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									                         Rhetorical Device Project Self Evaluation

       The group project allowed me to use my knowledge of rhetorical devices and

work with my classmates to prepare a presentation. The rhetorical device I researched

about was "epithet." I chose to be responsible for this literary element because I felt I

understood the concept well. As a group member of the project, I was responsible for

compiling the information from my group for the PowerPoint presentation. My group

gave me their information on paper and I arranged the information on slides. During class

time in the library,my group and I sat together and reviewed the layout as a whole.

Corrections were made as a group during class as well.

        This project allowed me to further understand the use of rhetorical devices in

writing. I discovered that using each term greatly adds to an academic paper by

strengthening the use of word choices and phrases. Working on the project also taught me

how to prepare a presentation that can be understood for the audience intended. I felt

confident about the information that my group and I compiled, and I thought that the

class could follow the presentation well.

        I realized that in order to complete the project successfully,I needed to have

excellent research skills as well. A recurring problem I faced was finding literary

examples with "epithet" used. The websites my teacher provided had a few examples, so

I had to do additional research from other literary works on the Internet. After some time

searching, I was able to find many other examples using epithet.

        As a group member, I felt that I had sufficient strengths that could contribute to

the project. One strong point I had was making sure that my group was able to find

information for their rhetorical device. If a person was struggling with research, I gladly
helped them as well. A weak point that I felt needed improvement was being able to

complete the project with enough time to add any additional information or to make

corrections. I also struggled with finding literary examples that used my rhetorical device.

       After completing this project, I have discovered that my current writing could be

improved by using rhetorical devices. The knowledge I have gained through learning the

devices will enhance my future essays and reports. The rhetorical devices I feel that will

be effective the most in my writing are zeugma, polysyndeton, and epithet. Others

include conduplicatio and aporia.

       The best moments I experienced in working on this project was when my group

and I watched the finalpresentation after its completion. I realized that teamwork could

accomplish a job more easily and efficientlyas compared to one person working alone.

After being able to identifYeach rhetorical device in my group along with the other terms

on the list, I discovered that I had been using devices such as litotes and climax in my

essays of the past. Although I did not know it until now, I had been using some rhetorical

devices already.

       The project overall has allowed me to understand the use of rhetorical devices

more than I had before. I fullyunderstand all the terms that my group was assigned.

Working with a group also taught me more about cooperation and responsibility.

Learning more about the effective uses of rhetorical devices are beneficialfor my future

writing assignments, and I believe they will enhance my work well.

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