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    New Leadership Points to a Bright Future for HealthPlus
    Bruce Hill Appointed President and CEO
    Bruce R. Hill has been appointed               achieve great success despite Michigan’s      priorities is to increase our sensitivity to
    president and CEO of HealthPlus of             tough economy. For that reason—plus           a dynamic and strained customer base,”
    Michigan by its                                the extensive knowledge and experience        Hill said. “The purchasers of our plans
    Board of Directors.                            he gained during 15 years as a vice           are experiencing demands on them like
    Hill’s selection was                           president here—the Board is happy to          never before. It is essential that we assist
    announced in July                              have Bruce at the helm. He certainly has      them in caring for their employees and
    by Gerald Piesko,                              our support.”                                 beneficiaries in a way that maximizes the
    D.O., Chair of the                             Dr. Piesko noted that Hill’s recent           value of their expenditures.”
    HealthPlus Board.                              leadership accomplishments include            Hill, 46, has more than 20 years of
    “During the past                               revising the organization’s operating plan    experience as a health-care executive,
    six months, while                              to respond to the changing economy,           ranging from health insurance to health
    Bruce has served as                            securing contracts with major customer        systems. Prior to relocating to Michigan,
                             Bruce R. Hill
    interim president        President and CEO
                                                   groups, new operational efficiencies that     he worked in the Pacific Northwest and
    and CEO, we made                               improved recent financial performance,        Chicago areas, and established a track
    a close assessment                             and the continued expansion of the            record as an action-oriented professional
    of his performance and capabilities,”          HealthPlus market region.                     keenly sensitive to market needs.
    said Dr. Piesko. “He has already made          “I appreciate the Board’s appointment of      A native of Saginaw, Mich., Hill earned
    an appreciable contribution to putting         me as president and CEO,” Hill said. “While   his bachelor’s degree in Economics
    HealthPlus in a position to build on its 30-   these are challenging times in Michigan,      and master’s degree in Health Services
    year record of accomplishments, and to         I have no doubt that we will not only         Administration at the University of
                                                   succeed but thrive in the future. This is     Michigan in 1986 and 1988, respectively.
                                                   not just wishful thinking. HealthPlus is      He and his wife, Angela, reside in

  Inside                                           blessed with an exceptionally dedicated
                                                   Board, a talented team of employees and
                                                   health care providers, the loyalty of its
                                                                                                 Saginaw with their five children: Ashley,
                                                                                                 Natalie, Austin, Connor and Mara.
                                                                                                 Hill succeeds David Crosby, who resigned
                                                   members, and our ranking as one of the        in 2008 to become president of a health
  Start Your Own Health Care Reform!               best health plans in America.                 plan in Pennsylvania.
                                                   “Among our organization’s immediate
  Citizens Bank Launches Workplace
  Wellness Program
  New Benefit Plans for Individuals                It’s Flu Shot Time!
  Anticipated this Fall                            All HealthPlus benefit plans
                                                   provide coverage for pediatric
  HealthQuest Workplace Wellness                   and adult immunizations.
  Program                                          Encourage your HealthPlus
  HealthPlus HealthySolutions                      employees to make an
                                                   appointment with their
  Mental Health Parity                             physician today.
  Medicare Secondary Payor
  Requirements for Group Health Plans
  Deadline to Distribute Annual Part D
    To our Valued employer parTners

    Start Your Own Health Care Reform!
      The topic of health care reform has provided some heated discussions this past summer
    and we’ve all heard countless ideas for changing the system to better control costs. The one
    thing I think we all agree on is that everyone deserves some form of health coverage. What seems to be getting lost
    in these conversations is the concept of keeping people healthy so they don’t end up in the system in the first place –
    commonly known as “prevention.”

      Lost in the debate is the fact that having health coverage doesn’t automatically make a person healthy or reduce
    health care costs. It’s actually what we do with that coverage and our personal choices that make the difference. The
    bottom line is, if we don’t take care of ourselves, how can we expect any system, public or private, to be able to?

      Many chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease are preventable. In other words, people choose to behave
    in ways that, in many cases, bring these conditions on, neglecting to take responsibility for eating right, exercising, not
    smoking, and so on.

      So, here’s an idea: Rather than wait around for government to come up with a system that solves everything for
    everyone, why not start your own health care reform by launching a workplace wellness program? Many employers
    for whom we provide workforce health coverage are already doing it. They recognize that they can help their
    employees take charge of their health, and thereby reduce health risks, disability costs, absenteeism, and workers
    compensation costs, as well. These types of actions can go a long way toward keeping health care costs down in the
    long run.

      Need help getting started? HealthPlus can help you customize a workplace wellness solution to fit your employees’
    needs with our HealthQuest Workplace Wellness Program. Whether your employees want to quit smoking, lose
    weight or increase their physical activity, we offer a variety of packages for small and large businesses. On page 3,
    you’ll learn more about the Citizens Republic Bancorp CBFit4Life employee wellness program. More detailed
    information on our fully-insured HealthQuest Workplace Wellness Program is included on page 5 of this newsletter. If
    you would like assistance in developing a comprehensive workplace wellness program for your own employees, give
    us a call today at 1-800-530-9071.

                                                                          Nancy Jenkins,

                                                                          Vice President of Membership Growth

2        HealthPlus employees donate nearly 10,000 hours a year to the community.
    Citizens Bank Launches Workplace Wellness Program
    CBFit4Life Employee Wellness Program

    C    BFit4Life is an online employee
         wellness program Citizens Bank
    offers to its 2,000+ employees. With the
    assistance of the HealthPlus Health &
    Lifestyle team, Citizens developed the
    CBFit4Life program and rolled it out to
    employees June 1, 2009. The wellness
    program was introduced by Citizens’
    CEO Cathy Nash in her weekly blog.
    As a result of her encouragement, 500
    employees logged into the wellness site
    in the first week.
    In addition to helping with program
    design and coordination, HealthPlus staff
    members facilitate various services and
    programs to support CBFit4Life such as
    online monthly seminars, healthy living
    programs and wellness challenges.
    One factor in determining the success
    of any wellness program is the presence
    of a wellness committee to oversee
    program logistics and implementation.
    At Citizens, staff members from various
    departments and bank branches formed
    the CBFit4Life Wellness Committee. They
    meet periodically to discuss employee
    feedback, as well as brainstorm wellness
    activities and promotional ideas
    According to Joann Tokarczyk, Citizens’
    Payroll and Benefits Supervisor,              As an added incentive, employees can        to make smart choices—the cost of
    “Employees are thrilled with CBFit4Life       earn credits that qualify them to enter     implementation is minimal but the long-
    and the resources available to them. We       random drawings for Visa® gift card         term benefits are far-reaching.”
    have online access to really great tools. I   prizes. The more programs employees
    encourage employees to take the time to                                                   Up next on the agenda for the CBFit4Life
                                                  participate in, the more chances they       Wellness Committee are onsite flu
    investigate all the features and tools the    have to win—plus, they are working
    Web site has to offer to determine what                                                   clinics, a Weight Watchers at Work
                                                  to improve their health which is the        program for the Flint location, revamping
    best meets their wellness needs.”             ultimate reward!                            vending machine options, and wellness
    To begin participating in the program,        “The value is not in the Wellness Kit       challenges.
    Citizens employees were required to           or gift card drawings, but rather in a
    complete the HealthPlus HealthQuest                                                       HealthPlus has HealthQuest Workplace
                                                  healthy employee,” Tokarczyk says.          Wellness Program packages available at
    Profile (HQP), a health risk assessment.      “We anticipate that CBFit4Life will help
    The first 1,200 employees to log in and                                                   little or no cost for employers of all sizes.
                                                  increase productivity, boost morale,        If you would like assistance in developing
    complete the HQP received a Wellness          reduce stress and absenteeism and
    Kit which included a mesh backpack,                                                       a comprehensive wellness program for
                                                  control preventable health care costs       your employees, give us a call today at
    pedometer, water bottle and retractable       within our organization. The beauty of
    measuring tape.                                                                           1-800-530-9071.
                                                  CBFit4Life is we’re helping our employees

3            HealthPlus SaverPlus: Finally … some good news for Michigan businesses!
    New Benefit Plans for Individuals Anticipated this fall
    HealthPlus Signature and MedicarePlus Plans

    H                                                                                             HealthPlus MedicarePlus Plans
         ealthPlus now offers a health plan for every phase of life. We plan to introduce an
         array of new health plans designed to meet the needs of consumers looking for
                                                                                                  HealthPlus MedicarePlus Plans are
         affordable individual coverage options that can be tailored to their unique needs.
                                                                                                  Medicare Advantage and Supplemental
    These plans may be ideal for your employees or their family members if they are:
                                                                                                  plans designed for Medicare-eligible
      n Coming off a parent’s employer sponsored coverage                                         individuals. Formerly known as
      n Facing a layoff
      n Considering early or age 65
        retirement                                    HealthPlus MedicarePlus
      n Losing their employer-sponsored               AdvantageHMO – for individuals who
        health or COBRA coverage                      like having their primary care
      n Between jobs or just starting a job           doctor serve as their health
                                                      advocate, coordinating all of
    For your convenience, we will be                  their medical care. Offered to
    distributing a supply of brochures                residents in Arenac, Bay, Genesee, Lapeer, Oakland, Saginaw, Shiawassee, St. Clair,
    highlighting our new individual plans to          and Tuscola Counties.
    current HR contacts in the near future.
    If you have an employee who might be              HealthPlus MedicarePlus AdvantagePPO – for individuals who like having the
    interested in one of these plans, we would        freedom and choice to see any doctor in or out of HealthPlus’ preferred provider
    appreciate it if you would give them one of       network. Offered to residents in Genesee and Saginaw Counties.
    these brochures.                                  HealthPlus MedicarePlus SupplementalHMO – for individuals looking
                                                      for additional coverage to help fill some gaps that Original Medicare doesn’t
                                                      cover. Offered to residents in Arenac, Bay, Genesee, Lapeer, Oakland, Saginaw,
                                                      Shiawassee, St. Clair, and Tuscola Counties.
    HealthPlus Signature PPO Plans
    HealthPlus Signature PPO Plans are
    designed for people 18 to 64 years of
    age who are looking to purchase individual or family coverage, and who live in the            HealthPlus Senior, the Medicare
    HealthPlus service area. In other words, the new HealthPlus Signature plans are               Advantage plans are now named
    designed especially for people who are not covered by an employer- or government-             HealthPlus MedicarePlus AdvantageHMO
    sponsored program.                                                                            and the brand new MedicarePlus
                                                                                                  AdvantagePPO. Both of the “Advantage”
                                                                                                  plans are contracted with Medicare.
                                                                                                  Our HealthPlus MedicarePlus
                                                                                                  Supplemental HMO plans are not
                                                                                                  contracted with Medicare, but are
       Signature One PPO – offered to                                                             approved by the State of Michigan.
       young adults, age 18-30, with no                                                           All of our current HealthPlus Senior and
       dependents. This plan is optimal for recent                                                supplemental members will be receiving
       high school or college graduates, those                                                    new HealthPlus MedicarePlus ID cards
       starting a career or looking for a job, or those who are no longer eligible under          when their benefit plan renews. For
       their parent’s group coverage.                                                             them, the ID # and benefits will remain
       Signature Savings PPO – offered to individuals and families, this is a high-               the same – the only thing different will
       deductible, health savings account-compatible plan.                                        be the new product name: HealthPlus
       Signature Select PPO – this is a traditional deductible plan offered to individuals
       and families.                                                                              To be eligible for HealthPlus
                                                                                                  MedicarePlus plans, a member must be
       Signature Network PPO – for individuals and families, this plan has a custom
                                                                                                  enrolled in Parts A and B of the Medicare
       provider network.
                                                                                                  Program and reside in the HealthPlus
                                                                                                  service area.

4                                                  We are now in St. Clair County!
              uest Workp

           thQ          lac

         al                eW          og
        e                    ellness Pr

    Healthy employees                    HealthQuest Workplace Wellness Program Packages
    are more productive                  For fully insured HealthPlus PPO, HMO and POS members
    employees                                                                                                  Core

                                         PROgRAM COMPONENTS                                               For groups with   For groups with    For groups with
                                                                                                           1-49 contracts   50-499 contracts   500+ contracts
          well-designed workplace
                                         Wellness Toolkit – tools to start and run a workplace
          wellness program can result                                                                           4                 4                  4
                                         wellness program
    in a reduction in health risks,
                                         HealthQuest Profile – an online health risk appraisal                  4                 4                  4
    disability costs, absenteeism and
    workers’ compensation. Whether       Electronic Personal Health Record                                      4                 4                  4
    your employees want to quit          HealthQuest Health & Wellness Online – an invaluable
    smoking, lose weight or increase     source of interactive information on how to eat right, get fit         4                 4                  4
                                         and stay healthy
    their physical activity—HealthPlus
                                         HealthQuest tobacco cessation and weight
    can help you customize a                                                                                    4                 4                  4
                                         management programs
    workplace wellness solution to fit
                                         HealthQuest Rewards discounts – discounts on various
    their needs!                         programs and services such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig,            4                 4                  4
                                         fitness clubs and
    If you would like assistance in      HealthQuest HealthLinks monthly employer
    developing a comprehensive           E-newsletter – program planning tips, a HealthQuest                    4                 4                  4
    workplace wellness program for       Rewards offer, a recipe and a healthy living article
    your employees, give us a call       Monthly employee newsletter, Impact News – for your
                                         employees with healthy living tips and a recipe
                                                                                                                4                 4                  4
    today at 1-800-530-9071.
                                         Aggregate employer reports – if 30 or more of your
                                         employees complete the HealthQuest Profile
                                                                                                                4                 4                  4

                                         Program design and coordination – a HealthPlus wellness
                                         consultant will assist you in developing and rolling out an                              4                  4
                                         effective wellness package
                                         Onsite flu shot clinic                                                                   4                  4
                                         Two onsite Lunch & Learns – covering such topics as stress,
                                         healthy eating, exercise and healthy living
                                                                                                                                  4                  4

                                         Wellness challenges – with customized campaign materials                                 4                  4
                                         Onsite biometric health screenings – blood pressure,
                                         height, weight, body mass index, cholesterol and glucose                                 $                  $
                                         Employee incentive program – development, tracking and
                                         fulfillment                                                                                                 $
            1-800-530-9071               Custom wellness Web site – with partnership logo,
             available exclusively to your employees and their families                                                  $
                                         The HealthQuest Workplace Wellness Program is also available to non-HealthPlus employees                        $.
                                         $ Costs applicable.

5                   The Plus just adds up to better health care for your employees.
                   lthPlus He

                 ea          alth        t io
                                 y S olu

    A Healthier Bottom Line
    HealthPlus HealthySolutions members are taking control of their health and the results
    speak for themselves. In the first six months of implementation, an average of 79
    percent of our HealthySolutions members have successfully completed the two steps
    required to remain in the Preferred Benefit Plan, surpassing the industry standard!

    HealthPlus HealthySolutions is a benefits-
    based wellness plan designed to:                  HealthPlus HealthySolutions is currently available as an HMO or
       n motivate your employees to take                                    self-funded plan.
         responsibility for their own health by
         adopting healthier habits                    Preferred Benefit Plan                        Base Benefit Plan
       n help you manage health care costs
                                                      If a member and covered spouse                If a member or covered spouse
       n reduce employee absenteeism and
         increase productivity                        complete an easy two-step process             does not complete an easy two-step
                                                      and/or adopt and maintain certain             process and/or adopt and maintain
    With this plan, you receive a reduced
    premium for your workforce coverage which         healthy behaviors, the entire family          certain healthy behaviors, the entire
    can result in an estimated                        qualifies to remain in the Preferred          family will be moved to the Base
    8 percent to 10 percent savings on employee       benefit plan for the remainder of the         benefit plan on the first of the month
    health costs (compared with standard HMO
    premiums). Your employees have the option         year.                                         following three calendar months from
    of receiving Preferred benefits with lower out-   This plan has lower out-of-pocket             the effective date of coverage.
    of-pocket costs or Base benefits with higher      costs.                                        This plan has higher out-of-pocket
    copays and deductibles. It’s really up to
    them to choose which plan works
    for them and their lifestyle
                                                                Would you like more information?
                                                                HealthPlus is here to help keep your business healthy. For more information,
                                                                contact your Agent or HealthPlus at 1-800-530-9071 or visit

                                                                                Flint • Saginaw •                             troy

                                                                      1-800-530-9071      •    T.D.D.   1-800-992-5070    •

6                  HealthPlus HealthySolutions: There’s a Plus to leading a healthier life.
                                                                                                 Mental Health Parity
                                                                                                   EmployerPlus is follow all federal
                                                                                                 HealthPlus willpublished twice a year to
                                                                                                   provide HealthPlus employers with Health
                                                                                                 requirements regarding Mental the latest
                                                                                                   news and trends in health management
                                                                                                                have any questions about
                                                                                                 Parity. If you welcome your comments and
                                                                                                   services. We
                                                                                                 a HealthPlus member’s benefits, at
                                                                                                   feedback. Please e-mail Jamie Whitten
                                                                                                 please visit www. or call
                                                                                                 Customer Service at 1-800-332-9161.
                                                                                                     Managing Editor         Shelley Wyant
                                                                                                     Editor                  Jamie Whitten

                                                                                                 Fraud, Waste or
                                                                                                     Graphic Designer        Jim Bakken

                                                                                                 To report fraud, waste or abuse,
                                                                                                 call 1-800-345-9956, or write to our
                                                                                                 Compliance Official at 2050 S. Linden
                                                                                                 Road, Flint, MI 48532. You do not have to
                                                                                                 leave your name.

                                                                                                 Remember to Distribute
                                                                                                 Annual Medicare Part D
                                                                                                 Notices by November 15, 2009
                                                                                                 Employers who sponsor a health plan
                                                                                                 offering prescription drug benefits must
                                                                                                 provide an annual notice to all Medicare-
    Alert to Employers                                                                           eligible participants that explains
                                                                                                 whether the prescription drug benefits
    Medicare Secondary Payor                                                                     offered under the plan are at least as
                                                                                                 good as the benefits offered under the

    Requirements                                                                                 Medicare Part D plan.
                                                                                                 The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid
    For group Health Plans                                                                       Services (CMS) provide a model of the
                                                                                                 individual notice of creditable coverage
    From the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services – Office of Financial Management/        at:
    Financial Services Group                                                              
    A new Mandatory Insurer Reporting Law (Section 111 of Public Law 110-173) requires
    group health plan insurers, third party administrators, and plan administrators or
    fiduciaries of self-insured/self-administered group health plans to report, as directed by
    the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, information that the
    Secretary requires for purposes of coordination of benefits. The law also imposes this
    same requirement on liability insurers (including self-insurers), no-fault insurers and
    workers’ compensation laws or plans.
    Two key elements that will be required to be reported are SSNs (or HICNs) and EINs. In        EmployerPlus
    order for Medicare to properly coordinate Medicare payments with other insurance
    and/or workers’ compensation benefits, Medicare relies on the collection of both the          EmployerPlus is published twice a year to
    SSN or HICN and the EIN, as applicable.                                                       provide HealthPlus employers with the latest
                                                                                                  news and trends in health management
    Please note: If you are an employer offering GHP insurance coverage to your                   services. We welcome your comments and
    employees, HealthPlus is required to report health insurance information about                feedback. Please e-mail Jamie Whitten at
    your employees to CMS. If we do not have a social security number for one of your   
    employees who is a current HealthPlus member, we will be reaching out to obtain this             Managing Editor        Shelley Wyant
    information from you.                                                                            Editor                 Jamie Whitten
    To confirm that this is an official Government request and for further information on            Graphic Designer       Jim Bakken
    the mandatory reporting requirements under this law, please visit the CMS Web site at

7                              Call us for innovative and flexible cost-saving solutions.

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