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					                             Antilia Apartments in Crete
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                             Crete is a place of welcome and hospitality, an island full of ancient pride, a more cheerful Sisily,
                             a Scotland with much more sun. Crete impresses even the most demanding visitor. The town of
                             Hania, probably the most charismatic in Crete has been through the centuries a junction of
                             civilisation and culture between the East and the West, and has been called the “Queen of the
                             Mediterranean” and the “Lady of the East”.

                             Come for a scroll through the narrow alleys of its Venetian Harbour and feel the magic sweet
                             smell of the Jasmine. Come for a lazy day to the endless magical beach in Elaffonisi, with the
                             shallow water and the pink seashell sand. Come for an exciting visit to that magical small island
                             of Gramvussa with its historic castle and the exotic scenery of Balos. Let us, at the Atilia, take
                             you to an intoxicating journey through the small fishing villages of the northwest coast, all the
                             way up to the highlands of the White Mountains. Let us take you on a fascinating journey to
                             endless sandy beaches and wild ravines, inaccessible mountain tops with caves, rare plants,
                             birds and animals, churches and monasteries that go back to Byzantine years and Venetian
                             castles that will embrace you. Let us show you where the heart of Crete is and give you a real
                             taste of the island and its people, who are ready to welcome you with a glass of raki and village


                             Still relatively uncommercialised and authentic, Western Crete just waits to be explored.
                             Tavronitis is a small traditional village which is ideally located just in the centre of the county of
                             Hania and can be used very convenient as a base to explore both sides of the island.

                             Tavronitis is a working village. You can find quite a few fruit shops on its main road, a couple of
                             small mini-markets, a bakery with its daily fresh baked bread, an excellent patisserie shop with
                             its unique fresh cakes and ice creams, and naturally the best made baclava in the area. A couple
                             of small cafenion complete the relaxing picture with the locals drinking Greek coffee while
                             watching the world going around. The small river of Tavronitis is a stones throw away and is a
                             paradise for bird watchers especially during April and May. A gentle walk takes you down to the
                             sea front, where you can find a few family run tavernas. Only two miles away by the Spatha
                             peninsula, lays the small fishing village of Kolibari, famous for its excellent tavernas where you
                             can enjoy freshly caught lobsters and local fish. It is also where the 13th century Byzantine
                             monastery of Gonia is located and the Orthodox Academy with its modern conference centre,
                             open for everyone who seeks their knowledge or as a tranquil place for creative thinking.

                             History Of The Apartments

                             Once upon a time, on a hot summer’s day some 20 years ago Stavros was taken by his young
                             friend Irene in a romantic walk, on the hillsides of the village of Tavronitis. On the way they both
                             stopped in Irene’s father’s vineyard. Stavos was astonished from the breathtaking views of the
                             Aegean sea and the majesty of the White Mountains in the background. It was then that they
                             made a promise that as soon as they had both completed their studies they would come back
                             and share a life in this, their special place.

                             They kept their pledge. Five years on, Stavros has graduated from the University of California
                             with a degree in Aeronautics. Irene returns from Athens where she has been studying business.
                             Once more they do the same walk in the sun-drenched vineyard. Later that day over a glass of
                             raki, they share their dream with Irene’s brother Stelios. What they long to do is share the
                             beauty, the character and great friendliness of the place with others.

                             Now their dream is no longer a dream. They built two small but elegant apartment blocks, which
                             they love and cherish as they do their own home. They decided to call them Antilia because the
                             beauty and the elegance of their place deserved the name of Altantis young and beautiful

                             Antilia Apartments

                             The apartments were first built in 1989, in the small but traditional Cretan village of Tavronitis in
                             the north-west coast of the island. Antilia impresses every visitor with its unique architecture,
                             extensive gardens, but most of all with the breathtaking views of the turquoise blue Aegean Sea
                             that stretches all the way from the Spatha peninsula to the Thothorou islands and Akrotiri.

                             Antilia is a small property, which consists of 14 different size high quality apartments built in two
                             small individual units. Both units are surrounded by jasmine and bungavilleas, set up on a
                             hillside, only 250 metres from the main road in a patchwork of colours, with the impressive
                             White Mountains in the background and the blue of the Aegean in the front. The two units are
                             separated by pretty flower filled gardens which are full of roses (Stelios’ pride and joy),
                             geraniums and hibiscus.

                             A swimming pool (20x8m and the colour of lapis lazuli) is set to a large panoramic terrace. All
                             around the pool area is beautiful flower pots filled with colourful geraniums and roses, making it
                             the ideal place to relax and sunbathe. This is certainly the best place on the coast to watch the   sunset over Spatha’s peninsula. A welcoming snack-bar is provided on the terrace, making
                             Antilia one of the few properties on the island that offers you both the privacy of having your
                             own pool and gardens, and the opportunity to socialise with your fellow holidaymakers when you
                             feel like it. The snack-bar, built in 2002, is open all day long, serving all sorts of homemade
                             delights, all done with extra love and care from mother Antilia. Barbeques and Cretan evenings
                             are also organised with plenty of food and wine which incidentally comes straight from Stavros’
                             barrels from the Antilia cellar.

                             In the year 2002, Antilia has gone through a major renovation bringing the standard of the
                             apartments to a very high level. Inside, the apartments are furnished and decorated with soft
                             creamy colours, with elegant and comfortable sofas, French designer curtains and bed covers,
                             soft lighting and pretty paintings.

                             The kitchenettes fitted with attractive cherry wood cupboards are provided with particularly good
                             quality cutlery and crockery and come complete with a cooker oven and grill, as well as a small
                             fridge. Whilst each bedroom has its own individual character they all have remarkably smart
                             fitted wardrobes, bedside cabinets, as well as very stylish dressing tables. All the apartments
                             have their own private bathroom including bathtubs with high quality fittings and large mirrors.
                             Naturally all the apartments are fully air-conditioned and have satellite TV.

                             Most of the apartments have private terraces on both sides, so you can enjoy the morning sun at
                             breakfast and watch the sun going down over Spatha’s peninsula while you are enjoying your
                             afternoon Gin & Tonic.

                             Most of the ground floor apartments have two bedrooms – one with two single beds and the
                             other with one double bed. They both also have full size bathrooms.

                             The first floor apartments are of an open plan split level design with gleaming wood staircases
                             leading up in the bedroom with a lovely view over the sea. Some bedrooms lead on to an outside
                             upper terrace with remarkable views towards Chania, the sea, and the White Mountains
                             (apartments A5 and B5). The terraces are covered with beautifully designed terracotta tiles
                             leading to an outside staircase, which takes you directly to Antilia’s beautifully kept gardens.

                             Coming to Antilia Apartments your only concern about your well-being should be getting the
                             flight arrangements sorted out. From that point on, we at the Antilia will make sure that this is
                             going to be the most memorable holiday for you and your loved ones. No more hassle, no more
                             waiting in long queues, or coaches full of other holiday makers when you arrive at your
                             destination. You can enjoy a VIP service going to your accommodation with Antilia’s shuttle bus
                             or if you are more adventurous or know Crete already, you can collect one of Antilia’s hire cars at
                             the airport with full instructions of how to get to the Antilia Apartments.


                             Charter flights to Chania Airport are normally available from the end of March to the end of
                             October on Tuesdays only. There are also flights available to Heraklion Airport from most major
                             UK airports on other days. Tickets are available from most operators and ticket specialists, such
                             as Flight Line in the UK (telephone 01702 470 757).

                             Car Hire

                             Whilst it is possible to get around by taxi or bus we strongly recommend that you have a car for
                             your holiday otherwise you will be unable to explore the beautiful countryside of the island. By
                             booking a car from Antilia Car Hire you can be a 100% sure that you are not only getting the
                             best deal but also that you are renting an up-to-date, reliable and well maintained car that also
                             comes with full road service around the island. All our cars are new and air-conditioned and we
                             can arrange delivery and collection from Chania’s airport. Our prices include local taxes,
                             unlimited mileage, third party liability insurance, collision damage waiver, theft protection, and a
                             road map. Coverage excludes damage to the underside of the vehicle and tyres.

                             Local Activities

                             If enjoying beautiful landscapes and relaxing under the sun in never-ending beaches is not
                             enough, holidays in western Crete can be also an experience to remember since there are all
                             kinds of activities, and places of archaeological, historical and ecological interest. Cretan waters
                             are considered to be some of the cleanest in the Mediterranean, therefore sea sports are
                             available almost at every beach in the north-west side. Snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, wind
                             surfing, jet skiing, paragliding – just make your choice.

                             Away from the water we can organise a day in a horse riding centre in the woods of Dere village.
                             Get to know the countryside on a horseback through special formed paths. Tennis is also an
                             option in the area. Out of the 20 officially recognised areas of natural beauty in Crete, 14 of
                             them are in the county of Hania. Discover them by car from the Antilia Car Hire, hiking or on a
                             daily cruise.

                             Visiting the 61 gorges can be a unique experience. The scenery is breathtaking and imposing,
                             although is different in every gorge. From the famous Samaria Gorge, which is the longest one in
                             Europe, to the Topolia Gorge with wild untouched scenery, the area is full of caves with stalgtites
                             and stalagmites up to 20m high and beautiful Neolithic fossils.

                             Hiking about the Korikos peninsula leading to Gramvousa and the island of Balos, apart from
                             having the opportunity to see the 16th century Venetian fortress and enjoying the exotic sea, you
                             will also come across rare wild birds. Ideal for bird watching, the Rodops peninsula, Tavronitis   River and on the southwest coast, rare birds can be seen especially during May and September.

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