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                To make the most of your BU experience it is
                important that you are happy and settled in your
                accommodation. Therefore please do your best to
                arrange your accommodation for the academic year
                before you arrive.

If you have not organised your                   Quay and close to the railway station and
accommodation, the Accommodation Service         bus stops.
can direct you to sources of accommodation
and advise you. (If you are studying a           In order to help you to choose your
course in the School of Health & Social Care     accommodation you should find its location
(HSC), your accommodation will normally be       on (Type the
arranged for you in staff residences attached    residence’s postcode in the search box.)
to your placement hospitals.)
                                                 Remember to check which campus you will
While all accommodation is allocated by the      be studying on.
University, some residences are owned and
managed by private companies, UNITE PLC
and Signpost Homes, in partnership with the      telephones and
University. Corfe House and Purbeck House        internet services
are owned by UNITE PLC and Okeford               Most University-allocated residences
House and Lyme Regis House are owned             (Cranborne House, Student Village, Hurn
by Signpost Homes.                               House, Winterbourne House, Abbotsbury
                                                 House, Purbeck House and Corfe House)
For the different types of accommodation         have access to an internet telephone
available, please visit the accommodation        handset in the bedroom.
accommodation International students             Residences owned and managed by
often consider the accommodation to be           Signpost Homes, where rooms are allocated
expensive, and comment that the quality          by the University (Okeford House and Lyme
is not as high as they may be accustomed         Regis House) do not have this facility;
to. Each type of accommodation will have         however, an IP phone can be purchased
certain advantages and disadvantages.            and the broadband connection to the room
                                                 used to make calls. Outgoing calls need
Location                                         to be made by pre-paid card. A variety of
It is important that you consider the location   international telephone cards can be bought
of your accommodation in relation to your        in local newsagents. In UniLet houses there
place of study. Some accommodation may be        is at least one telephone line in each house
within walking distance; in other cases you      accepting incoming calls. Again, outgoing
may wish to buy a bike, or take a bus. There     calls need to be made by pre-paid card.
is a dedicated bus route during term time to
all University allocated halls. UniLet houses    An internet connection is provided in all
are within walking distance of the bus route.    University-allocated residences. Please
Please note: Corfe House is located in           note: network services are not designed for
Poole, not Bournemouth, overlooking Poole        students who wish to run businesses or who

                Purbeck House

have paid employment on the internet. We
do not guarantee that high bandwidth-use
activities such as music, video downloads,
webcams and internet games will work or
be supported by the University.

Please note: your PC or laptop will need to
be checked before you are allowed to use
them at the University. This is to prevent
the spread of viruses. For details of internet
cafés and mobile telephones, please see
page 88.

equipment provided
All University-allocated flats and houses
are furnished. They are also equipped
with cookers, microwaves and fridges.
Other additional contents may vary from
building to building, and further information
will be provided by the managers of the
buildings when you have been offered your
accommodation place.

You must provide all other equipment
yourself, or agree to share the provision
of items with flat/housemates. You will
need to buy cooking utensils, plates, cups
and cutlery for example. There are plenty of

                shops in Bournemouth that sell these type      Respecting your
                of goods at a reasonable price.
                                                               flat/house mates
                You can order a bedding pack (including        You will be expected, with your flat or house
                duvet, pillow, sheets etc.) in advance         mates, to keep the accommodation clean
                from It will then        and tidy. Please have respect for the other
                be delivered to your address in halls of       people that share your accommodation
                residence, ready for when you arrive.          and recognise they may have different
                Alternatively, visit         timetables, habits or food preferences to
                for details of other equipment packs           you. Part of the challenge of coming to
                for students                                   university is learning to live with others.

                                                               For information on how to apply for
                Your room                                      BU-allocated accommodation, please visit
                Each room has a single bed (with either a 3’
                or 4’ mattress), single wardrobe, drawers,
                desk and chair, lamp, bin, either en-suite     For short-term host family
                shower rooms/toilet (Cranborne House,          accommodation, please email
                Okeford House, Purbeck House, Corfe  
                House, Winterbourne House, Abbotsbury
                House, Student Village studios and Lyme        For privately rented accommodation
                Regis House) or vanity sinks (Hurn House,      in houses and flats, please visit
                Student Village houses). UniLet houses
                vary but most are similarly equipped. Room     or
                sizes vary from 8 square metres to 15 square
                metres. An average room is approximately
                11 square metres, studios vary from around     Students starting
                14 to 20 square metres.                        courses in Spring term/
                                                               exchange students
                Laundrette facilities                          As with most University towns, there
                All University-allocated residences have       is a demand for accommodation in
                a laundrette which is coin operated. The       Bournemouth. Please make sure that you
                number of machines varies. Costs are           organise your accommodation as soon as
                average for a commercial laundry, typically    you have accepted or received your offer. If
                around £2 for a wash and £1 for a dry.         you are arriving in January to start a course,
                                                               or you are arriving outside traditional
term start dates, you should contact the         Are there regular (late night) buses?          57
Accommodation Service: accommodation@          • Security: how do you enter the building? to discuss how they can        Are the locks strong? Are there locks on

help you find somewhere to live. There are       your door?
sometimes places available in University-
allocated residences, but this cannot          • Space: is there space to work, cook, relax?
be guaranteed.                                 • Landlord: do you have their contact
                                                 details should something go wrong in the
Students with families
If you are bringing your family with you,      • Contract: do you have a copy? Have you
you will probably need to find your own          checked it?
accommodation outside of the University.       • Sharing: do you like and trust the other
It can be quite difficult to find family         people living in the house?
accommodation in the UK.                       • Furnished/unfurnished: do you need to
                                                 buy furniture? Pots and pans?
However, the Accommodation Service has
                                               • Facilities to wash clothes: is there a
its own Letting Service which may be able
                                                 washing machine? If not, where is the
to assist you. Please email lettingservice@
                                                 nearest laundrette?

Refer to the section ‘Students bringing        Top tips
their Families to the UK’ on page 22 for       • Always ask for a copy of the contract.
further information.                             If you do not understand parts of the
                                                 contract, or are worried about its contents,
Checklist                                        please check with the Students’ Union
                                                 Advice Centre or the Accommodation
It is important to think about the following
                                                 Service before you sign, or hand over
when choosing where to live, particularly
                                                 any money
if you are going into private, rented
accommodation:                                 • Never hand over money without receiving
                                                 a formal agreement in writing
• Price: are bills included?
                                               • Don’t panic and rush into things, take
• Location: is it within walking distance?
                                                 your time
    58          • Try and get a second opinion if you can –       television (tV) licences
                  take a friend along to see the property         One of the peculiarities of the UK is
                • Remember: standards of accommodation            the television licence. If you live in a

                  may be different from what you are used         shared house or on your own and there
                  to in your home country and you may             is a television in the property, you need
                  feel rents are expensive in return for what     a licence. Where several tenants share a
                  you get. This is a similar story all over the   property and have their own TVs then one
                  UK. You may not like the décor or the style     of the following applies:
                  of the accommodation but it isn’t forever!
                  The important thing is that you are             • Under separate tenancy agreements all
                  reasonably comfortable, safe and living           tenants will need their own licences
                  in a place that is convenient enough for
                  studying and traveling to and from              • Under a joint tenancy only one licence
                  the University                                    is needed, regardless of the number of
                                                                    TV sets. The licence will need to be in
                • Sharing accommodation with students               one person’s name. If this person leaves
                  from the UK and other parts of the world          the house he/she is entitled to transfer
                  is a great opportunity to get to know             the licence to their new address. The
                  people and learn about different cultures.        licence is not transferable from one
                  Make the most of it!                              person to another.

                Safety                                            The maximum fine for not having a licence
                When choosing your accommodation, check           for a television set is £1,000. The easiest
                the front door is easily accessible and secure    way to pay for your TV licence is online.
                and the street has adequate lighting. If you      Please visit
                are living in a shared house or flat, check
                there are locks on the door of your room and
                you meet your fellow housemates before you
                                                                  Council tax
                move in (if possible).                            The Council Tax is set by local authorities in
                                                                  England, Scotland and Wales to help pay for
                                                                  certain local services that they provide, such
                                                                  as libraries, the Police and the Fire Service.

                                                                  If you are a full-time student, you won’t
                                                                  have to pay the Council Tax provided that
                                                                  you are not sharing a house or flat with
                                                                  someone who is not a full time student. You
                                                                  should be given a Council Tax Exemption
                                                                  Certificate when you enrol on your course. If
                                                                  you do not have one, please contact askBU
                                                                  for assistance. If you receive a Council Tax
                                                                  bill, you can send a copy of your Exemption
                                                                  Certificate to the local council to prove that
                                                                  you don’t need to pay. You may need to pay
                                                                  Council Tax for the period between courses
                                                                  (eg. at the end of your Bachelors degree but
                                                                  before you start your Masters). If you are
                                                                  uncertain as to whether you will have to
                                                                  pay the Council Tax, contact the Students’
                                                                  Union Advice Centre: studentadvice@

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