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Introduction to Claymation


      Unleash your
creativity and imagination.
Examples of Claymation

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   examples of
Interview with an Animator

                 What does an
                 Animator’s job

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                 about this job.
             Getting Started
•   Develop a plan/story
•   Establish a setting
•   Begin with a storyboard
•   Assemble materials
•   Design character
•   Construct character
•   Construct setting
•   Have camera ready for project
Example of a Storyboard Idea
          Suggested Materials

•   String-clear             •Camera
•   Pipe Cleaners            •Tri-pod
•   Clay                     •Computer
•   Marbles                  •Magnets
•   Wire                     •Cookie Sheet
•   Toilet Paper Roll-body   •Shoe Box
•   Background props         •Water-colors
•   Lighting                 •Paintbrush
    Lighting, one of the most important things to address when creating a
                              CLAYMATION project.
           The lighting can sometimes make or break your scene.

 The basic goal of lighting is to get rid of those unwanted shadows and to get
   your background screen clear of darkness. Lighting also adds to the mood
            of the scene and directs shadows to the wanted position.

Add extra lighting to add shadows or brighten certain parts of a scene. If you
       have lighting all around the scene remember to add a backlight too.
Without the backlight, objects in the scene get a ghostly type glow which make
                              them appear unnatural.

For example 3 lights(above, left, and right) light the background, 1 light acts as
                              a sun, and 1 backlight.
Lighting Example
   Develop the character with the clay by
        forming the clay into shapes.
Begin with basic shapes and eventually add
 to more difficult details, such as: eye color,
  teeth and mouth shapes, hair shape, and
            finger and toe shapes.
 Soon your character will start to form and
            become more life-like.
      Character Requirements
•   Character fits a particular theme
•   Character is 3-4 inches tall or long
•   Expressive facial features
•   Easily moveable
•   Colors are pleasing
Characters Speaking
 To make your character more realistic,
click on the pictures below to get an idea
of how to shape the face so it appears as
       if the character is speaking.
            Set Production
• Design the set with a shoebox or cut a
  display board into halves
• If using magnets, remember to have a
  cookie sheet and magnets available.
• Use continuous, direct lighting.
• Color or paint the background or use a
  printed picture
• Create accessories or use small toys for
  the set
                     The Process
When the plan has been developed and the project pieces have been
          assembled. You will be ready to shoot your movie.

Make sure your props, your background, and your character (s) are all
                        in their proper position.

             Use a digital camera for this steps that follow.
A digital camera is probably best, because it takes individual shots and
                is less expensive than the other cameras.

  You will manipulate your single frame pictures, picture by picture.
Remember: it is important to change your character ever so slightly to
   represent movement. It is also important to take pictures from the
                              proper angle.
     Props and Background
 The background should be colorful and
 What is the setting? This should be clear.

  How you want your character to appear
  depends completely on its surroundings.

If you want your character to stand out, don’t
 make the background full of bright colors as it
                 is distracting.
  Sound is an important piece in clay animation.
If you do choose to use sound then it should have
    something to do with the mood of the movie.

            Click on the picture for awesome FREE
             sounds to integrate into your project.

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