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					2 00 4 Hol i day C ata l o g C a rd I n d e x
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                                                                                                            PS407 White Card Stock
Handmade by Hero Arts                                                                                       PS353 Bright White Notecards
                                                                                                            Lavender Card Stock
The cards featured in this catalog are all original and handstamped. They are meant to inspire ideas.       VS190 Fresh Green Pigment Ink
They are not complicated. At Hero Arts simplicity and elegance are the signature of our style. All you      VS193 Imperial Blue Pigment Ink
need to make these cards is to know what stamps, papers, inks, and techniques are used. The necessary       Ribbon
                                                                                                            Sewing Machine (stitch without
supplies and information are listed here in the card index. Refer to the pictures of the cards throughout        thread)
the catalog to see how the stamped elements are assembled. Also, our website features an ever-
changing array of new card ideas.                                                         B. HANGING ORNAMENTS
 HERO ARTS COVER PHOTO                Page 2                                                                LL947 Decorative Ornaments
                                                                                                                  Fancy Notes™
                                      A. STITCHED TREE CARD                                                 H2869 Holiday Snowflakes
                                      Materials:                                                            PS403 Starlight Tsumugi Cards
                           C          LL818 Backgrounds                                                     PS407 White Card Stock
                                            Fancy Notes™                                                    AF134 Soft Lilac Dye Ink           Page 10
                                      LL943 Graphic Lines Trees                                             VS172 Violet Pigment Ink
                                            Artistic Impressions™                                           VS174 Amethyst Pigment Ink         MERRY AND BRIGHT TAGS
                                      C2852 Peace on Earth                                                  VS193 Imperial Blue Pigment Ink    Materials:
                                      PS120 Earthtone Notecards                                             Very Fine Pencil and Ruler (to     LL954 Holiday Message Tags
  B                                         (chalk)                                                               create hanging filaments)          Poetic Prints®
                                      Light Green Card Stock                                                                                   PS416 Little Greetings
                                      SC129 Soft Leaf Dye Ink                                                                                  Red Art Paper
                                      DC106 Black Dye Ink                                                                                      PS407 White Card Stock
                                      MC011 Watercolor Pencils                                     A                                  C        VS171 Scarlet Pigment Ink
                                      MW010 Fine-Tip Paint Brush                                                                               VS178 Green Pigment Ink
                                      Sewing Machine (stitch without                                                                           Metal Tag (available in scrapbook
                A                           thread)                                                                                                  stores)
                                                                          B. PEACE
                                      Tiny Jewel (for top of tree)                                                                             White Ribbon
                                                                          LL944 Artists’s Snowflakes                       B
                                      B. WATERCOLOR TREE                        Quatros
 A. HOLIDAY CHEER                     Materials:                          C2852 Peace on Earth
 Materials:                           LL943 Graphic Lines Trees           PS410 Meadow Tsumugi
 LL943 Graphic Lines Trees                  Artistic Impressions™               Cards (sky blue)
        Artistic Impressions™         White Embossing Supplies            PS403 Starlight Tsumugi
 C3126 Holiday Cheer                  Watercolors                               Cards (grey)
 DC106 Black Dye Ink                  Watercolor Paper                    Watercolors
 Assorted Rainbow Chalk Inks          PS404 Prairie Tsumugi Cards         Watercolor Paper
 Cosmetic Applicator (available                                                                                      A
        in beauty shops)
 Clear Embossing Supplies
 White Brads
 Extra-Large Slide Mount                                                                                    C. THREE ORNAMENTS
 PS413 Ocean Tsumugi Cards                                                B                                 Materials:
 Lavender Card Stock                                                                                        LL877 Star Sprinkles Tiny Icons™
                                                                                                            LL947 Decorative Ornaments
 B. RAINBOW TREE                                                                                                  Fancy Notes™
 Materials:                                                                                                 C3194 Rejoice                      Page 11
 F3108 Festive Star Tree                                                                                    PS120 Earthtones (chalk)
 H3164 Holiday Script                                                                                       DC106 Black Dye Ink                A. AUTUMN GREETINGS
                                                    A                                                       VS161 Green Tea Pigment Ink        Materials:
 PS353 Bright White Notecards
 PS413 Ocean Tsumugi Cards                                                                                  VS174 Amethyst Pigment Ink         LL955 Woodland Leaves and
 Purple Card Stock                                                                                          VS193 Imperial Blue Pigment Ink          Grasses Special Edition
 DC106 Black Dye Ink                  Page 4                                                                                                   C3039 Autumn
                                                                          DC106 Black Dye Ink
 Assorted Pastel Chalk Inks                                                                                                                    PS404 Prairie Tsumugi Cards
                                                                          Blue Eyelet
 Cosmetic Applicator                  A. SEASON’S GREETINGS                                                 Page 9                             PS407 White Card Stock
 Sewing Machine                       Materials:                                                                                               Green, Natural, and Topaz
                                                                          Sewing Machine (with
 White Thread                         LL944 Artist’s Snowflakes                                             CHRISTMAS JOY                            Card Stock
                                                                                blue thread)
                                            Quatros                                                         Materials:                         VS162 Topaz Pigment Ink
 C. SWIRL TREE                        LL885 Winter Whimsy                                                   LL953 Christmas Dots               VS169 Paprika Pigment Ink
 Materials:                                 Special Edition                                                       Ink ‘n’ Stamp®               VS178 Green Pigment Ink
                                                                          Page 6
 H3109 Swirl Christmas Tree           PS410 Meadow Tsumugi                                                  A3189 Joy                          VS186 Canary Pigment Ink.
 H3164 Holiday Script                       Cards (sky blue)                                                PS417 Little Greetings             VS191 Marigold Pigment Ink
                                                                          A. STARRY ORNAMENT
 PS413 Ocean Tsumugi Cards            PS403 Starlight Tsumugi                                               Red Card Stock                     DC108 ArtPrints® Brown Dye Ink
 PS407 White Card Stock                     Cards (grey)                                                    VS162 Topaz Pigment Ink
                                                                          LL950 Polka Dot Squares
 Assorted Pastel Chalks               BR005 Moonlight White                                                 VS171 Scarlet Pigment Ink          TIP: Create a soft background
                                                                                Poetic Prints®
 DC106 Black Dye Ink                        Brilliance Ink                                                  VS178 Green Pigment Ink            paper for the oak leaves by
                                                                          LL947 Decorative Ornaments
 AF110 Turquoise Dye Ink              Sewing Machine (with light                                            VS179 Bamboo Pigment Ink           lightly dabbing yellow and
                                                                                Fancy Notes™
 Tiny Silver Brads                          blue thread)                                                    Sharp Scissors                     marigold inks directly onto paper.
                                                                          C3127 Blessings Message
                                                                                                                                               Blend with your finger.
                                    TIP: Using black ink, stamp the      B. BUTTON TREE                       Page 16                            Page 18
                                    tree once on a piece of aqua         Materials:
                                    paper and again on white card        H3109 Swirl Christmas Tree           A. CHRISTMAS HATS                  A. JOY TREE
                                    stock. Cut out the tree triangle     C2850 Merry Christmas                Materials:                         Materials:
                                    from the aqua piece. Using           PS384 Hana Notecards (cream)         F3168 Christmas Hats               LL950 Polka Dot Squares
                                    watercolors fill in the tree         PS411 Cream Tsumugi Cards            PS416 Little Greetings                   Poetic Prints®
                                    stamped on the white paper.          AF101 Black Dye Ink                  Green and Red Art Papers           A2845 Joy to All
                                    Position this colored piece behind   CH101 Small Buttons                  AF101 Black Dye Ink                F3108 Festive Star Tree
                                    the cut out-triangle and glue in     Larger Natural Button                Colored Markers                    PS353 Bright White Notecards
                                    place. Finish card as shown.         Paper Knife                          Green Buttons                      PS407 White Card Stock
                                                                         Sewing Machine                       Black Floss                        PS408 Tiny White Tags
                                    B. BLESSINGS TO YOU
                                    Materials:                           TIP: Cut strips in assorted
                                    LL947 Decorative Ornaments           widths using sky blue, natural,
                                           Fancy Notes™                  and beige Hana papers. Glue the
                                    C3127 Blessings Message              strips to a large piece of paper.
                                    PS413 Ocean Tsumugi Cards            Using black ink, stamp the tree                               B
                                    Lavender Card Stock                  design on the paper made with
B. AUTUMN WISHES                    AF101 Black Dye Ink                  strips. Cut out the tree triangle
Materials:                          Watercolors                          and glue to another tree, which is
LL955 Woodland Leaves and           Silver Embossing Supplies            stamped on blue paper. Layer
      Grasses Special Edition       Silver Gel Pen                       the blue paper onto a piece of                                     A
PS415 Wheat Crepe Notecards                                              white paper (with the striped
PS407 White Card Stock              C. BE MERRY                          tree) and lightly adhere the two
Clear Embossing Supplies            Materials:                           together. Cut out the trunk of
Natural Card Stock                  H3109 Swirl Christmas Tree           tree so white paper shows
Woven Burlap                        C2846 Be Merry                       through. Position the two pieces
Ribbon                              PS413 Ocean Tsumugi Cards            of paper to front of a card and      B. SANTA’S BELT                    Lavender Card Stock
Walnut Ink (available in            PS417 Little Greetings               glue in place. Stitch around         Materials:                         AF101 Black Dye Ink
      scrapbook stores)             Gold Embossing Supplies              edges of blue paper alternating      A3163 Ho, Ho, Ho                   VS173 Heliotrope Pigment Ink
                                    Watercolors                          zigzag stitching with straight       PS417 Little Greetings             Bright Green Chalk Ink
TIP: Stamp grass design on                                               stitching. Embellish tree with       DC106 Black Dye Ink                Watercolors
white card stock and emboss                                              buttons. Stamp message               Black Slide Frame                  Purple Eyelet
with clear powder. Use walnut       Page 14                              vertically as shown.                 White Card Stock
ink to create an aged paper                                                                                   Red Art Paper
background.                         A. JOY                                                                    Black Ribbon
For more information about aging    LL944 Artistic’s Snowflakes
papers please visit the Technique         Quatros                                                             Page 17
Section at         LL956 Three Holiday Messages
                                          Artistic Impressions™                                    C          JOY TO ALL
                                    A3189 Joy                                                                 Materials:
Page 12                             PS386 Cream Deckle-Edged                                                  LL864 Tiny Thank You Tiny Icons™
                                          Cards                                                               LL950 Polka Dot Squares
A. BUTTON HOLIDAY CHEER             PS410 Meadow Tsumugi                                                             Poetic Prints®
Materials:                                Cards (sky blue)                                                    A2845 Joy to All
LL943 Graphic Lines Trees           BR005 Moonlight White                                              A      H2353 Irregular Background
      Artistic Impressions™               Brilliance Ink                                                             Blocks (mask to get six
C3126 Holiday Cheer                 DC102 Midnight Blue                                                              blocks)
PS353 Bright White Notecards        VS167 Smoke Blue Pigment Ink                                              PS404 Prairie Tsumugi Cards
PS413 Ocean Tsumugi Cards           VC251 VersaMark Ink Pad                                                   PS407 White Card Stock
DC106 Black Dye Ink                 JP126 Circle Punch                                                        Brown Card Stock
Watercolors                         CH101 Small Buttons                                                       Light Green Card Stock                  A
Paper Knife                         Assorted Natural Buttons                                                  DC106 Black Dye Ink
Blue Button                         Sewing Machine (natural thread)                                           VS161 Green Tea Pigment Ink
                                                                         C. HAPPY SNOWFLAKES                  VS179 Bamboo Pigment Ink
                                                                         LL943 Graphic Lines Trees
                                                                               Artistic Impressions™
                          B                                              C2847 Happy Holidays
                                                                         PS410 Meadow Tsumugi
                                                                         PS384 Hana Notecards (white)
                                                                         DC106 Black Dye Ink
                                                                         Beige and Blue Colored Pencils
                                                                         Snowflake Charms
  A                                                                      JP126 Circle Punch
                                                    C                    Sewing Machine (with natural
G3170 Sketch Snowman
PS384 Hana Notecards (white)                 B
PS407 White Card Stock
Lime Green and Purple
      Card Stock
CH101 Small Buttons
AF101 Black Dye Ink
MC011 Watercolor Pencils
Ribbon                                                       A
Snowflake Charm

Page 19

                                                                    Page 22                           VS191 Marigold Pigment Ink            Back Cover
                                                                                                      White Embossing Supplies
                                                                    PINECONE GREETING                 Orange, White, and Black              A. WEDDING CARD
                                                                    Materials:                             Card Stock                       Materials:
                                                                    LL956 Three Holiday Messages      Orange and Black Gingham              LL847 Classic Lowercase
                                                                           Artistic Impressions™           Ribbon                                 Alphabet (use tiny heart
                                                                    F3169 Pinecone Branch                                                         for leaves on flower pops)
                                   Green Card Stock
                                                                    C2861 Happy Thanksgiving          B. BOO!                               LL945 Flower Pops Quatros
                                                                    PS120 Earthtone Notecards (rye)   Materials:                            H2365 Old French Writing
                                                                    Green and Natural Card Stock      LL950 Polka Dot Squares               PS418 Rectangle Photo Cards
                                                                    Natural Fabric                          Poetic Prints®                  VS161 Green Tea Pigment Ink
                                   Page 21
                                                                    Green Card Stock                  D3118 Little Boo                      VS171 Scarlet Pigment Ink
                                                                    SC140 Soft Sage Dye Ink           C2862 Halloween Message               VS169 Paprika Pigment Ink
                                   A. SCRIPT TREE
                                                                    DC106 Black Dye Ink               DC106 Black Dye Ink
                                                                    Watercolors                       PS407 White Card Stock                TIP: Before inserting photo, edge
                                   H3165 Script Holiday Tree
                                                                    Black Fabric Ink                  VS187 Orange Pigment Ink              opening with red ink to match
                                   PS353 Bright White Notecards
                                                                    GW213 Crystal Glitter             Black Card Stock                      flowers.
                                                                    Wire Heart Clip (available        Orange Gingham Ribbon
                                   Red Card Stock
                                                                          in scrapbook stores)        JP126 Circle Punch                    B. PHOTO THANK YOU
                                   Sewing Machine
                                   White Thread                                                                                             Materials:
Materials:                                                                                            TIP: Stamp the ghost design on        LL816 Thank You Fancy Notes™
                                                                    Page 23                           white card stock using black ink.     LL874 Real High-Country
C3186 Holiday Hugs
G3167 Dot Holiday Tree                                                                                Cut out. Using orange ink, stamp      Wildflowers Special Edition
                                                                    A. HALLOWEEN GHOSTS               the polka dot design on white         H2951 Long Calligraphy
PS418 Rectangle Photo Cards
                                                                    Materials:                        card stock and cut out. Punch a             Thank You
Red, Green, Brown and Gold
                                                                    LL906 Mixed Dots Tiny Icons™      circle in the middle of the square.   PS419 Square Photo Cards
      Chalk Inks
                                                                    D3118 Little Boo                  Insert the ghost from the back so     AF121 Soft Rose Dye Ink
DC106 Black Dye Ink
                                                                    C2862 Halloween Message           that its head is showing. Layer       VS171 Scarlet Pigment Ink
                                                                    DC106 Black Dye Ink               this piece with black card stock.     VS179 Bamboo Pigment Ink
                                                                    VS187 Orange Pigment Ink          Embellish with gingham ribbon.        Ribbon
Page 20

LL760 Good Alphabet
                                                        A                           B
LL890 Box of Dots Quatros                                                                                                                              B
F3108 Festive Star Tree
PS404 Prairie Tsumugi Cards
PS340 Bag of Tags
Printed Art Paper (for bottom
       of tag)
AF101 Black Dye Ink
Light Colored Chalk Inks
GW214 Gold Glitter (to embellish
       center of dots)             B. SENDING LOVE
Star Charm                         Materials:
Ribbon                             C3158 Holly and Heart Envelope
                                   C3159 Sending Love                                                                 A
B. BELIEVE! TAG                    PS385 White Deckle-Edged
Materials:                                Notecards                                         A
A2840 Believe!                     Red Art Paper
F3108 Festive Star Tree            DC106 Black Dye Ink
H3109 Swirl Christmas Tree         MC012 Watercolor Pencils
PS340 Bag of Tags                  JP126 Circle Punch
AF101 Black Dye Ink                Black Ribbon
MC011 Watercolor Pencils

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