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									                                   Edexcel International Examinations
                                      O-level Syllabus Order Form

Ordering examinations material is a 4-step process. Please complete all four steps before sending in your order.

Step 1: Customer Contact Details

Please ensure that your contact details are accurate to prevent any delays in receiving photocopy orders.


Mailing Address:

Telephone:                                    Email:

Step 2: Complete the Photocopy Order Form

  Instructions on Completing the Order Form

  Available syllabi are indicated by a tick under the appropriate year; Please select the syllabus that you would like to order by circling
  the appropriate box. For example, if you want the Biology O-level syllabus for 2011, your form would look like:

             Subject                      Code                        Year                       No. of Pages
                                                                 May/June 2011,
          Biology                          7040
                                                                   Jan. 2012

  Please circle the syllabus you would like to order.

                   Subject                     Code                    Year                                   No. of Pages
          Accounting                           7011      May/June 2011, Jan. 2012
          Art and Design                       7020      May/June 2011, Jan. 2012
          Biology                              7040      May/June 2011, Jan. 2012
          Chemistry                            7081      May/June 2011, Jan. 2012
          Commerce                             7100      May/June 2011, Jan. 2012
          Computing                            7105      May/June 2011, Jan. 2012
          Economics                            7120      May/June 2011, Jan. 2012
          English Language                     7161      May/June 2011, Jan. 2012
          English Literature                   7171      May/June 2011, Jan. 2012
          Geography                            7209      May/June 2011, Jan. 2012
          History                              7,263     May/June 2011, Jan. 2012
          Human Biology                        7042      May/June 2011, Jan. 2012
          Islamiyat                            7568      May/June 2011, Jan. 2012
          Mathematics Syllabus A               7360      May/June 2011, Jan. 2012
          Mathematics Syllabus B               7361      May/June 2011, Jan. 2012
          Pakistan Studies                     7535      May/June 2011, Jan. 2012
          Physics                              7540      May/June 2011, Jan. 2012
          Pure Mathematics                     7362      May/June 2011, Jan. 2012
          Religious Studies                    7560      May/June 2011, Jan. 2012
          Urdu                                 7648      May/June 2011, Jan. 2012
Step 3: Payment Details

Each syllabus costs Rs.40 in addition to postage and handling charges. Each order incurs a postage and handling charge of Rs. 50.
Please use the table below to calculate the total cost:

                                                                                              Total Photocopying costs
            Number of syllabi                          Cost per syllabus
                                                                                            (Number of syllabus x Rs. 40)

                                                             Rs. 40

                                               Postage and Handling Charges                            + Rs. 50

                                               Total Cost (Photocopying Costs
                                               +Postage and Handling Charges)

Step 4: Bank Details

(Please note that the cost is per paper and not per syllabus. For example, Paper 1 and 2 of Chemistry for the June 2008 session will
be counted as 2 papers and the photocopying charge will be Rs. 80.)

Payment must be deposited by the customer at the respective British Council bank account, details of which are provided
below. Customers must fill out a British Council bank deposit slip, available at following Standard Chartered Bank branches,
when submitting payment.


Bank Details:

  Code     City Names           Branch Name                        Complete Branch Address 
   141     Faisalabad           Satiana Road, Faisalabad           Masood Arcade, 720 Batala Colony, Satiana Road, Faisalabad 
   181     Gujranwala           Trust Plaza                        Trust Plaza, District Gujranwala 
    87     Islamabad            G‐11 Markaz , Islamabad            Plot No. 19, Farhan Plaza, G‐11 Markaz, Islambad 
   108     Islamabad            F‐10 Markaz, Islamabad             Capital Trade Center, F‐10 Markaz, Islamabad. 
    74     Lahore               Mall Road, Lahore                  Tufail Road Lahore Cantt. 
                                                                   91‐B‐1, Ground Floor, Nagina House, M. M. Alam Road, Gulberg 
    43     Lahore               M.M. Alam Road                     III, Lahore 
   130     Lahore               Garden Town, Lahore                27 ‐ Ali Block, New Garden Town, Lhr. 
   131     Lahore               Johar Town, Lahore                 93‐94, Block G‐1, Johar Town, Near Doctor Hospital, Lahore. 
                                Rahim Yar Khan, Rahim Yar 
   147     Rahim Yar Khan       Khan                               13, Town Hall Road, Rahim Yar Khan 
                                Chaklala Scheme III, 
    68     Rawalpindi           Rawalpindi                         Chaklala Scheme III, Rawalpindi 
    32     Rawalpindi           Haider Road, Rawalpindi            55 Haider Road Branch Rawalpindi Cantt 
                                Satellite Town Chandni 
   111     Rawalpindi           Chowk, Rawalpindi 2                C‐45, Al‐Sheikh Plaza, Chandni Chowk, Rawalpindi. 
   145     Sahiwal              Sahiwal, Sahiwal                   High Street, Opp. Govt. High School, Sahiwal 
    94     Sargodha             Sargodha, Sargodha                 40‐Civil Lines, Opposite SSP House University Road, Sargodha 
           Sialkot              A‐97 Aziz Shaheed Road             Cantt, Sialkot 

Please attach your copy of the British Council bank deposit slip with this order form. Customers are advised to keep a
photocopy of the British Council bank deposit slip and the order form for their own reference.

Please complete this table after making the payment at the bank:

  British Council bank account number at which the
  photocopy fee was deposited (please consult the British
  Council bank Account Details printed above)
  Name of the bank at which the photocopy fee was
  Address of the bank at which the photocopy fee was
  British Council Bank Deposit slip number

  Date on which the photocopy fee was deposited at the

Step 4: Mailing the Order Form and British Council Bank Deposit Slip

Please mail this order form and the British Council bank deposit slip to the British Council office by courier.

  British Council
  65 Mozang Road
  P.O. Box 88
  Lahore 54650
Please note that all orders will be processed within 10 days of receiving the order form and sent back to
customers through courier.

For any further information, please write to: or call us on our toll free number 080022000

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