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									           February, 22nd - 23rd
Hyderabad International Convention Centre
           Hitech City, Novotel

       Welcome to the
    Seed Capital of India
Indian Seed Congress 2011,                                                             Hyderabad
Seed, the vehicle for delivering the benefits of technology, is the most important input, influencing the growth
and sustainability of Indian Agriculture. The organised Indian seed industry has contributed significantly to
ensure continued access to quality seed for the Indian farmers and improving their food, nutritional and
livelihood security. Superior genetics and technologies from the ‘State of the Art’ R & D establishments,
which are high performing and adapted to a wide range of agro-climatic zones have resulted in considerable
productivity enhancements. These advancements have helped India emerge as a major player in the global
seed business. With an estimated turnover exceeding ` 70 billion (USD 1.5 billion), India ranks fifth in the
world seed trade, and is poised to rise higher on the strength of its dynamic, innovative, internationally
competitive, research based seed industry.

The National Seed Association of India (NSAI), organised the Indian Seed Congress 2010 at Bangalore
in February, 2010. This first major event of the recently formed NSAI, showcased the growing strength
of the Indian seed industry and provided a platform for all stakeholders including, seed producers and
marketing companies, seed scientists, policy makers and farmers, to review its current status and plan
future growth path. Indian Seed Congress 2010 was structured to include an International Conference,
to discuss the recent advancements in seed technology, industry needs, quality regulation, etc.; analyse
the constraints in delivering quality seeds to the farmers and prepare a road map for the sector’s future
growth. The trading sessions at Indian Seed Congress 2010 helped explore the business opportunities and
the exhibition showcased the range of products to meet the varying requirements of Indian agriculture.

The Indian Seed Congress 2011 is being convened on 22-23 February 2011 at Hyderabad, the ‘Seed
Capital of India’. Encouraged by the success of the first modest effort, Indian Seed Congress 2011 is being
organised at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC) to be able to meet the expectations
of all stakeholders for a bigger and better event. Hyderabad, the capital of the southern state of Andhra
Pradesh, is the main hub of seed producing and processing activity in the country, with most of the
leading seed companies headquartered in and around the city, which also houses a large number of
agriculture research and management institutes.

NSAI has great pleasure in inviting you to participate in and partner the mega Indian Seed Congress
2011 and join hands in steering the Indian seed industry further and to enable it to provide the required
leadership for the regional development of the seed sector.
National Seed Association of India
The National Seed Association of India (NSAI), the apex organisation representing the Indian seed
industry has presently about 200 companies as its members. The vision of NSAI is to create a dynamic,
innovative, and internationally competitive, research based industry producing high performance,
high quality seeds and planting materials which benefit farmers and significantly contribute to the
sustainable growth of Indian Agriculture. And the Mission of NSAI is to encourage investment in state of
the art R&D to bring to the Indian farmer superior genetics and technologies, which are high performing
and adapted to a wide range of agro-climatic zones. It will actively contribute to the seed industry
policy development, with the concerned governments, to ensure that policies and regulations create an
enabling environment including public acceptance so that the industry is globally competitive.

NSAI advocates (a) equitable consideration of all matters affecting the seed industry, (b) the interest
of sustainable agriculture globally, (c) enhanced exchange of superior genetics within the country and
from across the borders, (d) increased global trade in seeds (e) the welfare and economic prosperity of
the Indian farmer. NSAI will also promote harmonization and adoption of best commercial practices in
production, processing, quality control and distribution of seeds.

The National Seed Association of India provides a forum for consultation between the Members and the
concerned Ministries of Government of India, ICAR, Certification Agencies, State Governments and with
different international agencies. With greater openness in the economy, the Association is gearing up for
a much bigger role by hosting international seed conferences of APSA and ISF and by working towards
an increased role for India in the international seed trade.

The private sector has strong scientific capabilities and breeding programs, comprehensive multi location
testing facilities including on-farm testing of pre-commercial hybrids as per national and international
testing protocols, research trial data supplemented by on-farm test data and farmer feedback on
performance and preference to facilitate decisions on commercialization of new hybrids. The high
adoption of private bred hybrids by the farmers all across the country is a testimony to the robustness
and successes of the development and testing protocol followed by the private industry.
Registration Fee                                                         Program Schedule

Early Bird Registration (on or before 15th Dec 2010)                     Tuesday, Feb 22nd 2011
Indian Delegates                :    ` 10,000                            10.00 - 11.30 am       : Inauguration at Hall 5 & 6
Foreign Delegates               :    $ 300                               11.30 - 12.00 pm       : Tea & Coffee
                                                                         12.00	-	05.00	pm	      :	 Trading	&	Exhibition	open	at	Hall	4
Registration (after 15th Dec 2010)
                                                                         01.00 – 02.00 pm       : Lunch
Indian Delegates                :    ` 12,000
                                                                         03.00 - 05.00 pm       : Technical Session-1 at Hall 5 & 6
Foreign Delegates               :    $ 350
                                                                                                  Govt Policy and new Legislation : Impact on Seed Industry
Academic Institutes                                                      05.00 - 07.00 pm : Interative Session
Faculty & Students              :    `   3,000                                                    Seed Industry and Social Responsibility

Exhibition Stalls                                                        07.00	pm	onwards	 :	 Welcome	Reception	(Novotel	Gardens)
Total stalls : 56 nos. (3m x 3m each), ` 30,000 / $ 650 per stall        Wednesday, Feb 23rd 2011
includes one Exhibitor complimentary for the Congress
                                                                         09.00 - 11.00 am       : Techinical session-2 at Hall 5 & 6
                                                                                                  R & D with special focus on Transgenic Technologies
Sponsorship Categories
                                                                         11.00 - 11.30 am       : Tea & Coffee
Platinum Principal Sponsor - 1 Company -                  `   12 Lakh    11.30	-	05.00	pm	      :	 Trading	&	Exhibition	at	Hall	4
•	   Free	Registration	for	4	delegates	with	delegate	kits	&	literature   01.00 - 02.00 pm       : Lunch
•	   Free	Exhibition	Stalls	-	2	nos.                                     02.00	-	04.00	pm	      :	 Technical	Session-3	at	Hall	5	&	6
•	   Free	Advertisement	-	1	full	page	colour	in	Congress	Souvenir                                 New frontiers in Indian Seed Business
•	   Branding	on	the	back	drop	and	announcements	in	the	Inaugural		
     Function and promotional material                                   07.00	-	09.30	pm	 :	 Gala	Dinner	(Novotel	Gardens)

Gold Sponsor - ` 6 Lakh each                                             Thursday, Feb 24th 2011
•	   Free	Registration	for	2	delegates                                   Post Congress Tours
•	   Free	Exhibition	Stall	-	1	no.
•	   Free	Advertisement	-	1	full	page	in	souvenir                        Field	Visits	to	facilities	(R	&	D;	Processing;	Research	Farms)	of	
•	   Branding	on	the	back	drop	and	announcements	in	the	Inaugural	       Member companies located in and around Hyderabad.

Silver Sponsor - ` 2.5 Lakh each
•	 Free	Registration	for	2	delegates	OR	Free	Exhibition	Stall	-	1	no.    For more information Contact:
•	 Free	Advertisement	-	half	page	in	souvenir
•	 Branding	on	the	back	drop	and	announcements	in	the	Inaugural	

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                                                                         1st	floor,	Trade	Fair	Office	Building            Hyderabad 500001 AP, Inida
                                                                         HITEX Exhibition Centre, Madhapur                t	:	+91	40	6666	7222	
                                                                         Hyderabad	500	084,	AP,	India.                    f	:	+91	40	4434	7211	
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