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					                   GENERAL RISK ASSESSMENT
Location                                      College Wide

Outline of risk assessment                    Using a Jigsaw
Summary of what is proposed
Team members / experts /                      Estates Staff and other staff and students who have undergone competency training in this equipment
contractors / etc.
List those involved
Assessor             Name                     Steve Bauly                                                       Date            18 January 2010
                     Signature                                                                                  completed
Manager/Tutor        Name                     David McLoughlin                                                  Date            18 January 2010
                     Signature                                                                                  completed

Hazard list – select your hazards from the list below and use these to complete Part B
Situational Hazards                       Tick     Physical / Chemical Hazards                   Tick    Environmental Hazards                      Tick
Assault by person                                  Contact with hot or cold liquid / vapour              Litter
Over Crowding                                      Contact with hot or cold surface                      Nuisance noise / vibration
Objects falling, moving or flying                  Electric shock                                       Physical damage
Crush by load(s)                                   Explosive blast                                       Substance released into air
Working at Height (roof,                           Explosive release of stored pressure                  Substance released into soil / water
scaffolding, hoists, ladders, etc)
(Permit required)
Vehicle impact / collision /                       Fire                                                 Adverse Weather Conditions (outdoor
pedestrians                                                                                              working)
Obstruction / exposed feature                      Hazardous / Chemical substance
                                                   (separate Assessment required)
Ergonomic risk due to lack of                      Hot or cold environment                               Additional Hazards/Permits Required
space                                                                                                    (please list)
Slip, Trips and Falls                             Laser light (Class 1 or 2)
Manual Handling (separate                          Stroboscopic Lights (flashing lights)
Assessment required)
Unsafe Ground conditions (loose                    Vibration                                     
flooring, slippery, etc)
Overhead Obstructions (power                       Noise (reading to be taken)                   
lines, cables, suspended ceilings)
Sharp object / material                           Smoke/dust                                    
Lone Working (Permit required)                     Asbestos present (see Estates for
                                                   Asbestos Register)
Confined Space (Permit required)
Machinery / Equipment (cranes,                    Health Hazards                                Tick
hoists, electrical, tools etc)
Restriction by Work equipment or                  Disease/Infection
Young Persons (under 18 years of                   Lack of food/water
Additional Assessments                    Tick     Physical fatigue (unusual working             
Required                                           patterns, night working, etc)
Manual Handling                                    Static body posture (standing for long        
Work at Height (if using ladders)                  Repetitive action                             
DSE                                                Stress
COSHH (chemical substances)                        Extra medical issues adding further risk
                                                   (please list)

             Risk Matrix – use this to determine risk for each hazard i.e. how bad and how likely

                                                                                                        Likelihood of Harm
                                     Severity of Harm                                 Unlikely       Possible                Probable

             Slight e.g. minor cuts and bruising, irritation, headaches, etc          Very low          Low                   Medium
             Moderate e.g. deep cuts, burns, minor fractures, etc                       Low          Medium                     High
             Severe e.g. major fractures, poisonings, multiple & fatal injuries etc   Medium            High               Extremely high
                    RISK ASSESSMENT
Activity - Using a Jigsaw                                                                                              Location – where this activity will take place: College wide

                             2                                                                              3
                 Hazards                               Who exposed                         Risk Rating                                                          Control measures                                                   Residual Risk
List what could cause harm from this activity     List who might be harmed             For each hazard, decide         For each hazard, list the measures you will be taking to minimise the risk identified                         Rating
e.g. working at height, trip hazard, fire, etc.   from this activity esp. ’at risk   level of risk as if you were to   e.g. appointing competent persons, training received, use of personal protective equipment, provision of   For each hazard, now
                                                  groups’ e.g. staff, public,         do the activity without your     first aid, etc.                                                                                             decide level of risk
                                                  children, disabled, elderly                    controls                                                                                                                         once all your controls
                                                  etc.                                                                                                                                                                                 are in place
Sharp Object/material                                  Estates Staff                             Low                   All cutting blades to be kept in their holders until they are required                                            V Low
                                                  Other staff and students
                                                   who have undergone
                                                  competency training in
                                                      this equipment
Slips, Trips and Falls                                 Estates Staff                           Medium                  Cables to be kept clear of user and obstructions to prevent anyone from tripping over it                           Low
                                                  Other staff and Students
Machinery/Equipment                                    Estates Staff                           Medium                  Staff fully trained in safe use and handling                                                                       Low
Electric hand tool                                Other staff and students
                                                   who have undergone                                                  Equipment will be checked before each use to ensure that there are no defects in the cable,
                                                  competency training in                                               casing, plug, cutting head, shoe, etc
                                                      this equipment
                                                                                                                       Operator will ensure that there is plenty of room to move comfortably around the material
                                                                                                                       being worked on and that the material is securely clamped where possible

                                                                                                                       If drilling into walls, the user will check for hidden cables, water pipes etc and if present re-
                                                                                                                       plan work.
Fire                                                     Estates Staff                           High                  Equipment will be checked for defects before each use to minimise the risk of possible                             Low
                                                    All Staff and Students                                             electrical faults or fire. Carbon Dioxide extinguisher to be available for any electrical fires
Electric shock                                         Estates Staff                           Medium                  Power supply to be disconnected when changing blades.                                                              Low
                                                  Other staff and students
                                                   who have undergone                                                  The equipment will be checked before each use to ensure that there are no defects in the
                                                  competency training in                                               cable, casing, plug or cutting head.
                                                      this equipment
                                                                                                                       The power cable will be kept clear of the moving parts at all times.

                                                                                                                       A Residual Current Device (RCD) will be used if using outside
Sight/Noise/Dust/Vibration                        Estates Other staff and                      Medium                  Goggles, ear defenders and dust mask to be worn when using the equipment. Regular                                  Low
                                                    students who have                                                  brakes to prevent fingers becoming numb
                                                  undergone competency
                                                       training in this
                                                      equipment Staff
Repetitive Action/Physical Fatigue                     Estates Staff                           Medium                  Regular breaks if work in lasting more than 5 minutes in duration                                                  Low
                                                  Other staff and students
                                                   who have undergone
                                                  competency training in
                                                 this equipment
Continue on separate sheet if necessary 1 – complete separate table for each activity   2 - from hazard list in Part A   3 - from risk matrix in Part A

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