, hemlock, pines and birches of
pedestrians. The Rawley Point Trail has a steep     the 2,900-acre Point Beach State Forest.
section that may be prone to erosion. Wider         Initially you’ll cross half-a-dozen boardwalk
tires are recommended.                              bridges through cedar bogs. Further on, the
Legend: For a complete listing of all map           crushed limestone trail rises and falls as it fol-
icons, see page 2.                                  lows the ridges of inland dunes. When you hit
                                                    the paved park road you’re just a short haul
Other trails in this region: Go to www.trav-        from the lakeshore and the picturesque Rawley In the search box, key in          Point Lighthouse. The 113-foot light was built
Ahnapee State Trail, Fox River State Trail, Old     in 1894 to warn vessels of the dangers of the
Plank Road Trail, or Wild Goose State Trail. Or,    point that has claimed 26 ships.
check-out the Interurban Trail on page 62-63 of            On your return trip, you’ll find plenty of
this guide.                                         fascinating attractions in Two Rivers and
For more information:                               Manitowoc. You can sample the dessert that
Manitowoc Area Visitor & Convention Bureau          made Two Rivers famous at Ed Berner’s Ice
800/627-4896, 920/683-4388                          Cream Parlor in the Historic Washington Hotel                       (open May-Oct 9am-9pm daily, Nov-Apr 9am-
Manitowoc Two-Rivers Area Chamber of                5pm daily; 920/793-2490,
Commerce                                            tory.html). The ice cream sundae was invented
800/262-7892, 920/684-5575                          there in 1881. The Two Rivers History Museum                            (open daily, 10am-4pm; 920/793-1103,
                                           has seasonal art
                                                    displays and historical exhibits. The Rogers
Street Fishing Village & Museum invites you to                                       hour lake crossings daily to Ludington on the
explore the vintage boats of French Canadian                                         Michigan shore (operating mid-May to mid-
fisherman who settled Two Harbors (open May-                                         Oct; 800/841-4243,
Oct 10am-4pm daily; 920/793-5905,                                                         The Rahr-West Art Museum (open Mon-                                                               Fri 10am-4pm, Wed ’til 8pm, Sat & Sun 11am-
      In Manitowoc, the Wisconsin Maritime                                           4pm; 920/683-4501, www.rahrwestartmuse-
Museum (open daily MD-LD 9am-6pm, LD-                                       exhibits contemporary American art in
MD 9am-5pm; 866/724-2356, www.wimar-                                                 a 19th Century Victorian Mansion. displays the city’s boat                                                 Two great cities – two great trails.
building past and offers a tour of the USS
Cobia, a WWII submarine just like those built
in Manitowoc during the war. Manitowoc is
also the home port of the S.S. Badger, a ferry
that takes passengers, bikes and cars on 4-


                                                                                                                  POINT BEACH

Area Depicted                                                                                                    STATE FOREST


                                                                           Riv                                            O

                         Twin                                  VV

                                              R iv e r                                                                        Rawley Point
                                                                                                       1.                     Trail

                                                                                                 1.     Neshotah
                                             Mariners Trail                                      Rivers
            Lit                        B
                                                                     5.5              Overlook

                         Rive                             42

    10    42                               Manitowoc
                                                                                                                    ig   an
                         10                                                                                M    ich
                                       Wisconsin                                                      ke
                                       Maritime Museum                                           La
   151     Manitowoc                  Manitowoc North                                                                                     N
                                      Breakwater Light
                                                                                                                                    W          E


                                                                                           0       1               2            3             4 Miles

6            Elroy-Sparta State Trail

Distance: 34 miles one-way between Elroy             T          his is the granddaddy of them all! The
                                                                Elroy-Sparta Trail was the first rails-
                                                                to-trails conversion in the country
Commons and the Sparta Depot.                        and it is perennially one of the most popular
Surface type: Crushed limestone.                     bicycling destinations in the state. Located in a
Trailhead locations: At the Elroy Commons            scenic part of Wisconsin, the trail is one of the
at Main and Franklin streets; or the Sparta          few flat surfaces in a land of narrow valleys and
Depot at 111 Milwaukee St. and S. Water St.          steep wooded bluffs.
                                                           Three tunnels are a big part of the trail’s
Fees: A daily or annual State Trail Pass is          appeal. The longest, between Sparta and
required for ages 16 & older.                        Norwalk, is more than three-quarters of a mile
Attractions: The Deke Slayton Memorial               long. Walking through the tunnels, (you can’t
Space & Bike Museum and “World’s Largest             ride them), is an adventure in itself. The small
Bicycle” sculpture in Sparta; trail tunnels, bluff   towns en-route all have a bike-friendly atmos-
& valley scenery, pleasant small towns.              phere; after all, the trail has made them
Caution: Dismount and walk bikes through             famous.
the tunnels. The tunnels are always cool and               As you’d guess, railroad and bicycling
sometimes wet; windbreakers, flashlights and         history meld in trail communities. Historic
caps are recommended. A short section near           depots and railroad buildings serve riders in
Sparta is open to shared bicycle/motor vehicle       Elroy, Kendall and Sparta. Elroy Commons is a
use. Hikers also use the trail; always yield to      pleasant village green with a visitor’s center. It’s
pedestrians.                                         a great place to base your ride. The restored
                                                     Kendall Depot is the official trail headquarters
Legend: For a complete listing of all map
icons, see page 2.
Other trails in this region: Go to                                    21                                                Silver Cr
                                                                                                                                           FORT MCCOY
                                                                           Sparta                                                 . In the search box,           27                                                                                                  MILITARY

key in Lacrosse River State Trail, Great River                         IGLOO RD
State Trail, Omaha Trail, “400” State Trail, or
                                                           WATER ST

Pine River Trail.
                                                                      Sparta                                                                                         A
For more information:                                                 Depot
Elroy-Sparta Trail HQ-Kendall Depot
                                                     To La Crosse River State Trail
608/463-7109                                         at
                                                                                                                                      AA                                                 DE

                                                                              E   RF
                                                                                    IEL                                Crosse

Elroy Commons Bike Trails and Tourist
                                                                                                                                                  AK RD

                                                      L                                                                13.0                               Tunnel
Information                                                                                                                                               No. 3

888/606-2453, 608/462-2453                                    t  le                                                                      Rive
Sparta Convention & Visitor Bureau                                                    27
                                                                                                          X                                X

800/354-2453, 608/269-4123                                 X                                                                                                                                           U

                                                                                                              F                       U



                                                                               W                 E

                                                           33                              S

                                                                                   Cashton                                  33

                                                                                                                                Biken pedaling an old high-wheeler. You can
                                                                                                                                also visit the Deke Slayton Memorial Space &
                                                                                                                                Bike Museum, (open May-Sep, Mon-Sat
                                                                                                                                10am-4:30pm, Sun 1-4pm; Oct-Apr, Mon-Fri,
                                                                                                                                10am-4pm; 888/200-5302,
                                                                                                                       The museum honors
                                                                                                                                Mercury astronaut Deke Slayton, a Sparta
                                                                                                                                hometown hero. It displays Slayton’s astronaut
                                                                                                            RJ & LINDA MILLER   memorabilia and a collection of antique and
                                                                                                                                historically significant bicycles.
                                                                                                                                      The Elroy-Sparta State Trail is the mid-
                                                                                                                                section of a terrific Wisconsin trail system.
                   Riding on the Elroy-Sparta Trail.
                                                                                                                                Three trails junction at Elroy: you can ride
                                                                                                                                north on the Omaha Trail to Camp Douglas, or
                   and a museum of railroad history. Between                                                                    southeast on the “400” State Trail to
                   Memorial Day and Labor Day, the Wilton Lions                                                                 Reedsburg. At Sparta you can connect with the
                   Club’s Sunday morning pancake breakfasts in                                                                  La Crosse River State Trail west to Onalaska;
                   the village park are a popular tradition for rid-                                                            then north on the Great River State Trail follow-
                   ers and campers.                                                                                             ing the Mississippi to Marshland (visit
                         In Sparta, there’s a must-do photo op at                                                      for maps and details).
                   the “World’s Largest                                                                                               From Reedsburg, just south of Wisconsin
                   Bicycle,” a giant sculp-                                                                                     Dells, to Marshland on the Mississippi – that’s
                   ture of the mythical Ben                                                                                     a total of 101 miles of easy railbed ridin.’
                                                                              Area Depicted

                                    16                      90
                                                 ei r

                                                                                                                                                                12                 90
                                         L e monw


                                                                    131                                                                                                            C
                                       S rk

                                                                                                                                 N                     W                                  Camp
                                  South . Fo

                                                                                                                                                                     MONROE CO.
                                                                                                                                                                      JUNEAU CO.

                    T                          M                                               A




                                                                                  R iver

                                           No. 2                                               71
       Norwalk                                                                o
                                                        M                ap
                        5.4                                         Kick                                                                                                                                 S

                                                                 Wilton           Tunnel                 No. 1
                                                                                                                                               W                                        H
                                                                                                                                9.0                Kendall
                                                                                                                                                   Depot                                                80
                                                                                                                                        D CT
                                                                                                                                 Kendall                   Bara          P
                                          131                                                                                                                     6.4

                                                                                           P                                                                                   Ri
                                                                                                                                                                                         r               82
                                                                                                                                                                                                      CEDAR ST
                                                                              Z                                                                                                                        Elroy
                  131                                                                                                                                                                        Elroy     Commons
                                                                                                                                                                WW                 O
 Ontario                                                                                                                         MONROE                                                  400
                                                                                                                                   VERNON                                          State Trail

                                                                                                                                                       0             1                        2              3 Miles

7            Interurban Trail
             OZAUKEE COUNTY

Distance: 30 miles one-way                        A           cross the nation there is much talk
                                                              today about “light rail.” It’s a good
                                                              idea, but hardly a new one; at the
Surface type: Asphalt paved                       turn of the 20th century light rail hubs were the
Trailhead locations: In Mequon at                 transportation heart of every city in the country.
Loggamon Community Center on Hwy. 167                   From 1908-48 the Milwaukee Electric
(Mequon Rd.); in Grafton at Veterans Park at      Railway operated a bustling interurban trolley
13th St. & Hwy. 60 (Washington St.); and in       system that radiated throughout Milwaukee
Belgium at Baum Heritage Park on County KW        County and beyond. Indeed, its Northern Route
(Middle Rd.) two blocks south of County D         ran fifty miles up the lakeshore all the way to
(Main St.).                                       Sheboygan. But alas, after WWII it all went the
                                                  way of the buggy whip when the automobile
Fees: None
                                                  became America’s transport of choice.
Attractions: Historic Cedarburg & Port                  Now, interest in accessible urban recre-
Washington, Cedar Creek Settlement, Great         ation trails has given the old Northern Route
Wisconsin Birding Trail, Harrington Beach         new life. Spanning Ozaukee County, the new
State Park, woodland, marsh and farmland          Interurban Trail ( is a
scenery.                                          30-mile asphalt ribbon from the Milwaukee
Caution: Some sections are on public streets      County line north to the Sheboygan County
open to shared bicycle/motor vehicle use.         line. Bright green and yellow “trolley” signs
Hikers and inline skaters also use the trail;     identify the trail and the six communities that
always yield to pedestrians and don’t spook       enjoy this renewed connection.
animals.                                                One nice aspect of the Interurban is the
                                                  ability to pick and choose your Ozaukee County
Legend: For a complete listing of all map
                                                  experience. Using trail towns as bases you can
icons, see page 2.
                                                  ride out and back on segments with unique
Other trails in this region: Go to                character. For instance, near the southern end In the search box,       in Mequon the trail passes the scenic Trinity
key in Old Plank Road Trail, Wild Goose State     Creek Wetland Restoration. North of Belgium
Trail, Oak Leaf Trail, Bugline Trail, Glacial     you’ll ride through a U.S. Fish & Wildlife
Drumlin State Trail – East, or Pike Bike Trail.   Waterfowl Production Area. A side trip just
Or, check-out the Mariners & Rawley Point         three miles east of Belgium takes you to
Trails (page 58-59), Glacial River Trail (pages   Harrington Beach State Park and its mile-long
64-65) and Lakefront Oak Leaf Trail (pages 66-    Lake Michigan beach. Between Grafton and
67) in this guide.                                Port Washington the trail crosses the
For more information:                             Milwaukee River on an impressive new iron
Cedarburg Chamber of Commerce & Visitor           bridge, a great place to spot wildlife.
Center                                                  Cedarburg and Port Washington are pop-
800/237-2874, 262/377-9620                        ular tourism destinations you can enjoy along                                 the route.
Ozaukee County Tourism Council                          Cedarburg is best known for its artisans,
800/403-9898, 262/284-9288                        antiques and eateries located in sturdy stone                            buildings that give the town its unique archi-
                                                  tectural character. Cedar Creek Settlement
Port Washington Chamber of Commerce               houses thirty shops, galleries and a winery in
800/719-4881, 262/284-0900                        an 1864 woolen mill building. (Shops, includ-                     ing the Cedar Creek Winery, are open Mon-Sat
                                                  10am-5pm, Sun 11am-5pm; 866/626-7005,
                                                  Interurban Bridge just off of Washington
                                                  Avenue downtown is part of the trail and a
                                                  wonderful spot to view the 1855 Cedarburg
                                                  Mill, a five-story limestone masonry master-
      In Port Washington the focus is on Lake                                                                                  11am-5pm, Sun noon-5pm; 262/284-7240,
Michigan. Picturesque homes and church                                                                               
spires cover the bluff above the historic down-                                                                                      The city has long been a center for sport-
town, harbor and marina. For a good view you                                                                                   fishing on the big lake; more than a dozen
can walk out on the breakwater to the harbor’s                                                                                 boats are available for charter prowling the
striking art deco lighthouse. Ashore, the city’s                                                                               deep waters of Lake Michigan for trophy
historic 1860 light station also houses the local                                                                              salmon and lake trout.
historical society museum (open Apr-Oct, Sat

                                                                Random                                                                               LL
                 SHEBOYGAN CO                                   Lake
                   OZAUKEE CO

                                                                                        57                                                           43


                                                                                                            D                                             D
                                                                                                                                                                       HARRINGTON BEACH
                                                                                                                                                                       STATE PARK
                       Waubeka                                                                                                                  LL
                           A                                                                                                           A

                                                        I                                                                              P


                                                                        au                                                                      43
                                                                             ke e       57                                                 32

                                                                                                            43                  Port



                                                                                    O                                         OAKLAND AVE
                                                                                                  57             32       C



                               NN                                                             W
                   60                                                                        60             Q

                                                    1ST AVE

                                                                    57                                           C
                                     N              Cedarburg

                       C                                                 C
                                                                AY RD




                                                            Thiensville                                32
                                                                                                                                                                                        Area Depicted

 Community                                                                                                                                                                               N
                                               2 .2

     Center                          181                                     Mequon
                                                                                                                                                                                    W         E
     OZAUKEE CO                                                     TOWN LINE RD
 MILWAUKEE CO                                                                                                                                                                            S

                                                                                                                                                              0    1       2    3        4        5 Mile

              Glacial River Trail
              JEFFERSON COUNTY

Distance: 8.6 miles one-way                                               A             t less than nine miles, the Glacial
                                                                                        River Trail is certainly not the
                                                                                        longest railbed trail in the state, nor
Surface type: 5.3 miles asphalt paved (north-                             is it the newest. The trail has existed for over a
ernmost 2.3 miles scheduled for completion in                             decade, but a new 2.3-mile extension into
2004), 3.6 miles crushed limestone.                                       downtown Fort Atkinson makes it even more
Trailhead locations: At the end of Farmco                                 appealing.
Lane off of Business Hwy. 26 (Janesville Ave.)                                   Fort Atkinson has become a popular des-
1.6 miles south of the Business Hwy. 26 &                                 tination because of its unique entertainment
Hwy. 12 intersection in Fort Atkinson. The trail                          and fascinating museums. The revitalization of
can also be accessed from city streets with on-                           the downtown riverfront is anchored by striking
street parking at Jones Park in Fort Atkinson or                          twin sculptures of an Indian bearing a torch
downtown at the Municipal Building parking lot                            above the placid surface of the Rock River. The
north of the Rock River at Hwy. 12 (N. Main                               river and nearby Lake Koshkonong were once a
St.) and N. Water St.                                                     paradise for ancient Native Americans. At a
                                                                          unique Jefferson County park not far off the
Fees: None.
                                                                          Glacial River Trail you can actually walk an
Nearby Attractions: Fireside Dinner Theatre                               Indian trail that winds through mysterious ani-
and Playhouse, Jefferson County Indian                                    mal-shaped mounds.
Mounds and Trail Park, Hoard Historical                                          From the existing trailhead at Farmco
Museum, National Dairy Shrine, Dwight Foster                              Lane you can head in either direction on the
House, Café Carp.                                                         Glacial River Trail: southwest to the Jefferson
Caution: Several grade-level crossings at                                 County line, or northeast into the city.
town roads and city streets. Hikers and in-line                                  If you start southwest, you’ll pass through
skaters also use the trail; always yield to                               a mile of woods and brush before taking a
pedestrians.                                                              short detour on quiet town roads down to the
                                                                          shore of the Rock River and under the Highway
Legend: For a complete listing of all map
                                                                          26 bypass. Rejoining the railbed trail at Old 26
icons, see page 2.
                                                                          Road you can take a two-mile on-road side trip
Other trails in this region: Go to                                        to the Jefferson County Indian Mounds & Trail In the search box,                               Park. For more than 80 years the park has pro-
key in Capital City Trail/Nine Spring E-Way                               tected a group of eleven effigy mounds, some
Trails, Wild Goose State Trail, Oak Leaf Trail,                           shaped like turtles and birds. The largest is a
Bugline Trail, Glacial Drumlin State Trail –                              turtle mound 222 feet in length. A pre-historic
East/West, or Pike Bike Trail. Or, check-out the                          foot trail can still be followed through these
Interurban Trail (pages 62-63) and Lakefront                              fascinating ancient ceremonial structures
Oak Leaf Trail (pages 66-67) in this guide.                               thought to be 900 to 1,200 years old.
For more information:                                                            Further south the trail is sandwiched
Fort Atkinson Chamber of Commerce                                         between new Highway 26 and the old highway
888/733-3678, 920/563-3210                                                that is now a town road. Trailside trees and                                                       brush help give it an isolated feel in most sec-
                                                                          tions. As you near the Jefferson County line
                                                                          you’ll pass through an unusual wooden cov-
                                                                          ered bridge. This symbol of America’s horse
                                                                          and buggy past is actually contemporary with
                                                                          the trail. It was built with recycled timber and
                                                                          has a unique roof reminiscent of a railroad
                                                                                 The northern section of the trail accesses
                                                    PHIL VAN VALKENBERG

                                                                          Fort Atkinson’s many attractions. The bridge
                                                                          across the Rock River is a great place to pause
                                                                          and enjoy a view of the town. From the trail
                                                                          you can see the popular Fireside Dinner
Wooden covered bridge on the Glacial River Trail.                         Theatre where a professional company stages a
series of four Broadway Musicals each year.                           4:30pm, Su 11am-3pm; 920/563-7769,
The Fireside has both evening and matinee                   
shows (800/477-9505 or                                                      The bridge across the Rock River marks                                             the center of the downtown area and is a good
      Three blocks south of the river and four                        spot to view the city’s new River Walk. Looking
blocks east of the trail, you’ll find a pair of ter-                  over it all is the Café Carp, which hosts per-
rific museums at 407 Merchants Avenue: the                            formances by some of the nation’s finest gui-
National Dairy Shrine and the Hoard Museum.                           tarists as well as serving lunch and dinner
Both share a common visitor’s center. The                             (920/563-9391). Nearby the Rock River Canoe
National Dairy Shrine tells the story of                              Company rents canoes, kayaks and bikes (open
Wisconsin’s hallmark industry. Where else can                         weekends, or by appointment, 920/723-0657).
you trace the history of ice cream, see a dog-                              From the north end of the bridge you can
powered butter churn, and check out photos of                         take a side trip a few blocks west on Riverside
champion cows dating back nine decades?                               Drive (Hwy. 26) to the historical marker at the
Next door the Hoard Museum displays an                                only remaining intaglio effigy in the state. In
eclectic collection of local history housed in 16                     the shape of a panther, the depression in the
exhibit rooms. The Lincoln Era Library &                              earth was a beginning stage in the creation of
Exhibit is a highlight - Abraham Lincoln served                       an effigy mound.
in the area during the Black Hawk War of 1832.                              From the new to the old and back again in
(The museums are open Sept-May, Tu-Sat                                Fort Atkinson; think of it as time travel on a
9:30am-3:30pm, May-Aug. Tu-Sat 9:30am-                                bike.

                                                                                                                      K             W              E
                                                                                                         N. MAIN ST

   Area Depicted
                                                                             12             Fort                                             S
                                     J                                                                                                       106

                                                                   Panther Intaglio                         N. 4TH ST           r
                                                              26           Mound                                            Ri
                                                                                                               S. 4TH ST
                                                                                106                                       Hoard
                                                                                         2 .3

                                                                                Lions                Jones
                                                                                Park                 Park


                                                                                          FARMCO                                         M

                                              Lake                                       HACKBARTH RD
                                                                         2 .0

                                                                                    GROELER RD
                                               SCHWEMMER LN                                                           K
      Koshkonong                     KOSHKONONG           4
                                      MOUNDS RD         2.
                   Indian Mounds                       26
                      & Trail Park




                                     COUNTY LINE RD                                                                   JEFFERSON CO
                                                                                                                           ROCK CO

                                                                                0                1                          2                      3 Mile

9            Lakefront Oak Leaf Trail

Distance: 20 miles one-way                         P          arks along the Milwaukee River and
                                                              the city’s lakefront are the framework
                                                              for the Milwaukee Oak Leaf Trail; thir-
Surface type: Asphalt or concrete paved            ty miles of north-south fun with fully fifteen
Signage: Brown & gold Oak Leaf Trail signs.        miles of the trail off-street and traffic free.
                                                         In a major improvement, a beautiful new
Trailhead locations: On the north end exit I-
                                                   overpass bridge links Juneau Park and the
43 west on Good Hope Rd. to River Rd. south
                                                   lakeside trails with the popular restaurants of
to Greentree Rd. and Kletzsch Park. In down-
                                                   Brady Street and the rail-bed portion of the Oak
town Milwaukee exit I-743 on Van Buren north
                                                   Leaf trail that continues north to Estabrook
to Michigan Ave, then east to O’Donnell Park
                                                   Park. A trail on-off ramp at North Avenue
parking garage. On the south end exit I-43
                                                   allows access to this convenient area for
east on College Ave. (Cty. ZZ) to Lake Dr. (Hwy.
                                                   restaurants, shopping and entertainment.
32), then south to Hawthorne Ave. and east to
                                                         Nearby, across the Locust Street Bridge,
the Rawson Park Golf Course parking lot.
                                                   the new Beer Line Trail follows the river to a
Fees: None required.                               unique new bicycle/pedestrian bridge that is
Attractions: Urban Ecology Center, Lakefront       suspended underneath the venerable Holton
Brewery, North Point Lighthouse, Villa Terrace     Street Bridge. Right below is the Lakefront
Decorative Arts Museum, Iroquois Boat Tour,        Brewery (tours MD-LD daily 2 & 3pm, LD-MD
Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee Public             Fri at 3pm, Sat 1, 2 & 3pm; 414/372-8800 or
Market, G. Groppi Food Market, and others too At Riverside Park,
numerous to mention.                               the new Urban Ecology Center (open Mon-
                                                   Thurs 9am-7pm, Fri & Sat 9am-5pm, Sun
Caution: Some sections are on public streets
                                                   noon-5pm; 414/964-8505 or
open to shared bicycle/motor vehicle use.
                                          helps residents
Walkers and inline skaters also use the trail;
                                                   and visitors alike appreciate the wildlife haven
always yield to pedestrians.
                                                   the river and its shores afford.
Legend: For a complete listing of all map                Riding east, the focus is on the lakefront.
icons, see page 2.                                 Looping through Lake Park you’ll pass scenic
Other trails in this region: Go to                 North Point Lighthouse and the gorgeous gar- In the search box,        dens of Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum
key in Oak Leaf Trail, Glacial Drumlin Trail,      (open Wed-Sun 1-5pm; 414/271-3656 or
Bugline Trail, Pike Bike Trail, Old Plank Road
Trail or refer to the Interurban Trail on pages          A bit further south the trail passes the
62-63 of this guide.                               Milwaukee Art Museum whose 20,000 works
For more information:                              include a Georgia O’Keefe Gallery (open daily
                                                   10am-5pm, Thur ‘til 8pm; 414/224-3200 or
VISIT Milwaukee                          
800/554-1448, 414/273-7222                                Riding south you’ll pass Henry Maier                                  Festival Park, home to Summerfest. A few
Milwaukee County Dept. of Parks, Recreation &      blocks away is the new Milwaukee Public
Culture                                            Market (Tues-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 8am-5pm,
414/257-6100                                       Sun 8am-4pm; 414/336-1111 or www.milwau-                       where dozens of vendors
                                                   invite you to sample Wisconsin’s unique fla-
                                                          At the south end of a section of on-street
                                                   bike lanes you’ll pass the G. Groppi Food
                                                   Market on Russell Avenue, a great place to stop
                                                   for a bite to eat or just take in the ambiance of
                                                   a neighborhood grocery from days gone by.
                                                         When you return to the trail, you’ll enjoy a
                                                   different experience as you wind south past the
                                                   beaches and bluffs of the lakeshore.
                                              RIVER RD
 PP     GOOD        HOPE         RD
                                                                                               Kletzsch Park                                                     W          E

                                                     LAKE DR

                                                                                   Bay                     Estabrook Park                                                Area Depicted

         Lincoln Park                  R iv

                                        CAPITOL                                       DR
                          0                                                                                          Riverside Park
       M I L W A U K E E
                                                                                                                         Urban Ecology
 145                              43                                                                                     Center
                                       LOCUST AVE
                                       Beer Line                                                                    Lake Park
                  57                       Trail
                                       NORTH AVE
                                                                                                                North Point Lighthouse
                                     Park                                                            McKinley Beach
                                                                                                 Juneau Park
                                                                                                 Veterans Park
                                                                                      Milwaukee Art Museum
 94                                                                                   Milwaukee Public Market

                   Iroquois                                                       LAKESHORE

                  Boat Line
                                            2ND ST

                                                                                  STATE PARK

                                                                                                     Lake Express
                                              4 .4

                                                                                      BAY ST
                                                                                                     High Speed Ferry

                                                                                               RUSSELL AVE
                                                   KI                                                Cupertino Park

                                       94                                    N
                                                                                      AV                       South Shore Park
                                                     Groppi                                                          Bay View Park
                                                Food Market
                                                         HOWARD AVE

                                                                                 St. Francis                                         Sheridan Park

       894                                                 LAYTON AVE
                                                                                                                              6 .7

                                                                     General Mitchell
                                                                     International Airport
                                                                                                                                      Warnimont Park

                                                          COLLEGE AVE
                                                                                                                                     Grant Park

                                                                                                                                      Rawson Park
                                                                                 HAWTHORNE AVE


                                                                                                       0                  1              2             3         4              5 Miles

10           White River State Trail
             WALWORTH COUNTY

Distance: 11.5 miles one-way.
Surface type: Crushed limestone.
                                                                           T           he White River State Trail is one of
                                                                                       the state’s newest. It follows an aban-
                                                                                       doned Milwaukee Road rail-bed
                                                                           between Elkhorn and Burlington just north of
                                                                           the lake Geneva area. The rural character of the
Trailhead locations: On Cty. H just east of
Elkhorn; or southwest of Burlington on Spring                              trail and the two sleepy villages along its route
Valley Road, .6 miles south of Hwy. 36.                                    belie the fact that the area is a tourism hotspot.
                                                                           So bring your bike and enjoy the quiet experi-
Fees: Daily or annual State Trail Pass is
                                                                           ence of riding the trail plus all the fun the
required for riders age 16 and older.
                                                                           resorts, attractions, restaurants and shops have
Nearby Attractions: Webster House                                          to offer.
Museum, Chocolate Experience Museum, Tall                                         Old railroad grades are havens for song-
Tales Trail, Lake Geneva Cruise Line, Lake                                 birds and remnant native plants; trailside brush
Geneva Museum, Yerkes Observatory, Big Foot                                offers shelter from the wind. Overpasses on the
Beach State Park.                                                          two major highways that cross the White River
Caution: Trail is also used by hikers; always                              Trail keep the ride relaxing.
yield to pedestrians.                                                             At the trail’s midpoint in the tiny village of
Legend: For a complete listing of all map                                  Springfield, the old red wooden grain elevator
icons, see page 2.                                                         is a striking landmark. But it’s the old depot
                                                                           that’s the real attraction. Today it houses a cafe
Other trails in this region: Go to                                         and bike rental operation that also preserves In the search box,                                the character of the railroad’s bygone days. In
key in Sugar River State Trail, Pike Bike Trail,                           Lyons you’ll find another trailside café. You
Oak Leaf Trail, or Capital City Trail. Or, In this                         can’t beat that – two cafes in just three miles.
guide, check out the Lakefront Oak Leaf Trail                                     The area’s roots in bicycling are deep too.
(pages 66-67) or the Glacial River Trail (pages                            The first annual road race of Burlington’s Derby
64-65).                                                                    Cycling Club was held in 1895. Herman Lock
For more information:                                                      of Lyons won. While Herman did not go on to
Lake Geneva Area CVB                                                       become the Lance Armstrong of the 19th
800/345-1020, 262/248-4416                                                 Century, the race did pre-date the first Tour de                                                       France by eight years.
                                                                                  When you visit this area, you’ll find plenty
Walworth County Visitor’s Bureau                                           to see and do. In Elkhorn you can visit the
800/395-8687, 262/723-3980                                                 Webster House Museum (open June-Oct, Wed-                                                Sun 1-5pm; 262/723-4248). This charming
                                                                           1836 Greek Revival cottage features period fur-
                                                                           nishings, a carriage house and the original elk
                                                                           antlers for which the town is named. Kids of all
                                                                           ages will enjoy a visit to Watson’s Wild West
                                                                           Museum, an 1880’s general store of the
                                                                           American West with tours, tall tales, cowboy
                                                                           poetry and shootin’ irons (open May-Oct, Tues-
                                                                           Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 11am-5pm, 262/723-
                                                                                  On the eastern end of the trail, Burlington
                                                                           is the “Chocolate City” thanks to the Nestle
                                                                           Chocolate & Confection Company headquar-
                                                                           ters located there. At the Chocolate Experience
                                                                           Museum (open Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 10am-2pm)
                                                     PHIL VAN VALKENBERG

                                                                           you can learn all about chocolate, surely an
                                                                           inspiration for any cyclist. You can also stroll
                                                                           the Tall Tales Trail in downtown Burlington. The
                                                                           town is famous as the home of the Burlington
Breaktime along the White River Trail.                                     Liars’ Club, which annually chooses a top lie
among entries from around the world. Plaques

                                                               PHIL VAN VALKENBERG
on local buildings recall winning whoppers
from the club’s 70-year history.
      In nearby Lake Geneva you can take to the
water on a variety of boat tours offered by the
Lake Geneva Cruise Line (daily cruises May-
Oct; 800/588-5911, Big Foot Beach
State Park offers 271 acres of lakeside camping
in 100 lovely sites (262/248-2528 or
      The Geneva Lake Area Museum of History
offers a glimpse at the history of Wisconsin’s
“Riviera” with exhibits about Potawatomi lore,
lake yachts, historic mansions, and the 142-
foot deep lake itself (open summer, Thur-Mon
1-5pm spring & fall, Sat & Sun 1-5pm; 262-
      Yerkes Observatory near Williams Bay is
the home of the world’s largest lens-type tele-
scopes (tours on Sat only from 10am-noon;
262/245-5555, Yerkes was
used by many of the great scientists of the
twentieth century to expand our knowledge of
the universe. One-hour tours of this truly
unique observatory are offered on Saturdays
                                                                                 Pit stop on the White River Trail.
      And that’s Walworth County – where bicy-
cles ride the rails, lies are covered with choco-
late, and history is shot fulla holes.

                                                                                                        Area Depicted                                     W             E
                                     43                                                                                                                            S

   H                                                                                                                                                                        83

                                   NN                                                                                    36

                                   MCLEAN RD
                                          5 .9                                         3.0                       VALLEY
                                                                                 Springfield           SPR                                                 P
                               H                   NN
                                                              120                                   River
                                                                                                                                        WALWORTH CO


                                                                                                                                                          RACINE CO
                                                                                                                                                          KENOSHA CO
                                   Com Lake Geneva
                          La               50                                        12
      Bay                                                                                                                          50
  50             Observatory                       Lake   BIG FOOT BEACH
                                                 Geneva   STATE PARK

                                                                                                            0        1         2                      3        4        5 Mile

More Wisconsin Biking Trails
Here’s a list of thirty-three additional desig-              9. GANDY DANCER STATE TRAIL*
nated linear bike-touring trails designed for                Named for the hardy workers who built the railroad
Wisconsin family fun. All include contact                    and kept it running, this 47-mile crushed-limestone
phone numbers; call ahead for trail maps                     trail cuts across the northwest corner of the state from
and information. Trail names marked with                     St. Croix Falls in Polk County to Danbury in Burnett
an * have maps and details available on the                  County. 800/222-7655 or 800/788-3164.
Department of Tourism’s Web site at                          10. GLACIAL DRUMLIN STATE TRAIL*                                     One of the state’s longest hiking/biking trails, this 53-
                                                             mile crushed-limestone/asphalt-paved trail connects
1. AHNAPEE STATE TRAIL*                                      Waukesha and Cottage Grove in southeastern
Enjoy the Lake Michigan ports of Sturgeon Bay and            Wisconsin. The trail crosses scenic Rock Lake and
Algoma on this 31-mile crushed limestone hiking/bik-         winds through drumlin hills in the west. 920/648-
ing/horseback-riding trail in Door and Kewaunee              8774.
counties. 920/746-9959.                                      11. GREAT RIVER STATE TRAIL*
2. BEARSKIN/HIAWATHA TRAILS*                                 Cruising 24-miles through wildlife refuges along the
These crushed-stone hiking/biking trails showcase            Mighty Mississippi, this crushed-limestone
Northwood’s lake and forestland. The Bearskin runs           hiking/biking trail ties scenic Perrot State Park with
18 miles south from Minocqua, while the Hiawatha             Trempealeau, Onalaska and the La Crosse River State
travels 6 miles north from Tomahawk. 800/446-6784            Trail. 800/873-1901.
or 800/569-2160.                                             12. HILLSBORO STATE TRAIL
3. BROOKFIELD GREENWAY TRAILS                                This 4.3-mile hiking, snowmobile and mountain bike
Suburban Brookfield is laced with 12 miles of                trail runs between Hillsboro and the “400” State Trail
asphalt-paved trails plus additional on-street routes.       at Union Center. Enjoy views of woods, farms and
Another 7 miles are proposed. The Greenway con-              wetlands. 608/489-2350.
nects to Milwaukee County’s Oak Leak Trail near the          13. JANESVILLE – SPRING BROOK TRAIL*
county zoo and State Fair Park. 262/796-6675.                From a downtown trailhead, this trail offers 5 miles of
4. BUGLINE TRAIL*                                            asphalt-paved riding along a peaceful stream. The
This 12-mile crushed-limestone trail follows a twist-        trail passes Palmer Park and the city’s beautiful Rotary
ing railbed past the famous Lannon limestone quar-           Gardens. Another 5 miles of city trails can be enjoyed
ries. Connecting downtown Menomonee Falls with the           along with other attractions. 800/487-2757.
rural village of Merton, the trail passes three attractive   14. LA CROSSE RIVER STATE TRAIL*
parks. 262/548-7801.                                         Passing through scenic marsh and farmland, this 21-
5. CAMBA WILD RIVER TRAIL                                    mile crushed-limestone hiking/biking trail connects
Mountain bikes are recommended for this 5-mile loop          the Great River State Trail with the famed Elroy-Sparta
that includes 2.5 miles on the old Chicago &                 State Trail. 800/354-2453.
Northwestern railbed. From the trailhead in Cable the
route follows the unimproved railroad grade to a high
trestle above the Namekagon River. 800/533-
TRAIL*                                         9
Connecting Eau Claire on the east with
Durand on the west end, this 26-                             5
mile mostly hard-surfaced railbed
trail plunges deep into the wild                                               2
bottomland along the Chippewa
River. En-route it also connects to
the Red Cedar State Trail.                                               27
7. “400” STATE TRAIL*
Following the meandering                              29 22                              18 33
Baraboo River, this 22-mile
crushed-limestone hiking/biking trail                    6                       30                                   1
joins Reedsburg and Elroy. Eleven bridges,
five trail towns, and its connection to the
Hillsboro, Elroy-Sparta and Omaha trails make
the “400” a popular choice. 800/844-3507.             11      24    16
The Fox River is Wisconsin’s historic gateway to the
                                                        14 12 7        23
                                                                   19 4
world. You can follow this water highway on a 14-mile
partially asphalt-paved and crushed-limestone railbed      28
trail. Green Bay’s many attractions are nearby.
                                                                20     3 21
                                                            1731 131015 26
15. LAKE COUNTRY RECREATION TRAIL                          Sparta State Trails, this 13-mile hard-surfaced hik-
This 8-mile recreation trail parallels I-94 between        ing/biking trail traverses beautiful ridge and valley ter-
Waukesha and Delafield. The trail is a former railbed      rain, passes through a tunnel, and crosses a high
surfaced with limestone chips. Parking and trail           trestle. 608/847-9389.
access is available at the Landsberg Center in             25. OSAUGIE TRAIL*
Waukesha, Naga-Waukee Park and Cushing Park in             This 5-mile asphalt-paved trail is an easy ride along
Delafield. 262/548-7801.                                   Lake Superior’s busy harbor. The trail passes under
16. MASCOUTIN VALLEY STATE TRAIL                           the massive Burlington Ore Dock, past the Fairlawn
A work in progress, this crushed-limestone railbed         Mansion Museum, the S.S. Meteor Museum, and the
trail formerly known as the Rush Lake Trail winds          Richard I. Bong WWII Heritage Center. 800/942-5313.
through Green, Winnebago and Fond du Lac                   26. PIKE TRAIL*
Counties. Currently a 10-mile section links Berlin         This 9.4-mile railbed trail links the Northern Kenosha
with Ripon passing Rush Lake, and a 9-mile section         County Trail leading to Racine, and the Southern
connects Rosendale with the western edge of Fond du        Kenosha County Trail leading to Lake County, Illinois.
Lac skirting the vast Eldorado Marsh. 920/929-3135.        Trail highlights include the oldest operating velo-
17. MILITARY RIDGE STATE TRAIL*                            drome (an oval track for bike racing) in the nation,
Following one of the state’s most historic and scenic      opened in 1927. 800/654-7309.
routes, this 40-mile limestone-surfaced railbed trail      27. PINE LINE RECREATION TRAIL
offers fantastic ridge and valley views. It connects       A 28-mile trail that follows a former railbed from
seven pleasant small towns and villages between            Medford to Prentice in northcentral Wisconsin. Five
Verona and Dodgeville. A spur trail offers access to       miles of the trail have been surfaced with limestone
Blue Mound State Park. 608/437-7393.                       screenings, with the remainder in crushed gravel.
18. MOUNTAIN BAY STATE TRAIL*                              800/269-4505.
You can cover nearly half of central Wisconsin on this     28. PINE RIVER TRAIL*
81-mile crushed-limestone hiking/biking trail. It con-     Opened in 1997, this 15-mile crushed-limestone
nects Wausau and Green Bay, two prominent cities           railbed trail features fifteen bridges across the winding
with many attractions, and passes through the              Pine River. Connecting Richland Center and Lone
Shawano vacationland on the way. 800/236-3976,             Rock, the trail offers wonderful views of towering,
800/235-8528, or 888/948-4748.                             wooded river bluffs. 800/422-1318.
19. NEW BERLIN RECREATION TRAIL                            29. RED CEDAR STATE TRAIL*
This 6-mile, limestone chip trail on a former railbed      This 15-mile crushed limestone trail starts in
 runs from South 124th Street at the Milwaukee/            Menomonie and follows the wild course of the Red
Waukesha County Line to Springdale Road in                 Cedar River to its junction with the Chippewa River
Waukesha. It connects with the Oak Leaf Trail in           and the Chippewa River State Trail. Highlights include
Greenfield Park, and with the Glacial Drumlin State        the pleasant village of Downsville and the massive
Trail in Waukesha. 262/5487801.                            three-quarter-mile long iron bridge over the Chippewa
20. NINE SPRINGS AND CAPITAL CITY STATE                    River. 888/523-3866.
TRAIL*                                                     30. STEVENS POINT GREEN CIRCLE*
Pedal 18 miles on traffic-free asphalt-paved trails.       Circling the city of Stevens Point, this 24-mile route
Partially on railbed routes and partly on gently rolling   combines gravel, natural surface and asphalt-paved
terrain, the trail passes the Monona Terrace               trail with on-street links to show off the city’s beautiful
Community Center on Lake Monona. It connects with          natural areas. 800/236-4636.
several city trails that lead to Camp Randall Stadium
and the Henry Vilas Zoo. At its west end it joins the      31. SUGAR RIVER STATE TRAIL*
Military Ridge State Trail. 800/373-6376.                  A popular ride through the heart of Wisconsin’s
                                                           Dairyland, this 22-mile crushed limestone trail con-
21. OAK LEAF TRAIL*                                        nects the beautiful Swiss town of New Glarus with the
Explore Milwaukee on this collection of 34 miles of        railroad town of Brodhead. Along the way it passes
paved off-road bike trails and 31 miles of parkway         through the pleasant villages of Monticello and
drives and connecting city streets. The loop totals 90     Albany while tracing the course of the Sugar River.
miles and visits beautiful lakefront and riverway park-    800/527-6838 or 608/897-8411.
lands. 800/554-1448.
                                                           32. SUNSET TRAIL*
22. OLD ABE STATE TRAIL*                                   Winding along the shore of Green Bay in popular
Named after the Civil War mascot of the 8th                Peninsula State Park, this limestone-surfaced 4.4-
Wisconsin Regiment, this paved 16.9-mile trail links       mile trail lives up to its name when the sun dips
Chippewa Falls with Cornell and Brunet Island State        below the horizon. Glorious sunsets through the bay-
Park. Near the trail’s midpoint at Jim Falls, you find a   side cedar trees always attract an appreciative crowd.
stature honoring Old Abe. 888/723-0024.                    920/868-3258.
23. OLD PLANK ROAD TRAIL*                                  33. WIOUWASH STATE TRAIL – NORTH UNIT
This popular 17-mile asphalt-paved trail parallels         Winding through western Shawano County, this 16-
Hwy. 23 between the western edge of Sheboygan and          mile crushed-limestone railbed trail links Tigerton
the historic village of Greenbush. The trail follows the   with Birnamwood. At the village of Eland, it connects
route of a pioneer planked road. 800/457-9497.             with the Mountain Bay State Trail. For the South Unit
24. OMAHA TRAIL*                                           of the trail in Outagamie and Winnebago Counties,
Tying the I-90/94 community of Camp Douglas with           see the Trestle-Friendship & Wiouwash Trails on page
Elroy where it junctions with the “400” and Elroy-         54-55 of this guide. 800/235-8528.
Wisconsin Biking Events
In the course of a season, more than 300 bicy-          With daily mileages in the 50 to 65 mile range,
cle events and rides take place in Wisconsin.           on-course services, and plenty of traditional and
The following is a sampling of tours and races.         off-beat attractions en-route, this tour fits perfect-
                                                        ly into the comfort zone of casual and serious
For a complete list of Wisconsin bicycle
                                                        cyclists. Ride fees help support the bicycle advo-
events, visit                  cacy efforts of the Bicycle Federation of
WISPORT Series                                          Wisconsin.
608/584-4947,                           Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival - Cable
The Midwest’s only “citizens” road racing series        715/798-3594,
features friendly competition, camaraderie and fun      Begun with 27 riders, this two-decade-old mid-
for athletically-minded everyday riders who want        September weekend of point-to-point mountain
to test their legs in mass start events or individual   bike races and low-key games has grown into the
time trials. More than two-dozen events are held        largest off-road event in the nation. Set in the
throughout the state for men and women in age           towering forests of northern Wisconsin, the week-
categories from under 13 to over 80 from April to       end’s feature events are the Chequamegon 40, a
September. Overall series awards are based on           40-mile race from Hayward to Telemark Resort,
points.                                                 and the Short & Fat, a 15-mile race from Cable to
WORS (Wisconsin Off-Road Series)                        Telemark Resort. The races are limited to 2,500
715/592-5095,                              riders chosen by lottery in mid-March, but there
America’s largest state mountain bike race series       is always more room for spectators or riders who
is right here in Wisconsin. Races can be contest-       want to tour the area’s CAMBA Trails (see page
ed individually or as a series. Either way WORS         30-31).
can take you to some wonderful and wild venues          Firehouse 50 - Grandview
in every corner of the Badger state with events         715/763-3333,
from May to October. Points determine overall           Held in association the annual Fireman’s
series awards.                                          Homecoming on the first weekend of August the
GRABAAW (Great Annual Bicycle                           50-mile individual or team time trial or mass-start
Adventure Along the Wisconsin River)                    road race has become the premier “citizens” race
888/575-3640,                     in the state. Riders can also opt for the Fantasy
A week-long, late-June/early-July, 490-mile, on-        50, a 50-kilometer race/tour. All events start and
road tour that traces the Wisconsin River from its      finish in scenic Grandview and travel through the
headwaters to the Mississippi. An annual must-          Chequamegon National Forest lake country.
ride event for hundreds, this pilgrimage from the       Highground Bicycle Tour
Northwoods to Dairyland takes in many local             715/743-4224,
attractions.                                            Five routes offer bicyclists from every corner of
SAGBRAW (Sprocket’s Annual Great                        Wisconsin the opportunity to ride between 150
Bicycle Ride Across Wisconsin)                          and 350 miles on this two-decade-old tour to the
888/575-3640,                     Highground near Neillsville on the second week-
At a quarter-century old and still pedaling, this       end of August. The tour is dedicated to remem-
early-August cross-state tour takes in about 360        bering our veterans and their service. The dual
miles of prime Wisconsin scenery in seven days.         mission of the 140-acre Highground Veterans
The starting point varies year-to-year, but the fin-    Memorial Park is healing and education.
ish is always in the Milwaukee area. A family-ori-      Kettle Moraine Fall Color Festival - Eagle
ented ride with great services, it covers manage-       800/362-4537, 414/529-6600,
able distances to each day’s destination.
Badger State Games                                      A late-September/early-October celebration of
608/226-4780,                                           mountain biking amid the glorious color of the                               Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest’s John Muir
The Badger State Games feature cycling road             Trails (see page 46-47). This time trial event
races and time trials in the Madison area in late       raises funds for trail maintenance and future
June. The Games offer Olympic-style competition         development. Awards, raffles, food and great rid-
for Wisconsin residents of all ages and abilities.      ing attract top racers and weekend warriors to this
Awards and pageantry are all part of what has           limited entry event.
grown to be the state’s largest sports festival.        Miller Lite Ride for the Arts
Bike Northwoods Tour                                    414/276-RIDE (7433),
608/843-8412,                                                                   An early-June tour through the Milwaukee Metro
This cross-state, six-day, late June tour explores      area celebrates over a quarter-century of support
the best quiet back roads Wisconsin has to offer.       for the nation’s largest performing arts fund. This

                                                         Comprehensive & reliable...
                                                         The Wisconsin
popular mass event features routes from 5 to 50          State Bike Map
miles and plenty of the gemutlichkeit Milwaukee
                                                         Working with the Wisconsin
is famous for. Prizes, celebrities and festivities are
                                                         Department of
                                                         Transportation, the Bicycle
Nicolet Wheel-A-Way – Three Lakes                        Federation of Wisconsin
800/972-6103, 714/546-3344                               (BFW) has produced a                                       “new and improved”
For more than a dozen years, cyclists from               version of the Wisconsin
throughout the Midwest gather on Labor Day               State Bike Map. Actually
weekend for the Nicolet Wheel-A-Way, near the            a set of four maps, the
town of Three Lakes. Riders enjoy a casual ride          Wisconsin State Bike
on a scenic 30-mile loop past pristine lakes and         Map classifies all state
forest. A lakeside lunch is part of the fun.             and county roads in
Scenic Shore 150                                         terms of conditions
800/261-7399, www.leukemia-lym-                          for bicycling, identifies                                                recreational bicycle trails and mountain
Pedal along the scenic shore of Lake Michigan on         bike facilities, and provides contacts for
this 150-mile, two-day tour in late July. Starting       local bicycle route information.
in Mequon, near Milwaukee, riders overnight in           Maps are now available at bicycle shops
Manitowoc before reaching their day-two destina-         throughout Wisconsin. Individual maps are
tion at Potowatomi State Park in Door County. All        $3.95; or get the complete set of four
proceeds benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma
                                                         maps for $12.95. If your local bicycle shop
                                                         doesn’t sell the maps, you can order them
Top of the World Bicycle Tour                            by calling 1-800/362-4537. (A modest
715/538-2311, ext 205,                                   shipping and handling fee will be added to                                         the cost.)
Bicyclists who love ridge and valley scenery and
quiet back roads find this third weekend of              For more great rides, visit
August on-road ride just their cup of tea. Set in
the scenic Trempealeau County countryside, the
16, 23 & 37-mile loops around the town of
Whitehall make for a perfect day of bicycling.           This is the sixth edition of the
                                                         Wisconsin Biking Guide. The 70 trails
TREK 100 - Milwaukee
                                                         and tours from the previous four
800/248-TREK, 414/456-5830,                                 editions are available on the Web site
A mid-June, one-day, on-road benefit tour                of the Wisconsin Department of
through the scenic southern Kettle Moraine State         Tourism at
Forest on loops of 20, 37, 62 or 100 miles. These
showcase events are sponsored by TREK,
Wisconsin’s hometown bicycle manufacturer.
They support the state’s homegrown cancer-fight-
ing MACC Fund. The rides feature prizes, ride
support, refreshments, and festivities - all for a
great cause.
                                                         This publication was produced by the
Tyranena Oktoberfest Bike Ride                           Wisconsin Department of Tourism, Jim
920/648-8699                                             Holperin, Secretary, under the direction of                               Jim Bach, Project Coordinator. Edited by
Ride the gentle roads of Dane and Jefferson              Phil Van Valkenberg. Design by John Cronin.
counties in early October in the company of U.S.
                                                         Published May, 2006
Postal Cycling Team riders, tour the TREK factory
where their incredible bikes are made, and finish        Wisconsin Department of Tourism
it all up with a real Oktoberfest celebration at the     201 W. Washington Avenue
Tyranena Brewery in Lake Mills. Routes of 25, 47         P.O. Box 8690
& 65 miles are your ticket to a great time on two        Madison, WI 53708-8690
wheels.                                                  608/266-2161
                                                         This publication is printed on recycled paper, underscoring
                                                         Wisconsin Tourism’s commitment to the environment and to
                                                         fostering stronger recycling markets in Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Travel Information
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They’re great places to
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                  just a friendly
                  smile and
                 directions to the nearest restaurant.
               Stop in and let one of our travel
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