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					Auto Paradise Car Wash                                                        Contact:
                                                                              Andrew Marks
 Fundraising Proposal                                                         Customer Service Representative
                                                                              (325) 245-5226

 Fundraising Proposal:
       •    Designate a fundraising leader / point of contact to work with Andrew to maximize the fundraiser
       •    Your group sells car wash discount cards (see below - actual size)
       •    $33 customer value for only $11
       •    You keep $5 per sale, Auto Paradise gets $6
       •    Settle every 2-4 weeks
       •    No time limit on fundraiser but should target to sell at least 50 washes
       •    No contract to sign

 Group Benefits:                                  Customer Benefits: $33 value, only $11
   •       $5 to group per sale,                     •   Donation to local group
   •       nothing to deliver                        •   1 Tropical Rain state of the art, touchless, car wash ($11 value)
   •       no money to collect later                 •   $22 in car wash discounts for future visits
   •       no inventory or upfront cost to you       •   Convenient “credit card” sized discount card (see below)

 Tropical Rain Car Wash:Tropical Rain Car Wash:
   •       Attendant hand preps car     •   Clear coat protectant
   •       Undercarriage & side wash    •   Clear coat polish
   •       Wheel cleaner                •   RAINX application
   •       2 stage / passes of soap     •   SPOT FREE Rinse
   •       high pressure wash           •   Laser Dry

 Redeem coupons 9 – 6 daily (10 – 6 Sunday) at either convenient location:
                                                                                                          Southland Blvd.
                                Bryant Ave.
                                                                                      Super                   SAMS
   W. Ave N                                                                           Wal-Mart

                                 Behind KFC                                                                Mertzon Hwy
Auto Paradise                                                                  Auto Paradise #2
525 W. Ave N                                                                   4960 Southland Blvd.
San Angelo, TX 76903                                                           San Angelo, TX 76904

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