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									   A Strange Way of Selling Which Will Allow
   You to Sell More With Less Effort - So You
       Can Spend More Time at the Beach
What You’ll Discover Inside:

   •   A sample nurture campaign for turning prospects from “vaguely interested” into
       “raving fans” who see you as an expert... page 4
   •   The quickest, easiest way to stand out from your competition... page 5
   •   If you want to catch a lot of new customers, you have to use the right bait. Find an
       example of some “bait” on page 3 which you can model for your own business

From: Scott Bywater

Are you spending too much time working in your business rather than on your business?

Are you frustrated with being an advertising victim... wasting time and effort on advertising
which doesn’t deliver the desired results?

Are you tired of dealing with sceptical prospects who don’t believe what you say (or
competition making you prostitute your prices just to get the deal over the line)?

If you answered yes, then I have some good news for you: the goal of this report is to help
you change all of this. Let me start out by walking you through...

                            How Most People Try to Sell
Most people try to sell without trust. They either...

   a) Cold Call
   b) Advertise using outdated methods

But the problem with this is you are asking your customer to make a decision when they have
no idea about who you are or what you are about. They don’t know you... don’t trust you...
and don’t really want to have anything to do with you.

And so you end up with a poor closing ratio of say 1 in 5 or 1 in 10 and waste a significant
amount of time, energy and money dealing with unqualified prospects. What’s more, you
waste a lot of money on poor advertising.

For instance, let’s say you invest $1000 on an advertisement to get 10 inquiries. And out of
those 10 inquiries you end up setting 5 appointments and making one sale.

i.e. You advertise with an ad which looks something like this...
And you get people calling up and say: sure I can come out and see you or sure, I can help
you. The problem with this is they barely know you and are potentially price shopping, so
your conversion is probably going to be far lower than it could be.

Compare that with...

                                The New Way of Selling
Over recent years, customers have become more and more sceptical. And the old school
CLOSE, CLOSE, CLOSE... SELL, SELL, SELL approach doesn’t really work the way it
used to. Potential clients get their back up and end up doing nothing because they don’t trust
you. Instead, everything has moved towards the model of...


With education, you build trust. With education, you position yourself as an expert. With
education you build relationships. With education you make the selling process easier for
both buyer and seller.

So instead of selling off the bat, the first thing you do is offer your readers a special report in
order to...

                        Get Your Prospects to Contact You
For example, something like this...
WARNING: Don’t Even Think About Buying
A Mattress Until You Read This…
 Free Report For Everyone
  Who Is Confused About
    Buying A Mattress
 And Secretly Concerned Of Being Ripped
 Off By A Smooth Talking Salesperson Who
    Doesn’t Have Your Interest At Heart
  Buying a mattress can be a confusing process. With so many
options available, how do you know which mattress is the best
one for you?
   And who can you trust? You can’t trust the salesperson. I
can tell you from experience, they are going to point you in
the direction of the mattress which gives them the highest
commission. And the manufacturers will just fill you up with
lots of B.S. slanted towards their particular brand.
   Well, you can STOP worrying, because by the time you
finish reading this Free Report: How To Buy Your Ideal
Mattress Without Breaking The Bank, (valued at $17.00)
you’ll know how to get great quality while saving thousands
(and be more prepared than 97% of bed buyers, and 50% of
the salespeople out there)

         You’ll Discover These Secrets…
- How to buy a mattress at up to XX% below retail (and why
   you must take advantage of your newfound knowledge of
   the high margins the bedding industry has)
- The difference between latex, visco and spring
   mattresses (and how to choose the right mattress for you –
   what the manufacturers don’t want you to know)
- The four basic types of mattress coil systems (and the three
   factors you should consider – one of them causes your
   mattress to wear out 68% faster – before making a choice)
- The three questions you absolutely must ask yourself
   BEFORE going in the store so you don’t get ripped off
- The simplest way to find a good value bed which
   eliminates that annoying partner disturbance
- Specific questions allergy and asthma sufferers MUST ask
- Why you should NEVER buy a bed from anyone who
   offers a ‘comfort’ or ‘satisfaction’ guarantee (you don’t
   realise it yet, but it’s actually a health hazard)
  And much, much, more. Think about this for a moment.
You spend a third of your life lying on your bed. A bad bed
can cause all sorts of problems from back pain to headaches to
sore joints. You owe it to yourself to jump on this limited
opportunity. The reports are $17 each – but free to the first 45
people to call (XX) XXXX XXXX and reserve their copy.
There is absolutely no obligation. This is quality information
you MUST have if you want to get a comfortable bed that
suits you… at the best possible price.

  And once your prospect receives the special report you deliver on every single one of your
  promises made in your advertisement.

  This positions you as the expert and sets you apart from your competition.

  Following this, it is time to...
                             Nurture Your Customers
By using a multi-step follow up system. This could include everything from...


For example, your nurture process once you generate a lead could look something like this...

                                        Generate the Lead

                                           Send Report

                                       3 Days Later – Send
                                        Educational Email

                                   7 Days Later – Send another           Send Weekly emails for the
                                        educational email                     next 6 months

                                      10 Days Later – Run an
                                       educational webinar

                                  21 days later – send them a
                                  sales letter for your service

                                  30 days later send them a
                                  newsletter (and then once a
                                  month after that

                                  And so on...
Can you see how by the time you actually get to reach your prospect they are FAR more
qualified than using the old school methods?

Can you see how by investing just a little bit of time upfront you can spend more time
actually selling to qualified prospects rather than wading through all the dirt to get to the

Can you see how this will give you more time to come up with other marketing strategies to
get more qualified leads into your marketing funnel?

Can you see how you can get more leads doing this by getting the system to work for you so
you don’t have to?

Remember, more leads + higher conversion = more sales.

So start implementing this today to give your business more consistency and take away your
money worries while giving you the consistency to take more time off and spend it with your

And here’s a little trick to separating you from your competitors even more...

                                   Build a Personality
I’ve noticed a big trend amongst our friends – everyone seems
to be watching “series television” these days. Shows like The
Good Wife, Dexter, Six Feet Under, True Blood, The Mentalist,


I believe it’s because we love to get to know the personalities.
We develop a bond with their personalities and we want to
know what they are going to do next.

Too many businesses set themselves up to be personality free.
And in many ways, try to make themselves so “professional”
their clients cannot connect with them.

But here’s the truth – people buy from people they know and
like. So be human... be yourself... be friendly. And tell your
prospects about your cat... your pet hates... your weaknesses...
what you had for breakfast, whatever.

Think of Big Brother and other reality TV shows. They were successful because we want to
know about the real truth of other people’s lives. And if you can share a little of yourself it
will only bring you closer to your prospects and customers.

So what happens next?
               Your Prospects Will Contact You – That’s What
And when they contact you they will already hold you in a much higher regard than someone
who has cold-called them off the bat. You’ll be seen as an expert instead of someone just
trying to sell them something.

And as a result, you’ll be qualifying whether they are the right customer for you – rather than
the other way around.

Can you remember when you were a teenager? When do you think you had a better chance of
securing a date? When you were approaching the other person? Or when they were
approaching you?

This is about making yourself MAGNETIC to new customers and leads, rather than chasing
after prospects and leads who are repelled.

And it turns the entire sales process on its head.

What’s more, it allows you to charge for your time. That’s right. You can prequalify your
prospect and then charge a fee to consult with you in order to find the solution which is right
for them.

This is the natural way of selling. And quite frankly, I know of no better way.

But will it work for everyone?

Let’s go through the list and find out. Business owners can be broken down into a few
different categories including retail, professional services, manufacturing / distribution and
mail order / internet. So let’s walk through them one-by-one:

Retail: Let’s take an electronics store for example. Is there any reason why they couldn’t run
an advertisement offering a free report on “How to Buy an MP3 player” simply by coming
into the store. How about a service station. Could they not offer a report on “How to Maintain
Your Car.” People would come from everywhere and fill up their car with petrol and buy
some snacks from the convenience store at the same time.

Service Industry: An accountant could off a report on how to save tax... a mechanic could
offer a report on the inside secrets most mechanics don’t want you to know... a real estate
agent could offer a report on how to sell your house faster and for more money.

Manufacturing / Distributors: A sales letter could be sent out to all distributors on how to
increase their sales. This could be followed up with a report which walked readers through
exactly how to do it using your product. Distributors could use the same strategy to target

Mail Order / Internet: This strategy is already widely used in mail order and internet. You
can see an example of this in the “Time Out” box a couple of paragraphs into – but you could use it for virtually any product.

None of this is rocket science...
   But if You Really Want to Dominate Your
Industry and Spend More Time at the Beach,
    You Must be on Top of All the Insider
  Techniques for Generating Better Returns
               With Less Effort
If you bumble along doing things the way you have always
done them, you’ll be trying for the impossible. Remember,
Einstein referred to the definition of insanity as doing the
same thing and expecting a different result.

And that’s why the “More Time at the Beach” Coaching and
Mastermind Program is in such demand.

Because I’ve made my living implementing these systems
myself and showing other business owners exactly how to do
it. I am not preaching hype or un-tested theory with this

This is the stuff I personally do every day. Day in, and day out.

I’ll peel back the protective covering previously only reserved for my high-paying clients and
show you exactly how to get more highly qualified customers with less effort... and

                        Memberships are Being Awarded
                       on a First-Come, First-Served Basis
... And this program won’t be cheap. (Nor should it be).

The “More Time at the Beach” Coaching and Mastermind program will start out at $397 a
month over 12 months. And if I decide to continue selling it after the first 50 slots are
snapped up, I’ll be raising the price significantly.

If you’re interested in being a part of this program, I strongly urge
you to get on my priority notification list immediately.

Doing so won’t obligate you to join, but you will get ADVANCE
notice of when the doors open... therefore increasing your chances
to reserve your spot.

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Scott Bywater

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