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The Boulder
Healing Arts
Assn. is
the healing
energies of
the universe
to all those
they come in
contact with, be it
                                       A Success Recipe
through touch,                                                                         By Steven Gillman
earth sciences, or

the esoteric arts.
                                re you ready for a simple recipe for success? The ingredients include mo-
We wish to make                 tivation, knowledge, advice from those who have succeeded, and imita-
available to the                tion of successful thoughts and actions. These are the proportions:
through        fairs,                  One part knowledge.
clinics, workshops,                    One part self awareness.
lectures, etc., the
                                       A pinch of success advice.
different methods of
healing that are                       Ten parts emulation of success.
available to us.        Mix your knowledge and self awareness into your emulation of the thoughts and
Some members are        behaviors of the successful. Sprinkle lightly with advice from those who have
intuitive readers,
energetic healers,
                        succeeded before you. Heat this mix with your own motivation. Cook for several
bodyworkers, and        months or decades, until done, and then repeat the process.
some work with the      Knowledge
stars and the plant        This part of the success recipe should be obvious, but then many people look
kingdom.           In
whatever realm we
                        for shortcuts here. You can't study stocks for a few days and know enough to con-
do our healing          sistently beat the market. You can't pick up a pen for the first time and write a
work, it is for the     best-selling novel. Do your homework.
benefit of mankind      Success Advice
and mother earth.
                           It might seem like a great idea to ask for advice from those who are successful.
We promote the
abundance of all        It might even work - if you are lucky. The problem is that many successful people
members and non-        are too busy being successful to really study and understand how they got that
members alike. We       way. I watched a 100-year-old man explain that smoking a big cigar every day
promote honesty         was one of the secrets of his longevity. It would be nice to know why he has lived
and integrity with a    so long, but we won't necessarily learn by asking him, will we? Listen to what
desire to give and      successful people say. They have countless valuable lessons to teach you. Just be
receive from the
                        careful in picking the true lessons out of the opinions, idealizations and ego re-
community.       We
encourage ethical       ports.
business practices      Emulation Of Success
and the support of         This is the most important ingredient in this success recipe. Rather than doing
each other’s gifts
                        what successful people say, do what they do. This is how you can really learn
and abilities.
                        success. Naturally you have to look closely and apply a little brainpower to see
                                                                                           (Continued on page 2)
Model success, even before                   A Success Recipe
    you understand it.
  (Continued from page 1)
  what they are really doing that is causing their success.
     A real estate investor who made a lot more money than I told me he didn't believe in setting
  goals. However, as I watched him and listened to him, I realized that he knew just where he ex-
  pected to be with his projects in six months. This was goal-setting. He just called the process
  something else.
     Read between the lines when hearing advice. Listen for insight into how the person thinks,
  and how she approaches her challenges. The advice of a successful basketball player may be
  just to practice more, but suppose he casually mentions "I saw that going in," after a great shot.
  Perhaps it's time to start visualizing your shots going in.
     Sometimes you can't quite get what is causing a person's success. When I first tried to ex-
  change links with other websites, the owners didn't respond to my emails. Then I found a sim-
  ple email a successful internet marketer used to get links. It sounded so silly to me that I wanted
  to change it, but I tried it anyhow. It worked - repeatedly.
     It's more important to do the right things than to understand why they are the right things. To
  understand is great, but at first, it is often best to just copy many of the actions, attitudes and ap-
  proaches of someone who is succeeding. Model success, even before you understand it.
  Self Awareness And Motivation
     Of course, there are the very real parts of your personality that have to be considered. I know
  a car salesman who gets away with hugging his new customers. They seem to respond posi-
  tively. If I tried that, I would be acting out of character, and the uncomfortable situation would-
  n't be likely to help sales.
     We are all different. You have to adapt what you learn to your own personality. However,
  you have to do this without using your own uniqueness as an excuse for not doing what is nec-
  essary. Excuses can be very subtle. This is where self awareness becomes so important.
     We are also all motivated differently. A successful man who is motivated by the desire to es-
  cape poverty and have security is not operating the same way as one who gets rich chasing after
  dreams of boats and expensive homes. One of them will be more useful to you, depending on
  how you are motivated. This is just another example of where self awareness comes into the
  recipe. Learn the mental mechanics of your own motivations. It is an important part of this suc-
  cess recipe.
   Steve Gillman writes on many topics including brainpower, weight loss, meditation, habits of mind, creative prob-
     lem solving, generating luck and anything related to self improvement. Learn more and get FREE e-courses at

                                     BHA Fairs for 2006
           Psychic Fair - Oct. 7 at The Depot, 30th & Pearl St. from 11am to 5pm.
          Healing Arts Sampler - Sunday, Nov. 5 at The Depot from 11:30am to 4pm.
                    Psychic Fair - Dec. 2 at The Depot, from 11am to 5pm

  Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
                                …….Ralph Waldo Emerson, US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)
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Vibrational Healing, Body/Mind/Spirit Inte-    and balancing. Certified in the Melchizedek          Manipulation, Polarity, Cranialsacral & Axia-
gration.               Method level 1 and 2. Ordained minister, artist.     tonal Therapy, Reiki Master, Color Bardic,
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Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Guided Messen-      Life Challenges and Personal Empowerment.            neled art, Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki,
ger. Kate acts as a messenger between the      Hands of Light, Reiki Master, Crystal Healings.      Cellular Release of Fear.
etheric and physical realms. Her technique     Pet communications                         
pairs both clairvoyant and clairaudient mo-
dalities in one transmission
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Heal With Energy                                      Healing Hands of Energy                       Longmont, CO
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tian Energy Work, Reiki, Sound Healing,        Energetic Healing, Reconnective Healing. Dis-        Wellness Counselor, coordinator -American
Psycho-Spiritual Coaching,                     tance/remote healing available for people and        Holistic Nurses Association in Boulder/                       pets.                   Longmont.
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Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Magni-       instructor, Healing Touch practitioner, Author.      photherapist, Certified Graphologist, Tarot
fied Healing, Chi Kung, Quantum Touch,                             Reader, & Doctor of Metaphysics.
Environmental Blessings and Clearings, Aro-                                               
SHENOAH DIXON                                                                                       MYRNA LOU GOLDBAUM
         The Light-Heart Connection                                                                 Boulder, CO
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Axiatonal Therapy, Shamanic Healing.                                                                Producer/Host.
CranioSacral Balancing, Swedish Massage.                                                  
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                                                            Keeper and Lifestyle Counselor, Certified Drug
                                                                                                    & Alcohol Counseling
                       Boulder Healing Arts Association Membership Directory
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                                         All Planets Healing          Boulder, CO                            Boulder, CO
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                                  970-325-0545                        Astrological Chart Readings since      Toll free 888-994-8868
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                                  Tarot. Classes and Workshops,       Lecturer on topics in Astrology.       Personal and Business Success
                                  Lectures and Seminars.              Astrology Classes.                     Coach
                                                                      BELLE STAR                             CAROL SKYLARK
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                 AURA PORTRAITS                                       tally Inexpensive Private Aura Par-    aura portraiture, mystical music vid-
                                                                      ties, Life Coaching, Reiki Hypno-
                                                                      therapy. Hand-crafted gemstone         eos and television programs all about
                                                                      jewelry.             energy

                                  ANGELA CRISAFULLI, LMT              CHIWA HAGASHI                          JILL VAN DYKE
                                          Serenity Unlimited
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                                  303-776-7882                        303-215-6073                           303-530-3724
           AND                    Therapeutic and Intuitive           Reiki Master, Massage Therapy,         Massage. Intuitive counseling,
          MORE                    Massage, Therapeutic Touch,         Intuitive Reading, Spiritual           Reiki, Aura healing and balanc-
                                  Custom essential oil blends,        Counseling, BioGenesis, Christ         ing. Phone readings and distance
                                  Personal Health Profiles, http://   Force Healing, Angel Therapy,          healing. Classes available.
                                 Integrated Energy Therapy
FRANCOISE NETTER                  GARY PETERSON                       KARLA MAHANNA                          CHERYL BUSCHMANN, CMT
      Body/Mind Dynamics                Wellness Professionals              Windsong Healing Arts
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303-402-0443                      303-776-1879                        303-413-1810                           720-327-9724
Stress Management Training,               Bowen Therapy & Fascial Kinetics,      Integrated Energy Therapy (IET),
Movement Therapy, Yoga;           Polarity Therapy, CranioSacral      Horstmann Technique, EM, Pranic        Chakra Balancing, Medical Intuitive,
Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Psychic   Therapy, Polarity Therapy           Healing, Crystal Bowl Relaxation,      Soul Retrieval, channeling, Thera-
Readings, Numerologist.           Certifification Trainings (APTA     Hypnotherapy,Transpersonal             peutic Massage         approved)                           Counseling, Past Life Regression

DAWN TODD, LMT, WSW                                                   MAGGIE M. CONNER                       RHONEE
   Intentional Practice, Inc.                                         Ultimate Journey Productions ~               Designed Living Solutions
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720-366-0773                         ♦PERSONAL                        Fantasy Sports Camps, Custom           720-887-1025
                                                                      Corporate Training, Personal           Total Conceptual Design featuring
Business coaching for holistic      DEVELOPMENT                       Success Training, NLP training,        unique, integrated consulting
practitioners and bodyworkers.                                        Hawaiian Huna.                         services, including Feng Shui. Dis-
Massage, energetic healing.                                 ,                         tance consults available.
                                  ELAINE M. SENKO                                                            MERCY LAVELL
                                  Associated Document Examiners                                                         Interior Energy
                                  Boulder, CO                                                                Boulder, CO
                                  303-607-7505                                 ♦ INTERIOR                    303-949-6601
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       ANALYSIS                   Counseling, Forgeries,                       FENG SHUI                     ’no charge for non-profit’ program.
                                  Behavioral Profiling,                                            
                                  Relationship compatibility
                                  LICENSE TO DREAM                                                           RONNY MARSHALL
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                                  Arvada, CO
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                                  Contacts: Joe & Barb                                             
     ASSOCIATES                   Eberle
                                                                                WRITING                      Have a conversation with Ven, who
                                  Promotion and marketing.                                                   is connected to the spirit world.
                                  www.licensetod                                                    Ronny will give you a printed copy
                                                                            at the end of your session.
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