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D    D   y   n   a   m   i   c     L a   b   i   l   e    E q   u   i l   i   b   r   i   u   m

    HealtH-Navigator SyStemS
                                 product                 catalog

                         HealtH Navigator iNc.
                          D    y    n    a    m   i   c      L a   b   i   l   e    E q      u    i l   i   b   r   i   u   m

                               CoRe Informational System                                         CIS

       T    .he CoRe Informational System (CIS) includes the software database, software key and hologram generator. It
            is a very high quality system that will satisfy the needs of those not intending to use the energetic modalities, it
       is suitable for lower budgets. The CoRe Informational System is suitable to evaluate and balance humans as well
       as plants, animals and biosystems such as a home, a business, an organization. It is very appropriate for therapists
       who provide distant consultations. The CIS is the first of its kind to implement a comprehensive philosophy, custom-
       izability, and reproducible results.

                           Software / Key
                           This package contains the software that is at the heart of our success. Years of research
                           have led to a product that has brought, for the first time, reproducibility to information-
                           al scanning and balancing. This configuration allows for all the future upgrade possi-
                           bilities that will open up the world of integrated informational and energetic medicine.

                           Hologram Generator
                           This semiconductor white noise-generator is turned into a Hologram Generator based
                           on the superior scanning algorithm of our system. The holographic nature of fractal
                           geometry is used here for the first time ever to correlate meaning to otherwise appar-
                           ently random patterns.

                           Database - Over 100,000 items
                           Use resonances and informational items from all health modalities, Eastern and
                           Western – such as nutrition and food supplements, homeopathy, herbs, acu-
                           puncture points and meridians, affirmations and emotional concepts, flow-
                           er and gem essences, colors, chakras as well as pathogens and toxins among
                           others – to quickly and effectively get to the core of a client’s issues and bal-
                           ance them bioinformationally. The database is open and easily customizable.

                           Inergetix-EMDR (optional/recommended)
                           lnergetix-Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing is a software program that
                           includes hundreds of background images, phrases, various animation and music. This
                           visualization therapy that can be projected onto a screen with a projector, directly
                           via our display goggles or simply by viewing a computer screen. The EMDR is not
                           included in the CIS but it is recommended to all users as a very effective application
                           form of DLE. In a very high percentage of informational issues like addiction, trauma,
                           compulsion, fears, autism, ADHD, this form of therapy offers important keys to solu-
                           tions particularly when combined with a CoRe evaluation of resonant information.

                   2    CoRe Informational System CIS

Disclaimer: please            see       our   &
                     D    y   n   a   m   i   c        L a   b    i   l   e     E q   u   i l   i   b   r   i   u   m

                                           CoRe Basic System                          S1

    T    he Basic System S1 includes all the components of the CIS plus the Biofeedback & Organ programs, the Resonant
         Information Transfer Unit (RITU) , the light weight wrist electrodes and the Natural Medicines Database book.
    This is a low cost entry into energy medicine and can be easily upgraded later to our Health Navigator Unit
    (see Advanced system). The Biofeedback program provides client specific frequency therapy in real time.

                                                  RITU Resonant Information Transfer Unit
    Inform any physical substrate with any of the thousands of resonances included in the
    Basic software database or any of your own items by placing them on the RITU. You
    can inform water, sugar pills, holographic bracelets, magnetic cards or vials with alco-
    hol without the need for pre-formulated substrates as with the expensive infoceuticals.
    The RITU integrates connections for the light weight electrodes and also one audio
    output for sound.

                                                                                 Organ Balancing
    Over 2000 human organ parts with their names and graphical, mostly 3-D pictures that
    can be balanced showing percentage of improvement and ability to set time of balanc-

                                                                          Biofeedback Frequencies
    The hologram generator together with a fast scanning algorithm, finds the particular
    frequencies that the client resonates to in the moment in the context of the symptoms
    entered. This real-time client specific mode has been found to be more effective, par-
    ticularly in the case of unspecific conditions.

                                                                 Light Weight Wrist-Electrodes
    By the demand of many clients we offer lightweight wrist electrodes that are also suit-
    able for children or elderly persons.

                         The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database Book
    One year online subscription and 2000-page book describing more than 10000 of the
    natural resonances contained in the standard CoRe software, with notes on indications,
    contra indications and brand-name products that contain the particular substance.

                                                                      Basic System S1                                   3

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 L                   D    y   n   a   m   i   c        L a   b   i   l   e    E q    u   i l   i   b   r   i   u   m

                                          Advanced System                     S2

      TheResonant Frequencies,our mostHand includes all the CISconfigurationOrgan Balancing, Biofeedback, Frequency
            Advanced system is            complete and balanced
          demanding applications. This system
      Sets,                       Gold
                                                                             of components that satisfies even the most

                                              Electrodes, the Natural Medicines Database book & subscription and the
      Health Navigator.
                                                         Health Navigator
                                                        Health Navigator is the next step in informational and energetic
                                                                   medicine integration:
                                                                   • Sound therapy via Headphones or speakers
                                                                   • TENS and electric frequency therapy via the
                                                                      attachment of one of our 8 different Electrodes
                                                                   • Magnetic frequency therapy
                                                                   • Light therapy with up to 2 Light array pads each
                                                                      containing 32 Red and 32 Infrared LED
                                                                   • Plasma Light therapy as promoted by Royal Rife
                                                                      with our 20 tube Plasma Generator
                                                                   • Extend the available Frequency range from
                                                                      20 Kilo-Hertz to 2 Mega-Hertz with the Arbitrary
                                                                      Waveform Generator
                                                                   • Inform Bracelets or Cards with energetic
                                                                      frequencies and/or resonant information
                                                                   • Therapy with Music and other wave-files that you
                                                                      record or that is provided by the CoRe system

                      Frequency Sets
                      1100 sets of pre-programmed disease-specific frequencies (about 8000 frequencies)
                      that research over the last 50 years including Rife, Clark and many independent re-
                      searchers have found empirically to be of value for said conditions.

                      Resonant Frequency
                      The resonant frequency mode uses the unique informational scanning algorithm that
                      makes the Advanced System superior to all other systems on the market that use only
                      generic pre-programmed non-client-specific frequencies.

                      Gold Hand-Electrodes
                      Our ergonomically shaped, gold-plated hand electrodes incorporate several principles
                      of biogeometry. They work in themselves as informational facilitators to increase body
                      awareness and energy flow, which can be instantaneously experienced and measured.

               4              Advanced System S2

Disclaimer: please        see     our   &
                         D   y   n   a   m   i   c       L a   b   i   l   e        E q   u   i l   i   b   r   i   u   m

                                                     Hardware Additions

     The hardwaredepth of penetration, andand expand your energy. Our other standard additionalinclude higher sold
         quencies for
                        devices below enhance

     basically at our cost.
                                              more carriers of
                                                               energetic application possibilities to
                                                                                                      equipment is

                                                                                   Plasma Generator
     Uses modulated plasma light to deliver frequencies and information deep into the tis-
     sues of the person sitting in front of the 20 discharge tubes of different colored light
     that also gives color therapy. It can be used with subjects unable to hold the hand
     electrodes, including animals and plants. It was with light that pioneers in frequency
     therapy had their greatest success.

                                                            Arbitrary Waveform Generator
     The Arbitrary Waveform Generator produces a very high resolution of generated fre-
     quencies up to 2 million Hz, and enables control of amplitude and waveform. This unit
     replaces the inexpensive frequency generator of other systems like SCIO or LIFE that
     merely use the soundcard of the computer, which limits the output to a max 22000 HZ,
     non-sensible amplitude in millivolts and a fixed waveform.

                                                               Health Navigator Home Unit
     The HNHU is available to Advanced System owners who would like to rent the unit to
     their clients for frequency home therapy. It can enhance the healing effect dramatically
     via daily sessions of electric, magnetic, light and sound therapy with therapy modules
     chosen via the CoRe program.

                                                                               Light-Array Applicator
     This applicator contains 16 red light emitting diodes and 16 infrared LED. Each set is
     controlled by one of the two channels of the Health Navigator. With the possibility of
     applying two different sets of frequencies via two different light carrier, this new addi-
     tion promises to surpass all previous benefits in Light therapy due to its potential to
     initiate a DLE for biophotonic light. Additionally this unit can be molded to any body
     contour through its flexible design.

                                                                                    Display Goggles
     High-tech goggles containing two miniature displays, one for each eye, that allow the
     client to follow the screen in any comfortable position. They integrate a headphone
     so the EMDR music is privately heard. Easily adjusts brightness, contrast and volume.

                                                           Hardware Additions                                           5

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                        D   y   n   a   m   i   c        L a   b   i   l   e     E q   u   i l   i   b   r   i   u   m

                       Beamer – Projector
                       DLP Projector, SVGA 800 x 600. Used to project software screens such as for EMDR, Au-
                       roraSoma, etc. to help clients engage more in their sessions.

                       Holographic Bracelets
                       Disposable holographic bracelets - gold or silver - to be informed with resonant healing
                       information for a period of time.

                       Magnetic Imprintable Stickers
                       Inform magnetic imprintable cards with resonant information to balance a person, a
                       room, a business, or other living space. They can be carried in a pocket, handbag or
                       anywhere on the body; as well as placed in any other location to address the space.


      n addition to our famous bio-geometric, gold hand electrodes, we offer a set of electrodes to facilitate the application of
      electric energy.

                       Acupuncture Applicator
                       The Acupuncture Electrode allows precise point application of resonant electric fre-
                       quency therapy. On one end it has concentric electrode rings of approximately 3/16”
                       and on the other end it has rings for somewhat larger points of 3/8”.

                       Cosmetic Applicator
                       The Cosmetic Electrode applies resonant frequencies to skin and face. Because it is very
                       light weight it can also be used with sensitive skin or children.

                       Hair & Veterinary Applicator
                       The Hair & Veterinary Electrodes allows the application of resonant electric frequencies
                       where otherwise hair and animal fur would form an isolating barrier. It has 32 contact
                       pins that facilitate reliable contact. This is especially useful if one wants to apply electric
                       energy close to the brain, particularly to support neural processes. In animals dense fur
                       has made electric frequency therapy impossible until now.

                6      Electrodes Hardware Additions

Disclaimer: please          see     our   &
                       D   y   n   a   m   i   c      L a   b   i   l   e       E q   u   i l   i   b   r   i   u   m                 L

                                                                Massage Roller Applicator
    The Massage Roller Electrode has a long handle and three rollers with differing po-
    larity for self-application in areas that otherwise would be difficult to reach, as for ex-
    ample on the back. It also has a massage function.

                                                                                      DLE Spheres
    Designed for hand and body applications these electrodes rest comfortably in the
    hands and may also be used in massage with the insulated gloves and conductive
    gel provided. The sphere is viewed as an ultimate expression of unity, completeness
    and integrity. There is a small stainless solid sphere inside the outer hollow 3”diam-
    eter stainless steel sphere. There is also a coil of specially designed frequency wire
    that is in the shape of the two vortices facing each other to complete the DLE effect.

                                                            DLE Parabolic Crystal Domes
    The DLE Parabolic Crystal Domes are comprised of a perfectly correct parabolic lens
    that allows the frequencies sent through them to be completely non-distorted. We use
    a mix of Garnet, Amethyst, Amazonite, Citrin, Hermatite, Quartz, Rose Quartz, Smoky
    Quartz, Tiger Eye, Emerald or a custom combination of these crystals. The domes
    are saline filled to particularly accommodate the transmission of high frequency wave
    components, the base is stainless steel.

                                                                              DLE Crystal Wand
    This electrode is held with both hands to close the body circuit. It is composed of a
    12” quartz crystal wand filled with various crystals as above or customized as request-
    ed. It also has electrically conductive rubber at each end so the energetic effect can
    be felt. In the high frequency range particularly, the gems emit their own resonant
    frequencies in the optical range which are then emitted via the glass tube.

                                                                            Gold Foot Electrode
    This Gold Plated Electrode allows contact with the particularly sensitive soles of
    the feet. It can be used in addition to both hand electrodes or it can repl ace one
    of them. There is the option to use one foot electrode or two.

                                                                        Electrodes                                      7

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                    D    y   n   a   m   i   c          L a   b   i   l   e     E q   u    i l   i   b   r   i   u   m

                                             Magnetic Applicators
                                                 (To be used with the Health Navigator)

      T he new Health Navigator continues our commitment to make energetic medicine an important comple-
        mentary line to Informational medicine and to provide real and measurable physical output.

                                     Therapy with client specific frequencies:
   Different from the numerous products for Magnetic therapy that either use constant magnets or fixed sets
   of frequencies that are generically believed to be beneficial for certain diseases, CoRe for the first time al-
   lows to find client specific resonant frequencies and thus significantly increases the effectiveness of energy

   N    ote : These magnetic applicators are best used with the new Health Navigator but can also attached to our
        previous hardware with a specific adaptor and a somewhat reduced output of magnetic field strength.

                        Magnetotherapy Full Body Mat
                        **Shown here part 1 and 2

                        To be used as a rehabilitation applicator on the back, or together with part 2 as a
                        whole-bed rehabilitation applicator. Application over a textile pad. Extremely suitable
                        for whole body applications - prevention, rehabilitation, blood circulation promotion,
                        muscle release. The upper part marked with enlarged seam work is intended for whole-
                        bed application - for the patient’s head: it does not generate the magnetic field.
                        Part 1: magnetic induction in the coil axis on the surface of the applicator: 5 mT
                        Dimensions: 860 x 480 x 35 mm Weight: 2,37 kg Part 2: Weight 1.99 kg

                        Magnetotherapy – Spatial Pulse Applicator
                        This applicator generates a spatial pulse magnetic field - suitable for applications on
                        back, hips, joints, cervical spinal column, and body applications. To be used over a tex-
                        tile pad on the spot afflicted or a part of it.
                        The magnetic induction in the coil axis on the surface of the applicator: 4 mT
                        Dimensions: inside diameter 440 mm, full 510 mm, depth 120 mm, thickness 8 mm                Weight: 3.3 kg

                        Magnetotherapy - Orthopedic Applicator
                        Orthopedic aid intended for fixation of the other applicators A2HLg 250 or A1HPLg
                        Dimensions: width 250 x height 250 x depth 35 mm
                        Weight: 0,335 kg Intensity of the permanent magnetic field: 20 mT

              8               Magnetic Applicators

Disclaimer: please        see    our      &
                      D   y   n    a   m    i   c        L a   b   i   l   e       E q   u   i l   i   b   r   i   u   m

                                                    Magnetotherapy – Shoulder Applicator
    Orthopedic aid intended for connection of 2 pieces of applicators A1HPLg - for ap-
    plication on both shoulders at a time
                                        Dimensions: width 650 x height 160 x depth 35 mm Weight: 0,280 kg
                                                           Intensity of the permanent magnetic field: 20 mT

                                                    Magnetotherapy –Local Disc Applicator
     To be used for local applications or as a somatological applicator as well. The vibration
     may be used for fine massage of nerve endings of certain organs - e.g. feet. Along with
     that, the blood circulation is promoted and oxygen supply is improved. In order to fix
     it to the position for application, you may use the fixing tape.
                                  Magnetic induction in the coil axis on the surface of the applicators: 36 mT
                                  Dimensions: diameter 110mm, height 29mm Weight: 0,60 kg

                                                    Magnetotherapy – Full Body Applicator
     Big solenoid. The applicator generates a spatial pulse magnetic field - suitable for
     depth applications. Suitable for applications on the back, hips and other joints, cervi-
     cal spinal column. Application over a textile pad on the afflicted spot, as close as pos-
     sible to the surface of the body.
                                    Magnetic induction in the coil axis on the surface of the applicator: 4 mT
                                    Dimensions: diameter 500 mm, depth 345 mm Weight: 8,9 kg

                                                       Magnetotherapy - Paddy Applicator
     Three-part foldaway paddy applicator provides various options of use within its di-
     mensions. Application over a textile pad on the afflicted spot, as close as possible to
     the surface of the body.
                                  Magnetic induction in the coil axis on the surface of the applicator: 16 mT
                                  Dimensions: width 670 x height 220 x depth 35 mm Weight: 1,62 kg

                                                               Magnetic Applicators                                        9

Disclaimer: please        see     our      &
                       D   y   n   a   m   i   c      L a   b   i   l   e        E q   u   i l   i   b   r   i   u   m

                      HealtH Navigator
                     iN cooperatioN witH iNergetiX

        Integrates energetIc and

           InformatIonal medIcIne

            components Into one

        hybrId system so modular

        that It can be customIzed

        to your partIcular needs

        combInIng the advantages

              of both Into one.

                                                                   Develops the new science of
                                                                informational meDicine Defining
                                                                           iDeas like:
                                                                        - Dynamic labile equilibrium

                                                                             - HolograpHic nature

                                                                         - informational resonance

                                                                            - tHe 4 levels of existence
                                                                               Aims to integrAte

                                                                        informAtionAl And spirituAl


      10         General Information

Disclaimer: please   see   our     &
                             D   y    n    a    m    i    c          L a   b   i   l   e      E q   u     i l    i   b   r   i   u   m

                                     Combinations of Software and Hardware
 Please note that you can choose your software program additions.                                       Computer Requirements
 Hardware units usually build upon each other. We can install your system                               Personal Computers (PC) Requirements:
 in a DELL laptop of your choice (not included).                                                        Supported operating systems:
                                                                                                        Windows XP SP2 (SP3 highly recommended)
                                                                                                        32 bit editions only
 CIS - CoRe Informational System                                                                        Windows Vista (SP1 highly recommended) 32 bit editions only
                                                                                                        .NET 3.5 SP1 is required and included in the full installation
 You can run all informational evaluation and balancing already with the CIS software                   package. Screen resolution should be: 1024 * 768 or higher
 configuration package. Please do not mistake our low price for inferior quality or potential           The following operating systems are not supported:
                                                                                                        Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT4, Win-
 compared with competing products like NES, e-Lybra, Oberon or any other completely                     dows 2000, Windows 64 bit editions.
 radionic system, be it manual or computer-based like Copen or Quantec. Different from any              System requirements for Windows XP:
 of them, the CIS configuration gives reproducible results based on the superior scanning               512MB RAM min., 2-3 GB recommended
                                                                                                        2GHz CPU, 1GB Hard disk space recommended
 algorithm used. You also have all the future upgrade possibilities that will open the world of         System requirements for Windows VISTA:
 integrated informational and energetic medicine. We have set the price of this initial system          1GB RAM, 2-3 GB recommended,
                                                                                                        2.4 GHz CPU, 1GB hard disk space recommended
 low to make it possible for many of you to take a first step into this new world, without sac-         MacIntosh Requirements:
 rificing the possibility for future upgrades and additions. This system configuration already          MAC Computers with the new Intel Core processor, single and
                                                                                                        dual, in MAC and MAC PRO book work perfectly with CoRe.
 offers you the ability to customize the database.                                                      You will need to run the system in the BOOTCAMP mode
                                                                                                        which is automatically included with every new MAC
                                                                                                        You can also use software by Parallels and VMWare
 • Includes: 5.0 Software, Activation Key, Hologram Generator                                           to create virtual PCs on which to run the CoRe Software
 • Suggested additions: Organ Balancing, NMDB Book
                                                                                                        Return Policy
                                                                                                        We fully expect you to be delighted with your Inergetix-CoRe
 S-1 Basic System                                                                                       System™ purchase. However, should you wish to return it
                                                                                                        for any reason within 30 days of shipment, please call us on:
 A combination of components that is intended to demonstrate that you can get the                       001-530-692-9224 to request a return authorization number.
 same functionality as competing products like SCIO/LIFE at much lower cost AND                         We cannot authorize returns or refunds after 30 days. Returns
                                                                                                        without a return authorization number written clearly on the
 with superior advantages like reproducibility and upgrade possibilities. It includes                   outside of the package will not be accepted. Shipping charges
                                                                                                        for returned items are the responsibility of the purchaser.
 a pair of gold-plated Hand Electrodes with a shape based on the principles of Bio-
 geometry. The Organ Scan Module allows scanning and graphical representation of                        Shipping
                                                                                                        We ship via regular UPS as soon as possible once payment is
 hundreds of organ parts as well as real-time review of improvement values. It includes                 received. The cost of shipping is NOT included in the above
 the Dynamic Frequency Biofeedback software control program that brings energetic                       prices. Please ask your consultant about shipping details. Ship-
                                                                                                        ment is DDU – Delivery Duty Unpaid; all duties, tariffs and
 frequency balancing for the first time in history into a real time client-specific mode                taxes are the responsibility of the consignee. Express shipping
                                                                                                        can be arranged at an additional cost.
 that goes far beyond the customary application of pre programmed sets of frequencies.
                                                                                                        Technical Support
                                                                                                        Your purchase includes free technical support for installation
 • Includes: CIS components, Organ Balancing, Biofeedback program, RITU, NMDB                           and hardware issues as well as for any upgrades during the first
                                                                                                        six months of use. We have found that users have solved all
 book.                                                                                                  technical issues within the first 4 weeks or use.

 S-2 Advanced System                                                                                    International Yahoo User’s Group
                                                                                                        Membership in our international Yahoo Users’ Group is
 A cost-effective step into the world of informational and energetic medicine combined                  available after two weeks from the date of delivery of your new
                                                                                                        system. Participating in this online group provides users with
 into one system that includes the Health Navigator with Dual Channel technology                        a dynamic and expansive way to share experiences with other
 that allows for the individual control of the energetic output for balancing with sound,
 TENS and electric frequency therapy via 8 electrodes, magnetic frequency therapy                       Online Training
                                                                                                        Free online group trainings are scheduled every week. We have
 via 7 applicators, plasma light therapy with our 20-tube Plasma Generator, LED Ar-                     found that users are confident in their ability to navigate the
 ray light therapy and therapy with music and other wave-files provided. (Hardware                      system within the first month of use. Trainings will cover sys-
                                                                                                        tematic presentations of the system, window by window as well
 add-ons are not included). The Resonant Frequencies Mode is also included which                        as special topics. They take place via web-conferencing which
                                                                                                        requires a telephone line and an internet connection. Links to
 are intelligent, client-specific frequencies found within the context of the symptoms                  recorded sessions are also available.
 entered for a particular client. We also add the Frequency sets of pre-programmed                      Interactive Demos
                                                                                                        Downloadable interactive demonstrations are available
 RIFE frequencies for over 1100 conditions.                                                             User Guide & Installation Guide
                                                                                                        Our written documentation includes steps for procedures, Once
 • Includes: CIS components, Organ Balancing, Biofeedback, Resonant Frequencies,                        you have grasped the basics of the Inergetix-CoRe System™
                                                                                                        you will find it easy to use. The majority of our users are work-
 Frequency Sets, HEALTH NAVIGATOR, Gold Hand Electrodes, NMDB Book                                      ing confidently with their Inergetix-CoRe System™ before they
                                                                                                        attend any of our optional live training seminars.
 • Suggested additions: Plasma Generator, Electrode Applicators, Magnetic Applica-
 tors.                                                                                                  Transfer of Ownership
                             Worldwide Distributors                                                     We have a 10% transfer fee on the original system price when
                                                                                                        a user sells his/her system which is used to transfer the license
                             Local Representatives                                                      to the new owner, to provide training, technical support and for
                                                                                                        eligibility to upgrade.
             Tel: (001) 530-692-9224 • California/USA                                                   Please contact us for more information, an online consultation,
                                                                      or any questions you may have. We will be happy to assist you.

Disclaimer: please                   see       our   &
     D                D   y   n   a   m    i   c       L a   b   i   l   e     E q   u   i l   i   b   r   i   u   m

                 HealtH Navigator iNc.
 •   Over 100,000 resonances
 •   Easily customizable and expandable database
 •   Extensive category of emotional concepts
 •   Ability to inform any physical substrate
 •   1100 pre-programmed frequency sequences
 •   Client-specific resonant frequencies up to 2 MHz
 •   Real-time biofeedback frequencies
 •   Hardware for energetic output you can feel
 •   Balance with sound, light, electricity and magnetism

 •   Superior reproducibility of results
 •   Reduced analysis time, key issues seen in seconds
 •   The potential for recovery can begin during analysis
 •   Ability to choose physical, energetic, informational or
     spiritual fields during analyses
 •   Ability to enter descriptive symptoms and filters
 •   Easy setup of balancing plans
 •   Affordable price, modular design
 •   Attractive discounts for owners of competing products
 •   Money-back guarantee
 •   Referral incentives
 •   One year free and easy online updates
 •   One year hardware warranty
 •   User friendly, worldwide support network, weekly online
     training sessions, 25 worldwide seminars
 •   Certification by Academy of Informational Medicine possible
     with associated insurance plans

                                    Call our Worldwide Distributors
                                        or Local Representatives

                                        Tel: (001) 530-692-9224 • California/USA
Disclaimer: please        see     our   &

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