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									Why Technology Review?

• In a world overwhelmed by information, we serve
  as a filter and a road map.
• Technology Review focuses knowledgeably and
  authoritatively on how new technology will impact
  the world and people’s lives.
• Through our daily website, mobile apps, weekly
  newsletters, bi-monthly magazine, and annual
  events Technology Review serves an affluent
  audience with innovative editorial and media
• We are constantly evolving to keep up with the
  rapidly changing media landscape to best serve our
  audience and our media partners.

Founded at MIT

  Founded in 1899 at the Massachusetts Institute of
 Technology, Technology Review holds a long history of
              discovery and innovation.

As the oldest technology magazine in the world and with
 MIT as our foundation, Technology Review has brought
 its readers the emerging technologies that will impact
the future of the marketplace, giving them the tools and
   insight they need to drive their global organizations.

 C-level business and technology decision makers look to
Technology Review’s magazine, website and events as the
          authority on the future of technology.

Editorial Mission
Technology Review’s mission is to identify emerging technologies and to
explain their impact to a senior audience of business leaders, technologist
and entrepreneurs.

We cover the areas where change matters most: biomedicine, computing,
communications, energy, materials, and the web.

Annual Awards and Lists
Each year, Technology Review identifies the emerging technologies, young
innovators and top companies that will have the biggest impact on the world.


                                 YOUNG INNOVATORS UNDER 35

                                                 INNOVATIVE COMPANIES

 Award Winning Brand
PRINT AWARDS                                        WEB AWARDS                                      DESIGN AWARDS
      National Magazine Award
        • 2010 Finalist, Public Policy                   Eddie Awards                                    Ozzie Awards
                                                                                                          • 2010 Bronze Winner for Best Site Design,
        • 2009 Finalist, Single Topic Issue               • 2009, Best Online News Coverage
        • 2005 Finalist, General Excellence               • 2008, Best Online Community
                                                                                                          • 2002 Best Cover, Best use of Digital Imagery &
          (Circulation of 250,000 to 500,000)             • 2008, 2nd Runner up for the Best                Best Use of Typography
      Eddie Award                                          Online Tool (TR’s electric-car primer)         • 2000 – 2004 Best Magazine & Feature Design
       • 2010, Gold, Silver & Bronze Winners for
         Best Single Article, Consumer,                  MPA Digital Awards                               Society of Illustrators
         Technology/Computing                             • 2007, 2nd Runner-up in Best                     • 2002 Best Cover, Best Use of Digital
       • 2010, Gold Winner for Best Full Issue,             Online Video Series                               Imagery & Best Use of Typography
         Consumer, Technology/Computing                   • 2006, 1st Runner-up in Best Online              • 2000 – 2004 Best Magazine & Feature
       • 2010, Silver Winner for Best Full Issue,           Video                                             Design
         Consumer, Technology/Computing                   • Honorable Mention for Website of
       • 2009 Gold, Silver & Bronze Winners for             the Year – Business/News
         Best Single Article, Consumer,
         Technology/Computing                            PC Magazine Top Web Sites                  MARKETING AWARDS
       • 2008 Gold, Silver & Bronze Winners for           • 2005, PC Magazine’s Top 101 Web Sites
         Best Single Article, Consumer,                                                                     Eddie Awards
                                                                                                              • 2006, Gold, Best Media Kit Design,
       • 2008 Gold Winner for Best Full Issue,           Webby Awards                                           Consumer
         Consumer, Technology/Computing                    • 2008, Honoree, Documentary Series,
       • Jan/Feb 2007, Issue of the Year                     Technology & IT Hardware/Software
       • Jan/Feb 2007, Article of the Year                 • 2007, Finalist, Best Online Film &
                                                                                                            Apex Award of Excellence
                                                                                                              • 2004, Media Kit & News Release
      Utne Independent Press Awards                          Video, Documentary
                                                           • 2007, Finalist, Best Online Film &
        • 2011, Best Science/Technology Coverage
                                                             Video, Technology
     American Society of Journalists
       • 2002, Best Business & Technology Article
         "Data Extinction"

Contributors & Bloggers
 Technology Review’s contributors include some of the most well respected, renowned
                 technologists and journalists from across the globe.
 Michael Rosenwald                                                                Graham Allison
 Michael is a staff writer at the Washington Post. In addition to Technology      Former Special Advisor to the Secretary of Defense under President
 Review his work has been published in the New Yorker, Esquire, Popular           Reagan and founding dean of Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of
 Science, Smithsonian, Tin House, Creative Nonfiction, Men's Journal and ESPN     Government.
 the Magazine. He is a former finalist for the National Magazine Award.
                                                                                  Robert X. Cringley
 Scott Aaronson                                                                   Legendary high tech columnist, best-selling author and PBS
 Scott’s blog offers a wry take on politics, quantum computers and life in        personality , Robert X. Cringley is known for his unique writing style
 general. He is Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer        blending his journalistic and computer capabilities to write
 Science at MIT.                                                                  meaningful high tech columns.

 Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson                                                    James Fallows
 Brad and Jason are both experienced venture capitalists who have worked          National correspondent for the Atlantic Monthly and former chief
 together since 2000. With three other partners they recently they founded        White House speechwriter.
 the Foundry Group, a venture firm located in Boulder, Colorado.
                                                                                  Matthew Wald
 James Watson                                                                     Matthew Wald has covered various energy, transportation and
 Nobel Prize winner for the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA, and   technology topics for the New York Times since 1995. His writings
 chancellor of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.                                 have focused on the electric grid, nuclear power, as well as
                                                                                  alternative transportation fuels.

Total Audience 2.6 million+
In a world overwhelmed by information, we serve as a filter
     and a road map for leaders. Through our daily news
website, weekly newsletters, monthly Business Impact, bi-
 monthly magazine, and annual events Technology Review
        serves a global audience of over 2.6 million.

Who is the Technology Review Audience?

           Business and technology decision makers who know that their
           profits, command of market share, and status as industry leaders
           depend upon innovation.

                 Technology innovators and developers who are creating
                 and harnessing new technologies.

                    Thought leaders and early adopters who advocate
                    quality and to whom others often turn for opinions
                    on “what’s next.”

                   They depend on the Technology Review media properties
                   to give them the essential insight they need to stay ahead
                   of the curve.

C-Level Leaders
Technology Review readers are your best customers. They are the savvy technology
leaders and business decision makers who are at the helm of global enterprises and
emerging companies. Inherently curious, they are CXOs, senior technologists, and venture
capitalists who know that technology drives business success.

                                                                 Title                           Print                     Online
                                                               C-Suite                            32%                         26%
                                                                  CEO                             26%                         22%
                                                                  CTO                             30%                         27%
                                                                   CIO                            20%                         17%
                                                                  COO                             16%                         12%

                                                          Company Size                            Print                  Online
                                                          1,000+                                    43%                      36%

                                                          100-999                                   21%                      20%

                                                          0-99                                      36%                      41%

                                                        Source: 2010 Technology Review Reader Profile, Socratic Technologies, Inc.

Technology Decision Makers                                                               Print Audience

 Technology Review’s audience encompasses senior-level players who drive technology
 decisions for their organization.

 70.8% work in Computer Services/IT or Engineering.

                                 Final decision/ input for                 Print                          Online
                                     Software/Hardware                      83%                              82%
                                             IT                             73%                              73%
                                      Engineering/Tech                      74%                              73%
                                          Telecom                           61%                              58%

                                                         Source: 2010 Technology Review Reader Profile, Socratic Technologies, Inc.

Business and Technology Innovators

                  Monthly Unique Visitors 1.4                                             million
                               Average Visitor
                  Ages 48-68                 54%                        Company Size                   Online Readers
                  Ages 27-47                 34%                    1,000+                                      36%
                  Male                       85%
                                                                    100-999                                     20%
                  College Educated           97%
                                                                    0-99                                        41%
                  Graduate Study             74%
                  HHI of $75,000+            $55%
                  HHI of $100,000+           $43%
                                                                              Title                     Online Readers
                                                                    C-Suite                                     26%
                         Technology Review Usage
                                                                    CEO                                         22%
                  Visit Website Weekly              42%
                                                                    CTO                                         27%

                  Very/Somewhat Satisfied with      72%             COO                                         12%
                  Website                                           CIO                                         17%

                                                          Source: 2010 Technology Review Reader Profile, Socratic Technologies, Inc.

Tech-driven Industries                                                                                      Print Audience
 Technology Review readers are senior level decision makers who work
 for innovative companies in technology driven industries.

              IT/Computers                                                                    21.8%
             Manufacturing                                                                 17.8%
                    Finance                                                         11.4%
 Other Professional Services                                                      10.0%
                Engineering                                                  9.4%
                  Education                                         8.7%
                      Gov’t                                       8.4%
                 Healthcare                                       8.3%
          Telecom/Utilities                          4.0%
             Transportation                          4.0%

                               Source: 2010 Technology Review Reader Profile, Socratic Technologies, Inc.

Reader Profiles
            “Technology Review is motivating. It’s one of my top sources to stay
             current about new technology information. It’s faster in reporting
                     the news compared to any other media property.”
                                    Joonki Kim, PHD
                                Former Advisor to the CEO,

             “You can get the news anywhere. Technology Review is actually
           charting and mapping technology for the future. It is essential to me
                 because I’m focused on where the future will bring us.”
                                 George T. Whitesides
                                   CEO and President
                                     Virgin Galactic

             “I love Technology Review because it really looks to the future.”
                                      Mary Finlay
                             Simmons School of Management

Reaching Industry Leaders

  I read Technology Review online. I probably share links from the site, to the
  point of irritation. There’s so much media that comes out, that it’s essential
  to be able to lift out key articles, key elements, grab the critical section and
                               share it with my team.

                                   Sharon Love
                              Director of Innovations,

  I get the Technology Review email notification every time there’s a new issue.
Usually when I get the notification about the new issue I go to the website. When
I think of Technology Review, I think it’s upbeat, I think it’s broad, I think it’s very
 appealing in that sense, in that you get a broad overview in a positive way. It’s a
                     way to get exposed to a bunch of topics.

                                   Madeleine Glick
                                  Principal Engineer,
                                    Intel Research

Technology Review Magazine

  Published on a bimonthly basis, in print and digital
  formats, Technology Review describes emerging
  technologies and analyzes their impact for leaders.

  Influential business decision makers and opinion
  leaders turn to Technology Review In order to
  maximize their impact within their organization.

        Ad/Edit ratio           25/75

        Frequency               6x per year

        Total audience          470,919

        Rate base               150,000

        4C Page Rate            $21,998 (2011)

2011 Print Editorial Calendar
Issue                                    Ad Space   Materials   Online   Newsstand
Briefing: The Smart Grid                  11/19      11/26      12/21       1/4
TR50 Top Companies                        1/28        2/4       2/22        3/8
Briefing: Space
TR10 Top Technologies                     3/18        3/25      4/19        5/3
Briefing: Mobile Devices
Briefing: Social Networking               5/20        5/27      6/21        7/5
TR35 Top Innovators                       7/22        7/29      8/23        9/6
Business Impact: Future of Work
Business Impact: Business in the Cloud    9/23        9/30      10/25      11/8

Technology Review Print Rates
                   Unit Size               4-Color    2-Color    B&W
            Page                           $21,998    $18,698   $16,498
            Spread                         $43,996    $37,396   $32,997
            2/3                            $15,399    $13,089   $11,549
            1/2                            $14,299    $12,154   $10,724
            1/3                            $9,899     $8,414    $7,424
            2nd Cover Spread               $52,795    $37,396     NA
            3rd Cover Spread               $24,198      NA        NA
            4th Cover                      $28,597      NA        NA
            Bleed Charge                    15%         15%      15%

                     Ad/Edit ratio                   25/75

                     Estimated Audience              470,919

                     Frequency                       6/year
                     Average Circulation             168,973

                     Rate Base                       150,000

                                  Send Materials To
                              One Main Street, 13th Floor
                                Cambridge, MA 02142
                                  c/o David Schmidt
US Magazine Specs
Closing Dates                                                               Gutter Safety: Allow 3/8 inch on each side of the gutter, ¾ inch total
   Issue           Ad Close         Materials Due       On Sale Date        gutter safety

Jan/Feb             11/19              11/26               12/21            Safety: For safety, please keep all LIVE material not intended to trim ¼
                                                                            inch from the trim edges
Mar/Apr                 1/28               2/4              2/22
                                                                            Trim Size: 8 3/16” x 10 ½”
May/June                3/18               3/25             4/19
July/August             5/20               5/27             6/21            Printing Process: Technology Review magazine is produced with a
                                                                            computer-to-plate workflow and is printed on Web offset presses. The
Sep/Oct                 7/22               7/29             8/23            preferred screen is 133 lines per inch. Total density should not exceed
                                                                            300 percent. The magazine is perfect bound. Technology Review
Nov/Dec                 9/23               9/30            10/25            subscribers to SWOP (Specifications for Web Offset Publications)
 Page Dimensions                                                            Preferred Materials: Digital data with matching screened digital proofs
Sizes            Live               Trim                Bleed               (contract proofs) is preferred for all ad submissions. PDF/X-la files are
                                                                            preferred. Postscript files accepted. Electronic ad materials must
Page              7 3/16” x 10”     8 3/16” x 10 1/2”   8 7/16” x 10 3/4”   include crop marks showing trim, and include a minimum of 1/8” bleed.
                                                                            Minimum resolution for all images is 266 dpi.
Spread            15 5/8” x 10”     16 3/8” x 10 1/2”   16 5/8” x 10 3/4”
2/3 Page         4 5/8” x 9 5/8”             NA         4 3/4” x 10 3/4”    FTP Transfer Information: Please e-mail
                                                                   for FTP site and password
1/2 Horizontal     7” x 4 1/2”               NA         8 7/16” x 4 3/4”
                                                                            information. File folders should be zipped (PC files) or BinHexed (Mac
1/3 Vertical     2 3/16” x 9 5/8”            NA         2 5/16” x 10 3/4”   Files).

                                                            Send Materials To
                                                       One Main Street, 13th Floor
                                                          Cambridge, MA 02142
                                                            c/o David Schmidt
 Technology Review’s Custom Publishing Division

    When organizations are looking for unique media solutions to deepen and intensify their presence in industries that
          depend on technology and innovation they turn to Technology Review’s Custom Publishing Division.

 From custom print pieces and micro sites to a custom webcast or event series, Technology Review has the ability to build
   custom media properties that will showcase your organization and highlight the importance of your presence in the
                                                    specified industry.

Technology Review’s Custom Publishing Division has the capabilities and will work with you to tailor a program that fits your
                                           needs and reaches your audience.

                             728x90 Overview                                                                                    Online

                                               Technology Review offers banner advertising as Run of Site
                                             (ROS) as well as targeted topic channels including Computing,
                                              Web, Communications, Energy, Biomedicine, Business, and
                                              combined IT Channels. Channels offer dedicated to in-depth
                                                     reporting in each specific area of technology.

                                             The site includes daily original content, topic channels, special
                                              reports, award-winning videos, RSS feeds, daily and weekly
                                               newsletters, unique text to speech (T2S) podcasts and an
   160                                                             engaged community.

                                                              1,400,000+ unique visitors/month
                                                              2.8 million+ page impressions/month

                                                              10+ minutes/visit

                                      • Geographic targeting by country, state or DMA is available.
                                      • Rich media, video and expandable banners are accepted. See specs for details.

2011 Online Editorial Calendar
Month/Issue       Business Impact Topic                 Online*   Magazine Features                 Online*

January           Corporate Energy Strategy              1/1
                                                                  Briefing: The Smart Grid          12/21
February          Innovation Strategies                  2/1

March             Collaboration Tools                    3/1      TR50 Top Companies
April             Design as Business Strategy            4/1      Briefing: Space

May               Understanding Your Customer            5/2      TR10 Top Technologies
June              Securing Data                          6/1      Briefing: Mobile Devices

July              Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain    7/1
                                                                  Briefing: Social Networking        6/21
August            Electronic Medicine                    8/1

September         The Future of the Office               9/1      TR35 Top Innovators
October           Business in the Cloud                  10/3     Business Impact: Future of Work

November          Mobile Revolution                      11/1
                                                                  Briefing: Business in the Cloud   10/25
December          TBD                                    12/1
*Materials due 7 days prior to online launch.

Pre-roll to Video

 From award-winning micro documentaries to
  exclusive interviews and technology demos,
 the videos give the TR audience direct access
 to emerging technologies and the innovators
             who are creating them.

● Highlights of Pre-Roll advertising
     ● Gain the attention of senior leaders who are
       drawn to this exclusive, in-depth, award-
       winning coverage.
     ● Increase your impact and sponsor the entire
       video site on a monthly basis.
     ● Pre-roll to video content library.

Daily and Weekly Newsletters
          Technology Review articles and targeted advertisements are delivered directly to the
               inboxes of more than 150,000 highly sought-after senior-level executives.
                                              728x90                     Advertising Units:
                                                                         Leaderboard Banner
•   Emerging Technologies Update
     –    Delivered daily (Mon-Fri)

                                                   300X250               Medium Rectangle Banner
•   Targeted Weekly Updates
     –    Energy & Communications (Monday)

     –    Biomedicine (Tuesday)

     –    Business and Web (Wednesday)

     –    Materials (Thursday)

     –    Computing (Friday)

RSS Feeds
The 100 percent opt-in audience is engaged and highly anticipates the arrival of new articles – from a
publisher it trusts.
•   Highlights of advertising through RSS

     –   Gain access to the content that
         users deem most important to
         their daily routine.

     –   Each day, the RSS feeds are
         updated with cutting-edge stories
         from award–winning journalists.

     –   Each feed has four advertising
            •   text only                                        300
            •   text with logo                                   250
            •   300x250 banner

            •   468x60 banner

Technology Review Mobile

  iPhone                       Smart

QR Codes

            In June 2009, Technology Review introduced a
              smart way to navigate from print to mobile.
           Quick-response (QR) codes are two-dimensional
               bar codes that allow our readers to easily
           navigate to the web in order to access additional
                            content online.

           They simply download a free code reader to their
           Web-enabled phone and snap a picture of the QR
           code with their camera which automatically links
                   to a content-specific page within

             Due to our early adopter readership, the QR
                 codes have been very well received.

Text to Speech (T2S) Podcasts

                                Text to Speech (T2S) technology
                                allows readers to listen to articles
                                as podcasts. They can be
                                streamlined from the website or
                                downloaded to MP3 players,
                                providing our partners with a
                                highly engaged audience.

High Impact Unit – Welcome Ad


High Impact Unit – Peel-back


High Impact Unit – Expandable Bill Board



International Media Properties

  Published in China, Germany, India, Italy, Latin America and Spain, Technology Review has expanded it’s reach
   as the authority on the future of technology. We serve as a guide for the role technology will play in our ever-
        changing global economy by focusing exclusively, knowledgeably, and authoritatively on technology
  developments with serious ramifications for the global marketplace. Technology Review’s international editions
     attract an informed, influential, international audience of business executives, technology innovators, and
          thought leaders. Reach this global audience through Technology Review’s international partners.

US Advertising Contacts
              National Digital Strategist                                                  National Print Strategist
              California and Northwest                                                        Midwest and Texas
  55 Francisco Street, Suite 850, San Francisco, CA 94133                       7475 Miller Street, Suite 1-B, Arvada, CO 80005
                     Patrick Viera                                                           Maureen C. Elmaleh                              
                   p: 415.659.2982                                                              p: 303.975.6381
                   f: 415.659.2989                                                            f: 303.975.6396

         New England, Michigan, and E. Canada                                                Mid Atlantic
       23 Summer Street, Peterborough, NH 03458                               107 Lane Gate Road, Cold Spring, NY 10516
                   Barry Echavarria                                                          Clive Bullard                                  
                    p: 603.924.7586                                                       p: 845.231.0846
                    f: 617.475.8042                                                        f: 845.265.9695

                                              California and Northwest – Online and Print
                                    Mediacentric Inc., 70 Reed Ranch Road, Suite 200, Tiburon CA 94920
                                                              Steve Thompson
                                                              p: 415.435.4678
                                                               f: 415.435.8099

Advertising Services Contacts
                         Sales and Marketing Associate
                                  Paige Journey
                                 p: 617.475.8005
                                 f: 617.475.8042

                   Associate Manager, Advertising Operations
                                 David Schmidt
                               p: 617.475.8004
                                f: 617.475.8042

                                 Insertion Orders
                 Please send insertion orders and Web creative to:

                                List Rental Services
                                   Steve Tozeski
                                  p: 508.370.0822

                             Reprints & Permissions
                                Alisha Smallwood

International Contacts

                    China                            India
                Brandon Zhou                      Aninda Sen
           p: 86 010 650 27181                p: 91 80 43412000

                      Europe                          Italy
               Anthony Fitzgerald              Jacobelli Gian Piero
           p: 44 (0) 148 868 0623           p: 011-39-06-68-134196
             f: 44 (0) 870 199 2491
                       France                  Shigeru Kobayashi
                Phillipe Marquezy     p: 011.81.33261.4591
              p:              f: 011.81.332616126
                    Germany                     Mila Pérez Diez
                 Michael Hanke      
              p: +34 91 128 48 64
           p: 49.511.5352.4411
              f: 49.511.5352.441


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