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Welcome to the Ceo Club.

We are a members-only business club comprising experienced executives and
passionate professionals.

Membership to the Ceo Club is exclusive and by invitation only. Our members are
hand-picked because we believe they have the track record of professionalism and
high achievement in business that could make a valid contribution to our inner circle.

The Ceo Club prides itself on its professionalism and that is why we only invite the
best business operators to join us. Our members include managing directors, chief
executives, senior managers, entrepreneurs and company owners.

Our members are people who have made a difference or who WANT to make a
difference in the business world by sharing their passion and ideas with
like-minded peers.

We believe our club is special and we think long and hard before issuing an invitation
to join. We are not interested in any Tom, Dick, or Harry. You have got to be made of
the right stuff to be asked to join us.

You need to have vision, drive, commitment – and a track record of compelling
achievement in the cut-throat world of business.

Our goal is to provide a stimulating environment for business high-flyers to converse
with each other and share ideas about the different ways of doing business. We do this
by holding 10 get-togethers during the year. These will offer the chance for members
to discuss and share their innovation and ideas in a neutral and informal setting.

An invitation to join our inner circle is very special… and you must be special to
receive one.

Maybe you will receive your invitation today…
Are you a business high-flyer? Do you have the drive, commitment, passion, ideas
and hunger to change the way we do business?

Well, you are not alone. Imagine sharing a room with 100 executives who share your
vision, who share your ambition and who share your desire to make a difference in the
business world? That is what the Ceo Club can offer you…

Our members are the cream of the business crop. They are professionals who have a
background of achievement and success in the business world.

But our members are also individuals who are not willing to rest on their laurels –
they want to go further, learn more and stretch themselves. They also want to learn
from others.

The Ceo Club welcomes all sectors of industry. This may include financial services,
telecommunications, media, IT, retail, manufacturing, publishing, utilities, the public
sector, charities, voluntary and government bodies.

Members may have been a Chief Executive Officer (CEO); Chief Operation Officer
(COO); Chief Finance Officer (CFO); Chief Marketing Officer (CMO); Chief
Information Officer (CIO); Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or Vice President (VP).

Or they could have worked in Sales, IT, General Management, Marketing, Finance,
Human Resources or Manufacturing.

So how can the CEO Club benefit you? Well, you can:

      Share and exchange views, experiences and ideas and discuss attitudes with
       colleagues at the same level of responsibility
      Test your own ideas and thoughts with like-minded professionals
      Become an innovator in a forum situation involving high-level management,
       social and economic issues
      Share your own problems or difficulties in confidence
      Receive an overview of the very latest topical business and social issues
      Gain access to like-minded professionals who value lifetime business contacts

So the benefits of the Ceo Club are boundless. If you would like to become part of our
inner circle and think YOU have got what it takes, why don’t you submit your
biography to us today?
The CEO Club welcomes members from an array of backgrounds.

We are seeking professionals who want to develop their business skills and nurture
their careers.

You might already be in long-term employment, or have just started a new job.
Maybe you are in-between positions and are considering your next move. Or you may
well be running your own business and would like to broaden your business
knowledge base?

The club will revolve around 10 evening meetings during the year. Prominent
speakers will be invited to talk at the get-togethers and various topics will be

The Ceo Club members will decide the topics of discussion and a moderator will be
appointed. But rest assured that all members will get the chance make their point.

The Meetings will take place in the evening at a venue in Warwickshire . The meeting
will be kick-started by a guest speaker and after food – and drink – there will be an
open forum for members to discuss, debate and ask questions.

Meetings will last between two-and-a-half and four hours. It is not compulsory for
members to attend every meeting but they should not misses more than two in a row.

At the meetings, members can network, make new contacts and maybe even secure
some future business. At the very least you will be able to tap into the vast knowledge
base of the other members.

But the Ceo club is not simply a vehicle for swapping and referring customers. No
member will be asked to provide a database of their clients to exchange with others.
But members WILL be able to exchange referrals at their own discretion.

If more gatherings are needed to cement business relationships and discuss B2B
opportunities, then breakfast meetings can be arranged on demand.

To register your interest in the Ceo Club, please fill in the form and we will get back
to you.

Whatever your position, there may be a place for you in the Ceo Club.
We have very high standards at the Ceo Club so we set the bar extremely high when it
comes to accepting new members.

Membership is exclusive and is via invitation only, although some members may be
referred to us by existing members.

But to meet our stringent membership standards, it is crucial that you can provide
evidence of the following:

      You have been in medium to long-term employment and have a minimum of
       three years’ experience with the same company
      If you recently started a new job or are about to start new role, you need to
       prove you have at least five years’ experience in a maximum of two different
      You should have been established as a consultant or an interim executive for
       between three to five years
      If you are currently in between jobs, you should have at least five years’
       experience within a 10-year period
      If you run your own business, you should have done this for a minimum of
       three years and show proof of consistent growth

We do offer some flexibility when it comes to membership criteria, so if you do not
quite qualify at present, please contact us if you are interested in joining.

So if you feel you have the right sort of profile to join the Ceo Club, please feel free to
send us your biographical details as soon as possible for us to review.
The Ceo Club is the brainchild of experienced businessman David Rasmussen.

He had the idea for the club after he launched his fifth company with his wife – a
graphic design and website provider.

David wanted to join a business club for experienced and established professionals
but did not feel that his needs were met by the clubs he considered joining.

Originally from Denmark but now living in Warwackshire, David spent six years as a
professional triathlete, taking part in competitions across Europe.

In 1989 he launched his first company – designing computer programs for sport and

He then passed his HGV test and purchased his first truck and started driving contract
work for a local haulage firm. One truck soon became 30 and then 60 trailers in less
than two years as David’s business grew.

Then in 1992 David kick-started his latest business – his own exhibitions company.
He specialised in the delivery and assembly of custom-made exhibition stands for
exhibitions centres across the globe. The business also provided a dedicated
exhibitions workforce for companies to hire. David’s firm had an annual turnover of
£13million and 130 staff. He sold the company in 2004 and moved to the UK.

Being a high-flier, David was then intent on fulfilling his lifetime interest in flying in
late 2004 when he started commercial flying training at Coventry Airport. He now
teaches people how to fly in his role as a ground school instructor at Coventry

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Expertise: List (specialisation and knowledge)
Experience: List (Countries. Number of Years)
Industries: List (Industries)
Employers: List (Key employers, job title)
Clients: List (Key clients)
Education/Certification: List (Degrees and training including: University,
Country, and Year)
Publications: List (Books, articles, research papers, white papers, conference papers,
thesis, dissertations, etc.). Attach files
Research: List (Research projects or thesis if applicable)
Presentations: List (Executive, seminars or conference presentations). Attach files

Achievements/Awards: List (Awards/membership/distinctions/projects)
Professional Interests: List (Professional interests)
Professional Interests: List (Non-professional interests e.g. hobbies)
Contact Info: List (Address, tel, fax and email. This information will be kept private,
shared with your permission with other members)

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