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					                                                      NASA GSFC Systems Engineering Seminar History

                                   NASA GSFC Systems Engineering Seminar History
12-Jul-00    John Azzolini            Code 700                  Introduction to Systems Engineering Practices: Requirements
25-Jul-00    Dr. Michael Stamatelatos HQ/Code Q                 Introduction to Systems Engineering Practices: Probabilistic Risk assessment
             Ted Hammer               Code 306                  1: Risk Management Application at GSFC
             Mike Bay                 Jackson & Tull            2: MAP Project Reliability Program Overview
             Kris Brown               Code 730
06-Sep-00    Johnny Medina            Code 581                  Advanced Collaborative Engineering Environments
             Carmel Conaty            Code 730
October      Cancelled
08-Nov-00    Orlando Figureroa        HQ/ Code AE               Engineering Excellence
December     Cancelled
30-Jan-01    Steve Cornford           JPL                       Defect Detection and Prevention (DDP): A Tool for Managing Risk
             INCOSE Regional &
07-Feb-01                             INCOSE                    Introduction to INCOSE and the Role of INCOSE at GSFC
             Chapter Officers
21-Feb-01    James Andary             Code 730                  Systems Engineering at GSFC
07-Mar-01    Judy Bruner              Code 101                  NASA IV&V
                                                                An Insider's Guide to Designing Spacecraft Systems and Instruments for Operation in the
05-Apr-01    Ken LaBel                Code562
                                                                Natural Space Radiation Environment
27-Apr-01    Paul W. Richards         Astronaut                 STS-102 Mission Experiences and Systems Engineering Lessons Learned
May          Cancelled
05-Jun-01    George Komar             Code 710                  Earth Science Technology Program
             Keith Minnican           BAE Systems, UK           Overview of Systems Engineering at BAE Systems, Marine
27-Jul-01    Leigh Watton             Alenia Marconi, UK        Overview of Alenia Marconi Systems
             Charlie Nisbet           BAE Systems, UK           Systems Engineering Process at BAE Systems
August       Cancelled
September    Cancelled
             Rich Schnurr             Code 560
             James Rash               Code 588
18-Oct-01    Keith Hogie              CSC                       NASA/GSFC Space Internet Activities, Extending Internet Technology Into Space
             Ron Parise               CSC
             Ed Criscuolo             CSC
08-Nov-01    Brian Kennedy            U of Michigan             Instrument Systems Engineering
December     Cancelled

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                                                  NASA GSFC Systems Engineering Seminar History

                                                            Enabling Solar Cell and Solar Array Technologies for Next-Generation NASA and DoD
15-Jan-02    Dr. Kitt Reinhardt       Code 500
05-Feb-02    Dr. Jay Liebowitz        Code 300              Knowledge Management
             Gary Mosier
05-Mar-02                             Code 531              Integrated Modeling / Systems Analysis
             Johnny Medina
                                                            Distributed Space Systems: Mission Concepts, Systems Engineering, and Technology
02-Apr-02    Dr. Jesse Leitner        Code 571
07-May-20    Darrell Zimbelman        Code 533              An Advanced Cryogenic Cooling System for the Hubble Space Telescope
             Bryant Cramer            Code 490
04-Jun-02                                                   EO-1 Results
             Nick Speciale            Code 532
09-Jul-02    Raynor Taylor            HQ/Code S             NASA's Nuclear Initiative Program
             Dan Dvorak                                     Overview and Tour of Mission Data Systems (MDS), A Goal- and State-based Architecture
06-Aug-02                             JPL
             Robert Rasmussen                               for mission Systems
September    Cancelled
                                                            Goddard's Launch Range at Wallops: Current Capabilities, New Initiatives, and Technology
01-Oct-02    Jay Pittman              WFF/Code 840
November     Cancelled
13-Dec-02    Joe Hennessy             Code 580              Good Software Practices
07-Jan-03    Joe Rothenberg           HQ/AA of HEDS         A Broad Look at Some of the Non-Technical Systems Engineering Challenges at NASA
13-Jan-03    Gary martin              HQ/Space Architect    Roles, Responsibilities, and Development of an Integrated Space Plan
                                      SW Productivity
11-Feb-03    Sarah Sheard                                   The Twelve Roles and Three Types of Systems Engineering
04-Mar-03    Raynor Taylor            HQ/Code S             Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter Mission
08-Apr-03    Harry Shaw               Code 562              What Systems Engineers Need to Know about EEE Parts
06-May-03    Victoria Friedensen      HQ/Code S             Project Prometheus: Implementing a Managed Approach to Risk Communications
June         Cancelled
             Johnny Medina            Code 592
08-Jul-03    Chris Holtery            CSC                   JWST Integrated modeling Environment
             Gary Mosier              Code 592
august       Cancelled
             Dr. David Akin
09-Sep-03    Meghan Baker             U of MD               EVA/Robot Teams: From Hubble to Mars and Beyond
             Alexandra Langley
             Scott Hull
07-Oct-03                             Code 591              Orbital Debris Mitigation - Safe Disposal Planning Begins at Concept Design
             Josephine San
November     Cancelled
December     Cancelled

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                                                     NASA GSFC Systems Engineering Seminar History

13-Jan-04    Harry Frisch             Code 592                 Systems Engineering Standards
             Ken Dolan                Space Ops Institute
03-Feb-04                                                      Capitol College Space Operations Institute
             Pat Smit                 Capitol College
             Dan Mandl                Code 584                 1: EO-1 & Sensor Webs Overview
             Dr. Steve Chien          JPL                      2: Sensor Webs Experiments with Floods & Volcanoes
             Sandra Grosvenor         SSAI                     3: Science Goal Monitor
             Stuart Frye              Mitretek                 4: Warts, bumps and Blemishes
06-Apr-04    Steve Kapurch            HQ/ Code AE              NASA Systems Engineering Initiatives
             Mike Hagopian
04-May-04    Frank Bauer              NESC                     NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC)
             Bob Kichak
01-Jun-04    Sally Godfrey            Code 583                 Using CMMI for Improvement at GSFC
13-Jul-04    Michael Sampson          Code 306                 Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP)
July         Cancelled
August       Cancelled
September    Cancelled
October      Cancelled
November     Cancelled
07-Dec-04    Kimberly Gavaletz        Lockheed Martin          Engineering Connections/Reflections/Opportunities
January      Cancelled
08-Feb-05    Dale Spalding            Constellation SW         A Collaborative Tool Dilemma: Virtual Systems Design Environment (VSDE)
March        Cancelled
             Capt. Steve Iwanowicz    NAVSEA                   1: SubSafe and NASA/Navy Benchmarking Exchange (NNBE)
05-Apr-05    Henry Hartt
                                      ARES Corp                2: NNBE and Process Based Mission Assurance - Knowledge Management System
             Don Vecellio
             Carolyn Krebs            Code 600
             Dave Smith               Code 690
             Scott Barthelmy          Code 661
03-May-05                                                      From Science Goals to Reality: The Role of Systems Engineering
             Frank Kirchman           Code 556
             Cliff Jackson            Code 556
             Jay Smitt                Code 550
07-Jun-05    Dr. Dinesh Verma         Stevens Institute        Systems Engineering and Architecting: Some Business and Engineering Perspectives
July         Cancelled
02-Aug-05    Dannie Stamp             Iridium Satellite        Iridium, Global Mobile Satellite Communications
                                                               Systems Engineering - Goddard's GPR Guideline, Mission Concept Studies, and Support
13-Sep-05    John Azzolini            Code 592
04-Oct-05    Karl Geist               INCOSE                   INCOSE Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) Program
01-Nov-05    Ed Rogers                Code 170                 The Architecture for Building a Learning Organization at Goddard
06-Dec-05    Cancelled

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                                                     NASA GSFC Systems Engineering Seminar History

January      Cancelled
07-Feb-06    Dr. Mike Ryschkewitsch   GSFC 100                  Genesis Mishap: Understanding the Causes and the Opportunities
07-Mar-06    Rich Day                 Code 170                  Goddard Mission Success
04-Apr-06    Cancelled
02-May-06    Frank Cepollina          Code 442                  The History of Satellite Servicing at GSFC
06-Jun-06    Orlando Figureroa        Code 500                  Implementation of the Engineering Technical Authority at GSFC
01-Aug-06    Cancelled
12-Sep-06    Kenneth Costello         NASA IV&V                 Independent Verification and Validation: The NASA Approach
                                      Strategy Bridge
03-Oct-06    Mark A. Wilson                                     The Art of the Trade Study
                                      International, Inc.
07-Nov-06    Cancelled
05-Dec-06    Henry Hoffman            Swales                    6 Decades of GN&C
09-Jan-07    Keith Walyus             GSFC 441                  HST Flight Operations
06-Feb-07    Richard Barney           GSFC 550                  Instrument Systems and Technology Development at GSFC
06-Mar-07    Dr Federico A Herrero    GSFC 553                  Miniaturized Charged Particle Spectrometer Development at Goddard
03-Apr-07    Cancelled
             Joseph H. Rothenberg     Universal Space
05-Jun-07    Cancelled
                                      Shawnee Heritage
             Tobin Anthony and
10-Jul-07                             Government Solutions,     Relationship-Oriented Architecture: A New Paradigm in System Engineering
             Christopher Costello
07-Aug-07    Jaime Esper              GSFC 592                  TacSat II
                                      Massachusetts Institute
11-Sep-07    Dr. Donna H. Rhodes                                Addressing Systems Engineering Challenges through Collaborative Research
                                      of Technology
                                      Princeton University
02-Oct-07    Edward Belbruno          and Innovative Orbital    Low Energy Transfers to the Moon and Beyond
                                      Design (IOD)
06-Nov-07    Michael A. Comberiate    GSFC 400                  NASA Rovers at the Earth's South Pole
04-Dec-07    Johnny E. Medina         GSFC 585                  Next Generation of Collaboration and Sharing capabilities for GSFC

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                                                   NASA GSFC Systems Engineering Seminar History

08-Jan-08    Cancelled
                                      GSFC Associate
                                                            Lessons for Constellation from HST:
05-Feb-08    Harley Thronson          Director for Advanced
                                                            Adapting Human Spaceflight Vehicles to Achieve Multiple Goals in Space
                                      Concepts and Planning
                                                             Dental Composites to Degraded MLI:
04-Mar-08    Benjamin B Reed          GSFC 541
                                                             Selected Short Stories From the World of a Materials Engineer
01-Apr-08    Cancelled
06-May-08    Rodger E. Farley         GSFC 543               Balloon Flight and the ULDB Pumpkin Balloon Development
                                      The Aerospace
03-Jun-08    David A Bearden                                 Perspectives on NASA Mission Cost and Schedule Performance
                                      Lockheed Martin
01-Jul-08    Douglas K. Manuel                               Experiences Working at the Baikonur Cosmodrome
                                      Mission Services
                                                             Weak-signal, Fast-Acquisition GPS Receiver Technology and its Application to Spacecraft
05-Aug-08    Luke B. Winternitz       GSFC 596
                                      NASA Chief Engineer,
08-Sep-08    Mike Ryschkewitsch                              Systems Engineering: What you need to know but didn't know you needed to know
25-Sep-08    Gregory Robinson         NASA HQ                Systems Engineering with Quality
                                      NASA Glenn Research
07-Oct-08    Kul B. Bhasin                                   Architecting Family of Complex Space Systems and Networks
04-Nov-08    Dave Everett             GSFC Code 599          Mission Systems Engineering for Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
02-Dec-08    Cancelled
06-Jan-09    James Schier             NASA HQ                Lunar Communications & Navigation Architecture
                                                             GSFC Safety and Mission Analysis Division Code 300
05-Feb-09    Michael P Kelly          GSFC 302
                                                             - A Value Added Organization
                                                             Shared Knowledge and Information Flow in Systems Engineering:
03-Mar-09    Mark S. Avnet            MIT
                                                             Socio-Cognitive Analysis of the GSFC Mission Design Laboratory
07-Apr-09    Dr. Peter J. Shirron     GSFC 552               Cryogenics
             Bruce Milam              UPC-Orion Formulation
05-May-09                                                   UPC-Orion
             Steve Depalo /599        Manager, /455
                                      Deputy Program
02-Jun-09    Mike Weiss               Manager, HST, GSFC     Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission 4 Highlights
                                      Code 440
                                      Director of, Science
                                      and Exploration
07-Jul-09    Dr. Nicholas White                              GSFC Sciences and Exploration Directorate
                                      Directorate, GSFC
                                      Code 600

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                                                    NASA GSFC Systems Engineering Seminar History

                                                              GSFC and the Operationally Responsive Space Office: A new Paradigm for Space Mission
20-Jul-09    Jaime Esper               GSFC 592
04-Aug-09    Bo Naasz                  GSFC 595               Relative Navigation Sensors System used on HST Servicing Mission 4
                                                              Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission Four (HST SM4) Unique Safety Challenges for
01-Sep-09    Bob Dedalis               GSFC 321
06-Oct-09    Art Whipple               GSFC 440               A Comparison of Human and Robotic Servicing of the Hubble Space Telescope
10-Nov-09    Adam D. Steltzner         JPL                    System Engineering Entry, Descent and Landing for the Mars Science Laboratory Mission
                                                              Performance and Early Results of Wide Field Camera 3:
08-Dec-09    Randy A. Kimble           GSFC Code 667
                                                              A Powerful New Imager for the Hubble Space Telescope
             Michael Gilbert
                                       Principal Engineer
                                       NASA Engineering and
12-Jan-10                              Safety Center (NESC) Max Launch Abort System (MLAS)
                                       NASA LaRC,
                                       GSFC Code 552
             Theo Muench
02-Feb-10    Scott Hull                GSFC Code 592          Orbital Debris Protection and Prevention for GSFC Missions
02-Mar-10    Dave Everetet             GSFC Code599           Engineering a Successful Mission: Lessons from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
             Scott Glubke              GSFC Code 590          A Tale of 10 Centers: Observations in Systems Engineering Cultures Across NASA
             Angela Russo              GSFC Code 591/599      NASA Systems Engineering Leadership Development Program (SELDP)
27-Apr-10    Jose Sancho               GSFC Code 300          ESD Sensitivity & Protection (GSFC Safety Week)
May          See 4/27/2010                                    (GSFC Safety Week)
08-Jun-10    Sanford a. Friedenthal    Lockhed Martin Corp.   Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) with SysML
             Warren Mitchell
                                       ai solutions, Inc
             Syed Hasan
                                       Honeywell Technology
13-Jul-10                                                   Goddard Space Flight Center Flight Dynamics Facility
                                       Solutions, Inc
                                       ai solutions, Inc
             Jason Laing
             John Thomas               INCOSE & Booz Allen
03-Aug-10                              Hamilton               International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE)
             George W. Anderson        INCOSE
                                       NASA-JSC, CxP
14-Sep-10    Jody Fluhr                SE&I PRIMA, Fluhr      Model Based Systems Engineering and the Constellation Program
                                       Engineering, LLC
October      Cancelled
02-Nov-10    Beverly A. Sauer, Ph.D.                          Engineering Safety: Lessons in Risk Communication from the BP Disaster
December     Cancelled

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                                                       NASA GSFC Systems Engineering Seminar History

January      Cancelled
01-Feb-11    Col. Bedford Boylston MD US Army / GSFC IPP          Neuroplasticity and Innovation
                                                                  Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Process Using SysML for Architecture Design,
01-Mar-11    Gundars Osvalds             Northrop Grumman
                                                                  Simulation and Visualization
                                      Principal, Third
05-Apr-11    Sarah Sheard                                         Complexity Measurement Correlation to Program Success
                                      Millennium Systems
             Mike Hurley              Naval Research
03-May-11                             Laboratory                  Designing and Managing for Reliability of Zero
             Bill Purdy               Purdy Engineering
                                      resident, Thales
07-Jun-11    Dr. Pavlak, PhD, PE, PMP                             Engineering Clean Energy Systems
                                      Research, Inc.
             Danielle Wood, Doctoral MIT, Intern GSFC Code
12-Jul-11                                                         Satellite Programs in Africa, the Middle East and Asia
             Candidate                504
                                      Great Circle Analytics,
02-Aug-11    Terry Hardy                                          Case Studies in Software Safety: Accidents and Lessons Learned
                                      GSFC ORS
13-Sep-11    Jaime Esper                                          Small Rocket/Spacecraft Technology (SMART) Platform
                                      Manager, GSFC Code
                                         Assistant Director for
November     Dr. Michelle Lynn Thaller   Communication and        GSFC Science Mission Directorate, Code 600
                                         Higher Education,
                                         GSFC Code 600

                                         NASA Technical Fellow
                                         for GN&C NASA
December     Neil Dennehy                Engineering and Safety NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC)
                                         Center (NESC) GSFC
                                         Code 590

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                                                 NASA GSFC Systems Engineering Seminar History

Contact:     Edward G. Amatucci       301-286-0027
             Thomas C. Bagg           301-286-6493

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                                                 NASA GSFC Systems Engineering Seminar History

             Christopher Rouff        Lockheed Martin
             James Rash               GSFC Code 585
             Walt Truszkowski         GSFC Code 587
             Lou Hallock              GSFC Code 582
1/9/2011     Mike Hinchey             Lero-the Irish Software
                                                              Autonomous and Autonomic Space Exploration Systems
CANCELLED                             Engineering Research
             Roy Strritt              University of Ulster
             Jay Karlin               Viable Systems, Inc. &

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