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                                                                            International Students

JMU’s MPA faculty welcomes the participation of mid-career professionals as well as recent
college graduates to its program. You can find information about our program, admission
requirements, and application forms online through several JMU web sites.

There is a description of the MPA program at Open "Academic
Programs" and then "Master of Public Administration."

To apply to the MPA program, you must submit an application directly to the JMU College of
Graduate and Professional Programs (CGAPP). General admission requirements, the Graduate
Catalog (using Adobe Acrobat), and application forms are to be found at There are special requirements for international students
which are described at
International students find that it takes about a year to obtain the appropriate visa, do the
required testing, and have previous school records certified to JMU.

CGAPP requires that all JMU graduate programs employ an entrance examination. MPA
applicants must take the general GRE or GMAT examination (see or Applicants
should have no scores that place them below the 25th percentile and at least one score should
place above the 50th percentile. (For example, on the GRE the 25 th percentile for Verbal is a
score of 380 and for Quantitative it is 480. The new Analytical writing test requires a score of 4.0
(out of 6.0 points) to make the 25th percentile.) Applicants are expected to have at least a 2.8
undergraduate GPA with a 3.0 in the major.

Unlike some graduate programs, ours does not impose prerequisite undergraduate courses on
applicants. We review, however, the academic preparation of all our applicants. If we believe an
applicant may be at a disadvantage in our program because he or she hasn't a particular
academic element, we may set taking that element as a requirement for admission. This
problem typically arises with students who are unprepared in statistics or research design. We
may require applicants to take a course in American government and one in statistics if they have
not had one.

You should know that ours is a small program of some twenty-five or so students. MPA students
complete a core curriculum and a concentration, which may be self-designed or chosen from two
areas: Health Administration and Government Communication. Our program supports five full-
time students through assistantships.

Questions about the MPA program should be directed to

B. Douglas Skelley
MPA Coordinator
Department of Political Science
MSC 1101
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807


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