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									                                                                   Market Introduction

      n this fragile economic time, maintaining sales         to beauty products, promoting a growing sentiment of
      growth in beauty remains a challenge. In 2004,          beauty from the inside out.
      retail sales of cosmetics and toiletries grew by just   Other trends noted by Euromonitor International include
0.5 percent, according to a study released by Euromonitor     continued interest in spa services and take-home spa
International titled The Market for                                                  products to replicate the
Cosmetics & Toiletries in the                                                        experience at home. United States
USA. This slow growth, coupled                                                       teens — all 30 million of them —
with a growing number of brands                                                      have become the new darling
and stock keeping units to choose                                                    demographic for brand marketers.
from, makes an attractive package                                                    And brand marketers are also
increasingly important.                                                              wooing ethnic consumers and men
                                                                                     as partners for the future. Beauty
Several trends exist within the                                                      Packaging will tackle many of
beauty market. According to                                                          these trends and issues this year in
Euromonitor International, baby                                                      its editorial, tailoring our articles
boomers in the United States are                                                     to fit the concerns and interests of
driving increased interest in health                                                 the Beauty Packaging industry.
and wellness. Avon and Procter &
Gamble’s Olay brand now offer
vitamin supplements in addition

New Name, Tradition of Excellence

          s of January 2006, Cosmetic Packaging &             Established to bring HAPPI’s quality of content to
          Design re-launches as Beauty Packaging.             the packaging and design of beauty products, Cosmetic
          The name better reflects                                                  Packaging & Design became an
our focus on all aspects of beauty                                                  independent publication in 2001.
packaging.                                                                          Since then, the magazine has seen
                                                                                    growth in circulation, advertising,
While the name is new, our                                                          and industry recognition of editorial
publication has had years to earn                                                   excellence.
its reputation as a trusted packaging
source within the cosmetic,                                                         This year promises to be an exciting
fragrance and personal care                                                         year for the publication. Beauty
industries. The history of Beauty                                                   Packaging kicks off 2006 with a
Packaging can be traced to 1996,                                                    new name, a fresh new look, and a
when Cosmetic Packaging & Design first appeared as a          continued dedication to providing our readers with the
supplement to HAPPI magazine. HAPPI — Household               latest industry news and packaging trends.
and Personal Products Industry — is the flagship Rodman
magazine now in its 41st year.

                                                                                                                                Introduction / Editorial Focus
                                                                             Editorial Focus

“The more alternatives, the more difficult the choice.”
                                                                                         -Abbe D’Allanival

                             Decisions, decisions. According to
                             market research company The NPD
                             Group, 20 percent of U.S. beauty
                             sales are attributed to U.S.
                             department stores, 17 percent come
                             from mass merchants and 13 percent
                             of sales derive from drug stores.
                             Figure in all the other ways to get
                             beauty products — like the Internet,
                             T.V. shopping channels, spas and
                             direct sales — and that amounts to a
                             lot of choices.

And once a consumer decides which distribution channel to
buy from, the decisions continue. Each product promises its
own little miracle — from taming frizzy hair to clearing skin to
eliminating odor. At the same time, there are possibly hundreds
of other products promising the same results. Often the
ingredients are close, the directions similar, and the price comparable. So how is a consumer to choose?

When all else fails, judge a book by its cover. At least that’s what marketers are betting on. It’s no surprise then that
today’s marketers — Estée Lauder, L’Oréal, Procter & Gamble, et al — take as much care developing the package for a
new product as with the formula it contains. They are aware that no matter how good the product is, someone needs to
try it before it’s successful.

                                                                 Packaging is influenced by a number of factors — business
                                                                 climate, fashion trends and new technologies. Beauty
                                                                 Packaging reports on the important packaging issues that are
                                                                 influential in determining how today’s beauty and personal
                                                                 care products appear on the shelf.

                                                                            Circulation & Buying Influence

CIRCULATION                                                                        SHOW COVERAGE & DISTRIBUTION
   7000                                                                                 By attending and/or exhibiting at almost every major
                                                                                   industry-related meeting and trade show worldwide, we are
   6000                                                                            able to offer added value to our advertisers through the
                                                                                   distribution of Beauty Packaging at venues throughout the
                                                                                   world. This helps promote Beauty Packaging as the global
   4000                                                                            industry resource for valuable marketing information on new
                                                                                   product launches, marketing trends, new packaging and
   3000                                                                            industry news.
                                                                                       Some of the industry events at which we offer Bonus
                                                                                   Distribution are: CTFA – Cosmetic Toiletries and Fragrance
                                                                                   Association, Cosmoprof Bologna and Cosmoprof North
       0                                                                           America, HBA Health & Beauty America, Luxe Pack, New
                                                                                   York and Luxe Pack, Monaco.

*Source: June 2005 BPA Worldwide Circulation statement. This is an analysis of           In addition to the shows and events, Beauty Packaging
10,161 or 99% of respondents who specified their business/industry product lines   is also the proud sponsor of the International Package Design
their firms manufacture. Because any one respondent can check more than one        Awards [IPDA] held at HBA Health & Beauty America in
response, the total may exceed the total circulation.
                                                                                   New York. HBA management has chosen Beauty Packaging
                                                                                   as a valuable partner in serving the cosmetic and personal care
     Beauty Packaging is a controlled-circulation, four-color
                                                                                   industry. The 2005 HBA/IPDA will be our fourth consecutive
publication with 10,259* qualified subscribers. Free
                                                                                   year sponsoring this international event. The IPDA’s are held
subscriptions are available to all U.S. and international
                                                                                   every year during HBA Health & Beauty America. Beauty
cosmetic and personal care professionals. Qualified recipients
                                                                                   Packaging also publishes the IPDA SHOW NEWS with a
include decision makers at the cosmetic and personal care
                                                                                   circulation of 8,000 at HBA Health & Beauty America [see
manufacturing companies and other major cosmetic suppliers
                                                                                   special issues page of the media kit]. The awards can be viewed
to the $201 billion global industry.
                                                                                   on the exhibition floor at the Beauty Packaging booth.
      Beauty Packaging is audited by BPA Worldwide,
which verifies reports detailing clear, accurate and objective
                                                                                   OUR READERS ARE DECISION-MAKERS
                                                                                   Percentage of Readers with Buying Influence in the
statistics on our recipients to advertisers and advertising agents.
                                                                                   following categories***
A sampling of subscribing companies** includes:
  • Procter & Gamble                          • Colgate-Palmolive                       Contract Manufacturing Services   49%
  • Estée Lauder                              • Avon Products
  • Limited Brands                            • Alberto-Culver                          Contract Packaging/Contract Filling     52%
  • Access Business Group                     • Yankee Candle
  • Johnson & Johnson                         • Mary Kay                                Gift Promotions                41%
  • Coty                                      • Dial
  • Revlon                                    • Pfizer                                  Packaging/Packaging Components                       82%
  • Church & Dwight                           • Gillette
  • Elizabeth Arden                           • Schering-Plough                         Sample Packaging                         60%

BUYING INFLUENCE                                                                     0%                   30%                 60%             90%
    Beauty Packaging offers suppliers an opportunity to
put their products in front of buying decision makers in                           *Source: June 2005 BPA Worldwide Circulation statement.
the dynamic growth industries of cosmetics, fragrances                             **Publisher’s Own Data
and toiletries.                                                                    ***Readership Ad-Q Study June 2005 Beauty Packaging

                                                                                                                                      Circulation / Online Advertising Services / Special Issues
                                                                       2006 Special Issues

Every day, thousands of beauty packaging professionals go to They visit our site to read current
features, find stories in the archive, get breaking news, search for sources in the Online Buyers’ Guide and find useful links
to other content throughout the industry. They are a highly targeted audience that come back time and time again to gain
insight into the beauty packaging marketplace, and your products and services. There are several online services available.
Call to inquire about the various options offered to make the right connections.

The Jan/Feb issue of Beauty Packaging will profile The Company of the Year: Excellence in
Packaging. A beauty products company will be selected by our readers. Once the marketer is
selected, the editors of Beauty Packaging will write an in-depth report on the company by
interviewing key packaging decision makers, who set and implement its standards of excellence.
Suppliers that advertise with a full-page in this issue will receive a FREE congratulatory page
in the Jan/Feb issue. This is the perfect marketing opportunity for suppliers to get their name
in front of the award-winning company.


                            CORPORATE PROFILES
                            CORPORATE PROFILES is a year-round reference featuring an in-depth look at the major
                            suppliers to Beauty Packaging’s markets. Here’s how it works: Advertisers receive a full-page
                            advertorial featuring their company, products and services, global capabilities, etc. in an attractive,
                            easy-to-read, four-color format. The advertorial is placed opposite your advertisement. Bonus
                            distribution throughout the year at major trade events.

                            AD CLOSING: Feb. 7

HBA/IPDA SHOW NEWS - Tabloid Supplement
Double your exposure and heighten the awareness of your
company during HBA! This is your opportunity to be seen with
the winner’s of the industry’s most prestigious packaging competition. Special rate for advertisers in both Beauty
Packaging’s September issue and the IPDA Show News. Please contact your representative for details.


                                                                                                 2006 Editorial Calendar

                                 Editorial Features                          Show/Event Distribution            Advertiser Extras               Ad Space Deadline

                     • Beauty Company of the Year:                          • CTFA Annual Meeting             Receive a full or half page
                       Excellence in Packaging                                                                FREE Congratulatory ad
                     •   Market focus: Asian Beauty Market                                                    for every full or half page ad.        Jan. 3
                     •   Product focus: Fragrance Packaging
                     •   Product focus: Label Trends

                     • Corporate Profiles                                   • Cosmoprof Bologna               Every full or half page
                     •   Market focus: Counterfeiting and                   • HBA Mid-Year Packaging          advertiser receives a
                         Brand Protection                                     Symposium                       corresponding space as

                                                                            • Year-round to trade shows       advertorial to describe
                     •   Product focus: Differentiating Stock
                                                                              and industry events.            company and its products
                                                                                                                                                     Feb. 7
                         Bottles Through Components & Color
                     •   Product focus: The Finishing Touch:                                                  and services.
                         Ribbons, Seals & Packaging Accessories

                     • Mass Market Packaging Trends                         • Luxe Pack New York              Receive a FREE Supplier
                     •   Market focus: Environmental Awareness and          • SCC Supplier’s Day              Gallery with every full or

                         Packaging: Environmentally Friendly Materials,                                       half page ad.
                         Recycling, Getting Rid of Surplus Materials.                                                                               April 3
                     •   Product focus: Metal for Primary Packages
                     •   Product focus: What’s Old is New: Bulb
                         Sprayers & Other Vintage Looks.

                     • 2006 FiFi Award Winners                              • Cosmoprof North America         Ad Q Study will
                     •   Market focus: Courting the Metrosexual:                                              measure the effectiveness
                         Men’s Fragrances, Skin Care & Beyond                                                 of your ad in this issue.

                     •   Product focus: Cosmetic Applicators: Brushes,                                                                              May 9
                         Wands, Puffs, Sponges & Pencils
                     •   Product focus: Secondary Packages:
                         Paperboard, Plastic & Metal.

                     • Annual Buyers Guide                                  • Cosmeeting                      Advertisers receive FREE

                     •   Market focus: Starting a Beauty Start-Up:                                            Bold Face Listing in Alpha
                                                                                                              and Categories Index
                         Working With Contract Packagers and                                                                                        June 6
                         Manufacturers to Turn Dream into Reality.
                     •   Product focus: Packaging for Personal Hygiene:
                         Deodorants, Oral Care, Shampoos & Soaps.

                     • HBA 2006 Show Issue                                  • HBA

                     • Market focus: Packages for the Young and Old         • Luxe Pack Monaco
                     • Product focus: Tube Market                                                                                                   Aug. 1
                     • Product focus: Unusual Color Cosmetic Packages
                     • IPDA Finalists

                                              A Special HBA Show Newspaper covering the Awards Dinner and IPDA Competition
                     •   Executive Honorees                                  8000 copies distributed at HBA
                     •   IPDA Category Winners and Finalists                 Awards Dinner and Days 2, 3 of
                                                                             HBA Show.
                                                                                                                                                    Aug. 17

                     • Top 20 Global Beauty Companies                       • SCC Annual Meeting

                     •   Market focus: Luxury for the Masses: Prestige
                         Looks for Mass Markets
                     •   Product focus: Sample Packages for Unusual                                                                                 Sept. 26
                     •   Product focus: Catching the Consumer’s Eye
                         In-Store: POP displays and Promotional Packaging

                     • Prestige Market Packaging Trends                                                       Advertisers receive a FREE

                     • Market focus: Outsourcing: Private Label,                                              Supplier Gallery with every
                       Contract Manufacturing                                                                 full or half page ad.                 Nov. 7
                     • Product focus: Advances in Dispensing Technology
                     • Product focus: Glass Bottle Decorative Effects
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Editorial Calendar / Rates / Digital Ad Specifications
                                                                                    2006 Advertising Rates & Digital File Specifications

                                1X               4X                 8X                12X                                                       Digital File Specifications
                                                                                                                                             •All artwork must be 300 dpi at 100% repro size except
                                                                                                                                              for vector art saved in EPS format.
    FULL        Black/
    PAGE        White       $3380           $3030            $2640                $2415                                    (7” x 10”)
                                                                                                                                             •All ads must be in CMYK format unless they utilize a
                                                                                                    (8.25” x 11”)                             PMS color.
                                                                                                 (209 mm x 279 mm)    (178 mm x 253 mm)
                                                                                                                                             •Acceptable file formats include: .pdf*, .tif, .eps, .jpg or .psd
                                                                                                                                             * BEAUTY PACKAGING uses the industry standard
                                                                                                                                               PDF/X1-a workflow. In order to keep a standardized
    TWO         Black/
   THIRDS       White         2875            2580               2240               2050                                                       environment of great color and reproduction we are
                                                                                                    (4.5” x 9.5”)                              now requiring that the material submitted be this level
                                                                                                 (114 mm x 241 mm)                             of requirement. See our Prepress site for more
                                                                                                                                               information and downloads.

    HALF        Black/                                                                                                                       • Acceptable application files include:
   ISLAND       White         2405            2155               1875               1715                                                      QuarkXpress, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator Mac-
                                                                                                    (4.5” x 7.5”)                             based files are required. Include all Mac fonts.
                                                                                                 (114 mm x 190 mm)
                                                                                                                                             •Contract proofs are required with all color ads.
                                                                                                                                              Ads sent without proofs will be charged for having one
    HALF        Black/                                                                                                                        made. We cannot guarantee color accuracy if the
    PAGE        White         2095            1885               1625               1495                                                      advertiser has not seen the contract proof; therefore it
                                                                                                      horizontal              vertical
                                                                                                                                              is best for the advertiser to supply a SWOP-compliant
                                                                                                    (7” x 4.875”)         (3.375” x 9.5”)
                                                                                                                        (85 mm x 241 mm)      proof. Files smaller than 6MBs in size can be sent via
                                                                                                 (178 mm x 123 mm)
                                                                                                                                              e-mail. Changes or corrections to the file will result in
                                                                                                                                              additional charges to the advertiser. Files are accepted
     ONE        Black/
    THIRD       White         1790            1610               1400               1280                                                      on CDs or via FTP.
                                                                                                      horizontal              vertical
                                                                                                                                             • Trim size: 8” x 10.75” (203 mm x 273 mm). Keep
                                                                                                     (4.5” x 5”)          (2.125” x 9.5”)
                                                                                                                                              live matter at least .5” (12.7 mm) from trim edges.
                                                                                                 (114 mm x 127 mm)      (54 mm x 241 mm)
                                                                                                                                              Bleed page and insert page size: 8.25” x 11” (209 mm
                                                                                                                                              x 279 mm); max weight of insert stock: 100 lb. cover.
    ONE   Black/
  QUARTER White               1245            1125                  970               885                                                      Send all materials to:
                                                                                                                                               Mamata Chattopadhyay, Production Manager,
                                                                                                       horizontal             vertical
                                                                                                                                               BEAUTY PACKAGING
                                                                                                     (7” x 2.375”)       (3.375” x 4.875”)
                                                                                                                                               70 Hilltop Road, 3rd floor
                                                                                                  (178 mm x 60 mm)      (85 mm x 123 mm)
                                                                                                                                               Ramsey, NJ 07446 USA
                                                                  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES *                                               Pre-printed inserts: call for instructions,
                         COLOR                                                                               $100                              (201) 825-2552, ext. 321.
                                                                  Per Column inch
    COLOR                 PAGE               SPREAD               Per Column inch 5X                         $95
    standard     *         $590                  $880             Per Column inch 10X                        $90                                       The Prepress Pitstop
    matched*                640                 1,020             Help Wanted                         .75¢/word        $30 minimum
    metallic*               730                 1,325             Situation Wanted                    .50¢/word        $20 minimum
    4 color*                910                 1,450             Blind Box                                   $5
                                                                 * classified rates are non-commissionable
                                                                                                                                                          FTP INFORMATION:
  standard yellow, green, blue or red   * Per page or fraction                                                  effective January 2006          Currently our FTP site works with Third party FTP
                                                                                                                                              software such as FETCH or CUTEftp, both available on
Covers and Special Positions: 10% surcharge non-cancelable.                                                                                                   our downloads page.
Bleed: No charge.
Insert Rates: Inserts are billed at the black & white page rate. Single sheet inserts are
                                                                                                                            user: adguest
billed as two pages if both sides are used or if reverse side must remain unprinted. Back
                                                                                                                         password: rodman
up/binding/handling charge is $640. (non-commissionable)
COMBO-RATES: Substantial savings can be achieved on basic rates when ad                                     If you have questions refer to the prepress site.
programs are placed with other Rodman Publications, contact sales manager for details.
Cancellation: Cancellations must be made in writing by the 8th of the month prior to ad placement.
Payment Terms and Methods: Payment is accepted by wire transfer and by check or draft via U.S.
bank payable in $U.S. Terms are net 30 days. Payment option instructions will be included with all billing.
Publisher’s Policy
1. Invoices are rendered at date of publication and are due within 30 days. Agency commission will be disallowed on all overdue invoices.
2. Rodman Publishing holds both the advertiser and its dedicated advertising agency jointly and severally liable for all monies due and payable to Rodman Publishing.
3. In the event an account is placed for collection,customer agrees to pay Rodman Publishing for all reasonable collection and/ or legal fees incurred.

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