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									                                JOB DESCRIPTION

Position:                       Senior Planning Engineer (Mechanical)

Position Reports To:            Construction Control Manager.

Academic Qualifications –
Experience Required:            An academic degree in Engineering.
                                Over 10 years of documented construction
                                experience in a variety of Major Oil & Gas and
                                Petrochemical Projects within a multi – discipline
                                environment, covering both site and office.
                                Excellent presentation and communication skills.
                                Good interpersonal Skills with confidence to
                                negotiate effectively with Clients and Subcontractors.
                                Leadership qualities.

Principal Duties:
                               Provides planning, progress monitoring services
                                and have significant impact and input on the
                                planning and organizational issues and relevant
                                decision making of the project’s Senior
                                Management Team.

                               Review contract documentation to ensure a
                                thorough    understanding of  the  contract

                               Develops a fully detailed Project Schedule,
                                proposing amendments and alternatives to it and to
                                the project construction Method Statement as
                                considered advantageous to meet or improve on
                                project targets. Ensures that the project
                                organization chart and all manning schedules are
                                kept up-to-date.

                               Designs report forms of all sorts as required for
                                progress reports on all aspects of the project
                                (excepting cost reports).

                               Updates the overall programs. Prepares in
                                conjunction with the concerned staff the detailed
                                short-term working programs as necessary,
                                accentuating any revision in the sequences of
                                durations of activities arising from enforced
                                changes being made to the overall program.
   Checks progress on the above programs by
    frequent site inspection, and stresses to site
    supervisors the need to adhere to the required
    sequences and durations of the scheduled

   Where necessary draws up daily programs showing
    hourly resource allocation for manpower, plant and
    factory production items. Recommends priorities for
    allocation in the event of conflicting demands and
    co-ordinates the transfer of labor as necessary.

   Prepares programs as required prior to the letting of
    sub-contracts to arrange continuity of work for the
    sub-contractor at the least cost to the project.
    Issues necessary programs to Sub-contractors on
    site and checks to ensure that their activities are
    kept in line with contract requirements.

   Prepares and updates labor resource programs
    showing the work force required for each direct
    trade, and for major sub-contractors when

   Prepares programs for major site operations and
    production    facilities   (earthworks,     concrete
    production, precasting, steel fabrication, etc.) and
    monitors output to ensure that site requirements are

   Monitors all change orders to the contract to make
    certain that all additions and deletions are
    incorporated in revisions of the construction method
    statement and the overall program.

   Train and guide new planers. Identify, in conjunction
    with manager, the need and areas where training is

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