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                                          Job Application
                                         Selection Criteria

CONTENTS           Selection criteria are the key competencies required for a
                   position; they include the skills, knowledge, experience, values
• Working with     and personal attributes required.
 criteria          When selection criteria are provided
                   Government departments throughout Australia have a system
                   whereby all the details of a position are available for
• Basic
                   applicants to help them prepare their application. This includes a
 guidelines for    position description and the skills and knowledge required
 addressing        (often referred to as the Selection Criteria or Knowledge and
 selection         Skills Required). Some non-government and industry employers
 criteria          also produce formal selection criteria for applicants.

                   There are two types of criteria; essential and desirable. As an
• Writing up the   applicant you must address each criteria.
 criteria          When selection criteria are not provided
                   If the organisation does not have any formal criteria for you to
                   address, you must still tailor your application to their needs. You
• Editing          can do this by using some of the key words in the advertisement
 checklist         and attaching a supporting statement which is prepared in the
                   same way as formal selection criteria.

• A final note
                   When minimal information is provided
                   In very rare circumstances you will be provided with little or no
• Buzz words for   information about the knowledge and skills that are required. In
 job               this case all you can do is prepare a very strong covering letter
 applications      setting out your particular claims to the position.
BASIC GUIDELINES FOR                               under each heading. Make sure that you
                                                   use a variety of experiences throughout
                                                   your statement. Be careful not to use your
                                                   involvement in a particular activity (no matter
The basic guidelines for addressing selection      how significant) as evidence for every criteria.
criteria are as follows:

Collect the information you need                   WRITING UP THE SELECTION
• obtain the position description;                 CRITERIA
• find out the knowledge and skills required;
                                                   When addressing selection criteria, it is useful
• ask further questions to clarify issues by       to apply the STAR model. Placing examples
  contacting personnel (indicated in the           of how you have demonstrated your skills into
  advertisement or position description); and      the STAR model is critical for developing an
                                                   effective statement.
• don't assume any details without checking.

Identify each criteria                             The STAR acronym stands for:
Write each criteria on a separate page and         • S ituation (briefly describe the context)
break it up into distinct, workable parts. For     • T ask (what were your responsibilities or
example, if one of the criteria statements reads     initiatives?)
"must have strong written and oral
communication skills, the ability to work well     • A ction (what did you do?)
in a team as well as high level negotiation and    • R esult (what were the outcomes?)
liaison skills", you need to divide the
statement up as follows:                           For each criteria:

• strong written and oral communication            • write the name of each criteria;
  skills;                                          • start with a positive claim, using an active
• the ability to work well in a team;                verb from the list of Buzz words
• high level negotiation skills; and               • give a specific example;
• high level liaison skills.                       • describe how you acted; and
                                                   • describe the result — what difference did it
Brainstorm your examples                             make to the company/team.
You must address each of these parts, giving
fairly equal attention to each. For each part,
brainstorm as many examples as possible of
                                                   Other tips to keep in mind when
your background in this area. Don't be too         addressing selection criteria
selective at this stage about what to include.     • Dot point form and/or concise sentences
                                                     make your application easier to read.
Revise and refine                                  • Use examples to back up every statement
When you have completed the brainstorm               you make (use examples which can be
for all the criteria, go back and select the         visualised).
examples that you think best address each
one. You'll find you'll do a bit of 'cutting and
pasting' before you end up with the
most appropriate and powerful examples
 • Don't just feed their words back to them –         BUZZ WORDS FOR JOB
   make every sentence count by focusing on           APPLICATIONS
   what you have to offer.                            A              C
 • For a listing of words you can use in your         accelerated        calculated
   statements, see the list of buzz words at the      accomplished       catalogued
   end of this fact sheet.                            accounted for      characterised
 • Devote approximately half a page to each           achieved           clarified
   criteria.                                          acquired           classified
 • When each criteria is given a weighting of         acted              collaborated
   importance you should dedicate a                   adapted            competent with
   proportionate amount of detail to each part.       addressed          compiled
 • When a statement asks for qualifications or        administered       concentrated
   some other information that is finite, the         adopted            conceptualised
   length can be shorter.                             advanced           conducted
                                                      advised            configured
EDITING CHECKLIST                                     aided              consolidated
                                                      allocated          constructed
Before submitting your application you should         allowed            consulted
check your selection criteria against the following   analysed           contacted
                                                      applied            contained
• professional, active and fits the role              appointed          contemplated
• logical and consistent                              appraised          continued
                                                      approved           contracted
• checked for errors and edited for order and
                                                      arranged           contributed
                                                      assembled          coordinated
• check tense                                         assessed           critiqued
• reduce complex sentences                            assigned           curtailed

• check over-writing
                                                      assisted           D
                                                      assured            delegated
• avoid abbreviations                                 attained           demonstrated
• avoid weakening qualifiers                          attuned to         designed
                                                      audited            despatched
• most important information first
                                                      authored           determined
A FINAL NOTE                                          automated          developed
                                                      avoided            devised
Given that selection criteria forms the basis for     awarded            diagnosed
employers when designing their interview              B                  differentiated
questions; preparation for the next stage of the
                                                      balanced           directed
job search process, that is the interview, is
much more straight forward when you know              began              disseminated
exactly what the employer is looking for. At          believed           distinguished
interviews candidates are usually asked               broadened          diversified
questions that are directly related to the            brought in/about   diverted
selection criteria. This allows you to prepare
                                                      budgeted           documented
responses that are an extension of what you
have written in your Statement Addressing
Selection Criteria.
E                            G                             M                             P                            S
edited                       gained                        made                          packaged                     scheduled
eliminated                   generated                     maintained                    participated                 screened
employed                     grouped                       managed                       perfected                    selected
empowered                    guided                        manipulated                   performed                    served as
enabled                      H                             manufactured                  permitted                    settled
enacted                      handled                       mapped                        persuaded                    simplified
encouraged                   harmonised                    marketed                      pioneered                    solved
engaged                      headed                        master-minded                 planned                      specified
engineered                   held                          measured                      presided over                streamlined
enhanced                     hosted                        mediated                      processed                    strengthened
enlisted                     I                             mentored                      produced                     structured
enrolled                     identified                    modelled                      programmed                   succeeded
ensured                      illustrated                   moderated                     projected                    suggested
equated                      implemented                   modified                      promoted                     summarised
established                  indexed                       monitored                     proposed                     supervised
evaluated                    influenced                    motivated                     provided                     surpassed
examined                     initiated                     N                             publicised                   surveyed
executed                     instigated                    named                         published                    systemised
exhibited                    integrated                    navigated                     purchased                    T
expedited                    interpreted                   negotiated                    Q                            tabulated
experienced                  introduced                    networked                     qualified                    taken part
experimented                 investigated                  nominated                     quantified                   theorised
extracted                    issued                        noted                         R                            trained
F                            JKL                           O                             ratified                     transcribed
facilitated                  joined                        obtained                      recognised                   translated
familiarised                 judged                        opened                        recommended                  trimmed
fashioned                    kept                          operated                      reconciled                   turned around
financed                     launched                      organised                     recruited                    UVW
fine-tuned                   lectured                      originated                    rectified                    undertook
focused                      led                           overcame                      referred                     unified
forecast                     liaised                       overhauled                    reformed                     upgraded
formulated                   lowered                       oversaw                       regulated                    used
founded                                                                                  rehabilitated                utilised
                                                                                         reorganised                  validated
                                                                                         represented                  verified
                                                                                         researched                   versed
                                                                                         restructured                 viable
                                                                                         retrieved                    voted
                                                                                         reversed                     widened
                                                                                         revised                      won
                                                                                         revitalised                  wrote

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This material has been adapted from a series of Fact Sheets developed by the University of Tasmania Career Development & Employment Service.
The publishers gratefully acknowledge the work of the original authors.                         Published by RDLO & DCO Initiatives.
These Initiatives are funded by the Australian Government Dept. of Education, Science &Training.Printed April 2004.

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