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									                                                   Learner Portfolio Template

Introduction: A portfolio is a collection of your best works. The learning portfolio is a collection of different projects related to the
      Spanish language that you will complete during the school year. In the portfolio, self reflections have an important role. You will
      complete different types of reflections as part of the portfolio.

Purpose of the portfolio? The purpose of the portfolio is to reflect your understanding and culture awareness growth related the target
      culture. Another purpose of this portfolio is to demonstrate your ability to work with technology.

How to create the portfolio? In order to develop the portfolio you will use the web page: This web page will
      let you to create a web site for free. If this is your first time creating a web site, don’t worry! In this page, you will find all the
      information that you need to know in order to create the web site. In order to start creating a web page, you will need to create a
      username and password. Your instructor will provide more information about this topic the day that you will start working on the
      creation of the web page. For now, make sure that you save all of your work related to the portfolio.

When the portfolio is going to be finished? You will complete the portfolio at the end of the school year. During the entire school year
      you will continue adding documents to the portfolio. If you are taking only one semester of the Spanish class, you will finish
      the portfolio at the end of the semester.

How my portfolio is going to be evaluated? Your portfolio is going to be evaluated using the guidelines that you teacher will provide.
     Make sure to revise the rubric for the culture-learning portfolio. Please note that this assignment is part of the class and you
     will receive a grade for this assignment.

What to include in the portfolio? In your portfolio you will include different categories:

   Introduction: In this part, you will include a brief introduction about the portfolio. In this part, make sure to describe what can be
       found in this portfolio, include a welcome message, and also make sure to introduce yourself. Include your class and your instruc-
       tor’s information. You will complete the same reflections for each country studied.

   Reflections: In this part, you will write short essays related to the culture aspects. You will use the following topics to write the es-
          Reflection 1: What do you know about the Spanish culture? What would you like to know about the Spanish culture in gen-
          Reflection 2: What do you know about the Mexican Culture? What would you like to learn? What have you learned? You will
             complete this reflection for each Spanish country studied.
          Reflection 3: This is the final reflection. How has your perception about the Spanish culture changed throughout this school

   Projects: In this category, you will include all the projects that you are going to complete during this school year.

   Interviews: During this school year, you will conduct some interviews with native Spanish-speaking persons. Make sure to include a
       description of the interview, the date, the country of the person and a transcript.

   Photo Gallery: In this category, you can include pictures that you took during the school year, related to the culture aspect of the class.

   Videos: If during the school year you complete any dramatization or video, you will include it in this category. Make sure to include
      a complete description about the video.

   Investigations: In this category, you will include all the researches that you will conduct during this school year.

   Please refer to the list of artifacts for the digital portfolio to find a list of all the projects that you need to include in the portfo-
      lio. Make sure to include a short description for each artifact, also make sure to include pictures for any artifact that you
      cannot include a digital version.

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