Steadicam camera stabilizing systems Accessories and replacement

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Genuine replacements and additions
for your Steadicam system.

O          ur mission is to design
and produce the very best
Steadicam Camera Stabilizing
Systems for you, so that you can
push your creative abilities to the
limit, every day, with complete
ease and confidence.
Should you need replacement or
                                                  Socket block                    Ultra/MS arm to 3A/EFP sled,   Ultra/MS arm to ProVid sled,
spare parts for your system, or                   (female)                        adapter post                   adapter post
genuine Steadicam accessories                     250-7233 titanium (left)        250-7975                       250-7974
that can enhance your capabil-                    078-0419 steel (right)
ites, be assured that every part is
tested and certified to meet tough
Steadicam standards, so that your
Steadicam maintains the same high
precision it had the day you first
mounted a camera to it.
Steadicam parts and accessories are
available through your authorized
dealer, or purchased directly from
the Steadicam division of Tiffen.                 3A/EFP arm post                 Locking spinning collar        Ultra & “Master Series”
                                                  083-0160-2 12" arm post         for Ultra/MS arm post          low-mode gimbal screws
                                                  083-0160-3 9" arm post          250-7211                       SCW-148837
                                                  083-0160-4 6" arm post

Steadicam reserves the right to change the
design, specifications, and availability of all   15 mm motor rod set             1/4-20 camera                  3/8-16 camera
items shown or described in this catalog.         (2 rods and mounting bracket)   mounting screw                 mounting screw
                                                  250-7915                        078-1121                       078-1122

           parts and
        to keep your                              WRC-4/Seitz receiver
                                                  and amplifier bracket
                                                                                  Vehicle mount kit
                                                                                  078-7401-01 (pictured)
                                                                                                                 PD-150 (Sony) weight kit
                                                                                                                 for JR

2         Steadicam                               250-7916                        with steel socket block
                                                                                  with ProVid socket block

            original.                                                             078-7401-03
                                                                                  with Flyer socket block
Low mode cage rods             Carbon fiber rods 0.625”           Arm posts MS/Ultra              Panavision video cable
078-2037-01 7.5” rod           252-7312-02 12” rod (pictured)     250-7202-1 3.5” post            (6 pin lemo)
078-2037-02 9.25” rod          252-7312-01 5.5” rod               250-7202-4 5” post              250-0048
078-2037-03 12” rod                                               250-7202-2 12” post
078-2037-04 14.5” rod                                             250-7202-3 18” post

6 pin Hirose to 12v power &    Hirose curled cable                Dovetail accessory bracket      3A/EFP arm to Ultra/MS sled
BNC video cable                252-0015 6 pin to 6 pin            250-7917                        adapter post
252-0121                       24v power & video monitor                                          250-0021
                               252-0115 6 pin to 6 pin
                               12v or 24v power & video monitor
                               252-0016 4 pin to 6 pin
                               12v power & video monitor

Low mode kit                   Low mode camera                    Low mode “F” bracket            Ultra docking collar
(F-bracket and handle clamp)   handle clamp                       078-7393                        252-7661
078-7393-01                    078-7393-02                                                        lower docking collar
                                                                                                  upper docking collar

Monitor hood for 4" CRT        Monitor hood for                   Monitor hood for 8" HD UB LCD   Monitor hood for 7” 700nit LCD
078-7933                       5" widescreen CRT                  252-7565                        302-7516

The only camera stabilizing system to win
an Academy Award and an Emmy!

    6 pin Hirose to 12v power and      HD 7 pin to 3x BNC RGB/DATA      12v camera power cable                 panavision millenium XL
    BNC video                          breakout                         078-7351                               power cable
    252-0120                           252-0117                                                                252-0054

    7 pin to 7 pin HD monitor cable,   WRC-4 interface cable - master   12v power and modulus                  7 pin to BNC HD/SDI cable
    RGB/DATA                           series                           power combo cable                      252-7922
    252-0116                           250-0053                         300-7903

    HD Ultra Brite 8.4" Hi-Def component/composite/NTSC/PAL LCD         7" widescreen 16:9/4:3 HD/SDI/NTSC/PAL LCD color monitor
    color monitor                                                       1/4-20 mount (front and back panels shown)
    Indludes yoke with 3/8-16 mount                                     255-7500
    and 0.625” rod mounts                                               (shown with optional 0.625” rod and 1/4-20 mount
    (front and back panels shown)                                       800-7525)

    7" widescreen color LCD monitor    HD UltraBrite monitor            7” 700nit color LCD monitor            Back view
    16:9/4:3 NTSC/PAL                  rain/dust cover                  with tally light, 1/4-20 mount.        302-7500-01
    1/4-20 mount, with remote          FGS-900093                       Shown with optional yoke/rod mount
    602-7500                                                            302-7500-01 with framelines built-in
4                                                                       302-7500 without framelines
12 volt battery charger cable    24 volt battery charger cable   IDX Endura E10S                       IDX E10S starter kit
(Pag to Tiffen 12 V battery)     (Pag to Tiffen 24 V battery)    12 V lithium ion battery with meter   2 Endura E10S lithium ion batteries and
252-7915                         252-7915-01                     FFR-000002                            VL-2 Plus Charger

PAG 12/24 volt battery charger   24 volt NiMH                    12 volt NiCd                          3 ft. light weight BNC video cable
with auto                        Tiffen battery                  Tiffen battery                        (BNC to BNC)
100-135 V/180-265 V              with built-in meter             with built-in meter                   078-4122-01
input selector                   252-7300                        250-7300

Video cable                      Triax interconnect kit          Triax interconnect kit                “C” stand
(S-video to RCA)                 (Kings connector)               (Fischer connector)                   with turtle base
250-0127                         250-7837                        250-7837-01                           FGS-900041

Steadistand lightweight          American heavy-duty             Wheel set                             Steadicam logo dual zippered
“C” stand                        “C” stand                       (for American stand)                  pocket sandbag
601-7910                         FGS-900073                      FGS-900074                            with shoulder strap
Like no other!

    Instruction Manual                Instruction Manual                    Instructional video                     Instructional video
    (English only)                    (English only)                        (English only)                          (English only)
    LIT-077100 JR/JR Lite             LIT-107000 Ultra                      VID-014600 SK2 (PAL VHS)                VID-014950 ProVid 2 (PAL VHS)
    LIT-107004 Flyer                  LIT-252755 HD UB Monitor              VID-014500 SK2 (NTSC VHS)               VID-014850 ProVid 2 (NTSC VHS)
    LIT-107005 Merlin                 LIT-107003 Clipper 2                  VID-014900 ProVid (PAL VHS)             VID-014100 JR (NTSC VHS)
    LIT-104500 SK2                    LIT-802720 G-50 Arm                   VID-014800 ProVid (NTSC VHS)            VID-014200 JR (PAL VHS)
    LIT-107002 Archer                 LIT-255750 6.5” 16:9 HD/SDI monitor                                           VID-200501 Merlin (DVD)
    LIT-104600 Mini                   LIT-602750 7” 16:9 LCD monitor
    LIT-104900 ProVid

    Vest bridge with socket block     Vehicle mount, Mitchell base          JR accessory pack                       Vest ratchet buckles
    250-7843-01 Titanium              with “steel block”                    178-2011                                (male & female pieces)
    250-7843 Steel (pictured)         80-7900                                                                       MSC-079901

    Steadicam logo                    Cloth arm bag                         Steadicam logo hard case with 2         Arm protection covers
    Cordura vest bag                  300-7236                              heavy-duty wheels                       (2 pieces)
    078-5237                                                                110-0335 hard case for sled with foam   FGS-900065
                                                                            110-0330 hard case with padding for
                                                                            arm, vest, batteries

    J7 Ultra/Master gimbal mounting   Heavy plastic round Steadicam         Heavy plastic Steadicam logo            Vest rear tie-down straps
    adapter                           logo self-stick label                 self-stick label                        250-7845
    250-7933                          1" diameter (1 piece)                 2-1/2" x 5/8" (1 piece)
                                      602-001                               078-0001
Steadicam logo tool bag                                           Steadicam JR logo T-shirt         Steadicam logo T-shirt
FFR-000013                                                        Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL     Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL
                                                                  FFR-000016-S                      FFR-000015-S
                                                                  FFR-000016-M                      FFR-000015-M
                                                                  FFR-000016-L                      FFR-000015-L
                                                                  FFR-000016-XL                     FFR-000015-XL
                                                                  FFR-000016-XXL                    FFR-000015-XXL

Steadicam logo lightweight      FFR-000019-S                      Steadicam logo team jacket      FFR-000017-S
windbreaker jacket              FFR-000019-M                      heavy wool and leather          FFR-000017-M
(front and back shown)          FFR-000019-L                      (front and back shown)          FFR-000017-L
Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL   FFR-000019-XL                     Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL   FFR-000017-XL
                                FFR-000019-XXL                                                    FFR-000017-XXL

Steadicam logo cap                JR mount extension plate        MS/Ultra dovetail plate           Sled & camera cover
one size                          178-2010-01                     250-7450 Long dovetail            with side zipper
FFR-000021                                                        250-7449 Short dovetail           FGS-900100 30” dia.
                                                                                                    FGS-900101 23” dia.
                                                                                                    FGS-900102 18” dia.

JR Gimbal handle assembly         Hard case for arm & vest with   Hard case for batteries and       Sled shipping case with retract-
178-0028                          retractable handle and wheels   accessories                       able handle and wheels
                                  011-0360                        011-0365                          (MS, Ultra, Clipper)

    ARRI 24v power cable      12v camera power cable         Moviecam power cable               SONY XC-75 video tap power
    250-0093                  250-0045                       250-0054                           & video cable

    SIETZ interface cable -   Coherent power & video cable   12v isolated power cable           12v battery charger cable
    master series             250-0055                       250-0056                           with mini jack
    250-0052                                                                                    250-0060

    Panavision power cable    Modulus power/video cable      Table Top Stand (Merlin)           Travel Case (Merlin)
    250-0049                  250-0051                       801-7910                           801-7902

    Watec video top power     24v power cable                Battery Operated Obie Light        Tripod / "C" Stand
    & video cable             (lemo & open end)              (Merlin)                           Docking Bracket (Merlin)
    250-0076                  250-0046                       FFR-000030                         801-7900

                                                               Tiffen Steadicam                   The Tiffen Company
                                                               Manufacturing Facility             Corporate Headquarters
                                                               6933 San Fernando Road             90 Oser Avenue
                                                               Glendale, CA 91201                 Hauppauge, NY 11788
                                                               Sales: 1.800.593.3331              1.800.645.2522
8   Video low mode cage
    with 12" rods
                              Camera locating pin screws
                              (Flyer)                          818.843.4600                       631.273.2500
    078-2038-01               600-2005                         See our full range of products at

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