; Truck Driving Jobs for US Vets
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Truck Driving Jobs for US Vets


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									Truck Driving Jobs for US Vets                                                  The Next Step Center
                                                                              Vets Helping Vets Since 1988!

                                                                              Trucking companies looking
                                                                              for people in need of truck
                                                                              driving jobs, whether
                                                                              national or local trucking
               Do you envision yourself on the open road?                     jobs, know when they use
                     Does traveling appeal to you?                            NSC’s services they are in
                                                                              good hands because they get
Want to Find Your Next Job Fast? Find a better career? Try the Trucking       fully qualified and licensed
Industry. It is fast paced and is ever changing. When you are looking for a   US Veterans and 25% to 50%
new job it’s important that you waste as little time as possible.             savings on every new hire!
                                                                              Those veterans looking for
Here at Next Step Center we offer Iraq and Afghanistan era veterans a         trucking jobs know they are
training and employment program that qualifies you for a California Class-    trained by the best. When
A Commercial Truck driving License. If you qualify, this program it is        licensed they get a job with
available to you at NO COST. In addition, this program guarantees for         an industry leading company
qualifying candidates employment upon completion of the training and
licensing through our Job Development Program.                                 Free Training Opportunity

If you are a veteran who is reccently separated (within 48 months),
possess a DD-214; possess a valid California Driver’s License; possess a
social security card; are at least 21 years of age; have a clean driving
record and can pass a drug screening a trucking driving career may be for
you! CDL training can open the door to a variety of job opportunities. You
may work for a transportation company or become an independent                NSC offers you quality,
contractor. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities    comprehensive truck
for truckers are expected to be favorable due to the demand for               driver training that lets you
experienced drivers and the numerous job openings available in the            begin your rewarding
industry. The job market for drivers is incredibly strong, thanks to the      career as a professional
constant need for the shipment of products and goods across state lines.      truck driver in as little as
There is an estimated shortage of 20,000 drivers. That shortage is            three weeks.
expected to increase to 111,000 by 2014.
                                                                              Its programs offers field
For More Information                                                          driving courses for
                                                                              comprehensive, hands-on
For more information on starting a career in the transportation industry,     training that the nation’s
contact Michael Kissinger by email at nextstepcenter@ymail.com. Phone         top trucking companies
415-678-9965. Spend a few minutes talking with Michael. Attend a Free         prefer.
orientation and personal briefing. Then you’ll be on your way to deciding
if truck driving is the right career choice for you. Request a Free           “YES,” it is poised to get
registration application now. Remember, we want to give you the best          you behind the wheel
opportunity to succeed in your career. Whether you are new to trucking        earning great money in a
or a long time veteran, Next Step Center is here to help you! Check us out    short time. So act now!
online. Move ahead, so life won’t pass you by. Contact the Next Step
Center today! You are just a click away from getting started in a
                                                                              Remember, there is no
promising new career but you must act today.                                  cost to qualifying veterans.

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