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					Geometry (H)
Worksheet: Chapter 2

1. There are three undefined terms we use in plane, or Euclidean, geometry. State them.

2. How did Euclid describe a point?

3. When we use the word distinct in geometry, what do we mean?

4. When we say that a point is between two points what, specifically, do we mean?

Define each of the terms below.

5. space

6. collinear points

7. coplanar points

8. intersection (of two figures)

9. opposite rays

10. congruent segments

11. congruent angles

12. midpoint (of a segment)

13. bisector (of a segment)
2   Chapter2.nb

14. acute angle

15. right angle

16. obtuse angle

17. straight angle

18. adjacent angles

Answer the following questions about postulates.

19. What is another name for postulate?

20. What is a postulate?

21. What is the purpose of the Ruler Postulate?

22. What is the purpose of the Protractor Postulate?

23. According to the Segment Addition Postulate, if B is between A and C, then . . .

24. According to the Angle Addition Postulate, is B lies in the interior of —AOC, then . . .

25. Complete the following statements (be specific):

         (A) A line contains at least

         (B) a plane contains at least
                                                                                                 Chapter2.nb   3

       (C) space contains at least

       (D) Through any two points there is

       (E) If two points are in a plane, then the line that contains the points is . . .

       (F) If two planes intersect, then

       (G) If two parallel lines are cut by a transversal, then corresponding angles are . . .

Complete each sentence with always, somtimes, or never to make a true statement.

26. Skew lines are ____________________ coplanar.

27. A line and a point not on the line are ____________________ coplanar.

28. AB and BA are ____________________ the same ray.

29. Four points are ____________________ coplanar.

30. Three points are ____________________ coplanar.

31. Two planes ____________________ intersect in exactly one point.

32. AB and BA are ____________________ the same line.
4   Chapter2.nb

36. Find the measure of each angle below.


       A          81±       43±             C

(A) —DBF                         (B) —EBF           (C) —DBF

(D) —EBF                        (E) —ABF            (F) —DBC

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