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					Miss Beautiful US Model
FREE Online Rewards Pageant

                   Quick Links         Greetings,

                                       The Miss Beautiful US Model pageant is a
       ABOUT the PROMOTION POINTS...   FREE system that allows participants to
                                       earn great prizes and titles based on effort
         ABOUT the PAGEANT CREDITS     and past achievements.


                                       The competition may seem confusing at
                                       first, but once you get rolling, you will
                                       realize that it's not too difficult and can be
                                       tons of fun. Each season, we have repeat
                                       competitors, so you can assume that the
                                       quality of the contest and prizes outweighs
                                       any initial confusion :)

                                       Below, we'll walk you through the local
                                       level entry. The state and national levels
                                       have similar formats, the only thing that
                                       changes is the number of credits and points
                                       that need to be earned. Remember, there is
                                       no actual fee to enter the pageant. The
                                       credits and points take place of any fee.
                                       Although some competitors spend money
                                       entering contests for credits, the MBUSM
                                       program is FREE, and we have had several
                                       national contestants reach the Above and
                                       Beyond phase each season without spending
                                       a dime. Be creative! Don't be afraid to ask
                                       pageants and pageant related services to

                                       To get started, click on the LOCAL LEVEL


                                                                  This page will give you the entry
                                                                  requirements for this level.

                                                                  Entry Requirements:

                                                                  50 Promotion Points
                                                                  (Click on "Earn Promotion Points" to find
                                                                  more information about out point system)
                                                                  2 Pageant Credits
                                                                  (Click on "Earn Pageant Credits" to find
                                                                  more information about out point system)

   Remember, at EACH level of the pageant, you must               *Submit your points, credits, and your photo
 submit an entry that includes a list of achievements and         along with a resume listing your
  photos. You can send in your initial entry at the local         achievements to:
 level and just send updates for state and nationals. The
entry can count for up to 200 points at the national level,
     so don't discount the value of this portion of the
Need help finding and contacting sponsors?                        Resume scoring:
Pageant businesses are often interested in sponsoring
other contests for promotion purposes. Surf the web               **Applicants must have a score of 7 or
to find pageant companies who may be interested in                higher to receive a Local Title
assisting you in achieving your credit goals. There
are several pageant businesses linked from the                    Once you have your photos and resume put
Pageant Emporium website. Go to the main page                     together, you will need to start earning
and click on Pageant Links.                                       points and credits to turn in with your local
                                                                  entry. You will want to keep a log of all of
SAMPLE LETTER:                                                    the points and credits earned.


My name is (your name). I am competing in the Free Online
Rewards pageant, Miss Beautiful US Model
( This competition rewards            • ABOUT the PROMOTION POINTS...
contestants for participating in various tasks. One of the ways
to earn rewards is to acquire a sponsor(s) for a Pageant            Visit the link below to learn about ways to
Emporium contest. Pageant Emporium owns and operates
several online competitions. (
                                                                                    earn points:
Sponsors receive a link on the competition site. Pageant
Emporium also offers sponsorship prizes in exchange for your
donation. The prizes may be used by winners of your contest or                      nts.html
patrons of your business. If you are interested receiving a
donation for your business, please email:
The sponsorship requirements posted on the Miss Beautiful US
Model Website include:                                           ABOUT the CREDITS...
Sponsors must donate a free item or gift certificate.
If the sponsor is a photo contest, a free entry must be        Visit the link below to learn about ways to
obtained.                                                                      earn credits:
The contestant must make up a certificate (if the
sponsor does not already have one) with the value, 
sponsor prize, and sponsor contact info and email to                          REDITS.html
the Miss Beautiful director to receive credit. Please
keep in mind that some of the Pageant Emporium               When you are ready to turn in your local
contests are monthly. Sponsors who currently donate entry, submit all of the required items at the
to the contests DO NOT count for credits. Sponsorship same time.
must be for a year or more for the prize to count for
credit. If the sponsor prize is a snail mail gift, the gifts
must be mailed directly to our offices and received by
the pageant deadline.
                                                                 The subject line of the email should indicate
                                                                 which entry you are submitting: LOCAL
If you would be willing to sponsor a Pageant Emporium contest,
I will make a certificate and send it to you so that you will    MBUSM ENTRY
recognize the sponsorship when they are claimed.

Thank you so much for your time!                                 In the email, include:
I hope to hear from you soon!
                                                                 *Photos (1-3) - Any type of photo is
(Name)                                                           acceptable. Just be sure the face of the subject
                                                                 is clear for the purpose of facial beauty

Need help posting banners?                       *Achievements List - This list should be a
                                                 detailed account of life achievements. It can
There is a list of approved message boards at:   include prior pageant experience, community involvement, academic records, and/or special
l                                                honors/awards.
We ask that contestants DO NOT post to the Hip Hip               *Points Earned - This will include the number
Hooray Board because they have very stringent rules,             of points earned and which options you chose
and many of our banners don’t fit within their limits.           for accumulating the points.
To post,                                                         *Credits Earned - This will include the
                                                                 number of credits earned and which options
From the Pageant Emporium Message Board Page,                    you chose for accumulating the credits.
click on the Direct Posting Link.
                                                                 -When you turn in your local entry, you spend
Once you have received your codes from the director,             the points/credits required for the entry, but if
highlight the entire code. Copy (from the menu bar –             you earn an excess of points/credits, you can
Edit – copy or ctrl c on your keyboard)                          roll them over to the state competition.
In the box that says: * Message subject (required):
Use the subject your director gave you.
There may be other required fields like email or Name. Once again, thank you for your interest in
You can use your own email address, and for name just the competition! We're looking forward to a
put your own name so that the director may check your fun, exciting contest
post after you’ve turned in your posting list.
In the box that says: * Type your message here:
Paste the code (from the menu bar – Edit – paste or ctrl
v on your keyboard).
Hit the Preview Button to make sure the banner loads
If there is a Captcha code you need to type into another
field, type the letters you see. If everything looks
good, press the SEND button to complete the post.

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