04-05 Annual Report - Rogue Community College Foundation by wuxiangyu


									Letter from the Foundation President

Dear Friends of the Rogue Community College Foundation:

On behalf of the RCC Foundation Board, I would like to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for the
generous support you have given to the foundation this year. Your gifts make all the difference in the world to
our students.
This was a banner year, with the foundation awarding 366 scholarships in 2005 totaling a record $382,079!
And $60,000 was granted to college departments for projects that improve their ability to deliver excellent
training and educational services to students.
Our largest single scholarship fund is the Ann and Wirt Cogswell Fund, now exceeding $1.27 million.
This fund represents the proceeds from the sale of 100 acres of land near Grants Pass, donated
in 1999 to the foundation by Mrs. Cogswell. In 2005, the fund provided $69,000 in scholarships
to 43 students for next year.
The foundation’s role continues to grow with the Riverside Campus expansion, the opening of
Table Rock Campus, and the continuing achievements at the Redwood Campus. Enrollment is
projected to increase, and so, too, will the need for scholarships, facilities, specialized job training
equipment, and faculty development. It is essential that our foundation continue to grow and to
play a vital role in support of excellence in education.
Our world is changing rapidly – and sometimes in alarming ways. Thomas L. Friedman, in his
bestselling book “The World is Flat,” describes the challenges and opportunities these
transformations present. He advises that:                                                                         Marjorie Overland
    “ ...American individuals have nothing to worry about from a flat world – provided we roll up our sleeves, be ready
    to compete, get every individual to think about how he or she upgrades his or her educational skills, and keep
    investing in the secrets of the American sauce.”
Our mission at the RCC Foundation is to ensure that our students are ready to compete and have the financial
support needed to reach their goals and contribute to the “American sauce.”
Rogue Community College is a real treasure for southern Oregon. We thank you very much for continuing to share
a part of your treasure (resources) to keep it strong.


Marjorie Overland, President
Rogue Community College Foundation

       Award boosts student’s long-held dream
       Rogue Scholar aims to repay kindness

       Receiving the 2005 Rogue Scholar Award is helping Tanya Dungey reach the goal she set 18 years ago – to serve terminally
       ill children and their families.
       Dungey’s daughter Cassandra was born with major medical problems and lived just two years.
       “It was devastating, but during those two years at Oregon Health and Sciences University, I had many doctors and nurses
       who comforted me and guided me through the most difficult time in my life,” she recalled.
                                    “These people are the reason I am in college today and the reason I am pursuing a career
                                    as a nurse practitioner,” she explained. “I want to lend comfort to sick children and grieving
                                    The $2,500 Rogue Scholar Award, funded by RCC Foundation Board members, is presented
                                    to the student who earns the highest total score on scholarship application evaluations.
                                    Dungey, 38, is a student government officer at RCC and holds two jobs. She also is working
                                    to lower textbooks costs at the college and has traveled twice to Salem to testify before
                                    the Oregon Legislature on tuition rates.
                                    Raised in Medford, Dungey married immediately after graduating from high school and
                                    became a homemaker. She went through a divorce and operated a daycare center, yet held
                                    on to her dream of a healthcare career.
                                    “I had been out of school since 1984, and it took three years to work up my nerve,” said
                                    Dungey, who was the first generation in her family to become a college student. Once
                                    enrolled at RCC, however, she immediately thrived and carries a 3.9 GPA.
    Tanya Dungey                   “I love RCC. The teachers are incredible and motivated. You get personal attention and
                                   there’s always someone here to smile and encourage you.”
       Receiving the foundation’s highest award has meant Dungey, a single parent, can spend more time with sons Shawn, 15,
       and Jacob, 10.
       “I couldn’t believe I’d gotten it. I wanted to cry because it is an incredible honor, and they had such faith in me,” Dungey
       said. “This year is going to be great. So, thank you so much!”
       “RCC really helped me get started,” she continued. “I hope to give back to the college for doing that. It’s been a long
       journey for me, but it’s time. I’m ready to do something good.”

Pride in achievement – it’s catching
RCC advocate urges others to get in the act
To really catch the spirit of Rogue Community College, Patricia (Patsy) Smullin suggests attending the RCC Foundation’s
scholarship awards ceremony.
“It’s just so full of life. You see students of all ages and their incredibly proud and supportive families with parents,
babies, and grandkids,” said Smullin, president and owner of California Oregon Broadcasting, Inc., which includes KOBI
TV NBC 5 Medford.
Smullin described the foundation gathering, held each spring, as a special event.
“Everyone is celebrating and recognizing the value of education and wanting to use
that education. The pride in the room, filled with hundreds and hundreds of people, is
palpable,” she added.
Smullin carries on the support for community colleges that her father, the late Bill
Smullin, felt strongly about.
“I grew up knowing the importance of community colleges,” she said. “I share my father’s
interest and enthusiasm and the belief that community colleges are absolutely essential
to the economy and health of the community.”
There’s a long-standing partnership between RCC and the television station, Smullin
noted. In the early 1980s, KOBI TV’s former studios housed RCC’s first outpost in Jackson
County, and a number of COBI staff members are Rogue graduates.
Over the years Smullin has worked professionally with several RCC presidents.
“I have always been very impressed with their leadership skills and with their ability to
motivate students to have successful learning experiences,” she said. “And I love how                       Patricia (Patsy) Smullin
the presidents of RCC and Southern Oregon University are working together on a shared
facility. It’s a win/win situation for everyone.”
As a business owner Smullin is glad that RCC established the Riverside Campus in Medford.
“We’re located downtown and we love having RCC here. It feels right,” she said.
Smullin urges people to become involved with the college and RCC Foundation.
“I would encourage everyone to experience RCC, whether it’s attending a lecture, the scholarship ceremony, visiting
one of its facilities, sitting in on a class, or contributing to the RCC Foundation,” she said. “It’s an opportunity to be
involved with our future.”

    Foundation grants will further excellence at RCC
    Supporting college projects has become an increasingly important element of the Rogue Community College
    Foundation’s mission. For 2005 the foundation allocated $60,000 to promote and further academic excellence at RCC.
    Additionally, it gave a grant of $10,000 to the Service-Based Scholarship program.

    The foundation received more than $86,000 in requests. The selection committee, comprised of faculty, staff and foun-
    dation board members, reviewed proposals. Those approved met four key criteria: they benefit a significant number of
    students, utilize a creative combination of resources, are relevant to current goals and objectives, and enhance the college.

                                           The following projects received funding:
                                           • Early Childhood Education Lab School playground                                          $7500
                                           • Chipper purchase for the RCC Demonstration Forest                                        $4500
                                           • Meet Authors of the Northwest Lecture Series                                              $1320
                                           • Art Works strategic planning                                                             $2500
                                           • Yes! Women’s Resource Centers                                                            $2500
                                           • Jewelry making and metalsmithing studio equipment                                        $3500
                                           • Senior Day for active retirees                                                           $1000
                                           • Small Business Development Center software upgrade                                       $1900
                                           • Ten-year update of Chemistry Department instrumentation                                  $5650
                                           • Hydraulic shear purchase for Workforce Training                                          $6450
                                           • Table saw purchase for Construction Technology                                           $2400
                                           • Rogue Pathways to Technology program promotion                                           $4000
                                           • Multimedia projection system                                                             $6000
                                           • Shining Light on Riverside, stage lights for Theater Arts                                $2000
                                           • Bike park project for Riverside Campus                                                   $3200
                                           • Counseling skills training session videos, Human Services                                $1500
                                           • Internet access for biology lab                                                          $1400
                                           • Oregon Leadership Institute for Adult Basic                                              $2600
                                             Education and Discovery Programs

    “Art Works was successful last year in a grant which supports our strategic plan for integrating the community initiative into our arts
    programming as a part of the Redwood Campus planning for culture and arts. The grant augments monies from the Oregon Arts
    Commission and will create a better project.”
                                                                                                         — Tommi Drake, Art Department
RCC – It makes good business sense
Business-sponsored scholarships help working students
Because more than 85 percent of Rogue Community College students hold one or more jobs while attending college,
the RCC Foundation established a new Business-Based Scholarship program in 2004-05 to help working students.

Knowing that successful businesses understand how vital it is to have reliable, trained employees, the RCC Foundation
asked local businesses to fund scholarships specifically for students who are balancing work and school. Many
business owners also believe in the importance of providing educational and technical training opportunities for our
community and that post-secondary education should be accessible for people wanting
to advance their lives.

These business-sponsored scholarships are already making a tremendous difference to
students who need monetary support to complete their education. A number of the
students who received these financial awards are now working in the businesses or
industries that donated scholarships.

Thanks to the assistance of the business-supported scholarships, these students are
improving their skills and entering the workforce in the Rogue Valley where they are
productive employees and citizens.

The RCC Foundation is grateful to the following companies who have generously
supported these business-sponsored scholarships:

    Bank of the Cascades
    ESAM - Electronics Sub-Assembly Manufacturing
    Premier West Bank of Medford
    South Valley Bank & Trust
    Medford Fabrication

    STATEMENT OF REVENUE AND EXPENSE S – July 1, 2004 - June 30, 2005

    Contributed support                                       $    332,624.00
    Interest and dividends                                    $    192,693.00
    Net realized and unrealized gains                         $    335,506.00
    TOTAL REVENUE                                             $   860,823.00
    Scholarship program                                       $ 323,539.00
    Projects and grants                                       $ 79,615.00
    Pass-through and other awards                             $     973.00
    Personnel support services                                $ 174,672.00
    Operations                                                $ 53,440.00
    Fund-raising                                              $   9,805.00
    TOTAL EXPENSE                                             $ 642,044.00
    NET REVENUE (Increase in net assets)                      $ 218,779.00

    BALANCE SHEET – June 30, 2005
    ASSETS                                                    Beginning of year               End of year
    Cash                                                      $ 301,873.00                    $ 105,025.00
    Accounts receivable                                       $ 35,956.00                     $    44,567.00
    Investments                                               $ 5,880,707.00                  $ 6,354,981.00
    Land and timber                                           $ 182,977.00                    $ 182,977.00
    TOTAL ASSETS                                              $ 6,401,513.00                  $ 6,687,550.00
    Accounts payable and accrued expenses                     $ 342,370.00                    $     407,191.00
    Charitable Remainder Trust                                $ 154,578.00                    $     157,015.00
    TOTAL LIABILITIES                                         $ 496,948.00                    $    564,206.00
    Unrestricted                                              $ 1,425,286.00                  $    1,448,142.00
    Temporarily restricted                                    $ 1,852,543.00                  $    1,999,810.00
    Permanently restricted                                    $ 2,626,736.00                  $   2,675,392.00
    TOTAL NET ASSETS                                          $5,904,565.00                   $   6,123,344.00
    TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS                          $ 6,401,513.00                  $   6,687,550.00
    Data subject to change pending results of the RCC Foundation audit currently under way.

8          RCC Foundation financial statement 2004-05.
     THE RCC FOUNDATION                                 DIRECTORS EMERITI                                Pat Ramp
     BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                 Jack Brownell                                    Midge Renton
     Brady Adams                                        Bob Busch                                        Rita Rice
     Susan Allen                                        Bill Ford                                        Jan Sanderson
     Harvey Bennett                                     Sally Spalding                                   Douglass & Sandra Schmor
     Shirley Copeland                                                                                    Rosemary Selinger
     Lois Gates                                         VOLUNTEER COMMITTEE MEMBERS                      Mary Slayter
     Alan Harper                                        Jim Dole                                         Leslie Spalding
     Larry Helton, Past President                       Lynn Hughes                                      Gayno Swanson
     Reeve Hennion                                      Caprice Moran                                    Kevin Talbert
     Denver Huff, Vice President                        Sherry Purkiser                                  Joan Thorndike
     Richard Levine                                     Mary Slayter                                     Becky Versteeg
     Don McLennan                                       David Trump, M.D.                                Cherryl Walker
     Joan Momsen                                        Brenda Williams                                  Dean Wendle
     Mike Murphy                                                                                         Shirlee Willis-Haslip
     Marjorie Overland, President                       SCHOLARSHIP READERS                              Peggy Wisneski
     Barbara Patridge                                   Ted & Jean Barss
     Midge Renton                                       Bob & Barbara Bean                               04-05 FOUNDATION STAFF
     Leslie Spalding, Treasurer                         Kim Borg                                         D. Thomas Bradbeer,
     Suzanne Stewart                                    Fred Borngasser                                      Co-Executive Director
     Becky Versteeg, Secretary                          Paul Brown                                       Richard Levine
     Verne Welo                                         Jeanie Brown                                         Co-Executive Director
     Jim Dole,                                          Risa Buck                                        Pete Boniface
        Board of Education Liaison                      Bonney Carlson                                       Foundation Assistant
     David Trump, M.D.,                                 Bud & Clair Carroll                              Denise Nelson
        Board of Education Liaison                      Jane Clark                                           Foundation Specialist
                                                        Kathleen Donham                                  Linda Cannon
     ASSOCIATE BOARD MEMBERS                            Tony & Nancy Gamez                                   Senior Accountant
     Dennis Becklin                                     Lois Gates                                       Cynthia Harelson
     Don Carr                                           Pam Hall                                             Senior Accountant
     Gloria Clark                                       Jim Hamilton                                     Micki McLean
     Jim DeCourcey                                      John Harelson                                        Student Intern
     Walt Farmer                                        Alan Harper
     Bill Flaming                                       Ed & Dale Haynes                                 05-06 FOUNDATION STAFF
     Don Gibbs                                          Rand Hill                                        Jennifer L. Wheatley,
     Lew Krauss                                         Heidi Huddleston                                    Executive Director
                                                        Lynn Hughes
                                                        Anna Manley
                                                        Bill Mayer
                                                        Phyllis McGill
                                                        Sherry Purkiser

     “The Service-Based Scholarship program has been a wonderful addition to Rogue’s student-worker program and array of scholarship
     opportunities. Allowing students to give back by providing other students with meaningful information and help is an important
10   introduction to community-service learning. And we know from research that students who work on campus are more likely to stay
     in school and complete their programs.”
                                                                – Laurie Rydell, Director, Student Employment and Workforce Programs
DONORS                                             UP TO TEN YEARS OF GIVING                          James G. Basker
                                                   Robert H. & Barbara S. Bean                        Judith Basker
ROGUE SOCIETY DONORS                               Kathy Burkey                                       Jenny Bastien
2004-2005                                          Shirley Copeland                                   Susie Bates
Rogue Society consists of those donors who         Grants Pass Garden Club                            Bear Creek Corporation
have given over $10,000 in their lifetime.         Cynthia Hauser                                     Mary W. Becker
                                                   Larry Helton                                       Kori Beiber
Harvey O. Bennett
                                                   Leo & Jean Hoebing                                 Joe & Virginia Belden
Associated Students of RCC
                                                   Tony & Jeri Holt                                   Madeline Bell
James G. Basker
                                                   Patti Kramer                                       Robert & Janet Bell
Bear Creek Corporation
                                                   Richard & Ellen Levine                             Donna Belle
Glenna M. Brewold & Patricia A. Watkins
                                                   Robert Loper                                       Debra Bennett
Jack & Lucille Brownell
                                                   Marie Mueller                                      Debbie Benson
Carpenter Foundation
                                                   Henry & Jane Pete                                  Jane Bern

                                                                                                                                                 2005 - 2006
Bank of the Cascades
                                                   Mary Slayter                                       Lynette Berry
Gordon Elwood Foundation
                                                   Lee Ann Stoner                                     Anne Bevilacqua
Dr. David & Betsy Fuller
                                                   Denise Swafford                                    Bill Biggs
John & Betty Gray -
                                                   Dean R. & Donnajean Wendle                         Linda & Larry Blower
  Oregon Community Foundation
                                                   Zonta Club of Grants Pass                          Susan Boigon
Oregon State Sheriffs Association Inc.
                                                                                                      Shelly Bonas
Patrick & Shirley Huycke
                                                   UP TO FIVE YEARS OF GIVING                         Dale & Pete Boniface
Providence Health System
                                                   AAUW-Medford                                       Mark Bony
Naomi Wilma Tashnovian Trust
                                                   Doorene Abraham                                    Rod & Mae M. Boren
Juan Young Trust
                                                   Brady & Patricia Adams                             June Borgsmiller

                                                                                                                                                 annual report
                                                   Joe Aguilera                                       Michael Borgsmiller
OVER TWENTY YEARS OF GIVING                        Steven & Laurie Alexander                          Tom Bradbeer
Carpenter Foundation                               American Assoc. of Women                           Margaret E. Bradford
                                                     in Comm. Colleges                                Joanna Bradley
UP TO TWENTY YEARS OF GIVING                       Charles & Mary Anderson                            Sheri Bransfield
ASRCC                                              Peter & Denise Angstadt                            Charlene Brauns
Harvey & Natasha Bennett                           Robert & Pam Arbogas                               Glenna Brewold
B.J. Doerfling                                      Kelly S. Atkin                                     James & Julie Ann Brimble
David W. & Elizabeth B Fuller                      Michael & Susan Bahr                               Raymond Brinkman
Lois G. Gates                                      Cally Baker                                        Joani Bristol
GPUWCF (AAUW Grants Pass)                          Carolyn Baker                                      Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation
Charles & Alice Mangel                             Jacquelyne Bullard Baker                           Paul & Kathryn Brooks
Philip L. & Lynn M Nelson                          Bank of America Foundation                         Jeanie & Allen Brown
Oregon State Sheriffs Association, Inc.            Bank of the Cascades                               Jerry Bryan
Sue Orris                                          Becky Barker                                       Leslie Bryan
William L. & Midge Renton                          Virginia Barlow                                    Denise Caldwell
John & Sylvia S. Voorhies                          Linda Barnes                                       Susan Calkins

“The RCC Foundation and our donors represent the true spirit of our region – people who care and are willing to help others. I know I can
speak for our students when I say the RCC Foundation has provided much needed pathways for the success of our students. The work of the
foundation is without compare; we are fortunate to have this fine group of people on our team and the wonderful support of our donors.”
                                                                                — Peter Angstadt, President, Rogue Community College
     UP TO FIVE YEARS OF GIVING        Joan C. Enloe                          Laurie & John Grow
     (continued)                       ERA Prestige Homes                     Angel Gueringer
     Mario J. & Edith Campagna, M.D.     Real Estate Co., Inc.                Pat Gunter
     Linda Cannon                      Linda Essick                           Peggy Guthmiller
     Galyn Carlile                     Janice M. Evans                        Jane Hagle
     Dixie Cegelnik                    Mr & Mrs. H.E. Eveland                 Leslie A. Hall
     Judy Cellars                      Evergreen Federal Bank                 Pamela Parks Hall
     CertainTeed Corporation           George Fardelmann                      Sue D. Hall
     Carolyn Chancler                  Jared & Amy Farmer                     Kenji & Lillian Hamada
     Daylena & Dennis Chapin           Kay A. & Donald L. Fawver              Hamazons, LLC
     Georgia Coggins                   Rick Felt                              Laura Hamilton
     Susan & Richard Cohen             Jason Fiano                            Peggy Hamilton
     John Cole                         John Fields                            Donna Hansen
     Bonnie Conard                     Patricia & Carl Finch                  Linda Hansen
     Elizabeth Corethers               Guerin Fischer                         Kathryn Haq
     Karyn Cottone                     Dr. Greg Fishwick                      Elizabeth Haralson
     Barbara J. Cournoyer              William F. & Lucy Chunn-Flaming        Roger E. Harding
     Pamela Craig                      Coralie Fleming                        Alan Harper
     Crater Lions Club                 Marilyn Foster                         Kelly Harper
     Linda Crawford                    Bea Frederickson                       Shelton Haslip
     Jacob & Maria Cuilenburg          Mary Friesen                           Kenneth & Janise Hawkins
     Kevin Culhane                     Jodie L. Fulton                        Lyla & Lyle Heigl
     Margaret Cunningham               Gates Furniture of Grants Pass, Inc.   Ralph Henderson
     Thomas & Alice Cushman            Helen M. Gebhard                       Andree Henius
     Barbara Davidson                  Francine Gentile                       Reeve & Lyn Hennion
     Kathy De Wolfe                    Mrs. Marvin Gettling                   Natalie Herklotz
     Tim Dearing                       Eileen Gevins-Owen                     Eric Hermes
     Alan & Rebecca DeBoer             GMAC Mortgage                          B.K. & Virginia Herndon
     Sid DeBoer                        Catherin Golden                        Dorcas Herr
     Jim & Jeanne DeCourcey            Elizabeth S. Gooch                     Nancy Higinbotham
     Connie Denham                     Jennifer Goodwine                      Rand Hill
     Foster Denman, LLP                Kiersta & Mark Gostnell                Nancy & James Hitchcock
     Forrest Denison                   Ginger L. Gough                        Chris Hjerrild
     Carina DeOliveira                 Priscilla Goulding                     Karin Hochendoner
     Dr. Harvey Diamond                Cheryl Goyer                           Valdene Hodapp
     George Doersch                    Peter Goyer                            Janet & William Holden
     Mary Louise Doran                 Evelyn Goynes                          Wanda Holder
     Judith Drais                      Jim Gray                               Isobel Holt Family Trust
     Tommi & Malcolm Drake             Pam Green                              Jerry Hood & Christal Paetz
     Bonnie J. Duarte                  Henry & Doris Griffiths                 Tim Hoone
     E.S.A.M., Inc.                    Wayne & Jackie Grinolds                David Hoppe & Candace Amborn

UP TO FIVE YEARS OF GIVING                         Alison Laughlin                               Dr. Wolfgang & Rev. Wendy
(continued)                                        Michael Lawrence                                McAninch-Ruenzi
Cheri Horsley                                      Gaia Layser                                   Betsy McDonald
Jeanne Howell                                      Diane Ledbetter                               Sara McDonald
Carol Huffman                                      Mary Lee                                      Kelly McGee-Atkin
Dennis & Carolyn Huft                              William & Jean Lehmann III                    T.W. & Phyllis J. McGill
Roxanne Hunnicutt                                  Norbert J. & Beverly Leiberg                  Virginia McGraw
Robert Hutsell                                     Clover Leonard                                Ramona McGuire
Charlotte Hutt                                     Misty Lepine                                  Lynda McKee
Cyd Hutton                                         Gordon & Patricia Levan                       Dave McKeen
Pat & Shirley Huycke                               Diane & Gary Lewis                            Rene McKenzie
Alan & Martha Jacobson                             Lee & Marilyn Lewis                           Don & Kathleen McLennan
Sarina Jeffries                                    Walter & Conny Lindley                        Jean McNamara

                                                                                                                                       2005 - 2006
Melanie Johnson                                    Lions Ashland Early Birds                     Margaret Michaelis
Juan Young Trust                                   David Littrell                                Eileen Micke-Johnson
Junior League of Jackson County                    Judith Locher                                 Denise & Bob Miller
Earl & Denise Kellenbeck                           Heidi Logan                                   John M. & Ruth I. Miller
Chelsea Kelsey                                     Dorette Long                                  Luetta Miller
Lynda Kettler                                      Nichole Lott                                  Mary Miller
James E. & Marianne M. Key                         LTM Inc.                                      Thomas Miller
Bobbi Kidder                                       Tod & Jeanine Lum                             Colin Mills-Cannon
Carole Anne King                                   Jean E. Maack                                 Marilyn Mills-Uribe
Tonya King                                         Denise Maas                                   Angela Mitchell
Rich Kirk                                          John & Julie MacDiarmid                       Russell & Camille Mitchell

                                                                                                                                       annual report
Camile Korsmo                                      Robert MacLellan                              Linda Mollino
Philip & Carol Koszyk                              Marie Maguire-Cook                            Marilyn D. Moore
Sandra (Alex) Kozlowski                            Dr. Violet M. Malone                          Katie Morgan
Lutz & Lisa Kramer                                 Anna Manley                                   Linda Morser
Gregory Krauss                                     Wade Mann                                     Harold Mortz
Mary Krauss & Jon Berner, M.D. PH.D.               Alice Manns                                   Emily Mostue & Bria Carpenter
Jennifer Krauss-Phillippi                          Cheryl Markwel                                Diana Moynahan
J.M. & Patricia Krebs                              Linda Marti                                   Larry Mullaly
Robert & Judith Krebs                              Monica Marvin Trust                           Sheri Muzzoli
Mike Laam                                          Gregory & Maureen Marton                      Sue Naumes
Ladies Auxiliary Fleet Reserve                     Marian Masters                                Troy & Denise Nelson
Grant Lagorio                                      Paul A. Mattingly                             Michael & Kathy Newman
B.C. Lamb                                          Nancy Maxwell                                 Nancy Nordyke
Julie Lambertson                                   Thomas & Sharon May                           Amber Norris
S.V. & Ann Landreth                                Mervin & Beverly McKenzie                     Carolyn Oates
Lora & Ira Laney                                   Terry & Peggy McAllister                      Barbara Oberto Breneiser
Alfred & Barbara Larson                                                                          Mary O’Kief

“Winning an RCC scholarship this year was the proudest moment of my life, and knowing my community believes in me has lifted my
spirit higher than I ever dreamed. Thank you.”                                                                                    13
                                                                                               – Krista Stromme, RCC Student
     UP TO FIVE YEARS OF GIVING            Frank & Mariel Richard           Lorrie Snyder
     (continued)                           Billy Richardson                 So. Oregon Chapter Intl. Conf.
     Viola Olsen                           Wendy Rieder                       Bldg. Officials
     Oregon A.E.Y.C.                       Jil Rigby                        Solar Shield
     Oregon Community Foundation           Emily Rigert                     Alline Sontag
     Oregon Books                          Angelica J. Rogers               Lloyd & Joanne Sorensen
     Lee Osmond                            Betty M. Rogers                  Soroptimist International
     Marjorie & Eric Overland              Rogue Assoc. of Insurance          of North Valley
     Mollie Owens-Stevenson                   & Financial Adv.              Soroptimist International R.V.
     Emilio Pallete                        Rogue Gem & Geology Club, Inc.     Sunrise
     Maurice A. Paquette                   Florence Rohrs                   Soroptimist Intl. River Valley
     Erma Parmelee                         Kathy Ronan                      SOU Anthropological Study
     Kathryn Passmore                      Betty Rosenkranz                 Lori Sours
     Patridge & Company, Inc               Brad Ross                        South Valley Bank & Trust
     Barbara Patridge                      Cindy Ruda                       Leslie Spalding
     Cynthia Patterson                     Frank Ruda                       Tammi Spencer
     Brenda Patton                         Laurie Rydell                    Serena St. Clair
     Laura Pederson                        John Salinas                     Ken Stading
     Regula & Peter Pepi                   Alice Saunders                   Mary Ann Stafford
     William Jr. & Lari Ann Peterson       Teresa Schawo                    Royal Standley
     Dorothy Phillips -                    Carolyn Schenler                 Lisa Stanton
       Testamentary Trust                  Michael Schmidt                  State of Oregon,
     Kenneth & Paula Phillips              Doug & Sandi Schmor                Dept. of Administrative
     Phoenix Lions Club                    Jeanne Schraub                   Heather Stauffer
     Mary C. Pierce                        Leslie Searcy                    Shannon Steams
     Andrew & Ann Pimentel                 Midge Shaw                       Dori Steers
     Culley & Shiena Polehn                Carolyn Shaw-Straus              Barbara Stein
     Terry & Barbara Pottratz              Kim Sherrell                     Mason & Lucas Stella
     Dale Prohaska                         Rita Shirreffs                   Suzanne & Rich Stewart
     Providence Health Systems             Alena Siddon                     Claudia Sullivan
     John & Amy Raedeke                    Donald S. & Frances R. Skufca    Margaret & Walter Suman
     RCC Education Association             Benjamin & Catherine Smith       Naomi Wilma Tashnovian Trust
     RCC Student Nurse Organization 2001   Col. Michael & Dr. Marilyn       Edward & Lorraine Tauscher
     RCC Treasures of Summer                  Huestis Smith                 Three Rivers Community Hospital
     Carole Reasoner                       Guy & Genevieve Smith              Auxiliary
     Chris Reed                            Marguerite Smith                 Denise Tinkham
     Melody Reed                           Morland Smith                    Frances Tolson
     Bonnie & Ronald Reeg                  Ramona & Dale Smith              Ann Trausch
     Jeffrey & Francine Reingold           Scott Smith                      Sylvia Traver
     Linda Renfro                          Ted Smith                        Van G.L. Tribble
     Rita Rice-Bolchoz                     W.T & C. Smith                   Dale Turner

UP TO FIVE YEARS OF GIVING                          MEMORIAL DONATIONS                                In Memory of Rachelle Lagorio
(continued)                                                                                           Randall & Susan Wade
                                                    In Memory of Stuart Baker
U.S. Bank                                                                                             In Memory of Hank Leines
                                                    Dean R. & Donnajean Wendle
Judith Uherbelau                                                                                      Pat & Shirley Huycke
Verne Underwood                                     In Memory of Jeanne Bartz
Jim Van Brunt                                       Pat & Shirley Huycke                              In Memory of Tom Rice
Deanne Vandevert                                                                                      B.K. & Virginia Herndon
                                                    In Memory of James W. & Anne Basker
Frederick N. Vassar                                                                                   Ramona McGuire
                                                    James G. Basker
Nancy Vaughn                                                                                          In Memory of Lydia Loper-Schneider
                                                    In Memory of Esther Bristol
Joan Vaughters                                                                                        Erma Parmelee
                                                    Joani Bristol
Becky Versteeg                                                                                        Carole Reasoner
Karen Wade                                          In Memory of Edith Bryden                         Jeffrey & Francine Reingold
Randall & Susan Wade                                Pat & Shirley Huycke
                                                                                                      In Memory of Linda Loper

                                                                                                                                                   2005 - 2006
Shannon Wade                                        In Memory of Edna Bryan                           B. K. & Virginia Herndon
Ed & Linda Wagner                                   Pat & Shirley Huycke                              Robert Loper
Ellen Wakefield                                      In Memory of Gwendolyn Burgy                      In Memory of Charles Mangel
Billy Jo Walker                                     Pat & Shirley Huycke                              Alice Mangel
Donald & Elspeth Walker
                                                    In Memory of Rex Coggins                          In Memory of Michael Martinez
John & Carol Walker
                                                    Georgia Coggins                                   Pat & Shirley Huycke
Sharlene Walker
John & Susan Ward                                   In Memory of L.H., Julia & H.H. Doerfling          In Memory of Sherry Sargeant
Robin & Lynda Warren                                B.J. Doerfling                                     Bonne J. Duarte
Washington Mutual Foundation                        In Memory of Tenison Haley                        Carolyn Oates
Wassum Loving Trust                                 Dr. Greg Fishwick                                 Katie Morgan

                                                                                                                                                   annual report
Wendy Webb                                                                                            Lynda Kettler
                                                    In Memory of Marjorie Holzgang
Verne Welo                                                                                            Marian Masters
                                                    Judith Basker
Don & Donna Whyte                                                                                     Mary C. Pierce
                                                    Philip L. & Lynn M. Nelson
Donald Wieczorek                                                                                      Michael & Kathy Newman
Mae Beth Williams                                   In Memory of Robert Holzgang, Jr.                 Thomas Miller
Marjorie Williamson                                 Judith Basker
                                                    June Borgsmiller                                  In Memory of Geneva Seyler
Shirlee Willis-Haslip                                                                                 Mr & Mrs. H.E. Eveland
Catherine & Michael Wood                            Marguerite Smith
                                                                                                      Robert H. & Barabara S. Bean
Christine Woodard                                   In Memory of Jesse Horn                           Virginia Barlow
Egret Woods                                         Kathryn Passmore
Michael Ann Zerwer                                                                                    In Memory of Sandy Steeves
                                                    In Memory of “Jo” Josephson                       Kathryn Passmore
                                                    Pat & Shirley Huycke
                                                                                                      In Memory of Dottie Walters
                                                    In Memory of Lewis Krauss, Sr.
                                                                                                      Dr. Greg Fishwick
                                                    L. Krauss
                                                                                                      Mary Slayter
                                                    Jennifer Phillippi
                                                                                                      Dean R. & Donnajean Wendle

“1 have wanted to be a speech pathologist since I was 13. In my senior year, my parents lost our family business of 30 years. I am grateful
for the money the RCC Foundation has awarded me. Without this scholarship I would not be able to reach my educational dreams.”                15
                                                                                                         – DeNell Garceau, RCC Student
     In Memory of Jean Wheatley
     Deanne Vandevert                                        In Memory of Bill Yeoman
     In Memory of Bill Yeoman                                John & Mae Quaccia
     Ark Wood Caskets                                        Kaplan Family
     Ashland Early Birds Lions                               Kathryn Haq
     Balagopal Family                                        Kenneth & Paula Phillips
     Benjamin & Catherine Smith                              Laurie & John Grow
     Charlotte Rising                                        Lee Osmond
     Christine Woodard                                       Luetta Miller
     Col. Michael & Dr. Marilyn                              Marilyn Huestis
       Huestis Smith                                         Marvin & Mrs. Gettling
     Denise & Bob Miller                                     Mervin & Beverly Mc Kenzie
     Dick & Beverly Gergen                                   Michael & Susan Bahr
     Don & Donna Whyte                                       Paul & Mildred Buck
     Donald & Elspeth Walker                                 Polykoff Family
     E.F. Stauffer                                           R. Maxwell
     Frances Tolson                                          Ramona & Dale Smith
     Harold & Janice Herdrich                                Raphael Campbell
     Harold & June Pollack                                   Robert & Charleen Edwards
     Harry & LuAnne Cook                                     Robert & Judith Krebs
     Henry & Doris Griffiths                                  S.V. & Ann Landreth
     J.M. & Patricia Krebs                                   Sam & Karen Pinkham
     Jacon & Maria Van Cuilenburg                            Virginia Lewis
     Jeanne Schraub                                          W.T. & C. Smith
     Joe & Virginia Belden                                   Walter & Bonnie Schraub
     John & Haskelita Krebs                                  Yola Dichiro

16                                  Your gift will endure.

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