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Automotive Glass by suchenfz


									Automotive Glass

Adresse:             Avenue François Malherbe 5 1070, Brussels —
Téléphone:           Bruxelles

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Localisation:        Avenue François Malherbe 5 1070, Brussels — Bruxelles

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Contenus associés:     Automotive Glass Soliver : OEM auto glass
                     The automotive glass division of Soliver, Europe's largest
                     independent safety glass manufacturer for the automotive industry.
                     Also active as supplier to the automotive glass

                     Industrial vacuum pump, vacuum hose connector, rubber vacuum
                     SIMTECH is dedicated to manufacturing specific industrial products
                     for the automotive glass industry including industrial vacuum pump,
                     hose connector, rubber vacuum

                     Soliver Group - Home page - English
                     English Home page of Soliver NV, your partner in glazing. Info on
                     automotive glass and construction

                     ... for each customer’s production requirements, ranging from 50
                     MTD to 1000 MTD with a thickness range of 0.3mm to 25.0mm
                     covering the architectural, automotive and special glass

                     Rotatable sputter targets for large area glass coating -
                     Materials glass; Automotive; Architectural glass (easy clean glass,
                     self cleaning glass, low-E glass, solar control glass etc.) Automotive
                     glass (hydrophobic glass, hydrophilic glass

                     Pilkington Automotive operates as a single global organisation
                     serving the following sectors: Original Equipment (OE) and Local
                     Automotive Glass Replacement (AGR)

                     Glass and optic

#ID:                 1320004144
                                             ... proven solutions for high performance cleaning in the
                                             manufacturing of high-tech glass, double glazing, solar protection
                                             glass, aesthetic glass, security glass, mirrors, automotive

                                             Rotatable sputter targets -
                                             Materials glass; Automotive; Exterior (windscreen) Large area glass
                                             coating: architectural and automotive glass; Photovoltaics:
                                             transparent conductive oxides and back

                                             Glass laminating oven, vacuum pump connector, rubber bag /
                                             Architectural Glass: Automotive Glass: Hollow Glass: Defence:
                                             Vehicle construction: Filtering: Handling

                                             AGC Flat Glass : Glass Market
                                             A proportion of the flat glass is further processed by laminating,
                                             tempering, coating and silvering for use in insulating glazing (for
                                             building applications) or automotive

                                   #ID:      1320004144

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